Pale Seraphim

Pale Seraphim is a monster introduced in Scourge league . It can be found as a beyond demon .

  • 1 Abilities
  • 2 List of variants
  • 3 Items found from this monster
  • 4 Monster stats
  • 7 Version history
  • Lunging web attack that applies an increased damage taken and reduced action speed debuff for 3 seconds

List of variants

Pale Seraphim has the following internal variants

Items found from this monster

Monster stats.

The infobox assumes the condition found in map and as a normal monster. In theory the monster can also be found in part one of the storyline, such as during flashback . Feel free to change the parameter such as monster level. The dps is for the default attack only.

poe spectre pale seraphim

Seraphim is a plural of seraph , a type of supernatural being in the Abrahamic religions.

Pale Seraphim in mid-air

Pale Seraphim in mid-air

Version history

  • Pale Cherubim
  • Pale Servitor
  • Pale Virtue
  • Normal monsters

Navigation menu

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Pale Seraphim HellscapePaleElite2
  • Pale Seraphim HellscapePaleElite2Spectre

poe spectre pale seraphim

Object Type

Object type codes, stance movement speed +% final [-69], be a patreon to enjoy an ad-free experience, unlock premium features, & support the site ublock: click the big blue power button adblock: whitelist a domain.


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Pale Seraphim - Path of Exile

Poe pale seraphim.

Pale Seraphim is a Scourge Spectre.

  • Min Level: 16
  • Location: random

Pale Seraphim Rarity: Rare

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The following values do not include map affix bonuses, monster buff bonuses, altar bonuses, atlas skill bonuses(ex: Thirst for Knowledge -70% damage taken).

The following values are skill base values and do not include map affix bonuses, monster buff bonuses, altar bonuses, atlas skill bonuses, monster base damage(ex: The Maven 150% multiplier), monster rarity bonuses (ex: unique 70% more, unique 33% less).

List of Scourge Spectre

There is a total of 16 Spectres in the Scourge league. Challenge: Defeat each of the following Scourge monsters.

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Pale Seraphim debuff not applied in minion damage calcs #4459


Ydoum commented Jun 15, 2022


Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue.


  • Necromancer
  • Elementalist

GhazzyTV's Dark Pact Necromancer Animate Guardian & Spectres (PoE Trial of the Ancestors 3.22)

  • Boss Killer

poe spectre pale seraphim

October 5th, 2023, 00:24

Spectres for low budget Dark Pact:

*Carnage Chieftain: This little monkey will provide us with frenzy charges, drastically increasing our cast speed. *Host Chieftain: This little monkey will provide us with consistent power charges. Once you get the third spectre, you add another Carnage Chieftain Specter.

Once you move into the higher budget, things change slightly. As we are now running a Power-Charge chest, we no longer require the Host. As our sustain is good enough it opens up Arena Master and Pale Seraph is an excellent way to scale damage once cast speed is decent. As a result, the list is as follows:

Spectres for high budget Dark Pact:

*Carnage Chieftain: This little monkey will provide us with frenzy charges, drastically increasing our cast speed. *Arena master: This guy will increase both damage dealt & taken by 20% and 20% increased attack/cast speed for 4 seconds with a ~8sec cooldown *Pale Seraphim: Debuffs enemies with 15% increased damage taken

Animate Guardian

The Animate Guardian is a bit tricky and I would strongly recommend watching the initial video for this build guide as well as this in-depth guide for the AG I also have a written guide you can find here

For the exact gear to put on your AG, please see the itemset “AG” in your respective PoB.

Added a Gear Progression page to the guide!

Build is now updated for 3.22

3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum - Full update & restructure of the guide.

3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum Changelog .4Updated the leveling section to emphasize on using Absolution for new(er) players whilst keeping Dark Pact as an option in the PoB's.

3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum Changelog .3 Added:Gear progression: "": scaling: "": scaling: "":

3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum Changelog 2* Updated all PoBs for 3.20(The higher budget versions still had Lake of Kalandra mirrored gear which has now been adjusted)

3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum Changelog:* PoB updated (will update again once PoB itself updates for 3.20)* Changed Assassin's Mark for Despair

Hey Exiles, The latest Path of Exile League Trial of the Ancestors 3.22, is upon us and launc...

Hey exiles, along with the path of exile 2 announcement on exilecon 2023, we also have the..., path of exile 2 exilecon has started and grinding gears game started their exilecon opening..., exilecon 2023 when is exilecon exilecon is held in auckland, new zealand from july 29-30, ex..., hey exiles, we had the crucible league reveal and its looking really good. the path of exil..., related guides.

