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10 Attractions for Kids in NYC

ghost train griffith park

We’ve rounded up the best attractions for kids in NYC. Read below to know where to take your kids.

The High Line

This former elevated freight train has been turned into a public park that’s perfect for kids with public art, entertainment and family programming. From the High Line NYC entrance at Gansevoort Street to 34th Street, this 1.45-mile long stretch offers great views of the city.

ghost train griffith park

Alice’s Teacup

Delicious finger sandwiches, chocolate chip scones, charming scenery and afternoon tea make Alice’s Teacup an adorable stop for kids and their parents. Multiple locations throughout the city mean you can fit a visit in no matter where your sightseeing takes you.

ghost train griffith park

In addition to a world-class collection of art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art features a rooftop garden with incredible views that’s open to the public during the summer.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park offers a tremendous view of Lower Manhattan, plus places to eat and sit while the kids run off their energy. This 85-acre expanse on the East River waterfront offers a restored 1920s carousel and riverfront promenades.

ghost train griffith park

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

This fun spot in the theater district offers continuous live entertainment featuring Broadway hits. It’s a bit touristy, but kids will love the singing waitstaff, most of whom are ready to become Broadway stars any minute.

ghost train griffith park

The Guggenheim Museum

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim Museum NYC has a large permanent collection including artwork from Pollock to Picasso. Check the museum’s website before visiting to see what is being shown in the current collection and whether the famous spiral ramp is open.

ghost train griffith park

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Renowned architect Rafael Vinoly updated the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, which is the oldest in the world, a few years ago when it doubled in size. Perfect for toddlers through early elementary school students, it’s also the first “green” museum in New York City.

ghost train griffith park

Central Park Zoo

Centrally located in Central Park, this clean zoo hosts almost one million visitors every year. It’s a favorite among kids, and a visit through the zoo only takes about two hours.

ghost train griffith park

Governor’s Island Ferry

Take the free ferry from Lower Manhattan to Governor’s Island, where you can have a picnic, rent bikes, buy crafts from local artists, experience art installations and more.

ghost train griffith park

Tour Chinatown

If your kids are adventurous eaters, introduce them to some authentic Asian cuisine in Chinatown. Sample some of the city’s best hand-pulled noodles and roast pork buns in Lower Manhattan’s Chinatown.

ghost train griffith park


ghost train griffith park

Ghost Train - Griffith Park - LALSRM - Los Angeles Live Screamers Railroad Mausoleum - Live Streamers Railroad Museum - Fundraiser - Kid Friendly Haunt


Sadly, Ghost Train has not operated since 2018–we hope they return in the future.

The Ghost Train is the perfect family friendly haunt, operating on a Disney-level of scares, as audiences ride passively along a double loop track to view over 30 gorgeous Halloween scenes.

  • Los Angeles in Griffith Park
  • Audience rides on a 1/8th scale train through multiple haunt displays
  • Disney-esque spooky themes, but not scary
  • No contact, no live actors, no jump scares, no blood, & no gore
  • Reminiscent of a dark ride with animatronics
  • Impressive scale, lighting, and overall artistry

For information on any upcoming Ghost Train events, please scroll down or check our events page , map , or calendar !

ghost train griffith park

More on Ghost Train

During the month of October, the  Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum (LALSRM) transforms their massive maze of railroad tracks and buildings into a Halloween wonderland. Guests straddle 1/8th scale trains and take a 20 minute ride through this beloved Halloween attraction. This event is designed to be spooky, yet family friendly and not scary, with the train taking audiences through about 30 professionally designed displays enhanced with special lighting, animatronics, music, sounds, projections, fog, and pyrotechnic effects. They are wonderful for children and adults alike.

Some displays include a witches’ mansion, a 350-lbs dragon that breathes actual fire, a trip down an abandoned mine, a contaminated radioactive zone, an impressively large Tesla Coil, and carnivorous plants similar to Little Pet Shop of Horrors. None of these zones contain any blood, gore, or heavy scares–there’s actually no live actors. Instead, audiences will be entranced by the scope, scale, and length of the experience in total. It’s perfect for adults and kids alike.

Tickets are $25 per person with express tickets at $30 dollars–and while online tickets may state that they are sold out–don’t worry, there are plenty of tickets available at the door . The online tickets are limited, with the majority being sold at the door; and even better, as long as you are in line before closing time, you will get to ride the ghost train. Prepare for long lines, especially on weekends, as they can be 2-3 hours on busy evenings. But trust me, it’s worth the wait.

This event runs for multiple weekend nights and is LA Live Steamer’s annual fundraiser. Children must be at least 34” tall to ride. This is the perfect event to bring your kids, your family, your mom, or your friends to as you get in the mood for the Halloween season. So pack some snacks for the line, and prepare for an incredibly unique and unforgettable Halloween adventure.


october, 2023

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Ghost Train Griffith Park family-friendly

Ghost Train Excels in Family-Friendly Frights for the Halloween Season

Los Angeles, Halloween, Haunt, Guide, 2018

Los Angeles Halloween Season 2018 Haunt Guide

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ghost train griffith park

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ghost train griffith park

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Hollywood Gothique Says:

Once a modest train ride past low-tech Halloween decorations, the Los Angeles Live Steamers Ghost Train grew into one of the most spectacular haunted rides imaginable – a delightful treat for the whole family. The Ghost Train was never terrifying, especially in its early days, but as it added ever more special effects, it became slightly more sinister and much more spectacular – still more fanciful than frightening, but with more lifelike figures, whose movements and voices could invoke a tiny spark of tension in easily intimidated trick-or-treaters.

Still, there was not the sort of stuff to instill nightmares. There were no costumed actors pouncing from the darkness, just a few props rigged to pop up unexpectedly. In other words, it was perfect for parents who wanted to avoid intense scares while enjoying Halloween with their children, earning a well deserved place in the Hollywood Gothique Hall of Fame.

Griffith Park 5202 Zoo Drive – Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 662-8030

User Review

Status: Closed. The annual Halloween event came to an end with an announcement in September of 2019 that the Los Angeles Live Steamers board of directors had “decided to not host” the Ghost Train that year because of “negative politics” that left the “future…unknown.” Since then, there has been no indication that it will return.

Los Angeles Ghost Train History

ghost train griffith park

Originally, the ride was somewhat akin to a twenty-minute drive past a few dozen well decorated yard haunts, featuring decorations, lights, and static props but few effects and little if anything scary: lots of colorful lights, Jack O’Lanterns, skeletons, giant spiders, scarecrows, and a Grim Reaper or two.

The ride was ideal for child-sized riders, but adults could manage if they did not mind squatting down on the tiny trains for the approximately 20-minute duration. Minimum height was 34 inches tall; maximum weight was 350 pounds. Riders under 15 had to be accompanied by an adult.

Over the years, the Los Angeles Live Steamers gradually expanded, adding more decorations, mechanical props, and other special effects. Starting in 2011, the Live Steamers began using digital video projection to create wonderfully elaborate displays of supernatural activity. With its ever more elaborate presentation, The Ghost Train eventually morphed into something resembling a demented Disneyland, filled with with more than enough Halloween magic to appeal to haunt-goers of all ages. The attraction earned Hollywood Gothique’s pick for best Halloween-themed ride in our 2013 Halloween Haunt Awards.

No, this will not happen to you as you ride the Ghost Train.

Probably the most terrifying thing about the Ghost Train was parking: the regular entrance to the Live Steamers was closed at night, and the small dirt lot was a quarter mile east. Some visitors ended up parked on the dark road in the middle of Griffith Park with few cross streets and almost  no street lights, and just made a mad dash across the pavement whenever there was a break in traffic.

In 2016, the Ghost Train went on hiatus but returned in 2017. For Halloween 2018, the Ghost Train was joined in Griffith Park by the Boney Island Halloween Haunt . Though separately ticketed, the two adjacent attractions provided a great double-bill of family-friendly Halloween fun .

In 2019, the Ghost Train went on hiatus again, its future – if any – uncertain.

L.A. Live Steamers Ghost Train Archive

Check out reviews, videos, and photographs in the Griffith Park Ghost Trainer Archive:

Ghost Train 2018 Entrance

No Live Steamers Ghost Train for 2019

ghost train griffith park

L.A. Live Steamers Ghost Train 2018 Video & Photos

ghost train griffith park

Griffith Park Ghost Train 2017 Review

Griffith Park Ghost Train 2017

Griffith Park Ghost Train Halloween 2017 Photos

ghost train griffith park

Bad News: No Griffith Park Ghost Train for Halloween 2016

ghost train griffith park

Video: Griffith Park Ghost Train – Up Close

Ghost train photo gallery.

[envira-gallery id=”36108″]

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ghost train griffith park

ghost train griffith park

Pumpkins, Train Rides, and Good Eats! Join us at our Griffith Park & Southern RR location for a season of pumpkin spice, and everything nice. 

family fun since 1948

The griffith park train rides, hours & prices, hours & prices for regular rides here, miniature antiques running on modern fuel, 2023 special events, celebrate with us, party & picnic area reservations, outdoors in griffith park, keep scrolling for location information, welcome to griffith park, where to find us.

We have proudly called Griffith Park home since 1948. You can find our trains here:

Griffith Park & Southern Railroad

4400 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Travel Town 

5200 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

image from

ghost train griffith park

Griffith Park & Southern Railroad

The train at Griffith Park & Southern Railroad travels over one mile of track, across a bridge, through a forest and the Old Western Town. You can also try our T-6 simulator ride, a fun adventure for all ages!

4400 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles

  • 3 locomotives
  • 1 mile track
  • 164k rides per yr
  • 73 years running

Travel Town Railroad

The train at Travel Town Museum travels around the perimeter of the museum two times. 

After riding our miniature train, explore dozens of old-time railroad locomotives and cars.

5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles

  • 2 locomotives
  • 1/2-mile track
  • 270k rides per year
  • 45 years running

ghost train griffith park

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October 25, 2012

The ghost train of griffith park.

ghost train griffith park

ghost train griffith park

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Halloween Ghost Train

  • Things to do, Festivals

ghost train griffith park

Time Out says

All aboard this family-friendly ride through a sort-of-frightening stretch of track in Griffith Park. The beloved Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum tradition has returned from the dead following some time off a couple of years back.

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