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Chrollo Lucilfer

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Chrollo 2011 Design 1

Chrollo's 2011 anime adaptation design

Chrollo's 1999 anime adaptation design

Chap 106 - Chrollo full body appearance

Chrollo's manga appearance

Chrollo is a young man with black hair and grey eyes. Two of his distinguishing features are the cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings. He is usually seen wearing a dark purple coat that has white fur on the collar and wrists, unbuttoned to reveal his muscular physique. The coat is imprinted with a golden St. Peter's Cross on the back.

Prior to the foundation of the Phantom Troupe , Chrollo neither wore his trademark coat nor combed back his hair. When he approached Neon Nostrade to steal her Nen ability , he wore a blue blazer with his hair hanging down naturally and his cross tattoo hidden beneath a thick layer of wrappings. His spider tattoo has yet to be revealed, but the 1999 anime adaptation placed it on his right arm. [7]


43 - Chrollo talking to Uvogin

Chrollo remaining calm in a tense situation

Chrollo is calm, intelligent, and charismatic, as he seems to be a born leader and able to hold the Troupe together despite the volatile personalities of its members. While he is a very capable strategist, Chrollo is also very confident in his own fighting abilities as well as in those of the other members of the Spider . He always has at least two people with him, which is why Hisoka found it so difficult to fight him. [8] After he has admired the items that he targeted and acquired, Chrollo sells them all. [9] It is also stated that Chrollo likes antique books. [3]

56 - Chrollo reaction

Chrollo reacting to Gon’s question about his motives

Unflinching and unshakable, he is also an observer of human nature. Gon 's hostility toward the Troupe led Chrollo to reflect upon the nature of himself and his actions. [10] Additionally, when fighting Hisoka, who refused to back down even after seeing the extent of his abilities, Chrollo expressed a fascination for the inner workings of human beings. However, by his own claim, he sees no difference between a puppet and a person. [11]

Chrollo shows no fear of his own death, even anticipating it. Melody stated that his heartbeat sounded as if he was happy living alongside death. To Chrollo, the Troupe is more important than his own life. [12] He once stated that the survival of the group comes before the well-being of the leader, stressing that the head of the Spider is just another limb that can be sacrificed for the survival of the whole. [13] In order to prevent their negative fortunes from coming true, Chrollo ordered the Troupe members to stay close and to assist one another. [10] The only people Chrollo seems to care about are his fellow Troupe members. When he reads his fortune written by Neon which alludes to Uvogin 's death, he cries for him. Later on, he orchestrates a massacre of Mafia members as a requiem to his fallen comrade. [14] [15] After the deaths of Kortopi and Shalnark at the hands of Hisoka, Chrollo appears visibly distraught [16] and furious, [17] vowing to kill him as soon as he sees him. [4]

51 - Chrollo smiling

Chrollo changing his demeanor around Neon

Like the other Troupe members, Chrollo is cold-blooded and not above inhuman mass murder, most notably when they brutally massacred the Kurta Clan . In addition, his use of Indoor Fish on an assassin reflects his apathetic nature towards his enemies. There is also an implied hostility between Chrollo and Silva Zoldyck , most likely stemming from their previous encounter after Silva's killing of a Troupe member. [18] [19]

Chrollo is a skilled actor and quite manipulative, as shown when he met Neon Nostrade and "befriended" her to steal her fortune-telling ability. During that time, he presented himself as an amiable and helpful man, always enthusiastic and smiling, who also displayed curiosity. However, Chrollo only intended to learn about Neon's ability to fulfill one of the conditions needed to steal it. [14] [1]

A young Chrollo and Pakunoda

Young Chrollo expressing his adoration for Pakunoda

Chrollo is shown to have been emotional, caring, and bright as a child. He also always brought fresh flowers for the graves of children in church. Father Lisores comments to a Meteor City elder that he sees much promise in Chrollo because of his spirit and original ideas. [20]

Chap 395 - Young Chrollo

Chrollo in his youth

Chrollo originated from Meteor City , a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts. People who live there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the city itself is known to a very few people. [21]

One day, Chrollo, who was about eleven years old, along with Franklin and Shalnark , found a new VHS tape in one of the garbage dumps. They started running with the tape, tossing it from hand to hand, which Machi saw. She then reports this to Uvogin , who gets in the boys' way. Uvo knocks out Shalnark as Franklin returns the tape to Chrollo, who escapes using the opportunity. Then, Phinks and Feitan cut off Chrollo's path on a motorbike. Chrollo gives them back the tape, but it turns out that he outsmarted them, and it was a Gelman language course tape found sometime earlier, and he hid the newly found tape under his shirt. Chrollo then goes to the church, where he has a short conversation with Father Lisores . After that, he visits the AV room, where he meets Pakunoda . Together, they play the tape in a VCR, which is a recording of the movie Power Cleaners in a foreign language. Chrollo decides to translate the film's content and create dubbing with his friends. He asks Pakunoda to talk Sheila and Sarasa into it. After a short while, Chrollo manages to finish the script, after which the four friends start recording. [20]

Chap 396 - Chrollo's performance

Chrollo terrifying the audience with his villain performance

After the recordings are finished, the prepared film is shown in the church. Lots of kids from Meteor City show up. The first to approach Chrollo, even before the show, is Uvogin. He tells him that they need to talk after the show is over. Phinks then arrives with dubious intentions, but is distracted by Sarasa. Sheila notes that as long as Chrollo is protected by the youngest of the children, Sarasa, he is safe. The show begins. All the children seem to be delighted, but at some point the sound in the recording stops working. While Uvogin makes fun of Chrollo's problems, Chrollo decides to do live voices, standing on stage and using a microphone. Pakunoda, Sheila and Sarasa join him. On stage, Chrollo imitates a multitude of characters, not only vocally but also physically. The children are most impressed by the role of the villain, in which Lucilfer's face shows unprecedented emotions. After the show ends, Uvogin is delighted and asks for a chance to voice the villain in the next taping. The children form a dubbing group consisting of: Chrollo, Uvogin, Sheila, Sarasa, Nobunaga, Feitan, Phinks, Shalnark, Pakunoda, and Franklin. Machi is also with them, but she doesn't like any of the available roles. In the near future, the group is tightening ties and spending time rehearsing, writing scripts and presenting new episodes on stage. We see them after some time when the group tries to get Machi to participate in the show, but she only considers the role of the villain. The group tries to find a solution, but they notice that they don't have enough actors and they should look for new ones. They also consider a name for themselves and choose the name "Troupe". They are going to add a second term to it, but they are not sure what it should be yet. Chrollo and Uvogin have a short chat in which the latter states that he has found his purpose, which is to travel with Chrollo, putting on shows, and playing the role of the best villain in the world. [22]

Chap 397 - Chrollo and Uvogin seeing Sarasa

Chrollo and Uvogin seeing Sarasa's body

One day, Sarasa didn't show up at the show. The troupe learned that she had not been seen since yesterday. Most of the children watching the Troupe's shows decided to help with the search. Chrollo paired up with Uvogin, and after a long time of searching, they came up with the idea of checking out the Uga Forest . They gathered the other members and they all went into the forest together. There they found the scene of the crime, the instruments of torture, a note left behind and a sack hanging from a tree. Chrollo was the only one who could read the contents of the note, but he chose not to share it with the others. When Uvogin took the sack from the tree, Chrollo decided to check the contents. It turned out that Sarasa's destroyed body was inside. Some time later, Chrollo attends Sarasa's funeral, after which he talks to Uvogin about their future. He asks him to wait three years, in which he will be able to get the necessary funds to carry out his plan, which consists in creating a website that brings together criminals. During the conversation, they are joined by the other members of the Troupe, except for Sheila, who decides to leave the group. Each of the other members chose Chrollo as the leader of the group, which will be formed in three years. [23]

HxH2011 EP57 Troupe Founding IMG5

Chrollo founding the Phantom Troupe

Around three years later, being about the age of fourteen, Chrollo founded the Phantom Troupe , along with Franklin, Uvogin, Machi, Pakunoda, Feitan, Nobunaga, [13] and Shalnark . [23]

Then, sometime later, Chrollo fought Silva Zoldyck before their encounter in the Cemetery Building . It is unknown when and what the exact circumstances were. [19] He presumably took part in the massacre of the Kurta Clan . [24]

Heavens Arena arc

After she heals his wounds at Heavens Arena , Machi tells Hisoka that all Troupe members must meet in Yorknew City by noon on August 30 th . He asks if Chrollo will be present, and Machi assumes that he will be, adding that it may be their biggest mission yet and that Chrollo may punish him personally if he doesn’t show. [25]

Yorknew City arc

Spiders Reunited

The Spiders reunited

Chrollo is first seen at a meeting of the Phantom Troupe in an abandoned area of Yorknew City on August 31 st . He orders the Troupe to steal all the items at the Underground Auction and to eliminate anyone who gets in their way. [3]

On the evening of September 1 st , he, Phinks , Kortopi , Bonolenov , Pakunoda , and Hisoka stay behind while the other seven members infiltrate the Cemetery Building where the auction is being held and kill all the Mafia members and guests in the auditorium, [26] only to discover that the vault had been emptied and the items relocated just a few hours before their arrival. As they escape in a hot-air balloon, Uvogin calls Chrollo and suspects that there’s a traitor within the Troupe. Chrollo reasons with him that an informant exists, but this person is not among them. After learning about the man named Owl who removed the auction items, he then tells Uvogin and others to cause a big disturbance to lure out the other Shadow Beasts . [27]

Following Chrollo’s order, Uvogin massacres the Mafia and four Shadow Beasts in the Gordeau Desert , [28] but he is captured by Kurapika shortly afterwards. Five other Troupe members immediately give chase until they are stopped on the way by the remaining Shadow Beasts. [29] They kill all of them except Owl, who they capture and torture to retrieve the auction items. Near midnight, they find where Uvogin is being held captive and free him after killing Dalzollene , the head bodyguard of the Nostrade Family . [8] Uvogin, however, insists on finding the chain user and has the others tell Chrollo that he won’t return until he settles the score. [9] After tracking down Kurapika and arranging a duel, Uvogin eventually meets his demise in the Gordeau Desert in the early hours of September 2 nd . Back at the Troupe’s hideout, Chrollo surmises that the chain user is either a Manipulator or Conjurer and that Uvogin is likely to lose against them in a one-on-one fight. He tells the other members that if Uvogin doesn’t return by dawn, they will change their plans. [6]

Chrollo cries after reading his prophecy

Chrollo crying after reading his fortune

On September 3 rd , thanks to a picture of her that was just uploaded on the Hunter Website , Chrollo finds and approaches Neon Nostrade , who has slipped away from her bodyguards to attend the rescheduled Underground Auction without her father ’s knowledge. [30] After helping her to get into the Cemetery Building, he asks her to tell his fortune, which she gladly does. [1] Upon reading it, he cries once he sees the allusion to Uvogin's death. After the two talk and make their way to the auction, he knocks Neon unconscious with a swift blow to the back of her neck in order to get the Mafia members to call an ambulance. He then kills multiple assassins with ease [14] and dedicates the requiem to Uvogin while his other comrades massacre the police and 2,000 Mafia members guarding the building. [15] [31]

HxH2011 EP53 Chrollo after the Zoldyck fight

Chrollo after his fight against the Zoldycks

As the Troupe’s massacre continues outside, Chrollo is cornered in the building’s basement by Silva and Zeno Zoldyck . [31] Noticing how skilled Zeno is, Chrollo fights with the intention of stealing his abilities. However, Zeno sees through him and has him pinned against the wall while Silva throws two huge aura spheres at them, triggering an enormous explosion. [19] Silva's transmitter suddenly rings, and Illumi informs him that the Ten Dons have been eliminated and that Chrollo was the one who hired him. Since Silva and Zeno were hired by the Ten Dons, they tell Chrollo that he is no longer their target now that the Dons are dead, leaving Chrollo alone and exhausted as he tells himself that he wouldn’t have been able to steal Zeno’s ability. Chrollo then contacts the other members and tells them to forget about the ambulance and that they will go ahead as planned. [32]

Chrollo's Death

Chrollo's fake corpse

The Troupe then makes use of Kortopi 's ability to fool the Mafia with fake corpses of five members, [33] taking over the rescheduled Underground Auction held on the building’s 10 th floor and selling the copies of the items made by Kortopi’s ability. [32] After that, he and the other members return to their hideout and celebrate their successful plan. [33] The following day, Chrollo tells the Troupe that they will leave Yorknew that night once they retrieve the rest of the loot, but Nobunaga insists on finding the chain user. [21] In order to persuade Nobunaga, he uses Neon’s stolen ability to tell the fortunes of Nobunaga and the other members, and they learn that five more of them will die in the next two weeks if they keep chasing after the chain user. They then intend to leave Yorknew to avoid the fortunes, [24] but Hisoka alters his own with his Texture Surprise so that the Troupe will stay in Yorknew and he will have the chance to fight Chrollo. [34]

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku confronting their pursuers

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku confronting their pursuers

Later, Chrollo is able to deduce that Kurapika is one of Neon's bodyguards and a surviving member of the Kurta Clan . Thanks to a pair of copied Scarlet Eyes that they sold to the Nostrade Family the night before, they determine that he and the other bodyguards are staying at the Hotel Beitacle . Chrollo then tells Kortopi, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Shizuku to go with him to the hotel. [35] [36] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by two people, he tells Kortopi, Nobunaga and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku stay behind. They then capture Gon and Killua again. [10] Meanwhile, Pakunoda and the other two are able to learn Kurapika's name and face after capturing and killing Squala . [37]

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku take the two boys to the hotel [37] and meet up with Pakunoda's group in the lobby. He tells Pakunoda to check their memories again, but before she can reveal what she has learned about Kurapika, a power outage suddenly happens, allowing Gon and Killua to make an escape attempt. However, Machi and Nobunaga easily recapture them despite the total darkness. Shizuku is then the first one to notice that Chrollo is missing. [38]

HxH2011 EP57 Chrollo captured and Kurapika stating his demands

Chrollo remaining calm even after being captured

After the others also realize that Chrollo is missing, Pakunoda reads a note left by Kurapika that threatens Chrollo's life if she reveals Gon and Killua's memories to the others. Nobunaga tells her to stay quiet while they wait for the chain user's call, stressing that they need to keep the two boys as hostages. In a flashback, Pakunoda remembers the formation of the Troupe in Meteor City where Chrollo stressed the importance of the Spider as a whole, telling them to never forget that someone else will take over if he dies. Back in the present, Pakunoda considers betraying the Spider to save Chrollo and wonders what Chrollo would do, with Nobunaga calling Phinks and telling him to hurry after revealing that Chrollo was captured. Sitting chained in the seat next to Kurapika as Leorio drives, Chrollo says that he didn't think the chain user would be a woman, but Kurapika quickly removes his wig and warns him that his words could be his last. Chrollo then reminds Kurapika that he can't kill him since he left his friends behind. He then points out that the encounter wasn't even mentioned in his fortune, which means that it's entirely insignificant, causing Kurapika to fly into a rage. [13]

Phinks, Feitan , and Shalnark soon arrive at the hotel. The Troupe members receive a call from Kurapika, who tells them not to follow him, not to hurt the hostages, and to give the phone to Pakunoda. He then tells Pakunoda to go to Lingon Airport alone to negotiate the terms of a hostage exchange and that the other members have to return to their hideout. Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark try to follow Pakunoda, but Nobunaga stops them for fear that Chrollo will be killed, leading to a heated quarrel between the two groups, with Feitan stressing that Chrollo would agree with their decision to follow her and that Nobunaga’s way of thinking is an insult to the Spiders. The quarrel is eventually settled, and the Troupe members agree to return to the hideout. [39]

Meanwhile, after Chrollo again provokes Kurapika, the latter punches him in the face multiple times before Leorio and Melody calm him down. As Chrollo stresses that he’s worthless as a hostage, Melody listens to his heartbeat and says that he enjoys the fact that death is always near him. Kurapika asks if he was the Troupe’s leader five years earlier when they massacred the Kurta Clan, but Chrollo stays silent as Kurapika readies his Judgment Chain . Chrollo then asks if he used the chain to kill Uvogin, also asking about his final words. He again refuses to answer Kurapika, who feels powerless about having to keep Chrollo alive. As Kurapika backs down and calls back Pakunoda, Chrollo realizes that Kurapika will prioritize his friends over his mission, hoping that Pakunoda will bring the others with her to the meeting. [12]

When Kurapika meets Pakunoda aboard an airship, he uses his Judgment Chain on both her and Chrollo, setting two conditions for each of them (with Chrollo forbidden from using Nen and from communicating with other Troupe members). He then tells her to return to the airport with the hostages by midnight and to not tell the others where she is going. After Pakunoda agrees and returns to the hideout, she tells the others about the exchange and that she is leaving with just the two boys. Phinks becomes so angry that he wants to get rid of them and then go after the chain user, [40] but Machi and Kortopi side with Pakunoda. They prepare to confront Phinks and Feitan, who think that she and the others are being manipulated by the chain user, but Gon interrupts their quarrel and emphasizes that Pakunoda just wants to save their leader. Phinks finally agrees to let Pakunoda leave after Franklin tells him that if they all keep fighting, it will be the end of the Troupe. [41]


