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CHURCH VISION To establish and sustain both near and far a human society that knows and worships the true Living God in the name of […]

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church background

Holy Ghost Christian Centre ministries came into existence in January 1995 following a crusade and a seminar that had taken place a few days earlier […]

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Aims of holy ghost Christian centre church as a faith based institution is to teach and nurture believers into wholesome spiritual truth based on the […]

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MISSION : To reach out to all mankind without discrimination with a living message which has the power of salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. […]

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The church teaches and adheres to the following: One:  The One True God who has revealed himself as the eternally self existent “IAM”, the creator […]

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Cult-like church’s takeover of Idaho college town is fueled by a misogynist, rape-friendly theology

Image of David Neiwert, author

In most regards, Moscow, Idaho, is the embodiment of the bucolic college town: tree-covered neighborhoods, quiet streets, quaint shops downtown, and a pretty University of Idaho college campus. But for people who live there, the insidious presence of Pastor Doug Wilson’s cult-like Christ Church—not at all obvious on the surface, but cumulatively overwhelming at times—can make life on the Palouse surreal, even nightmarish.

Moreover, as a deep profile by Sarah Stankorb at Vice reveals, Wilson’s domineering evangelical church—which buys up property and businesses throughout the Latah County community and bullies both members and non-members who question either his edicts or his far-right theology—is built on a fundamentally misogynist worldview that permits male members to rape their wives, and threatens any women who object.

Stankorb’s report details the stories of the women who have survived Christ Church’s “culture that normalizes sexual abuse and harassing survivors.” One described being raped repeatedly by her husband, then becoming an outcast when she divorced him. Others describe being sexually abused as teenagers by men who taught in the church’s schools.

This ethos within the church is a direct outgrowth of the theology that Wilson teaches. He asserts that husbands have complete spiritual responsibility for the household, which includes preventing the wife from failing to submit to his will in “spending habits, television viewing habits, weight, rejection of his leadership, laziness in cleaning the house, lack of responsiveness to sexual advances.”

Wilson contends that modern society has stripped men of their intended roles, including their sexual mores. He has written that “the sexual act cannot be made into an egalitarian pleasuring party”; instead, “a man penetrates, conquers, colonizes, plants,” while a “woman receives, surrenders, accepts,” he argues. He concludes that “true authority and true submission are therefore an erotic necessity.”

Despite its location in a remote rural college town, Christ Church is not merely a fringe cult. Wilson is a major figure in the evangelical home-schooling and “classical Christian school” movements, having helped found the Association of Classical and Christian Schools, which accredits institutions similar to Wilson’s. He also operates a publishing house, Logos Books, that provides curriculum materials for both homeschoolers and “classical schools.”

Its current expansion plans in Moscow include a new complex for Logos School, built on 30 acres of land on the town’s northwestern perimeter. A fundraising video reminds viewers “that much of what we are doing in education […] is exported to hundreds of classical Christian schools across the country and beyond.”

Much of what Wilson teaches has long been controversial. In 2004, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok exposed both his church’s cult-like creeping takeover of Moscow, as well as the far-right Dominionist beliefs embedded in his school literature, including a defense of the Confederacy and slavery.

Wilson co-wrote a book, Southern Slavery: As It Was, featured in the Logos Books curriculum, which claimed in part: "Slavery as it existed in the South [...] was a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence.”

It argued: "There has never been a multiracial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world. [...] "Slave life was to them [slaves] a life of plenty, of simple pleasures, of food, clothes, and good medical care."

At a 2003 public forum in Moscow, Wilson attempted to defend the book , claiming it had been misinterpreted. "My defense of the South does not make me a racist," he said. "I am not interested in defending slavery. I don't believe we should practice slavery.

“What I said is that a Christian man in the South could be a slave owner. He needed to follow the rules in the New Testament. Christian slave owners were compelled to teach their slaves to read [and] teach them Christian values. When there is a chance for freedom, the Bible tells the slaves to take it. Paul lays out the peaceful end to slavery. That is not how Southern slavery ended in the United States."

Wilson has taken other racially incendiary positions. In 2013 , he denounced pastors who voted for Barack Obama as unfit for the pulpit.

“Any evangelical leader—by which I mean someone like a minister or an elder—who voted for Obama the second time, is not qualified for the office he holds, and should resign that office,” Wilson wrote. “Unless and until he repents of how he is thinking about the challenges confronting our nation, he should not be entrusted with the care of souls.”

