Haunted Mansion Ending Explained: Ghosts, Goofs, And Navigating Grief

Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish in Haunted Mansion

Disney's newest attempt at turning a theme park ride into a feature film has arrived with the silly spook-fest with a heart of gold, "Haunted Mansion."  Fans need no reminder that the beloved attraction made its name on the strength of humor, scares, and a unique approach to the classic haunted house setup that took full advantage of what Disney does best. After the 2003 Eddie Murphy-starring film came and went (though not before inspiring a bit of a cult following over the intervening years), all eyes were trained on director Justin Simien  and his star-studded take on the beloved IP.

The basic structure isn't too far afield from what audiences might expect: a grieving widower named Ben Matthias (LaKeith Stanfield) has given up on his astrophysicist passions and his dabbles in the supernatural, turning into an avowed skeptic with absolutely no patience for the ghost-obsessives around him in New Orleans. When single mother Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase Dillon) move into a severely discounted mansion that houses all manner of creepy goings-on, they recruit Ben and his high-tech camera to find proof of spirits from beyond. Once the rest of the gang enters the picture, the rules of the story are quickly established and the enjoyable ensemble cast each take on their own roles to help save the day.

But it wouldn't be a Disney movie without much more of an emotional component to it. Ben, still in mourning over his dearly departed wife, naturally forges a bond with Gabbie and Travis. But soon he and Travis, who's still coming to terms with the death of his father, must learn some tough lessons about letting go of their grief despite the temptation to be reunited with their late loved ones.

What you need to remember about the plot of Haunted Mansion

How do you get a dizzying cast of colorful characters to willingly subject themselves to a haunted house and, more to the point, actually stay there once things start getting undeniably spooky? "Haunted Mansion" finds an ingenious solution to this logistical hang-up, establishing that anyone who freely crosses the threshold of the creepy manor will subsequently be haunted by a ghost that follows them no matter where they go. Recruited by Owen Wilson's Father Kent (who we eventually learn isn't even a priest in the first place), Ben soon joins up with Tiffany Haddish's psychic Harriet, Danny DeVito's professor/historian Bruce, and an extended cameo by Jamie Lee Curtis' Madame Leota as they seek to untangle the mysteries at the heart of the mansion.

Ultimately, after a séance gone horribly wrong and numerous other hijinks along the way, our heroes discover the central problem that they must attempt to solve. With 999 ghosts currently inhabiting the mansion, only they can prevent the villainous spirit Alistair Crump (better known as Hatbox Ghost, unfortunately portrayed by Jared Leto) from capturing the thousandth soul that would allow him to break free of the property's confines and wreak havoc on the world. Coincidentally, poor Bruce is just a little too old for such excitement and falls victim to an ill-timed heart attack. With his passing within the manse, Crump would have all he needs to be set free. And if not him, then young Travis stands out as a similarly enticing victim as he's manipulated into thinking that he could visit his own late father.

With the cast split up to fend off various ghosts, only Ben is able to pull his newfound friend back from the brink.

What happens at the end of Haunted Mansion?

The ghosts eventually mount a full-scale attack, Alistair Crump gains more and more power with every passing minute as the full moon draws near, and the situation seems as dire as it ever has before. Thankfully, a breakthrough occurs when our ragtag team of ghostbusters realize that the key to success comes from recovering items that used to be in Alistair's possession when he was alive. Cue the field trip to his own historical manor, which has hilariously been turned into a tourist attraction featuring a number of familiar cameos, like Winona Ryder and Dan Levy as polar opposite tour guides. Returning to the mansion with their prize in hand, the final act takes a notable departure from the typical gags up to that point and instead positions the emotional arcs of both Ben and Travis as the biggest priorities.

Travis, lured by the Hatbox Ghost into a foreboding basement that he thinks will reunite him with his long-lost father, only barely turns away when convinced by Ben to join him in the land of the living and forge new connections instead of wallowing in his grief. But as the final stages of our team's plan come together and the action shifts outside the mansion to the adjoining graveyard, even the help of his friends can't fully dissuade Ben from succumbing to his own emotional turmoil and accepting Alistair's sinister proposal to cross over into the great beyond. Haunted by the fact that his wife never once visited him from beyond the grave, as he tearfully shares with the group earlier in the film, it becomes painfully clear that this is the one big test that Ben must confront in order to come to terms with his loss.

What does the end of Haunted Mansion mean?

Who could confidently state that they know the "right" way to cope with grief and profound feelings of regret and loss? "Haunted Mansion" takes the novel approach of avoiding easy answers and once-size-fits-all life lessons, instead emphasizing more personal methods that apply to different individuals on our own unique journeys. For Travis, he finds solace in his own youth and the connection he has with his mother. For Ben, at a radically different stage in his life but equally in need of comfort, accepting that his wife truly loved him and knew that he loved her — despite the angry words that passed between them in the final interaction they ever had in life — gives him the strength to trust in something much bigger than himself.

Dragged out to the graveyard in front of Alistair and his taunting ghosts, Ben seems to come right up to the edge of giving in to his feelings of pain and hopelessness ... until his friends arrive to do their part in sending Alistair back to the spirit world. With a little help from Madame Leota and the combined strength of everyone working together, our heroes finally become a true team and trap the dreaded Hatbox Ghost in his own grave — preventing him from accomplishing his evil goals and allowing the spirits he held under his thrall to escape their listless and torturous existence in limbo.

The final moments of "Haunted Mansion" pick up later on after Gabbie and Travis have made the mansion into a true home for themselves, and a much improved and more mentally healthy Ben seems open to the possibility of joining this family, punctuated by a ghostly rendition of the beloved "Grim Grinning Ghosts" musical number. A happy ending, indeed.

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Haunted mansion ending explained, with full backstory for iconic ride characters.

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Warning: This story contains spoilers from Disney's Haunted Mansion .

Disney 's new Haunted Mansion movie doesn't end with room for just one more unlucky spirit; it concludes in a dining hall filled with several jovial attendees of a ghostly jubilee, not unlike the one riders encounter at versions of the classic ride operating at parks around the world. Fans of the Walt Disney -devised attraction, however, will similarly rejoice after seeing the film, as director Justin Simien and writer Katie Dippold finished the film with a fleshed-out backstory for two fan-favorite canon characters: William Gracey — whose identity is sometimes confused with that of the "Ghost Host" ride narrator in certain attraction lore, including the 2003 Eddie Murphy movie — and Jared Leto 's endlessly creepy Hatbox Ghost.

"How can you not make the movie about Hatbox Ghost and Gracey?" Simien — a former Disney parks employee and full-time Disneyland aficionado — asks during an interview with EW. "I'm a real fan of the ride. I probably would be classified as a Disney Adult if I wasn't making movies for a living. Those are the faces you're immediately drawn to."

Riders might easily recognize Gracey and Hatbox Ghost from the attraction, but the movie takes their stories one step further, expanding their personal lore far more explicitly than anything in versions of the experience operating at Disneyland , Disney World , and Tokyo Disneyland.

Walt Disney Studios Jared Leto's Hatbox Ghost in 'Haunted Mansion'

The film's central plot follows a grieving widower and paranormal tour guide, Ben ( LaKeith Stanfield ), who's hired by a single mother ( Rosario Dawson ) to help her banish invading ghosts from her newly purchased Louisiana estate (modeled for the film exclusively after Disneyland's iteration of the ride). Along the way, he teams with a ragtag group of supernatural sleuths, including Father Kent ( Owen Wilson ), Professor Bruce Davis ( Danny DeVito ), and a New Orleans psychic named Harriet ( Tiffany Haddish ). Together, they uncover a crystal ball inhabited by the head of legendary medium Madame Leota ( Jamie Lee Curtis ), another legendary staple from the ride, who informs them that most of the ghosts aren't actually nefarious in nature. Here's where Gracey's story comes in.

Leota tells the group that she once worked with Gracey, the prior owner of the mansion, to help him contact his deceased wife, but a dark spirit latched on to his grief, promising to reunite him with his former spouse. Believing the force's word, Gracey commits suicide (as the Ghost Host/Hatchet Man, a separate character, does at the top of the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion ride queue, indicated by the corpse hanging from the rafters). It's later revealed that Hatbox Ghost is actually the spirit of a man named Alistair Crump, who's on a mission to collect 1,000 souls (his current total stands at 999 happy haunts) in order to set him free from a sort of supernatural purgatory.

Crump's origin story is far more sinister. It begins with his father kicking him out of Crump Manor — which is also depicted in the film as a modern-day haunted museum populated by wacky tour guides played by Dan Levy and Winona Ryder — for grieving his deceased mother too deeply. After his father died, Crump returned to the manor and threw lavish parties for the same social circle who previously excommunicated him; in an act of revenge, he began murdering them, until his staff revolted and decapitated him (thus, explaining why his head manifests inside a hatbox, just like it does on the California iteration of the ride). In his final moments, Crump also vowed revenge and became entangled in the 1,000-soul plot.