Chrollo heading east after losing the ability to use Nen

Just before the exchange, Hisoka unexpectedly appears and threatens to kill Gon and Killua if he cannot board Pakunoda’s airship. Kurapika has no choice but to let him go to the exchange site with them. After the exchange is successful, Kurapika looks down on Chrollo and hopes that he realizes what it’s like to have all his support systems taken away. Standing opposite him, Hisoka happily challenges Chrollo to a fight. [41] He then reveals that he has never been a true member of the Troupe, removing the fake Spider tattoo from his back, and points out that it won’t be considered in-fighting now. Chrollo laughs and tells Hisoka that he isn’t worth fighting since Kurapika stabbed him with his Judgment Chain and rendered him unable to use Nen. Losing interest, Hisoka quickly leaves and tells Pakunoda that he isn’t interested in broken toys, assuring her that Chrollo isn’t in danger from him anymore. As Pakunoda sacrifices herself to give her memories to the founding members of the Troupe, Chrollo stands alone at the exchange site and looks toward the east. [42]

Greed Island arc

Chrollo awaits

Chrollo waiting for the Troupe to find the Nen exorcist on Greed Island

After Phinks and Feitan encounter Gon and Killua at the Southernpiece Auction , the former tells them that the Troupe can’t kill the chain user since Nen doesn’t necessarily disappear after death and sometimes seek out the object of the user’s hatred. He then worries about Chrollo’s safety, but Feitan stops him before he can say anything else aloud. Phinks assures himself that Chrollo is looking for a skilled exorcist and that they just need to wait for him to return. [43]

After seeing Chrollo’s name in his Greed Island book, Shalnark points out to the other Troupe members that the island is located due east of Yorknew. As they all remember the connection to his fortune, Shalnark guesses that Chrollo traveled there by sea and was teleported away by Razor , but because he can’t use Nen, he hired someone to play the game for him and to use his name as a message to them. As Shalnark adds that the Nen exorcist is on the island, Hisoka reveals himself and says that while Chrollo hired him, it was his own idea to use his name. Franklin guesses that Hisoka’s reward for helping Chrollo is a duel, and Shalnark assures the others that it’s only a matter of time until Chrollo returns. At that point, a smiling Chrollo is seen at an undisclosed location sitting in front of a JoyStation Console . Killua calls Kurapika and tells him about the situation, but Kurapika assures him that his Nen has not been removed from Chrollo. After Kurapika hangs up, he tells himself that while it isn’t Chrollo, it’s not unrelated. [44]

Finally locating the exorcist Abengane with the help of their new member Kalluto , the Troupe has Hisoka make a deal with him so that he will remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart. [45]

Chimera Ant arc

Chrollo is seen reading an issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump as Hisoka and Abengane approach him. [46]

After several Troupe members defeat multiple Chimera Ants including Zazan near Meteor City, Nobunaga texts Shalnark and asks for their help, with Phinks left disappointed that it wasn’t Chrollo contacting them. [47]

13 th Hunter Chairman Election arc

When Hisoka is left confused by Illumi’s mention of Ants and Netero ’s death, Illumi tells him that he missed a lot while he was chasing after Chrollo, adding that he might have had the chance to fight the Ants or Netero otherwise. [48]

Succession Contest arc

Chap 351 - Chrollo's Sun and Moon

Chrollo revealing one of his new abilities

Chrollo finally decides to accept Hisoka's challenge and fights him at Heavens Arena , where he is a Floor Master . The two agree that the chase has become boring and start a match to the death. As Chrollo takes control of the referee with Shalnark's ability, Hisoka realizes that Chrollo was avoiding him after the exorcism so that he could collect abilities for the fight. Chrollo then uses the referee as a decoy to perform a feint and catch Hisoka off guard. After a brief but furious exchange of blows which sees Hisoka strictly on the defensive, Hisoka kills the referee, but Chrollo reveals two more abilities: an explosive mark and a bookmark that allows him to use a stolen ability without having to hold his book open. The two discuss Chrollo's new abilities, and he declares that he will show Hisoka three more, adding that Hisoka should be honored that he will be using the most abilities it has ever taken him to kill someone. [5]

Chap 353 - Chrollo lands a hit

Chrollo kicking Hisoka into the floor

Chrollo then introduces Hisoka to another ability, Order Stamp . After putting the bookmark on that page, he creates a copy of the referee's body with Kortopi's Nen ability and uses the stamp to make it attack Hisoka. However, thanks to Chrollo's explanation, Hisoka easily deactivates Order Stamp by beheading the puppet. Chrollo finally shows the last ability he has prepared, Convert Hands . Much to Hisoka's annoyance, before the two can trade blows again, Chrollo reveals that one of his abilities belongs to someone who is already dead. He is surprised that Hisoka instantly realizes it is because the user's Nen has become stronger after his death. The ability in question is The Sun and Moon , which Chrollo has acquired in Meteor City. Thanks to the creator's resolve, once affixed, the marks will never disappear unless they explode. After finishing his explanation, Chrollo states that his victory is certain and asks Hisoka if he still wants to continue. When Hisoka consents, Chrollo thinks to himself that humans are fascinating creatures. After Chrollo runs away from Hisoka, the two end up in the audience, two of whom Chrollo manipulates to attack Hisoka while disguising himself with Convert Hands . [11]

While Hisoka kills the manipulated spectators, Chrollo steals the clothes of another and puts them on, also retrieving the two antennae. He then places the bookmark on Gallery Fake and, after creating multiple copies with it, opens his book to Order Stamp in order to have around thirty of them attack Hisoka. As Hisoka is forced to retreat, Chrollo uses the opening to get behind him, switching the type of attack at the last second to trick him, causing Hisoka to fall into the crowd of puppets. While Hisoka fights them off, Chrollo damages him with a hit-and-run tactic, striking from his blind spots and blending in with the crowd. When Hisoka attempts to counter his next ambush attack with Bungee Gum , Chrollo dodges and kicks him to the ground, confidently saying that he saw it coming. However, he is hit by a second projectile that Hisoka had prepared. [49]

Hisoka lands one more hit with the other projectile, but Chrollo manages to keep hold of the book and retreat into the audience. Unbeknownst to Hisoka, Chrollo uses this chance to identify the puppet whose head Hisoka had taken and places a fully charged plus symbol on its body. [50] While Hisoka disables his puppets, Chrollo controls one spectator with Black Voice and gives him his appearance with Convert Hands . Hisoka finds the substitute and gives chase, killing it. [51] Chrollo then steals the announcer's microphone and orders all his puppets to attack Hisoka. While Hisoka destroys them, Chrollo uses his phone to order a controlled human on whom he has affixed a fully charged symbol to trigger an explosion that seriously injures Hisoka's left hand. [52]

Chap 356 - Chrollo overwhelming Hisoka

Chrollo overwhelming Hisoka

Chrollo smiles with satisfaction at the explosion and orders some puppets on whose hands he has affixed fully powered symbols to climb to the second floor and, when Hisoka is in range, to blow themselves up. The blast wounds Hisoka and severs one of his legs. When Hisoka tries to break his fall by using Bungee Gum , Chrollo throws two spectators at him, causing him to fall back down into the ring filled with puppets. As Hisoka realizes that he may die and prepares to try something, the puppets swarm around him and cause an enormous explosion. [50]

After the fight, Chrollo tasks Shalnark, Kortopi, and Machi with verifying Hisoka's death. Meanwhile, the media report that one of the combatants may have used a bomb that killed Hisoka along with many spectators. Chrollo is then seen on the phone with Shalnark where the two discuss plans to board the ship headed to the New Continent and to steal the treasure of Kakin ’s royalty. Chrollo then asks Shalnark about returning his cell phone, but points out that there are no antennae. Shalnark says that he is okay for now, and Chrollo replies that he will give it to them on board the ship, with Shalnark looking forward to the entire Troupe getting back together. [53]

Chrollo's first appearance in Black Whale

Chrollo distraught after the deaths of Kortopi and Shalnark

In a crowded area on Tier 5 of the Black Whale , a man steps on a cockroach and says that they seem to find their way everywhere. He notices the dejected expression of a person sitting opposite him and says that he looks like he’s about to kill someone. After the person is revealed to be Chrollo, the man adds that he probably endured a lot to get onboard and tells him to forget about all his ties to the old world. However, Chrollo replies that it would be difficult since ties are meant to be severed, not forgotten. [16]

On the second day of the Black Whale’s voyage, Chrollo meets up with Machi at a crowded market in Tier 5. Both of them want to be the one to kill Hisoka after the deaths of Kortopi and Shalnark. Machi suggests flipping a coin, but Chrollo reminds her that coins are for disputes between two individuals, stressing that every member of the Troupe (including himself) wants to kill Hisoka. He then tells her to find Hisoka and guarantees that he’s somewhere on the ship. [17]

Chap 377 - Phantom Troupe members

The current Troupe members gathering together

All current members of the Phantom Troupe gather together in the crowded central dining hall , where Chrollo hears the reports about their fruitless search for Hisoka. They conclude that Hisoka is not in Tier 5, though the upper tiers are controlled by two other Mafia families. Chrollo encourages their newest member, Illumi, to introduce himself. He shares that he and Hisoka once had a give-and-take relationship, but Hisoka has now requested that he join the Troupe and have Hisoka as his assassination target. A group from the Cha-R Family then interrupts their meeting, with the leader rudely asking them to move from their table. Chrollo refuses and asks them to find somewhere else instead. The Mafia leader stops his subordinates from initiating a fight and identifies Chrollo and the others as the Phantom Troupe. According to the leader, the Troupe's rampage in Yorknew City allowed them easier access to the New Continent . The leader further orders the Troupe to do their business elsewhere. Before leaving, Chrollo tells him that they are looking for someone over 190 cm with an unpleasant air about him. The leader suggests that they look at the Royal Army 's passenger list, but adds that it will be a hard task since the upper tiers require tickets. He offers him a free pass if they join the Cha-R Family, but Chrollo politely declines. Instead, he asks about gaining access to Tier 1 , which prompts the Mafia leader to quickly dismiss his cockiness, telling him to get lost. [4]

Chap 377 - Spiders moving out

The Spiders splitting up to find Hisoka

As the members walk away, Phinks muses that the leader showed his hand when Chrollo mentioned Tier 1, implying that there might be treasure hidden there. Chrollo stresses that they need to find Hisoka before going after any treasure. With the information they have all gathered, he orders the Troupe to bring him Hisoka's head, after which they can celebrate. Soon after the group splits up, Shizuku and Bonolenov ask Chrollo if he wants to team up. Chrollo agrees to work with them, but stresses that he will be the one to kill Hisoka. Shizuku points out that both her and Bonolenov's abilities don't work well against Hisoka's Bungee Gum , and Chrollo replies that he plans to attack Hisoka as soon as he sees him. Shizuku says that she will look for Hisoka in disguise, and Bonolenov says that he will transform rather than disguise himself, explaining that he will use his Battle Cantabile: Metamorphosen . He adds that while he can take many forms, he isn't strategic enough to come up with a plan, asking Chrollo for help. After Chrollo gives Bonolenov advice on how to use his ability, Shizuku asks Chrollo if he can read their fortunes again, hoping that it will give them some clues. However, Chrollo reveals that the ability disappeared from his book, and after realizing the implication, Shizuku likens Chrollo's book to the Death Note . As Chrollo stays silent, Bonolenov tells Shizuku that she keeps thinking that. [4]

The three are last seen making their way from Tier 5 to Tier 4 through the central passage. [54] On the seventh day of the voyage, after Phinks, Nobunaga, and Feitan discuss the current situation with Ken'i and Tajao , Phinks asks them to verify Morena 's location while they contact the other Troupe members and hunt down the hit man . [55] On the tenth day of the voyage, after Onior confirms with Hinrigh that Hisoka isn't in Tier 4, he says that he can permit the Spiders to search that tier. [56]

Chrollo's Benz knife 2011

Chrollo holding a Ben's knife

Ben's Knife: Chrollo is in possession of one of the famous Ben's knives , forged in Delon 's central period. It has a black hilt with a slightly curved knuckle guard, similar to a D guard. Near the guard, the blade branches in two segments. The central one is the longest. It ends up with a sharp arrow point. The second segment is curved and serves as the edge of the knife. Its tip almost touches one of the central segments. A third segment acts as the back of the blade. It is connected to the others through two horizontal bars. Ben's knives are renowned for their exceptional sharpness, which allowed Chrollo to cut Silva's skin, a feat that led the assassin to recognize the weapon’s quality. Silva also judged from the blade’s shape that it was toxic. The toxin was so powerful, in fact, that 0.1 mg could paralyze a whale. Chrollo concealed it in a curved scabbard under his clothes. [31]

Antennae: Chrollo carried Shalnark’s two antennae with him to activate Black Voice . [5] According to Hisoka , a fishing line may have been used to retrieve them. [49] However, both were lost/destroyed during the fight. [51] [53]

Cell Phone: In order to use Shalnark's ability, Chrollo also borrowed his special bat-shaped telephone, [5] which was still in Chrollo’s possession at the time of Shalnark’s death. [53]

Abilities & Powers

As the leader of the Phantom Troupe , Chrollo is an exceptional fighter and revered as the strongest by most of its members. Machi ranks him cleanly above Hisoka , [57] who has consistently desired a fight against the Troupe's leader far more than any other Spider. [34] However, Chrollo tends to hold back if his opponent possesses an ability that interests him so that he can steal it. [19] He was able to fight against Silva and Zeno Zoldyck simultaneously, both extremely proficient assassins, without leaving any openings for the former to exploit, though he was unable to cause significant damage to either of them and was ultimately saved by Illumi fulfilling his contract. [32] In the past, he survived a confrontation with Silva, [19] and Zeno stated that he would surely win if Chrollo fought to steal his ability, but that his victory would be less certain if Chrollo were serious about killing him. [19] His greatest achievement on the battlefield may be his victory at Heavens Arena against Hisoka, another extremely powerful Nen user who at the time had no record of past defeats or even proof of struggling in fights. [53]

Chrollo’s fighting style is adaptable and combines speed with deadly precision. He is able to kill skilled assassins with just a pen, sometimes even remaining concealed with Zetsu , [31] not even using Nen as a result. Chrollo is also endowed with extraordinary strategic abilities as well as astounding strength of mind and willpower, even by the standards of the Troupe.

Preternatural Perception: While chased by Kurapika and Gon , Chrollo was able to sense that he was being followed as well as the direction from which his pursuers were approaching, whereas five other Troupe members failed to detect anything unusual even after he warned them. [10]

Enhanced Strength: Chrollo ranked seventh in arm-wrestling among the Troupe. [6] However, his rank is excellent given that Specialists are the weakest in employing Enhancement skills. He is nonetheless able to pierce through skulls with an ordinary pen. [14] He is also capable of lifting adult males and throwing them over a distance of multiple meters using only one arm and while standing on top of a balcony. [50]

Chrollo dodging Zeno's strikes

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Chrollo was able to fight Silva and Zeno at the same time, avoiding or blocking their powerful attacks effectively. [31] According to Pakunoda , he would have no trouble dodging an attack lasting 0.2 seconds. [13] He landed a hand chop on the neck of Neon Nostrade that was so fast that neither the people in the hall nor people watching through the cameras (besides Assassin A who had to replay the surveillance footage) could detect his movement. [14] In his match against Hisoka, he was able to steal a person's clothes, put them on, create more than thirty puppets with Gallery Fake , and blend into the crowd again all in a brief period of time. [49]

Enhanced Agility: Chrollo can run on the sides of buildings, and easily jump horizontally from one to another. [10] He also deftly dodged many of Zeno's long-distance attacks while never losing sight of Silva and quickly recovered his balance the few times he was hit. [19] During his fight against Hisoka, he was able to dodge a fast-moving projectile while in mid-air. [49]

Genius-level Intellect: Despite his young age, Chrollo is the leader of the infamous Phantom Troupe. His plans usually go smoothly, and he has shown himself to be both knowledgeable and intuitive. He was able to trick the Mafia into thinking that he and several of his comrades had died. [33] Even when he was a child, he was proficient in at least three languages. [58]

Master Strategist: Chrollo is highly intelligent. He managed to predict part of the chain user’s strategy of vengeance, though he was ultimately outsmarted by both Kurapika and Hisoka. He has complete control over his emotions, as demonstrated when he was captured by Kurapika and managed to take notice of the latter's weakness (that he would prioritize his friends over his mission). In his fight against the Zoldycks, Chrollo focused on stealing Zeno's ability in the midst of combat and left no openings for Silva to exploit, proving himself to be an efficient multitasker and quick-thinker. [19] Before fighting Hisoka, Chrollo prepared a strategy that, by his claim, granted him a sure chance of victory, [11] and indeed Hisoka, despite being a genius in combat, while able to respond and hold his own for a period, managed to anticipate only one [49] of Chrollo's moves. [5] [11] [49]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Chrollo's defense is top-class. He managed to put up a good fight against the two Zoldycks, using his skills at unarmed combat almost exclusively to block and dodge. He managed to confront Zeno and avoid his attacks at the last second in order to prevent Silva from exploiting his openings, keeping an eye on him the whole time. While he was mainly forced on the defensive in the aforementioned fight, he has also shown incredible offensive abilities when he knocked Neon unconscious and took care of the other assassins hired by the Mafia. Assassin A noted that Chrollo’s chop against Neon was so fast that it would have beheaded her if not for the perfect control of his movement. [14] When Silva discovered Assassin D ’s corpse, he noted that he was killed with one strike from behind and that there was no signature of the killer’s bloodlust. [31] He also managed to fool Hisoka twice with a feint, inflicting considerable damage even while holding his book. [5] [49]

Proficient Weapon Specialist: Chrollo defeated and killed multiple skilled Nen users wielding just a normal pen. [14] He was able to injure Silva's arm with a Ben's knife (the sole injury he could inflict during the confrontation), demonstrating his skills with this type of weapon. [31]

Chrollo Fight Ready

Chrollo's aura

Chrollo is a Specialist . [31] His talent for Nen is judged prodigious not only for his age but even by the standards of masters in the discipline. His Zetsu was noted by Silva to be flawless, allowing him to sneak up on his opponent and kill them without leaving the faintest trace of bloodlust, [31] although Hisoka was able to sense it an instant on at least one occasion. [49] Like other skilled Nen users, he is capable of maintaining a state of Ten at all times. [4] His prolonged use of Ren in confrontations [31] [19] suggests that he can use Ken as well. He also has knowledge of Gyo . [10] The technique he relies on the most, however, appears to be Hatsu , with Chrollo proving to be extremely versatile in the technique. He has been able to employ numerous stolen abilities in battle to great effect, despite them using different Nen types , and has even utilized multiple Nen abilities simultaneously, in turn demonstrating his copious aura reserve. It is currently unknown whether this is entirely due to his skills, or if Skill Hunter allows him to mimic the proficiency of the ability’s original owner.