Moreover, Wilson wrote, Black pastors were especially corrupt in backing Obama: “Not only must the dignity of human life be upheld by white and black Christian leaders alike, to the extent we may allow any differences, it should be to expect a greater vehemence in opposing abortion (in the person of its advocates and enablers) from black leaders,” he opined. “This is because it is their people who are being disproportionately targeted by the white Sangerites. And a black Christian leader who cannot identify a Sangerite is a rabbit leader who does not know what a hawk looks like.”

In recent years, he has heightened his “traditionalist” attacks on modern mores, including a 2020 speech he gave on the UI campus titled “The Lost Virtue of Sexism,” in which he argued that everyone can agree the Bible is sexist—but that the Bible is always right. In the speech, he denounced the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as “a skankfest,” adding: “You might think that women are being elevated by an activity that I would regard as degrading.”

Wilson’s church has also played a leading role in Moscow-area protests against COVID-19 health measures, including mask mandates. Three church members arrested in one of those protests, including Christ Church deacon Gabriel Rench, filed a federal lawsuit in March against Moscow city officials over their arrests at a September 2020 event.

As the home of a liberal-arts college, Moscow has long been viewed statewide as a hotbed of leftist politics, and its voting record has remained predominantly Democratic in most elections, including in 2020, when Latah County was one of Idaho’s few counties to vote for Joe Biden.

This, in fact, is the situation that Wilson has long intended to change. He calls his plans for Moscow a “spiritual takeover.”

“Basically this is a blue dot in a very, very red state and the blue dotters are pleased,” Wilson told Religion News Service in an interview. “Our mission is ‘All of Christ for all of life’ and if you drill that down, then for all of Moscow.”

Local residents have begun organizing a kind of underground resistance to Wilson’s takeover, reflected in the website The Truth About Moscow , which tracks all of Christ Church’s operations in the town. Other residents have begun speaking out in local forums.

“Christ Church’s goal promotes division and excludes our many friends of whatever faiths including Jewish, Muslim, atheists or anyone besides Christians, as defined by Christ Church. Moscow should not be defined by any religion and certainly not owned nor controlled by any church,” Moscow resident Linda Pike opined in a recent Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor.

Wilson himself sees no room for compromise, foreshadowing the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection in a 2019 interview opining that the cultural war in Moscow reflected what was happening nationally. The country, he said, seems to be in a “slow-motion civil war with no bullets.”

“The only possible solution is a massive religious revival,” he said. “Short of that and we’re headed for trouble.”

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Members of Christ Church sing a hymn during ‘psalm sing;’ in September, outside city hall in Moscow, Idaho. Church members were protesting against an order that requires people to either socially distance or wear a face mask in public.

‘Make it a Christian town’: the ultra-conservative church on the rise in Idaho

Increased influence of Christ Church, whose leader wants to create US ‘theocracy’, comes as social conservatives aim to gain traction

A Guardian investigation has revealed that a controversial church whose leader has openly expressed the ambition of creating a “theocracy” in America has accumulated significant influence in the city of Moscow, Idaho .

Christ Church has a stated goal to “make Moscow a Christian town” and public records, interviews, and open source materials online show how its leadership has extended its power and activities in the town.

Church figures have browbeaten elected officials over Covid restrictions, built powerful institutions in parallel to secular government, harassed perceived opponents, and accumulated land and businesses in pursuit of a long-term goal of transforming America into a nation ruled according to its own, ultra-conservative moral precepts.

The rise of Christ Church may be playing out in a small Idaho city but it comes at a time when the US is roiled by the far right, including Christian nationalism, and when social conservatives are seeking to roll back basic tenets of US life such as legal abortion, as well as dominating powerful national institutions, such as the supreme court.

While the church’s previous controversies have centered on its founder and pastor, Douglas Wilson, a new generation of male church leaders – including Wilson’s son – have found ways to expand the church’s reach in Moscow and beyond, even gaining footholds in mainstream popular culture in the broader US.

In recent months, Christ Church has advocated for resistance to Covid mandates in Moscow, and Wilson has attempted to give theological ballast to opposition to restrictions and vaccination programs, as well as warning of political violence.

