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This is a change log of all changes that have been made to Phantom Forces. This main page currently displays all changes for Versions 6-8 . Use the tabs at the top of the article to switch between the various major versions of the game. Use the Contents menu to zero in on a specific update. Use Control + F to search for a specific term.

How to know the version of your server

Server version ex1

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When you start a game, look in the bottom right corner of the game's screen. You can easily see the current version of your server. Sometimes the new and old versions will run at the same time on different servers, and at other times the developers will perform a full shutdown to ensure that new servers are in circulation.

Server version ex2

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September 1st Update

  • New Freecam System
  • New Firemode Display
  • Players can now scroll through their skin inventory when rolling cases
  • New Settings: Toggle Muzzle Effects First person, Toggle Muzzle Smoke First Person, Enable Tracer Visibility Through Optics
  • Fixed the game auto spectating a player after the round is over
  • Fixed weapon display name when selling skins
  • Attempted fixes for spotting state desyncs
  • Attempted work around for a new roblox datastore bug
  • Increased heal rate
  • Changes to sensitivity
  • Changes to balance the EMP-SLIDE bug/feature
  • Reduced resolution of aperture sight picture to improve performance
  • Improved glass hack usage detection for applying deoptimizations/compatibilitie
  • Can now skip the killcam by pressing spacebar
  • Various rounding error fixes in more than 400 weapon modules.
  • Fixed scope recovery/breath speeds - Rebalanced the tracerless attachment
  • Experimental M107 sweetspot & 310 rpm rebalance
  • New recoil on MSG90 and FIVE-0
  • Minor balancing changes elsewhere
  • Removed Muzzle Booster, Muffler and Oil Filter on AK12C to workaround a attachment conflict
  • Sound changes to several weapons

June 19th Update

  • Now all scope's have a glass lens that removes the glass tunnel, improving overall visibility and usability of scopes.
  • This overhaul also required the usage of new physical mesh models for bullet holes and firearm muzzle flashes
  • More control in traversing/modifying the full weapon data structure
  • Better defined rulesets for stat declarations
  • Better defined priority rules for setter override behavior
  • Proper multiplication stacking support
  • Each recoil axis is applied separately
  • Speed and damping defined per axis and layer
  • Sets active recoil springs to its recovery values after a delay
  • Modifies camera direction without modifying point of aim (similar to camera suppression)
  • Modifies camera direction that modifies point of aim (standard camera shake)
  • All weapons converted into new recoil format while preserving identical behavior
  • G36, SCAR-H, MG42, PPSH-41, MODEL 870, M107, MK11, DEAGLE XIX
  • New recoil stats page
  • New recoil simulation display
  • New recoil dot graph projection
  • Supports more damage points beyond damage0/damage1 and range0/range1 parameters
  • Added nodes to display range and damage values
  • Removed damage and range stats from advanced stats
  • Removed accuracy stat bars
  • Minor fixes to stats that were not highlighting changes correctly
  • Added "pellet count" to main stats
  • Head multiplier
  • Torso multiplier
  • Limb multiplier
  • Full List of Changes can be found here

Independence Day update - July 1st, 2023

  • 2 new guns: M17, ChainSAW
  • New Menu Lobby
  • Now, the state of all 3 flags is shown on the top center of the screen
  • Capture progress is saved instead of lost whenever a capture is interrupted. This progress is also depleted whenever the enemy begins capturing.
  • Changes to melee mechanics, in order to make the hit registration match the view models more closely.
  • VIP Server changes. Now server owners can block certain weapons from being spawned in with by simply clicking a toggle next to the weapon's name in the loadout menu.
  • Various internal changes

Version 8.0.1 Update - April 1, 2023

  • 4 New Primaries: Stoner 96, MGV-176, Five-0 and BWC-9
  • New Map: Containers O' Fun
  • 2 New Gamemodes: Stab and Duel
  • New Reload Animations for the PP-2000
  • Miscellaneous changes to reticles and attachment positioning
  • Full Changelog found here

Version 8.0.0 Update - February 28,2023

  • Major server-side code rewrite and cleanup
  • Game mode logic rewrite
  • Swap temporarily added between version 8.0.0 and 8.0.0f
  • New models for: M231, BEOWULF TCR, POCKET KNIFE
  • M2011 now uses a different base color scheme
  • New melee: HARVESTER
  • Clementine Rank is now 129 (from 132)
  • Fire Axe Rank is now 150 (from 141)
  • Grizzly Rank is now 144 (from 143)
  • Darkheart Rank is now 145 (from 150)
  • M2011 Rank is now 146 (from 150)
  • Streiter Rank is now 151 (from 147)
  • HK51B Rank is now 160 (from 157)
  • Minor balancing changes

Update 7.1.1 - January 30,2023

  • Quality of life changes to the various weapon models
  • Balance changes to the AUG Family of weapons
  • Minisight Reticle size reduced
  • Global Offensive Scope Sway Amplitude Reduced

Winter Holiday Update - December 24, 2022

  • 2 New Guns: Colt MARS, M16A1
  • New Weapon Models: M16A3, M16A4, Colt LMG, C7A2, C8A2 and Tommy Gun
  • Remington 700 renamed to Model 700
  • Remington 870 renamed to Model 870
  • SCAR HAMR renamed to HAMR IAR
  • New Attachments: Wooden Furniture AND 45 ACP Conversion (G3) Burst Grouping (M16A3)
  • Various Rebalances across weapons and attachments

November 3, 2022 update - Client-side framework rewrite into object oriented programming AND HUD UI rewrite

  • Round/Radar
  • Player Status
  • Revised HUD Details, now more in line with the new UI's design
  • Commenced work on breaking the single local script client-side framework into a multiple module script architecture
  • Improved state table organization
  • Character Replication rewritten
  • Weapon Logic Rewritten
  • Camera Controller Rewritten
  • In-Game HUD logic reconstructed from scratch

October 29, 2022 update - Content storage restructuring

  • Revamped In-Game HUD
  • Advanced Stats now correctly list the "Aim Model Speed"(time to Aim Down Sights) and "Aim Magnification Speed"(time to switch between normal stance FOV and sight/scope magnified FOV) stats
  • Fixed behavior in transition between model ADS and scope magnification.
  • All weapon components are now consolidated into a single folder per weapon
  • All weapon folders are now regrouped into class folders
  • All attachment components are now consolidated into a single folder per attachment
  • Attachments resorted into subcategory folders

Independence Update 4/7/2022 - Menu UI rewrite

  • New Revamped Menu UI with new features.
  • New Guns: M1903 , C8A2 , Can Cannon .
  • Many new grenade varieties.
  • New weapon aesthetic changes and balance changes.
  • Default values for these commands are 1 for menuscale and 1.778 for menuaspectratio.
  • Turned the game's main script(~12,000 lines of code) into several different module scripts
  • UI now uses pre-built elements in StarterGui
  • UI entirely rebuilt from scratch
  • Began experimental approach to automatic aspect ratio scaling (defaults to 16:9)



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    V1 β & α This is a change log of all changes that have been made to Phantom Forces. This main page currently displays all changes for Versions 6-8. Use the tabs at the top of the article to switch between the various major versions of the game. Use the Contents menu to zero in on a specific update. Use Control + F to search for a specific term.