Although Chrollo ranked seventh in arm-wrestling among the Troupe. [6] it’s nevertheless impressive since Specialists are the weakest in employing Enhancement skills. Furthermore, his defensive usage of aura is so great that, despite fighting against both Silva and Zeno at the same time and enduring powerful blows, he took only relatively minor damage which did not impair his combat abilities, [31] [19] although he immediately understood that he would be unable to guard against Zeno's superior Gyo [19] and collapsed from exhaustion immediately after the end of the fight. [32]

Due to Kurapika's Judgment Chain , he was rendered unable to use Nen for a period of time. [40] After the exorcism was performed, he acquired new abilities for the purpose of fighting Hisoka. The creation of Double Face [5] and his explanation of The Sun and Moon [11] imply that he knows about loopholes and post-mortem Nen , respectively.

Stolen Abilities

Former stolen abilities.

  • (To Uvogin) "I don't consider Judas to be a traitor. They say Judas sold Jesus over for 30 silver coins. How much would this traitor sell us out for? Think about it. What would he gain by selling us to the Mafia? Money? Fame? Status? Would that really gratify any one of us." [27]
  • (To Neon) "I believe that we have a soul. So I want to fulfill my dead friend 's wish... to wreak havoc." [14]
  • "Dear Uvo... can you hear this? We dedicate this requiem to you." [15]
  • (To Gon ) "You have a lot of hostility for someone who's surrendered." [10]
  • (To Gon ) "I don't know. It might be because they have nothing to do with me. When I'm asked like that, it's hard to answer. I don't much like to talk about my motives. But surprisingly... or rather, as I expected... the reason is the key to understanding myself..." [10]
  • (During the founding of the Troupe) "Together, we are the Spider. I'm its head, and you're the legs. The legs do what the head says. But there will be times when the legs are more important than the head. If I die, someone else will take over. My orders are of the utmost priority. My life is not. Be sure to make the right decision. I'm only a part of the Spider . What's important is the survival of the whole , not the individual." [13]
  • (To Kurapika) "You can't kill me. You left your precious friends behind. This wasn't even in my fortune. That means it wasn't worth mentioning. This situation is insignificant. " [13]
  • (To Kurapika) "Is that the chain you used to kill Uvo? What did he say to you before he died?" [12]
  • (To Hisoka) "Unlike Order Stamp ’s owner, the elder thought there wasn't much difference between humans and puppets. I tend to agree." [11]
  • (To Hisoka) "I'm not saying this as a challenge, but I'll win. I'm 100 percent sure." [11]
  • (To himself) "Humans... are so very... interesting." [11]
  • (To a Black Whale passenger) "Ties are to be severed... not forgotten." [16]
  • (To Machi) "Coins are for disputes between individuals. Everyone wants to kill him this time. Of course... that includes me...!" [17]
  • (To the Spiders) "We want to have a party, but there's no cake. We need a special order to place in the center of the table. When we get it, we'll get back together and dine at that table. Bring me Hisoka's head...!! " [4]
  • In the Hunter × Hunter - Sôshû-hen - Treasure Vol. 4 extra book cover, which precedes the most recent version given in Vol. 34, his surname is slightly different: " Quwrof Wrlccywrlfr ".
  • In the official English translation of Chapter 55 , Chrollo's name is written as " Chrolo ", and in Chapter 95 , his surname is written as " Lusilfer ", both of which were their first appearances.
  • It is unconfirmed when exactly Chrollo became a Floor Master at Heavens Arena. Since Hisoka allied himself with Kurapika because he did not know how to track down Chrollo outside of the Troupe's gatherings, [8] it seems plausible that Chrollo started competing at the Heavens Arena only after his exorcism.
  • The copies of a person created by Kortopi with Gallery Fake are identical to the original in every aspect, even when dissected. [21] However, when Chrollo used the ability, the beheaded copies released a small amount of clear fluid instead of blood. [11]
  • Currently, Chrollo has demonstrated usage of the highest number of individual Nen abilities. This remains the case even when the two abilities that he may have lost possession of following the original owners' deaths are excluded.
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), * Chrollo's stats are:

Anime and Manga Differences

Kuroro Lucifer

1999 anime (left)/Manga (middle)/2011 anime (right)

  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, Chrollo has his spider tattoo, without a number, on his right arm. [7] In the manga, there is no tattoo visible, [33] and the 2011 anime adaptation has Chrollo’s arm still covered by his sleeve. [63]

Intertextuality and References

  • Chrollo's character draws on biblical motifs, specifically diabolical ones: the inverted cross on his coat is often associated with Satanism , and his surname is obviously derived from Lucifer .
  • both are the leaders of their gang;
  • both are the smartest and most polite of their gang;
  • both have religious references. Sensui is known as the Dark Angel, Chrollo has a cross on his forehead, an inverted cross on his coat, and a last name very close to Lucifer;
  • and in the manga and the 2011 anime adaptation, a young Chrollo is seen playing with a videotape, possibly a reference to the Chapter Black tape stolen by Sensui.
  • Just like Rando, Chrollo stole an ability that allows him to shrink people (and objects).
  • Both can summon carnivorous fish to fight.
  • Suzaku from YuYu Hakusho made a cameo appearance as one of the victims listed in Chrollo’s book in the 2011 anime adaptation. [64]
  • The Sun and Moon is similar in appearance and effects to the style of alchemy used by Solf J. Kimblee in the series Fullmetal Alchemist .
  • Double Face' s literal name is the title of a song by Southern All Stars .
  • Chrollo's conjured book known as Bandit’s Secret , seen in Chapter 97 and on the cover of Volume 11 (released on March 2 nd , 2001 in tankōbon format), and the Yu-Gi-Oh! card The Secret of the Bandit (released on November 29 th , 2001), have the same original name in Japanese ( 盗 ( とう ) 賊 ( ぞく ) の ( ) 極 ( ごく ) 意 ( い ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) , Tōzoku no Gokui ).


When written in Japanese kanji, Chrollo is written as "クロロ" (Kuroro). "クロ" (Kuro) translates to black or darkness. "ロ" (Ro) is the 2nd note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.) This suggests that the second "Ro" was added to make the name sound good and doesn't carry a literal significance. Thus, Chrollo's name means black or darkness. Considering his lifestyle and interest in understanding the darkness within the soul of people whose abilities he steals, it is fitting.

Other possible meanings include:

  • "黒絽"—"black silk" (referring to his clothing);
  • "枢"—"pivot hinge" or "lock bolt" (referring to his pivotal position in the Troupe );
  • or "黒ロリ" ( kuro rori )—"black lolita," the style he dresses in.
  • Otherwise, Crollo is an Italian word that means "collapse", which fits him because he hails from a place where society has collapsed, he was not always evil but rather descended into villainy after being broken by grief, and he had caused the collapse of the Yorknew City mafia.
  • The Hunter × Hunter OST (2011) refers to Chrollo as "The Man of the Reversed Cross," much like Hisoka's fortune.
  • Chrollo is played by Ryosei Konishi in the stage play, Hunter × Hunter: Real Stage .
  • In the second character popularity poll , Chrollo placed 4 th with 1,904 votes.
  • In the third character popularity poll , Chrollo placed 8 th with 764 votes.

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30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas


Pranjali Jakatdar

Table of Contents

About Phantom Troupe Tattoos

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

If you’re an anime fan, there’s one TV show that came out during the ‘90s that you should check out. This very popular series is totally worth binge-watching.

It’s a show that revolves around a group of 13 crazy criminals who all sport a unique, numbered spider tattoo on their bodies. And these tattoos are the reason why the group is often referred to as ‘The Spider.’ 

Are you wondering which show this is? You might have guessed by now that it’s the hit anime series that debuted in 1999, Phantom Troupe .

Tattoos are one of the most important features of this show. The iconic spider markings signify a unique bond between the group members, and it’s why many fans of this series sport their very own Phantom Troupe tattoo.

Ever since the original Phantom Troupe was released in 1999, there has been a wild craze about the anime series.

After the success of the show, many fans of the series were seen wearing Phantom Troupe merchandise, such as T-shirts and hoodies. And, of course, several of them got the statement ’spider’ tattoos . 

Phantom Troupe is the name of a group of criminals in the popular anime/manga series called Hunter x Hunter . In the Japanese version of this show, the gang is famously known as Genei Ryodan . However, in the West, they’re known as the Phantom Troupe.

In Japan, Phantom Troupe tattoos literally turned into a rage after the wild success of the show and were seen everywhere. 

And that’s why in 2011, the anime series was remade with the addition of some new and exciting characters.

Since then, tons of Phantom Troupe fans have gotten inked with a Phantom Troupe tattoo. And they’ve been showing off their precious Phantom Troupe tattoo designs on social media sites like Instagram and Tiktok. 

This article will dig deep into the Phantom Troupe fandom. We’ll discuss the most popular Phantom Troupe tattoo ideas, explain what they symbolize, and show you the best tattoo designs.

So if you’re thinking of getting inked with one of these tattoos, you’ve come to the right place. 

After reading this article, you’ll understand:

  • What a Phantom Troupe tattoo is
  • What the tattoos mean
  • Best Phantom Troupe tattoo designs
  • Where to get the tattoo
  • How much they cost
  • History of the Phantom Troupe tattoo

What Do Phantom Troupe Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

In the show, each of the group members has a spider tattoo , which marks their membership in the Phantom Troupe gang. And that’s why tattoos hold so much value in this hit anime series. Let’s take a look at each Phantom Troupe tattoo meaning, and find out its significance in the show.

The most popular Phantom Troupe tattoo design is the twelve-legged spider. The head of the spider symbolizes the leader of the troupe, and the twelve legs stand for the twelve ever-changing group members.

Each spider tattoo has a unique number that is placed on the twelve-legged spider’s body. Also, the tattoos are a bit of a mystery in the show since only a few of them have actually been revealed. 

But that’s not it! The Phantom Troupe tattoo plays such an important role in the series that any member that chooses to join ‘The Spider’ gang can do so, but they must kill an existing member and get their tattoo first.

Even though the show’s main characters are portrayed as criminals and villains in the beginning, as the series progresses, the show throws a big curveball at you (SPOILER ALERT)!

The bad guys suddenly turn into good samaritans by indulging in philanthropic work in their hometown, The Meteor City. 

If you’re planning to get a Phantom Troupe tattoo, it’s highly recommended that you choose the tattoo that your favorite character has .

Each individual in this show has a unique storyline with its own twists and turns, so we’re certain that you’ll find a character that you can relate to the most.

Where To Get A Phantom Troupe Tattoo

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

In the show, each gang member’s tattoo is located on a different place of their body , which helps them remain anonymous when they want to be. 

Here is a list of some Phantom Troupe characters and the tattoo placements on their body:

  • Chrollo: cross-shaped tattoo on forehead
  • Shizuku: #8 tattoo on the lower left side of her belly
  • Uvogin: #11 tattoo on the lower back
  • Hisoka: #4 tattoo on the center of his back
  • Bonolenov: #10 tattoo (the location hasn’t been revealed yet)

Since most of the Phantom Troupe members haven’t revealed their tattoos yet, and only a few members’ tattoos are publicly known, there have been lots of fan theories online about this topic.

One such theory is that most of the gang have tattoos on their back. That’s because their backs are fully covered with their costumes in the show. 

However, Shizuku is one of the exceptions since she has a tattoo on the lower left side of her belly. This popular theory is also why most of the show’s fans prefer getting a Phantom Troupe tattoo on their backs .

So, if you want to get inked with a Phantom Troupe tattoo, you have plenty of options .

You can choose the same tattoo spot as your favorite character, or you can choose a location that makes it easy to flaunt your tattoo to the world. As another option, you can get it on your back just like Uvogin and Hisoka.

If you’re sensitive to pain though, we recommend getting a spider design on your arms, back, or thighs since they’re generally the least painful spots to get a tattoo. But, the tools have improved a lot over the years, so getting a tattoo isn’t as painful as it used to be.

The level of pain you feel will also depend upon the design you choose, and the tattoo artist’s level of expertise . These are important factors to keep in mind before getting inked for the first time.

How Much Do Phantom Troupe Tattoos Cost?

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

The price of your tattoo will depend on several variables, which we’ve listed below. 

  • The size of the tattoo 
  • Its placement 
  • The quality of ink used 
  • If colors were used
  • The tattoo artist’s level of expertise

Taking all of these factors into consideration is important. Doing so will help you determine the final cost of your tattoo before you book your appointment at the parlor. Plus, it will ensure that you stay within your budget .

To give you a better idea about tattoo prices, here are the average costs of a tattoo.

  • A small tattoo like a cross or a heart usually costs around $80 to $150  
  • A medium-sized tattoo will cost around $200 to $400 on average 
  • A large tattoo like a picture or a portrait will usually cost between $450 and $800

So, a Phantom Troupe tattoo design can cost anywhere from $200 to $800 on average . 

Also, we have an important recommendation for you. To make sure you get the best results, we suggest that you get your Phantom Troupe tattoo done by an artist that’s familiar with this show since it’s one of the most popular anime tattoos ever. 

30 Best Phantom Troupe Tattoo Designs

Here are some popular Phantom Troupe tattoo designs you need to take a look at, especially if you’re planning to get a Phantom Troupe tattoo.

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas 1

History Of The Phantom Troupe Tattoo

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

Phantom Troupe tattoos became a big sensation when the Japanese hit show was released in 1999, so there’s no history of these tattoos before that time period.

Yet, tattoos have a long and interesting history in Japan . Different tattoos in this country have their own cultural importance and traditional significance. Some designs depict social status, whereas some serve as a punishment for criminals and slaves.

A popular tattoo symbol in Japan is the Japanese dragon , which symbolizes wisdom, blessing, and strength. The Japanese Snake tattoos, on the other hand, represent change, transformation, and rebirth. 

Additionally, the Japanese supernatural creatures with evil features symbolize war and destruction. That’s why these supernatural tattoos are mostly red in color .

Plus, the Japanese fish tattoos stand for success, the ability to overcome struggles, wealth, determination, and courage.

Even though this culture celebrates tattoos and considers them to be an art form , there was a time when tattoo practices were banned in the country. This was done by a Japanese emperor in the Edo Period (from 1603 to 1867). 

This was also a time when tattoos turned into symbols of crime and offense , which is quite similar to Phantom Troupe’s entire plotline, isn’t it?

Fortunately, the country lifted its tattoo ban in 1948 , and ever since then, the land has flourished with many unique tattoo designs and tattoo artists.

In the 1980s, during the rock ‘n roll era, Japanese tattoos gained popularity and were sported by various American rock bands and youth alike. 

Most traditional Japanese tattoos have meanings that are derived from folklore, traditional tales, and legends that have been passed down through the generations.

That’s why it’s always recommended to get a Japanese tattoo in Japan since getting it anywhere else won’t give you the same mystical experience!

Which Celebrities Have A Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

Popular TikToker and Instagrammer Vinnie Hacker , who is well-known for his lip-syncing on TikTok and Instagram, has a Phantom Troupe tattoo of a spider on the center of his chest.

Apart from him, there aren’t many celebrities that sport a Phantom Troupe tattoo.

However, Demi Lovato recently got inked with a 3D spider on her scalp, and it looks eerily similar to the Phantom Troupe spider tattoo . In fact, this spider looks so realistic that the star had to shave an inch of hair off her scalp before getting inked.

Later on, when explaining the meaning of her newest tattoo on Instagram Stories, Demi wrote, “She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web – each one of us having our place in the world.”  

We absolutely love Demi’s explanation of her tattoo! Her poetic words perfectly describe how much it means to her.

If you’re considering getting inked, each tattoo you get should symbolize and signify something important to you . This is especially true since tattoos are permanent, so they’ll be with you for a long time. 

For instance, you might want a tattoo design that represents a phase of your life, your life mantra, or something you believe in, which is exactly what Demi did when she got her tattoo.

Apart from being beautiful pieces of art, tattoos are also regarded as one of the best conversation starters and head turners . So, if you don’t mind getting some extra attention, a visit to a tattoo parlor might be a good choice for you.

Also, the next time you decide to get inked, think about how the tattoo relates to your personality and what message you want to communicate through it because these factors are ultra-important when choosing your body art.

Looking for more inkspiration? Say no more:

The Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

The Best Itachi Tattoo Ideas

The Best Attack On Titan Tattoo Ideas

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21 killer phantom troupe tattoos.

  • October 22, 2022

The Phantom Troupe is a clan of thieves from the 1999 anime series Hunter x Hunter. In the show, the 13 members famously had spider tattoos signifying their role in the clan.

Since the show ended, fans across the world have gotten tattoos to remember the show – ranging from interpretations of the clan’s spider tattoos to representations of the characters.

