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The Medium (2021)

18 scariest Thai horror movies you need to watch


Arpiwach Supateerawanitt

Okay, now that we got to scream that in all caps, let us tell you–in a more normal tone—why Thais scary films are a source of pride for the country and why they’re more deserving of praise from the rest of the world.

Before we begin, we do have to point out that horror films are generally the most underrated genre in the cinematic scope. A lot of people are turned off by the idea of getting shocked by thumping sounds and ghostly figures, and the unpleasant sight of gore, not to mention disturbing and depressing stories that reveal the dark side and twisted minds of humanity. Ironically, these are also the reasons why they’re a hit with a particular audience and why they’re critically successful.

The last decade has produced very good horror movies like Hereditary  (2018), The Witch  (2015), The Conjuring  (2013), and Get Out  (2017). These titles, with their clever plots, historical references and social commentaries, have brought the whole genre up from a deep dark hole into the spotlight while still successfully eliciting fear for brilliant entertainment.

What’s little known is that Thailand’s film industry serves a big, fat, fearful feast of great horrors. Our country is overflowing with rich culture and folklore circling around Buddhist-driven concepts like spirits, reincarnation, karma and black magic, all of which inspire Thai film directors to take turns producing a horde of spine-chilling motion pictures.

Whereas jump scares and tongue-in-cheek brouhaha may be the gimmick of the genre, Thai horror films go beyond. Good locally produced scares, usually adapted from true stories and urban legends, are a great window into Thai society, allowing the audience to unearth hidden, mysterious truths about Thai people and culture.

With the spooky spirit of Halloween soon upon us, we’ve rounded up 18 Thai horror films that are all about the good, the ghost and the gore, plus adrenaline-inducing storylines and full entertainment value. Better start preparing your state of mind because you are about to get haunted for life.

Art of the Devil 2 (aka Long Kong) (2005)

Art of the Devil 2 (aka Long Kong) (2005)

A teacher resorts to black magic to get back at students who caused her misery in the past.

Long Kong (which means “to dare the devil”) is the second installment in the Art of the Devil series by Five Star Studio. This subsequent attempt, which has nothing to do with the first film, takes the crown for its super gory scenes and a shrewdly crafted storyline that exposes the devilish world of black magic.

The film promises a disturbingly entertaining scene every two minutes. If you’re down for a slasher flick that gives insights into the superstitious beliefs shared by Southeast Asian cultures, this film is probably for you.

haunted house thai movie

Bangkok Haunted (2001)

Three tales of terror are told by three girl friends in a darkened Bangkok bar. These stories revolve around a haunted antique, a love potion and the mysterious case of a girl who commits suicide. Which story is the scariest?

Before 4bia (2008) became a big hit and set a trend for horror anthologies in Thai cinema, there was Bangkok Haunted. The latter pioneered horror compilation films in the country and grossed a huge amount of revenue due to its chilling scenes and compelling narrative. The film delves into the world of Thai superstitions to come up with stories that creep up on you and send shivers down your spine rather than outright make you jump with fright.

Another fun fact about Bangkok Haunted : the director, Oxide Pang, later paired up with his twin brother, David, to direct popular Hong Kong-Singaporean spook fest The Eye  (2002).

haunted house thai movie

Coming Soon (2008)

A projectionist illegally records a movie called “Evil Spirit” in the cinema for purposes of piracy. Soon after, he is haunted by the dreadful ghost character in the film.

Coming Soon gained popularity thanks to well-timed jump scares and a well-written script. (It was penned, after all, by Sophon Sakdapisit, the same screenwriter behind Shutter. Coming Soon was also Sophon’s directorial debut.) But what really catches your attention is how it breaks the fourth wall and directs the scare tactics to the audience, creating a more immersive experience.

This is the first film in Thai cinema that takes a jab at the issue of movie piracy. The catchphrase, “Do you want to see me die, huh?”, posed a question to those supporting this illegal trade, and hinted that the film industry may actually die if it continues.

haunted house thai movie

Dorm (2006)

After discovering that his father is having an affair, Ton is shipped off to boarding school where he struggles to blend in with his peers—but not with Vichien, a lonely boy who is later revealed as the drowning ghost in the school’s urban legend.

When it was being promoted, Dorm (2006) didn’t seem too different from other ghost stories, especially with its boarding school setting). However its redeeming quality is how, at its core, this film is all about relatable issues of friendship, coming of age, and guilt.

This drama-slash-horror was directed by Songyos Sugmakanan, whose CV is packed with popular Thai movies and series like My Girl (2003) which is one of our most favorite romcoms , the Hormones series, and In Family We Trust (2018).

haunted house thai movie

Ghost Game (2006)

Only one of 11 contestants can win the big prize, but first, they all need to survive one night in an abandoned concentration camp.

When it was released, the film faced backlash from Cambodia due to the resemblance of its setting to Tuol Sleng, the actual site of the Cambodian genocide back in the 1970s. Politics aside, the eerie setting for Ghost Game makes the film discomforting to sit through and only serves to heighten the trauma as we witness each character get tortured by hostile spirits.

Another Ghost Game feat is how it took advantage of the reality TV craze in the early 2000s to build more hype for the film—the characters in the film are played by the cast of the first season of singing contest Academy Fantasia.

haunted house thai movie

House of Ghosts (aka Khon, Phee, Pisaj, 2004)

After losing both her parents in a horrific tragedy, a young girl ends up with her aunt, a printing house owner and a part-time spiritual medium.

House of Ghosts or Khon, Phee, Pisaj , which in Thai means “human”, “ghost” and “demon”, respectively, takes you on a psychological and philosophical trip to try and understand the mental anguish each main character is going through. You’ll be pulled into a world of claustrophobia and chaos, and compelled into finding out what’s real and what’s not.

Though it was not a commercial success when it was released, House of Ghosts has   since earned a cult following, with fans always bringing up the film in every discussion about good scary flicks.

haunted house thai movie

Laddaland (2011)

A family on the verge of falling apart moves to a bougie neighborhood outside Bangkok in hopes of bettering their lives and reconnecting with one another. A horrifying murder case, however, just adds fuel to the fire and threatens their already fragile relationships.

Despite the onslaught of jolting terror scenes and haunting apparitions, Laddaland , at its core, is a drama film that explores the aftermath of the crippling economic crisis in Thailand during the 1990s. It also subtly exposes usually taboo issues about class, gender roles and immigrants, marking the film as a social commentary that merely exploits ghosts as an entertainment tool.

Laddaland was well-received by critics and the public alike. Jump scare tactics aside, this film is an emotional rollercoaster ride, so make sure to have a box of tissue within reach.

haunted house thai movie

Meat Grinder (2009)

But, a distraught lady who runs a street noodle shop, finally reaps success after succumbing to the voices in her head that tell her to use a special ingredient in her signature dish: human flesh.

Not too many Thai horrors are brave enough to deal with cannibalism, but 2009’s Meat Grinder flouted this grotesque taboo in a manner similar to the infamous thriller The Untold Story (1993).