Last month, a video version of a post by Wilson at his well-read blog was removed from YouTube. The blogpost , entitled “A Biblical Defense of Fake Vaccine IDs”, was based on a conspiracy theory asserting that the vaccine response was a “power play” on the part of the Biden administration, which intended to leave the restrictions in place permanently.

Wilson further claimed that “we are not yet in a hot civil war, with shooting and all, but we are in a cold war/civil war” and urged readers to “resist openly, in concert with any others in your same position”, claiming that this would not be “rebellion against lawful authority” but “an example of a free people refusing to go along with their own enslavement”.

The post was met with outrage, including from other prominent evangelicals .

That was not the only time that Wilson’s activities and positions have led to criticism from other evangelicals, and associations with Wilson have led to crises in other churches.

In recent months, members and clergy resigned from Minneapolis’s Bethlehem Baptist church, and staff resigned from its associated Bethlehem College and Seminary (BCS), in part over the appearance of newly appointed BCS president Joe Rigney on Man Rampant , a video series hosted by Wilson and streamed on platforms including Amazon Prime. The show promotes Wilson’s long-held position that men need to assert themselves in society .

Christ Church was founded in Moscow in the 1990s, and experts who have studied the church estimate the size of the congregation and its offshoot churches at about 2,000, or 10% of the city’s total population.

But they also say that the church is increasingly drawing people to the area who are attracted to the idea of northern Idaho as a conservative “redoubt” against American modernity, and by the church’s “ reconstructionist ” position, which holds that the world will need to be governed according to their interpretation of biblical morality before Christ returns to earth.

Christ Church’s previous controversies have garnered national attention.

Recent reporting focused attention once more on the church’s – and Wilson’s – handling of a series of sexual abuse cases, and the theological subordination of women.

In 2005, Wilson asked a judge for leniency in the case of Stephen Sitler, a former student at a Christ Church-aligned college, New Saint Andrews College (NSAC). Sitler was at that time convicted of sex offenses involving children.

After his release on probation in 2007, Sitler was married in Christ Church in 2010, by Wilson, to a woman who, by Sitler’s and her account, had been introduced to him by Edwin Iverson, then a Christ Church elder and now pastor of a Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) church in Colville, Washington.

Wilson has faced scrutiny over other positions.

In the early 2000s, Wilson received criticism over a book, Southern Slavery as it Was, which he had co-written in the previous decade with J Steven Wilkins. Wilkins is a Louisiana pastor who was a co-founder of the neo-Confederate organization, the League of the South. His church is a member of Wilson’s congregational umbrella group, the CREC.

The book depicted slavery in the antebellum southern United States as “a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence”, and argued that the enslaved enjoyed “a life of plenty, of simple pleasures, of food, clothes, and good medical care”.

Wilson has repeatedly disavowed any interest in national electoral politics, but Christ Church’s eventual aim is what Wilson explicitly describes in a 2016 book as “theocracy”, or “a network of nations bound together by a formal acknowledgement of the lordship of Jesus Christ”, as opposed to secular society ruled by “civil governments, [which] are in necessary degrees satanic, demonic, and influenced by the god of this world, who is the devil”.

These beliefs have led Christ Church into conflicts with local government, but additionally, Wilson and other Christ Church members have founded a range of local and national institutions which are affiliated with or sponsored by the church.

Christ Church itself is an unincorporated nonprofit, which means that it is not obliged to provide details of its finances to government authorities. Many entities associated with the church are either also unincorporated, like the Logos School, or, like publisher Canon Press, are operated by a network of limited liability companies (LLCs) which are similarly limited in their accountability.

But insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity said that all members tithe 10% of their household income, and wealthier members are expected to make an even larger contribution.

Within a network of educational institutions, publishing houses, churches, and national associations that Wilson has founded or led, a small number of men, from a small number of families, have come to exert significant power within the organisation and Moscow.

Not least among these is Wilson’s own family, with him as its head.

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow, Idaho, during the coronavirus outbreak in April last year.

At NSAC, for example, the college president is Wilson’s son-in-law, Ben Merkle. Another son-in-law, Luke Jankovic, sits on the board of trustees, as does Wilson himself and Christ Church’s associate pastor, Toby Sumpter.

Douglas Wilson is also on faculty at NSAC, and is listed as a senior fellow in theology. Also on faculty are his son Nathan (ND) Wilson, a fellow of literature; and his brother, Gordon Wilson, a self-described “young earth creationist” who believes that God created the earth in seven days, is senior fellow of natural history.