Table of Contents Hide

Metallic phantom troupe spider, zero phantom troupe tattoo, shalnark linework tattoo, geometric portrait phantom troupe, phantom troupe eye tattoo, black and white hisoka morow tattoo, brightly colored hisoka tattoo, fragmented portrait tattoo, tarot card hisoka tattoo, watercolor feitan portor tattoo, shalnark chains tattoo, kalluto eyes tattoo, shizuku tattoo, the whole troupe, electric hisoka tattoo, cute phantom troupe tattoo, stylized hisoka tattoo, simple phantom troupe eyes tattoo, delicately shaded character tattoo, graphic anime tattoo, where is machi’s phantom troupe tattoo, what side of shizuku’s body has the phantom troupe tattoo, phantom troupe tattoo ideas.

This spider deviates from the spider tattoo in the Hunter x Hunter with more embellishment and details. The spider has 12 legs but no number on its body. The metallic design on its body and hints of gold on its legs make it stand out.

This tattoo is closer to the Phantom Troupe’s tattoos but is still personalized with hints of spiderweb between its legs. The placement on the elbow give the tattoo more dimension as it’s able to bend and move.

This tattoo is based on the character Shalnark, one of the antagonists from Hunter x Hunter. The portrait is created using no shading and very economic line work.

This tattoo is of Chrollo Lucifer, found of Phantom Troupe and member 0. Placing the tattoo on the upper arm in a triangle facing downward uses the natural shape of the body to frame the design.

Selectively using color, tattoo is dynamic yet simple. Stacking the eyes on top of each other fits will on the forearm.

Referencing Hunter x Hunter’s Manga origins, this tattoo of Hisoka Morow is a classic, playful way to honor the show.

This colorful rendering of Hisoka Morrow represents the character’s personality. Hisoka is a magical serial killer and former member number 4 of Phantom Troupe. The bright colors and playful design draw you into the tattoo.

Another way to represent the characters without getting a full portrait, is by using geometric shapes to fragment images. The simplicity of this design gives it a clean, attractive appeal.

The tattoo artist cleverly used a tarot card motif to represent the character’s identifying qualities.

Get daily tattoo inspiration

This watercolor depiction of Feitan, temporary leader and number 2 member of Phantom Troupe, is a colorful, eye catching remembrance of Hunter x Hunter.

What sets this tattoo apart is the quality of the colors. The artist used the tattoo owner’s skin to shade the character, giving it a lifelike quality, then was able to make all of the colors opaque. It almost looks like a pastel drawing.

This tattoo depicts the eyes of a villain from Hunter x Hunter. By coloring just the eyes a soft magenta, the tattoo is subtly eye catching.

This tattoo is just adorable, the design comes across as a refined doodle and the disheveled character is a playful twist on the typically serious Phantom Troupe members.

This forearm tattoo shows the entire Phantom Troupe walking together like a motley crew. It’s horizontal orientation and movement fit perfectly on the forearm.

Playing with Hisoka’s status as a magician, this tattoo features a lot of visually appealing imagery like cards and lightning. Anime style and bright colors give this tattoo life.

Here we have a simple and understated design, strategically using blue and amber to accent the portrait. The character’s smirk is fun touch.

This Hisoka tattoo has been designed with unexpected accents and details. The arms are curvy and the hands have fine lines and veins running through them, showing the artist took some liberties interpreting the character.

Most of the tattoos we’ve seen are placed on the arms or thighs, this one leans into the feeling of Hunter x Hunter giving the wear something akin to “eyes in the back of their head.”

Most depictions of Hisoka are brightly colored and wild, this one took a subtler approach and it paid off. The shading and minimal use of color is crisp.

A classic homage to Phantom Troupes Manga roots. Bold and high contrast, using stippling to put the character in shadow to represent the Phantom Troupe’s roll as villains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Machi has a spider tattoo on his right shoulder.

Her spider tattoo is located on the lower left side of her abdomen above her hip.

We hope this article provided you with enough inspiration to get yourself a Phantom Troupe Tattoo. Make sure to check out our list of Spirited Away Tattoos and Cyberpunk tattoos for more inspiration.

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13 Latest Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

Table of Contents

Are you a die-hard Hunter x Hunter fan looking to immortalize your love for the series in ink? Look no further! We’ve curated an impressive collection of Phantom Troupe spider tattoo s that are as breathtaking as they are meaningful. In this article, we’ll dive into what makes this ink so epic, how to make it uniquely yours, and what you need to consider before letting the needle hit your skin. Trust us, you’ll want to read this before heading to the tattoo parlor.

Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo

For the uninitiated, Hunter x Hunter is a beloved animated film series that features the enigmatic Phantom Troupe – a world-renowned criminal organization composed of thirteen highly skilled Nen users. Each member dons a unique numbered spider tattoo , making for some truly striking body art.

The Phantom Troupe serves as the primary antagonistic faction in the Yorknew City Arc and remains one of the overarching adversaries throughout the series. Their actions have had a profound impact on the lives of the protagonists, particularly Kurapika, whose entire clan fell victim to the group’s merciless crimes.

However, the Chimera Ant arc reveals another side to the Phantom Troupe, as they take on a more anti-villainous role in defending Meteor City from a Chimera Ant invasion. This complex and captivating group has left an indelible mark on the Hunter x Hunter series, making their iconic spider tattoo s a must-see for fans and ink enthusiasts alike.

Shizuku Spider Tattoo Phantom Troupe

Shizuku Spider Tattoo Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe is a notorious group of skilled thieves in the world of Hunter x Hunter, led by the cunning Chrollo Lucilfer. They are also known as the Spider, with Chrollo acting as the head and the other members as the pedipalps. Shizuku Murasaki joined the gang after a former 8th member was killed by Silva Zoldyck. Her physical strength is ranked 12th in the group, and she has the unique ability to erase all traces of Troupe activity. Shizuku is also an expert pickpocket. The black spider tattoo representing the Troupe is expertly crafted and can be customized with vibrant colors and numbers.

The HXH Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Hisoka

The HXH Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Hisoka

Hisoka Morow is a talented Hunter who was once a member of the Phantom Troupe and held the impressive title of #4, with only two other members surpassing him in physical strength. Hisoka is always searching for strong opponents, seeking out opportunities to grow and improve his skills. As a Hunter, he possesses incredible physical and battle skills, as well as extensive knowledge of Nen, making him a formidable opponent. Hisoka is also a skilled magician who uses Nen to enhance his tricks, able to create over a thousand different textures on smooth surfaces. The tattoo depicting the Phantom Troupe spider, which Hisoka represents, is an impressive display of the artist’s skill and love for the series.

Phantom Troupe Chrollo Spider Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Chrollo Spider Tattoo

The Phantom Troupe tattoo is an anime-inspired masterpiece that showcases different members of the group. The intricate inkwork on the skin is a testament to the artist’s passion for anime and the richly detailed movies that captivated audiences. Each spider in the tattoo is marked with their individual number, reflecting their unique roles and responsibilities within the infamous gang of robbers. Led by Chrollo Lucilfer, the Phantom Troupe is a formidable force with class A bounties. Chrollo, as member #0 and the gang’s founder, is a master fighter with versatile and lethal combat skills, strategic abilities, and impressive physical and mental strength. The Phantom Troupe tattoo is a must-have for fans of Hunter x Hunter.

The Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Locations

The Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Locations

Feitan Portor is a member of the notorious Phantom Troupe, a gang of robbers known for their criminal activities. He is ranked as the #2 member in the group and possesses the fifth-best physical strength among the members. Feitan became the leader of the Troupe after defeating Zazan until Chrollo’s return. His exceptional swordsmanship skills and incredible Nen abilities make him a dangerous opponent. The Phantom Troupe tattoo is an intriguing piece of art that can be made anywhere on the body. The precision used by the tattoo artist to create the spider limbs is a testament to their skill. As a part of the Hunter x Hunter series, this anime has numerous fascinating characters and storylines that fans of the series will appreciate.

The Phantom Troupe Tattoo

The Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Machi Komacine is a skilled fighter and the #3 member of the notorious Phantom Troupe. She is known to have great physical strength, ranking sixth overall in arm wrestling and being the strongest among the Troupe’s women. Machi’s fighting technique is unique as she can convert her aura into strings and use them to control her target’s movements or set up traps to capture or harm enemies. These strings are incredibly durable and difficult to break. The design of the tattoo perfectly captures Machi’s abilities and can be inked on any part of the body.

The Numbered Tattoo

The Numbered Tattoo

Uvogin, the late #11 member of the Phantom Troupe, was known for his incredible physical strength and was the strongest member of the group in that aspect. His expertise in close combat made him a formidable opponent, even against armed groups. Uvogin had a powerful technique where he would charge his fist with Ko, a special technique in the Hunter x Hunter world, and deliver a devastating punch that could create an explosion similar in power to a small missile. The spider tattoo with the number on the back is an accurate representation of the Troupe’s logo, and it includes all the intricate details of the design as seen in the series. Fans can even find similar spider toys in the market that closely resemble the tattoo.

Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Franklin Bordeau is a member of the notorious Phantom Troupe, holding the number #7 and ranking fourth in terms of strength within the group. As a strong Nen user, he is a formidable opponent in battle. Franklin’s preferred method of attack is using his Nen bullets, which he can fire at varying tempos, numbers, and power levels to overwhelm his opponents.

Franklin’s ability involves expelling aura bullets from his fingertips, each possessing incredible speed and power. With his ability’s high rate of fire, Franklin can easily decimate his enemies in mere seconds. This black tattoo, featuring the Phantom Troupe’s number system, serves as an accessory and symbol of belongingness to a group. It’s a perfect idea for fans of anime and groups of friends looking for a unique and meaningful group tattoo.

Spider Tattoos Characters

Spider Tattoos Characters

Nobunaga Hazama is a skilled swordsman and the top member (#1) of the Phantom Troupe, a notorious gang of robbers with class A bounties. He is known for his physical strength which is ranked ninth in the group. Being born in Meteor City, Nobunaga is hard to track and obtain information about. He is incredibly confident in his sword skills and is willing to cut down anyone who approaches him without caution. Nobunaga is skilled in Iaido, a controlled movement art that involves drawing a sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting off an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then placing the sword back in the scabbard. The tattoo of the Phantom Troupe, especially of Nobunaga, represents power and skill, and it is popular among anime lovers and those who admire the group’s unity and strength.

The Categories of Phantom Troupe Tattoo Members

The Categories of Phantom Troupe Tattoo Members

Phinks Magcub, the Phantom Troupe’s fifth member, is a formidable fighter with incredible strength and hand-to-hand combat abilities. He ranks second in physical strength within the group and is now the Troupe’s strongest member since Uvogin’s passing. Phinks possesses a unique Nen ability called Ripper Cyclotron that allows him to strengthen his punches by rotating his arm clockwise. With each rotation, his aura grows in his fist, producing powerful electric energy that can take down even the toughest opponents. This black spider tattoo can be personalized with the Phantom Troupe tattoo number of your choice, making it a perfect choice for any part of the body. The entire tattoo is crafted with black ink, leaving ample space for you to customize it with your preferred number.

The Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

The Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Kortopi is the twelfth member of the infamous Phantom Troupe, and while he may not be the strongest in terms of physical power, his skills in theft, misinformation, and tracking are highly valued by the group. Kortopi’s Nen ability is known as “Gallery Fake,” which allows him to conjure up perfect replicas of any item he desires. These replicas are so perfect that even a Nen user cannot tell the difference between the original and the fake. The tattoo featuring the Phantom Troupe’s iconic spider emblem is beautifully made with black ink, creating a striking contrast against the skin.

Phantom Troupe Back Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Back Tattoo

Kortopi’s Nen ability is called “Gallery Fake,” and it allows him to replicate an exact copy of any non-living object he touches with his left hand by summoning it with his right hand. The replicas disappear after 24 hours, and Kortopi can track their movements by touching the original object. This tattoo is perfect for fans of the Hunter x Hunter series, and those who want a non-permanent option can opt for a temporary tattoo that can be easily removed with baby oil. This way, they can change the tattoo design and even choose to display different phantom troupe member numbers as desired.

Shizuku Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Shizuku Phantom Troupe Tattoo

The Shizuku Phantom Troupe tattoo is an iconic ink design that holds its roots in the anime series “Hunter x Hunter.” For fans of the dark and mysterious Phantom Troupe, getting Shizuku’s number 8 spider tattoo is a bold way to showcase allegiance to this renegade group.

Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Video

Alright, let’s wrap this up. The Shizuku Phantom Troupe tattoo isn’t just a casual choice—it’s a statement, a nod to one of the most compelling groups in anime. Before you go under the needle, make sure you’ve done your homework: choose a skilled artist, consider the placement carefully, and think about any customizations that can set your ink apart. Don’t overlook the potential risks either, like allergic reactions or infection; always opt for a reputable tattoo parlor. At the end of the day, it’s about getting a tattoo that you’ll be proud to show off. So, are you ready to join the ranks of Phantom Troupe fans with some epic ink? Go for it, and make it count.

feature image from Pinterest – Want your tattoo to look brighter? Try “ Tattoo Balm ”


Born and raised in a small town by the coast, my passion for art was ignited at a young age! I honed my skills in painting and spent countless hours in my bedroom, bringing my creative visions to life. After studying Fine Arts, I pursued my dream and made my way to London where I was introduced to the world of tattoos. The ability to create art and bring it to life on someone's body was nothing short of captivating. I immediately knew then that was my calling and with relentless passion and dedication, I persevered connecting with some of the best tattoo artists in London. Through their expert knowledge and guidance, I mastered the art of tattooing and here I am today, living my dream!

10+ Nezuko Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Saved Tattoo

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Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Top 38 Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design Ideas (2023 Updated)

Any true anime fans out there? Do you enjoy watching some of the most popular cartoons or movies in your spare time? What is the chance that you have watched Phantom Troupe? This is a well-known and popular anime/manga that you will love to pay close attention to while also probably showing homage to it by placing the design somewhere on your body. Keep on reading as we talk about this famous gang and your tattoo options down below!

Jotapas, Small Temporary Tattoos

Jotapas, Small Temporary Tattoos

  • Safe, non-toxic plant-based temporary tattoos made with 100% high-definition printing for a realistic look without the pain
  • Easy to apply and remove - just stick for 20 seconds then take off
  • Set includes 5 sheets with 17 fun, delicate designs like hearts, cats, smiles, suns, moons, and more
  • Waterproof and long-lasting - stays on up to 2 weeks of wear
  • Fashionable for women, men, girls and boys
  • Place on arm, wrist, neck, leg, finger, waist, foot and more
  • Great for parties, birthdays, and showing your unique style

1. Who Is Phantom Troupe?

Who Is Phantom Troupe

Phantom Troupe is a world-famous gang of thieves and a criminal organization in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. This gang has 12 members in it, and their names are:

  • Chrollo Lucilfer (leader)
  • Nobunaga Hazama Uvogin (deceased)
  • Machi Hisoka (temporary associate)
  • Shalnark (deceased)
  • Shizuku Feitan (temporary leader)
  • Pakunoda (deceased)
  • Kortopi (deceased)
  • Kalluto Zoldyck
  • Illumi Zoldyck (temporary associate)

If you are a fan of anime, in general, you’re going to enjoy watching this show and finding inspiration with one of our ideas.

2. Who Should Go For This Design?

Anyone who loves to watch anime movies or cartoons will enjoy getting this quirky tattoo. If you have watched this anime already before or if you plan on watching it we can vouch and guarantee that you’re going to enjoy one of these fierce characters. In the end, anyone who likes playful tattoos and a good anime or manga story will like these characters as well.

Jotapas 3 Realistic Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

Jotapas 3 Realistic Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

  • Charming and fashionable temporary butterfly tattoos
  • 3 realistic designs - choose your favorite butterfly personality
  • Made of plant-based, non-toxic materials - safe for your skin
  • Waterproof and durable - lasts 15-20 days
  • Quick and easy to apply in 20 seconds
  • Just peel, stick on clean dry skin and dab with damp paper towel
  • Perfect for parties, weddings, beach days and more
  • Express your unique style and personality

3. How Pricey Is This Tattoo?

Price-wise, this all can depend. Most tattoo artists will charge a hefty amount of money for this design since it is so unique, colorful and one of a kind. Make sure that you find yourself someone who knows of this anime before giving them a call. Those who have experience will bill around $200-$500 for these characters as a group, or a bit less if you end up placing just one individual character on top of your body.

4. Where To Place A Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

When it comes to placing this tattoo somewhere on top of your body or your skin, what do you fancy? Some women like to place this tattoo over their legs, thighs, or ankles, while guys will stick to their calves , back, and biceps. Your final placement will vary depending on your mood, preference, and your available and ink-free skin. We recommend sticking to something that is personal and fun to you.

Top 38 Phantom Troupe Tattoos

Note: We included some other Hunter × Hunter Characters (Who are closed related to Phantom Troupe) as well

1. Black Spider Ink Tattoo

Black Spider Ink Tattoo

A must-try Phantom Troupe tattoo if you want to represent and show your love for all of the characters. This spider represents all of them combined into one unit, which is a must-do and a must-try tattoo if you want to rock and represent each one of them equally.

2. Big Thigh Tattoo Design

Big Thigh Tattoo Design

Go for this giant thigh tattoo if you dare to wear something bold and outgoing. This tattoo will look the best on men who have larger calves and legs, as well as a lot more muscle. Add a pop of blue to your design and make it more interesting by adding dimension and depth. The end result will suit anyone who has watched the manga.

3. Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Get a tattoo of all of your favorite characters from the Phantom Troupe and show how much you love the entire cast and show! This cute and unique eye concept system will show that you know how to see and appreciate the beauty in all the little things. No tattoo has to be too bold or too big for it to make sense. Simpler details will still lurk the looks and the attention of the right type of audience.