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  • Necromancer Guide GhazzyTV's Poison Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer Gear, Jewels & Flasks (PoE Trial of the Ancestors)
  • Necromancer Guide TbXie's Detonate Dead Necromancer Build Guide (PoE Trial of the Ancestors 3.22)

poe spectre pale seraphim

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Level 98 Raise Zombie Necromancer 3.19

Mon'tregul's Grasp

Tree Preview

Eldritch Battery

  • You take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes

Life Mastery

  • Vitality has 100% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency
  • +50 to maximum Life

Minion Defence Mastery

  • Minions have +8% to all maximum Elemental Resistances
  • Minions Leech 1% of Damage as Life

Minion Offence Mastery

  • Minions have 30% increased Area of Effect
  • 20% increased effect of Offerings
  • Minions Penetrate 8% of Cursed Enemies' Elemental Resistances

Reservation Mastery

  • 30% increased Area of Effect of Aura Skills

poe spectre pale seraphim

Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Last Updated: September 13th 2023

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Poison SRS Necromancer Endgame Skill Gems, Auras, Jewels & Passive Skill Tree.

Ensure your skill gems are of the right quality (normal, anomalous, divergent or phantasmal).

Some gems need to be a certain level to function. This is especially important for some Auras and certain defensive setups.

Follow the guides instructions to get the specifics on what levels and qualities are needed. Not every gem needs to be at maximum level.

Skill Breakdown

Summon raging spirits.

  • Divergent Summon Raging Spirit summons your main damage minions, which aggressively chase down enemies.
  • Awakened Unleash Support allows you to cast several minions at a time, provided we wait in between casts.
  • Withering Touch Support gives physical damage as extra chaos damage to your SRS. Further, this gem gives a chance to inflict wither for your minions, which ensures 100% uptime of maximum Wither stacks.
  • Awakened Unbound Ailments Support greatly increases damage and duration of Poisons on the enemy.
  • Awakened Minion Damage Support provides generic damage for minions.
  • Awakened Melee Splash Support causes our SRS minions to deal splash damage, which greatly increases our clear speed. This should be swapped out for Multistrike on Pinnacles and Ubers.
  • Awakened Multistrike Support is for single target on large bosses. Divergent Multistrike Support is a substantially cheaper replacement for the high priced awakened version.

Utility Minions

Core minions.

  • Divergent Animate Guardian provides a number of bonuses from his gear (explained in the Gear section).
  • Empower Support gives additional gem levels for our utility minion, which provides a huge bonus to their life.
  • Anomalous Raise Spectre allow you to summon a choice of 3 Spectres for some great benefits. Prioritize the Arena Master and Pale Seraphim Spectres. The third Spectre can be another Arena Master (for higher uptime on his action speed buff) or Carnage Chieftain (for frenzy charges).
  • Anomalous Minion Life Support provides a massive life bonus so your utility minions survive the most challenging content.

Secondary Minions

  • Anomalous Summon Stone Golem is a massive source of life regeneration.
  • Feeding Frenzy Support grants the Feeding Frenzy buff, which gives 10% more Minion Damage , 10% increased Minion Movement Speed and 10% increased Minion Attack, and Cast Speed .
  • Divergent Tempest Shield provides a huge source of spell block.
  • Divergent Malevolence is a significant boost to your Damage over Time.
  • Determination scales your physical damage reduction.
  • Vitality provides life regeneration to your character.

Divine Blessing Aura

  • Vaal Haste and Haste are boosts to your movement speed. More importantly, there is a massive boost to movement speed and attack speed of your minions, resulting in substantial DPS and better uptime.
  • Divine Blessing Support allows an additional Aura, since you don't need to reserve mana, you can spend your energy shield with Eldritch Battery .

Bone Armour

  • Bone Armour is your guard skill, provided by the Necromancer Ascendancy. Bone Armour is similar to Steelskin , in that it provides a shield that takes damage for you and your minions when active.
  • Flame Dash is a movement spell that causes the player to teleport to a target location. It is essential for mobility and dodging attacks.
  • Arcanist Brand casts the linked skills when attached to an enemy.
  • Divergent Bone Offering provides huge block chance to your minions and character.
  • Anomalous Despair is a huge boost to your minions' Poison damage by reducing enemies Chaos resistance and making enemies take increased Chaos damage.
  • Desecrate spawns corpses for your Bone Offering to consume, increasing its duration.
  • Awakened Generosity Support amplifies the effect of Envy and makes it apply only to your minions.

Passive Tree Progression

Jewel locations.

Certain Jewels require specific placement on the passive tree, you can find these locations below.

Cluster Jewel 1

The Jewel Socket on the left side of the Passive Tree near Divine Shield should only be allocated after you have acquired the Large Cluster Jewel Jewel to socket within it.

poe spectre pale seraphim

Cluster Jewel 2

The Jewel Socket on the top right of the Passive Tree near Eldritch Battery should only be allocated after you have acquired the Large Cluster Jewel Jewel to socket within it.

poe spectre pale seraphim

The Green Nightmare

The Jewel Socket next to Eternal Youth should only be allocated after you have acquired The Green Nightmare Jewel to socket within it.

poe spectre pale seraphim

Passive Skill Tree Tattoos redefine character building in Path of Exile! They excel at covering for a build's weaknesses by converting unneeded Attributes into Resistances, damage, and quality of life. Choosing the ideal Tattoos for your build often comes down to your specific gearing choices, to learn more about optimizing Passive Skill Tree Tattoos check out our full guide here .

