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Exploring the Uncharted Waters of Sea of Thieves: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a pirate game that lets you live out your swashbuckling dreams, then Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for you. This open-world action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Xbox Game Studios allows players to explore vast oceans, search for treasure, and engage in exciting ship-to-ship combat. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at all the things you need to know about Sea of Thieves.

Gameplay Mechanics

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game that can be played solo or with friends. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward – players sail across the sea on their ships, completing quests and battling other players. The game features various types of quests, including treasure hunts, cargo runs, and skeleton raids. Players can also engage in ship-to-ship combat, which involves firing cannons at enemy ships while trying to avoid being hit themselves.

Ship Customization

One of the most exciting aspects of Sea of Thieves is the ability to customize your ship. Players can purchase new sails, hulls, figureheads, and other items using gold earned from completing quests or finding treasure. Each customization item gives your ship a unique look that sets it apart from others on the sea.

Exploring the World

Sea of Thieves features an open-world environment with different islands to explore. Each island has its own unique features and secrets waiting to be discovered. Some islands are home to hidden caves that contain valuable treasures or puzzles that need solving before players can claim their rewards.

Multiplayer Experience

Playing Sea of Thieves with friends adds another layer of excitement to this already thrilling game. Crews can work together on quests or engage in battles against other ships on the sea. Communication is key when playing with others, as players must work together to navigate their ship, fire cannons, and repair damage.

In conclusion, Sea of Thieves is a game that offers endless hours of entertainment for players who love the idea of being a pirate. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, ship customization options, vast open world to explore, and exciting multiplayer experience, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So hoist the sails and set out on your own adventure across the uncharted waters of Sea of Thieves.

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sea of thieves ghost shark

Shrouded Ghost

  • View history

The Shrouded Ghost is a type of Megalodon , an enemy that spawns at open sea near player ships. Their spawn chance is extremely rare compared to other Megalodons.

They are visually distinguishable from other Megalodons by their pale, pearl-gray body, pale pink dorsal fin and bright peach-pink pupil-less eyes. In the dark, the dorsal fin glows the same bright peach-pink as the eyes.

The pale body colour of the Shrouded Ghost when seen at night resembles a gray-purple, which may lead to being mistakenly identified as the Crested Queen or Shadowmaw (or vice versa).

  • 2 Appearances
  • 3 Cosmetics
  • 4 Commendations
  • 6 Patch history

Upon defeat, a Megalodon of any type will leave behind a variety of treasure where they died. Players sailing as a Trading Company Emissary will also earn a notable amount of Emissary Grade Reputation (with the exception of Reaper's Bones Emissaries ).

All Megalodon variants have the same treasure pool:

  • 4-6 pieces of Megalodon meat
  • Regular, Ashen, and Cursed Treasure Chests
  • Skeleton Captain’s Chests
  • Stronghold Chests
  • Regular and Ashen Trinkets
  • Regular and Ashen Trade Good Crates
  • Regular and Ashen Bounty Skulls
  • Skeleton Captain’s Skulls
  • Stronghold Skulls
  • Mermaid Gems
  • Collector's Chests with Gold and other small Treasure

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In addition to the typical gameplay encounters, the Shrouded Ghost makes appearances during the following:

  • The Shrouded Deep
  • Shrouded Ghost Figurehead - Earned by achieving the Hunter of The Shrouded Ghost Commendation.
  • Shrouded Ghost Hunter Set - Cosmetic set dedicated to the hunter's of the elusive Shrouded Ghost. Most notably, the set's costumes have clothing made from the skin of the Shrouded Ghost, and can even apply pale skin and pink eyes to the player's appearance.


  • The distinguishing colours of each Megalodon species may appear different depending a player's Colour Blindness Filter settings.