Disney Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish. and Danny DeVito in 'Haunted Mansion'

"Hatbox Ghost, this character, fans of the ride co-created with Disney. They started calling one guy Gracey, and another Hatbox Ghost — now they're canon characters. They pulled Katie and I's attention," Simien explains when asked why he expanded the legacies of both characters.

He adds that, thematically, there was clear motivation to parallel their experiences with Ben's.

"It also was kind of beautiful, because Gracey provided such a Ghost of Future's Past interpretation of Ben's character. Gracey does everything Ben is doing at the start of the story, and it felt like Crump is doing everything if Ben were to keep going on [the] hating people, misanthropic journey he was on. They were these two sorts of things we were watching this character try not to become," Simien observes. "Gracey, the way he confronts his grief, and the way Crump confronts his grief, they're really logical, they're what most of us would do in those situations. Ben has to choose something in the middle to be the hero the movie wants him to be. I thought that was a perfect way to put the audience in the literal seat of the riders, where you're not really of the mansion, but you're a visiting guest, and to give you the candy of what the actual haunts are up to up in there."

Haunted Mansion is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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Haunted Mansion's ending has an Easter egg you might have missed

A deep cut for the ride fans worldwide.

preview for Disney's Haunted Mansion | New Trailer

The following article contains discussion of themes including suicide.

While the Disney movie (now available on Disney+ ) failed to scare up much of a profit at the box office, its arrival this year is still bound to be celebrated by this one niche of dedicated group of moviegoers.

Its lengthy, embittered history saw Disney's creative team (otherwise known as the Imagineers) clash repeatedly over the ride's intended tone. Should it terrify or delight? No one could quite agree on an answer, so the result is a strange and curious mix of gags and scares, bolstered by an encyclopedia's worth of behind-the-scenes lore.

The 2003 Eddie Murphy-headlined movie brought the CliffsNotes version of the Mansion to screen. It featured Madame Leota, the psychic's head floating in a crystal ball, the hitchhiking ghosts that follow you home, and the elegant ballroom of ghostly dancers.

Disney's latest attempt, directed by Dear White People 's Justin Simien , goes much, much further.

lindsay lamb, hunted mansion

Many (if not most) of the characters you meet on the ride, largely in animatronic form, appear; the clamshell-like ride vehicles, known as Doom Buggies, get a shout-out; and even the little bat stanchions that line the ride's queue make a cameo.

Some of these references will be obvious to those with even a passing familiarity. Others are reserved only for those acquainted with the Mansion's backstory. And, then, there are the nods to the Mansions that populate other Disney parks – in Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong – that only the most eagle-eyed of viewers may catch.

One in particular comes during the emotional climax of the movie and even hardcore ride fans might not pick up on it first time. Not afraid of spoilers ? Then read on.

tiffany haddish, rosario dawson, lakeith stanfield, owen wilson, hunted mansion

Haunted Mansion ending explained

In Haunted Mansion , a crew of paranormal enthusiasts – astrophysicist Ben, exorcist Father Kent, psychic Harriet and historian Bruce – help Gabbie and her son Travis rid their new home of its 999 resident ghouls.

We meet Constance Hatchaway, the black-widow bride with five headless husbands – a character only added to the ride in 2006. There's also the Mariner, a nod to an early ride concept by Imagineer Ken Anderson in which guests would hear the dreadful tale of the infamous pirate Captain Gore and his tragic bride. (A scene where Ben discovers a rattling chest in the mansion's attic then alludes to the young woman's ultimate fate.)

And then there's Master Gracey, a name originally taken from a headstone in the ride's queue, erected as a tribute to Imagineer Yale Gracey, but used by fans to refer to the mansion's owner and to the portrait guests see slowly decay into skeletal form in the ride's lobby.

In the movie, Gracey died by suicide, having been manipulated by a sinister figure posing as his late wife – a woman he'd desperately been trying to contact with the spiritual aid of one Madame Leota. As Ben realises, the one pulling these fatal strings is a spirit known as the Hatbox Ghost.

He's a reference to a rather legendary animatronic that debuted on opening day, only to be swiftly retired when it became clear the effect – a head that disappeared from his neck and appeared in his hatbox – wasn't up to scratch. He eventually returned, in 2015, with the help of a little digital magic.

hatbox ghost voiced by jared leto, hunted mansion

In Simien's movie, he's given an official backstory: in life, he was Alistair Crump (named after Rolly Crump, another Imagineer), the exiled son of an abusive socialite, who returns home after his father's death in order to wreak vengeance on those who spurned him. He murders guests at his lavish parties, hosted at Crump Manor, whose exterior happens to look identical to the facade of Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion.

Although the ride inside is largely the same, the Disneyland mansion's antebellum exterior suited its location within the park's New Orleans Square.

Walt Disney World, in Florida, however, doesn't have a New Orleans Square. Instead, the corresponding area is called Liberty Square, inspired by revolutionary America, and so the Mansion was built in the relevant Dutch-Gothic style.

Crump's murder spree was eventually ended by his own butlers and maids, who lopped off his head and stored it in a hatbox. But, having been unintentionally summoned by Madame Leota, Crump starts killing from beyond the grave, vowing to collect the thousand souls needed to liberate himself from the mansion and terrorise the world at large.

His current total stands at 999 happy haunts. Yet, Crump's claimed souls must all give themselves willingly to death. He can't simply slice and dice his way to freedom, so Ben becomes the obvious target as he's been emotionally torn to pieces by the loss of his wife, Alyssa.

tiffany haddish, rosario dawson, lakeith stanfield, danny devito, hunted mansion

Travis at one point tells Ben that he's been back in contact with his dad. He misses him terribly and wants to go live with him – only Travis's dad has been dead for a year.

Thankfully, Gabbie and friends use a part of Crump's mortal form (his hat) in order to permanently banish his soul, while Ben and Travis learn, as Leota wisely intones, that "grief can be a doorway to joy".

During the finale, Father Kent recruits some of the Mansion's 999 haunts in the fight against Crump. Many of these spirits are borrowed directly from the Disneyland ride. Others are original creations.

But there's something quite notable about how these ghosts are clustered together. Prominently positioned are Great Caesar's Ghost in his toga, the Beheaded Knight and his Executioner, the Mummy and an Egyptian queen, and a Chinese empress.

They almost perfectly correlate to the main sections that make up the Hong Kong version of the Mansion, Mystic Manor – an entirely unique ride, since in Chinese tradition, the dead are venerated and, more importantly, entirely avoided.

mystic manor in hong kong

Mystic Manor, instead, adopts a Night at the Museum -style concept, in which an explorer's collection of antiquities magically comes to life. On the ride, guests will visit a room of Mediterranean antiquities, Medieval arms and armour, Egyptian treasure and, finally, a Chinese salon.

It's a sly, clever way to integrate a part of the Mansion's history that doesn't quite fit into the main storyline. And, since Tokyo's Mansion is almost identical to Florida's, that leaves us only with the Paris version, which also gets a nod or two in the movie.

Known as Phantom Manor, it bears many similarities to the Disneyland ride, but features a darker, more romantic storyline in which a young bride, Mélanie Ravenswood, is held prisoner under the spell of a mysterious Phantom, who turns out to be her once-possessive father. It's also located in the park's version of Frontierland, and so features its own Western facade.

Mélanie's story could be potential fodder for a future sequel or spin-off (though that now seems unlikely), but it's not forgotten by Simien.

tiffany haddish, hunted mansion

Firstly, the portrait of Constance Hatchaway, seen early on, bears a striking resemblance to that of Mélanie, which hangs in the loading area of the ride.

Secondly, once Gabbie and her son make peace with the mansion's residents – who have all chosen to stay and make the best of the afterlife – we see the main characters meet up for a Halloween celebration. And what does Father Kent choose to wear? A cowboy outfit, which would be perfectly at home in Disneyland Paris's Frontierland.

That said, Haunted Mansion is so rife with Easter eggs and cleverly concealed references that there may yet be a few more to discover, somewhere hidden in the shadows. So, get to work. And look alive.

Haunted Mansion is now available to watch on Disney+ .

We encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to reach out. Information about how to access support is available via the NHS , and organisations who can offer help include Samaritans on 116 123 or Mind on 0300 123 3393.

Readers in the US are encouraged to visit mentalhealth.gov or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention .

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Home > The Haunted Mansion Ending Explained

  • The Haunted Mansion Ending Explained
  • UPDATED: September 21, 2023

Table of Contents

If you’ve ever visited a haunted house attraction or watched a horror movie, you know that the ending can often leave you with more questions than answers. The same can be said for the iconic Disneyland ride, The Haunted Mansion. With its eerie atmosphere and ghostly inhabitants, the ride has captivated audiences for decades. But what exactly happens at the end of this spooky journey? Let’s dive into The Haunted Mansion ending and try to unravel its mysteries.

As riders make their way through the haunted mansion, they encounter various ghostly scenes and characters. From the infamous stretching room to the ballroom filled with dancing spirits, each room provides a glimpse into the afterlife. But it is in the final scene where things take an unexpected turn.

After passing through a graveyard filled with singing busts and spectral apparitions, riders find themselves face-to-face with a ghostly bride named Constance Hatchaway. This character has become one of the most memorable aspects of The Haunted Mansion, known for her sinister charm and dark secrets.

Constance is seen holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a hatchet in the other, hinting at her murderous tendencies. As riders approach her, they witness her wedding vows to her deceased husbands. Each time she recites her vows, another head on her wedding ring expands, indicating another husband met his untimely demise.

But what does this all mean? Many theories have been proposed to explain Constance’s story and the significance of this final scene. One popular theory suggests that Constance represents eternal damnation or purgatory. Her repeated marriages and murders symbolize an endless cycle of suffering and punishment.

Another interpretation is that Constance is a vengeful spirit seeking revenge on all men who wronged her during her lifetime. Each husband represents someone who betrayed or hurt her in some way, and she takes pleasure in their demise.

Yet another theory suggests that Constance is a metaphor for the dangers of materialism and greed. Her constant pursuit of wealth and status led her down a dark path, ultimately causing her to resort to murder. The expanding heads on her wedding ring could symbolize the weight of her sins and the consequences she must face.

Ultimately, the true meaning behind The Haunted Mansion’s ending may be left up to interpretation. Disney Imagineers have crafted a story that is open to different explanations, allowing each visitor to form their own conclusions. This ambiguity adds to the allure and intrigue of the ride, leaving guests with a sense of wonder long after they exit the haunted mansion.

So, next time you find yourself on The Haunted Mansion ride, pay close attention to the chilling ending. Reflect on the possible meanings behind Constance Hatchaway’s actions and try to unravel the mysteries that lie within. Just remember, in this haunted house, nothing is as it seems, and the truth may be more haunting than you ever imagined.



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Disney's Haunted Mansion Ending, Explained

How does the 2023 reimagining of Haunted Mansion wrap up these characters' stories?

The Haunted Mansion was a beloved Eddie Murphy film from 2003. It was panned by critics , which in turn made an eventual re-imagining inevitable. In 2023, the story is being re-imagined in Disney’s new Haunted Mansion under director Justin Simien.

The story follows a paranormal investigator named Ben (Lakeith Stanfield), who is reeling from a serious loss. He is hired by a Mother and Son (Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon) to investigate their new home (A Haunted Mansion). Along the way, they turn to a priest (Owen Wilson), a historian (Danny DeVito), and a psychic (Tiffany Haddish) for help. This leads to a ghostly adventure for the team against the wicked and dangerous Hatbox Ghost, an unrecognizable Jared Leto.

Their adventures make them cross paths with a variety of other Ghostly entities. One of those is the house's former psychic, Madame Leota (Jamie Lee Curtis). This crew goes up against the Hatbox ghost and learns about each other along the way. Over time, the group discovers what it means to be a team and, most importantly, a family. The core of the film involves the group learning about the history of the house. Its history involves how the Hatbox Ghost became wicked and the mission he is trying to complete.

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The Hatbox Ghost Feeds on Ben's Grief

Its first reviews praise the film as a “ scary, hilarious, and unexpectedly emotional movie .” The film’s emotional crux is Ben (Stanfield) dealing with the pain of his loss. Ben is portrayed as a none believer in the supernatural and needs convincing of this mansion of haunts.

He needs convincing no matter what Gabbie (Dawson) and Travis (Dillon) can say. As the team continues to form, they turn to Madame Leota (Curtis) for help. She warns the team of the Hatbox Ghosts' history and his mission to escape. The ghost is a former aristocrat who went on to become a deadly axe murderer.

He needs 100,000 captured souls to break free and currently has 999 in total. Ben’s grief makes him a perfect final victim for Hatbox’s escape into society. At this point in the film, it seems all is lost for our crew. Ben is slowly being lured and tempted by Hatbox’s temptations to reunite with his wife. Having to avoid those temptations lets Ben learn more about his makeshift “family.” This includes that Kent (Wilson) is not even a real priest. These revelations force all the characters to confront their demons.

After the team faces their personal demons, the real challenge begins. Our group of heroes has to come together to catch Hatbox. This includes a séance with Madame Leota, which involves awakening the 999 haunts of the house. Awakening these haunts is the easy part for our heroes. Thankfully, the heroes all share one commonality with the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. Everyone is scared of the Hatbox Ghost and his desire to break into the real world.

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Everyone Has to Come Together

To stop the Hatbox Ghost, our heroes decide to team up with the Mansion’s ghosts. This involves numerous chase sequences around the Mansion. A running element of the film is Travis wanting to visit his Dad. Ben and Travis bond throughout the film, which involves Ben encouraging Travis to see his Dad and stand up for himself. It isn’t until our heroes are separated that Gabbie reveals Travis’s father died. When the Hatbox ghost realizes Ben can’t be his 100,000 soul, he sets his sights on Travis.

Realizing they are outnumbered and outgunned, they team up with the ghosts of the house. This involves funny sequences regarding who will do what in this life-saving mission. While Ben and Gabbie go to find the missing Travis, Kent is left with the task of rallying the ghosts. That is while Madam Leota (Curtis) and Harriet (Haddish) conjure a spell to stop Hatbox before his plans are enacted. Meanwhile, Bruce (DeVito) has been possessed by Hatbox to get his last soul. Ben is finally able to find Travis after the house is turned into a mythical and horrifying maze.

Harriet is able to snap Bruce out of his possession while Ben, Gabbie, and Travis come face-to-face with Hatbox. Ben attempts to sacrifice himself to save his friends until Kent arrives with the ghost calvary. Everyone’s combined forces are able to finally stop and banish the Hatbox Ghost. This allows the souls to finally enjoy their Haunted Mansion while Leota is freed from her crystal ball prison. Such a ghostly experience lets Ben properly mourn and say a final goodbye to his wife.

With the Hatbox Ghost banished, Travis and Gabbie are able to enjoy their new home. To properly enjoy it, they threw a lavish dinner party with their friends. This part includes a meal with Ben, Kent, and Bruce as a makeshift family. Such a party is occurring with the many happy ghosts dancing around them in celebration. Ending on a happy note shows Simien used Eddie Murphy’s flop to make a better movie. This group of outsiders became the family they had been looking for all along.

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The Disney Attraction

The Disney Attraction

The Ride that started it all.

Read more >

The Haunted Mansion

The 2003 film starring Eddie Murphy

Muppets Haunted Mansion

The 2021 special starring Jim Henson's classic characters

Haunted Mansion

The 2023 film starring LaKeith Stanfield

The Disney Attraction

  • 1 Alistair Crump
  • 2 Madame Leota
  • 3 Hatbox Ghost

The Ending Of Haunted Mansion Explained

Madame Leota in her crystal ball

Disney once again invites fans into theaters for a trek through a big screen adaptation of its iconic theme park ride in 2023's " Haunted Mansion ." The ride was the basis of the 2003 Eddie Murphy movie "The Haunted Mansion," which was slated by fans and critics alike. The Mouse House will be hoping for a better reception for this new version, which follows a new set of characters. They end up becoming haunted by spirits after stepping foot into a New Orleans mansion with a dark past and tons of devious ghouls. This group must work together to uncover the truth behind the mansion's ghostly past and the origins of a particularly nefarious ghost so they can overcome the cursed hand they've been dealt and stop an evil plan from being set in motion.

"Haunted Mansion" not only takes fans on a wildly fun trip through a haunted house with familiar-looking ghosts , but it also delivers a surprisingly robust story with interesting character arcs and an intriguing central mystery. Along with the mystery that the characters have to solve surrounding the ghosts and the mansion's murderous past, the visitors also deal with elements of personal grief and tragedy that make them more emotionally compelling and connective. As a whole, there's a lot going on throughout "Haunted Mansion," with a bunch of stuff to break down. So get strapped in, because we're taking a deep dive into the film's ending.

What you need to remember about the plot

Before we jump into the film's ending, let's do a little recap of everything that leads to the big finale. Once single mother Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase Dillon) enter the mansion and become haunted by the various ghosts that reside there, they call on some experts who sound like they belong more at the start of a bad joke. What happens when paranormal photographer Ben (LaKeith Stanfield), priest Father Kent (Owen Wilson), psychic Harriet (Tiffany Haddish), and university professor Bruce (Danny DeVito) walk into a haunted mansion? Well, a mad scramble for answers. The group tries to work together to uncover the truth behind the mansion, its ghosts, and a particularly treacherous ghost known as the Hatbox Ghost (Jared Leto).

