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Luigi’s Mansion 4 – What You Should Know

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Move over, Mario. It’s Luigi’s time to shine once again. After clearing out The Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3, the ghost-busting reluctant hero from the Mushroom Kingdom has at least one more haunt in him. Luigi’s Mansion 4 is coming, and if you’ve enjoyed his escapades so far, you’ll want to keep abreast of what the green machine is up to.

Is this the final outing for Luigi, the plumber-turned-ghost hunter? Is Mario going to be by his green-clad brother’s side? There’s a lot of speculation going on around Luigi’s latest haunt, but this is everything you should know about Luigi’s Mansion 4.

When Will Luigi’s Mansion 4 Be Released?

As of writing this, it’s Nintendo hasn’t really said much about Luigi’s Mansion 4, so a 2023 release is out of the question. There’s also a fairly stocked late-year lineup, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, WarioWare: Move It!, Super Mario RPG, and the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC filling up the remainder of the year.

Since little has been said about Luigi’s latest supernatural adventure, even an early 2024 or mid-2024 release is highly unlikely. So, it’s safe to say Luigi’s Mansion 4 likely won’t drop until at least 2025 —and that means it could even be game for Nintendo’s new console rumored to have been demoed at Gamescom 2023 .

Where Will Luigi’s Mansion 4 Take Place?

One of the biggest reveals of any Luigi’s Mansion release has been the central haunted location. Previous entries have featured mansions, clockwork factories, mines, and hotels. Where Luigi’s Mansion 4 will take place remains a mystery, and there are so many opportunities for Nintendo to increase the scale of Luigi’s latest foray into the realm of the supernatural.

While an open world Luigi’s Mansion may be a little too expansive, a map layout like Dark Moon isn’t completely beyond the realm of possibilities. For those who haven’t played the first sequel, Dark Moon featured multiple locations on a larger map. This allowed for a greater variety of locations, though the mission-based structure limited free exploration.

Could Luigi’s Mansion 4 rectify the series’ restrictive linearity and allow Luigi to determine his own path? It would certainly be a nice change of pace.

What Kind of Game is Luigi’s Mansion 4?

Luigi's Mansion

It’s highly unlikely Nintendo will deviate from the formula that’s worked for three games. Luigi’s Mansion 4 will most definitely follow the hapless hero in another spooky action-adventure title in some oversized haunted location. Equipped with his trusty ghost-catching Poltergust vacuum, which will surely receive a few upgrades in the new entry, he’ll hunt down and bust pesky poltergeists, bothersome Boos, and annoying apparitions.

Being the fourth entry, it may be time for Nintendo to make some bigger changes. Luigi’s Mansion 3 introduced a co-op option with the gelatinous Gooigi, but maybe this go-around Luigi will be accompanied by another Mushroom Kingdom resident. Maybe he’ll take the reins and Mario will serve as an AI or player-controlled assistant? Or could the narrative split and see the two brothers tackling their only paranormal perils?

Who is Developing Luigi’s Mansion 4?

As of writing this, there isn’t a developer pegged for Luigi’s Mansion 4. However, since Dark Moon, the series has been under the care of the Vancouver-based Next Level Games. The developer launched its first title, NHL Hitz Pro, in 2003, and has built up a fairly notable library of releases that includes Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Strikers: Battle League, Punch-Out!! for the Wii, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, and even some work on the 2004 horror title, The Suffering.

Since 2013, Next Level Games has worked exclusively with Nintendo, and that’s not going to change after Nintendo purchased them in 2021.

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Luigi's Mansion (series)

This article is under construction . Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.

The Luigi's Mansion series is a series of action-adventure video games with a few light horror elements. It spans over three different systems and consists of three different games. It is a spin-off from the Super Mario series. It is the only series within the Super Mario franchise to have all of its games feature Luigi as the main protagonist, instead of Mario . Throughout the series, Luigi explores various haunted buildings, taking on a ghost-hunting role by capturing various types of hostile ghosts . The series commenced with the release of the first Luigi's Mansion game as a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube .

  • 2.1 Main games
  • 2.2 Arcade game
  • 2.3 Remakes
  • 3.1 Protagonists
  • 3.2 Major Antagonists
  • 5 Similarities between the games
  • 6 Names in other languages
  • 7 References

Gameplay [ edit ]

Ghosts artwork for Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS.

The gameplay revolves around Luigi exploring various haunted locations solving puzzles and defeating ghosts. The player uses Luigi's Poltergust to stun and vacuum up ghosts. In the first game, the player would have to use the flashlight to stun ghosts' hearts once they were exposed. From the second game onwards players use the Strobulb to stun ghosts and then proceed to suck them up, but also a device known as the Dark-Light Device that would reveal objects that were hidden by spirit balls. This was used for puzzles and secret areas. The first game featured portrait ghosts that the player would have to defeat by exposing their heart through a certain method, whereas the third game has Boss Ghosts that are similarly required to be defeated through certain methods. All three games feature bosses, with the first having three and a final boss, the second having five and a final boss and the third having sixteen and a final boss. The first game features certain portrait ghosts such as Chauncey and Bogmire , the second game features a Possessor along with a mini-boss for each mansion, and the third game features Boss Ghosts such as Chambrea or Johnny Deepend . These ghosts are defeated by other, more complicated methods than simply stunning and sucking them up.

