Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Armor Guide: Where to Find All The Armor

The Iki Island expansion for Ghost of Tsushima brings you a few new opportunities to deck out Jin in new gear, both from its Wind Shrines and its new Mythic Tales.

By Phil Hornshaw on August 20, 2021 at 4:48PM PDT

Ghost of Tsushima 's Iki Island content brings a whole lot of new collectibles, gear, and armor to uncover. In the armor department, Iki Island lets you deck out Jin Sakai in some great new looks, some of which change up what you can do in combat, and some of which just make you look awesome while slashing through Mongols.

Here's a full rundown of all the armor you can find on Iki Island and how to claim it, whether its from secret Wind Shrines or the more-involved Mythic Tales. For more help finding all the things Ghost of Tsushima's new content has to offer, check out our full roundup of Iki Island guides .

Armor Of The Colossus

The Armor of the Colossus recalls both the protagonist and the towering enemies of Shadow of the Colossus, found in the Shrine in Shadow in the south of Iki Island.

You can find the Shadow of the Colossus-themed Armor of the Colossus at the Shrine in Shadow, located near the southern coast of Iki, in the Buddha's Footprints region. The location is a big Shadow of the Colossus Easter egg, and you'll have to solve the riddle found within the shrine to unlock the armor.

Check out our Shrine in Shadow guide for more help unlocking the Armor of the Colossus.

Ghost Of Sparta Armor

You can get some pretty great-looking Kratos armor for if you can figure out the riddle in the Shrine of Ash on Iki Island's east coast.

The Ghost of Sparta Armor, which plays homage to God of War protagonist Kratos, is found in the Shrine of Ash near the east coast of Iki Island. The shrine is a callback to the 2018 God of War, and you'll find that the riddle in the shrine is all about Kratos and his son Atreus.

Use our Shrine of Ash guide to help you unlock the Ghost of Sparta armor.

Yarnham Vestments Armor

Dress like Eileen the Crow by solving the mystery of the Blood-Stained Shrine on the west coast of Iki Island.

Head to the Blood-Stained Shrine near the west coast of Iki Island to find the Yarnham Vestments Armor. Both the suit and the shrine are based on Bloodborne, and specifically call up Eileen the Crow, one of the Hunters you meet during the course of the game.

Head to our Blood-Stained Shrine guide for assistance in solving its riddle and unlocking the Yarnham Vestments Armor.

Sarugami Armor

The Sarugami Armor requires you to have better timing for parries and dodges, but you'll get some devastating counter-attacks for your trouble.

You can unlock the Sarugami Armor by completing the Black Hand Riki Mythic Tale. To get access to it, continue through Iki Island's main quest until Tenzo brings you to Fune's Refuge for the first time. Once you're there, listen to the storyteller in town to hear the legend of Black Hand Riki, a fearsome pirate. That'll put you on the path to find the armor, which Black Hand Riki buried with his treasure after the mutiny that led to his death.

The quest will send you to find another survivor of Riki's crew, who will direct you to find a hidden cave where the water glows. Wait at the camp where you find the survivor until it's dark, then make your way to the northeast shore of Iki Island and look for glowing water. Eventually, make your way to the northern shore of Thunderhead Cliffs and look for a cave.

Look for the cave in the northeast corner of Iki Island; venture inside to find Black Hand Riki's lost armor.

Venture through it and you'll complete the tale, claiming the Sarugami Armor for yourself. The monkey-themed armor encourages you to take more risks, but rewards you for doing so. It disables your standard parry ability, but gives you two counter-attacks for every Perfect Parry you land, while your Perfect Dodge damages any enemy nearby.

Sakai Horse Armor

Power up your horse's abilities in battle with the Kazusama Sakai Horse Armor.

In Zasho Bay on the east coast of Iki Island, you'll find a group of refugees camping in a large shipwreck. One tells the story of Kazumasa Sakai--Jin's father--and his fearsome, legendary horse. As you start to listen to the tale, Jin will reveal his true identity and get himself kicked out of the camp, forcing you to sneak back in to hear the rest of the storyteller's yarn. That'll kick off the Mythic Tale called The Kazumasa Sakai, which sends you to find Kazumasa's horse armor on a nearby shipwreck.

Climb out onto the shipwrecks near the Sheltered Camp to reach the horse armor--it's in the furthest, largest ship, but it'll take some work to get there.