The group eventually discovers that the Hatbox Ghost is formerly Alistair Crump — a socialite who secretly murdered many people until he was beheaded by his detractors. As the Hatbox Ghost, Alistair has been collecting souls in the mansion for decades, hoping to reach 1,000 souls so that he can come back to the world of living. Once the group learns that Alistair is only one soul away — and is targeting both Ben and Travis due to their lingering grief — they're forced to find something that belonged to Alistair so that Harriet can perform a banishing spell with Madame Leota (Jamie Lee Curtis). Unfortunately, Alistair's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. 

What happened at the end of the movie?

The last soul for Alistair's plan can't just be any old soul — it needs to come from a willing volunteer, which is why he targets Ben and Travis. They are still dealing with their unresolved feelings over the deaths of loved ones (Ben's wife and Travis' father, respectively), so they're vulnerable to falling for Alistair's tricks. Travis nearly does when Alistair mimics his father's voice, but Ben is able to intervene and remind Travis of what his father would actually want. However, this doesn't keep Alistair from attempting to coax Ben and it forces him to make a crucial choice — either sacrifice himself to save everyone else or let Alistair's reign of terror continue.

After Alistair transports Ben, Travis, and Gabbie to a graveyard that he's turned into haunted ritual grounds, Alistair continually reminds Ben that he'll never be over Alyssa's death and that giving up his soul will be the only way to see her again. However, Ben doesn't succumb to Alistair's tricks, and with the help of his new friends — both living and dead — he ends up defeating Alistair by kicking him into the open grave below. With a new perspective and new friends to stand by his side (including an adorable cat named Tater-Tot to remind him of Alyssa), Ben has finally come to terms with Alyssa's death and is able to move forward in life.

What happened to the mansion?

Oddly enough, the other spirits don't move on or disappear after Alistair is defeated. Rather, they return to the mansion to continue their ghostly lives there, but are now in much better spirits since Alistair is no longer ruling over them. Ghosts can be seen dancing and flying throughout the dining hall and it feels like they're reliving lives that were suddenly cut short. After seeing all the spirits dance through the halls, Gabbie and Travis decide to stay and look after the spirits.

Some time later, Ben and Travis help fulfill Sea Captain Ghost's final wish to be brought back to the sea, where he promptly and hilariously steals a boat. After that, Ben is seen giving Kent Alyssa's belongings and preparing to start a new chapter in his life. However, before he leaves, he spots a cat sitting on the porch with the name Tater-Tot on its collar –- which is tied to a story that Ben told the group about Alyssa's love of unhealthy food. It's a reminder of Alyssa, and it fits with something Harriet told Ben about little signs in life that remind us of people even when they're gone. The film ends with everyone reuniting at the mansion for a Halloween party and the spirits singing and dancing through the end credits.

What does the end of the movie mean?

One of the biggest running themes of "Haunted Mansion" deals with grief and how people live on in memory — which is pretty fitting for a movie about ghosts. Ben, in particular, is plagued by grief over Alyssa's death and it's something that affects him throughout the film. In a deeply heartfelt and emotional scene, Ben talks to the group about his unresolved feelings and how Alyssa's death still haunts him. He almost breaks down in tears talking about how Alyssa died in a car accident and how he's unsure that Alyssa knew he loved her — the key reason behind his continual suffering.

For Harriet, she's reminded of a lost loved one by the sounds of train whistles because of their love of model trains. She tells Ben that he too will find something to fondly remember Alyssa by and that will help him move on. Not only is that thing for Ben this entire experience, since he recognizes that he can't hold onto Alyssa's memory anymore, but also Tater-Tot the cat. Ben's arc in "Haunted Mansion" is meant to remind viewers that even when someone is gone there are ways for their memory to live on. The biggest takeaway from the ending of the film is that people can overcome grief without forgetting the person they're missing.

Why didn't the ghosts all vanish at the end of the movie?

Once Alistair is pulled back into the ground to spend the rest of his undead existence in a ghastly nightmare, most viewers likely expected the rest of the spirits to disappear and move on, since Alistair was the main thing keeping them in the mansion. However, instead of vanishing, the ghosts move back into the mansion and begin celebrating Alistair's demise. Alistair might have been the key reason that the ghosts were haunting everyone that entered the mansion, but he's not the reason that they haven't been able to move on. Like the Sea Captain Ghost, every spirit that remains in the mansion still has something they're holding onto in the real world that's likely keeping them from going into the afterlife. 

As Harriet explains, every soul will be caught in an in-between ghost world if they still have regrets or things left unresolved when they leave the world of the living. So, while they would understandably want to party in the mansion that they've called home for so long after Alistair is dealt with, there's still some unresolved aspects in their stories -– which is why they can't leave yet. Perhaps Gabbie, Ben, and the group can take on new roles in granting these ghosts their final wishes when they're ready to move onto the afterlife.

What the end of the movie means for the franchise

Despite Disney always trying to turn their new films into robust ongoing franchises, "Haunted Mansion" features an ending that pretty much closes the book on this story without hinting at a future storyline. The end of the film doesn't tease any potential for Ben and the group's story to return, nor a way for the spirits of the mansion to have their stories be further fleshed out. There isn't even a post-credit scene hinting at the possibility of Alistair returning from his new grave. So, it seems like "Haunted Mansion" could be a one-and-done story for Disney, a rarity in Hollywood nowadays.

However, there are still some avenues for a potential sequel story should the Mouse House decide to go down that route at a later date. A sequel could easily see Ben and the group deal with another haunted mansion they become aware of, or start to become acquainted with some of the ghosts still lurking around the mansion. Given the mansion's murder-filled history, there could even be a new antagonist that rises to gain the same power that Alistair couldn't. A strong box office performance and positive critical reception could entice Disney to do more movies in this world. However, with Disney CEO Bob Iger's recent comments about downsizing some of their already established franchises, it's probably more likely that this will be the only "Haunted Mansion" movie for quite a while.

What has the director said about the franchise's future?

Although there hasn't been an announcement of a sequel to "Haunted Mansion," director Justin Simien has stated that the door is open for more stories in this world. While talking with SFX Magazine , Simien mentioned that he believes the film's world-building creates tons of potential for a sequel. "It's definitely in the realm of possibility," said Simien, adding that a lot of thought went into fleshing out the world that the movie takes place in. "We certainly set up a lot that I think a lot of other stories could derive from and continue from. Not really up to me, but I definitely think there are possibilities there."

Simien went even further in talking about how the film's depiction of the Hatbox Ghost can be applied to other ghouls within the lore. "It was really just about expanding what we know and what we can see around the story just a bit further, but not filling in every blank," said Simien. "We're pulling from what has been established, what really has been rumored, and tried to flesh him out and flesh that story out too. I think it's really satisfying. But it also leaves the door open for a lot more." While the decision lies with the higher-ups, the director clearly sees potential for the lore of "Haunted Mansion" to be further explored.

Other ways the franchise could continue

Even if a direct sequel doesn't happen, there are other ways that Disney could continue the story of these characters and this world. Spin-off films focusing more specifically on the stories of the ghosts might end up being discussed, kind of like what The Conjuring Universe does with its spooky characters. Disney could even make a villain-focused origin movie for the Hatbox Ghost, just like they did with "Maleficent" and "Cruella." And if they wanted an alternative to the big screen in order to keep costs down, Disney+ would be a great place for "Haunted Mansion" content.

An animated series focusing on the film's characters and ghosts could be an absolute blast and deliver some fun, family-friendly horror content that audiences of all ages would enjoy. Another "Haunted Mansion" crossover could also be worth looking into — it happened not too long ago with "Muppets Haunted Mansion," which most critics loved. Imagine how fun it would be to see Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters going through their own terrifying journey in the "Haunted Mansion" franchise. Frankly, it sounds like a perfect recurring Halloween special for the streamer. Another great idea is an anthology series based on the ghosts of the mansion, with a new ghoul's past fleshed out every week in a new episode.

If Disney genuinely isn't interested in continuing the franchise on the big screen, so be it. However, there are still plenty of ways to give "Haunted Mansion" fans their spooky fun. We're hoping that we get to go back to the mansion before too long.

What the ending reveals about Disney's other attraction adaptations

"Haunted Mansion" is far from being the first of Disney's theme park rides to get its own movie adaptation, and it definitely won't be the last. Along with a sequel to 2021's "Jungle Cruise," Disney is set to develop more "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, as well as movies based on rides like " Big Thunder Mountain Railroad " and "Space Mountain." While it's clear that Disney isn't pumping the brakes on trying to bring their most famous rides onto the big screen, the lack of franchise building in the ending of "Haunted Mansion" could be a sign that Disney's other ride adaptations could be just one-offs, too.