List of games [ edit ]

Main games [ edit ], arcade game [ edit ], remakes [ edit ], characters [ edit ], protagonists [ edit ], major antagonists [ edit ], species [ edit ], similarities between the games [ edit ].

  • In all three games, Luigi nervously looks around while entering the first main mansion.
  • All three games feature Mario being rescued from a portrait.
  • All three games feature King Boo as the final boss.

Names in other languages [ edit ]

References [ edit ].

  • ^ 以「路易吉洋樓」和「海灘」為舞台的「樂高®超級瑪利歐™」新商品,預定於2022年1月1日發售。 Nintendo HK . Retrieved November 9, 2021.
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a hair-raising ghost adventure fit for Halloween

Diego Arguello

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s release is quickly approaching, and just in time for Halloween. The sequel to the Nintendo series known for its Ghostbusters-like gameplay takes Luigi back to a haunted locale, armed with nothing but a flashlight and a poltergeist-sucking vacuum cleaner. I had some hands on time with this spooky title at PAX West 2019 , and after trying out its latest additions in a demo, Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be the next game in the series that proves it only gets better with every entry.

  • Luigi’s toolbelt

Partners in crime

Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes you to a spooky hotel. In the demo, I explored a floor of the hotel overgrown with grass, vines, and tons of other greenery. Not only was this haunted by regular ghost enemies but there was a boss-type ghost that resembled a crazy gardener the seemed to be guarding the entire floor I was on. This spirit would randomly show up and use a watering can to summon giant plants, all the while growing a prickly vine that crawled across pretty much everything.

Similar to past entries, Luigi uses a vacuum cleaner, this time called the Poltergust G-00, to suck up items and capture ghosts. He also has a flashlight he can use to stun them before capturing and hitting them.

Luigi’s toolbelt

Luigi can use his vacuum to “clean” interactive objects in the environment, revealing coins, hearts that heal him, and other hidden objects. This ability invites you to explore each area fully, scavenging every corner in hopes of finding something new.

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Another move in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the Suction Shot. This lets you grab different objects in the environment and pull them by moving the analog stick in the opposite direction. In one instance, I used Suction Shot to pull a vine over to me and swing across a hole that kept me from progressing to the next area.

It’s a move that requires a plunger, which is actually pretty funny to see in action and takes a bit of careful positioning to get right. Heavy objects can be used to hit blocked doors or even toilets when you pair Suction Shot with the Slam ability, revealing hidden items in the environment. The latter ability can also be used against ghosts.

All of this helps to modernize the puzzles in Luigi’s Mansion 3 , which range from “try to find the hidden objects in the room” to “try to dodge a giant pineapple falling down the staircase.” The pacing of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is certainly enjoyable. Even in the short level available in the demo, the balance between combat, exploration, and puzzles feels great.

At one point, I had to strap a chainsaw to the Poltergust G-00 to cut through the tall and unruly grass planted by the ghost boss I mentioned earlier. It was a fun mechanic that only lasted for a couple of minutes, but made for an exciting addition to the gameplay that complemented its already promising foundation. If the rest of the game uses tiny elements like this to enhance gameplay, even if it’s just for a short amount of time, then it will make for a game that delights all the way through.

During the Luigi’s Mansion 3 reveal, a new character called Gooigi was shown. As the name implies, it’s a doppelgänger of Luigi made of goo. Some puzzles require you to use this character to pass through vents and gated areas, but the most appealing aspect is that Gooigi can be played by a second player during local co-op.

A second player can tag along as Gooigi and take down ghosts alongside you, but this is more of a support role than one you would call true co-op. Picking up hearts and other items only assist Luigi in his own ghost adventure, and there’s no real penalty for dying when playing as Gooigi.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 also has a multiplayer mode where each player takes control of their own Luigi, but it’s a separate mode not tied to the main story. Instead, it features gameplay based on timed challenges and working together with other players.

All of these new mechanics come together in a stylistic approach to a haunted hotel that, despite its dark atmosphere, offers an abundance of colorful personality. This continues with the Ghosts enemies that come in a variety of shapes and color, each with their own style of combat.

One ghost I encountered had its eyes covered with leaves and would roam around the room randomly slamming its head against the floor in hopes of hitting Luigi. I needed to suck the leaves off its face and blind it with my flashlight in order to capture it. It was an amusing encounter that added to the already quirky atmosphere of Luigi’s Mansion 3 .

The setting in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is way more vibrant than the past two entries, and that’s for the best. Exploring all the different rooms with all the carefully added details and clever ghost encounters has a greater impact than it did in previous games.

All of these newly added features thrive in the demo of Luigi’s Mansion 3. It may be the best in the series yet, but I’m interested to see whether the complete game will maintain this level of detail and sense of style throughout the entire experience.

We’ll have to wait until Halloween to find out just what secrets these dark rooms are hiding, and whether or not Luigi’s glorified vacuum cleaner and gelatinous clone are enough to keep you pushing through it all.