Patch history

  • When attacking a Megalodon with a cannonball , the appropriate hit audio effect can now be heard.
  • Defeating emergent threats such as Megalodon will now result in higher-value loot drops and increase Emissary Reputation gains for Gold Hoarders , Order of Souls , Merchant Alliance , and Athena's Fortune .
  • A Ghost on the Waves - Rumours of a pale beast in the waves have been circulating heavily, with sightings becomes slightly more frequent as it’s grown in its infamy.
  • Introduced.
  • 1 Commendations

Sea of Thieves Megalodon: How to find and summon Shrouded Ghost

Of all the Sea of Thieves megalodon Shrouded Ghost is the hardest to spawn. Improves your chances with our guide

The Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost is the most fabled legend in all of Sea of Thieves. As one of five megalodon varieties, you'd think it stands a decent chance of appearing to players, but you'd be wrong. Few have encountered the Ghost, making its related commendations worth their weight in Doubloons. While some of the spawn behavior of the game's PvE elements are mysterious outside of Rare, here's what we do know for sure about how to find The Shrouded Ghost in Sea of Thieves.

Simply put, there's no easy way to draw out the Shrouded Ghost. It's mostly luck-based. There are, however, many rituals and methods that some people have alleged to help that we want to clear up. This guide is meant to instill in you the realization that there's no easy way to find this Sea of Thieves ghost, while also debunk some of the urban legends propped. Here's everything you need to know about The Shrouded Ghost.

First up: stay away from islands

Encountering Shrouded Ghost is mostly random. However, sailing around any square on the map that doesn’t have an island in it will increase your chances - megalodons will run away or despawn if you sail too close to land so avoiding that will improve your odds.

How to find the Shrouded Ghost Megalodon

Megalodons have specific sound cues that play right before they spawn which is a lot like a loud roar. Once you hear this, look behind your ship and the megalodon should breach the water, giving you a closer look at it. What you’re searching for is a pale white shark with a pink-tipped fin and glowing red eyes. If you see any other variation (there are five in all) you can either choose to ignore the beast or kill it to stop it from following you. 

When you hear the roar make sure to drop the anchor to stop you sailing near to shore. This way you can identify which megalodon it is more quickly, and also avoid despawning it by getting too close to land. It's also a good idea to keep a good stack of supplies on board at all times to ensure you don’t end up visiting Davy Jones. 

There is no specific Shrouded Ghost spawn location 

A popular theory is that there is only one specific location where Shrouded Ghost will spawn. This has been disproven by the community with sightings happening in all regions of the map from the Shores of Plenty to the Ancient Isles, The Wilds, and The Devil’s Roar . In other words, you have an equal chance of encountering the Shrouded Ghost no matter where you are, so there’s no point risking the flaming debris and boiling waters of the Forsaken Shores. 

Fog will not help you find Shrouded Ghost

When the Shrouded Ghost was first introduced it was commonly believed that fog had a role to play in summoning the elusive megalodon. Mainly because both features had been introduced in the same update, so it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to believe they’d somehow be connected. However, as the months have passed, this theory has now been thoroughly disproven, with countless sightings being reported outside of the fog. 

Changing or turning off your lights won't help you summon Shrouded Ghost either

Another theory we’ve come across a few times is that you need to change the lights on your ship to increase the probability of the Shrouded Ghost appearing. Either by altering their colour or switching them off entirely. We’ve tested multiple variations of this over the last few months and can say without a shadow of doubt that this is not the case. Much like the fog, it’s simply another rumour that has spread from pirate to pirate.

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Sea of Thieves tips | Sea of Thieves update | How to fish in Sea of Thieves | Sea of Thieves Tall Tales | Sea of Thieves animal locations | Sea of Thieves pirate legend guide | Sea of Thieves gold guide | How to defeat a Sea of Thieves kraken | Sea of Thieves Gold Hoarders guide | Sea of Thieves Merchant Alliance guide | Sea of Thieves Order of Souls mission guide | Sea of Thieves skeleton fort guide

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By Ben Wilson 12 October 2023

By Bradley Russell 12 October 2023

By Ben Wilson 11 October 2023

Sea Of Thieves: How To Summon The Shrouded Ghost

Those Sea of Thieves players who are trying to summon the Shrouded Ghost as part of the game's latest Adventure can look to this guide.

Sea of Thieves players have recently been brought a massive challenge in the form of The Shrouded Deep Adventure. This multi-chapter story brings players across the game map in a bid to summon and defeat one of the game's most intense bosses, the Shrouded Ghost. Because of this, players are going to need to put in a serious amount of work if they are looking to complete this adventure in Sea of Thieves .