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  • News Detail

How To Easily Get Spectres In Path Of Exile 3.21 Crucible?

Apr 18, 2023 Source: POECURRENCY


  • Path Of Exile
  • POE Spectres

Today we’re here to discuss how to get Spectres in Path of Exile 3.21 . This is a very common problem, but it troubles many players. Fortunately, this guide will be able to help you successfully solve this conundrum.

How Spectres Work

Although I have Raise Spectres skill gem , I don’t have any Spectres to summon. So how do they work, and how do you summon them?

Now there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that we need to learn a spell called Desecrate , and the biggest role of Desecrate is to allow us to summon corpses . These corpses can then summon your Spectres by aiming down the line.

Get Spectre Guide Path of Exile

So it’s important that players know how to target corpses. You can hold down the A key or go into settings and go to game and lesson goals . You can change this to always enabled, which means if you have the corpse aim ability, you can always keep aiming at the corpse. We also have Raise Zombie, which allows me to target corpses and stay on the very top of the screen.

How To Summon Spectres

You can see that the minion of the inspectors here are the helpers most needed by players in Path of Exile 3.21, namely Frost Blade . These are the people the player needs to summon.

So I can now use my current build Array Spectres Summoner , which means the last five Spectres I summon will be the last five likely to spawn from desecrate corpses. That’s why you can see Forge of The Phoenix Map .

If you try something like this, you’re probably going to die for some reason. But don’t worry, you can resummon them by using Desecrate again .

Check out the Raise Spectre Skill Gem

A couple of things are very important now. The first is that the corpses you are desecrating need to be preserved on your character, and any monsters or Spectres present in the area can also be manipulated with the Desecrate skill . Finally, I would recommend that you use enough POE Currency to strengthen Desecrate skills to ensure more effective control of corpses.

So if someone came into my hideout and used Primal Crushclaw to attack us, in this case, they would secure those corpses into our Hideout. If Rock Breaker also comes to my Hideout, you’ll see his Spectres, and without him checking them, I’ll be able to summon Pale Seraphim .

Also Read: Explosive Trap Trickster Build Tank Everything - Path Of Exile 3.21 League Starter

How To Find Spectres

Now we have a Carnage Chieftain . Although Rock Breaker doesn’t have Pale Seraphim, he has Primal Crushclaw . So we need to see if we can find Primal Crushclaw there as soon as possible. So I can now summon those corpses in my Hideout as long as he exists in the area.

Spectre Armour Pack Path of Exile

Then you have to go to the person who invited you to their Hideout and summon them. Another thing to think about quickly is when you remove Spell Echo , since those Echo will also re-summon your Spectres.

So now we’re going to summon them by placing a corpse like this to see if I can find a Forged Frostbearer for this particular build. Then we need to click on Vectors once on the inspector. We can find Spectres .

Now that we have five Spectres, all we have to do is to remove them from our action bar to make sure we don’t accidentally screw them up. But the game doesn’t really tell you or how to do this effectively. So I hope this helps you find Spectres more efficiently. Good luck to you.

Recommended Article

Here, I am going to talk about the Uncarved Gemstone and how acquiring skill gems works in POE 3.22 Ruthless .

A lot of players have misconceptions, and they lead their characters to ruin. And I’ve got to be honest here, if I sound critical and negative regarding how the current system works, it’s because I am.

This system is one of two reasons I tell people to consider Ruthless as though it were in an open beta that will experience significant revisions. The Uncarved Gemstone system is a good start, but setting up your skill gems in Ruthless is complicated and counter-intuitive.

How To Acquire Skill Gems & Use Uncarved Gemstones In POE 3.22 Ruthless Mode?

Uncarved Gemstones  

When Standard players hear about Ruthless, they hear that in Ruthless each character gets 3 Uncarved Gemstones. They hear that these are wildcards that can be traded to Siosa for any skill gem. Since you get three of them, many players will assume you can easily trade these Uncarved Gemstones to complete whatever build you wish.

What many do not hear is that you do not receive these Uncarved Gemstones until finishing quests, one each in Act 3, Act 5 and Act 10 . That means that if you intend to use an Uncarved Gemstone to get a core damage skill, at best your build will need to function without it through 3 acts.

Imagine the first 3 acts as a non-Marauder melee without heavy strike, a non-Witch caster without Fireball , or a bow Shadow without literally any bow skill.

In a bizarre and convoluted way, the worst possible way to start playing POE 3.22 Ruthless is by creating the character that you want to play.