Aside from "Pirates of the Caribbean," none of Disney's ride adaptations have been remotely as successful or garnered a big enough fanbase that could keep them afloat for multiple pictures. If "Haunted Mansion" does well, maybe that would change. However, the ending of "Haunted Mansion" makes it pretty obvious that Disney doesn't intend on churning out multiple movies unless they determine there's an appetite for them. So, the upcoming "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" and "Space Mountain" films — as well as any other ride adaptations Disney decides to make in the future — will likely be standalone adventures.

Could Eddie Murphy reprise his role in a future project?

As we touched on earlier, the idea of other franchises crossing over with "The Haunted Mansion" isn't all that strange since it happened not too long ago. "The Muppets" had their fun with the franchise in the 2021 Halloween special "Muppets Haunted Mansion," so the door is open for virtually any franchise to trek through the ghost-filled mansion. From Mickey and his friends having an animated horror adventure to Marvel characters maybe taking a trip to the iconic horror site, there are plenty of cool crossovers that could be incredible to see. But you know what crossover would be really amazing? A crossover with the 2003 "Haunted Mansion" movie Disney did.

While it would be tough to believe that these movies take place in the same world, there's surely a storyline involving a spectral connection that could bring the two universes together. The idea of seeing LaKeith Stanfield and Eddie Murphy (who starred as real estate agent Jim Evers in 2003's "Haunted Mansion") on the big screen together sounds like an absolute treat, and watching the horrors of those two worlds blend would undeniably please genre fans. Sure, it's a wildly ambitious task, but a request that Disney could certainly fulfill. This is just one of the many enticing potential crossovers that could make the "Haunted Mansion" franchise something truly special.

‘Haunted Mansion’ Ending Explained: Who Can Escape the Hatbox Ghost?

They have 999 happy haunts here, but there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers?

The Big Picture

  • Disney's 2023 Haunted Mansion movie, now available on Disney+, follows a single mother and her son as they try to exorcise the restless spirits in their new home.
  • The ghosts haunting the mansion won't let anyone leave, and Ben discovers a dark and vengeful spirit controlling the house.
  • With teamwork and a willing sacrifice, the group banishes the spirit and decides to stay in the haunted mansion, celebrating with a Halloween party.

Disney’s 2023 Haunted Mansion movie is a fairly straight-forward ghost story: single mother Gabbie ( Rosario Dawson ) and her son Travis ( Chase W. Dillon ) purchase an old, decrepit mansion outside of New Orleans, hoping for a fresh start in the wake of tragedy. Naturally, they discover that the house is filled with restless spirits, and the film kicks off with their attempts to exorcize the unwelcome guests from their property, introducing a whole host of characters to help make that happen. This includes Owen Wilson ’s Father Kent — who turns out to be not so much a priest as a scam artist — Danny DeVito ’s Professor Davis, Tiffany Haddish ’s psychic Harriet, and LaKeith Stanfield ’s Ben Matthias , a former astrophysicist haunted by the death of his wife. But what happens once they’ve all been summoned to the mansion? Keep reading to find out whether their exorcism is successful.

Unfortunately, as the film kicks into gear with its multitude of references to the iconic Disney attraction , that’s where things get complicated: it turns out that, once someone sets foot in the house, the ghosts haunting the property won’t let them leave, following them home to haunt them until they return. This includes Ben being followed home by the Mariner, who drowns him out of his own living room, only for him to return to the mansion furious with Gabbie. The same happens to Kent, Davis, and Harriet, leading to an exploration of the house that turns up not only more ghosts, but some answers as well.

What’s Haunting This Haunted Mansion?

At first, Gabbie thinks it’s the ghost of Edward Gracey trapping everyone in the mansion, but when Ben spirit-walks to the other side, he discovers that something far worse was summoned when Gracey himself held séances in the house, led by Jamie Lee Curtis ' Madame Leota. A portal was opened as he performed séance after séance, eventually leading the Hatbox Ghost ( Jared Leto ) to break through the veil between worlds and take control of the house and all the spirits within, trapping Leota in her crystal ball and killing every successive owner of the mansion. It’s nearly disaster when another ghost tries to escape the land of the dead through Ben’s body, and chaos only continues to unfold as danger lurks for Gabbie and her friends.

A bit of research (and a cameo from Hasan Minhaj ) leads the team to discover that the Hatbox Ghost is actually the spirit of Alistair Crump , a sadistic millionaire who murdered countless people before being beheaded — hence the hatbox. He is a dark and vengeful spirit, and needs exactly one thousand souls in order to come to full power and menace the real world beyond the mansion, of which he has exactly 999. (Sound familiar?) But the only way to truly banish Crump’s soul to the other side of the veil is with a piece of something that belonged to him in life, and it’s up to Ben, Father Kent, and Travis to travel to Crump’s former mansion, now a tourist trap, to find something to use for the spell.

After a quick trip to the mansion that yields two blink-and-you’ll-miss-them appearances from Winona Ryder and Dan Levy , the trio grabs Crump’s original top hat and return, with Ben making Travis promise he’ll stay in the car for his safety. But Crump’s been angered, and while Ben thought he was the target for the ghost’s attempts to take a final soul, they discover the soul must be willing, and Travis is lured out of the car by the Hatbox Ghost pretending to be his deceased father, manipulating the boy’s grief into becoming a willing sacrifice.

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Teamwork Saves the Day in 'The Haunted Mansion'

Ben successfully saves Travis from Crump’s clutches, but Crump takes other measures, possessing Professor Davis in an attempt to burn the hat. He’s rescued, but an army of ghosts is sent after the team to kill them, and it’s Father Kent’s job to distract them while everyone else attempts to get rid of Crump. It’s chaos as the hat is burned and the Hatbox Ghost chases after Ben, taunting him for the death of his wife and telling him he can see her again if he agrees to die. Everyone’s split apart, and things look grim as Ben makes his way to the graveyard, where he’s surrounded by flying ghosts and Crump begins to build to his full power.

It’s Harriet to the rescue, finally, as Kent convinces the ghosts that it’s worth more to fight back against Crump than continue to fear him for all eternity. They join forces with our ragtag gang of the living, and with the last scrap of the burned hat and a little help from Madame Leota, whom Harriet was able to free from her crystal ball, they’re able to banish Crump to hell, the ground swallowing him up after one last assertion from Ben that he wants to live in his wife’s memory. Everyone (ghosts included) rejoices, but when someone suggests that all the ghosts are free to pass over to the other side, now that they’re free from the Hatbox Ghost’s influence, none of them seem all that ready to leave. Gabbie, then, suggests they stay — after all, there’s plenty of room in the house.

The film then ends with Ben walking out of his freshly painted (and no longer soggy) French Quarter digs and discovering a cat he believes is a sign from his late wife on his doorstep. He heads back out to the mansion, and it’s obvious that he and Gabbie are starting to become more than just friends as she invites him in — along with the rest of the gang — for a Halloween party, telling him, much like at the beginning of the film, that stepping across the threshold might change his life. Ben happily takes that chance, and the credits play over a montage of the whole found family enjoying a lively party — ghosts and all.

Haunted Mansion is now streaming on Disney+ .

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Haunted Mansion Ending Explained

Warning: This submit comprises MAJOR spoilers for Haunted Mansion

  • Alistair Crump’s purpose was to lure 1,000 souls and use darkish magic to precise revenge and trigger chaos, aiming to acquire full energy and untether himself from the Haunted Mansion.
  • The ghosts within the Haunted Mansion selected to remain even after Alistair’s defeat, desirous to reclaim their house and discover closure, as they had been now not terrorized by him.
  • The ending of Haunted Mansion highlights the theme of overcoming grief and the ability of affection and help, displaying that life is price residing regardless of loss and permitting the characters to maneuver ahead.

Justin Simien’s Haunted Mansion remake ends with a closing showdown between the residing characters and Alistair Crump, the darkish magic-using ghost who goals to say his one thousandth soul in the course of the full moon. Alistair, in any other case often known as the Hatbox Ghost, had tried to lure Ben to dying, preying on his grief. What Ben, Gabbie, and the others didn’t know was that Alistair was additionally writing to Travis as his deceased father.

Alistair’s affect on Travis, who was additionally nonetheless uncooked from grief, almost obtained him what he needed, however Ben intervened. LaKeith Stanfield’s character pretended to comply with being Alistair’s closing soul, however he was merely a decoy. Alistair, enthusiastic about getting what he needed after so lengthy, didn’t discover that Harriet and Madame Leota had been utilizing magic to ship him to the opposite aspect. Utilizing his hat, they had been capable of succeed, and Alistair was banished as soon as and for all. The remaining ghosts inside the Haunted Mansion remained, nonetheless, although the residence was now not a unstable one. The closing scene sees the ghosts and people residing in concord collectively.