As this adventure takes place over a large swath of Sea of Thieves map , it can be a bit of a challenge for people to make their way through it. On top of this, there are a significant amount of challenges between players and summoning the Shrouded Ghost . For those players who are looking complete this adventure and summon this boss, this guide is here to help.

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Where To Start The Shrouded Deep?

The Shrouded Deep adventure begins at any outpost where Larinna can be found. She leans against the entrance of the pub and just happens to also be the location of the Black Market in Sea of Thieves . Choosing the bottom conversation option will point players to their next destination and start the adventure. This comes in the form of a piece of paper that asks players to head towards the quadrant M12 and locate a ship known as the Killer Whale .

This vessel has suffered quite the beating but both NPCs are alive and well onboard and players can pull right up alongside. Speaking with Belle, a memorable character in Sea of Thieves , and clicking the option to continue the adventure will do just that, prompting players to choose one of four Megalodons to summon.

How to Summon The Shrouded Ghost?

Belle explains that in order to summon the Shrouded Ghost, players first must hunt down a total of four Megalodon and summon them with the special Sea of Thieves summoning flares . For each one, the player will receive a summoning flare, a map and note showing where to fire that flare, and an effigy to store the soul of the defeated creature.

  • Ancient Terror is located around Thieves' Haven at map grid M20.
  • Crested Queen is located at Marauder's Arch near map grid Q3.
  • Hungering One can be found at Mermaid's Hideaway at map grid B13.
  • Shadowmaw can be located at ruby's Fall at map grid Y16.

Because of how far apart these Megalodons are and how difficult this type of enemy can be in Sea of Thieves , players are better off grouping up with friendly crews to complete this challenge. Each shark is a challenging fight even for veteran players and handling this all solo will cost a great deal of cannonballs, wood planks, and time. Either way, a victory will grant players the soul of that shark, and they will be able to head back to the Killer Whale and place it on the summoning table.

Any player in the world can add an effigy to the summoning table and, once all four have been added, there needs to be at least 5 pirates assembled to proceed . Once that number has been met, everyone has to play a special shanty "Summon the Megalodon" and the Shrouded Ghost will appear, starting the battle.

Sea of Thieves was released on March 20th, 2018, and is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Welcome to the new beta.  Found a bug or issue? Report it here.

Updated July 13, 2023

The Shrouded Ghost is Sea of Thieves Players' White Whale

It's actually a big shark, but you get the idea.

sea of thieves ghost shark

There’s one name in Sea of Thieves guaranteed to raise a scowl on even the jolliest of pirates’ faces: the Shrouded Ghost. Introduced in the Shrouded Spoils expansion, the ghostly pale megalodon has evaded the majority of players, boasting a staggeringly low spawn rate compared to its other coloured siblings. Because of this, rumours have begun to propagate among pirates, with some falsely asserting that you can summon the beast through bizarre rituals, like changing the colour of your ship’s lanterns or seeking out strange weather anomalies. 

The rare creature has left a noticeable void on many players’ progression pages, being a necessity to completing the Shrouded Spoils campaign and unlocking the “Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost” title. This elusiveness has contributed to it having an almost mythical reputation among the Sea of Thieves ’ community, which finds itself compulsively scanning the horizon in the hopes of spotting its distinctive pink fin and pale white hide. 

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sea of thieves ghost shark

Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost

Magnus Hansson knows all too well how difficult it is to find the Shrouded Ghost. He’s tried countless methods of summoning the beast — creating different-sized alliances, playing various instruments in a group, and getting every member of his crew above a certain doubloon count. So far, nothing has worked. He’s even gone to the incredible effort of mapping out the different areas where the megalodon has been known to spawn.  

“I’ve put in about 600-800 hours just mapping the meg,” Hansson tells me. “I’m still looking in the same spots with friends, taking over the server, and sailing the ships together to get the megs to attack. We have done this for weeks but still no spawn and that is roughly 12-20 hour game sessions every weekend.”  