Also Read: Minion Life Stacking SRS Guardian Build For POE 3.22

Mule/Farm Characters  

Instead, how you should start is by deciding which core damage skills you’re going to be using and then creating mule characters to obtain all of those skill gems.

The most obnoxious example I can provide is the character that I’m leveling up right now. He’s going to be my deep map pusher. It’s basically Toxic Rain except I want to try it with Rain of Arrows instead. And to be honest, the builds are so similar that if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just flip him back over to Toxic Rain and I’ve got the extra skill gem to make it work.

But this build is strictly superior as a Shadow. But Shadows do not receive any bow skills as quest rewards. In order to play this, build a character that makes perfect thematic sense. It’s a poisonous Rogue bow user. Why wouldn’t a Shadow be able to do that?

In order to play this character, you have to create a Ranger and take her all the way to The Cavern of Wrath . It took me about 40 minutes just to farm up the skill gems required before I could start my real character. What’s even more ridiculous is that after you do farm all those skill gems on this build and transfer them over to your Shadow, every single Act 1 quest reward gem is meaningless for you.

POE 3.22 Skill Gems

When you start a character in POE 3.22 Ruthless, you need to know exactly which skill gems you’re going to be using and, more importantly, which classes naturally receive those skill gems as quest rewards.

The good news is that for the vast majority of builds, you’re going to get most of your skills from your main class and you’ll only have to farm one or two other essential skills on a mule. That means you usually only have to complete one or two quests and you only end up spending about five minutes farming skill gems instead of nearly an hour finishing all of Act 1.

Anyone looking to try out Ruthless needs to know that those Uncarved Gemstones should not be used to pick up core damage skills if any skill gem starts at level 12 or lower. You should farm that skill gem with a mule character instead.

The Uncarved Gemstones are best used for later skills, ones that are normally given in Act 3 and Act 4.


Another big point of confusion is knowing which auras are available in POE 3.22 Ruthless.

The good news is that it’s a very short list: Blood And Sand , Clarity , Precision, and Vitality . That’s it. In addition, all four of Clarity, Precision, Vitality, as well as Enduring Cry are offered as potential rewards for the exact same quest, ‘ Killing Brutus ’.

In Ruthless, a whole lot of different builds are going to want at least two, maybe more of these four skills and Uncarved Gemstones work really well to obtain up to all four. 


In short, all players looking to try POE 3.22 Ruthless Mode should know that you usually have to start with a bit of homework.

Playing a build in Ruthless typically requires that you farm some skill gems on a character first. So, if you’re playing a Golem switch, you can end up with all four Golems because of the Uncarved Gemstones.

Poacher’s Mark is great for anyone dealing physical damage, but it only gets offered directly to Duelists and Rangers as a quest reward. With an Uncarved Gemstone, anyone can get it in Act 3. 

Your Aurabot Guardian would greatly benefit from having Vitality, Clarity and Precision. And with the Uncarved Gemstones, you can put that together pretty easily. But please do not start Ruthless Mode with the intention of using Uncarved Gemstones to obtain low-level damage skills.

In POE 3.22, there are some unique and rare items that you may want to consider Double Corruption , especially if you are playing in this Trade League . Double Corruption items can produce powerful modifiers, but it also comes with risks.

Here, we’ll talk about how Double Corruption Chamber works and discuss which items are worthy of Double Corruption.

Double Corruption Chamber

Double Corruption Chamber is an area in POE 3.22 where you can get rare POE items to perform special corruption processes. To enable Double Corruption, you need 25 Vaal Reliquary Keys . You can find them from Alva’s Corruption Chamber .

POE 3.22: How To Make Huge Profits Using Double Corruption?

How Does Double Corruption Work?

First, you need to randomly remove two Implicits and add two vile Implicits . We then turn all slots on the item white, which gives a 1 in 4 chance of destroying the item.

We can then turn the item into a rare item with influences and randomize the slot color and link.

It’s worth noting once an item is damaged, we cannot craft further it or gain quality. Therefore, before using Double Corruption , you must consider what you want to achieve with Double Corruption.

Hinekora’s Lock

Hinekora’s Lock is a rare currency item introduced in POE 3.22. It protects your items from adverse consequences in Double Corruption Chamber .

It allows you to determine whether the item will be destroyed or have a favorable outcome before corrupting it. Always use Hinekora’s Lock when you double corrupt valuables.

Path of Exile: Hinekora's Lock

Items Worthy Of Double Corruption

Next, we will talk about what items are worthy of Double Corruption in POE 3.22.

Remember, it is important to evaluate the demand and potential value of these items in this Trade League market before Double Corruption. Rare and powerful corruption Implicits items tend to be in high demand. You can earn huge POE Currency with them.

Legacy Of Fury

First, let’s discuss Legacy of Fury . The item has gained widespread popularity, becoming a top choice for popular builds. Its demand far exceeds supply, especially for Legacy of Fury bows with valuable Vaal implicit corruptions. So if you find one or can Double Corruption it yourself, it’s worth considering.

