how does ghost bird end


For those who wander and like to get lost in a world different from their own

Love’s Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird #12) by C.L. Stone


∴  Love’s Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird #12) by C.L. Stone ∴

Sang’s life was on pause after the dramatic break with her real family. Now she’s back in the game, returning to Ashley Waters to appear like a normal student. However, returning to school hasn’t made her life any easier. When it comes to the Academy and her role in the secret organization, there’s no such thing as normal.

When Kota’s mother catches Sang and the guys in the complex web of lies they’ve woven, everything starts to unravel: Their relationships, their ties to the Academy. Everything’s under risk of exposure.

Nathan struggles most with his conscience and lying to Erica Lee, the woman who supported him when his own mother was never there, doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. She’s his family and Nathan knows you shouldn’t lie to family. But he also knows the truth could hurt her: It could put Erica in danger. And it could force Kota to make a choice he should never have to: his mother and sister, or his team—his chosen family.

With Ashley Waters High School under attack and the principal now missing, the Academy needs to maintain its cover more than ever. It’s a bad time for Erica to start discovering what the Academy is really all about.

But to protect them all, Nathan’s willing to take the heat. He’ll do it for Sang, as well as Kota, Victor, Silas, Gabriel, Luke, North, and the rest of the team. He may be their only chance at survival.

But Sang, who committed to be all in with her team, isn’t about to let Nathan go down alone.

The Academy: Family First

MAJOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT: After months of waiting… the next book in The Ghost Bird series is finally here. I have been waiting for what seems like forever to read this book and I have been counting down the days until its release. Let me start off by saying that I binge read the first eleven books so to wait as long as I did for this one, I built it up a lot in my head and I had a lot of high expectations. So what naturally comes with having these high expectations, is disappointment. I had read the teaser chapters months ago and I was really excited to read this book. I was scared, confused, and extremely worried after reading the teaser and I think that is what made me so eager to read this installment. I was desperate to know what the “two fights” were about and what caused Nathan to feel like he screwed up so badly. I was really concerned about that standing of the group and I was scared that they were going to break apart. I don’t know what I disliked about this book, I just know that it didn’t live up to my expectations. I think that what turned me off the most was the fact that it was Nathan’s book. I like him the least out of the boys and I just didn’t enjoy getting a second book for him (especially considering that Mr. Blackbourne hasn’t even gotten one book yet). While I didn’t enjoy Nathan’s plot line, I can see why it was necessary. He was struggling the most with the idea of them all sharing Sang and he needed to come to terms with his feelings about the situation. What I did not appreciate was how Nathan handled most of the stuff that went down in this book. One of the most annoying plot lines for me is miscommunication and I feel like this book had a lot of it. Nathan created a lot of unnecessary problems because he didn’t talk to his team when he should have. He also didn’t put his trust in them to help him sort through what was happening. The whole ending could have been avoided. The ~A~ chapter of the book was one of the most exciting things to happen. We finally know who Volto is… or so we think. I don’t know if I necessarily believe that Kota’s mom is Volto. There are just some things about it that don’t add up for me. If Ms. Lee is Volto, someone must be helping her because there is NO way she could do all of this herself. What motive could she possibly have for trying to split Sang from the group but being all supportive to her face? It just doesn’t fit for me. It also begs the question: Is Jessica in on it? I don’t want to think that Jessica is apart of all of this… but I don’t want to believe that Ms. Lee is either. I guess I’ll find out more in the next book. The teaser chapter for Unsung Requiem was… interesting. It makes me wonder if the next book is going to be Victor’s book two or not. I am also extremely concerned about this Mr. Buble. Sang and the group really don’t need any other adults trying to tell her what to do and the fact that he is Academy worries me. Is part of his job going to be to assess whether Sang should be allowed to stay in their group? Is it part of his job to determine if Sang gets to become apart of the Academy at all? I have no clue what is going to happen in the next book with Mr. Buble… all I know, is that there is no possible way that it can be good. SIDE NOTE: My absolute favorite part of this book was the scene where Sang wakes up in bed with Mr. Blackbourne. I was squealing so loud when that happened and I was just so happy that something (no matter how small) happened between him and Sang. It was adorable and I enjoyed every second of it. Hopefully, there will be more moments like that in the future between the two of them. A girl can hope. Overall, I did enjoy this book. There were parts that I really enjoyed and adored. There were also parts that I extremely disliked and that is why I couldn’t give it a higher rating. It doesn’t matter though. At the end of the day, I will be right back here in who knows how many months to read the next one. How could I not?