Did you know that 60 out of the 100 Richest characters in the series are Hunters?

4. Phantom Troupe Tattoo Colorful Idea

Phantom Troupe Tattoo Colorful Idea

Play along with some color and a pop of ink when it comes to your new tattoo. This one can take some time for your tattoo artists to get just right. Make sure that you find someone who you truly trust and who is skilled enough when it comes to anime.

5. Unique Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Unique Phantom Troupe Tattoo

This cute, small, and funny tattoo is for minimalists and those who know how to pay close attention to details. If you fully trust your tattoo artist and if they’ve seen the show they will know how to combine two characters into one with this tattoo.

6. Cartoon-Inspired Hunter Tattoo

Cartoon-Inspired Hunter Tattoo

Add a pop of red and know that it is such a masculine color to go for. Not a lot of people like to get similar designs since they are quite basic and straightforward. However, if you prefer classic pieces and you want to go with something that is a safe bet and a common solution, just know that you will not make a lot of attention with this result.

7. Giant Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Giant Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Try out this shoulder tattoo and rock the beauty with full confidence! Although it may look the best on guys, a lot of women should give it a chance. This is a piece of art that will look the best on those who love the color purple, as well as men or women who are true fans of the anime itself.

Fun fact: The very first character to have appeared in Hunter x Hunter Manga is Kite.

8. Blonde Hunter Tattoo

Blonde Hunter Tattoo

This anime-inspired print will take a skillful tattoo artist to recreate! If you know of one and you trust their hand and their tattooing process, give it a go with this design. They will help you create such a masterpiece will paying close attention to all the little details.

9. Cartoon-Like Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Cartoon-Like Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Go for this bright green and neon color if you want to get noticed easily with your new favorite creation! Let everyone know how obsessed you may be with this anime by choosing it as your next must-do print. Make sure that you have a lot of patience since this tattoo can be hard to get.

10. Eye Details Tattoo Characters

Eye Details Tattoo Characters

Another mesmerizing tattoo with all the little eye details! However, this one has a portrait effect and a portrait vibe. If you prefer real and life-like tattoos you’re going to naturally gravitate toward this one. It is a creative piece that will require a skilled tattoo artist, that’s for sure.

11. Big Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Big Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Giant, bold, and brave shoulder tattoo that has its unique elements! This Phantom piece will take you 5-6 hours to master. Make sure that you find an appropriate image and a true inspirational picture that matches your wish list before giving it a go.

Did you know that Hunter x Hunter has its own alphabets which can be translated directly to Japanese then to English?

12. Artsy Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Artsy Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Consider this black ink shoulder tattoo if you enjoy shaded art. Those who enjoy retro looks and are a fan of detailed ideas will like this outcome. In the end, it will take you around 6-8 hours to achieve this beauty. It will represent your true love for anime and manga.

13. Pink & Black Duo Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Pink & Black Duo Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Play around with shadows and red and black tattoo ink concepts. This tattoo will show that you’re brave and bold and that you know who to real deal characters are. Express yourself through this magical tattoo and let everyone see your bold side.

14. Eye-detail Hunter Character

Eye-detail Hunter Character

Let the world see that eyes are a window to someone’s soul! If you’re a fan of romantic and detailed tattoos you’re going to like this beauty. It is so well shaded and done with pure precision. If you’re someone who enjoys art and graphic tattoos this anime one will also suit you.

15. Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Make sure that you are up for some monochrome work. This tattoo will work and look so good on perfections and people who enjoy black and white duos. The outcome shows a person who is always eager to learn new things and has a lot of talents that he or she likes to keep private. No one is you, and no one has this tattoo, which is what makes you so unique!

Fun fact: As of 2019, Hunter x Hunter has sold over 78 million copies.

16. Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo Idea

Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo Idea

Add some scary red ink to your tattoo to leave it looking with this blood-like effect. It is so artsy and perfect for those who enjoy drama. If you have watched this manga and you’re ready to show off its full potential you’re going to enjoy wearing this tattoo on top of your skin.

17. Big & Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Big & Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Bright pink and purple can look so good when done and combined together. If you enjoy flashy tattoos and you’re a fan of drama this manga ink will suit you. Let the world see your love for this anime and wear the beauty with full confidence despite your gender.

18. Hunter X Hunter Print Idea

Hunter X Hunter Print Idea

Add some blue ink and a bit of dimension to your tattoo to make it more intriguing. This Troupe-inspired beauty will show who your favorite charters were, as well as where you stand when it comes to bold and noticeable ideas.

Did you know that there are currently 10 three-star Hunters in the series?

19. Cartoon Inspired Anime Character

Cartoon Inspired Anime Character

This pink and rosy tattoo will work and look attention-seeking on those who like showy pieces. Do you know about this manga, and do you usually watch anime? If the answer is yes we know that this beauty will suit you and interest you. As long as if you have several hours to spare do commit to this design.

20. Brave & Bold Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Brave & Bold Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Cute forearm tattoo that you’re going to enjoy if you are a true die-hard fan. Those who have seen all the episodes of this anime will like this artsy design. Make sure that you know who to book before giving it a go with this giant and magnificent tattoo.

21. Artsy Anime Troupe Print

Artsy Anime Troupe Print

If you fancy artsy tattoos and you have an eye for details and dramatic line work, this is a must-do in your case! Younger fans and anime fans, in general, will appreciate the beauty of this artwork. Let your personality show and come through when it comes to this vibrant tattoo.

Fun fact: Neon Nostrade is dead.

22. Small Eyes Hunter Design

Small Eyes Hunter Design

Go for a favorite pair of eyes when it comes to your favorite anime character. This tattoo will take you less than 2 hours to get. Make sure that you find and choose your favorite character and go for someone who can make your fantasy into reality. This piece will suit anyone who likes realistic eyes and anime designs that are one of a kind.

23. Feminine Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Feminine Phantom Troupe Tattoo

This retro and cute anime cartoon girl will look amazing on true fans of the manga. This beauty will take you 5-7 hours to place on top of your skin. Bring this tattoo and this design with you as your new inspiration. You’ll enjoy the outcome if you’re into feminine and girly tattoos a lot more.

24. Scary & Retro Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Scary & Retro Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoo

If you like and enjoy scarier tattoos and you’re a fan of color, consider this as your new go-to. The use of colors shows a person who is always paying close attention to detail. If this was one of your favorite cartoons while growing up or recently, why not show homage and pay respect to it with this Troupe tattoo?

25. Anime Manga Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Anime Manga Phantom Troupe Tattoo

The red color is common when it comes to anime and manga cartoons or tattoos. Make sure that you are well-equipped financially and mentally before you commit to this print since it is so big and outrageous.

Did you know that Kurapika is the only protagonist with an unknown last name?

26. Black Ink Scary Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Black Ink Scary Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Go for some black and white colors if you don’t want to pay a lot for your new Phantom Troupe tattoo. Once done in this way the final result won’t cost a lot yet it will make a huge impression on those who love the manga.

27. Stomach Spider Number 8

Stomach Spider Number 8

Stomach tattoos are not for the week of hearth or those who are “thin-skinned”. If you prefer hidden and secret tattoos that not everyone can comment about or spot, this is it! You will know that you are a die-hard fan when it comes to the Phantom Troupe, the entire world doesn’t have to know your little secret. Heads up since stomach or side stomach tattoos can be pretty painful and uncomfortable to go for.

28. Small Tattoo Eye Detail

Small Tattoo Eye Detail

Dedicate your new tattoo just to the one person from the team. You can make the design so artsy and creative with the right use of color. These tears and this design will make you look like a true diva who knows how to appreciate and value the beauty of this tattoo.

Fun fact: Killua once tried to commit suicide.

29. Shoulder Tattoo Phantom Characters

Shoulder Tattoo Phantom Characters

Show that you like smaller black and white tattoos and that you’re a fan of precision more than the storyline. This design will show you as a creator and someone who fancies manga in his or her own way.

30. Blue Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Blue Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Blue is a common color go-to when it comes to mystical designs and scarier tattoos. You can make your design come to life and look more elegant and unique by sticking to this duo and color combo. You will look like a true phantom lover with this as your end result.

31. Star & Tear Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Star & Tear Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Go for these cool eyes and show which character is your favorite from this manga. True fans will know all there’s to it when it comes to this tattoo. Another bonus feature is that it can be an amazing conversation starter.

32. Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

If blue or light blue is your favorite color we know that this is going to intrigue you. Show your peaceful side and your love for precise lines with this beauty. Make sure that you book a tattoo artist who has experience with anime and manga. They will help you achieve the most instance and beautiful realistic tattoo.

Did you know that three Kakin princes have died so far?

33. Purple Spider Number 4 Tattoo

Purple Spider Number 4 Tattoo

Add some black and purple lines to your tattoo and make it into a playful piece. With this spider image, you will let the world see your love for the crew and in general. If you have no favorites stick to this design and wear it for universal and common beauty, as well as a popular language between anime lovers.

34. Black & Purple Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Black & Purple Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Pay close attention to detailed artwork and these lines. Bright purple and black combo will suit feminine and soft individuals. The end result is cool and colorful, perfect for anyone who likes larger ideas.

35. Giant Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

Giant Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

Show off your love for Phantom Troupe with this character tattoo. Ask for all the little details and add these cards as well. Once done the right way it will look like such a masterpiece if done by a skilled tattoo artist.

36. Small & Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo

Small & Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo

Teardrop will show your true love and dedication for Phantom Troupe characters. The best part about this design is that it will take you less than 2 hours to achieve it. Go for an eye shape and eye details of your favorite manga character to round up your tattoo and enjoy a more personalized tattoo.

Fun fact: In each arc he appeared, Hisoka always changes his appearance.

37. All Character Phantom Troupe

All Character Phantom Troupe

All of your favorite characters can look so good when paired and placed along one on top of the other. You can choose some of your favorite Phantom Troupe characters to fully customize the tattoo per your preference.

38. Black Artsy Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Black Artsy Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Lastly, you can go with this black and white tattoo. It will look so good when placed low on your arm. Make sure that you have 5-8 hours to spare when it comes to this print. It is a pricey go-to so heads up before you give it a go.

Show Off Your Anime Lover Side

Ready to show your nerdy side with one of these tattoos? Let us know which design was your favorite among all of these. Phantom Troupe is a well-known and respected manga, and you can expect to gain a lot of looks and attention by sticking to one of these tattoos yourself. Which one is your top pick, let us know!

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Phantom troupe tattoo

122 Timeless Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas to Recreate This Year

For the past few decades or so, ever since its discovery, anime has really gained a massive following and has played a pivotal part in people’s lives. It initially gained worldwide recognition because of the creative thinking behind the plot each of them tend to contain. The storylines are wickedly indifferent and captivating at the same time, which renders them capable of being kid friendly as well as suitable for a mature audience.

Although almost all anime have had a successful outcome on television, very few of them failed to leave a mark in other industries. One of the anime that has consistently maintained its success since its creation however, is Hunter x Hunter. It contained the two main components of every good anime. A good storyline with exceptional visuals. It also receives high praise from the tattoo industry because of the flashy artwork that the Phantom Troupe, one of the prominent clans on the show, contains.

The Phantom Troupes is a team of active robbers with A-class bounties. They are also known as the Spiders since every member of the group has a tattoo of the 12 legged creature. Each groupie also has a number on their tattoo, but the meaning behind it has yet to be discovered.

Chrollo Lucilfer Tattoo

Phantom troupe spider tattoo, hisoka morow tattoo, phantom tattoo with numbers, phantom troupe arm tattoo, feitan portor tattoo, phantom troupe eye tattoo, machi komacine tattoo, small phantom troupe tattoo, shalnark phantom tattoo, illumi zoldyck tattoo, kalluto zoldyck tattoo, shizuku tattoo, phantom troupe all in one tattoo, 122 phantom troupe tattoo design ideas.

If you’re a pre-existing fanatic of anime and consider Hunter x Hunter as one of your go-to anime, perhaps you don’t need any more reasons as to why you should get a tattoo of the Phantom Troupe . It is easily one of the most influential anime clans with memorable characters. The groundwork for each character’s appearance is also very unique and has a vibrant aesthetic, which will definitely pop out if it’s achieved on the skin.

Nonetheless, below are a few amazing Phantom Troupe Tattoo ideas that will definitely help you reminisce and bring back an unforgettable childhood memory!

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Every group starts with its leader. Similarly, a Phantom Troupe tattoo should start with Chrollo Lucilfer. Besides being the leader, Chrollo Lucilfer is also the strongest member of the clan and should definitely be your preferred design if he’s your favorite character.

Chrollo Lucilfer can be recreated and implemented on the skin in various ways. You can either get a fine line tattoo of his figure or get a design of his distinctive features. You can even get a tattoo of his spider badge if you like attention to detail you’re looking for a small sized tattoo . The cross tattoo can also be an excellent choice for beginners as it involves a painless procedure.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Be a part of the Phantom Troupe and get the traditional spider tattoo . The design is very simple and can be a very good option if you’re seeking a minimalist tattoo. You can also incorporate your creative thinking and create your own version of the Phantom Troupe logo tattoo. For inspiration, you can skim through the photos attached to this article and can even ask your tattoo artist for assistance.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Apart from being the antagonist of this show, Hisoka is one of the most popular members of the Phantom Troupe and in the anime scene. He’s mainly known for his complex characteristics and his face tattoos, which can easily be recreated onto the skin.

Moreover, the natural aesthetic that his character has can look very fascinating in a tattoo. The outfits that he wears will really make an average tattoo pop out along with the vibrant color of his hair.

Furthermore, there are multiple variations of Hisoka that can be expressed in a tattoo. You can get a portrait of his face, a figure tattoo, and can even recreate your own version of his star and tear face tattoo.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Phantom Troupe tattoos become more relatable when paired up with numbers, mainly since each member had their own spider tattoo with a specific number. Become the new member of the troop and allow yourself to get this tattoo. For a more detailed version, add the number “13” to become the most recent member of the Phantom Troupe.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

The arm is an excellent place for a tattoo that is as detailed as an anime tattoo . It consists of an ample amount of space, which will allow the artist to create multiple forms of phantom troupe tattoos.

You can get a detailed tattoo of one specific character, or can even partner it up with multiple characters in the anime world and make it a sleeve tattoo.

To achieve the best outcome, get the artwork tattooed on your outer bicep. Although it will be time-consuming, the tattoo making process won’t be very painful. A bicep tattoo will also glow when you’re out in the sun.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Feitan Portor is also one of the very few antagonists of this show that is known for their aesthetic and physical features. His hair is similar to that of the e-Boy haircut, which further increases his appeal.

Another reason why Feitan’s character is renowned is because of how much people relate to his reserved personality. While he doesn’t hesitate when torturing others in the anime, he rarely engages in small talk with the other characters on the show. Since his build is naturally lanky, the best design of this tattoo can be achieved on the forearm. To add a subtle detail to it, you can pair it up with a phantom troupe spider tattoo.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

One of the reasons why this show is still relevant to this day is because of the face tattoos the characters contained. Even though they weren’t as sought after back then, face tattoos are extremely trendy and in fashion at the moment. It is also a very bold move to make, which can definitely add a certain amount of appeal to the wearer.

This tattoo is at its best when it’s placed on smaller regions of the body. However, the tattoo will also look amazing and will have plenty of room for other tattoos when achieved on spacious regions like the thigh, the bicep and the region under the shoulder blade.

Machi Komacine tattoo

Machi Komacine is the third member of the criminal organization and is the strongest female member of the group. Her attire is similar to that of a ninja with a different color combo. Her preferred color is pink, which ironically matches the color of her hair.

A portrait of her can be an ideal tattoo for people who relate to her personality and want to pay homage to her character. The layout of her character is also very color friendly, as it contains shades of blue and pink.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

This tattoo is mostly catered to fans that are minimalists and people who aren’t big fans of getting corny tattoos. The tattoo can be placed anywhere and will definitely increase the wearer’s overall appeal.

The pattern of this tattoo is also very versatile. One can easily get a bitmoji tattoo of one of the clan members, their distinctive features, and can also get a small tattoo of the logo of the clan to show the Phantom troupe some love. This option also consists of a trouble-free procedure, which makes this variation an excellent tattoo choice for beginners.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Shalnark was probably one of the more affable people of the Phantom Troupe. He would often intervene during fights, and shared a special bond with the whole clan. The love he had for his crew is also a reason behind his unfortunate fate.

People who can relate to his personality can definitely be contenders for this tattoo. Moreover, visually, this tattoo is just as presentable because of the color palette his character contains.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Illumi is one of the more unfazed members of Phantom Troupe. He loves taking risks and is selfless enough to sacrifice his own life for his crew, which is a personality trait that a lot of people can relate to.

In addition to the previous incentive, another reason why an Illumi Zoldyck tattoo is in demand is because of the neutral color palette that his character comprises. His jetblack hair along with his olive outfit will definitely look amazing as a tattoo, especially on body parts like the forearm, and sleeve.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Since Kalluto Zoldyck is the youngest member of the crew one can easily incorporate that into their lives, especially if they’re the youngest in their family.

Apart from the former factor, Kalluto is also known for his ruby colored eyes, which definitely looks spectacular as a tattoo. He is also known for being obedient and observant, which is something people can take up as motivation.

Shizuku tattoo

Shizuku is mostly known for her composure. She tends to remain calm even when things don’t go her way, which is something a lot of us can relate to and learn from. She also believes in unity and is commended for her loyalty to the crew.

Moreover, although she is the twelfth strongest member of the group, her resemblance is similar to that of an e-Girl, which definitely makes the aesthetic of her character fascinating and might even look great as a tattoo.