Path of Exile: Legacy of Fury

Fourth Vow & Shavronne’s Wrappings

Fourth Vow is popular for its impressive defensive abilities, especially compared to Shavronne’s Wrappings . Both unique items are relatively rare, making Double Corruption on them highly desirable. If you use any of these items in your build, pursuing Vaal Double Corruption may significantly increase their effectiveness.

Dialla’s Malefaction

Exploring or crafting items like Dialla’s Malefaction are more advanced methods of Double Corruption. These options can be expensive, but offer the potential for incredible power gains, especially if you’re willing to throw in more Divine Orbs .

One of the most profitable areas for Double Corruption rare items is rings . Double Corruption is designed to increase the strength and dexterity stats, which can turn these rings into valuable items. You can look for rings with a sum of strength, dexterity, and intelligence greater than 100 to maximize their potential.

Off-Meta And Irreplaceable Items

Is there a unique item in your build that is non-meta and irreplaceable ? You may consider Double Corruption on it to unlock its full potential.

For example, if you are using an item like Formless Flame and already have a perfect rolling version. Then you might want to explore Double Corruption to further enhance its power. This approach may be more valuable if the unique item is affordable and you don’t plan on replacing it.

POE 3.22: Alva's Corruption Chamber - Best Items To Double Corrupt & Why

Magic Items With Suffix Ovyana

Finally, we can look for items with an Ovyana suffix and craft it accordingly. You can use Harvest craft to gain additional implicit rarities. This approach can be beneficial for Magic Find characters, helping them offset the power sacrificed by increasing item rarity.

Final Thoughts

In the world of POE 3.22, Double Corruption items are a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Whether you’re enhancing a unique item, optimizing a rare ring, or experimenting with advanced crafting techniques, learn how Double Corruption items can give your character a massive power buff. As you begin your item crafting journey, keep these strategies in mind and always be prepared for your adventure.

Together they scheme, Jousis and CardiaDarkhill , and devise one of the strangest builds to ever grace the shores of Wraeclast.

How Does This Build Work?

At the dark heart of this build is Tainted Pact . Behold this mod: “ Taking Chaos Damage over Time heals you instead while Leeching Life .” Jousis saw this and was inspired.

For the build to work, we must always be Leeching Life, and always taking Chaos Damage over time. With everything set up, we can reach millions of Life recovered per second. No hit smaller than our entire Life pool can hurt us.

Jousis’s Tainted Pact Forbidden Rite Pathfinder Build For POE 3.22 - Working Principle, Defence & Offence

So how do we build this infernal engine? To achieve 100% Life Leech uptime, we use this flask suffix - “ 15% of Damage Taken from Hits Is Leeched as Life During Effect ”. It ensures that we Leech some Life whenever we take damage from hits.

Now we just have to make sure we’re getting hit constantly, and the simplest way to do that is to hit ourselves. Naturally.

By using a quality Heartbound Loop , we take 420 physical damage when a minion dies. This counts as a hit, and it will be Leeched using the flask. We need a setup in which we can constantly summon skeletons and have them expire, triggering our ring hit.

Without going into too much detail, an infinite self-damage loop is possible with enough reduced skill effect duration. If you’d like the details of the calculations, be sure to check out Jousis’ forum guide.

The only problem now is that our Leech will expire when we reach full Life, leaving us vulnerable. Jousis has solved this challenge by using Mahuxotl’s Machination. This shield allocates a number of keystones useful for the build.

Here’s the relevant stuff: Immortal Ambition prevents our Life Leech stopping when we reach full Life. Divine Flesh converts half the elemental damage we take to chaos - this includes damage over time. You might remember chaos damage over time heals us, making this node very handy. We’ll come back to this shield, but for now we have solved infinite Life Leech.

Using these three POE Items - Dabbler’s Ruby Flask of the Order, Mahuxotl’s Machination Steel Kite Shield & Heartbound Loop Moonstone Ring , we now have 100% uptime on Tainted Pact’s key modifier.

In the words of Jousis: Infinite healing doesn’t matter if we can get one-shot.

This is the complete list of the defensive layers this build has to offer, not including our own Life Leech engineering.

Path of Exile 3.22 the complete list of the defensive layers this build has to offer

We won’t go into all of these, but they’re necessary if we want the semi-invincibility we’re striving for.

Let’s talk resists. Our stacked shield is also granting Everlasting Sacrifice . This keystone gives us +5% to all max resists whenever we reach maximum Energy Shield , for four seconds.

To maintain this buff, we somehow have to find a way to hit max shield frequently. To do this, we pick up the Ghost Dance keystone. Every two seconds, this gives us something called Ghost Shroud. And when we’re hit (and remember, we’re hitting ourselves constantly), we lose the Ghost Shroud and instantly recover shield equal to 3% of our Evasion Rating .