Alistair Crump’s Plan To Escape The Haunted Mansion Defined

haunted mansion alistair crump

Alistair Crump not solely haunted the mansion, however he haunted the ghosts who had been caught inside with him. His purpose was to lure 1,000 souls — who got here willingly, however not with out being closely influenced by Crump — in order that he may very well be freed from the Haunted Mansion. With out constraint, Alistair might do what he happy with no limits. He might additionally return to utilizing darkish magic freely, whereas additionally having the ability to assert his energy on this planet of the residing. Crucially, Alistair Crump needed to proceed the work he was doing earlier than, utilizing darkish magic to precise revenge and in any other case trigger chaos.

Alistair was a terror alive and lifeless, and he needed to keep up the identical energy he had throughout his preliminary reign by untethering himself from the mansion. Manipulation, scare techniques, and greed pushed him ahead. Alistair could have been harm by his father shunning him, however his use of darkish magic and his evil plans created hurt that touched everybody round him. Alistair wanted 1,000 souls as a blood sacrifice of types; with out them, he wouldn’t have been capable of acquire full energy. His plans had been as insidious in dying as they had been in life.

Why The Haunted Mansion’s Ghosts Don’t Transfer On After They’re Freed

haunted mansion ghosts afterlife

After the Hatbox Ghost’s defeat, the Haunted Mansion’s ghosts didn’t transfer on like Ben, Gabbie et al. anticipated they might. In any case, who would wish to keep behind if they’d the possibility to depart a spot with such horrible reminiscences? However Alistair being gone meant the ghosts had been now free to do what they needed inside the mansion. They seemingly felt they nonetheless had a lot to do earlier than shifting on, and so they lastly had the chance to do it now that Alistair would now not be terrorizing them each evening.

The Haunted Mansion was as a lot part of them and their histories because it was to Alistair, and the ghosts caught round as a result of they needed to reclaim their house and the misplaced time they spent in worry. Remaining inside the Haunted Mansion was the ghosts’ personal type of closure; they may lastly be at peace, although there was nonetheless a lot left for them to do earlier than they determined to maneuver on. What’s extra, the ghosts are now not feared by Gabbie and Travis, which suggests they’ll stay collectively, sharing the house all of them known as residence with out the shadow of Alistair’s plans.

The Deeper Which means Of Alyssa’s Message To Ben From The Past

haunted mansion ben

Ben was skeptical of the paranormal, however he was additionally lacking Alyssa. He turned a mystical tour information to be near her, however Harriet’s revelation concerning the lifeless having the ability to talk from the past gave him hope. On the finish of Haunted Mansion , Ben lastly receives a message from Alyssa by way of a canine’s collar, which reads “Tater Tot.” The message was a nod to one among Alyssa’s favourite meals, but it surely was deeper than that. Alyssa was making an attempt to speak to Ben that she was nonetheless with him in spirit, and that he wasn’t alone. The message was a nudge for Ben to maneuver ahead together with his life.

What Madame Leota’s Selection To Return To Her Crystal Ball Means For Her Future

haunted mansion madame leota

Madame Leota was trapped in her crystal ball by Alistair Crump, and she or he solely emerged briefly to assist Harriet rid the mansion of his ghost. On the finish of Haunted Mansion , Madame Leota chooses to return to the crystal ball, claiming that it’s not so unhealthy. This resolution is much like the remainder of the ghosts’ selection to stay inside the Haunted Mansion reasonably than transfer on. Madame Leota turned accustomed to her crystal ball, and it appears she’d reasonably spend eternity in there than transfer on.

Madame Leota might proceed to help Harriet in her work. There’s a lot to show the youthful psychic. With Madame Leota’s e-book, Harriet might turn out to be an much more extremely wanted psychic, and it’s seemingly Leota’s data will assist Harriet perceive the Haunted Mansion’s ghosts all of the extra, maybe aiding them in shifting on once they’re prepared. Both approach, Madame Leota continues to be freed from Alistair, and although she’s nonetheless confined to 1 specific house, she’s in a position to make use of her skills with out being held again.

How Haunted Mansion Compares To Eddie Murphy’s 2003 Movie

haunted mansion comparison

2023’s Haunted Mansion is a remake of the 2003 Eddie Murphy movie, The Haunted Mansion . Each movies are diversifications of the favored Disney theme park attraction, however there are only some similarities between them. The characters in Simien’s Haunted Mansion are completely different. Murphy’s movie was primarily concerning the Evers household, who come to the Haunted Mansion for a while away, solely to seek out themselves within the midst of a plot to reunite William Gracey, the lifeless proprietor of the mansion, together with his beloved Elizabeth.

2023’s Haunted Mansion takes a completely new path, the movie’s narrative extra centered on grief and the help of associates. The antagonists of each movies even have disparate motives that gas them. That stated, each iterations embrace points of the theme park attraction they’re based mostly on, together with characters reminiscent of Gracey and Madame Leota, who seem in every movie, the latter with the identical talent set. Whereas the movies every have their foolish moments, the Haunted Mansion remake is scarier than the unique and has deeper themes.

The Actual Which means Of Haunted Mansion’s Ending

haunted mansion movie

Haunted Mansion offers loads with grief, and the ending — which sees each Ben and Travis rejecting Alistair’s supply to be reunited with their family members within the past — purports that life is price residing regardless of overwhelming grief. Ben and Travis deeply missed their spouse and father, respectively, however the love they shared continues to stay on in spirit. Ben needed to be reunited with Alyssa, and his guilt surrounding the very last thing he stated to her exacerbated his grief.


How to trade rare ergo (hunter locations), the best combat skill build.

However Haunted Mansion posits that when surrounded by love and help, the overwhelming sense of grief ebbs. It’s nonetheless deeply felt, however the lack of a beloved one mustn’t cease one from persevering with to stay a full life. Ben and Travis aren’t the one ones who’ve felt and skilled loss inside the group, and the belief they aren’t alone, and that Alyssa and Travis’ father are at peace within the past permits them to maneuver ahead, now not paralyzed by their unhappiness.

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Haunted Mansion's Emotional Ending, Explained

Disney's Haunted Mansion reboot sees a wild supernatural ending unfold as Gabbie's team fights off the Hatbox Ghost and his legion of ghouls.

The following contains spoilers for Haunted Mansion, now playing in theaters.

Disney's Haunted Mansion spends its first two acts painting a huge mystery over the home that's lured a bunch of folks in. No matter what, they can't escape the New Orleans mansion, which leads to LaKeith Standfield's Ben becoming a paranormal detective of sorts. Thankfully, he has the likes of Danny Devito's Bruce (a professor) to help out.

It's all part and parcel of not just freeing themselves but finding a way to exorcize the house for Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son, Travis. Thankfully, Ben figures out the truth behind the head ghoul: the Hatbox Ghost. This leads to a comedic, wild finale that fans of the Haunted Mansion theme park ride will definitely love.

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Haunted Mansion Banishes the Hatbox Ghost

In Haunted Mansion , Ben discovers the Hatbox Ghost is Jared Leto's Alistair Crump . He was a real estate elite who returned to the giant mansion after being banished, only to poison his family and the other wealthy folks who looked down on him. Crump ended up using black magic to grow richer, but his staff turned on him for his abusive ways. Still, despite beheading him, he returned as a ghost and tortured them for decades, killing and trapping souls.

All he needs is one more willing soul, which seems like it'll be Ben, who's been grieving his wife, Alyssa. Crump oscillates between claiming Travis as his 1,000th soul as well -- something that'd bring him back to life. Luckily, despite tempting both guys, Gabbie's crew uses part of Crump's hat and a spell from Jamie Lee Curtis' Leota to permanently banish Crump from the land of the living. The remaining ghosts end up staying in the manor, happy to celebrate their spiritual freedom. Haunted Mansion concludes with everyone having a New Orleans feast, comfortable with the jolly specters around.

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Haunted Mansion Is About Grief and New Beginnings

At first, Haunted Mansion tries to hide how Travis lost his dad. It seems like when he talks about reconnecting, he means over the phone. But Crump's scheme confirms it's no divorce -- the father died the year before. Luckily, Ben has been a father figure to Travis, helping the boy move past the trauma and look toward the future. Even Gabbie seems to take a romantic interest in Ben at the end, as she's been bogged down by being a single parent to a kid who has always felt like an outcast.