Phantom Troupe all in tattoo

While this tattoo is definitely catered to the die hard Phantom Troupe fans, it also looks very pleasing on the eye. The build of each character really complements one another, and the color combination that each character contains will definitely bring in some color and excitement to the artwork.

The only drawback, however, is the time you might have to invest. Nonetheless, it is definitely a tattoo with a lot of meaning and creative groundwork, which easily makes it the best tattoo option in this list.

Here are some useful answers that will help you acquire more knowledge on Phantom Troupe Tattoos in general.

Question: What is a Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

Answer: The Phantom Troupe tattoo comprises a twelve legged spider that each member has on their body. The tattoo also has a numerical value, which is mainly used to distinguish one member from the other.

Question: What does a spider tattoo symbolize?

Answer: A spider tattoo symbolizes wisdom, harmony and balance. It is also suitable for people that tackle every objective of their lives with peace and love. It is also a good tattoo option for minimalists, as the size of the tattoo is usually small but sophisticated.

We hope this article makes you appreciate the artwork of the Phantom Troupe as much as we do! We also hope it inspires you to create your own Phantom Troupe tattoo, and encourages you to take into account the beauty of Hunter x Hunter and its creativity.

Although die hard fans don’t need much convincing, people who have never heard of the manga or seen the series can definitely ink the options above on their skin solely due to the appeal of the artwork.

The artwork in this manga is incredibly creative and will definitely look when recreated on one’s skin. The color combinations complement one another and rarely look out of place when collaborated with other tattoos.

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50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas (Hunter x Hunter)

50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas (Hunter x Hunter)

Most of anime lovers of twenty-first-century love phantom troupe, and some even get their favorite characters tattooed on themselves. This was popular among anime fans for years, and the latest series of hunter x hunter: phantom rogue helped but skyrocketed the influence and popularity of this masterpiece among core anime lovers. So it isn’t a nice idea to discuss the best phantom troupe tattoo ideas and understand how this beautifully written and animated series merges into the art of tattooing. And by the end, it might inspire you to get your next tattoo based upon an iconic character from the phantom troupe of the hunter x hunter. 

Phantom Troupe Tattoo’s Meaning:

While you are wondering about the actual meaning and explanation of Phantom troupe tattoos, they are simple yet have real depth and multiple layers to the explanation. On the surface level, a Phantom troupe is a group of criminals working together with a sense of loyalty and companionship. But if we look deeper into Phantom troupe tattoos artwork, we see a sense of family connection and bonding, which helps everyone stay together at all costs. 

To start off slowly, let’s discuss the origin and brief explanation of phantom troupe for those who need to learn the proper introduction. Now, the phantom troupe is a famously established fictional gang of the popular anime series hunter x hunter. The members of this gang are thieves who are working as a team of twelve individuals. The signature of this phantom troupe gang in hunter x hunter is a twelve-legged spider with an integer on its back. Furthermore, all these spiders are tattooed on the currently active members of the gangs, each integer representing one group member. 

The Best Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas:

Finding the perfectly suitable hunter x hunter tattoo design for you might take a lot of work. There can be two reasons for it; firstly, if you don’t have an appreciation for anime art, you won’t like phantom troupe tattoo ideas, and secondly, if you don’t know the context of each tattooing idea inspired directly by the anime, you won’t be able to relate with the design. This is why it is necessary to understand the concept and context of the hunter x hunter series before getting the tattoo. But don’t worry about reading all these suggestions; we also brought you a solution. 

Following are some of the best phantom troupe tattoo ideas for you:

phantom troupe tattoo best

Hunter Hunter Spider Tattoo

We all know that the hunter-hunter spider tattoo is famous among anime fans for multiple reasons. They symbolize teamwork and identify each gang member in ascending order. Additionally, using a spider as a symbol is meaningful since it represents that all are siders of the same web and connected to a string set for beliefs. Our heroes rise from the demolished and bad-looking remains of the city. The combo of poverty, loss of loved ones, and lack of protection in the devastated city led to the formation of a phantom troupe. From the start, the hunter x hunter spider plays an important role. This is why true fans always take pride in these numbered spiders and love them. 

Chrollo hunter hunter spider tattoo

Killua, Hisoka and Chrollo Tattoo

People who have watched the original phantom troupe series or Hunter X Hunter anime know a lot about Chrollo, Gon, Killua, Hisoka, etc. We have a simple cheat code to determine which type of tattoo would look great to your favorite hunter-hunter character . For the fans of Lucifer, the black and grey Chrollo Lucifer tattoo would appear impressive. Similarly, if you are a true fan of Killua, an anime and sketch format Killua tattoo with some colored tattoo ink lining would look great. And lastly, for the admirers of the artwork and charset of Hisoka, colorful Hisoka tattoos with pink, red, blue, and yellow tattoo ink are the best option. 

dark killua tattoo

Chrollo Lucilfer Tattoo

Chrollo Lucilfer tattoo best

Hisoka Morow Tattoo

Hisoka Morow Tattoo aesthetic

Spider Tattoo Meaning In Phantom Troupe:

Since Yoshihiro Togash created this iconic anime, people have been wondering about the spider tattoo meaning. The confusion is valid because every Hunter x Hunter gang member has spider number tattoos. However, the tattoos are not inked on the same body of all members, which explains that the tattoos are marks of the gang but not inked by force. According to some thirties, Chrollo Lucifer has marked each phantom troupe member. Regardless, fans of the manga and anime series are intrigued to know the actual explanation of this signature. 

There are several theories on the actual meaning of this spider; however, some of the most logical and popular spider tattoo meanings are as below:

  • The most consistent and popular meaning of these spiders is  membership in the group . When a new Hunter X member joins the team, he gets the iconic tattoo on the body part of their choice. So, it acts as a mark and symbol of their affiliation with the protagonist team in the phantom troupe. 
  • Another popular spider tattoo meaning is  danger and stealth . This also makes sense since the team comprises various gifted thrives. So, a spider accurately represents their professional ethic and nature as a gang to deceive and put fear in the hearts of their targets. 
  • Lastly, some fans have derived that spider tattoos mean the  rankings in leadership and power . This theory collides with the first one, but here, people assume that spider 0 (Chrollo Lucifer) is the most powerful one in the team—leadership and power decrease with descending spider number tattoos. 

chrollo lucilfer phantom troupe tattoo

Where is Feitan’s spider tattoo located?

According to most reliable sources, Feitan’s spider tattoo is on his back. Most of the time, we, as fans, cannot see his tattoo because he is wearing a large coat or robe. In the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter, Feitan’s spider tattoo, and every other team member represent loyalty, membership, and affiliation to others in the gang. 

bicep feitan spider tattoo

Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo: 

For girls and boys who love having pink and contrast colors pairing pink and purple phantom troupe, a tattoo has to be the best thing ever. We all already know how beautiful and aesthetic these contrasting color shades look with each other; inspiring a phantom tattoo with these colors is social and professional artists appreciate this choice. Instead of picking black and gray sketches for your arms and hands, a vivid and bright-colored phantom troupe tattoo is much more universal and realistic. 

hunter x hunter tattoo ideas

Blonde Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Recreating blonde from the Hunter x hunter phantom gang isn’t easy; a lot of research and skill will be useful. But if your professional tattoo creator manages to correct this blonde phantom tattoo, this might be the defining tattoo of your life. Get high-quality tattooing links to a skillful tattooing artist who would recreate blonde from troupe in an artistic way for you. 


Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

The main difference between the original cartoon-inspired design of phantom troupe tattoos and hunter x hunter anime tattoos is the amount of use for vibrant and neon colors in the tattooing process. These vivid and colorful tattoo ink shades in your phantom troupe will bring a new life to the archival tattooing collection of your body and express your undying love for the popular anime series. 

anime phantom troupe tattoo

Unique Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

While the strongly colorful phantom tattoos are the first choice of most anime lovers, some minimalist tattooed people are more interested in detailing tattoos. A small but full of details hunter x hunter phantom troupe tattoo is required to fulfill your desires. The best part of unique phantom troupe tattoos is that professional creatives fuse two characters in a design to make it look more stunning and mesmerizing. 


Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Select your chest, full arm, or leg to get the complete hunter x hunter phantom troupe gang tattooed on yourself. But that doesn’t have to be a very large tattooing masterpiece, as you can easily get the whole phantom troupe squad tattoos on a smaller scale too. The key point here is to select a tattooing artist who is very skilled and professional in their craft, so the hunter x hunter gang tattoo is okay. 

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Feminine Phantom Troupe Tattoo: 

Modern tattooing styles have dominated the art industry, but the retro style always rules all art forms. Now fuse retro style with feminine girly tattoo design , and it’s the perfect recipe to represent your personality. Like any other detailing tattoo, feminine tattoos inspired by the retro era could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on complexity and sizing. The feminine tattoo perfectly expresses how influential women are in modern art forms. The phantom troupe also puts the spotlight on feminine characters, so why not inspire a tattoo design from the show’s original concept? 

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Scary Phantom Troupe Tattoo: 

Enough talk about the bright and colorful tattoos, actual fans of phantom troupe know that the show’s theme is dark and mysterious. Ultimately the real admirers of the show desire to get a dark and scary Phantom Troupe tattoo. Professional creative artists also fulfill this wish of certain fans since several scary and spooky phantom troupe-inspired sketches are being used in tattooing. If your inspiration for the body inking procedure is dark and scary, then phantom troupe tattoos are perfect since they are animated on the same concept. 


Giant Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Thighs and shoulders are some of the most prominent and spacious body regions for inking tattoos. Getting a shoulder phantom troupe tattoo was once a dream for most of us as kids. Now it’s time to bring the dream into reality by talking with your tattoo artist about the tattoo idea. Most men could confidently pull off this giant shoulder hunter x hunter phantom troupe tattoo. Still, women can also try a smaller or more creative version of the same inspirational anime tattoo. 

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Manga Phantom Troupe Tattoo: 

The Animated show phantom troupe is much more famous and influential. But the manga comics of the fictional series are also equally great and impactful. The manga-inspired tattoos differ slightly from animated series tattoos. It’s because they demand more detailing and skill level for a tattooing artist. Moreover, the color scheme is more important in manga phantom troupe tattoos than any other tattooing idea. So, for those who want exact scenes from phantom troupe manga to be inked on their skin. 


Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

The size of a tattoo depends on the choice of the tattooed person, but most people prefer small tattoos over larger ones. Especially if you have a minimalistic phantom troupe design in mind, then the best method is to get a unique yet small Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo . The creative skills of your tattooing artist would decide how artistic your tattoo appears. So the phantom troupe design would play an important role in the outlook and color patterns. 

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Cartoon Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

We all know creative artists are really serious about their craft and tend to create the most innovative designs for anime lovers. This is respected by everyone in the tattooing community around the globe, but some tattooing clients desire to return the original sketch so characters from the anime. This leads the professional tattooing artist to switch to cartoon phantom troupe tattoo ideas. But these tattoo ideas aren’t boring, as the original anime is also great. 


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Black Spider Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

The black spider tattoo is one of the most obvious tattooing ideas for phantom troupe lovers. It is not a bad idea, but you can look stylishly inked with this black spider tattoo with an integer on the spider’s back. This represents the phantom troupe as a whole gang, or you can individually represent your favorite character by mentioning their numbering in the gang of hunter x hunter.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Big Thigh Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

I hope you weren’t too surprised by the simple black spider tattoo idea because this one is more expressive and stylish. You can have a phantom troupe tattoo on your thigh with great detailing and color combination. Of course, this would mostly suit men with muscular thighs, but if women want to carry that bold tattooing idea , they are most welcome into the hunter x hunter world. 


Colorful Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Instead of going too black or unicolor with the phantom troupe tattoos, you can add colors of tattooing ink to make it more integrated and creative for the viewers. In the modern world, great and high-quality tattooing colors are available in the market, which is used efficiently by tattooing artists to make great anime tattoos. However, Hunter x hunter tattoos were never meant to be boring or unicolor, so consult your tattooing expert for a colorful one now. 


Big Shoulder Troupe Tattoo:

While choosing a phantom troupe tattoo, how best would it be if there was a bigger and larger design to choose from? Various famous tattoo artists have paid real attention to creating larger-size tattoos , and the results are truly mesmerizing. A random small tattoo is easily inked within a few minutes, but huge ones like shoulder phantom’s tattoos can take 6 to 7 hours to complete. So, to get such a unique tattoo, you have to select the design, and the tattooing artist would adjust the sizing to your shoulder or arm. 


What Makes a Phantom Troupe Tattoo Apart from Other Anime Tattoos? 

Anime and other fictional artwork have always been revolutionizing and inspiring for more than one treason to the tattooing world. But What makes a phantom troupe tattoo apart from other anime tattoos? The character’s personalities, abilities, symbols and icons, animation style, and even the cultural impact of the phantom troupe are leading factors that make them unique . The originality and true artistic approach to Hunter x Hunter tattoos and creative projects have made it one of the most iconic and relevant anime to this day. 

The symbolic meaning behind each character’s actions and personality allows the audience to understand how life experiences shape the future. Some characters like Gon and Killua show positivity and heroic acts like Hisoka, and others are morally questionable sometimes. This balance of good and evil in the cruel, dark, but close-to-reality plot has made a phantom troupe tattoo royalty in a fictional tattooing community. 

Lastly, the idea of unity and loyalty, regardless of how difficult and dark life becomes, makes phantom troupe so special and apart from other anime. The core theme of Hunter x Hunter is loyalty and unity among family and friends. Each member of the Hunter gang comes from a different life and unique problems, but under the leadership of corolla lucifer, they all form an unbreakable family and bonding. 

Original Phantom Troupe Tattoo Placements:

Everyone used to be curious to see the spider tattoo placements of each gang member, and the animator ensured to drop hints about the tattoo allocation in the animation. However, since the original series was finished, most die-heart fans already knew tattoo placement for their favorite characters. So, if you watched the show and missed any of the character’s tattoo placement, we have a listing of Phantom tattoo places for you:

Phantom Troupe Tattoo Placements And Pain Level Intensity: 

The Phantom troupe is some of the most popular modern anime tattoo ideas, and the main reason for their popularity is that tattooing artists have been inking them on most body parts. While some generic body tattoos might seem boring, the specialty of Phantom troupe tattoos is that they never fail to show charm and spark the viewers’ interest. The anime lovers might have already chosen to get phantom troupe tattoos, but how much pain would they endure? Say less since the following is the pain chart for Phantom trope tattoos on different body regions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

The original anime series consists of each member of the Phantom troupe with a spider tattoo. The special thing about the spider tattoo was the numbering of the spider’s abdomen representing the ranking of each character in the squad. So, Phantom troupe tattoos meant positioning and membership of the anime characters, and later inspired hundreds of creative tattoo ideas. 

Chrollo Lucilfer founded and led this adventurous and thrilling collection of characters named Phantom troupe. It is said that besides Chrollo, everyone on the team has that twelve-legged spider with numbers. 

Yes, Chrollo Lucilfer is the leader of a Phantom troupe, a black-haired young man with beautiful gray eyes. Lucifer has incredible leadership skills, and he is also really powerful when it comes to fighting opponents. 

Shizuku Murasaki is one of the cutest and most beautiful characters in the Phantom troupe. She is admired by the fans and has a separate fanbase due to her natural charm and attractiveness. 

The actual tattoo placement of characters depends heavily on the animated series version and popular opinion. However, according to most reliable sources, Chrollo has a phantom troupe tattoo on the backside of the shoulder, Feitan on the left calf, Machi on the hand, Nobunaga on the left eye, and Omokage on the right-hand palm. 

Chrollo Lucilfer and Hisoka Marrow are the strongest characters in the Phantom troupe series. Marrow has transmuting capabilities, while Lucilfer has amazing leadership skills and stealing capabilities. 


These are the best phantom troupe tattoo ideas specially picked and arranged so that it becomes easy for you to decide which one is better for you. Hunter x hunter phantom troupe has been inspirational for most of the new generation of anime lovers. We managed to capture most of the tattooing ideas that are priorities of professional anime tattooers. You are most welcome if you want to merge coloring methods for a specific tattooing idea or fuse two anime tattoos to create your own artwork of wonder. Please consult your professional tattooing expert before finalizing your phantom troupe tattoo design so you don’t have to spend additional time reflecting on it again. Thanks for reading. 

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13+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas That Work

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phantom troupe tattoo

Get Inspired with these phantom troupe tattoo

In this post, we go a little niche and look at the phantom troupe tattoo, what they are and what they represent.

Listen to this post…

Who is the phantom troupe.

The Phantom Troupe is a famous street gang known for its distinctive tattoos. Each member of the troupe has a tattoo on their left shoulder. This unique and ominous tattoo serves as a warning to anyone crossing the Phantom Troupe. It also helps to identify gang members, including hunter x hunter, which can be helpful in times of trouble.

The Phantom Troupe members were formed in Japan in the early 1990s. At that time, the group was composed of refugees from several different countries. They all had one thing in common: they were all wanted criminals. The group’s leader, Chrollo Lucilfer, had a unique ability that allowed him to control the minds of others. This gave the Phantom Troupe performers a distinct advantage in the criminal underworld.

The character Phantom Troupe has since become one of the most feared gangs in the world. They are wanted for a wide variety of crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, and murder. They are also known for their violent and unpredictable behavior. Members of the troupe are not afraid to use violence to get what they want. They often take great pleasure in inflicting pain on others.

Despite their dangerous reputation, the Phantom Troupe is also fiercely loyal to one another. They will go to great lengths to protect their members. This makes them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

So, if you ever see a spider tattooed on someone’s shoulder, you know you’re dealing with a member of the Phantom Troupe. Be careful because they are not to be trifled with.

What does a phantom troupe numbers tattoo mean?

