ghostly whelpling


How Ghosts Work

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Ghostly Encounters

ghostly whelpling

People describe ghostly encounters in lots of different ways. People see apparitions or strange lights, sense a presence in a room, hear noises or feel a sudden drop in temperature. They smell a deceased relative's favorite breakfast cooking in the kitchen or hear a favorite song playing while the stereo is off. Objects fall from shelves and doors open and close on their own. The electricity goes haywire, causing lights to flicker or televisions to turn on and off by themselves. Sometimes, people don't experience anything unusual at all, but they notice strange apparitions or shapes when they look at pictures they've taken.

Is it a ghost?

Some ghost stories involve visible apparitions that are bound to specific locations or families. These ghosts often appear as a warning that someone is going to die. They aren't always human -- some take the form of animals. Similarly, some reports of ghosts involve apparitions that inform friends or family members of recent deaths or impending crises. Some paranormal researchers classify this as a form of telepathy rather than an actual ghost.

Other ghosts are reported to be the spirits of people who died violently or suddenly; they may re-enact their deaths or try to seek vengeance. For example, some people believe that North Carolina's Brown Mountain Lights -- flickering lights that appear on the slope of the mountain -- are the spirits of Native Americans who died in battle. Sometimes, ghostly reproductions of inanimate objects, like sunken ships or crashed cars, reappear after accidents or tragedies.

Then, there are the ghosts who are simply sticking around, either unwilling or unable to leave the Earth . Paranormal researchers often refer to these ghosts as earthbound spirits. An earthbound ghost may haunt a specific location, like its home, its favorite place to visit or the place that it died. It may be trying to pass a message to friends or loved ones, to complete a task that it started while alive or to hold on to its home or possessions. Some researchers and mediums claim to be able to encourage these sprits to let go of their ties to the Earth and move on to a spiritual realm.

For a lot of people, seeing, hearing or sensing a ghost is enough to prove their existence. But researchers have found several possible explanations for the phenomena most often attributed to ghosts. We'll look at them in the next section.­­

Some paranormal researchers believe that photographs containing orbs , or unexplained spots of light, are signs of ghostly activity. Some describe orbs as a specific step in a ghost's manifestation [Source: Utah Ghost Research & Investigation ]. Orbs are visible in pictures but invisible to the naked eye because the spirits react to infrared light from the automatic focus. Skeptics, however, think orbs have a physical cause, such as:

  • The camera's flash reflecting off of dust particles or moisture in the air
  • Water spots on the camera's lens
  • Defects in digital cameras ' sensors
  • Developing or printing errors

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Comment by UncleJulio

Ghostly whelpling.

Unkillable dragons, what could go wrong?

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Ghostly Whelpling

Ghostly Whelpling

Scenario:  Island Expeditions

Approximate Scenario Rate:  Unknown

ghostly whelpling

100%   Hit Chance  

Deals 315 Dragonkin damage instantly. The enemy continues to

Burn  for 78 additional Dragonkin damage per round for 4 rounds.

ghostly whelpling

Hurls a bolt of mystical fire at the enemy, dealing 433 Magic damage.

ghostly whelpling

Scorches the ground, dealing 531 Dragonkin damage and dealing 78 Dragonkin damage to all active pets each round for 9 rounds.

During Scorched Earth, all pets count as Burning  .

ghostly whelpling

50%   Hit Chance  

Strikes at the enemy with the power of a spirit beast, causing 788 Magic damage.

Always hits if the target is Blinded  .

Deals 886 Dragonkin damage.

ghostly whelpling

Fly up high, becoming unattackable for one turn.

On the next turn, you attack, dealing 591 Dragonkin damage.


Undead pets return to life immortal for one round when killed, but deal 25% less damage.

Damage Taken  

ghostly whelpling

Currently still shows up as a crimson whelpling when summoned, but has a ghostly appearance when in a pet battle.

Compare collections

Any particular island?

Just got mine today from Islands. Ghostly skin. Nice looking.

Wowhead says its from Crestfall Island but there are no dragons there.

