1. Chattanooga Haunted Hotel: Room 311 at The Read House

    read house chattanooga haunted room

  2. Chattanooga Haunted Hotel: Room 311 at The Read House

    read house chattanooga haunted room

  3. Chattanooga Haunted Hotel: Room 311 at The Read House

    read house chattanooga haunted room

  4. The Read House's "Haunted" Room 311 Opens For 5 Nights In October

    read house chattanooga haunted room

  5. The Read House Room 311: Haunted Hotel Chattanooga

    read house chattanooga haunted room

  6. Haunted Room 311 in The Read House Hotel

    read house chattanooga haunted room


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  1. The Read House Room 311: Haunted Hotel Chattanooga

    The haunted Room 311 at The Read House in downtown Chattanooga holds the legend of Annalisa Netherly, whose ghost is believed to haunt this room. Learn more! ... The Read House 107 W MLK Blvd Chattanooga, TN 37402 Phone 423-266-4121. The Read House on Instagram; The Read House on Facebook; History; Contact; FAQ; Wedding FAQ; Directions; Careers;

  2. The Ghosts of the Haunted Read House Hotel

    The most haunted Hotel in Chattanooga, the Read House Hotel has long been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Chattanooga's past. Read about the history and hauntings of the Read House Hotel. ... None other than Annalisa Netherly, whose spirit is said to haunt the Read House's Room 311. According to local lore, Annalisa's lover first ...

  3. A tour of the Read House Hotel's haunted Room 311

    Brief history. Before the hotel was constructed, the location was home to the Old Crutchfield House + later a makeshift hospital for Union soldiers. The location burned to the ground in 1867, passing the property along to new hands (many believe this history alone makes the location haunted).. Dr. John T. Read purchased the land + built The Read House Hotel, which opened its doors in 1872.

  4. Southern ghost stories: The haunting of Room 311 at The Read House

    October 13 | 2021. The Historic Read House, Pt. 2 - Haunted Room 311. For many of the South's oldest cities, certain ghosts and their supernatural stories become the stuff of local legend and bring in visitors hoping to see a spirit for themselves. For Chattanooga, such a ghost is the well-known and infamous Annalisa Netherly ...

  5. The Historic Read House Hotel In Tennessee Is Notoriously Haunted

    The Read House Hotel is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and it's become a well-known haunt (if you will) for luxury seekers and history buffs in tandem. We've taken a look at the beautiful building ourselves, and we have to say…this one is a keeper. If you're looking for a fabulous place to stay with a little edge to it, the Read ...

  6. Spooky films and more find a home at the Read House, home of haunted

    Staff photo by C.B. Schmelter / .Ken Merkel, general manager of the Read House, opens Room 311 while showing the room to the Times Free Press on Friday, March 1, 2019 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

  7. This Haunted Hotel Room In Chattanooga Is What Luxury ...

    Read House Historian, Tyler Logue, has come to learn over the years just how creepy of a reputation the specific room actually is. Room 311 is the hotel's only room to feature late 19th century ...

  8. Read House Hotel's eternal guest who never left room 311

    The 241-room Read House Hotel opened in 1872, but the hotel's charm comes from their 1920s style. A guest from the same time period appears to have never left. According to the Read House Hotel ...

  9. The Read House's "Haunted" Room 311 Opens For 5 Nights In October

    Known as Annalisa Netherly's room since her alleged murder in the 1920's, the exclusive "The Read House Haunted Room 311 Experience" package is only available for one-night stays on Oct. 3 ...

  10. The Haunted Read House in Chattanooga

    How to tour the ghost's room at the haunted Read House. Tours of the Read House are available upon request. A tour guide leads you around room 311, explaining the gruesome history of the infamous room. Guests may photograph all areas of the room during the tour, which boasts original pieces from the 1920s.

  11. Ask Hamilton

    (Above) Crutchfield House, circa 1861; Silver Ballroom, circa 1926; The Read House, 1974 . Dear Ghost Getter, Any chance your friends are staying at The Read House during their visit to Chattanooga? It just so happens that the historic hotel is also home to one of the city's most haunted locales.