The Phantom Troupe was an infamous gang of thieves during the Yorknew City arc in 1999. Their leader Chrollo Lucilfer has a spider tattoo on his right palm , and all members have this spider-web pattern with a number underneath it tattooed on their bodies, representing their rank within the group.

For example, the ringleader Chrollo’s spider tattoo represents “000”. In 1999, there were about 27 or 28 people in The Phantom Troupe whenever they appeared. But nowadays, only 7 of them are known to be alive because some of them were killed by Kurapika, Pakunoda died from being shot by Chrollo, and two people committed suicide.

The meaning of the tattoos isn’t precisely clear, but it seems to represent some loyalty or commitment to the group. Some fans believe that getting a tattoo like this is a way of sacrificing one’s life for the group and showing dedication. They can be found on any body part, including the back, hand , elbow , and shoulder.

It’s also possible that the numbers have some other hidden meaning that we don’t know about yet. But whatever the case may be, these tattoos are unique and pretty badass!

So there you have it! The Phantom Troupe is an infamous gang of thieves with unique spider-web tattoos on their bodies. The significance of these tattoos isn’t entirely clear, but they seem to represent some loyalty or commitment to the group. Whether or not you’re a fan of The Phantom Troupe, these tattoos are pretty cool and worth speaking to your tattoo artist about!

For other cool tattoo ideas, why not look at our Manga series and Anime tattoo ideas . Other ideas might include a Demon slayer tattoo idea , Sailor Moon tattoos , Black widow tattoos , a Death Eater tattoo , Godzilla tattoo ideas , Goku symbol tattoo , even a Joker tattoo !

So, with that being said, let’s look at some great examples of phantom troupe tattoo ideas.

phantom troupe spider tattoo

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Take a look at these phantom troupe spider tattoo images…

phantom troupe tattoo locations

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feitan phantom troupe tattoo

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  • 50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas That Make Spiders Cool Again

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Last update : September 14, 2023

Reading time : minutes

Since the release of the popular anime series "Hunter x Hunter," the Phantom Troupe tattoo has been gaining popularity. Many people are curious about what the tattoo means and what it symbolizes. This blog post will explore the meaning behind this iconic tattoo and discuss its significance.

Are you only interested in tattoo designs and want to skip the educational part?

No problem, we got you covered! Click HERE to get inspired.

The Ph a ntom Troupe Tattoo And Its Meaning

The Phantom Troupe is a group of skilled and dangerous criminals in the popular anime series "Hunter x Hunter." Each member of the Troupe has a spider tattoo on their body, which represents their status as killers and their willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The Phantom Troupe tattoo is an iconic symbol that is highly recognizable to fans of the series.

The meaning of the Phantom Troupe tattoo is twofold. On the one hand , it serves as a symbol of the wearer's allegiance to the group. It shows that they are willing to kill for the Troupe and that they are willing to die for the cause. On the other hand, the tattoo also represents the wearer's skills as a killer. It is a reminder to others that they should be respected and feared. For fans of "Hunter x Hunter," the Phantom Troupe tattoo is a symbol of the series' complex and intriguing characters and storylines.

The Troupe is known for its brutality and is responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in the world. The members of the Troupe all have the same tattoo, which is how they got their names. The tattoo is typically located on a visible part of the body, such as the arm or chest , and is meant to be a symbol of their loyalty to the group.

All members of the Phantom Troupe, except for Chrollo, have a tattoo of a twelve-legged spider somewhere on their body. Each member's number within the group is represented by a different part of the spider tattoo. Feitan Portor and Hisoka Morow are known for their spider tattoos, and both have important roles within the Troupe. Feitan is the second-in-command, while Hisoka is a former member who left the group after falling in love with someone outside of the Troupe. Chrollo, the leader of the Troupe, is unique in that he does not have a spider tattoo. However, he does have the ability to steal other people's Nen abilities.

The only people whose tattoos have been seen are Shizuku and the now-deceased Uvogin. It is unclear how these numbers are assigned.

Although the twelve-legged spider is recognized as the emblem of the Troupe, its numbering isn't quite as well known.

Best Phantom Troupe Tattoo Placements and their pain levels

There are several locations on the body where the Phantom Troupe tattoo can be placed. Some common locations include the arm , chest, and back. The tattoo can also be placed on other areas of the body, such as the shoulder or hip . The placement of the tattoo often depends on the individual's personal preference and the size and design of the tattoo.

Phantom Troupe Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a relatively common place to get a tattoo, and the pain level is generally considered to be moderate. The inner forearm may be slightly more sensitive than the outer forearm.

Phantom Troupe ForearmTattoo

Phantom Troupe Rib Tattoo

The rib area is known to be a more painful place to get a tattoo due to the lack of fat and muscle in the area, as well as the close proximity to the bones .

Phantom Troupe Rib Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Back Tattoo

The back is a large area, so the pain level can vary depending on the specific location. Generally, the lower back is considered to be less painful than the upper back or shoulder blades.

Phantom Troupe Back Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Chest Tattoo

The chest can also be a painful place to get a tattoo, particularly if the tattoo is placed close to the ribcage or sternum .

Phantom Troupe Chest Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is a fairly common place to get a tattoo, and the pain level is generally considered to be moderate. The outer shoulder may be less painful than the inner shoulder or upper arm.

Phantom Troupe Shoulder Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Knee Tattoo

The knee is a bony area with little fat or muscle, so it can be a painful place to get a tattoo.

Phantom Troupe Knee Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Hip Tattoo

The hip is a relatively low-pain location for a tattoo, as it is a fleshy area with plenty of fat and muscle to cushion the tattoo needle. However, the skin on the hip may be more sensitive to the tattoo process due to the close proximity to the bone.

Phantom Troupe Hip Tattoo

General Breakdown Of Tattoo Pain Levels On Different Body Parts

Here is a breakdown of the different tattoo pain levels:

  • Low : This level of pain is generally described as a mild discomfort or tickling sensation. It is similar to the sensation of getting a light scratch or scrape.
  • Moderate : This level of pain is generally described as a moderate discomfort or aching sensation. It is similar to the sensation of getting a deep scratch or scrape or being pinched.
  • High : This level of pain is generally described as a strong discomfort or throbbing sensation. It is similar to the sensation of getting a burn or being stung by a bee.

It's important to note that pain tolerance is highly individual and can vary greatly from person to person. Some people may find certain body parts more or less painful than others, and the same body part can be more or less painful for different people. Additionally, the level of pain can be affected by factors such as the size and location of the tattoo, the skill of the tattoo artist, and the individual's own pain threshold.

Tattoo placement pain level chart

Tattoo aftercare tips, before getting a tattoo:.

Choose a reputable tattoo artist and parlor. Research the artist's portfolio and read reviews from previous clients.

Consult with the artist about the design and placement of the tattoo.

Make sure you are in good health. If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications that may affect your ability to heal, be sure to let your tattoo artist know.

Consider using a numbing cream to reduce pain during the tattooing process. These creams contain a numbing agent (such as lidocaine) that can be applied to the skin before the tattoo is done. It's important to follow the instructions on the numbing cream and to only use it as directed.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other substances that can thin your blood for at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo.

Eat a healthy meal before your tattoo session to ensure that your blood sugar is stable.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the area being tattooed.

After getting a tattoo:

Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. These may include:

Keeping the tattoo clean and covered with a bandage for the first few hours after getting tattooed.

Washing the tattoo with lukewarm water and a mild soap (such as unscented, antimicrobial soap) and patting it dry with a clean towel.

Applying a thin layer of tattoo ointment or lotion (such as A&D or Aquaphor) to the tattoo and covering it with a clean bandage or wrap.

Repeating this process for the first few days, or until the tattoo has fully scabbed over.

Avoid soaking the tattoo in water for the first week, such as in a bath or pool.

Avoid picking or scratching at the scabs, as this can cause the tattoo to fade or become infected.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or tanning beds for at least 2-4 weeks.

If you experience any redness, swelling, or unusual discharge, contact your tattoo artist or a healthcare professional.

Overall, it's important to keep your tattoo clean and moisturized during the healing process to ensure that it heals properly and looks its best. Using a numbing cream can help reduce pain during the tattooing process, but it's important to use it as directed and to follow all aftercare instructions to ensure that your tattoo heals properly.

Who Should Go For A Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

If you're a fan of anime or manga, then getting a Phantom Troupe Spider tattoo is a great way to show your dedication to the series. It's also a good choice for people who appreciate great artwork and want a tattoo that looks amazing. However, it's important to remember that the Phantom Troupe is a criminal organization. So, if you're considering this tattoo, make sure you understand its meaning before you get inked.

How Much Will A Phantom Troupe Tattoo Cost?

The cost of a Phantom Troupe members tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. Generally speaking, larger and more detailed tattoos will cost more than smaller and simpler designs. The price will also depend on the artist's skill level and reputation. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1000 for your tattoo.

What Is The Phantom Troupe?

The Phantom Troupe is a group of highly skilled and incredibly dangerous criminals. They are known for their brutality and have been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in the world. The members of the Troupe all have a spider tattoo on their bodies, which is how they got their names. The tattoo represents their status as killers and their willingness to kill anyone who gets in their way.

In the "Hunter x Hunter" series, the Phantom Troupe is made up of survivors from the destroyed metropolis of Meteor City, a junkyard city once ruled by outcasts. The city's existence is unconfirmed, and most people are unaware it exists. The Troupe was formed by Chrollo Lucilfer at some point with six other Meteor City residents, and currently consists of ten members. To join the group, one must kill a current member or be nominated by an existing member. The Troupe is known for their involvement in the massacre of the Kurta Clan, the theft of their Scarlet Eyes, and their role in the defense of Meteor City against the Chimera Ants.

Phantom Troupe

Basic Overview Of The Phantom Troupe

The group numbered thirteen during its Yorknew City mission and currently consists of ten members; it has a tattoo of a twelve-legged spider on its body. To join the group, one must kill a current member; other vacancies are filled by the group's leader or through member nominations.

The Troupe spends most of their time stealing and killing, with only the rare philanthropic act in between. After going through their new belongings, the leader sells them all off.

They are well-known for the massacre of the Kurta Clan and the thievery of their Scarlet Eyes. They are also a significant asset in Meteor City's defense, as shown when they defeated Zazen and her Chimera Ants. However, they are outliers even by the city's standards for their role in disrupting the ideal relationship with the Mafia.

Despite having close ties, the group will allow outsiders in if they have killed one of their own members. For example, Chrollo organized a massacre against the Mafia as revenge for when one of their teammates died. Similarly, after witnessing this event, Machi speculated that he might also ask the killer to join their side.

Phantom Troupe Members

The following is a list of the Phantom Troupe's current members and some notable former members.

Chrollo Lucilfer : The leader of the Phantom Troupe and one of the strongest members. He can steal other people's Nen abilities.

Feitan Portor : The second-in-command of the Phantom Troupe. This position was granted to whoever killed Zazan first. Formerly held by Feitan. He is an incredibly skilled fighter and is known for his sadistic nature .

Machi Komacine : A former member of the Phantom Troupe. She left the group after falling in love with a man outside the Troupe.

Nobunaga Hazama : A-Feitan Portor: A skilled fighter and member of the Phantom Troupe. He has a spider tattoo on his left eye, which is said to be the source of his  power .

Kalluto Zoldyck : Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck have one child: He is the youngest of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck's three children. He is a member of the Phantom Troupe, taking Hisoka's place.

Phinks Magcub : He is the fifth member of the Phantom Troupe. Out of his team, he was physically strong and ranked second.

Franklin Bordeau : is member #7 of the Phantom Troupe. He ranked fourth in physical strength among the group.

Shizuku Murasaki : is member #8 of the Phantom Troupe. Her physical strength ranked twelfth among the group.

Bonolenov Ndongo : is member #10 of the Phantom Troupe. His physical strength ranked eighth among the group.

Illumi Zoldyck : is the eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. At Hisoka's request, Illumi joins the Phantom Troupe as Uvogin's replacement, becoming Troupe member #11.

Former Member

Omokage : was the first member #4 of the Phantom Troupe, who was later replaced by Hisoka.

Hisoka Morow : is a Hunter and former member #4 of the Phantom Troupe; his physical strength ranked third in the group.

Shalnark : was member #6 of the Phantom Troupe and a Hunter. His physical strength ranked tenth among the group.

Pakunoda : was member #9 of the Phantom Troupe. Her physical strength ranked eleventh among the group.

Uvogin : was member #11 of the Phantom Troupe and physically the strongest in the group.

Kortopi : was member #12 of the Phantom Troupe and physically the weakest among the group.

Commando Team

Frontline soldiers are the personnel for this unit. One of their major tasks is to safeguard the reconnaissance and cleanup teams. Nobunaga and Uvogin Previously controlled it.

The Head of Information Gathering is held by Shalnark and Pakunoda in the  past .

Members were assigned the task of concealment. Shizuku is currently in charge.

phantom troupe group picture

Watch A Full Time-Lapse Video Of A Phantom Troupe Tattoo Done By A Pro:

50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas For Your Inspiration

Final thoughts.

A hunter x hunter phantom troupe tattoo is a great way to show your love for anime and manga. It's also a cool way to display your badassery to the world. Just ensure you understand the tattoo's meaning before you get inked. And, as always, be sure to do your research and find an experienced artist who can do the tattoo justice, and if you are not 100% sure about this tattoo be sure to check out other tattoo ideas as well.

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All Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoos : Chrollo Lucilfer Numberless Troupe

Background: - What kind of wallpaper is best for your home? Wallpapers are often a deciding factor in home décor. They can be a way to add personality and flavor to your living space, or simply as a backdrop for your pictures. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best wallpaper options for both personal and professional use.

searching about Phantom Troupe - Hunterpedia you’ve came to the right place. We have 10 Pics about Phantom Troupe - Hunterpedia like View 30 Hunter Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoos - Cuerda Wallpaper, Theory Discussion!: Spider Tattoos and Numbers of the Phantom Troupe and also View 30 Hunter Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoos - Cuerda Wallpaper. Here you go:

Phantom Troupe - Hunterpedia #


troupe phantom hisoka members arm ranking hunter wrestling strongest rank weakest vs hxh ryodan hunterxhunter strong number feitan anime strength.

Differences Between Anime and Western Animation: Animation generally has a lighter mood while WesternAnimation is more serious. There are a few key differences between anime and Western Animation. One major difference is that anime generally has a lighter mood while WesternAnimation is more serious. Another big difference is that anime typically uses more animation than WesternAnimation. Lastly, anime often features characters that are more humorous than WestAnimation characters.

Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Hisoka #


Cool wallpapers for different devices: cool wallpapers for different devices

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Chrollo Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo #

Chrollo Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo


chrollo lucilfer numberless troupe.

Wallpapers are a great way to set the tone of a room or home. They can also be used as an easy way to add personality and style to a room.

Hunter X Hunter Ryodan Phantom Troupe Wallpapers | Josuamarcelc #


troupe ryodan chimera.

Types of cool wallpaper: There are many types of cool wallpaper, but some of the most popular include abstract art, nature scenes, and pop art. If you’re looking for a wallpaper that will add a little life to your home or office space, consider something that’s both stylish and classic.

Pin By Sakura On Hunter X Hunter | Hunter Tattoo, Anime Tattoos, Spider #


phantom troupe hunter tattoo hisoka spider symbol trupe fantasma tatoo ryodan genei tatuagem villains tattoos anime wikia wiki ideias.

Theory Discussion!: Spider Tattoos And Numbers Of The Phantom Troupe #

Theory Discussion!: Spider Tattoos and Numbers of the Phantom Troupe


troupe hunterxhunter tattoos.

Anime wallpaper is a popular way to show off your love of anime in a visual way. There are many different types of anime wallpaper, from classic cel-shading to realistic graphics. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or futuristic, there’s always something to choice from.

View 30 Hunter Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoos - Cuerda Wallpaper #

View 30 Hunter Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoos - Cuerda Wallpaper


When it comes to desktop wallpaper, there are a variety of options to choose from. A few popular choices include: HD wallpaper, retina wallpaper, and high definition wallpaper. All of these Wallpapers come in a variety of resolutions, which can make them perfect for any desktop or mobile device.

My Babies // Phantom Troupe Chrollo Lucilfer | Hunter Anime, Hunter X #


phantom troupe hunter members numbers spider manga hisoka names chrollo tattoo anime lucilfer togashi.

Pin On Hunter X Hunter #

hunter shizuku phantom members troupe hxh spider anime manga blinky character spiders characters deviantart hisoka murasaki.

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10 Best Kurapika Quotes In Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika is stoic and determined. His friendship with Gon, Killua, and Leorio and thirst for vengeance led to some of the best quotes in HxH.

The shonen genre is full of memorable anime series, but few are as unique or well-received as the beloved classic, Hunter x Hunter . Released in 2011 as a reboot of the original 1999 series, Hunter x Hunter follows the story of Gon Freecss, a young boy hoping to pass the Hunter Exam and reunite with his long-lost father.

Along the way, Gon befriends a variety of different individuals, including a level-headed stranger known as Kurapika. Kurapika quickly becomes one of Gon's most trusted allies, and throughout the course of their journey, he utters some of the most memorable quotes in Hunter x Hunter .

RELATED: 10 Most Shocking Moments In Hunter X Hunter, Ranked

10 "I Do Not Fear Death."

Episode 1 — "departure x and x friends".

"I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time."

Hunter x Hunter wastes no time in its first episode, immediately introducing three of the series' main characters — Gon Freecss, Leorio Paladinight, and Kurapika Kurta — as they sail to the site of the Hunter Exam. The latter of this trio, Kurapika, is quite a stoic figure, but despite his reserved nature, he quickly forges a bond with Gon and Leorio.