OMG, this lil fellow might be absolute glass cannon !!!! Just pair him with Poda  ( Uncanny Luck  + Feign Death ) and then Spectral Strike  + Instability ..... Add to them Lanticore Spawnling  with its Cataclysm  or any mechanical with Demolish   and you've got a team of real real murderers !!!!! ;))

PS. [EDIT] @ AinesPets: My summoned ghostly whelpling is crimson. 

Apparently there are TWO skins as I have three of them, one ghostly looking and two crimson ones :).

My summoned ghostly whelpling is crimson. He looks exactly like the crimson whelpling. Anyone else have this bug? I tried caging him and passing him to another account, but he is still crimson.

Despite the picture looking like a clone of a Crimson Whelpling, these little dragons are ghostly white and transparent and look quite good! They also have a pretty interesting and original magic-heavy moveset on an undead critter, something only shared by a few other pets. Very, very rare, though.

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Ghostly Whelpling

Does anybody know exactly what they needed to do on crestfall to get this pet. I ran a ton of island expeditions when it was current,and was able to get every pet many times over, except for this one. I just went back to doing island expeditions again solo, heroic. From what I can gather it definitely drops from crestfall, is it mythic only? Do I have to kill something specifically, I have tried everything that I am aware of,I must be missing something, or is it possible it comes from the salvage crates you buy only? Any help is much appreciated.

Seems to be from the Crestfall Salvage crates only, the ones you buy with Doubloons. Wowhead quotes a 5% drop rate.

Should drop from the expeditions themselves as well. Salvage crates just have much higher drop rates for the same associated rewards. Nothing should be exclusive to them.

Thanks for the update. I never did much with Island Expeditions, was just going with Wowhead that shows the Ghostly Whelpling and a number of other items as only available from the crate. Does identify many of the items in crate as also lootable but not this pet.

Like I said,I have run the islands alot and never got it,while getting every other pet multiple times,so I figured it might be salvage crate only. The websites do mention something about undead orcs possibly, but I haven’t noticed any on the crestfall island, although maybe I am just not finding them.

Probably a combination of Crestfall and its rewards being added to the game relatively late (8.2) and salvage crates being added even later (8.3). Though I have to say, I checked several items myself and all of them (even stuff that was in the game starting with 8.0) is only ‘listed’ as dropping from crates. It was always the comments pointing out which island/enemy type was the source for the drop.

I was kinda hoping someone who actually remembers doing a crestfall island and getting one to drop would chime in just to verify it,oh well, I guess I’ll just keep on trying and buying crates. Thanks alot to all who answered.

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This page needs a screenshot!

  • Ghostly Whelpling
  • View history

Inv misc head dragon red

  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.


Ghostly Whelpling.

The Ghostly Whelpling is a ghost whelp companion .

  • 2 Pet Journal
  • 4 Patch changes
  • 5 External links

Inv misc crate04horde

Pet Journal [ ]

Unkillable dragons, what could go wrong?

Battles [ ]


Patch changes [ ]

Battle for Azeroth

External links [ ]

  • 1 Sylvanas Windrunner
  • 2 Arthas Menethil

ghostly whelpling

Ghostly Whelpling

Ghostly Whelpling

“Unkillable dragons, what could go wrong?”

Pet type: Undead

ghostly whelpling

Undead pets return to life immortal for one round when killed.

ghostly whelpling

Takes less damage from Dragonkin pets

ghostly whelpling

Takes more damage from Critter abilities


Show more info »

Deals 16 Dragonkin damage instantly. The enemy continues to Burn for 4 additional Dragonkin damage per round for 4 rounds.

Scorches the ground, dealing 25 Dragonkin damage and dealing 4 Dragonkin damage to all active pets each round for 9 rounds. During Scorched Earth, all pets count as Burning .

Deals 45 Dragonkin damage.

Hurls a bolt of mystical fire at the enemy, dealing 22 Magic damage.

Strikes at the enemy with the power of a spirit beast, causing 40 Magic damage. Always hits if the target is Blinded .

Fly up high, becoming unattackable for one turn. On the next turn, you attack, dealing 0 Dragonkin damage.

Counter pets

Crimson Frog

Drop: Island Expeditions

Auction house prices

Average pet value, average level 25 value, historic pricing.