  12. The Read House Hotel in Chattanooga

    The exterior of the Read House is loud and proud of the hotel's haunted history. Image credit: Jill Robbins. The ghost of Annalisa Neverly is believed to haunt room 311, where she was allegedly beheaded by a jealous lover in the room's bathtub in 1927.The term allegedly is used because the whodunit part is a mystery - Netherly did die a bloody death and was found in the bathtub of room 311 ...

  13. Experience Tennessee'S Ghost Stories at These Haunted Destinations

    Read House Hotel's Room 311 - Chattanooga. There are those who believe Room 311 at this historic hotel is haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly, a guest who was allegedly murdered by a jealous lover in 1927. Over the years, guests reported paranormal activity in the room, including unexplained noises, flickering lights, running water ...

  14. Meeting the Ghosts at the Read House in Chattanooga

    July 11, 2022. 2 minute read. Become a patron. The haunted Read House Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee has a very famous ghost. But she's not the only supernatural entity wandering around those parts. Becky's family spent the night in this haunted hotel and got to meet this ghost and perhaps some others.

  15. The Read House Hotel Offers Daily Tours of Their Haunted Room 311

    The Read House is a historic hotel located in downtown Chattanooga. The whole hotel has recently undergone a multi-million dollar restoration, not just room 311. However, whereas the hotel's other renovations were made with improving guest experience in mind, Room 311's were not. Here's what the hotel's general manager is quoted as ...

  16. The Read House Hotel

    NRHP reference No. 76001780 [1] Added to NRHP. December 23, 1976. The Read House Hotel is a historic hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, founded in 1872. The 141-room main building dates to 1926, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for Hamilton County. [2] [3] The 100-room rear wing was added in 1962, originally as a motel.

  17. The Terrifying History Of Room 311 At The Haunted Read House Hotel

    Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Read House Hotel is a very important landmark and is also known for the high amount. Home; Listen. MU Podcasts. Explore the latest news & podcasts. MU Plus+ Podcasts. Exclusive shows & extensions. Subscriptions. Discover our four plan options. Read. Latest Articles.

  18. This Chattanooga Haunted Hotel is Perfect for a Unique Vacation

    Haunted hotel lovers will enjoy the Read House hotel in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. This historic hotel is beautifully decorated, highly rated, and carries a very unique history of paranormal activity. ... Believe it or not, haunted Room 311 at the Read House has seen more than just the murder of an adulterous young lady. In the 1930s the ...

  19. The Read House

    Our Haunted Room 311 Experience package has SOLD OUT, but there is always next year! ... 150 Years of Read House History 🕰 At the end of the year, we will b... e sealing our time capsule complete with artificates of the Read House Hotel donated by the Chattanooga community. On June 29th at 4 PM, we ask the community to bring in any hotel ...

  20. The Read House Hotel

    1875 - Historic flood decimates The Read House Hotel and much of Chattanooga; 1926 - The Read House was demolished and rebuilt as a historic hotel The Past Still Haunts The Read House Hotel . Many guests report cold spots, running water, and apparitions at The Read House Hotel, both in the rooms and hallways that line the 10-story building.

  21. Haunted Read House Hotel in Chattanooga

    Just type in "haunted Tennessee hotels" in your search browser and you will most likely find The Read House - or Sheraton Inn in Chattanooga, formerly The Crutchfield House built in 1847. You will probably also learn that Room 311 is the most haunted room in the place. This is only partly true.

  22. Haunted House in Chattanooga, TN

    Dread Hollow is a terrifying haunted house and escape rooms located in Chattanooga, TN. Brought to you by the masterminds of the nationally ranked Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. Close; Camp Dread 2023; Tickets; Calendar; Deliverance Escape Rooms; The Legend; faq; Directions; EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION;

  23. Uncovering the Dark Secrets of the Infamous Read House Hotel

    Today we discover the haunted history of the Read House Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A story of tragedy and hope.

  24. This is why getting scared can feel so good

    This year, more than 1,300 people entered for a chance to pay for one night in a hotel room in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Specifically, a supposedly haunted room where Annalisa Netherly was ...