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  1. Shadow Ghost 4:4:4 update? : r/ShadowPC

    by khairinoa Shadow Ghost 4:4:4 update? Hi all, I've recently noticed alot of Shadow Ghost been put up for sale on eBay. Naturally, I've decided to grab one for myself. But then I read somewhere that people are selling them because it won't get the 4:4:4 update. I don't really understand what this mean.

  2. Shadow Ghost is now available for purchase! : r/ShadowPC

    javier_reddit • 4 yr. ago Warning: Got the Ghost instructions e-mail and it states a WIRED keyboard and mouse is needed for the set up... I wish I knew this before ordering, as I do not own wired keyboards, let alone mice. I’m planning on using the Ghost on my TV, so I was about to order a wireless one.

  3. The Shadow Ghost Sucks. Here's why. : r/ShadowPC

    The Shadow Ghost Sucks. Here's why. : r/ShadowPC Now before everyone goes hating on this post, I have been a Shadow user for 7+ months and I really love the service, to the point of last year in… Coins 0 coins Premium Powerups Explore Gaming

  4. Shadow Ghost software available? : r/ShadowPC

    Shadow Ghost software available? Does anyone know, either from the Shadow team or anyone else, if the software that is used on the Shadow Ghost is, or will be available for download? So that it will be possible to have hardware loaded with Shadow without an additional OS -like the Shadow Ghost, but with hardware of choice?

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