This is a fairly easy Mythic Tale to complete. Head south and climb out onto the shipwrecks in the cove nearby. Make your way out to the furthest ship, being careful to avoid the waves crashing on the rocks and wrecks--if they hit you, they'll sweep you into the ocean, forcing you to find a place to climb back up onto the wrecks again.

When you reach the final ship, you can claim the Kazai Horse Armor for your steed. The armor makes your horse charge move more powerful, while making it a lot tougher for enemies to knock you off your horse.

Claiming the Sakai Horse Armor and the Sarugami Armor will get you the Treasures of the Past Trophy as well.

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ghost of tsushima all armor iki island

Screen Rant

Ghost of tsushima iki island new armors, accessories, & dyes.

Ghost of Tsushima's Iki Island gives players new armors and accessories to dawn as they explore the island and take on The Eagle's forces.

There are many new items, side activities, and  features in the Iki Island Expansion of  Ghost of Tsushima’s Director's Cut , including new armor sets, armor dyes, sword kits, and masks. Many of these can be found while casually roaming the new area and seeking question marks scattered around the map, though some are much more challenging to acquire.

The main new armor set is Sarugami Armor. This armor can be found by completing the Mythic Quest " Legend of Black Hand Riku "   which is unlocked after players reach Fune’s Refuge. This armor's perks are quite unique, disabling regular parries but still allowing players to Perfect Parry. Upon landing a Perfect Parry, players can strike nearby enemies up to three times as well as blind opponents on a Perfect Dodge when fully upgraded. The player’s parry and dodge windows will also be increased, and they will also get massive Resolve gains.

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While the Sarugami Armor is the only completely new set, there are armor dyes that grant brand-new looks, such as the Shadow of the Colossus , Bloodborne, and God of War  dyes . These dyes may seem familiar to those who have played  Ghost of Tsushima:   Legends, and they can be found at separate PlayStation-inspired shrines, where players will read a scroll that gives hints about how to unlock them. For every shrine, players will need to don a specific armor set, and then perform a unique action.

New Items & Armor Variants In Ghost Of Tsushima's Iki Island

Along with new unique armor dyes, players can discover new armor variants of existing sets. Jin can access these in the dye section, but they will provide an entirely new look. The new armor variants consist of a Samurai Clan outfit, a Ronin Attire outfit, and a Traveler’s Attire outfit. These outfits are unlocked by locating special merchants and a secret chest on Iki Island. The Samurai Clan alternative outfit is found at the Crimson Dye Vendor who is unlocked upon beating the Dueling Tournament in Fune’s Refuge. As for the other two outfits, they can be found in Fort Sakai. The Traveler’s Attire is purchased from a merchant, while the Ronan Attire can be found in a chest inside Fort Sakai.

As for accessories, players can find many of these by completing Haikus or finding Pillars of Honor, as in the base game. There are, however, some unique masks, sword kits, and headpieces scattered around various hidden areas.

  • One unique item is the White Kitsune Mask of the Assassin Class in  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends . To get it, players will meet a woman in a shack between Yahata Forest and Zasho Bay and then must play “ The Fire Spirits of Yarikawa” mission within Ghost of Tsushima: Legends   before reporting back.
  • Another unique mask is Nekoma’s Scowl, which is a silver Cat mask with whiskers that can be found atop the mountain at Barrier Cove.
  • The Helm of The Lower World ,  a unique Mongol helmet, can be found under a roof hatch in the back of the Mongol ship at Fune’s Refuge that is acquired after completing the “ Jin of Yarikawa”  quest.
  • Players can also discover the Raider Helmet   by scaling the massive mountain near Fort Sakai and playing Jin's flute at the top. A chest is revealed after the grass burns away.

While  Golden Birds may lend a helping hand  to find these, some of them will have to be discovered by players themselves. While the full scope of how many there are (and where to find them) is still being explored by the community,  JorRaptor  has some useful guides on how to find many of them, including in-depth tutorials on how to acquire the armors mentioned above.

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut provides some unique changes for armors and adds new hidden ways to find accessories. It opens the door for even more new armor variants for pre-existing armors and allows for Sucker Punch to get more creative about where it hides the new accessories for Jin. While it's a shame there was only one new armor with different stats added in the Iki Island expansion, there are many other armors for players to wear, especially for those who begin the expansion before completing Acts two and three.

