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  • I Want to Talk to You Today About The Holy Spirit! - Benny Hinn, Live Stream

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I Want to Talk to You Today About The Holy Spirit! - Benny Hinn, Live Stream

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Solomon king Godwin

Pastor Benny , put me in Prayers that i meant do more than as I can think of, for Christ ..

Maina Solomon Alexander

More grace my father, thank you for the opportunity to be able to attend and receive spiritual growth in the word of God and his son Jesus Christ. thank you sir


Pastor Benny please pray for my healing from stroke and restoration of both my eyes damaged due to stroke. Thank you, Anand - Canada

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Benny Hinn

Toufik Benedictus "Benny" Hinn (born 3 December 1952) is an Israeli Christian televangelist, best known for his regular "Miracle Crusades"—revival meeting or faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.

Biography: Hinn was born in Jaffa, in 1952, in the then newly established state of Israel to parents born in Palestine with Gre ...

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Biblical Clarity on the Holy Spirit The Christian Worldview

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Guest: Costi Hinn, pastor and author, Knowing the Spirit The Holy Spirit is the “most used and abused member of the Trinity,” writes our guest Costi Hinn in his new book, Knowing the Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, and How He Can Transform Your Christian Life. Costi would know, growing up in the extreme charismatic movement as the nephew of world-renown “faith healer” Benny Hinn. God graciously saved Costi out of that heresy and now he pastors Shepherd’s House Bible Church in Chandler, AZ. He joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to offer “Biblical Clarity on the Holy Spirit”—how to receive the Spirit and walk by Him, how the gifts of the Spirit operate today, and much more. We’ll also discuss popular pastor Andy Stanley’s recent sermon where he said his church draws “big circles, not lines” with those who are in homosexual “marriages”.

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Benny Hinn Quotes About Holy Spirit

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I am not overstatingthis; the anointing is mandatory if you are called to serve The Lord. Without it there will be no growth, no blessing, no victory in your ministry.

What does God the Father look like? Although I've never seen Him, I believe - as with the Holy Spirit - He looks like Jesus looked on earth.

Had the Holy Spirit not been with Jesus, He would have sinned

Had He (Jesus) not offered Himself through the Holy Ghost, He would not be accepted in the eyes of God the Father. Nor would He have endured the sufferings of the cross. Had He not presented Himself through the Holy Ghost, His blood would not have remained pure and spotless. And let me add this: Had the Holy Spirit not been with Jesus, He would have sinned.

God sent Jesus as an example to see if we could retain and maintain the Holy Spirit in human flesh.

The truth is that the glory of God is the person and presence of God- The glory is the Holy Spirit .


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