In spite of his troubles, Hansson says he wouldn’t have it any other way. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt and even says he would stop playing if Rare were to increase the Ghost’s appearance rate. Essentially, he wants the creature to remain a mystery.

sea of thieves ghost shark

The One That Got Away

Hansson isn’t the only pirate on the lookout for the beast. Captain Krazy Kelly is another who has been searching for the creature ever since he failed at what could have been his one chance of killing it.  

“I saw the ghastly meg once in my life,” says Kelly. “I was leaving Plunder Outpost after an Order of Souls run and as usual a meg was going to say hi for the 20th time. I didn’t pay much attention until it cruised up beside my ship and I caught a glance of her, pale in the sunlight. I started trying to fight it, but being alone and a bit new at the time I forgot to raise the sails or lower the anchor. I drove my ship straight into a nearby island and scared the meg off. I missed a huge chance I may never get again.”

Captain Krazy Kelly’s story is every Sea of Thieves ’ player’s worst nightmare. But he isn’t alone. Chris White, a communications consultant in the games industry, has a similar tale of misfortune. At the time he encountered the Shrouded Ghost, his ship was filled to the brim with treasure — so he chose not to engage the megalodon that had spawned behind him. It was only in hindsight, after doing some research into the game, that he realized he had spotted the Shrouded Ghost in the flesh and let the golden opportunity slip between his fingers. 

Clare, another Sea of Thieves player, saw the rare meg off the side of her ship in the Devil’s Roar. Like any sensible pirate, she immediately dropped her anchor ready to fight, only to be greeted with the server merge screen, which appears when players are migrated to another server. In a cruel twist of fate, the creature had popped out of existence before she’d even had a chance to engage it. 

It’s hard to verify any of these stories, considering none of these players have any evidence to show of their encounters. But that’s the beauty of what Rare have accomplished with this random event. These sound exactly like the type of near misses and unusual encounters that barnacled sailors would share with disbelieving audiences upon arriving in port. If the Shrouded Ghost spawned more frequently, these stories wouldn’t be nearly as remarkable.

sea of thieves ghost shark

The Real Deal

That’s not to say that the beast is undefeated. In fact, a few people have encountered her and emerged victorious. These accounts, in particular, have been useful for disproving many of the rumours that surround her. For instance, the sightings took place across the entire map, all the way from The Devil’s Roar on the south east side of the map to the Shores of Plenty in the north west. No special weather conditions were necessary either, with none of these players being in or around the fog or storm at the time. Instead, the deciding factor seemed to be luck and being online at exactly the right time.  

“I was on chapter three of the voyage,” recalls Roger Roecken, who captured a video of his kill. “It was sending me from Plunder Valley to Discovery Ridge. I was running real low on wood and had maybe four pieces total onboard. Next thing I know, I hear the sound of a megalodon. The roar startled me. I just had a weird feeling I should check to see what type of megalodon it was. I looked out and up she smashed out of the ocean! The white beast!”

Roecken continues, “I sprung into action… and fought her for about ten minutes  until I completely ran out of wood. I didn’t know what to do. I actually thought she might get away from me. But I decided to keep going and if I sank then at least I could say, I tried. So I would bail a bucket of water, take a shot with my gun, rinse and repeat. I did this for another ten minutes. By this time my boat had three or four holes and it was getting harder to keep up with the water pouring into the ship. I aimed my sniper at her from the back of the ship and killed her with a bullet. I was so relieved. I didn’t care about the loot. I just wanted the achievement.”

Most of the other encounters I’ve heard about are just as frantic as Roecken’s. For instance, Seanaci, whom I’ve spoken to on the subject of Sea of Thieves before , ran into the meg between Cannon Cove and Wanderer’s Refuge. When it finally appeared, she was panicking with excitement, trying her best to capture video evidence of the creature, while also inviting a friend into her game and fighting the beast. When her first mate Danzo_VIII finally loaded into the game, he arrived just in time to see her deliver the final blow, sending it back to the briny depths.

SethKaiju, meanwhile, encountered the meg in the first week of the Shrouded Spoils campaign. At the time, his crew were heading towards an enemy wreck to pilfer its contents.

“Right as we got near to salvage the wreck I was in the crow’s nest,” says SethKaiju. “I looked down and there she was, like lightning, raging from the depths. She made no sound, no nothing, all I saw were the pink fins. We anchored the ship and took her down.”  