Meat Grinder stirred some controversy when it premiered as many noodle shop owners were not pleased with how it shed a questionable light on how the Thai street food staple is prepared.

haunted house thai movie

The Medium (2021)

A documentary team journeys to Loei in Isaan to record the life of female shaman Nim, but horror ensues when Nim’s niece Mink is mysteriously possessed by a malevolent spirit.

Of the recently released Thai horror films, praise is most deserved by The Medium . Directed by jumpscare specialist Banjong “Tong” Pisanthanakun , this critically acclaimed blockbuster plays off a slow-burn narrative that reveals the many superstitions of Thai Buddhist culture. 

The project is also a must for horror fans as Tong teamed up with respected Korean director Na Hong-jin, whose highly lauded The Wailing served as an inspiration for The Medium and how it touches on shamanism. The success of this terrifying mockumentary has pushed Hong-jin to create a sequel with the working title of Mink , and we can’t wait to see how the story will turn out.

haunted house thai movie

Nang Nak (1999)

Veteran soldier Mak comes home from war to his wife Nak and newborn son, but as soon as he returns, his neighbors try to warn him of something ominous going on under his roof.

The film is based on Mae Nak Phra Khanong , a local folk tale set in the era of King Rama V about a woman who died due to a difficult birth while her lover went to war. The legend of Nak has been adapted into films and TV shows multiple times. Nang Nak , however, is arguably the best adaptation.

It superbly balances the couples’s romantic yet tragic story with scare-inducing elements, all the while showcasing excellent set design and cinematography that bring back to life the golden era of Siam.

haunted house thai movie

The Promise (2017)

Distraught by family difficulties, best friends Ib and Boum are determined to commit suicide together, but when Ib pulls the trigger, Boum gets scared and reneges on their deal. Twenty years later, it seems like Ib is still waiting for Boum to fulfil what she promised. 

Sophon Sakdaphisit, the director behind knockout hit Laddaland (2011), returned to form with this 2017 horror-drama that, similar to his other films, touched on Thai social issues. With The Promise , the director chose Thailand’s financial crisis in 1997 as a setting, highlighting how it caused many tragedies in households and personal lives. 

The Promise made huge waves during its premiere as it became the very first Thai movie to film in the famed Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok. If you’re wondering what it’s like inside this abandoned skyscraper, then watch this flick.

haunted house thai movie

Rahtree: Flower of the Night (2003)

Loner student Buppah Rahtree dies from an abortion gone wrong after she is tricked into falling in love with the young scion of a wealthy family. Her spirit then takes over her old apartment and the landlord tries everything to get rid of the vengeful entity.

Rahtree: Flower of the Night is surely the cream of the spooky crop. Scenes depicting Buppah’s depressing plight are carefully balanced with an immense number of jump scares, as well as comedic elements like slapstick and ridiculous scenes of exorcism. The result is a movie that will make you make you burst into laughter and then jump with fright afterwards.

Buppah’s story is continued in a few sequels, but none of them live up to the original.

haunted house thai movie

Shutter (2004)

After a hit-and-run accident, Jane and her photographer boyfriend Tun are haunted by a female spirit that appears in developed photos. They need to figure out who the heck they’ve messed with—before time runs out.

This film was made during the J-Horror hype. (Remember that vengeful, long-haired lady in white and her famous crawling scene?) Just like its Japanese counterparts, Shutter shocks the audience with a series of shocking yet creatively done jump scares, which are only enhanced by a gripping plot that later reveals so many twists and turns.

Shutter was a phenomenal success. Grossing over a million baht, its chilling scenes were seared into people’s minds so much that many at the time were scared of taking photos with their cameras. Hollywood—and many countries—have attempted to recreate this horrifying hallmark film, but no one has done it better. Sorry.

haunted house thai movie

The Sisters (2004)

A group of musicians finds a decapitated head in the air vent of the ramshackle hotel room they’re staying in. That same night, they are haunted by the spirit of a dead prostitute. They need to solve the mystery of her murder before each and everyone of them gets killed.

The Sisters is probably the most stereotypical horror film on the list, but what makes it special and worth watching is how the entire plot is based on a real and unsolved murder case in the south of Thailand back in 1991. According to sources, each member of the unfortunate group that found the body died mysteriously one by one, rendering the case infamous. Many an urban legend has been spun from these baffling deaths.

The film’s production is quite low-budget and dated, but it’s a flaw that actually works for the film, creating a realistic and gripping atmosphere that can somehow make you wet your pants.

haunted house thai movie

The Unseeable (2007)

While searching for her lost husband, a pregnant woman from the countryside seeks shelter in a big, mysterious mansion where she later encounters unborn spirits and discovers shocking truths.

Produced by the team behind Art of the Devil 2 , The Unseeable doesn't depend on gory, in-your-face scares like its precedents. Instead, the entire film thrives on elements on the opposite end of the horror spectrum, such as tense slow-burn scenes, the incredible performance of the cast, amazing production design that portrays the Siam of old and an excellent plot that alludes to the importance of letting go.

The Unseeable was not a blockbuster like the other films on the list, but it was recognized by a number of international festivals and awards, marking it as one hell of a horror film that deserves your attention.

haunted house thai movie

The Victim (2006)

A wannabe actress takes works with the police re-enacting crime scenes. She later finds herself being followed by the spirit of a beauty queen, who forces the actress to find her murderer.

The Victim’ s plot is based on actual crimes that were being investigated by the Thai Royal Police. The credible details, along with heart attack-inducing scares, makes the film more convincing. But what really makes it such an amazing watch is how The Victim is structured as a metacinema (to put it more simply, it’s a film within a film). We are pretty sure that, at one point in the movie, you will utter, “WTF?”

Plus, the twist at the end is mind-blowing. We have to say, the film’s screenwriters are geniuses.

haunted house thai movie

4bia (2008)

A text exchange with a mysterious stranger, the vindictive actions of a black magic-practicing nerd, the perils of camping deep in the woods, and taking a flight with a dead body—these are the four spine-tingling situations that will mentally mess you up in 4bia .

The four-part horror anthology received widespread acclaim and commercial success when it was released. Each part impressively reveals new horror sensibilities while combining elements from other genres like action and comedy.

The success of 4bia led to a 2009 follow-up called Phobia 2 , which expands the hell-raising ground to five parts that are as brilliant as their precedents. If you can’t stand two hours worth of scares, try to watch each story one by one to build up your horror immunity.

haunted house thai movie

999-9999 (2002)

Want your wish to be fulfilled? After midnight, call this number and have your wish come true. But in exchange, you have to give up your life.

This thriller became a cinematic phenomenon in the 2000s and was one of the best teen-focused flicks of the time. Despite the ominous plot, it’s a rather fun watch, thanks to the Final Destination -esque death scenes where you will clench your fists and root for the characters.

Sadly, horror films like 999-9999 aren’t made in the country anymore. These days, Thai scary movies have become obsessed with ghosts, and are mostly bereft of creativity or mystery-riddled narratives like this one.

haunted house thai movie

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Screen Rant

20 best thai horror movies.

Although some Thai horror hits have had their own American remakes, there are many incredible horror movies from Thailand that are under-appreciated.