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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Luigi's Mansion

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Luigi's Mansion

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  • Luigi is off to check out a haunted mansion full of howling ghosts & spirits

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Luigi steps out from the shadow of his brother Mario and into the gloomy shadows of a very haunted house in this, his first-ever starring role. Armed with a flashlight and a customized vacuum cleaner, Luigi must rid the mansion of Boos and ghouls--and find his missing brother to boot. As Luigi, you'll search for the keys that open the many locked doors; vacuum coins, cash, and gold bars; and explore vases, bookcases, and drawers. From the brick-walled basement to the gloomy grounds, Luigi's Mansion is packed with chills, thrills, and creepy surprises.

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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Luigi's Mansion 3 review - a sometimes daring sequel, haunted by the past

Spiritual successor.

There's a moment around the mid-way point of Luigi's Mansion 3 where you open a door into a room that's not really a room and you think - wow. This absolutely sells the themed hotel setting of the game, but also sort of negates it completely. The room is, knowingly, I suspect, an actual sandbox: a vast puzzle-filled desert which stretches across the game's Ancient Egypt-themed floor - and it is brilliant. But why do mansions or hotels at all when you can do this ?

Ever since our first glimpse at Luigi's Mansion 3 - the medieval castle level revealed at E3 - it's been clear this was going to push the series further from its traditional mansion format than ever before. I remember thinking, well, okay - we've had two quite traditional haunted house games already. It felt like the right time for Nintendo and developer Next Level Games to try something a little different - even if its themed hotel take on a medieval castle felt less like a themed hotel version and more like the real thing.

Just as Luigi's mansions are strange halfway houses for its ghostly residents, this third installment feels a mix of the series' more traditional formula mixed with an injection of the new. And while the game can ape the GameCube original well for a couple of floors - your trusty Poltergust vacuum slurping ghosts and money from every crevice - it's not until you start exploring some of its themed areas that the whole thing comes into its own.

The Ancient Egypt moment is followed by several others in a similar vein - and each time the elevator pings and its doors open onto a new floor you're left guessing as to what comes next. A Hollywood film studio with a ghost director ready to cast you in his new kaiju movie? Sure. A sewer level where Luigi has to do actual plumbing while operating a boat? Why not. These settings are when the game really shines - but also when it sort of gives up its hotel premise in the process.

The overall conceit still makes sense - what better way to link such thematically separate areas than as floors on a hotel elevator, used to quickly zip between them all? And yet it doesn't really play out as I'd expected. Luigi's Mansion 3 is a surprisingly linear game, and in the 15 hours it took for me to clear its story I was forced to backtrack only three times - for prescribed, and sometimes quite laboured, story reasons. I'd expected more of a Metroidvania-y experience, with rooms locked behind doors I'd have to return to later. But there are no new power ups, no new mechanics to learn after the early introduction of Gooigi. Each floor is served up as its own discrete course, then it's on to something different.

Gooigi, though - what a star he is. A blank-faced avatar for your co-op partner, or just a gelatinous double for when you need a second pair of hands. He's quietly terrifying - a living Haribo man, barely sentient, unable to move unless being controlled by someone else - and yet he is frequently part of the game's most testing puzzles. Yes, there are only a few new mechanics to learn past those available from the get go - but the game squeezes a lot out of those. Whether that's ghosts requiring a particular sequence of actions to render them vulnerable, or a puzzle which requires both the strength of Luigi and Gooigi combined to unlock, there are moments I sat marvelling (a little frustrated) at why everything I had tried had not yet worked.

luigis haunted mansion xbox

A brief note here about bugs - there are a few. One time I wasn't able to exit a room because it thought I was still stuck within an encounter, which made me suspicious of every locked door afterwards. Another time I saw a door stuck open, yet I was unable to enter until I restarted. And yes, of course, there are always bugs in video games, but this is a Nintendo game - and the last place you expect them to turn up is 10 minutes into the very final boss fight which features an unskippable cutscene beforehand. There are two things Nintendo needs to patch as soon as possible - not being able to skip pre-boss cutscenes, and the frankly obnoxious health alarm which blares discordantly at you whenever you dare drop slightly below half health. Nothing saps the enjoyment out of a set piece more than facing all of it with that noise drowning out everything else that's going on.

On a brighter note, Luigi's Mansion 3 has some brilliant bosses - a collection of real characters frequently introduced and teased throughout the floor they inhabit before your inevitable showdown with them several rooms later. You'll do battle on a pirate ship, amongst dabbing ghosts on a disco floor, against a dinosaur - and all this again makes the most out of the limited arsenal Luigi has on offer. He can vacuum, he can stun with his torch, investigate with a dark light, pull off a sucker shot, or do a ground pound. Just as in Luigi's Mansion 2, there are no elemental upgrades. One brilliant sequence where Luigi briefly buddies up with another character aside, Luigi must make do with what he has, and the set of duplicate abilities on offer from Gooigi.

luigis haunted mansion xbox

I often felt Luigi's Mansion 3 was at its best when not really a Luigi's Mansion game at all - when zipping between stores of a shopping mall, or flickering into the TV screens on movie sets where you can interact with actual CGI props (just leave logic at home and enjoy). Then there are the real panic-inducing sections where Luigi is put under pressure from environmental hazards - walls closing in, etc. - where you have seconds to solve a puzzle and quickly micromanage between him and Gooigi as the spikes bear down. It's brilliant. And while it isn't the old Luigi's Mansion, it keeps the same spirit.