It’s too fast to observe on the Life orb UI, but the moment we fill our shield, Everlasting Sacrifice activates, removing our energy shield and granting us the 5% resistances buff. We now get to keep that buff on us indefinitely for the price of one passive point.

Jousis has combined the Divine Flesh keystone from our shield with the Tempered by War keystone. Together, this means we’re not taking any Cold or Lightning damage at all, as it’s all being converted: half to Chaos and half to Fire damage . We can therefore leave those other resists in the negative.

And thanks to the permanent Everlasting Sacrifice buff and other bonuses, we have 88% maximum Fire Resist . To hit that maximum, we’re using a juiced Ruby Flask . All-in-all, this means we don’t need any elemental resists on our gear.

Our Chaos resist is a different story. Thanks to our amulet, the more Chaos resists we have, the less life recovery we get. Therefore, it’s important to manage our level of Chaos resist, so we have the right amount of recovery at the right time.

To do this, we’re using the Golden Rule unique jewel. This reflects poisons we inflict back onto ourselves. For every poison on us, we get 1% Chaos resist. This means that out of combat, when we haven’t inflicted any poisons. We have low Chaos resist and can recover life easily. But in combat, we have large stacks of poison, which caps our resistance.

To aid our recovery out of combat (and protect us from our own self-damage loop), we use Righteous Fire . Remember that half our elemental damage is being converted to chaos damage, and our amulet heals from Chaos over time. So as long as our Elemental resistance is higher than our Chaos resistance, all sources of Elemental Damage over Time will heal us.

Righteous Fire, which would usually be burning us up, is dealing chaos damage over time and is instead recovering our life. In the same vein, we’re using the spicy Annihilation’s Approach boots. These deal 10,000 Fire Damage per second to the wearer, which after some math is healing us for 4400 Life per second instead.

With both of these effects together, we’re getting around 100% Life recovered per second, all the time.

So what happens when we get into combat and start stacking those poisons on ourselves? Jousis explains that thanks to the way monster life scaling works in Path of Exile, our poisons are dealing tens of thousands of damage per second. When reflected back to us, you might see where I’m going - that’s tens of thousands of healing per second. From a single poison stack.

Even with max Chaos resist, when we hit our maximum 100 poison stacks, that’s something like 35 million Life recovered per second. Of course, once we’re recovering our life pool in an instant, the numbers beyond that become irrelevant.

Path of Exile 3.22 Tainted Pact

So, we’re almost invincible. How do we deal damage?

Forbidden Rite is a skill that lobs an explody Chaos projectile , and extra projectiles that automatically target enemies. When supported with more projectiles, the explosion area damage can overlap. It is scaled by our Life and ES numbers , but spends a big percentage of them whenever it is cast, making it a very strong skill with a nasty downside.

But remember how we’re healing to max life every tick? When using this skill, we instantly recover any life we lose from casting it.

Jousis is even using the Sacrifice Support gem, which spends even more life to deal even more chaos damage.

For our leech loop, it’s clearly important that we should be inflicting poisons. For this, Jousis is using Cospri’s Will . Every mod on this chest is useful, but most importantly, it allows us to always poison when hitting cursed enemies.

To curse everything, Jousis is using multiple Cast on Damage Taken setups, which are constantly being triggered thanks to our self-damage loop.

Regarding the constant spell spam - Bladefall, among others - these aren’t for damage, but instead for allowing us to inflict those poisons and apply wither stacks from our Pathfinder Ascendancy for even more Chaos damage. Otherwise, we’re investing in our damage through our gems, tree, and weapon.

This build is a powerful example of how mechanics can be flipped upside-down, with self-damage, self-poison, self-leech, and negative resists. It’s a creative monstrosity, and while it’s not going to be the optimal choice for most players, it’s the optimal choice in my heart.

You may not often hear bow build and tankiness together because they are usually incompatible. But we have tattoos in POE 3.22, and Barrage Pathfinder build might change your mind on that. Let’s take a look at how this build can deal decent damage while still being tanky.

Single Target

First, our single target skill is Barrage . The propagation of this attack is random. That’s why I stand near the boss so that all projectiles hit the same target.

We use Phantasmal Gems from Alternate Quality. This helps us add brittle, scroch and sapped effects to the boss. This way we can easily hit 3% or 4% brittle or which is an enormous increase in critical chance.

POE 3.22: How To Create An Insane Barrage Pathfinder Build?

Clear Skills

Our clear skills are Lightning Arrow . You attack with the bow, and when it hits an enemy, it casts a bolt of lightning that can hit 3 nearby enemies. Making this skill very useful for map clearing. Of course, if you like Ice Shot , you can use it too.

Damage Scaling

To deal higher brittle and any other effects, you need the double damage mod. I put 30% on my weapon and then use Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel , which is a 10% chance of doing double damage. Combined with Alternate Quality Barrage , it makes a delightful combination.