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5 🍁s ~ The Healing Power of Sugar (The Ghost Bird #9) by C.L. Stone

5 🍁s ~ First Kiss (The Ghost Bird #10) by C.L. Stone

5 🍁s ~ Black and Green (The Ghost Bird #11) by C.L. Stone

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1 thought on “Love’s Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird #12) by C.L. Stone”

Hey a lovely, are you going to review more n f this series? I believe 13 and 14 are out now?

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how does ghost bird end

Author:  Lisa Fuller

Publisher:  University of Queensland Press

ISBN:  9780702260230

The publisher says...

Stacey and Laney are twins – mirror images of each other – and yet they’re as different as the sun and the moon. Stacey works hard at school, determined to get out of their small town. Laney skips school and sneaks out of the house to meet her boyfriend. But when Laney disappears one night, Stacey can’t believe she’s just run off without telling her. As the days pass and Laney doesn’t return, Stacey starts dreaming of her twin. The dreams are dark and terrifying, difficult to understand and hard to shake, but at least they tell Stacey one key thing – Laney is alive. It’s hard for Stacey to know what’s real and what’s imagined and even harder to know who to trust. All she knows for sure is that Laney needs her help. Stacey is the only one who can find her sister. Will she find her in time?

The author says...

Click on the icon below for a video of Lisa Fuller sharing her inspiration for the book, what it was like returning home to write the story and the creative writing process.

how does ghost bird end

Click on the icon below for a video of Lisa Fuller reading an excerpt from Ghost Bird .

The CBCA judges say...

Told with an undeniably authentic Indigenous voice, this is a haunting story of racism and small-town prejudices, alongside ideas of family history and culture. Through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Tace, after the disappearance of her twin sister, Fuller interweaves familial stories to create a mystery and a thriller that combines action and suspense with lyrical descriptions of the sisters and the tight bond throughout their community. The environment and setting are skilfully woven into the story, giving the reader strong insight into life in the Top End and a deep feeling of unease that is essential to maintaining the atmosphere of the novel. Fuller’s use of informal and colloquial language not only makes this book appealing to teenage readers, but also adds a level of sincerity that in no way feels contrived. Stories of culture and history form a strong theme of how past generations pass on beliefs and wisdom to their descendants, and how that can manifest in both positive and negative ways. There is clever interrogation of almost every theme. The book very successfully fills a void in Australian YA fiction.

Our Reading Time reviewers say...

how does ghost bird end

Click  here  to read the Reading Time review

Teaching Notes for the book…

The publisher has generously made teaching resources available for this book. Click on the icon below to view these resources.

how does ghost bird end

Shortlist Books - 2020

Sang Sorenson

  • Edit source
  • View history

The story follows her life after it dramatically changes when she moves from Illinois to Sunnyvale Court near Charleston in South Carolina. She meets Dakota (Kota) Lee whilst sneaking out of her house at night. Kota introduces her to the rest of the his ' team '.

The boys bring her into their family, feeling protective towards her. All Sang knows is that they are part of 'The Academy', the secretive private school the boys went to before coming to Ashley Waters High. As Sang discovers more about the boy's secretive lives she gets pulled deeper and deeper into the dangers and complications of Academy life.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2.2 Sang's iPhones
  • 3 References

Appearance [ ]

Gabriel describes Sang's soft dark blonde hair as 'chameleon', as it contains multiple shades of blonde and even some red, and changes color depending on the light [1] . Sang prefers to wear it twisted up in a clip behind her head, but Gabriel prefers it down and steals her clips.

She has fair skin and expressive light green eyes [2] with a small nose. She is slender yet still curvy enough to also be beautiful.

Gabriel's signature scent for Sang is a soft musk with a fruit and sweet undertone. [3]

Biography [ ]

Sang was born on October 6, and named after her father's mother, Sangrida Sorenson, but it was shortened to Sang by Mrs Sorenson. Sangrida Sorenson died when Sang was 8 years old [4] . Sangrida is an Old Norse name and means: a Valkyrie [5]

In elementary school, in gym class, Sang was taught to fall safely from a tall distance [6] .

In third grade, a boy made her go with him into the coat closet at school, and then tried to kiss her. Sang pushed him away [7] .