While it may give completionists a bit of a headache, it’s easy to see why Rare opted to make the encounter so, well, rare. Sea of Thieves, even more so than many other online games, is  about the social interaction between players and the stories they tell together. Throw in a great big shark that barely anybody sees and the community is bound to start talking. 

Just don’t believe that everything you hear. After all, pirates are known to tell a few tall tales.   

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sea of thieves ghost shark

Jack Yarwood

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sea of thieves ghost shark

Sea Of Thieves The Shrouded Deep Guide

The third Sea of Thieves Adventure is its most elaborate yet. Here's every step you'll need to follow to come out victorious against the Shrouded Ghost.

By Mark Delaney on April 26, 2022 at 12:39PM PDT

Sea of Thieves Adventure 3 has arrived. In The Shrouded Deep, you'll be going meg hunting for not just several variants of the mythic shark, but also to eventually summon and defeat the Shrouded Ghost, the game's most elusive boss battle. This multiple-chapter story mode will be available until May 12, so make sure you get in there and finish off all Deeds to earn the exclusive cosmetics before they're gone forever. Here's everything you need to know to complete The Shrouded Deep.

Step 1: Talk to Larinna, then travel to map grid location M12

Larinna is once more the liason between you and the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, so speak to her right outside of the tavern when you load into the game. She'll give you a piece of paper that reveals famed shark hunter Merrick is back aboard his once-sank, still-legendary ship, The Killer Whale.

Before you leave the outpost, you'd be wise to stock up on wooden planks and cannonballs by purchasing them in full crates from the Merchants Alliance representative on the dock near your ship. You're going to need a lot of wood and cannonballs . Trust us.

The Killer Whale is wrecked on some rocks at map grid location M12--just south of Shipwreck Bay--so head there to speak to Merrick and Belle. It's Belle's dialogue option to "continue adventure" you'll need most of all. This will start you onto the second chapter of the story.

Step 2: Defeat four Megalodons using the special summoning tools you'll receive

Typically, a meg encounter is a random event, but in The Shrouded Deep, you'll be able to deliberately spawn and defeat all five variants of the super shark. You can take on the first four in any order, and they all demand the same sort of process. You'll travel to a specific location, fire a special signal flare, then defeat the meg and bind its soul to an effigy before placing that effigy on the table aboard The Killer Whale. You'll receive an effigy, a unique summoning flare, instructions on where to go, and a map of the specific cannon to use for each of the first four megs.

Here's where each megalodon will be summoned:

  • Hungering One - Mermaid's Hideaway (map grid B13)
  • Shadowmaw - Ruby's Fall (map grid Y16)
  • Ancient Terror - Thieves' Haven (map grid M20)
  • Crested Queen - Marauder's Arch (map grid Q3)

Each shark you summon requires a foursome of quest items that will appear in your radial menu.

You may notice these locations will take you to all four regions of the map. It would be quite a journey if handled entirely alone, and while you can do that, it also won't be necessary. Like in the game's first-ever live event, 2018's The Hungering Deep, you can't summon the final boss without at least five pirates. That's one more than the fullest possible team, meaning The Shrouded Deep is designed to be played in co-op with other crews.

Your best bet for that is to bring a full crew of your own and seek out other pirates who may be interested in teaming up. You could even designate someone to stay at The Killer Whale, as surely other players will be descending on it throughout the three-week event. Should you be in a team, you'll be able to handle these meg fights much faster by dividing up the workload so no single team needs to fight all four preliminary sea creatures itself.

At The Killer Whale's summoning table, empty plates will eventually be filled with the soul-binded effigies you and others in your instance of the game collect, even if others aren't on your team. You need not enter into an alliance officially using the game's flag system to reap the benefit of this. If any of the effigies have been placed by crews in your instance of the game, you can skip taking on that shark yourself. The color code for each of these effigies is as follows:

  • Blue-feathered effigy - Hungering One
  • Red-feathered effigy - Shadowmaw
  • Yellow-feathered effigy - Ancient Terror
  • Purple-feathered effigy - Crested Queen

Even if you haven't allied yourself with these other crews, you may well need them in the end to take on the Shrouded Ghost, so it'd be best to stay friendly if and when you come upon other ships while on this adventure.