When all's said and done you'll likely to still have lots to do. I finished having barely found any of the game's hidden Boo enemies - it's there that backtracking will come into play, although from the ones I have located, it's simply a matter of retracing your steps until your controller vibrates (you can pay to see their locations, but this then deducts currency from your final score). Likewise, the game's collectable gems, of which there are half a dozen on each level. I only netted around three-quarters during my playtime, having been as thorough as possible.

Part of me still yearns for those dusty carpets of the first Luigi's Mansion - the near pitch black corridors, the fumbling around in the dark. This third entry, by contrast, feels more like Luigi has left the haunted house and gained free reign around the neighbouring theme park. But what a theme park. It's left me excited to see where the series goes next.

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Game Franchises - Luigi's Mansion

Franchises by alpha, search franchises by name, games in the "luigi's mansion" franchise.

Luigi's Mansion

Associated Franchises


  • Data for this franchise contributed by:   ironyisntdead .


Luigi’s mansion 4: everything we know about the expected sequel.

Luigi’s Mansion is one of the most popular spin-off series in the Super Mario franchise, and Luigi’s Mansion 4 will look to continue that reputation.

Luigi’s Mansion is one of the most popular spin-off series in the history of the Super Mario franchise, and Luigi’s Mansion 4 will look to continue that reputation.

The series has become a staple of Nintendo’s line-up ever since the Super Mario spin-off games first appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube.

With a huge player base and fans from across several generations of consoles, Nintendo will be hoping that a fourth iteration will be another smash hit for them in future.

Here’s everything you need to know about Luigi’s Mansion 4, including the potential release date, leaks, whether the game is coming to Nintendo Switch and more.

Potential Release Date

We do not currently have a definitive release date for Luigi’s Mansion 4; however, from speculative rumours , it looks as though the game is set for a release around October 2023 .

Interestingly, Nintendo acquired the developer of both Luigi’s Mansion 2 and 3, Next Level Games , earlier this year.

Although that is not a slam dunk indication that the game will be coming, it certainly makes the chances of it much more likely.

We will update this page as and when Nintendo makes the official announcement for the release of Luigi’s Mansion 4!

Read More:  Luigi's Mansion 4: What is the Release Date?

UPDATE 12th January 2022: Not so much a leak, but some great news! You can now get hold of a LEGO version of Luigi's Mansion!

There is currently no information regarding Luigi’s Mansion 4 that has been leaked publicly. Nintendo is usually quite tight-lipped when it comes to new games, and we don’t expect a massive amount to be revealed ahead of the official release of the potential new title.

Read More: Mario Odyssey 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Leaks and Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo Switch

Whilst we expect that Luigi’s Mansion 4 may be brought out on the Nintendo Switch, there is always a chance that the game could be held off until a new console release.

There is already speculation that the next Mario Kart is being developed for the next Nintendo console release, so the same might be true for Luigi’s Mansion 4.

Hopefully, if Nintendo decides to have Luigi’s Mansion 4 be a Nintendo Switch title, then we can expect to hear about the latest iteration of the series in the next couple of years!

We'll let you know when we have an update!

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You can find all of the latest gaming news right here at GiveMeSport.

Luigi’s Mansion™ 3

luigis haunted mansion xbox

The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack adds new themed ghosts, new minigames, and more.

luigis haunted mansion xbox

The hotel of Luigi’s dreams… is his worst nightmare

The Last Resort hotel is not what it seems. Unless it seems like a spooky haunted hotel, in which case it is what it seems. Either way, Luigi will have to slam, blow away, and vacuum up ghosts with his all new Poltergust G-00 to save his friends!

Welcome to the Last Resort

Can Luigi overcome the puzzling contraptions and mischievous bosses on each themed floor of the towering Last Resort hotel?

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Ghost-hunting gadgets

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Professor E. Gadd’s all-new Poltergust G-00 sports new functions, including the ghost-pummeling Slam.

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Share the spooky fun with friends

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Too scared to play alone? Play co-op or compete against friends in multiplayer modes.

Luigi & Gooigi image creator

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Transform yourself into Luigi and/or his doppelganger Gooigi to create a hauntingly boo-tiful image.

Available Now

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Compatibility information

If playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, detached Joy-Con controllers are required and sold separately. See for details.

Luigi's Mansion Wiki

  • Nintendo GameCube

Luigi's Mansion

  • View history

An enhanced port of the game was released in October 12, 2018 for the Nintendo 3DS .

  • 1.1 Prologue
  • 1.2.1 Area 1
  • 1.2.2 Area 2
  • 1.2.3 Area 3
  • 1.2.4 Area 4
  • 1.2.5 Epilogue
  • 3 Art Gallery
  • 4 Pre-release and unused elements
  • 5 Reception and sales
  • 7 References

Prior to the events of the game, Professor Elvin Gadd (known informally as Professor E. Gadd, E. Gadd, or more simply, just Gadd), was studying ghosts and had developed a method of capturing malicious spirits and trapping them within paintings, via the usage of the Poltergust 3000 and the Ghost Portrificationizer . Using these two contraptions, he manages to capture a large assortment of dangerous ghost, putting them out of commission, seemingly for good. However, Gadd made an overzealous mistake when he managed to capture Boolossus , who just so happened to be the greatest ally of King Boo , supreme ruler of the Boos . King Boo, enraged, launched an assault on E. Gadd's laboratory with the aid of his remaining Boo army. They stormed the facility and ran not just Boolossus, but also the rest of the ghosts E. Gadd had captured backwards through the Portrificationizer, freeing each and every one of them. To add insult to injury, King Boo used his magic to conjure a monstrous mansion for the ghosts to take residence in. King Boo then hid inside with his fellow Boos and took advantage of the situation to attempt to capture Mario and Luigi , as retaliation for their crimes against Boo-kind. E. Gadd, having made it out of the attack unscathed, began working to reclaim his lost ghosts.