According to tax filings, Merkle and Gordon Wilson each draw salaries from the college, which lists tuition and costs for undergraduate students at $19,900 per year.

Merkle, Jankovic, and all three Wilson men are also elders at Christ Church, along with a founding director and former trustee at NSAC, Moscow resident Andrew Crapuchettes.

Until June 2021, when the company was acquired by a competitor, Crapuchettes had been chief executive of Moscow’s largest private employer, EMSI, for more than 19 years.

During that period, EMSI was a major employer of NSAC graduates. According to LinkedIn data, there are 55 current employees at EMSI who are NSAC graduates, from a college which has graduated only 635 people throughout its history.

In addition, a number of Christ Church elders hold senior positions at EMSI. They include Luke Jankovic – the NSAC trustee who is Wilson’s son-in-law – who is now executive vice-president of higher education.

Also, EMSI’s chief operations officer and chief financial officer is Timothy van den Broek, a teaching elder at Trinity Reformed church, Christ Church’s suburban offshoot.

Van den Broek began his career at EMSI immediately after graduating from NSAC, and he sits on the boards of church-aligned businesses and organizations, including the charity, the Hope Center, and Classic Learning Initiatives, which aims to devise alternative standardized testing for students at Christian private schools who wish to attend private Christian universities like NSAC.

Since his departure from EMSI, Andrew Crapuchettes has started a new venture, a jobs website called Red Balloon, which advertises itself as connecting “employers who value freedom with employees who value it too”, in “a world beyond cancel culture, where employees are free to work … without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics”.

Many of the website’s initial clients appeared to be either church run or founded organizations, or companies belonging to other church members.

Now, Crapuchettes has branched out into property development, and this year won approval from Moscow city council for the “annexation” of 27 acres of land on Moscow’s south-western edge for a new, 109 unit subdivision called Edington.

A local businessman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the church already had a disproportionate presence in the downtown area, and that developments like Edington were evidence that “they are trying to attract more people here”.

He added that the church’s anti-mask and anti-vaccination positions, as well as its attempts to “take over local institutions” like a food co-op, had polarized the community.

He also referred to an ad for New Saint Andrews College that had been seen as transphobic by many in Moscow had “galvanized the town against them”. He called it a demonstration of the church’s preparedness “to throw red meat and recruit on the basis of hate”.

In response to detailed emailed questions about various aspects of Christ Church’s operations, Douglas Wilson did not offer any specific response, but wrote that the Guardian’s “approach illustrates an absurd fixation and anti-church bigotry that we have come to expect from certain elements of the leftist media”.

Asked about EMSI’s hiring practices under his leadership, Andrew Crapuchettes wrote that: “Under my watch, EMSI grew into a global company with offices on two continents, and in an ever-tightening labor market, we hired talent wherever we could find it, including from the 3 local colleges – Washington State, University of Idaho and New Saint Andrews.”

This article was amended on 12 November 2021 to correctly refer to the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, rather than the Council of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

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5. WYPOMINKI (Prayers for all faithful departed) •    Envelopes for the Wypominki are available at the entrance to the Church. Please write on them the names of those you would like to be remembered in prayer and place them in the collection basket or bring to the parish office.

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  5. Holy Ghost Christian Centre Testimony Place A

    holyghost christian centre

  6. OFFICIAL CHURCH ADVERT (Holy Ghost Christian Centre, Abuja)

    holyghost christian centre


  1. A biblical Family In A Modern World


  3. 3 common misconceptions of the Holy Spirit.🕊️ #bible #christian #holyspirit #HolyGhost

  4. The School of Faith

  5. Building Spiritual Stamina



  1. HolyGhost Christian Center Church New Jersey

    HCC is a church striving for perfection. We will do our part to promote a culture of God's love because We are Visionaries Who are Audacious, Yet Loving , Understanding, and Approachable We are Balanced individuals who Lead our World with Excellence . New Here Let's Get Acquainted Join A Small Group


    HolyGhost Christian Centre "…a place where all Souls are transformed and empowered to take their place in the nation of the world for Christ." Contact Information

  3. Our Mission and Vision

    HolyGhost Christian Center NJ is a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people. HCCNJ is a contemporary Christian church.