When she was 8, Mr Sorenson bought bicycles for both Sang and Marie from an neighbor who was moving. Sang's was grey, Marie's was white. They stopped being used as Mrs Sorenson started isolating both Sang and Marie. They weren't allowed to ride on the street, and the bicycles weren't suitable for off-road [8] .

Sang learned to swim before her mother became sick. In 7th grade, she swam in the pool at her school. In Illinois, her stepmother had eventually relented to allow solitary walks outside as the nearest neighbor there was a couple of miles away [9] .

Sang has had nightmares most nights since she was 9 or 10 years old [10] , but has taught herself not to cry out so as not to wake family members. She knows no-one will come if she screams.

Sang has a small brown diary/journal, in which she writes in English - but using modified Korean lettering as a code [11] . It mostly consists of a record of her dreams/nightmares, from which she has tried to discern patterns, but is now mostly habitual as a way to occupy her time at home [12] .

When Sang is 15 years old, she and her family move to Sunnyvale Court near Charleston, South Carolina from a tiny town in Illinois, in late July/early August. When they meet, Nathan mentions the tree was brought down in a bad storm the previous week, before Sang moved in [13] , however Kota knows they moved in a few weeks earlier [14] . Her parents chose Sunnyvale Court because it was the least crowded street within an hour's drive of where her father works [15] .

Sang has trouble understanding how to interact normally with other people as she was severely socially isolated for many years. Mrs Sorenson permitted no social interaction other than school attendance. Sang does not even know her own home telephone number [16] . Her family members have little to no physical contact with each other - they do not hug or offer comfort. If she cries, she is told to go to her room until she gets over herself [17] .

Sang's experience is of relationships and intimacy is extremely limited for her age. Her only knowledge of male anatomy is from encyclopedia pictures [18] . Mrs Sorenson did not permit her to attend sex-ed classes at school [19] .

Sang has taught herself to cook simple meals [20]

Sang has taught herself the alphabet in sign language .

Mr Sorenson used to bring home old desk sets, including clocks. As they didn't have a lot of toys when growing up, Sang would open up the clocks and play with them [21] .

After years of wandering around in the woods, Sang has developed an innate sense of direction and can accurately point to compass directions in the dark [22]

Sang likes to read, including psychological thrillers, mysteries, fantasy, and British classics [23] .

She enjoys watching World Series baseball on TV, and says her grandfather used to watch every game, but has never been to a live match [24] .

  • Her favorite color is pink [25] .
  • Her favorite Grimm's fairy tale is ' The Princess in Disguise ' [26] .
  • Her favorite flower is the 'Chrysler Imperial' rose [27] .
  • One of her favorite tracks is 'Mysterious' by Yuko Ohigashi .
  • Sang has never been able to whistle [28]
  • knows the alphabet in sign language and korean letters
  • she is learning Japanese and how to play the violin
  • sang lost her ability to scream due to her mother’s abuse

Sang's iPhones [ ]

  • Bought by Victor the week before school [29] ; dropped during Friday Fall incident, screen smashed [30]
  • Replacement dropped in the tub during shower incident, screen cracked and waterlogged [31] .
  • The next one is given to Mr Blackbourne [32] before Victor gives it to Sang [33] . This one also has an app to access cameras in the Sorenson house [34] . Cracked in gym shower room [35] , lost in pile of sawdust [36]
  • At school, Sang has another phone [37] . Victor gets her a replacement as the calls and messages on this one are being intercepted [38] .
  • New phone bought by Victor [39] , screen shattered by Jade [40]
  • Another new iPhone [41] , stolen at homecoming game and substituted with blank phone [42]
  • Sang has a new phone on her way to the children in the abandoned store [43] ; she drops it after leaving Gabriel's home, cracking the screen [44] .
  • [Missed at least one or possibly two in here from Healing Power of Sugar, I'll double check details and add later]
  • New phone has unique heart sticker on inside of cover [45]

References [ ]