Following this, King Boo sent out a false prize voucher for a mansion. Despite having never even entered a contest to receive said mansion, Mario and Luigi were nonetheless excited, if a bit skeptical. Mario went to check out the mansion right away, while Luigi lagged behind. During this time, Mario was captured with minimal effort. The ghosts planned to surprise Luigi now that his big brother had been captured, so they hid in the Storage Room of the mansion.

LM Contest Map

Luigi looks at the map describing the location of his new mansion.

Luigi eventually made it to the mansion and made his way into the Foyer . After finding himself locked out of every door in the area, he'd suddenly be met by a mysterious yellow apparition, which dropped a key on the floor. Luigi grabbed the key and used it to gain access to the Parlor . In the Parlor, Luigi once again encountered the apparition from before, now taking the form of a Gold Spirit , which quickly closed in with nothing but malintent for the green plumber. Before it could land a blow, the ghost was suddenly restrained by E. Gadd, who struggled to try and wrangle the ghost, ultimately failing to do so as the ghost sucker-punches him. He introduces himself to Luigi, but before the two can truly exchange histories, several more ghosts appear, prompting the two to escape to Gadd's laboratory.

E. Gadd explains to Luigi the history of the Mansion, his studies in the paranormal fields, and his invention of the Poltergust and Portrificationizer. After training the not-so-eager plumber-turned-ghost hunter, E. Gadd sends Luigi out into the Mansion to reclaim the ghosts, and save his big brother.


E. Gadd stands outside of his lab.

Upon returning to the Mansion, Luigi meets with Toad in the Foyer. He assures Toad that he will find and save Mario, which cheers Toad up greatly. Luigi then travels across all of the rooms connected to the loft of the Foyer. Encountering numerous devious spirits along the way, before encountering the first batch of E. Gadd's portrait ghosts. He encounters father ghost, Neville , and his wife Lydia , before being forced to trek into the room of their baby, Chauncey . Chauncey proves to be far more of a threat than either of his parents, abducting Luigi into a realm within his crib in an effort to snuff out the green man's light. Fortunately, Luigi is not so easily bested, and overcomes the violent new challenge, being rewarded with a magical Key, which he uses to open the enchanted doors in the ground level of the Foyer. But before venturing forth beyond them, E. Gadd calls him back to the lab, where the two of them total up the treasure that Luigi has collected, as well as portrify the three portrait ghosts he captured.

Luigi then returns to the mansion and explores the ground floor of the mansion, encountering the Floating Whirlindas in the mansion's Ball Room . After capturing them, Luigi finds his way to the Storage Room, where his curiosity gets the better of him, causing him to activate a mechanical wall, which leads him to unintentionally releasing the Boos and their king from their hiding place. Fortunately for Luigi, the Boos spot his Poltergust and, rather than attack, they make a hasty break for it, along with King Boo. E. Gadd calls Luigi back to the lab to explain the situation, and when he returns to the mansion, he's now tasked with capturing as many of the Boos now scattered about the mansion in past and present locations alike. Luigi presses on, encountering the likes of Shivers , Melody Pianissima , Mr. Luggs , Spooky , and ending off with confrontation with another ghost whose powers match that of Chauncey, Bogmire . Bogmire traps Luigi in an arena and launches an army of his own shadows at the poor brother. Luigi manages to use the shadow monsters against Bogmire, and eventually takes him down, leaving behind another enchanted key. After obtaining the key, Luigi is called back once more to portrify the ghosts he'd captured up to that point.

Additionally, while on this section of the game, Luigi gains access to Fire and Water Medals , enabling the Poltergust to expel flames and water. Alongside this is an optional encounter with the ghost Madame Clairvoya , who, unlike the other portrait ghosts, is very cordial and friendly with Luigi, deciphering visions of the future for him in exchange for several items belonging to Mario. She reveals to him that Mario has been captured and that Bowser will play a part in King Boo's grand scheme. Though Luigi can't find all of this out, and subsequently capture her until the third act.