View all pet rankings »

Current realm prices - US / EU



ghostly whelpling

Ghostly Whelpling

ghostly whelpling

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ghostly whelpling

wow All Patch 8.2 Battle Pets

By Stan , June 13, 2019 in News

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Stan    4,814.

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Here's an overview of all new battle pets coming in Patch 8.2.



“Burnout always has a supply of well-toasted marshmallows.”


“Don’t let the cuteness fool you, this little monster will jab your ankles the second you’re not looking.”


Island Expeditions

Adventurous Hopling Pack

Adventurous Hopling

“The last thing that tried to look in its tiny pack was never seen again.”

Adventurous Hopling.jpg

Ghostly Whelpling

“Unkillable dragons, what could go wrong?”

Ghostly Whelpling.jpg

Pet Battles

Rustbolt Clucker : Pet Battle (Mechagon)

“Some of the few remaining fleshy creatures on Mechagon, they provide food and even companionship for the citizens of Rustbolt.”

Rustbolt Clucker.jpg

Rustyroot Snooter : Pet Battle (Mechagon)

"Snooters have a very good sense of smell and can easily find grass and seeds buried under snow or scrap."

Rustyroot Snooter.jpg

Damplight Slug

“The bright coloration of this deep water slug seems to give off a soft, warm glow.”

Damplight Slug.jpg

Prismatic Softshell

“Even with its softer juvenile shell, a young prismatic spireshell still glitters like a diamond.”

Prismatic Softshell.jpg

Mustyfur Snooter

“A rare snooter, and hard to find, it’s known for burrowing itself deep under wet foliage to nest.”

Mustyfur Snooter.jpg

Brilliant Glimmershell

“A gift, found one day and saved for a meaningful occasion, should things ever turn around.”

Brilliant Glimmershell.jpg

Lustrous Glimmershell

Lustrous Glimmershell.jpg

Junkyard Tinkering

Microbot XD

Microbot XD

“One of the microbots used to guard the city of Rustbolt, now purchasable for a reasonable price.”

Microbot XD.jpg

Utility Mechanoclaw

“As handy as this invention is, it was also programmed to absolutely despise hand puns.”

Utility Mechanoclaw.jpg

Operation: Mechagon Dungeon

Golden Snorf

Golden Snorf

“The birth of an exceptionally rare Golden Snorf was such an abnormality that not even King Mechagon could force himself to mechanize his beloved, fuzzy friend.”

Golden Snorf.jpg

Microbot 8D

“He’s just so happy to be programmed to exist.”

Microbot 8D.jpg

The Eternal Palace Raid

Lightless Ambusher

Lightless Ambusher

“In the lightless caverns, a bright shell color doesn’t make you any worse at ambushing.”

Lightless Ambusher.jpg

Mindlost Bloodfrenzy

“In the fathomless depths beyond the Eternal Palace, minds are lost in the blackness.”

Mindlost Bloodfrenzy.jpg

Nameless Octopode

“The influence of the Old Gods on the aquatic life of Nazjatar is unmistakable, as many simply wander as mindless eyes of N’Zoth.”

Nameless Octopode.jpg

Zanj'ir Poker

“Master of poking, stabbing, thrusting, jabbing, and gouging.”

Zanj'ir Poker.jpg

Rare Creatures of Nazjatar

Amethyst Softshell

Amethyst Softshell

“Spireshells produce a softer shell when young which will be grown out of quickly.”

Amethyst Softshell.jpg

Brinestone Algan

“Standing next to a brinestone algan will remind you of the smell of the sea, mixed with rotting kelp.”

Brinestone Algan.jpg

Budding Algan

“There is no mistaking the evidence—algan breed by budding. We can all put this argument to rest now.”

Budding Algan.jpg

Caverndark Nightmare

“As if a dark, underwater cave wasn’t nightmarish enough, these things exist – and they love it there.”

Caverndark Nightmare.jpg

Chitterspine Needler

“A rare evolution of chitterspine, with elongated spines to pierce soft flesh and eyes.”

Chitterspine Needler.jpg

Coral Lashling

“The predatory coral of Nazjatar can grow incredibly quickly given the right conditions.”

Coral Lashling.jpg

Daggertooth Frenzy

“Frenzies in Nazjatar have learned to operate in large schools or face consumption by the many predators of the deeps.”

Daggertooth Frenzy.jpg

Glittering Diamondshell

“A rare species of crab found mostly in Nazjatar, it hides easily amongst the ample kelp and coral of the area.”

Glittering Diamondshell.jpg

“The murloc tribe that Murgle belongs to is one of a few that have resisted the naga’s enslavement”


Necrofin Tadpole

“Legend has it that the necrofin tribe found necromancy on a series of runed tablets at the bottom of the sea.”

Necrofin Tadpole.jpg

Pearlescent Glimmershell

“When the sun shines on its shell just right, the light scatters in a thousand different directions.” *See also Vendor information.

Pearlescent Glimmershell.jpg

Scalebrood Hydra

“The hydra matriarchs of Nazjatar steal and destroy one another’s eggs constantly, so you can never really know what will hatch out of one.”

Scalebrood Hydra.jpg

“The elements clash and battle for relics constantly, but few moreso than the Tidestone.”


Skittering Eel

“The eels of Nazjatar are experts at hiding in the many cracks and rocks of the sea floor.”

Skittering Eel.jpg

Spawn of Nalaada

“In a dark place unknown to all, the seabed writhes with the children of Nalaada, a carpet of life and death.”

Spawn of Nalaada.jpg

“The Tidestone would empower minions of both the storm and the sea, and is sought after by both parties.”


“Watch your ears.”


Rare Creatures of Mechagon

Arachnoid Skitterbot

Arachnoid Skitterbot

“No one knows who made these mechanical spiders, but everyone hates them.”

Arachnoid Skitterbot.jpg

“Absolutely do not let him bite your bones.”


Lost Robogrip

“It’s not clear who the original owner of this arm was, but they’re not getting it back now.”

Lost Robogrip.jpg

“Many advancements have been made to the initial prototype homing beacon over the years.”


Snowsoft Nibbler

“Of all snooters, this one has the softest fur. Ironically, it does not like to be pet very much.”

Snowsoft Nibbler.jpg

Spraybot 0D

“Even he cannot put out the fire in my heart.”

Spraybot 0D.jpg

Slimy Sea Slug

“Slimy sea slugs secrete slimy sea slug slime on the slimy sea floor.”

Slimy Sea Slug.jpg

Echoing Oozeling

“It doesn’t take a very large ooze to eat a gnome.”

Echoing Oozeling.jpg

Slimy Darkhunter

“Living so deep within the seas has made this species very sensitive to light.”

Slimy Darkhunter.jpg

“Eels are already slimy. This one is extra slimy.”

Slimy Eel.jpg

Slimy Fangtooth

“A fully grown Fangtooth has a bite strong enough to go right through a platinum fishing pole. Watch your fingers.”

Slimy Fangtooth.jpg

Slimy Hermit Crab

“The slime on this provides essential nutrients to the hermit crab within, allowing it to go years without eating anything if it chooses.”

Slimy Hermit Crab.jpg

Slimy Octopode

“This little octopode squirts slime out instead of ink.”

Slimy Octopode.jpg

Slimy Otter

“The slimy coating on this otter provides excellent protection against sunburns.”

Slimy Otter.jpg

Sandclaw Nestseeker

“Anything can be a nest if you try hard enough.”

Sandclaw Nestseeker.jpg

Chitterspine Devourer

“These gruesome crabs are attracted to the scent of blood and seem to revel in combat.”

Chitterspine Devourer.jpg

Crypt Fiend

“Six legs, two claws, multiple eyes, spiked body? This thing has it all!”

Crypt Fiend.jpg

Drowned Hatchling

“When the waves crashed down around the city, not all were fortunate enough to receive N’zoth’s gift.”

Drowned Hatchling.jpg

“When the sun shines on its shell just right, the light scatters in a thousand different directions.”  **See also Rare Creatures – Nazjatar section.


“Every time the mandibles on this vibrate slightly, it is because it gave someone a nightmare.”


With Rise of Azshara approaching, it's time to look at battle pets of Patch 8.2.


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These pets are hotter than my exes.  

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