Thus, it's fitting they don't have to leave the house because this is their second chance. Coincidentally, the mansion is a new lease on life for Ben as well. He's been mourning Alyssa way too long, and after realizing that when she died in a car accident, she knew she was loved, he finally lets go. It's why he permits Father Kent (Owen Wilson) to take her belongings for goodwill.

Ben also spots a cat named "Tater Tot," which he thinks is a ghost wink -- a sign from the afterlife about closure. That's because this was Alyssa's favorite food, which encourages him to think she's giving him the blessing to move on, too. Ultimately, these stars and signs align, leaving Ben glad he's in the mansion with his new paranormal family, something that could be a fun direction for a Haunted Mansion sequel .

To see how this emotional haunting unfolds, Haunted Mansion is now in theaters.

Haunted Mansion Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Ghosts terrorizing a helpless mother and son. Ghost hunters who despair of supernatural power themselves. And a winding, scary castle as the setting. The film adaptation of the Disney park attraction “Haunted Mansion” combines all the ingredients of the classic haunted house cinema, but there is also a good portion of humor GHOST VILLA a comedy fun that only touches on genre conventions in passing.

haunted mansion 2015 ending explained

OT: Haunted Mansion (USA 2023)

That’s what it’s about

Shortly after Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase Dillon) move into their new home, they notice that something is wrong in the house. The venerable villa is home to numerous ghosts of the past who enjoy terrorizing newcomers. In desperation, they turn to the local priest Kent (Owen Wilson), but he is overwhelmed and passes responsibility directly to Ben (LaKeith Stanfield), who no longer takes his job as a paranormal tourist guide seriously. Last but not least, the self-proclaimed medium Harriet (Tiffany Haddish) completes the group, who together tries to find out the secret Haunted Mansion to rise and not just to restore their own peace of mind…

The opening week around July 20, 2023 currently has a good chance of going down in film history. Not (only) because of the films that celebrated their release here. But also due to a marketing coup that is unparalleled in this decade of cinema. A film adaptation of the billion-dollar toy brand Barbie, starring superstars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and directed by independent darling Greta Gerwig, was already a sure bet that covered all cinema-loving target groups. And “Oppenheimer”, the new work by Christopher Nolan, which is starting at the same time, markets itself due to the participation of the exceptional director. Through #Barbenheimer, a meme that rather penetratingly draws attention to the fact that at the same time (and not, as is usual with such a magnitude usual, divided into several opening weeks) when two such popular films come into the cinemas, the PR machine went into overdrive – and almost on its own. One can be sure: if social networking had been similarly ubiquitous and stable 15 years ago, it would have been The parallel launch of “The Dark Knight” and “Mamma Mia” became something like #MammaKnight or #TheDarkMia. Staging a similar marketing stunt around the theatrical release of “Ghost Villa” is now tantamount to an impossibility. Simply determining the target group is difficult and the legacy of the film is a heavy one. It’s not just in the case of #Barbenheimer and #MammaKnight that history repeats itself…

haunted mansion 2015 ending explained

Travis (Chase Dillon) moves into a haunted house with his mother Gabbie (Rosario Dawson).

The horror house comedy “Ghost Villa”, which is currently being released in cinemas worldwide, is actually already part of film history. A film adaptation of the Disneyland attraction was released in 2003 Haunted Mansion (In Disneyland Paris it bears the title, with a slightly modified content concept Phantom Manor ). “The Haunted Mansion” once boasted Eddie Murphy as the lead actor. Nevertheless, the press feedback turned out to be rather sobering, with critics accusing “The Haunted Villa” of, among other things, a lack of passion and too much routine. Disneyland insiders and lovers of the attraction, on the other hand, still see the film adaptation as a wasted opportunity to follow the passionately designed background story of the attraction Haunted Mansion to do justice. And when you consider that Guillermo del Toro, of all people, has already expressed interest in a screen adaptation of the… Theme park rides stated, even those who are not familiar with it can imagine how many possibilities there may be in it as a film source. What “The Haunted Mansion” director Rob Minkoff and Gullermo del Toro failed to do still couldn’t succeed, “Dear White People” director Justin Simien now manages to at least achieve a satisfactory level with his new interpretation of “Ghost Villa”. Nevertheless, the target group for his film turns out to be extremely narrow. You have to be a hardcore fan of the Disney Parks, or at least the attraction Haunted Mansion respectively Phantom Manor to understand its perfect suitability as a template for a horror film. Simien has many visual details of the Rides Congenially incorporated into the film. Anyone who can discover these through prior knowledge will also reveal their love for them. Everything around it moves into the second row.

Unfortunately, it is precisely these trappings that would have to be just as convincing as what will only be accessible to a fraction of the audience. If “Ghost Villa” sits between the stools of a shallow horror film and a sometimes rather silly buddy comedy, it would almost take a miracle for the film to not become a box office poison. Especially since “Ghost Villa” doesn’t have a single, popular Hollywood star Lead can score. The cast list for a project like this reads impressively: in supporting roles, among others Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis (“Halloween”) Danny DeVito (“Dumbo”) and Jared Leto (“Blade Runner 2049”) on. LaKeith Stanfield stars in the (expanded) lead role (“Knives Out”) Rosario Dawson (“Zombieland 2: Twice is better”) Tiffany Haddish (“Night School”) and Owen Wilson (“Marry Me”) in Eddie Murphy’s footsteps. Each and every one of them is undoubtedly at least a well-known name in Hollywood. But Curtis, DeVito, Wilson and Dawson are unlikely to be a motivation to attract the generation to the cinemas for whom “Haunted Mansion” could be something like an entry-level horror film. LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish can be considered “hip”, but they also lack the icon status of Eddie Murphy. And Jared Leto is as Voice Actor Hard to see anyway. Conclusion: Although such a line-up is impressive, it is unlikely to meet the demands of its advertising value.

haunted mansion 2015 ending explained

Jamie Lee Curtis is stylish as Madame Leota.

The film itself is the logical consequence of this. The cast’s joy in playing and the loving whimsy of the individual characters help “Ghost Villa” to have a consistently likeable basic structure with a high pace. Nevertheless, no one, neither a star himself nor a character he embodies, could be said to have shaped the film in his own way. “Ghost Mansion” is just because of it “a group of people fights together against ghosts” -Building an ensemble piece. Ultimately, however, each person cooks their own soup. Sometimes these complement each other harmoniously. For example, when Owen Wilson’s dryly humorous priest is juxtaposed with the eccentric silliness of Tiffany Haddish. Rosario Dawson and her on-screen son Chase Dillon (“The Harder They Fall”) are responsible for the emotional grounding of the event. And LaKeith Stanfield, whose role as the fate-stricken hardcore skeptic is most likely to be the real one Main Figure is to be understood, acts as a link between the two tonalities. Sometimes the cast gives the impression of being piecemeal. FDanny DeVito’s maverick historian has little added value to offer, while Jamie Lee Curtis as Madame Leota and Jared Leto as Hat Box Ghost (basically the leader of the ghosts and the main antagonist of the film) fill their parts solidly, but their appearances are not at all designed to shape “Ghost Villa” in terms of personnel. Nevertheless, none of them can be identified as a major disruptive factor. Even superfluous characters are given enough successful individual scenes so that they don’t end up being remembered negatively.

“The cast’s joy in playing and the loving whimsy of the individual characters help ‘Ghost Villa’ to have a thoroughly likeable basic structure.”

In the case of “Ghost Villa” itself, this is most likely to apply to the CGI-filled, hysterical finale. Although the Haunted Mansion -Attraction, especially in its US version, is already a show of numerous ghosts, the finale in a cemetery with its countless, computer-animated scary figures turns out to be overloaded, visually unattractive in scene arrangement and lighting and is much larger than everything before it serious. While the main focus of “Ghost Villa” was previously the comedy, here the focus is suddenly on the horror aspect. Just like Justin Simien and his screenwriter Katie Dippolt (“Ghostbusters”) Suddenly it occurred to me that the “ghosts” associated with horror must still exist somehow in “Ghost Villa”. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that way. Haunted Mansion primarily provides a tragic rather than a classically scary basis, which is treated more humorously in the US attraction and a melancholic treatment in the European one. Especially from the US perspective, “Ghost Villa” does exactly what the original promises. Even if that doesn’t mean the film can be pigeonholed. That’s what makes it so difficult to recommend the film to a specific target group. With the exception of one or two suggested jump scares and the finale, “Ghost Mansion” is not scary. The comedy part may dominate, but it is always thwarted by the tragic backstory surrounding the ghosts for a series of pure gags. And the drama surrounding Ben’s fate, whose split relationship with ghosts and his resulting lack of courage to live stems from the early death of his fiancée, only reveals profound emotions in one scene. “Ghost Villa” is a mix of genres that doesn’t completely collapse the story, but seems far too overambitious for a project like this. As a result, he cannot develop his full potential.

haunted mansion 2015 ending explained

Father Kent (Owen Wilson), Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and Harriet (Tiffany Haddish) ask historian Bruce (Danny DeVito) for help.