Luigi returns to the mansion once more, gaining access to the Courtyard behind the mansion, where he stumbles upon a dried-up water well and climbs down it. What he finds down there is truly a sight for sore eyes: Mario, trapped in a painting and mounted on a wall of a golden altar , with the Ghost King himself observing the artwork maliciously, completely unaware of Luigi's presence. Luigi is helpless to reach his brother from the well, and instead decided to press on, obtaining a key from a weak ghost who tries to spook Luigi on his way out. He enters the Rec Room and from there he encounters many more ghosts on his path, including Biff Atlas , Miss Petunia , Nana , Slim Bankshot , Twins Henry and Orville all the way back in the Act 1 hallway next door to Chauncey, and finally, Luigi finishes his business with Madame Clairvoya, who pleads with him to capture her so she may be laid to rest within the border of a painting. After this, Luigi makes his way to the mansion's Balcony , where his Boo Meter begins going off the walls. A bit of exploring leads Luigi to an ominous circle of 15 Boos, who taunt Luigi rather mercilessly before abducting him and taking him to an illusionary version of the balcony. There, they combine and form Boolossus, and attempt to flatten Luigi. Unfortunately for them, they left the Balcony's unicorn statues in tact and even froze them, enabling Luigi to pop and subsequently freeze the Boos, capturing them one by one until none remained. After returning to the mansion, Luigi gains a third enchanted key and, of course, returns to E. Gadd's lab to portify his current keep, including Boolossus. With that, Luigi returns to the mansion for a final time, to take on King Boo and retrieve his big brother.

Luigi obtains a third medal, the Ice Medal, in this act, enabling him to expel freezing cold mist from the Poltergust. Additionally, Boolossus's defeat automatically adds 15 Boos to Luigi's Boo counter.

Luigi returns to the mansion and uses his key to unlock the enchanted door on the Balcony. But no sooner than he does so, lightning strikes the mansion, knocking out all of the power, and leaving the place even more infested with ghosts than it had been before. Luigi must endure the punishing gauntlet of ghosts as he backtracks from the Balcony to the Wardrobe , back in Area 1, where he encounters Uncle Grimmly , who drops the Key to the Breaker Room in the mansion's Cellar. Luigi manages to make his way down there, where he flips the breaker switch, restoring power to the mansion. Luigi then presses onward, exploring many areas spanning multiple floors, and encountering several more threatening ghosts, including the three Clockwork Soldiers , Sue Pea , Jarvis , Sir Weston , and the penultimate evil in the mansion, Vincent Van Gore . Vincent Van Gore drops the final Enchanted key, which unlocks the door to King Boo's Secret Altar . Luigi makes his way to the bottom and finally confronts the evil spectre face to face. King Boo is undeterred by Luigi's determination, and transforms the painting of Mario into one of Bowser, before flying into it, after which the Bowser in the painting inhales Luigi like a vacuum, sucking him into the painting and dropping him onto a hellish rendition of the rooftop. After Luigi arrives, a giant Bowser appears and starts the attack. Luigi is able to endure the Koopa King's attacks and redirect his bombs back at him, revealing that Bowser is no more than a dark machination of the real deal, as King Boo is ejected from the body, enabling Luigi to attack. After a long, hard and grueling duel, Luigi is able to wrangle King Boo, causing the Bowser machination to collapse, and allowing Luigi to return home. E. Gadd contacts Luigi and calls him back to the lab for good this time. Luigi grabs Mario's painting (who by now had fallen asleep) before leaving. E. Gadd and Luigi then Portrify the remainder of the ghosts, including King Boo himself.

Worth noting is that, should Luigi attempt to open the door to King Boo's Altar before obtaining a certain number of Boos, King Boo will appear and blow Luigi away until he returns with enough Boos in tow.

After King Boo has been portrified, E. Gadd hung his newest portrait in the most elegant room of his gallery. Luigi props Mario's painting into the Portrificationizer and runs the machine in reverse. Mario is humorously pounded and zapped from the painting, being turned into a 2D image, before being buffed into 3D and sent into the Entrance Vat of the machine. He seemingly gets stuck inside due to the vent being designed for ethereal entities. Luigi cautiously inspects the machine out of concern for his brother, only for Mario to violently launch out of the machine with the rim of the vent around his neck. Mario sits on the ground, dazed as Luigi can only laugh tearfully, his brother now safe and sound, and looking hilarious to boot.

Afterwards, the original mansion vanishes, owing to its illusionary nature, although the Treasure Luigi had collected remained corporeal. E. Gadd then scrapes together said treasure and uses it to construct Luigi a new mansion in the place of the old one. There are 8 ranks of mansion depending on the amount of treasure collected over the course of the game, with A-Rank resembling a large hotel, and H-Rank being a mere tent. Although players should strive for the coveted A-Rank, it's widely accepted that the D-Rank mansion is the canon one, given that Luigi's house in the sequel resembles it the most.

LM Controller Settings

The screen that shows the game's play controls. A Blue Twirler is shown near a Nintendo GameCube controller.

Set-up like a survival horror, the goal of the game is to light up the mansion by capturing ghosts with the Poltergust 3000 , alongside some minor puzzle solving.

For the time, Luigi's Mansion operated on a unique control scheme for a video game. Combining an arcade-style camera-system with controls that emulate those of a third-person shooter, only instead of shooting a gun, the player is operating a modified vacuum cleaner. The A Button is the de facto utility button, enabling Luigi to speak with NPCs, interact with objects by pounding on them, open doors, and shout Mario 's name when not close to any interactive objects (fun fact, his voice becomes more distressed the lower his HP is). The B Button operates the flashlight in dark rooms, which is on by default, meaning holding down the B Button will turn it off. And the X, Y, and Z buttons all open up the Game Boy Horror , taking Luigi to the Search Camera, Map, and Inventory screens respectively.