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  • ↑ 3.8 Friends vs Family - Apples
  • ↑ 3.25 Friends vs Family - The Academy, Capable
  • ↑ 3.28 Forgiveness and Permission - Accusations
  • ↑ 3.33 Forgiveness and Permission - Dear Agony
  • ↑ 5.1 Drop of Doubt - Under Threat of a Birthday
  • ↑ 5.16 Drop of Doubt - Reroute
  • ↑ 6.27 Push and Shove - Cornered
  • ↑ 7.1 House of Korba - Donation Cups and Bat Signals
  • ↑ 7.19 House of Korba - Pranks
  • ↑ 8.1 The Other Side of Envy - A Peek Inside the Academy
  • ↑ 8.4 The Other Side of Envy - A Promise
  • ↑ Recovery 10.1 First Kiss - The Recovery
  • 1 First Days
  • 2 Luke Taylor
  • 3 Introductions

how does ghost bird end

A Mother's Love

Sang is Gifted. She can see spirits, and when her family moves ,she will discover other Gifted ones, Other spirits and learn more about her Gift, all the while trying to manage normal high school. With her Guardian Mother by her side will she survive these adventures? Or will she be consumed by the darkness and fear?

how does ghost bird end

A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Blushes

Fanfic based on C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird series. The guys take on a job to model for a photo shoot, and they recruit Sang to be the female model alongside them at the last minute. Oh, and didn't they mention to her these pictures are a little saucy to be put on the covers of romance novels?

how does ghost bird end

Rhythm & Grudges (Completed)

Sang loved her boys, she thought they loved her back. The Blackbourne Team has received a new mission worth enough favors to pull them completely out of debt, after that disaster of a mission at Ashley Waters. There's only one condition. No outside contact what so ever for the undetermined amount of time the mission w...

how does ghost bird end

If you have not read First Kiss and the sneak peek of Black & Green, then proceed at your own risk. The character's are CL Stone's and I am merely borrowing them. The song is 'Only Human' by Christina Perri... again, only borrowing for inspiration. This is meant to cover from the end of First Kiss.... the ~A~ Repor...

how does ghost bird end

Meeting Sang *COMPLETE*

The boys' perspective on meeting Sang for the first time.

how does ghost bird end

Protecting What's Mine(Complete)

I had a choice. Either way I was losing them though. But I'd rather they keep breathing. Living a life without me. So I protected them. Faked my death. It was the only way they wouldn't come searching for me. For six years I've watched from a far. I needed to be close, yet so far away; out of sight, out of mind...

how does ghost bird end

Family Vacation(Complete)

This is a fanfiction based on C.L.Stone's Ghost Bird Series. The boys surprise Sang to a Vacation to Disney Land Florida. I do not own these Characters, or the Series.

how does ghost bird end

Sang, Gifted(Complete)

I'm not a normal girl. I've known this since I was five years old and got my first gift. I have no idea where it came from, who I am, but it's something I have to learn myself, if I can. I'm starting school for the first time also and it's messing with my thoughts, my gifts, making me nervous. But then I meet Kota...

how does ghost bird end

That Word Everybody Hates (Complete)

Sang was happy, smiling and laughing and loving her boys. Until one day, she received news that could rip them apart. Tears are cried, anger is shown, and a battle must be won. Sang can't leave her boys, and her boys won't survive without Sang. Can she be a survivor and beat That Word Everybody Hates? •Ive been told...

how does ghost bird end

Finding A Ghost (Completed)

Now that North Taylor is eighteen and in a stable environment with the Blackbourne team, he decides it's time to go back overseas and to find the one person he wanted to save the most when he was just a little boy. Sang Sorenson. **Characters are based from the C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird series and are not mine. This is...

how does ghost bird end

Finding My Normal

After Sang's family died she was moved from foster home to foster home. She has finally found a new life with her adopted parents, but she has yet to leave their property for five years out of fear of what lies in the real world. Sang is desperate to live a normal life free from her self contained prison and she is d...

how does ghost bird end

A Different Beginning

What happens when Sang Sorenson doesn't go with Kota Lee to his home that fateful day out in the rain? Will she be friends with the boy's still? Will she fall in love? What happens when Mr. McCoy becomes the enemy of the boys first because of his deep romantic interest in Sang? What will happen next?

how does ghost bird end

Some think I'm the tough girl. It really depends on who you ask. *I don't own any of the academy characters, or academy book plots, those are rights of C. L. stone* [Completed~12-27-2016]

how does ghost bird end

Fate intervenes <COMPLETE>

This is a fan-fiction story based on the characters in C.L. Stone academy stories. Sang has moved to a new place with her family and is trying to be a wallflower, but fate has other plans. Suddenly she finds herself friend with not only one, but 9 super hot guys! And her life is turned upside down. A HUGE thanks to...