Asian horror is a unique genre in its own right, known for aesthetically pleasing visuals, creepy storylines, and gruesome deaths — here are 20 of the best Thai horror movies. Various supernatural folklore and a belief in ghosts and spirits have heavily influenced the Thai horror genre, with movies like Nang Nak and Inhuman Kiss drawing from Thai mythos to create some truly memorable scares. Over the years, Thai horror movies have grown in their popularity with international audiences who have a love for the horror genre as a whole, but are looking for something just a little bit different.

Most are familiar with some of the best Asian horror movies like Ju-On or The Ring franchise, but the American remakes of these classic Asian tales never seem to correctly capture their elusively creepy atmosphere. Pee Mak , the most commercially successful Thai film of all time, is further proof that the horror genre is the most popular within Thai cinema. Leaning heavily into the concepts of both ghosts and gore, Thai horror movies are full of chills and thrills that are sure to delight even the most hardened of horror lovers. Here are 20 of the best Thai horror movies that are sure to please any horror aficianado.

20 Nang Nak (1999)

Nang Nak is a Thai horror movie that mixes up some domestic problems with a ghostly atmosphere, and its one of the very best Thai horror movies. In the film, a veteran soldier named Mak returns home from war to his wife Nak and their newborn baby. However, when he gets home, his neighbors tell him there is something going on in his home that he should beware of.

This is a largely forgotten but terrifying haunted house movie based on a classic folk tale about a woman who died during a difficult birth after her husband went to war. Clearly, the mysteries of this horror tale are clear. However, with the numerous films based on this folk tale, Nang Nak stands out thanks to the great performances and the tense fear of what is to come.

19 Art of the Devil 2 (2005)

  • Available to rent on Google Play

Art of the Devil 2 is the second movie in the franchise, but it has nothing to do with the first movie at all, and is a superior effort as a result. One of the best Thai horror movies is a tale of revenge and what that means to the person seeking vengeance. As a warning, the film is incredibly gory, as is the trailer.

In the movie, a teacher wants to gain revenge against the students who tormented her in the past, and she turns to black magic to do so. What results is a very gory movie with intense violence that shows the dangers of tampering with black magic. Art of the Devil 2 is one of the most intense Thai horror movies and is a nonstop slasher movie from start to finish.

18 The Unseeable (2006)

The Unseeable is a 2007 release that features a pregnant woman who is out searching for her lost husband, and it's one of the creepiest Thai horror movies. When she seeks shelter in a large mansion, she begins to discover unborn spirits and learns that her world is not as it seems.

What makes this movie so impressive is that it is not a gore fest nor does it rely on shocks to scare the audiences. Instead, The Unseeable is a slow-burn tale of terror that sends the lead character into a journey of finally letting go of her past. It also wasn't a huge box office sensation, but was instead a critically acclaimed smaller horror film that deserves a bigger audience.

17 House of Ghosts (2004)

  • Available to rent on Prime Video.

House of Ghosts is a movie about dealing with pain and loss, and how it can differ from person to person, and it's one of the most unique Thai horror movies. The main character in House of Ghosts is a girl who loses both of her parents in a horrific tragedy and ends up living with her aunt. This aunt also happens to be a spiritual medium.

House of Ghosts takes viewers on a trip with this girl as she tries to deal with her loss and pain, but finds herself thrown into a world where it is hard to understand what is real and what isn't. The movie ended up as a cult classic and remains one mentioned anytime someone wants to see a really scary Thai horror movie.

16 The Sisters (2004)

  • Available to watch on YouTube.

The Sisters starts off with a bang when a group of musicians finds a severed head in their hotel room and then end up haunted by a lost spirit. This is a basic ghost movie, where the cast has to solve a crime or die trying, but its arguably one of the best Thai horror movies.

As with this genre, the ghost victim can't leave without her murder being solved. While this is a story told many times over in other movies, this one really stands out. According to the film's synopsis, it was also based on a real murder case from Thailand that remained unsolved and everyone who found that body also died, making this movie even spookier.

15 Pee Mak (2013)

  • Available to rent on Apple TV.

Pee Mak is actually a horror-comedy film and a very entertaining one at that. It is also currently Thailand's highest-grossing movie of all time, meaning it's one of the very best Thai horror movies. It has a little something for everyone: horror, romance, and comedy. It starts when a man named Mak comes back from the war and invites his comrades to meet his wife and son. But when they arrive, Mak's comrades start to realize that something is very off about his clan, and things only get scarier and sillier from there.

14 Inhuman Kiss (2019)

  • Available to stream on Netflix.

Like many of the best horror films to come out of Thailand, Inhuman Kiss builds the foundation of its story on classic Thai mythology and puts an extra-scary spin on it. The focal point of this particular tale coming to life is a krasue — which is a type of nocturnal female spirit from folklore — who lives a normal life, except at night. At night, her head detaches and goes on the hunt for sustenance in the form of flesh and blood. It is scary, and arguably one of the weirdest Thai horror movies, but the film is also surprisingly moving.

13 Ghost Game (2006)

Imagine the deadliest reality game show in the world (something in the vein of the new classic Squid Game ), and that is essentially the premise behind Ghost Game . In one of the very best Thai horror movies, eleven contestants are sent to an abandoned military prison where terrible things happened in the past.

They are filmed and tracked as they try to make it through the dangerous game show alive while the production team sets up traps and scares. The winner will take home a $5,000,000 prize. This is a must-watch for those who enjoyed Squid Game and would like to see something similar .

12 Art Of The Devil (2004)

The Art of the Devil trilogy is a fantastic blend of magical horror and straight-up gore. Be forewarned, these are very dark movies with horrifying subject matter, but they're some of the best Thai horror movies. Some viewers may find the films difficult to watch, but they're very entertaining and scary.

The story revolves around a scorned mistress who turns to the art of black magic as a means to exact revenge on the man who abandoned her while pregnant. The follow-up films also use similar themes of revenge and dark magic without being direct sequels to the original.

11 Meat Grinder (2009)

  • Available to stream on Toku.

As the title suggests, this is a Thai horror film that isn't for the faint of heart, and it's definitely one of the goriest Thai horror films. It would probably be fitting for people who enjoy the Saw and Hostel franchises , with a healthy dose of cannibalism to boot. It is very gory and had a controversial reception when it was released, but it has earned something of a cult following over the years.

The story follows a young woman who opens a noodle stall and uses human body parts as the main ingredient. As if that fact isn't gross enough, clients begin showing up in waves to eat the delicious food, and things get increasingly twisted as the story goes along.

10 Shutter (2004)

  • Available to stream on Kanopy.

Shutter is a Thai horror film released back in 2004 that earned enough international recognition to be released as an English-language remake under the same title in 2008, meaning it's one of the very best Thai horror movies. The original was an instant box office success and is regarded as one of the best horror movies to ever come out of Thailand.

Following a hit-and-run, the couple responsible for a woman's death (Thun and Jane) begins to see images of her in their personal photographs. What follows is a series of lies, destruction, and apparitions that will make viewers understand why this film is considered a horror cult classic.