The Killer Whale...is back?!

Step 3: Summon the Shrouded Ghost using the special shanty

Just like in 2018, you'll then need to gather five or more pirates at The Killer Whale to play a special shanty. Choose your musical instrument and play "Summon The Megalodon" by selecting it from your shanty playlist while you have an instrument equipped. If you had been struggling to recruit enough pirates up to this point, luckily the summoning table will now be lit with a vibrant green light that shoots up into the sky, calling for the help of other pirates in the instance.

After a moment of everyone playing the tune together, the Shrouded Ghost will emerge in epic fashion. The fight you may have been waiting years for will finally be underway! This boss battle consists of four phases, with each phase getting progressively harder. If by chance your ship does sink, The Killer Whale makes for a good back-up plan, as its cannons still work.

However, remember that if you die, you'll respawn on your ship which itself will have respawned on a different island after sinking, demanding that you sail back into the fray from a random location. Therefore, it's best to try and keep your own ship afloat.

First phase

At first, your fight with the ever-elusive shark will unfold quite like any other megalodon battle. Cannonballs are best here, though gunfire and tridents work, too.

Second phase

In the second phase, the meg will stay hidden as Flameheart's fleet takes you on in a ship battle. Again, cannonballs are best here.

Third phase

In the penultimate wave of attacks, a sturdier ghost captain's ship and the Shrouded Ghost will team up to battle you at once. This is why having multiple ships and allies is very important for this adventure.

Final phase

In the last phase, the entire Flameheart fleet will re-join alongside the special shark for one last fight to the death. Defeat the lot of them to emerge victorious over the Shrouded Ghost--for most players, it'll be the first time ever.

Step 4: Speak to Belle on The Killer Whale

While the action will be behind you, don't forget to speak to Belle once more and choose to complete the adventure in her dialogue options. A story twist we won't spoil here gives us a hint as to what's next for Sea of Thieves' time-limited Adventure saga. Expect the story to continue in May.

The Shrouded Deep - Deeds and rewards

There are six Deeds, or challenges, to complete during The Shrouded Deep, You can, of course, replay the story mission if you miss any--like if another team places an effigy on your behalf. The Deeds include:

  • Add a Hungering One Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Add a Crested Queen Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Add a ShadowMaw Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Add an Ancient Terror Effigy to Belle’s Ritual Table
  • Take part in the Shrouded Ghost summoning ritual
  • Defeat the summoned Shrouded Ghost

Two more cosmetics are yours to unlock between now and May 12.

Completing the event once will grant you the Hunter's Beloved Figurehead, which is a ship cosmetic featuring the likeness of Merrick's dear wife, Serick. For completing all six Deeds, you'll unlock the exclusive player title "Summoner of Myths." While this guaranteed Shrouded Ghost encounter won't count toward other long-standing commendations regarding the sea monster, this player title should make a nice trophy for those who have been waiting nearly half a decade to even witness the creature just once.

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sea of thieves ghost shark

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Sea of Thieves’ next adventure stars the game’s rarest shark

The Shrouded Deep has us summon the shrouded ghost

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Sea of Thieves - An unaware ship floats over a mysterious sea beast

With Rare’s new update structure , Sea of Thieves players can log on and experience limited-time Adventures out in the world. These small scale updates offer bites of narrative content for players to explore — like a mysterious fog encompassing the Golden Sands Outpost, or a daring raid to save its inhabitants from stone forts raised from the sea. When one Adventure leaves, another one comes to take its place in the world. The next Adventure has players summon the legendary Shrouded Ghost megalodon in search of a powerful artifact.

Rare released a short cinematic teaser for the Shrouded Deep, in which long-time character and star of the game’s first expansion Merrick mutters ominously about artifacts, the worlds between, and the albino shrouded ghost shark . Merrick is interrupted when Belle, our ghost ally from previous Adventures, shows up on a newly restored ship: the Killer Whale. Long time Sea of Thieves players will know the Killer Whale as a shipwreck Merrick once sailed that serves as a prominent underwater landmark.