What the story doesn’t succeed, at least everyone involved in the equipment and set building managed to do. Right from the start, “Haunted Mansion” is riddled with references to the Disneyland attraction. This is how the entrance area of ​​the… Haunted Mansion to the set piece of your own action scene. Simien takes up decorative elements such as busts, the interior of the rooms, even the experience of driving through it all in a car. Even the design of the ghosts, CGI or not, is reminiscent of that one Haunted Mansion -Scary characters inspired. This attention to detail continues on the acoustic level. Kris Bowers (“Green Book”) used well-known sounds from the attraction for his score and the sound design even ensures exactly that slightly reverberant sound during Madame Leota’s appearance that a Walt Disney World or Disneyland visitor would hear from the woman’s head locked in a glass ball knows. Such small references can be discovered on every corner – but you undoubtedly have to get to know them first. This makes “Ghost Villa” the closest thing to a hidden object picture Haunted Mansion – respectively Phantom Manor -Fans who, thanks to their prior knowledge, can get through the story, which is sometimes a little complicated. In addition, they are presented with a barely definable, but fundamentally likeable mishmash of genres – but sells that to the paying audience…

Conclusion: “Haunted Mansion” works best as a bridge between two visits to Disneyland and hidden object for fans of the theme park attraction on which the film is based. The surroundings are also pleasant, but no aspect feels fully developed. Mostly funny, a bit tragic, with a scary factor that is intentional but not really effective. It’s best to let yourself be carried away by the setting and the ensemble’s joy in playing. Otherwise you’ll soon be fighting a losing battle against the ghosts of the haunted villa…

“Ghost Villa” can be seen in USA cinemas from July 27th.

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Screen Rant

The product placement in disney’s haunted mansion went way too far.

Product placement is quite common in the film industry, but Disney's Haunted Mansion went about it in a way that felt very distracting for viewers.

  • The 2023 Haunted Mansion movie's excessive product placement distracted from the storyline and received negative reviews.
  • The cast was unable to promote the film due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, contributing to its underperformance at the box office.
  • The excessive product placements may have been an attempt to recoup the film's high budget and appeal to a younger audience, but ultimately, Disney's strategy backfired.

Disney is not a studio to shy away from product placement, but their approach to the idea in Haunted Mansion was very bad. Released in 2023, Haunted Mansion had all the makings of a successful Disney film. It boasted a big budget and an all-star cast, and it was based on a beloved ride from Disney's theme parks. It also was kind of a remake of the 2003 film of almost the same name, which already had its own large fan base. Unfortunately, things didn't play out as the studio might have hoped.

With the movie being released during the SAG-AFTRA strike, the Haunted Mansion cast was not able to promote it on their own platforms. This was part of what led to the amusement ride adaptation not performing as well as other Disney films at the box office. Haunted Mansion also didn't receive rave reviews, partly because of the way the film chose to include product placements. The strategy seemed to simply be " as many as possible ," regardless of whether they made sense or whether they distracted from the actual storyline.

Related: Haunted Mansion Ending Explained

Haunted Mansion Remake's Product Placement Is Distractingly Excessive

While product placement is certainly not a novel concept in the film industry, Haunted Mansion seemed to take it to the next level. Movies tend to find organic ways to integrate product placement into the story and limit how many they include, but Haunted Mansion did the opposite. The call-outs to different products and brands felt excessive and completely out of place. They included shills for Zillow, CVS, Baskin-Robbins, Yankee Candle, Zatarain's seasoning, and Fujifilm. In addition to these brands, the movie made sure to shout out their own properties as well. There was clear Black Panther and Marvel Comics product placement seen throughout the film.

There is nothing wrong with Disney wanting to include product placement in Haunted Mansion , but it started to become distracting and almost comical at a point, feeling like a scavenger hunt of how many brand names audiences could pick up on. The studio should have looked at another one of their movies. Toy Story features a lot of product placement, but it's all integrated so well that it doesn't feel like a nuisance to the audience. Because the products were mainly toys, they felt natural to the storyline. Had Haunted Mansion been more selective with its product placement, it could have had a similar result.

Why Haunted Mansion Has So Much Product Placement

With so much product placement in Haunted Mansion , it's only natural to wonder why this happened in the first place. While there is no clear answer, the most likely reason was due to them trying to recuperate some of the movie's costs. Haunted Mansion had a massive budget of more than $150 million. The studio may have been worried after the film did not generate much buzz and wanted to make sure that there was at least some return on their investment if the box office numbers weren't up to par — which ended up happening.

Related: 10 Reasons Haunted Mansion Bombed At The Box Office - Breaking Down Disney's $150 Million Failure

When it comes to their excessive advertising of in-house brands and products, that could have been done because they were expecting more children to see Haunted Mansion . Seeing things like a Black Panther action figure or Marvel Monopoly in the film could have made these viewers want these products. All in all, Disney's strategy seems to have failed, as audiences can't help but point out how annoying the excessive product placements feel.

‘Haunted Mansion’ (2023) Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Alistair Crump?

‘Haunted Mansion’ (2023) Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Alistair Crump?

Disney’s Haunted Mansion revolves around an astrophysicist turned ghost tour guide, Ben Matthias, and a group of strangers he comes across while solving the mystery behind the haunted mansion. Ben Matthias met Alyssa at a New Year’s Eve party, and even though their professions were vastly different, they somehow found familiarity in it. Alyssa was a ghost tour guide, and she believed that both Ben and she were searching for the unseen. They eventually fell in love and got married, but unfortunately, Alyssa lost her life in a car accident. Ben could not recover from tragedy; he became reclusive and buried his sadness in alcohol. Ben left his scientific pursuits and took up Alyssa’s job as a ghost tour guide. He did not believe in ghosts, but his opinion drastically changed when he visited the Gracey Manor.

Spoiler Alert

What Brought The Ghost Experts Under The Same Roof?


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Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

  • A group of young people on retreat in a remote house find themselves haunted by a restless spirit.

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Janice De Belen, Dominic Ochoa, Iza Calzado, Eliza Pineda, Sharlene San Pedro, LJ Reyes, Joem Bascon, Phytos Ramirez, Devon Seron, Marlo Mortel, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Ingrid Dela Paz, and Paolo Gumabao in Haunted Mansion (2015)

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Home » Streaming Service » John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In Episode 3 of the Peacock original series John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams , we follow a teenage boy who falls in love with a girl in town but believes her house might be haunted. The episode is titled “ House Next Door”   and we see the story through the eyes of Torrence Temple. Temple was the person who witnessed the disappearances of many people in that house. 

Was the house haunted? We explore the idea in our recap below, which contains major spoilers.

The episode begins with a man talking about how in every neighborhood there is one house you ride your bike past faster than others, and this is that house. Torrence Temple speaks about the house and how someone moved in. This is when he first set his eyes on Lisa Kennedy.

When Torrence talked to his family about the family moving in next door, he asked his parents if the new owners knew that the last people who moved in went missing.

Who disappeared from the House Next Door?

Torrence tells us about Jennifer, a young girl next door with whom he would become really close. As they talked from house to house, the lights flickered, and everyone in the house had disappeared, including Jennifer. To this day nobody has solved the case of the family going missing.

Torrence became smitten by Lisa, and the two of them started to become closer and closer. Of course, after seeing Jennifer disappear in front of his eyes, he consistently worried about Lisa, but she played it off. One night Torrence sees Lisa’s dad freaking out outside and decides to try to get to the bottom of what is happening.

Torrence headed to Lisa’s room to find her, but she told him to leave the house because her dad would freak out. After trying to find a hiding spot within the home, Dr. Kennedy is able to find Torrence and gives him some sort of drug to knock him out.

As Dr. Kennedy is threatening Torrence with a dentist’s drill in his hands, Lisa comes into the room and hits her father, rescuing him. They storm out of the room to run away from him. With Lisa hiding next to her mother and sister, Dr. Kennedy tries to storm into the bedroom to attack them.

What happens to the Kennedy family?

Torrence headed over to his parents’ house to call 911 and tell his mom and dad about what was happening. Right before he can do any harm to anyone, the lights flicker (as they did with Jennifer), and Dr. Kennedy disappears. Torrence tells us that just like Jennifer, the Kennedy family disappeared forever, and his family told him they moved away.

John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams Episode 3 Ending Explained

Torrence said his parents moved out shortly after that, and he went to college. He said he didn’t know who moved into that house after him, but that house became quite a tortured memory for him.

As the episode ends, we pan to the house, which still has a for sale sign on it.

What did you think of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams Season 1 Episode 3? Comment below.

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haunted mansion 2015 ending explained

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