Movement is, as stated, like a third-person shooter, and comes with two distinct modes: Standard Mode and Sidestep Mode. In standard mode, the left Control Stick moves Luigi and, in addition, actively reorients Luigi's facing direction to the direction being moved in. In sidestep mode, Luigi's orientation remains static and must be changed with the use of the C-Stick on the right side of the controller. Worth noting is that, in both modes, Luigi can be rotated with the C-Stick while either standing still, or operating the Poltergust, a feature that is actually quite integral to the gameplay.

The Poltergust itself is operated via the usage of the L and R buttons. Due to their analog nature, the Poltergust can even vacuum and expel at different rates. While this feature is mostly aesthetic, it has the bonus of launching projectiles when clicked all the way in while expelling an element. The vacuum function, operated by the R button, can be used to pull on fabric, and interact with objects from a distance, as well as suck up treasure and keys which then get added to Luigi's total. The expel function, used with the L button, at first is merely a useless feature where the Poltergust expels air and dust. After acquiring various medals from several rooms in the mansion, the Poltergust gains the ability to expel Fire, Water, and Icy Mist which can serve various utility purposes, such as watering plants, freezing hazardous liquids, or more commonly, rendering Elemental Ghost variants susceptible to the Flashlight.

Then comes the act of actually capturing ghosts . Compared to the act of reeling in fish, Luigi has to stun a ghost (usually, but not always) with the use of the Flashlight , before hitting them with the Poltergust's vacuum function. They must then rhythmically yank the Control Stick in the direction opposite the one that the ghost is attempting to move in. The C-Stick can also be used to hold the ghosts in place and keep them from frantically changing direction, although this require precise synchronization with the Control Stick and is only really necessary for ghosts that have a strong pull or exist in rooms filled with lots of furniture. Yanking on the ghost will drain its HP , and once said HP reaches zero, the ghost will lose all pull and get sucked up into the vacuum. If Luigi fails to pull hard enough, the ghost will drag him along the ground, damaging him and eventually escape his grasp.

Worth noting is that the Boos operate on different mechanics. They cannot be yanked in the same vain as other ghosts, nor can they pull Luigi. Instead, they can move semi-freely while being vacuumed, and Luigi's vacuum will automatically lock onto them. The key strategy for vacuuming Boos is erratic ground movement, which can throttle the Boos and prevent them from moving very far. If a Boo is able to reach one of the walls of the room, it will pass through and enter the adjacent room, forcing Luigi to chase after it to continue the fight. Boos lose HP at a rate of approximately 10 points per second when in lit rooms, and 1 point per every two seconds in dark rooms. Their HP will remain the same as it was when they escaped from Luigi unless the player quits the game.

After completing the game, the player gains the option to replay the game from the start with added stipulations in the form of the Hidden Mansion game mode.

Art Gallery

Pre-release and unused elements, reception and sales.

Luigi's Mansion received overall positive reception, being praised for it's graphics, design, gameplay, voice acting, and puzzles [1] [2] . It was, however, criticized for it's short length, with many stating it could be beaten in 6 hours. X-Play labelled the game a disappointment for Mario fans waiting for the franchise's first GameCube title [3] . It was awarded the 2002 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment award for Best Audio [4] .

The game was a major commercial success, having sold 3.33 million copies worldwide by 2020 [5] , making it the fifth best-selling GameCube game, with fourth place being The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker at 4 million copies [5] .

  • The ending of this game is similar to the endings of the Wario Land series. The more treasure collected, the more beautiful and luxurious the reward at the end of it is (in this case, the mansion).
  • A mistake on Page 30 of the US edition of the Luigi's Mansion instruction booklet shows Professor E. Gadd speaking in Japanese. [6] Mistakes such as these were common in the 5th and 6th console generations.
  • This game has dialogue from every character, including Mario and Luigi .
  • Funnily enough, the North American release date for Luigi's Mansion, November 17th, 2001, was one day before the release of the Nintendo GameCube in North America.
  • As the Nintendo 3DS supports stereoscopic 3D without any additional hardware, this functionality finally saw the light of day in the game's re-release for that platform.
  • The cover image, more clearly in the American version, is a reference to the 1990 Christmas film, Home Alone .
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  • 1 Portrait Ghost
  • 3 List of ghosts

Haunted House - Official Launch Trailer

Haunted House is a re-imagined version of the original 3D isometric survival rogue-lite horror classic adventure game developed by Orbit Studio. Players embody Lyn Graves as she visits her uncle's mansion with her friends, but is unexpectedly met with ghouls and monsters. In order to free her loved ones, she must find the shattered pieces of a magical urn and put them back together. Explore procedurally generated room layouts and shifting walls as unpredictable enemy placements and ghostly encounters enable players to creep, sneak, and dash through the mansion to save the day. Haunted House is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, Atari VCS, and PC.

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Haunted House

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7 most PRESTIGIOUS & EXPENSIVE districts in (and near) Moscow

luigis haunted mansion xbox

1. Rublevka

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Rublevka, simply put, is Russia’s “Beverly Hills”: home to rich, famous, and influential Russians who live in luxury, hidden behind tall fences and walls. Technically, it is located outside Moscow, some 10 kilometers to the west via the Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway, yet the area, and its residents, are nonetheless an integral part of Russia’s capital.