There are 4 curses we can use in this build. Our curse limit is equal to our maximum energy expenditure. Each character can have 3 powers, but we can get additional powers from trees, so our curse limit is 4.

POE: Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel Double Damage

I will use all damage curses. Since our damage isn’t just lightning, we can also deal with a ton of cold and fire damage. So the curses we use are as follows: Elemental Weakness, Conductivity and Flammability . We use an Arcanist Brand to apply all these curses. We can even use Sniper’s Mark to further increase the damage.

Interrogation unique gems are very cheap in this league, only costing about 8 Chaos Orbs . So I put in this gem and it added Secrets of Suffering Keystone .

These skills are almost free, and we only need to spend a small amount of POE Currency to trigger Inspiration Charge . We also have Divine Blessing Support . The aura we’re using in this setup is Hatred since I use a lot of cold damage tattoos.

Barrage Pathfinder build focuses on very cheap tattoos. We used 19 tattoos in this build, and they gave us a massive damage and brittle boost.

Secondary Damage

We also have access to secondary sources of damage, Ballistas and Barrages . They will help cause high brittle scratches and sapped targets. And the build is very flask efficient so we can scale over 100% extra movement speed. Overall, this build is fast and decent for this level of tanking.

Let’s start with my favorite part on defense. We have Elemental Ailment Immunity because we use a unique gem, Ancestral Vision . Spell Suppression also applies to the chance of avoiding Elemental Ailment, accounting for half its value. The rest comes from skill trees, Boots Implicit and single crafting .

Another best thing about this build is that we’re converting almost all physical damage to elemental damage. So we can use all elemental damage reduction Ruby Flask, Sapphire Flask, Topaz Flask and Taste of Hate . This way, we can reduce the damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

POE: Master Surgeon

Plus, we get baffling recovery from ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use a Master Surgeon node . This keeps our Life Flasks active even when our lives are maxed out.

Next, I want to talk about some important POE Items needed in this build. For your weapons to have high elemental damage and attack speed, it’s important to get a high elemental DPS weapon with attack speed. If you don’t have the accuracy rating for this, you’ll have to fill in the rest with other gear.

POE: Anathema Unique Ring

Also, there are 3 unique items used in the build. First, Lightning Coil can reduce physical damage. Next, with this Anathema we have 4 curses at our disposal in the build which also gives us intelligence and a bit of energy shield. And Hyrri’s Truth can use multi-crits and level 30 accuracy, helping us get 100% accuracy and provide a lot of critical hits.

Passive Tree

Finally, I want to highlight some things you need to build on a passive tree. We’ll be using eight passive skills, including Arcing Shot, Calamitous and Smite the Weak . Two Medium Cluster Jewels, with Repeater and Streamlined . Finally, there is Small Cluster Jewel, Interrogation .

POE 3.22: Passive Tree Preview

It’s worth mentioning that our maximum life on Charisma node has been increased. Watcher’s Eye increases attack damage and is affected by accuracy. We’re still using physical damage as lightning damage, while being affected by Purity of Lightning , and improving global accuracy.

That’s all for this Barrage Pathfinder build . I’d like to know your thoughts on this build and if it works for you. Have a nice day.

In this Path Of Exile crafting guide, we’ll delve into the interesting world of chaos damage over time quiver crafting .

The goal is to create a powerful quiver. We’ll be focusing on modifiers like damage over time multiplier with attack skills, chaos damage over time multiplier with attack skills, life, projectiles pierce extra targets, and damage for both skills . While this crafting process may seem complicated, we’ll break it down step-by-step to help you understand and craft it.

First, the goal is to get a damage multiplier over time via the attack skill modifier. We’ll use Orb of Alteration to make this modifier, which only has about a 1 in 250 hit chance. We’ll then use an Orb of Alteration to roll to get a damage multiplier that changes over time. Of course, if you click on another modifier, it doesn’t matter, it’s just that the chance of us reaching the damage multiplier is slim.

Next, we’ll prepare the suffix change using two Divine Orbs . You can also use Craicic Chimeral to help us save more POE Currency .

Craicic Chimeral can help us create an Imprint of this item for about 1.6 Divine Orbs . Don’t worry if you encounter prefixes along the way. We can solve later this problem.

Path Of Exile 3.22: How To Craft A Powerful Chaos DoT Quiver?

Now we want to use the attack skill again to roll the chaos damage multiplier over time. We’ll be using reforge Chaos Orb, which provides a 1 in 7 chance of boosting the chaos damage multiplier for tier 1 and a 1 in 3.5 chance for tier 2. Plus, we have our Imprint items to rely on.

After using reforge Chaos Orb multiple times, you can get the modifier you need. If you hit an unwanted modifier, use your Craicic Chimeral Imprint to restore the item to its previous state and continue.

Clear Modifier

Once you have the modifiers you want, you will need to lock them. To do this, choose Suffixes Cannot Be Changed craft . This ensures that you don’t accidentally lose progress and we cannot change it after the suffix is applied.