9 Siam Square (2017)

Siam Square is a 2017 Thai horror film that revolves around an urban legend in the so-called “Shibuya” of Thailand, or the center of Bangkok and it's one of the best Thai horror movies. In the hopes of passing their University entrance exams, students are expected to worship a devil and tie red threads onto a specific chair for good luck.

When a group of students puts this theory to the test, their skepticism backfires, and they find themselves being haunted by the evil spirit of a young girl and getting picked off one by one. It is a familiar setup executed to perfection with stunningly creepy visuals and plenty of scares to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

8 Alone (2007)

Alone is a Thai horror film released back in 2007 that stars Thai-German pop singer Marsha Vadhanapanich in her first film role in 15 years. One of the best Thai horror movies is about Pim, a young girl who recently moved to Korea to escape the guilt of being the only survivor following a separation surgery with her conjoined twin sister.

When she returns to Thailand to visit her dying mother, the angry spirit of her dead sister comes back to haunt her. Alone is packed full of surprises and twists that even M. Night Shyamalan wouldn't see coming, and is a great option for those who enjoyed the James Wan film Malignant .

7 4bia (2008)

4bia , also known as Phobia , is a four-part Thai horror anthology series that was released in 2008 and is one of the best Thai horror movies. The first segment, titled "Happiness," is about a lonely girl's correspondence with an unusual stranger. The second segment, "Tit For Tat," is about black magic and vengeance for a bullied school kid.

The third segment, "In The Middle," follows a group of friends after a freak kayaking accident. The final segment "Last Fright," is a psychological thriller involving an air stewardess flying solo in a cabin with a dead body. This movie has something for everyone and is a fantastic entry in the underappreciated horror anthology subgenre.

6 Long Weekend (2013)

Long Weekend is a horror film about a boy named Thongsook, an outcast at school with only one friend, Nam, whom he follows around incessantly. But unbeknownst to Nam's other friends, Thongsook is a spirit medium who takes it personally when Nam's friends plan a vacation getaway without him.

Following a mindless prank, the evil spirits and ghosts are released on the second night of the "long weekend," which also happens to be Friday the 13th. Long Weekend is one of the best Thai horror movies for those who love a good ghost story, with a dash of revenge in the mix for good measure.

5 The Promise (2017)

The Promise is a 2017 Thai horror film that made quite the splash after its release, as its premise is incredibly dark, even for a horror movie. One of the best Thai horror movies follows two teenagers who decide to kill themselves together after both of their families face financial ruin in the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis. In the end, only one girl follows through with the suicide pact, and the survivor's past actions return to haunt her twenty years later.

4 Coming Soon (2008)

Directed by the writer behind Shutter and Alone, Coming Soon is a film about a bootlegged movie that's haunted by a vengeful spirit, and it's one of the best Thai horror movies out there. Unsuspecting viewers find themselves haunted, abducted, and eventually blinded after watching it, and the potential victims scramble to avoid their oncoming fate.

The premise is eerily similar to The Ring, which also involves a vengeful spirit that surfaces only after watching a tape. Given that the Japanese version of The Ring ( Ringu ) was released ten years before Coming Soon , it's not hard to figure out where their inspiration came from.

3 The Eyes Diary (2014)

The Eyes Diary, originally based on a comic book , is a tragic love story about a young man, Nott, who loses his girlfriend in a gruesome motorcycle accident, but that's not where it ends. One of the best Thai horror movies follows Nott as he volunteers to retrieve corpses from wrecks and keeps the souvenirs of the bodies he finds in the hopes that he will be able to converse with the dead and see his girlfriend once more. Communicating with the dead isn't all it's cracked up to be, however, and the scares and the hauntings eventually rack up to create a terrifying thriller.

2 Ghost Of Mae Nak (2005)

The Ghost of Mae Nak is a 2005 Thai film that revolves around an ancient Thai legend that has been retold countless times in books, TV shows, and films. In one of the best Thai horror movies about folklore, the story goes that a beautiful pregnant woman named Nak died in childbirth while waiting for her husband, Mak, to come home from war.

Upon his return, Mak finds his wife and child waiting for him, but every neighbor that tries to warn him that he's living with a ghost is killed. Eventually, Mak realizes his wife is a ghost and attempts to flee. Unlike in other retellings of this horrific parenting movie , Ghost of Mae Nak has a refreshingly modern twist, but certain elements of the well-known tale remain the same.

1 Laddaland (2011)

  • Available to stream on Roku and Tubi.

One of the very best Thai horror movies follows an affluent family as they move to Laddaland, an upscale housing development in the suburbs of Bangkok. Unfortunately for the new residents, Laddaland is nothing but a gated community of dark energy and terrifying, paranormal events that drive its residents to the brink. The film plays on common themes of familial dysfunction and the false veneer of perfection in upscale environments and reformulates these concepts into straight-up horror.

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The Abandoned (2023)

The Abandoned (2023)

  • Killer , Mystery , Slasher , Thriller | Autopsy , Dangerous Exploration , Haunted , Maniac , Mind Bender , Psychic , Serial Killer , Thrill Kill

RT Rating

On New Year's Eve with brilliant fireworks, the lonely Wu Jie drove to the river bank, intending to kill herself, but was interrupted by screams. Wu Jie came to the river and found a swollen femal...

Siam Curse (2023)

Siam Curse (2023)

  • Psychological , Romance , Supernatural , Thriller | College , Cursed , Dangerous Exploration , Folk Horror , Psychic , Satanic

A love triangle of best friends who fell in love with the same person finally caused black magic to be involved. This became a tragedy leading to a scary and never-ending revenge passing to the next g...

Home for Rent (2023)

Home for Rent (2023)

  • Psychological , Thriller , Twisted Mystery | Cult , Home Invasion , Religion , Satanic

A man becomes determined to protect his family from a dark cult whose members come in the guise of perfect tenants....

Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath (2023)

Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath (2023)

  • Demons , Romance , Supernatural | Body Horror , Cursed , Mutants

The romantic horror centres on a man born with abnormal genes and a half-demon woman, who both long to be loved....

The Lake (2022)

The Lake (2022)

  • Creatures , Supernatural , Survival | Dangerous Exploration , Folk Horror , Mutants , Wilderness , Wildlife

A small country girl finds a mysterious egg in a field and and brings it to her town Now a giant nine-meters monster rises from the lake causing havoc just to find her egg....

SLR (2022)

  • Possession , Supernatural , Survival | Cursed Images , Dangerous Exploration , Paranormal Proof , Religion , Satanic

Dan, a photography student who received an SLR camera from Professor Em to finish his thesis. However, Dan finds out that it actually is a test of the devil, which he has no way to escape. His only ch...

Haunted Universities 2nd Semester (2022)

Haunted Universities 2nd Semester (2022)

  • Haunted House , Possession , Supernatural , Thriller , Twisted Mystery | College , Cursed , Dangerous Exploration , Haunted House - Cursed , Psychic , Teens

Every campus has its own horror tales. There’s an endless supply of ghost stories passed down from class to class, and three of the scariest tales will be told this time. The “C” Bed...