While the group is still sailing to the Hunter Exam, they encounter a stretch of extremely rough waters, which doesn't seem to faze Kurapika whatsoever. In fact, he goes as far as to state that he doesn't even fear death itself, foreshadowing the events of his tragic backstory.

9 "A Blow To My Pride Is Nothing."

Episode 4 — "hope x and x ambition".

"A blow to my pride is nothing. Not when compared to my clan's suffering."

The First Phase of the Hunter Exam tasks the examinees with following Satotz, an extremely agile Ruins Hunter, to the site of the Second Phase. The participants travel tens of kilometers during this phase, giving characters like Kurapika and Leorio plenty of time to get to know each other.

Eventually, Leorio discovers that Kurapika hails from the Kurta Clan — a group that was brutally murdered for their rare and valuable eyes. Kurapika dismisses the difficulty of the First Phase and compares it to the suffering of his clan, firmly establishing where his motivations for becoming a Hunter stem from.

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8 "As Soon As I Saw That Spider, My Vision Went Almost Completely Red."

Episode 9 — "beware x of x prisoners".

"In my mind, I knew right from the start that the tattoo was a fake. As soon as I saw that spider, my vision went almost completely red."

As Hunter x Hunter 's protagonists progress through the Hunter Exam, they encounter more and more dangerous opponents. By the Third Phase, Kurapika and his allies are pit against the heinous prisoners of Trick Tower, all of whom stand to knock years off their prison sentence by delaying prospective Hunters. One of these prisoners, Majitani, even claims to be part of the infamous group of criminals known as the Phantom Troupe.

Unbeknownst to Majitani, who isn't actually part of the Phantom Troupe, Kurapika holds a massive grudge against the group for their role in the slaughter of his clan. After making short work of Majitani, Kurapika tells Leorio that he lost his cool the instant he saw Majitani's fake Phantom Troupe tattoo. The feud between the Troupe and Kurapika is a major part of Hunter x Hunter 's narrative, and this quote introduces their animosity in beautiful fashion.

7 "If You Insist On Taking Them By Force, Prepare To Fight Me For Them!"

Episode 16 — "defeat x and x disgrace".

"I will not allow you to take my [badge] — the same goes for the other two. If you insist on taking them by force, prepare to fight me for them!"

Kurapika isn't afraid of taking on stronger opponents, but even by his standards, Hisoka is far too dangerous to justify fighting in the Hunter Exam. For the most part, Hunter x Hunter 's characters give the clown a wide berth; however, during the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam, they are finally forced into direct conflict.

When Hisoka encounters Kurapika and Leorio, Kurapika is very wary of his opponents. Despite his apprehension, he stands his ground and prepares for battle, pledging to protect himself and Leorio against what seem like insurmountable odds. Although Kurapika is rarely one to take unnecessary risks, this quote is clear evidence that he'll fight anything that stands in between him and his goals.

6 "There Are Two Things That Collectors Always Want."

Episode 39 — "wish x and x promise".

"There are two things that collectors always want. The first is any item of extreme rarity. The second is colleagues to whom they can brag about their collection."

Kurapika and his allies are all nuanced individuals, but if there's one thing that's consistent about his character, it's his unyielding resentment of the greed that killed his clan. The Kurta Clan were murdered for their eyes, which are highly valuable on the black market.

During his hunt for the Phantom Troupe, Kurapika encounters an individual indirectly connected to the Troupe. This contact collects human trophies similar to the eyes of the Kurta Clan, prompting Kurapika to comment on the shallow nature of those who engage in such hobbies.

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5 "For Your Sins, You'll Pay With Your Life!"

Episode 47 — "condition x and x condition".

"You're scum. For your sins, you'll pay with your life."

The Phantom Troupe and its members all possess incredible abilities, yet even by their standards, Uvogin is extremely strong. His physical strength is the greatest of the entire group, and with his Enhancement-type Nen abilities, he's the definition of raw, unbridled power.

However, whereas Uvogin's strength stems from his love of combat, Kurapika's stems from a lifelong quest for revenge. These perspectives are brought into direct conflict in Hunter x Hunter 's Yorknew City Arc when the pair square off, at which point Kurapika reminds his opponent the consequences of his ruthless aggression.

4 "You Will Never Break These Chains!"

"Filthy bastard! Is that seriously all you can think about? You will never break these chains!"

Uvogin proves to be a capable opponent, but he's ultimately no match for Kurapika's versatile chains and Nen technique. The blonde-haired Hunter captures the member of the Phantom Troupe before interrogating him, which unfortunately yields little information.

As Uvogin continues to try and break free from his bindings, Kurapika becomes enraged with the criminal's lust for violence, fueling his rage and helping him grow even stronger. Before killing his opponent, Kurapika chastises Uvogin for his actions, just like he said he would at the beginning of their encounter.

3 "I've Been Blessed With Good Friends."

Episode 55 — "allies x and x lies".

"If one of you ends up revealing my secret — which I doubt — I still won't regret a thing. I've been blessed with good friends."

Kurapika's relationship with Leorio, Killua, and Gon is always amicable, but it still serves as more of a means to an end than a true, unqualified friendship. However, as Hunter x Hunter 's narrative progresses, he grows closer to his companions and even comes to value them as vital parts of his life.

In a sign of wholehearted trust, Kurapika tells his allies about his powers, his binding contract, and his quest to kill the members of the Phantom Troupe. If this information fell into the wrong hands, it could ruin Kurapika's quest for revenge, so the fact that he's willing to share it with Leorio, Killua, and Gon is a true sign of friendship.

2 "You Shouldn't Let Appearances Deceive You."

Episode 57 — "initiative x and x law".

"You shouldn't let appearances deceive you."

While all the Phantom Troupe's members are impressive, none of their efforts would be possible were it not for their enigmatic leader, Chrollo. As a criminal, his ability to steal Nen techniques is invaluable, and after countless successful operations, he grows confident in his abilities.

Chrollo maintains his level-headedness following his capture at the hands of Kurapika, which rightfully infuriates his captor. After the Phantom Troupe's leader comments that he didn't expect Kurapika to be posing as a woman, the Hunter angrily reminds his adversary of how important it is to avoid making assumptions based on appearance.

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1 "I Will Not Lose My Friends!"

Episode 58 — "signal x to x retreat".

"I must get those two back — that is my top priority. I've lost too many people already. I will not lose my friends!"

Kurapika's capture of Chrollo is incredibly impressive, yet it comes at a severe cost — Gon and Killua's capture. This predicament puts Kurapika in between a rock and a hard place, forcing him to choose between two options: exacting his revenge on Chrollo, thereby allowing the Troupe to kill Gon and Killua, or releasing his prisoner, guaranteeing the safety of his two friends.

Given Kurapika's motivations, it would make sense for him to cut the head off the snake by killing Chrollo. However, he refuses to compromise his morals, and in one of the most selfless acts in the entire series, he forgoes his revenge in order to save his two friends. This moment is a perfect representation of what makes Kurapika such an engaging character while simultaneously demonstrating what makes him different from the criminals that he's hunting.


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Spasskaya Tower Military Music Tattoo in Moscow

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Moscow Current Events

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Moscow in miniature Would you like to see the central part of the largest city model that will enter the Guinness Book of World Records? You have an excellent chance to do it till the end of 2015 in All-Russia Exhibition Centre VDNKh. We belive that an architecture model of Moscow (Moscow in miniature) performed at a scale of 1:400 is really worth seeing.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Russian Impressionism Museum Art-buffs are welcome to visit the Russian Impressionism Museum, which opened its doors in Moscow on the 28th of May. The exhibition hall is located on the grounds of the former “Bolshevik” confectionery factory grounds.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

Robostation in VDNH If you are interested in everything connected with robots you should certainly attend one of the most curious interactive museum called Robostation, situated in All-Russia Exhibition Centre VDNH. Here visitors of all ages have a great chance to get acquainted with modern robots, take part in different activities, enjoy technopark, chemistry show and show of dancing robots.

Archive Of Moscow Events:

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

19.06.2019 — 15.09.2019 Shchukin. Biography of a Collection. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts presents one of the most prominent collections of European Modernist art, encompassing the most important artistic trends of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The Shchukin exhibition includes masterpieces by Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gaugin, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and other masters.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

18.05.2019 — 19.05.2019 Moscow Museums Night 2019 In 2019 in Moscow Museums Night will be held on May 18. Hundreds of urban cultural spaces will be open until midnight, and some until morning. Many galleries and museums have prepared special programs with free guided tours, concerts and master classes. 2019 year in Russia has been declared as the Year of the Theater, therefore many events will be devoted to the history of the theater.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

16.03.2019 — 18.08.2019 Ilya Repin exhibition All art admirers are welcome to the New Tretyakov Gallery to see a large-scale exhibition of works by Ilya Repin. He was the most renowned Russian realist artist of the 19th century.Please be aware that tickets for the exhibition can only be bought in advance and are not sold on the day of the visit at the box office.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

18.01.2019 — 23.02.2019 Primeval Russia Photo Exhibition One of the most interesting photo festivals opened its doors to the visitors of all ages in CHA (Tsentralny Dom Hudozhnika). The exhibition uniting more than 500 works is devoted to Russian nature. The project “Primeval Russia” was organized by the enthusiastic photographers, documentary directors, cameramen, travelers and scientists. These talented people wanted not only to share the most fascinating views of our country and reveal some interesting facts about wild animals but also to draw visitors' attention to the main theme - relationships between man and nature.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

31.10.2018 — 20.01.2019 East: Another Beauty Exhibition 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the State Museum of the Oriental Art. The State Museum of the Oriental Art is the only cultural center in Russia specializing in the storage, study and popularization of the eastern peoples' culture and art.

phantom troupe spider tattoo chrollo

13.10.2018 — 14.10.2018 Moscow is behind us 1941. The military-historical festival Did you know that Borodino Field was not only the location of the Battle of Borodino during Napoleoinic Wars but also the place of a severe clash between the Soviet and German forces in 1941? Join the festival of military reconstruction where the events of the WW II will come to life.

Moscow in 1 day

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  1. Phantom Troupe

    Members of the Phantom Troupe, with the possible exception of Chrollo, sport a tattoo of a twelve-legged spider somewhere on their body. Inside the spider, there is a number ranging from 1 to 12, which differs for each member. [26]

  2. 13+ Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Try a Temporary Tattoo. Feitan Portor is the #2 member of the Phantom Troupe, a notorious group of robbers. His physical strength is the fifth-best in the group. Feitan became the leader of the Phantom Troupe after defeating Zazan until Chrollo's return. Even among the Spiders, Feitan stands out in terms of battle prowess.

  3. Chrollo Lucilfer

    Chrollo Lucilfer (クロロ゠ルシルフル, Kuroro Rushirufuru) is the founder, leader, and member #0 of the Phantom Troupe. His physical strength ranked seventh among the group. Chrollo is a young man with black hair and grey eyes. Two of his distinguishing features are the cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings. He is usually seen wearing a dark purple coat ...

  4. 30 Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas

    Chrollo: cross-shaped tattoo on forehead; Shizuku: #8 tattoo on the lower left side of her belly; Uvogin: ... Demi Lovato recently got inked with a 3D spider on her scalp, and it looks eerily similar to the Phantom Troupe spider tattoo. In fact, this spider looks so realistic that the star had to shave an inch of hair off her scalp before ...

  5. 21 Killer Phantom Troupe Tattoos • Body Artifact

    21 Killer Phantom Troupe Tattoos. October 22, 2022. Essie. The Phantom Troupe is a clan of thieves from the 1999 anime series Hunter x Hunter. In the show, the 13 members famously had spider tattoos signifying their role in the clan. Since the show ended, fans across the world have gotten tattoos to remember the show - ranging from ...

  6. 13 Latest Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

    Try " Tattoo Balm ". The Phantom Troupe is a notorious group of skilled thieves in the world of Hunter x Hunter, led by the cunning Chrollo Lucilfer. They are also known as the Spider, with Chrollo acting as the head and the other members as the pedipalps. Shizuku Murasaki joined the gang after a former 8th member was killed by Silva Zoldyck.

  7. Top 38 Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design Ideas (2023 Updated)

    1. Black Spider Ink Tattoo. Image Source: @mao.abr.ttt. A must-try Phantom Troupe tattoo if you want to represent and show your love for all of the characters. This spider represents all of them combined into one unit, which is a must-do and a must-try tattoo if you want to rock and represent each one of them equally.

  8. 101 Best Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe

    Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo @tatt.umi via Instagram - Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo. If your love for Chrollo surpasses all bounds, it is a good idea to get his very own spider tattoo at the same place to upgrade your status as an Otaku. The abdomen of Chrollo's spider tattoo discloses the number 0 to mark him as the head of the ...

  9. 122 Timeless Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas to Recreate This Year

    Similarly, a Phantom Troupe tattoo should start with Chrollo Lucilfer. Besides being the leader, Chrollo Lucilfer is also the strongest member of the clan and should definitely be your preferred design if he's your favorite character. ... Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo. Be a part of the Phantom Troupe and get the traditional spider tattoo. The ...

  10. Top 10 phantom troupe tattoo chrollo ideas and inspiration

    Find and save ideas about phantom troupe tattoo chrollo on Pinterest.

  11. 50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas (Hunter x Hunter) 2023

    The original anime series consists of each member of the Phantom troupe with a spider tattoo. The special thing about the spider tattoo was the numbering of the spider's abdomen representing the ranking of each character in the squad. ... However, according to most reliable sources, Chrollo has a phantom troupe tattoo on the backside of the ...

  12. Chrollo's spider tattoo: Hunter X Hunter tattoo

    Chrollo's spider tattoo: Hunter X Hunter tattoo. The phantom troupe spider. itsmayahan. 638 followers. Black Ink Tattoos. Dope Tattoos. Anime Tattoos. Hand Tattoos. Tattoos For Guys. Sleeve Tattoos. Tattoo Style Drawings. Tattoo Sketches. One Piece Tattoos.

  13. Chrollo has a spider tattoo? [Phantom Troupe]

    He almost definitely has a tattoo, but it hasn't been revealed yet - his is almost definitely numbered 0 or 13. There isn't a 0th month either, but each of the legs are given a month, and the head is Chrollo - So it could be either 13 or 0. I personally think it will be 13 (well 60:40 55:45) because the bad luck fits into the whole troupe thing ...

  14. Chrollo's spider tattoo: Hunter X Hunter tattoo

    Chrollo's spider tattoo: Hunter X Hunter tattoo. The phantom troupe spider. I. itsmayahan. 637 followers. Black Ink Tattoos. Dope Tattoos. Anime Tattoos. Hand Tattoos.

  15. Chrollo Spider Tattoo- Phantom Troupe

    23-ago-2021 - Sameeksha Nair descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest.

  16. 13+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas That Work in 2023

    What does a phantom troupe numbers tattoo mean? The Phantom Troupe was an infamous gang of thieves during the Yorknew City arc in 1999. Their leader Chrollo Lucilfer has a spider tattoo on his right palm, and all members have this spider-web pattern with a number underneath it tattooed on their bodies, representing their rank within the group.

  17. 50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas That Make Spiders Cool Again

    The Ph a ntom Troupe Tattoo And Its Meaning. The Phantom Troupe is a group of skilled and dangerous criminals in the popular anime series "Hunter x Hunter." Each member of the Troupe has a spider tattoo on their body, which represents their status as killers and their willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The Phantom Troupe tattoo is an iconic symbol that is highly ...

  18. All Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoos : Chrollo Lucilfer Numberless Troupe

    Spider Tattoos and Numbers of the Phantom Troupe and also View 30 Hunter Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoos - Cuerda Wallpaper. Here you go: Phantom Troupe - Hunterpedia# Source: troupe phantom hisoka members arm ranking hunter wrestling strongest rank weakest vs hxh ryodan hunterxhunter strong number feitan anime strength.

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    Russia. black graphic japanese whipshading oriental. (95) Find Tattoo Artist. Ilya Martynov tattoo ⭐ Contact and booking infomation ⭐ Rating and Reviews ⭐ Tattoo photos, designs, portfolio 👉 Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

  20. Best Kurapika Quotes In Hunter X Hunter

    The shonen genre is full of memorable anime series, but few are as unique or well-received as the beloved classic, Hunter x Hunter.Released in 2011 as a reboot of the original 1999 series, Hunter x Hunter follows the story of Gon Freecss, a young boy hoping to pass the Hunter Exam and reunite with his long-lost father. Along the way, Gon befriends a variety of different individuals, including ...

  21. Anal Kudasai

    Country of origin: Russia Location: Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast / St. Petersburg Status: Active Formed in: 2013 Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind Themes:

  22. Spray Gun Tattoo

    Spray Gun Tattoo, Москва. 226 likes · 115 were here. Tattoo artist from Russia. Styles : CHICANO, realism, lettering Open for cooperation (WhatsApp)

  23. Spasskaya Tower Military Music Tattoo in Moscow

    Spasskaya Tower Military Music Tattoo in Moscow 31.08.2011 - 04.09.2011. ... Another interesting program is prepared by the cultural troupe from China. Chinese dragons will come to life on Red Square, there'll be an original cavalry theatre performance, and the show will resemble a traditional Chinese prayer for the prosperity of the country ...

  24. Chrollo Spider Tattoo- Phantom Troupe

    Chrollo Spider Tattoo- Phantom Troupe. Sameeksha Nair. 12 followers. Small Black Tattoos. Cute Tiny Tattoos. Pretty Tattoos. Mini Tattoos. Small Male Tattoos. Subtle Tattoos. Dope Tattoos. Anime Tattoos. Simple Tattoos For Guys.