Now we need to remove any unwanted modifiers that may have appeared in the previous steps. We will first clean up these POE items and then use an Orb of Annulment to remove any unwanted modifiers.

You’ll want to remove all attack-related modifiers, leaving only the desired Chaos damage modifier that changes over time.

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Influence Base Quiver

Here, we also want to discuss the importance of using influence base quiver . It allows us to roll in extra modifiers that are not normally available on non-influence bases.

Meanwhile, the influence base can provide modifiers such as health, skill damage, movement speed, and projectiles to pierce additional targets . You are more likely to use these modifiers on the influence base.

Now we have an influence base quiver with the correct suffix. We can then use Exalted Orb to bash for additional desired modifiers. The key here is to roll health and projectile pierce additional targets. You can use an Orb of Scouring and Orb of Annulment to remove any unwanted modifiers.

Finally, to complete your Chaos DoT Quiver, you can add Attack Speed as a suffix to enhance your character’s performance.

Crafting a powerful Chaos DoT Quiver in Path of Exile can be a complex process, but it’s undoubtedly rewarding. As long as you follow this guide, you can create a powerful quiver. Not only does it increase a character’s damage output, but it also has significant value in POE market!

Welcome to my guide to unique mechanics. We’ll discuss the interesting and often misunderstood properties of some of the most iconic unique items in POE 3.22.

Today, we will reveal Eye of Malice , a item that has extraordinary power but is often misunderstood. It’s a popular choice in a variety of builds, so it’s time we uncover its secrets and learn how to harness its potential.

Path of Exile: Uniques Eye of Malice Mechanics Explained

Eye Of Malice Modifier

First, let’s review Eye of Malice’s modifiers. Among them, Evasion as Energy Shield, Fire Resistance and Cold Resistance are pretty standard and basic for POE items .

Also, this Eye of Malice gives you a 25% chance of inflicting Cold or Fire Exposure when hitting an enemy. This modifier, while fun, is not the main reason to use this item. It’s useful if you attack quickly. But getting Exposure via Eldritch Gloves Implicit is usually easier than sacrificing your helmet slot.

Now, let’s focus on the modifiers that really stand out from Eye of Malice.

It increases the fire and cold resistance of nearby enemies by 50%. At first glance, this may seem harmful, as it appears to make nearby enemies stronger. At this point, it’s crucial to understand how the resistance mechanism in Path Of Exile works.

In Path Of Exile, additions and subtractions act as multipliers to existing numbers, rather than directly adding or subtracting values. This distinction is crucial to understanding the power of Eye of Malice .

POE: Eye of Malice

Negative Resistance Scaling

To illustrate this concept, let’s consider some theoretical scenarios using my current Cold Elementalist builds.

When we are fighting an enemy with a base resistance of 0%, Eye of Malice will increase Cold Exposure you apply to the enemy by -25% from the original default of -11%. Meanwhile, the effects of Elemental Weakness, Frostbite, Void Beacon and Chilling change the enemy’s resistance to -108% cold resistance. This effectively doubles the damage they take.

If you are fighting an enemy with a base hardiness of 75%. Eye of Malice also reduces Cold Exposure you apply to -36%.

Here, you can no longer use Eye of Malice to push the enemy’s resistance to negative. But it still reduces cold resistance to -49%.

As you can see, the effectiveness of Eye of Malice depends on the enemy’s baseline resistance. It’s very useful when you can significantly reduce an enemy’s resistance. Therefore, it is more valuable against builds like Elementalist . However, it may not be as effective against a very resistant enemy. So you can use it in a targeted manner to save POE Currency .

Ideal Build For Eye Of Malice

Here I would like to recommend some builds that are extremely effective with Eye of Malice.

Cold DoT Elementalist : Built-in resistance reduction and double curse, which can push the enemy’s resistance to negative values.

POE 3.22: Cold DoT Elementalist Build

Righteous Fire or Firetrap Elementalist : Similar to Cold Elementalist , but focused on fire damage and resistance reduction.

Hexblast with Eye of Malice : Hexblast deals with chaos damage. But because of its unique interactions, it will benefit from lowering enemy resistances, especially cold resistance. This combination can produce significant damage output.

Also Read: How To Build Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist In POE 3.22 League On A Low Budget?

When Not To Use Eye Of Malice?

We should note that Eye of Malice is not available at all times.

Like Inquisitor of Inevitable Judgment or Chieftain with Ramako Sun’s Light . These builds will treat enemy resistance as zero, rendering Eye of Malice ineffective.

In addition, if you lack a way to reduce the enemy’s resistance significantly, Eye of Malice may not provide you with substantial benefits.

Overall, Eye of Malice is a unique item with unique mechanics. It can amplify your damage output, but its effectiveness depends on your ability to reduce your enemy’s resistance. Use it wisely in the right build, and you’ll be able to unleash its true potential in the world of Path of Exile.

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