how does ghost bird end

Sang and the Sorensons

how does ghost bird end

Teaching Academy - Introductions

When the mysterious Academy offers Dr. Sang Sorenson an offer to teach at their exclusive school and work in their hospital she packs up and moves to Charleston. This is what happens when she meets the other new faculty members. Disclaimer: I do not own the Academy. This is purely fanfiction and no profit is made.

how does ghost bird end

Spas and Pizza and Guns, Oh, my! (Gardens to Guns #2) (Academy fanfic)

This is an Academy fanfic that takes place between F&P and P&S. This is a continuation of the Gardens to Guns series, which began with Sang, How Does Your Garden Grow ( The garden is in, and it's time for the GB guys and Sang to re...

how does ghost bird end

A Place to Call Home (Complete)

Since she was eight years old, Sang has been living with an abusive family that's hated her. When they move to South Carolina, she finally gets the courage to run away - but at what cost? Note: All primary characters portrayed are those of CL Stone, author of The Academy series. I'm receiving no financial gains from...

how does ghost bird end

Introductions Rewritten (Complete)

In the original 'Introductions' by C L Stone, Sang Sorenson's life changed the night she ventured out into a storm but...what if that all changed? What if she had never left the house that night? Disclaimer: I don’t own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their char...

how does ghost bird end

A Morning Surprise by Jen123v

This is a story that was posted on the forum by Jen123v. She has not moved to wattpad, but it is being posted here for you to enjoy if you did not get to read it the first time. This is a fan fiction of The Academy: The Ghost Bird Series by CL Stone. No profit is made from this story and all characters belong to CL. W...

how does ghost bird end

Locked & Loaded (Gardens to Guns #3) (Academy fanfic)

This is an Academy fanfic that takes place between F&P and P&S. In the final edition of Gardens to Guns, Sang beat Raven at the arcade game Big Game Hunter, and, as her prize, Raven's taking her to the range. She's proven herself capable with a Super Soaker and a video game... how will she handle the real thing? I do...

how does ghost bird end

Girl Next Door (Complete)

18 year old Sang Sorenson finally has a place she can call her own. But when that place happens to be next door to the leader of the illustrious Blackbourne team, Sang will learn that maybe she's bitten off more than she can chew. Determined to make her new house perfect on her own, she continuously refuses Owen's off...

how does ghost bird end

Fanfiction based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird Series. (I own nothing of hers, just merely borrowing... :) ) Also featuring the song 'Fix You' by Coldplay. (I don't own that either...)

how does ghost bird end

Seizing Sang Sorenson (A Ghost Bird Story)

The word "seize" has vastly different meanings, depending on the context. Three of the definitions are especially useful to take note of: 1. to grasp mentally or understand clearly and completely; 2. to capture or take into custody; 3. to take possession of by force or at will; Sang S...

how does ghost bird end

The Academy Vampire

What if there was a killer on the loose that the Blackbourne team were in charge of catching and bring down, but no one has ever lived to see his face or hear his name? What if Sang wasn't the only protagonist of this story? What if our favorite leader caught the eye of a mysterious curly-haired man one night? ...

how does ghost bird end

Sang, How Does Your Garden Grow? (Gardens to Guns #1) (Academy fanfic)

Academy fanfic that takes place between F&P and P&S. A quick trip to the grocery store leads to a weekend project for Sang and the guys. I don’t own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their characters are the property of CL Stone, and are not my intellectual prope...

how does ghost bird end

Lost & Found

It's been a long time since Sang has thought about that old creaky house on Sunnyvale court. Three years to be exact. At 14 years old it took all of her strength to withstand the torturous ways of her family. With a drunk father, a demented excuse of a mother, and a sister who tortured her, Sang had been living in a...

how does ghost bird end

Forever and a Day

Sang and the boys are finally out of Ashley Waters.. what adventures lay ahead? This is a fanfiction, I don't own Sang or the boys, or the Academy ... yada yada

how does ghost bird end

9 Boyfriends

Owen Blackbourne and his team have spent the last six years working together and forming a family bond that they thought couldn't be tested. Beautiful Sang Sorenson easily makes her way into their family, but she is too sweet to see the impression she has made on all of them. They are all faced with a decision, push S...

how does ghost bird end

The Academy {Grey Owl}

Original story, but a FanFiction of CL Stone's The Academy series. The character's are mine, but there will be pop ups of CL's characters every once in a while. Lilly Everling has only ever wanted one thing, friends. Not the fake ones from her last school that used her and her parents money. Not the ones from the clu...


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