Officially, there is no such an administrative unit as Rublevka. Instead, the name of the area is a social construction, popularised in mass culture as a synonym of being filthy rich, as it is one of the most expensive residential areas in the world. It is also a play of words as – you know it – the ruble is the Russian currency.

In Tsarist Russia, nobility built homes here, only to be replaced by dachas of Lenin, Stalin, and other state officials after the Bolshevik Revolution. In Soviet times, famous scientists, artists, and writers — including Mstislav Rostropovich, Andrei Sakharov, Dmitry Shostakovich — had dachas in Rublevka. Today, Rublevka is inhabited by oligarchs, multi-millionaires, and all-powerful figures. The Russian President’s official residence is in Novo-Ogaryevo – not far from Rublevka.

Although Rublevka is considered the most famous luxury residential area in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, there are many other elite villages and areas in the Moscow Region, most of which are located to the west of the capital.

2. Ostozhenka and the ‘Golden Mile’

luigis haunted mansion xbox

The Golden Mile is an unofficial name for one of the most expensive residential areas in Moscow. It is a small piece of land where luxury real estate has been built. It is located between Ostozhenka Street and Prechistenskaya Embankment, a 10-15 minute walk from the Kremlin, with some of the buildings overlooking the Moscow River.

With prices up to $40,000 for a square meter, Ostozhenka is often listed among the most expensive streets in the world. Given that an average apartment there is around 240 square meters in size, the price tag for it can reach as high as $10 million or even more.

“[Before 1989], this area was abandoned, because of the planned construction of the Palace of the Soviets (which was to be built on the site of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour). The entire area was planned to be cleared to make possible the construction of a wide avenue leading to the Lenin Hills [currently known as Vorobyovy Gory],” says Alexander Skokan, an architect and a founder of the Ostozhenka Bureau.

However, the Palace of the Soviets was never built. Instead, luxury houses began to be erected there. Consequently, it may be hard to come by residents in this area, as most of the buildings have been bought for investment purposes.

3. Khamovniki

luigis haunted mansion xbox

Khamovniki is the official name of a district located in central Moscow. It starts from Aleksandrovskiy Sad next to the Kremlin and spreads across to the Luzhniki Stadium and Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in the western part of the city.

Historically, this is where weavers used to live, who were known as ‘Khamovniki’ in the 17th century. Hence, the name of this historic district.

Today, Khamovniki is one of the most popular areas of the Russian capital among apartment buyers. Yet, it’s also one of the most expensive districts in Moscow, where one square meter of apartment costs approximately $11,000; a price tag far beyond the average in Moscow.

The Moscow River, multiple parks and numerous metro stations make this elite district ecologically clean and also easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Pre-revolutionary houses, Soviet buildings and modern projects are available on this stretch of land. Among others, one of Russia’s greatest writers Leo Tolstoy owned an estate in Khamovniki in 1882 (which is now part of his family estate).

4. Yakimanka

luigis haunted mansion xbox

This is a neighboring district to Khamovniki, lying to the Southwest of the city center. Everyone who has ever been to Moscow knows Gorky Park, which covers most of the district’s territory. Yakimanka is one of the most stylish areas in Moscow and it is well known for its clubs, cocktail bars and cozy restaurants, as well as for the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Muzeon Park of Arts.

The district is also home to old factories built in the early 19th century. Most of these buildings have been rebuilt as offices. Elite real estate in this district may also cost up to $20,000 per square meter.

luigis haunted mansion xbox

This is another historic and luxurious district, craved by anyone who dreams of settling in Moscow. It stretches from the Moscow Kremlin on the west to the Moscow River in the east, with New Arbat Avenue being its major artery. Here, the famous Spaso House , the residence of the U.S. ambassador to Russia since 1933, is located, as well as other historical landmarks .

As in many other districts in Moscow, Arbat has it all when it comes to real estate: pre-revolutionary houses, Soviet buildings and modern luxury apartment blocks. An average price tag for a square meter of real estate here is $10,000. Yet, naturally, you can find much more expensive housing than that in the area.

6. ‘Presnya’

luigis haunted mansion xbox

The Presnensky district, as it is officially known, lies to the immediate north of the Arbat district. Although real estate here is generally not as expensive as in the above-mentioned districts, there are two especially affluent areas that make the average price tag skyrocket: Patriarch Ponds and the Moscow City business center, where the famous skyscrapers are located.

One square meter in one of the towers of the Moscow City business center can cost up to $20,000. Considering there are premium apartments that take a whole or even multiple levels, the final price can be extremely high.

7. Tverskoy, Meschansky, and Zamoskvorechye



These three districts — two to the north of the Kremlin and one to the south — are all affluent areas of the city. The State Duma and the Governor-General Building (which today is the Moscow Mayor's Office), among other important buildings, are located in Tverskoy district.

These three districts are similar to each other in the sense that they lack vacant land to make major new development projects possible. Instead, a relatively small number of offers is on the market. The average price of one square meter of housing in these areas amounts to $7,300.

Click here to find out what to sightsee on Tverskaya street.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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luigis haunted mansion xbox

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