Cracked (2022)

Cracked (2022)

  • Possession , Supernatural , Thriller | Cursed Images , Dysfunctional Family

Ruja inherited the painting from her deceased father and hired Tim, an art restorer to repair it, but they don't know that this invaluable art came with invaluable horror....

The Whole Truth (2021)

The Whole Truth (2021)

  • Psychological , Supernatural , Thriller , Twisted Mystery | Dangerous Exploration , Drama , Dysfunctional Family , Killer Parents

When two siblings stumble on a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents' house, horrifying incidents reveal sinister secrets about their family....

The Medium (2021)

The Medium (2021)

  • Demons , Possession , Psychological , Twisted Mystery | Dysfunctional Family , Folk Horror , Psychic , Religion , Wilderness

A horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. But the goddess that appears to have taken possession of a family member turns out not be as benevolent as it first a...


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haunted house thai movie

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The maid - the return of the classic thai horror thriller.

haunted house thai movie

Now this is more like it!

I remember a time back in the early 2000’s when Thai horror movies were some of the best out there, and an inspiration for cinema the world over. And while this isn’t a pure horror film, there are definitely thriller elements to this, it certainly ends like one.

What’s this movie about?

A new house maid begins working in a luxurious mansion owned by a wealthy woman and her husband. They have a young daughter who is forbidden from leaving the house, and who has been diagnosed with a mental illness due to the fact she has visions of a woman around the house.

Those visions are the ghost of the dead maid, who seems desperate to make contact with the new maid to help her uncover the truth about her death.

But what does the new maid find out her death, and how does she react to the truth?

My Thoughts on this Movie

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that it’s split into three chapters.

The first two chapters are used to introduce all the characters and set the story up. At first, it’s not really clear where the movie is heading. Is it just a simple haunted house movie? Or is it just an evil spirit protecting her territory over a perceived threat?

Well, all those questions get answered in the final third, and wow does the movies take an incredible and exciting shift. I can understand if you weren’t really enjoying the film up until this point, but if you stuck with the film to end, I wonder if you enjoyed it as much as I did?

I loved that final third. It’s one of the most insane endings I have seen in an Asian horror films since the Forbidden Door.

What I loved most about this movie is the performance of Ploy Sornarin, who plays Joy the new house maid. This is the third movie of hers I have seen, the others being Siam Square and Viral, both of which I have discussed in the past. Siam Square was fantastic, but Viral was awful, partly due to her performance. But 4 years after Viral was made, Ploy has matured as an actress, and her performance in this is terrific, especially in that final third where her character is able to unleash her full emotions.

There’s not much more I can tell you about the film without giving away any spoilers, but it was great to see Thai cinema explore a few themes that are usually taboo, including adultery and same sex relationships. It’s refreshing and tastefully done, and adds to the overall tension building of the film.

haunted house thai movie

Otherwise, this is a movie I would strongly encourage you to watch.

It’s a thumbs up from me. I absolutely loved it and I hope you do too. This could be one of my favourites of 2021.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think?

haunted house thai movie

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haunted house thai movie

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Ghost House

2017, Horror/Mystery & thriller, 1h 39m

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Ghost house videos, ghost house   photos.

Lost in the Thai countryside, a young American couple find themselves haunted by an evil spirit. Desperate for a solution, they spiral deeper into a surreal, supernatural world that leads them into a frenzied, terrifying confrontation with pure evil.

Genre: Horror, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: Rich Ragsdale

Producer: Veronica Radaelli , Kevin Ragsdale

Writer: Kevin O'Sullivan , Jason Chase Tyrrell

Release Date (Theaters): Aug 25, 2017  limited

Release Date (Streaming): Aug 25, 2017

Runtime: 1h 39m

Distributor: Vertical Entertainment

Production Co: KNR Productions, Benetone Hillin Entertainment, Benetone Films

Cast & Crew

James Landry Hébert

Scout Taylor-Compton

Mark Boone Junior

Elana Krausz

Michael S. New

Russell Geoffrey Banks

Rich Lee Gray

Katrina Grey

Young Woman

Rich Ragsdale

Kevin O'Sullivan


Jason Chase Tyrrell

Veronica Radaelli

Kevin Ragsdale

Luke Daniels

Executive Producer

Daemon Hillin

Kul Thep Narula

Rachvin Narula

Pierluigi Malavasi


Jay Gartland

Film Editing

Original Music

Thongchai Sittirat

Production Design

Nimit Somboomsiri

Art Director

Costume Design

Shannon Makhanian

Critic Reviews for Ghost House

Audience reviews for ghost house.