  4. HolyGhost Christian Center New Jersey

    HolyGhost Christian Center New Jersey. A House of Stars A Place of Refuge. and 2 more links Subscribe Home Videos Shorts Live Playlists Community Channels About 0:00 / 0:00 Jumbo...

  5. Contact

    1323 Burnet Avenue Union, NJ 07083. 1-844-440-1880. All Campuses. HolyGhost Christian Center NJ is a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people. HCCNJ is a contemporary Christian church. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local ...

  6. Our Church

    Holyghost Christian Centre (HCC) was founded as a Church on January 7, 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria by Pastor Amos Fenwa, who received the divine mandate to start the Church. Before the foundation of Holyghost Christian Centre, Pastor Amos Fenwa has formally resigned as a Pastor with Christ Apostolic Church, Lagos, Nigeria.

  7. Holyghost Christian Centre Live Streaming Service

    Holyghost Christian Centre Live Streaming Service HCC SOLUTION ARENA 3.44K subscribers 74 2.6K views Streamed 3 years ago Welcome to Solution House TV This is the Official YouTube Channel of...

  8. Holyghost Christian Center

    Holyghost Christian Center - Streaming live from Lagos, Disclaimer. The views expressed in any video or live stream presented on our website may not necessarily be the views of the CWM owners and staff.

  9. Our Programmes

    The Night of Mercy (NOM) is an annual spiritual programme that encapsulates the believers' need for an audience with God in a prophetic atmosphere that accentuates the plea for a divine mercy which answers the deep cry of mankind regardless of race, tribe, ethnicity or religious/ psychological orientation.

  10. HCC Testimony Place Lekki, Lagos

    HCC Testimony Place Lekki, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. 8,987 likes · 36 talking about this · 3,209 were here. Holyghost Christian Centre, Lekki (Testimony...

  11. The School of Faith


  12. Holyghost Christian Centre

    Holyghost Christian Centre (HCC) was founded on January 7, 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria by Dr. Amos Fenwa, and has grown over the last 26 years with branches across and outside Nigeria.

  13. HolyGhost Christian Centre

    HolyGhost Christian Centre - Facebook

  14. Holyghost Christian Centre

    Who is Holyghost Christian Centre Headquarters 5220 Singleton Rd, Norcross, Georgia, 30093, United States Phone Number (404) 429-5909 Website Revenue <$5M Industry Organizations General Organizations Holyghost Christian Centre's Social Media Is this data correct? View contact profiles from Holyghost Christian Centre

  15. holyghostchristiancentreministries

    Aims of holy ghost Christian centre church as a faith based institution is to teach and nurture believers into wholesome spiritual truth based on the […] church mision | No Comments | Uncategorized MISSION : To reach out to all mankind without discrimination with a living message which has the power of salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. […]

  16. Cult-like church's takeover of Idaho college town is fueled by a

    Cult-like church's takeover of Idaho college town is fueled by a misogynist, rape-friendly theology. #russia. #cartoon. #climatechange. #speakerofthehouse.

  17. 'Make it a Christian town': the ultra-conservative church on the rise

    The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow, Idaho, during the coronavirus outbreak in April last year. Photograph: Geoff Crimmins/AP At NSAC, for example, the college president is Wilson's ...

  18. Home

    Go to PayPal v under Holy Ghost Cathedral. Read more. Welcome to our website. We hope to inspire you to give your life to Christ. He has sacrificed his life to save you from a life of bondage. With the help of Holy Ghost, you can life a life of victory and not defeat. Help us Help the community. Events. Upcoming Events. 10. September. 2022.

  19. [4K] Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City

    Walking tour around Moscow-City.Thanks for watching!MY GEAR THAT I USEMinimalist Handheld SetupiPhone 11 128GB for Street https://...

  20. HolyGhost Church in Winnipeg

    either call (204.582.4157) or email ([email protected]) our. parish office. This is just a preliminary count of interested. families. The appointments for the pictures will be set up in the. fall. On the other hand, we will also need a good number of volunteers to help. facilitate this project.

  21. Saint Basil's Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (Russian: Собо́р Васи́лия Блаже́нного, tr. Sobór Vasíliya Blazhénnogo), commonly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral, is an Orthodox church in Red Square of Moscow, and is one of the most popular cultural symbols of Russia.The building, now a museum, is officially known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos ...