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Ghost-type Pokémon [ ]

There are 43 Ghost-type Pokémon species (counting those being Ghost-type in at least one form ). There are 51 regular forms and 3 Mega Evolution , 13 of them are purely Ghost-type.


Ghost-type attacks [ ]

There are 12 Ghost-type attacks, 4 of them are fast attacks and 8 of them are charged attacks.

Icon Ghost

12 July 2016

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Strange symbol by a single friend's picture

This past week, I noticed something by a friend’s picture, and no other friends had this. But for this friend, there was a little purple circle with three lightning bolts in it. It was pretty small and just on the edge of the picture when I looked at him in my friend’s list.

There is nothing special about this friend. In fact, I rarely interact with him. I probably hadn’t done a trade in several weeks with him.

Has anyone seen this and does anyone know what it is supposed to mean? I did notice that after I traded with him the symbol went away and none of my friends have the symbol now.


I reckon so. The symbol on the left means that friend had a Pokémon Mega Evolved at the time that symbol was there.

Ah yes, that was the symbol. Thanks for the explanation.

And in this context (just beneath the charge-move button)?

Screenshot_20201127-065207_Pokmon GO

It vanished as soon as the teammate’s Mega-Gengar fainted. But the symbol wasn’t there at all when the friend raided with a Mega-Houndoom, instead.

So it’s not clear to me what it could be signifying when on the raid screen

It means that your Pokemon’s ghost-type attack is boosted because Mega Gengar entered the raid. Mega Pokemon boost the same type attacks.

Mega Gengar was Boosting attacks for anyone else in the Raid that used a Pokémon that had either Ghost or Poison attacks. As you were using a Gira with Ghost attacks you got the symbol. The Symbol disappeared when the Gegar fainted and didn’t t show when someone used a Mega Houndoom as that boosts Fire and Dark. Anyone using Ttar would get the benefit on that one. Anyone using Darkrai could possibly have benefited from both if they had a combo of both Dark and Ghost.

Wow, I had no idea about that. Thanks for the explanation, @Branebs and @NotanotherKangaskhan .

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Ghost (type).

The Ghost type (Japanese: ゴーストタイプ Ghost type ) is one of the eighteen types . Ghost-type moves are super effective against Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokémon , while Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to Dark - and Ghost-type moves.

  • 1.1 Overall
  • 1.2 Fully evolved
  • 2.1 Generation I
  • 2.2 Generations II to V
  • 2.3 Generation VI onwards
  • 2.4 Additional effects
  • 3.1 Pure Ghost-type Pokémon
  • 3.2.1 Primary Ghost-type Pokémon
  • 3.2.2 Secondary Ghost-type Pokémon
  • 3.3 Changed types
  • 3.4 Pokéstar Studios opponents
  • 4.1 Changed types
  • 5.1 Interacting with the Ghost type
  • 5.2 Exclusive Abilities
  • 6.1 Cram-o-matic
  • 7 Notable Ghost-type Trainers
  • 8.1 Core series
  • 8.2 Side series
  • 8.3 Spin-off games
  • 9 In the TCG
  • 11 In other languages

Statistical averages

Fully evolved, battle properties.

Note: Type effectiveness multipliers may vary in other games outside the core series .

Generation I

Generations ii to v, generation vi onwards, additional effects.

If the user has the Ability Scrappy or Mind's Eye , or the target is under the effect of the moves Foresight or Odor Sleuth , Normal - and Fighting-type moves will deal ×1 damage to Ghost-type Pokémon .

In Generation I only, Ghost-type Pokémon cannot be paralyzed by Lick , and are affected by Bide , Counter , Seismic Toss , SonicBoom , and Super Fang , despite these moves being Normal-type, which the Ghost type is normally immune to.

The move Curse , introduced in Generation II , functions differently when used by a Ghost-type Pokémon.

In Generations II and III only, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Glare .

From Generation VI onwards, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to effects that prevent recall or escape (such as Mean Look and Shadow Tag ), and they are also guaranteed to flee from any wild battle regardless of Speed .

The move Trick-or-Treat , introduced in Generation VI, adds the Ghost type to the target's types .

As of Generation IX , 72 Pokémon or 7.05% of all Pokémon are Ghost-type (counting those that are Ghost-type in at least one of their forms , including regional forms ), making it the third rarest type among Pokémon after Fairy and before Dragon and Electric .

The Pokémon below are listed by their current types. Some Pokémon have had their types changed.

Pure Ghost-type Pokémon

Half ghost-type pokémon, primary ghost-type pokémon, secondary ghost-type pokémon, changed types.

These Ghost-type Pokémon have had their types changed.

Pokéstar Studios opponents

As of Generation IX , 34 moves or 3.72% of all moves are Ghost-type (excluding those that are Ghost-type only under certain circumstances), causing it to tie with Bug as the 5th rarest type among moves after Ice and Fairy and before Poison . Prior to changes in Generation IV , all damaging Ghost-type moves were physical , but they may now also be special depending on the attack.

Some moves have had their types changed.

The following Ghost-type moves have had their types changed.

Interacting with the Ghost type

A Pokémon with Protean or Libero will become a Ghost-type Pokémon if it uses a Ghost-type move. A Pokémon with Color Change , Imposter , RKS System , or Multitype will become a Ghost-type Pokémon if (respectively) it is hit with a Ghost-type move, is sent out against a Ghost-type opponent, is holding a Ghost Memory , or is holding a Spooky Plate or Ghostium Z .

Since Generation VI, Ghost-type Pokémon are also immune to Magnet Pull , Arena Trap , and Shadow Tag .

Exclusive Abilities

Only Ghost-type Pokémon have these Abilities. This does not include signature Abilities .


Notable ghost-type trainers, core series, side series, spin-off games.

Due to the decreased amount of types in the TCG compared to the game series, Ghost-type Pokémon fall under the Psychic-type .

Psychic-type Pokémon in the TCG are generally weak to Darkness and other Psychic Pokémon, with resistances to Colorless and Fighting . Psychic-type Pokémon are strong against Grass (until Diamond & Pearl ), Fighting and Psychic Pokémon, whilst Colorless , Darkness , and Metal Pokémon can resist this type.

ghost symbol pokemon go

  • Despite being introduced in Generation I , there were no pure Ghost-type Pokémon until Generation II introduced Misdreavus.
  • Generation VII introduced the most Ghost-type moves of any generation, with eight. Generation V introduced the fewest Ghost-type moves, with only one, Hex .
  • In Generation I , Ghost-type moves have no effect on Psychic-type Pokémon, though an abundance of evidence suggests that this may have been an error. Multiple sources mention that Ghost-type moves are super-effective on Psychic-type Pokémon: official strategy guides published by Nintendo , two episodes of the anime ( The Tower of Terror and Haunter versus Kadabra ), and even the games themselves, where a Pokémon Trainer in the Saffron Gym mentions that Psychic-type Pokémon "only fear Bugs and Ghosts" (though the reference to Ghost-type Pokémon was removed in Pokémon Yellow ). This was corrected in Generation II to make Ghost-type moves actually be super effective against Psychic-type Pokémon.
  • It is also the only type to have ever been ineffective against two types: Normal and Psychic in Generation I.
  • Ghost and Normal are the only two types to be ineffective against each other.
  • As of Generation VI , Ghost is tied with Dragon for being the least resisted type.
  • While the Ghost-type has an immunity to Normal-type moves, several damaging moves that display as Normal-type can affect them, including Hidden Power (whose actual type varies) and Struggle (which inflicts typeless damage from Generation II onward).
  • Despite not being Ghost-type, Darkrai is also able to walk through walls.
  • The only Pokémon to have ever possessed a double resistance to the Ghost-type naturally were Pawniard and Bisharp , both of which are dual-type Dark / Steel .
  • Kalos is the only region without a notable Ghost-type specialist .
  • In Pokémon Conquest , Ghost-type Pokémon which are not part- Flying-type or have Levitate are shown with an animation of physically passing through enemies, referencing the common belief that real-life ghosts can pass through solid objects. They cannot, however, pass through any other obstacle on the field in-game.
  • Ghost- and Dark-type moves are super effective against the same types. As of Generation VI, the only difference between them is that Dark-type moves are not very effective on Fighting - or Fairy-type Pokémon while Ghost-type moves do not affect Normal-type Pokémon.
  • As shown in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon , some Ghost-type Pokémon, despite their name, can still die . This was first mentioned in Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime? , where Acerola revealed that her Shiny Mimikyu , Mimikins, is in fact the ghost of a deceased Mimikyu. Later, in A Timeless Encounter! , it is revealed that Professor Kukui had once befriended a Totem Trevenant that he nicknamed Elder. It is later revealed that Elder has since died, its body now a regular tree, though the circumstances of its death weren't revealed. Giratina is another Ghost-type whose life has been in danger, in Giratina and the Sky Warrior . However, despite this, it still appears that many Ghost-type Pokémon, particularly ones who are more similar to traditional ghosts, are indeed immune to the ravages of time and can live on indefinitely; for instance, a Yamask shown in A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! was told to be millennia old.
  • All Ghost-type moves are eligible to be used in Sky Battles .
  • The Ghost type was the last type to have at least one Pokémon officially owned by Ash in the anime, following his capture of a Gengar in A Chilling Curse! .
  • Rock is the only type that has yet to be paired with Ghost.
  • originally had three Pokémon in Generation I, then gained only one more in Generation II.
  • are the only types that are weak to themselves.
  • have one type immune to them and one type resistant to them.
  • Until The Isle of Armor and the introduction of Poltergeist , every Ghost-type move had 100% accuracy or could not miss.
  • In Japanese, the Ghost type shares its name with Haunter , whose Japanese name is ゴースト Ghost .

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