No horror fest would be complete without a movie about ignorant Americans travelling to another country, being disrespectful of its customs and traditions and, in the end, being fucked over by that ignorance. That's what first came to mind when I started watching this. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about the fact of why that is. Why is it that the beliefs and traditions of other countries make for easier horror fodder than, say, the U.S's own belief and traditions, regardless of what they may be. And then I thought of that and the reason is that, quite frankly, the U.S isn't really that interesting in terms of its mythology or whatever sort of spirits may come up as a result of growing up in a country that's incredibly superstitious. You go to China, you go to Japan, you go to Thailand, you go to Mexico and other countries and, when doing research on them and their superstitions, you find that there's a lot of material for ghost stories, a lot of spirits, a lot of legends and myths that could, potentially, make for some really interesting movies. And, seriously, think about it, the United States has nothing like that. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of these countries I just mentioned are incredibly superstitious and they take those sort of legends more seriously whereas, in the States, while still being superstitious as a result of it being a mostly "christian" country, isn't as superstitious about those things to the point of them becoming intrinsic parts of their culture. Regardless of that, however, let's move on to the film, shall we? Hmm, where do I start with this movie??? There's no real good place to start. I think it should be obvious, as a result of the rating that I have given this movie, that I did not find this to be good. Like, at all. That's not to say that the movie doesn't have a good enough concept, theoretically. It's nothing that's all that exciting or inventive, but it could have produced some decent B-tier thrills if handled correctly. Basically, the ghost, Watabe, set her house on fire as her husband was having an affair with a young maid or something. The plan worked and the stupid idiot ended up burning herself alive. Ever since then, she's looked to haunt and posses the bodies of young, pretty women in order to do, honestly, I don't know what. That's one of the things about this movie, they make it clear that she wants to drain Julie's soul, but it's never made clear as t why. I know ghost legends rarely make sense in how horror movies portray them, like they don't always do a great job at explaining why that particular ghost is haunting these characters that had nothing to do with what happened to her. But, in this case, the movie does an even worse job than that. It's just like you're meant to supposed to take everything at face value. Why is it that Watabe, the ghost, only seems to haunt blonde foreigners? Why attack people that are unrelated to her past, regardless of what they may have done to her shrine or whatever? All these questions are left unanswered. And, really, given how the movie was, maybe that was for the best. Maybe my search for answers is a futile one. But that's not really why I disliked the movie. I disliked this because it feels like they took everything that people expect of a horror movie, or at least one of this kind, and just shoved everything in there without any real effort or skill. There are jump scares, but they are some of the most flat I have ever seen. The movie sort of randomly jumps between Julie struggling with this ghost, who is draining all life from her until Julie dies so she can take over, and her boyfriend, Jim, trying to find ways to save her. There are ways to pass on the curse to some other woman, by tricking her, which is what these two Brits did to Julie in the first place. I mean, realistically speaking, Julie was incredibly naive. It's nice that they met someone they could be friends with and spend a couple of hours with, but to then trust these people as they entice you with going to the country to take amazing photos is pushing it for me. Again, hanging out in the area near to where your hotel is located is one thing. Going to the country, which is more than likely secluded or sparsely populated, is another. Sorry, bros, we had a nice night, but we're going back to our hotel room. I guess Julie felt she needed to get one up on her boyfriend, as he went off to a strip club while she stayed outside with one of the Brits. Because logic and survival instincts go out the window when you can take revenge on your significant other for a perceived slight. Another thing is the fact that Jim and Julie don't feel like a real couple. They're both acting together, but it's like they exist in different planes. Going on with that, it's like they took two different performances from two different planes of existence and spliced them together to make it look like they were a couple. There's no connection, there's no love, there's nothing between Jim and Julie to make them feel like a viable couple. Or to make me believe that Jim cares this much for Julie that he'd go to the ends of the world for her. In short, Scout Taylor-Compton and James Hebert, Julie and Jim respectively, have absolutely no fucking chemistry whatsoever. They're in love because the script tells you they are, not because sparks flew between the two. Did I mention that the horror sucks too??? I believe I have mentioned that. But stuff happens and you don't really even register or flinch. The horror in this movie is like that savage Kobe Bryant moment, where another playing is gonna inbound the ball but he does like he's gonna pass the ball right at Kobe's face, getting within inches of it, and Kobe doesn't flinch. That's the horror in this movie. This movie is Matt Barnes, the player who was inbounding the ball, and we are Kobe Bryant. In all seriousness, there's some visually cool moments during the climax, but there's some terrible moments as well. Watabe comes out to the real world, she starts attacking people and shit. She jumps on the wall and, supposedly, starts crawling up it, but it looks so bad. It's clear that she's being moved on wires and she's just pantomiming the crawling, but it looks so fucking bush league. Obviously, she's not actually crawling up the wall, but at least make the effort to make it look a little more genuine. The idea, theoretically, is to not be taken out of the movie as a result of moments like this, but this crawling up the wall was laughably bad. In all, this movie was just bad on all respects. I honestly don't even know why it's getting one star. It's not as offensively bad as, say, The Bye Bye Man so, I guess, that that gets it the rating. But there is nothing about this movie that I liked, literally nothing. I mean, as I mentioned, there's some visually cool moments during the climax, but they're so brief that I don't feel they count. Or, even if they did count, that it would add that much to the movie because, again, it really doesn't. This scene I'm talking about is, maybe, 80 seconds long. And this is a movie that runs 94 minutes, so it's obviously not going to amount to much. But, with that said, those 80 seconds are the best part of the film, by a country mile. Everything else, though, is terrible. Lack of interesting characters, no chemistry between the leads, substandard horror that tries to copy what came before without understanding why it worked, among many other issues make this a movie that I wish I could forget through ghost possession. Take me, Satan. Take me and make me forget this movie ever existed. Or, really, I can just do this myself and, in about two or so hours after posting this review, I'd have forgotten the movie. That's the way it should be. Bad movie, so not worth spending your valuable time on. Worst of the month, so far.

haunted house thai movie

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Top 10 Best Thai Horror Movies

haunted house thai movie

Hollywood isn’t the only place capable of creating horror movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are Thai films that are equally as terrifying. There are gory films filled with blood and guts. There are psychological films that will stay with you long after the credits roll. And there are more lighthearted, fun films with plenty of jump scares.  

A lot of these horror movies are inspired by Thai folklore. The most common legends revolve around Mae Nak and Krasue, which are ancient village ghosts. There are also a lot of genre-blending Thai films. They can be classified as horrors as well as dramas, thrillers, or even teen romances. While they are built to scare, they also include elements that aren’t typically found in horror movies to enhance the viewing experience.

If you’re a fan of horror, you shouldn’t shy away from subtitles. You shouldn’t watch movies made exclusively in the area where you live. You should branch out and expose yourself to films from around the world. Whether you are searching for a psychological horror film, a supernatural horror film, or a slasher film, this listicle will have something that fits your preferences. Here is our official list of the top 10 best Thai horror films ever created.

Shutter (2004)

After a couple takes part in a hit-and-run, they start to see images of the dead woman in their photographs. This film is considered a cult classic. It was so popular that an English-language remake was released under the same name in 2008. There is also an Indian remake named Sivi (2007) and a Hindi remake named Click (2010). This film was inspired by the real-life phenomenon of capturing ghosts in photos. It is called spirit photography .

Art of the Devil (2004)

haunted house thai movie

This is the first film in a popular trilogy. It’s about a scorned mistress who turns to black magic to get revenge on the man who abandoned her during her pregnancy. The whole series is very dark, so some viewers will find it difficult to watch. However, it is a great choice for fans of gore. All of the effects are practical, and they are paired with clever camera angles and cut-aways, which makes the gore much more effective.

Ghost of Mae Nak (2005)

haunted house thai movie

This film is about a young couple who reawaken the spirit of a famous Thai legend. Mae Nak was an angry ghost who lived in a village outside of Bangkok in the 19 th century. Although similar stories have been told before, the actors in this film are believable, the cinematography is beautiful, and the storyline is engaging. Best of all, the haunting scenes are well-made, which results in a terrifying film.

Laa-thaa-phii: Ghost Game (2006)

haunted house thai movie

In this film, eleven game show contestants are sent to an abandoned military prison in order to compete for a five-million-dollar prize. All of the actors playing contestants actually have experience on reality shows in real life. They each appeared on Academy Fantasia (2004-2015) , which is a popular show in Thailand that is similar to American Idol (2002) . Some viewers have criticized this film for being overly predictable. However, while there isn’t much gore, the film has a creepy atmosphere and plenty of jump scares.

Alone (2007)

This was created by the same directors of Shutter . It is about a girl who moves to Korea in order to escape the guilt of surviving separation surgery with her twin sister. Throughout the film, the angry spirt of her sister haunts her. Although the storyline might sound predictable, it is filled with twists and surprises. The screenplay is impressive, partly because the story can be viewed as either a ghost story or a psychological drama.

Phobia (2008)

haunted house thai movie

Also known as 4BIA , this is an anthology of four different stories by four different directors. The first segment is called Happiness , which is about a lonely girl who speaks to a stranger over texts. The second is called Tit For Tat , which is about a bullied child turning to black magic in order to get revenge. The third is called In The Middle , which is about a group of friends on a camping trip who experience a tragic kayaking accident. The fourth is called Last Fright , which is about a stewardess flying in a cabin with a corpse.

Coming Soon (2008)

haunted house thai movie

This is a meta film about a man who illegally pirates a movie and then wakes up to discover he’s living out the film he’s just watched. There isn’t much dialogue throughout this film. Silence is used in order to amplify the tension for the audience. While there are some humorous moments mixed in with the frightening scenes in order to lighten the mood, it will still make you jump. Plus, the storyline is unpredictable and ends with an unexpected, clever twist.

Meat Grinder (2009)

haunted house thai movie

This cult classic follows a poverty-stricken woman who opens a noodle stall that uses human body parts as the main ingredients. It is frequently compared to Saw (2004) and Hostel (2005). However, the only real similarity between these films is that they are all visually graphic. Meat Grinder has a massive amount of gore and is sometimes classified as ‘torture porn.’ However, even without the bloody visuals, the story is still effective because it doubles as a psychological horror film.

Siam Square (2017)

haunted house thai movie

A group of high school students try to prove the existence of an urban legend. However, when their plan backfires on them, an evil spirt starts killing them off one by one. Although this is a horror film with moments of suspense and terror, it is also classified as a teen romance. It portrays bullying, academic pressure, and parental expectations in order to show the typical life of a teenager. The storyline centers around an urban legend, but it also shows the horrors of high school.

Sang Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019)

haunted house thai movie

According to folklore, Krause are the restless nocturnal souls of young women. In this film, the main character inherits the curse of Krause. Although she lives a normal life during the day, at night her head detaches in order to search for food in the form of flesh and blood. Although there aren’t many laughs in this film, it has beautiful cinematography, a talented cast, and a haunting soundtrack. Overall, it tells a bittersweet story that is surprisingly moving. It streams on Netflix here .

The Whole Truth (2021)

haunted house thai movie

Pim and Putt are siblings who are taken in by their grandparents after their single mother is in a car accident. The brother and sister never knew their grandparents, so their stay at grandma and grandpa’s is strange right from the start. Even stranger is a hole the teens discover in a wall of the house that shows them something inexplicable, and hole that the grandparents deny even exists. The Whole Truth is an interesting supernatural thriller with a good mystery.

The Medium (2021)

haunted house thai movie

The Medium is a pseudo-documentary that begins as a profile of a medium, Nim, in rural Thailand who claims to be possessed by a goddess. The spirit inhabiting Nim is benevolent, and gives the medium the power to help others. However, when Nim begins to suspect that her niece Mink is possessed by an evil spirit, the documentary screw following Nim begins to follow Mink. What transpires is a sufficiently creepy and extremely well-made possession movie that incorporates folk horror to great effect.

Meet The Author

Holly Riordan

Holly is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in numerous publications and websites. She is also the author of the sci-fi novel Forget Her and Severed , a collection of creepy and gruesome poems.

haunted house thai movie

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The Haunted House

The Haunted House (2005)

A group of young developers hope to renovate an old house, only to find that it was formerly home to a traditional Thai dancing school, and the spirits of the dancers have yet to leave. A group of young developers hope to renovate an old house, only to find that it was formerly home to a traditional Thai dancing school, and the spirits of the dancers have yet to leave. A group of young developers hope to renovate an old house, only to find that it was formerly home to a traditional Thai dancing school, and the spirits of the dancers have yet to leave.

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  • May 20, 2005 (Cambodia)
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The Haunted House (2005)

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Why Horror Movies Based in Haunted Houses Are Timeless

When one thinks of haunted houses combined with a horror movie , one might think of the Conjuring house or maybe the iconic house in The Exorcist . However, for this article, actual haunted houses, attractions that one can go to and get scared by cheap costumes, and jump scares, are going to be featured. It's a classic trope in the horror genre: a group of teenagers heading out to find the scariest and sketchiest haunted house they could find, leading them to torture, and death, usually ending with a lone survivor.

More recently, in the 2000s, there have been more movies with the plot following a group of friends heading out on a spooky holiday toward their doom inside a haunted house, or even a festival where things get even worse. Notably, these types of movies can be repetitive and predictable, but that's what makes them so good. Viewers suspect how the movie is going to play out, but suddenly the film can take a bloody turn that no one suspects, and the twist changes things entirely. As October approaches, and some of the real haunts are becoming active, we'll take a deep dive into this subgenre and see why it's one of the timeless tropes in horror culture.

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It's Predictable but Unpredictable

In 2018, Hell Fest (very similar to Blood Fest ) was released and took a different spin on how the film ended, and the direction it could go in from there. When a trio of girlfriends heads to Hell Fest in search of a fun night and terrifying scares, things take a bad turn when they start to get stalked by someone revealed as "The Other" by the end of the movie. Predictable things happen throughout the film, of course, but it's the ending that gets viewers to feel unsettled, even after the movie is over.

It's revealed that the "The Other" is a family man and husband, who goes to his nice home at the end of the film after killing a handful of people and returning to his life like nothing happened. The message of killers and creeps living amongst us in everyday life, is the point filmmakers try at and succeed at getting across, wanting the audience to feel uncomfortable in theaters as they look around at the strangers sitting next to them. Hell Fest plays into tropes, and going into it, viewers can most likely suspect what's going to happen, who's going to die, who's going to be the last one standing, and who's going to have the most traumatic story to tell, but the ending is where it trips people up.

Unlimited Jump Scares

Slasher film Haunt follows a group of friends who find an off-the-road sketchy haunted house, where they have to sign a waiver and hand over their phones before entering the rickety-looking establishment. Once inside, roles are immediately placed on the characters. Harper (Katie Stevens), is suspicious from the start but went because her friends convinced her. Nathan (Will Brittain), who's underestimated at first but proves to be helpful in the end. Evan (Andrew Lewis Caldwell), who's mostly there for comedic relief, and so on.

Besides the stereotypical roles placed on these characters and the many well-timed jump scares placed throughout the film, another common trope in these horror movies is the classic split-up of the group. Usually in the haunted house, they reach a crossroads where there are two possible paths to take, and instead of choosing just one to go down with the entire group, they split up. At this point, audiences suck their teeth and shake their heads, yelling at their screens to just "go together!" because now that they're split up, they've just lowered their muscle power by a lot.

Moment of Realization

One of the best parts of a film based on a haunted house is the moment of realization for the characters when they figure out that they are in an actual house of torture, and not a fun place. Something might happen before the real discovery of where they are, something to make them slightly on edge and laugh nervously before moving on. Maybe one of the "actors" kills someone in front of them, and it looks a little too realistic, but they brush it off and keep moving. However, when the second killing happens, and perhaps it's someone from the group, or the screams are too realistic, the facade of this haunted house crumbles, and they realize they are in actual danger.

Fear takes over the character's face and the audience feels it. Hearts pound as the fact of the matter comes to light, and they're going to have to fight their way out of the haunted attraction. Things get real very fast, and it's always interesting to see who takes the lead. Characters you don't expect coming forward and laying out a plan that usually gets only one or two people out in the end. It's even better, though, when only one person realizes what's happening, and they go to tell the group, and nobody believes them until another incident takes place.

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Cellphones and Cameras Allowed

Up to this point, we've stayed within a structure-based subgenre of horror. You can predict what will happen if you identify enough elements, behaviors, and even the musical score that builds up when something's about to happen. However, let's leave formulas behind and enter found footage territory, where things are carefully planned, but don't necessarily follow a usual structure. The haunted house setting then becomes improbable and unpredictable.

Films like Hell House LLC and The Houses October Built are each based on something different. Hell House LLC goes for the group of friends planning to put together a haunt in a supposedly haunted location (not a good idea), and The Houses October Built instead shows a group of friends on the hunt for the perfect haunt and encountering a sketchy group of people on the way.

Both films work, because they don't use the haunted house setting to restrain the characters into a space where they will surely get scared. The haunts are no theme parks. They're part of the American culture that drives hordes of people every year to get scared out of their wits. However, victims in these found footage films are not the usual. We won't spoil more for you because they're very good films to go blind into, and October is a great month to indulge in some haunted house horror.

Why Horror Movies Based in Haunted Houses Are Timeless

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Haunted and supernatural Moscow

Khovrinskaya Abandoned Hospital. Source : Wikipedia

Khovrinskaya Abandoned Hospital. Source : Wikipedia

Khovrinskaya Abandoned Hospital (KZB)

The Khovrinskaya abandoned hospital is on a list of “creepiest places on the planet.” Chernobyl ranks only a few slots ahead of it. Large-scale construction on KZB started in 1981.

The structure was originally to include 1,500 beds, a polyclinic, laboratories and helicopter landing pads. However, it turned out that the site was a poor choice.

The pavement did not hold up, and the nearly completed hospital the size of a city started slowly sinking into the groundwater. Consequently, construction was halted.

 An introductory guide to Moscow graveyards

An introductory guide to Moscow’s graveyards

The city authorities still have not been able to decide what to do with all of this. On the other hand, Satanists quickly started gravitating to the site.

One sect claimed responsibility for the disappearance of people and animals in Khovrin. Cult followers allegedly used dogs and beggars for blood rituals.

A legend arose in Moscow saying that the police launched a raid on sect members and chased them into a tunnel and then shot the Satanists, who were unspeakably glad about this, for they went straight from the tunnel into the arms of the prince of darkness. To this day, on dark winter nights one can hear a chorus of them singing in the tunnel.

Every year, dozens drawn to the place in search of adventures inevitably break legs, arms and necks. It has become a pilgrimage destination for goths, punks, emos and others.

The hospital is full of holes, depressions, open elevator shafts and protruding fittings. The police regularly pull adventure seekers out of air shafts in the basement or from the attics, where they hide from security guards.

The main ghost of the hospital is considered to be Alexey Krayushkin, who jumped off the roof because of an unrequited love. One floor of the building houses a sort of memorial: an entire wall is covered with graffiti whose overall message (in both poetry and prose) is, “We will remember and mourn.”


Source: Lori / Legion Media

The name of this district comes from the word “ostanki” (remains): the television station building was erected here on the site of an old cemetery.

About 500 years ago, the notorious Old Woman of Ostankino first appeared here, when she came to the ruler of the Ostankino village, the boyar Satin, and forbade him to till the land because it agitated the dead. The old woman was chased out and the villagers tilled the land; after this, the boyar fell into disgrace and was executed.

Mystical Moscow

How to spend a perfect day in Moscow

The Old Woman of Ostankino also appeared to:

The Tsar Paul, who came to Ostankino. She said that Paul would not survive until spring, and she was telling the truth—he did not survive.

Alexander II, who was passing through Ostankino. She said he would perish at the hands of an infidel. The emperor was killed by a member of the leftist group, Narodnaya Volya.

In October 1993,  a few days before the assault on the TV station , the old woman again appeared in Ostankino and said that it would smell of blood there. Soon after that, it did indeed smell of blood.

The old woman was also spotted before the 2000 fire at the Ostankino television tower, when four people were killed.

28 Malaya Nikitskaya St., Beria’s Mansion

28 Malaya Nikitskaya St., Beria’s Mansion

Urban legend has it that Stalin’s chief of the secret police, Lavrentiy Beria, would snatch pretty women up from Moscow’s streets at night and take them home.

In the morning, having dishonored the beauties, he would shoot them. Now, this tainted house is the site of the Tunisian embassy, and in it someone scatters papers from a safe around a room, and footsteps echo in the hallways at night.

So far, no one has been able to catch a glimpse of a person. Diplomats have supposedly requested a new building, but their request has been denied.

Maly   Ivanovsky Lane. John the Baptist Convent

Maly Ivanovsky Lane. John the Baptist Convent

Darya Saltykova, who is popularly known as Saltychikha, spent 30 years in confinement here for the particularly gruesome murder of 74 serfs (counting only the proven cases!). Catherine II said that Saltychikha did not deserve to be called a woman and could be called only a monstrosity of humanity.

Even in prison, Saltychikha held on to her wicked tastes, and being unable to torture, burn and kill living people, she yelled at and spit on them from behind bars.

She died in prison. People say that Saltychikha’s ghost still appears in the vicinity of the convent. Encountering her presages an impending death.

Pushkin Theater on   Tverskaya Boulevard

Pushkin Theater on Tverskaya Boulevard

Source: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

Created by the director Tairov, the Chamber Theater was rebuilt in the 1950s. As a result, the new part of the building ended up on the site of the cemetery of the John the Apostle church.

Tairov did not grasp this, but it is said that his widow, the leading lady Alisa Koonen, cursed the theater in her heart and died in 1974. Then it was as if a tornado hit: Productions were failures and the audience either hissed at shows or did not attend them. Koonen’s ghost still wandered the halls.

In 1991, the site was sanctified and the ghost disappeared. According to legend, before that, during a performance, a tropical butterfly of unearthly beauty suddenly appeared, circled around the stage and then flew away. Rumors started soon after that, saying Koonen’s soul was bidding farewell to the theater.

Golosov Ravine in Kolomensky Park

Golosov Ravine in Kolomensky

Source: Wikipedia

Some people think that the name “Golosov” comes from Volos (Veles)—a pagan deity that ruled over the world of the afterlife. According to another version, the Golosov ravine has this name because the voices (“golosa”) of people who have entered the ravine and not returned can be heard from there.

During excavations in the vicinity of the ravine, workers uncovered the remains of ancient settlements. After that, the ravine became even more popular among enthusiasts of the afterlife and the occult.

The ravine has always been considered a wicked place. In the 17th century, according to some sources, an entire squadron of Tatar horsemen came out of the ravine and went to the gates of the Kolomensky palace.

Discovering Gothic Moscow: A tour of architectural masterpieces

The riders were arrested and interrogated. The Tatars demonstrated that they belonged to the army of the khan Devlet Girey. There was just one problem: This khan had gone to Moscow around a hundred years earlier, in the mid-16th century.

In the 19th century, newspapers wrote about numerous citizens who had mysteriously disappeared around the ravine.

In 1832, Moskovskie Vedomosti reported on a peasant who at the bottom of the ravine had encountered uncommonly tall people dressed in hides, who emerged from the deep fog and then quickly disappeared.

First published in Russian in  Moskovskie Novosti .

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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