We're going on a Meg hunt! Work alongside Merrick, Belle and other pirates to summon the Shrouded Ghost and recover a powerful artefact in the next Sea of Thieves Adventure, 'The Shrouded Deep'! See the pale beast for yourself from April 21st to May 12th. pic.twitter.com/1p8DsYiyfv — Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) April 18, 2022

The Adventure will be available from April 21 through May 12. These Adventures are limited-time, and run alongside a traditional battle pass-style season. Adventures are largely narrative, which means a player can follow along with the overarching story when they’re playing. So far, we’ve seen Spanish ghosts and spectral pirate friends , so it’s intriguing to think about what could be next.

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Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost guide


If you’ve been playing Sea of Thieves for a while now the chances are you’ve already encountered a Megalodon. The Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost megalodon however is an entirely different beast, with its spawn location being something of a mystery among the seas.

It’s no secret that the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost meg is one of five that you can find in the seas, and it’s certainly considered to be the rarest with almost mythical theories on how the beast will actually spawn. Lucky for you we’re here to help alleviate some of the myths surrounding the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost Meg, and if you’ve already discovered the four other sharks then finding this last one will award you with a commendation or two. The Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost and the Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded Ghosts are the commendations we are referring to.

sea of thieves ghost shark

When the 1.4.3 update dropped it marginally increased your chances of the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost meg spawning, but our tips within this guide are in place to help the odds of finding the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost soar. In finding the beast at sea it should put all those tall tales that other players are discussing to bed, as you’ll actually end up finding the shark in your own way.

Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost – keep your distance from land

Before we begin it is worth noting that your chances of a Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost encounter will greatly increase if you keep your distance from islands (inhabited or uninhabited). By this we mean you will have a better chance of a shark spawning if you sail in a map square with no land nearby. Megs don’t like land, so if one spawns near you and you sail toward land you’ll see it back off.

Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost – identifying the meg

If you’ve already encountered a megalodon then you’ll recall a change in the music just before their back appears out of the water. Said music sounds almost like a roaring sounds, and once this echoes through your ears you should see the Meg bopping above the water to the rear of your ship – allowing you to examine it closer. You will be able to recognise the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost meg over the other four variants as it will have red eyes, fins that have pink tips, and the shark’s skin will be of a white colour. If it doesn’t present these traits you can kill the beast or simply sail away (if you can).

sea of thieves ghost shark

After the sounds of the meg rings in your ears it would be beneficial to drop your anchor to prevent you heading towards another island and scaring off the meg. Additionally you will be able to examine it more easily, and move on to find the next if it’s not what you’re looking for. If you’re set on finding the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost then keep your wooden planks stocked well on your ship, megs like to take chunks out of ships so you’ll need to patch well to avoid landing yourself on the Ferry of the Damned.

sea of thieves ghost shark

Foggy areas spawn the shark – believe us they don’t

Back when the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost became something we were looking for, it was believed that the meg in conjunction with fog would summon the Megalodon, which many thought was because fog had come in the same patch as the Shrouded Ghost. Over the past months it has come to light that foggy areas have no impact on the shark’s spawn points, as many players have witnessed the appearances in areas without fog.

Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost spawns randomly

Bear in mind that other players sailing the seas are pirates, so their word should be taken with a pinch of salt. The same goes for the myth that there is a single location for the Shrouded Ghost to spawn, which has now been proven as hearsay from the Sea of Thieves Reddit community . The sub-Reddit essentially tells us that the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost has spawned across various locations for players spanning The Devil’s Roar, The Wilds, and The Ancient Isles. So basically, the Shrouded Ghost can spawn anywhere on the Sea of Thieves map, so you can avoid taking the plunge to visit the more dangerous parts of the map unnecessarily.

Turning off lanterns won’t help you find the Shrouded Ghost

Several players reckon that turning the lanterns on your ship off will help your chances of encountering the Sea of Thieves Shrouded Ghost. Changing the colours of lanterns or turning them off has been tried and tested for a while now and it has no impact whatsoever in  helping the beast spawn.

Now that we’ve put the rumours to bed, it’s time to go hunting for the Sea of thieves Shrouded Ghost.

If you haven’t completed it already, make sure to check out our Sea of thieves Shroudbreaker guide .

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