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Source: JorRaptor

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Unlock Iki Island's Secret PlayStation-Inspired Armor Sets

Ghost of Tsushima's new Iki Island expansion holds some PlayStation-centric secrets in the form of unlockable armor sets. Here's how to find them.

Last month's release of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut brought a whole heap of new content to one of the best games of 2020. Not only did it bring the game triumphantly onto the PlayStation 5 but added a new location in Iki Island and a new adventure for stoic samurai protagonist Jin Sakai to undertake. Iki Island is a land full of surprises. Throughout the expansion, developer Sucker Punch has hidden some very interesting secrets for players in the form of homages to other classic PlayStation games.

Dotted across the new location, players can find a handful of Wind Shrines that not only offer an homage to a classic PlayStation game but allow players to unlock brand new gorgeous armor sets that celebrate each respective game as well. However, each shrine is accompanied by a tricky riddle that players will have to solve to acquire the new equipment. Here are how to find and unlock the new sets of armor that celebrate the history of some of PlayStation's most popular games.

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Yharnam Vestments

Although only introduced in the last generation, Bloodborne has already secured its spot on the list of absolute classic PlayStation games.  Ghost of Tsushima gives this excellent soulslike adventure a nod with one of its new armor sets. The Yharnam Vestments armor can only be acquired by first finding the Blood-Stained Shrine on the southwestern coast of Iki island.

Players will find a shrine that shares more than a few nods to Bloodborne and a cryptic riddle at the base of the shrine itself. To acquire the armor, the riddle asks players to become a hunter and "reject death's allure." Players must don the Kensei armor, which is itself acquired in the Mythic Tale "Six Blades of Kojiro," and then injure Jin by jumping off a nearby cliff. Once damaged, approach the shrine and heal Jin using resolve to unlock the armor. This allows players to collect the set and take down Mongols wearing armor inspired by  Bloodborne 's most formidable Hunter, Eileen the Crow.

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Armor Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a beloved PlayStation game, and Ghost of Tsushima celebrates its history with a gorgeous armor set that evokes not only the heroic protagonist but the colossuses themselves. This armor can be acquired by first finding the Shrine in Shadow on the southeastern coast of the island in the Buddha's Footprints region.

Players will again have to solve a riddle upon finding the shrine to unlock the armor. The riddle will ask the player to "come through the mist, a ghost casting no shadow." The player can solve the riddle by wearing the ghost armor to embody a ghost and then dropping a smoke bomb at the base of the shrine. If done correctly, this beautiful armor set will unlock immediately.

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Ghost Of Sparta Armor

It wouldn't be a proper celebration of PlayStation without a nod to one of its most popular series, God of War , which inspires another armor set. Players can pay tribute from the Ghost of Tsushima to the Ghost of Sparta by first finding the Shrine of Ash on Iki's east coast, right above the Yahata Forest region.

Once at the shrine, another riddle will be found, asking players to "honor your father's fight" and "show him the strength of your blade." To honor Jin's father, players must equip the Sakai Clan Armor and then show the shrine Jin's blade by unsheathing it with a swipe to the right on the controller's touchpad. If done correctly, the armor will unlock, giving players an intimidating set of armor that is simultaneously a nod to Kratos's iconic ash-stained skin and a fierce, horned suit of samurai armor.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut  brilliantly celebrates PlayStation's rich history of amazing exclusives with this fun set of easter eggs for players to uncover inside of Iki Island's massive playground. Just like the original game did with its Sly Cooper -inspired armor, the Director's Cut brilliantly looks towards PlayStation's future while celebrating its rich past simultaneously.  Ghost of Tsushima has already proven to be one of the next great PlayStation franchises, and it seems only right for a samurai like Jin Sakai to pay homage to those that came before.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Wind Shrines - How to solve them and earn the themed armor sets

How to get the Ghost of Tsushima God of War, Bloodborne and Shadow of the Colossus armor

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island wind shrine dedicated to God of War

  • Shrine of Ash
  • Blood-Stained Shrine
  • Shrine in Shadow

Solving the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Wind Shrines will earn you God of War, Bloodborne and Shadow of the Colossus armor. However, it's one of the trickiest things to work out without help as, like the Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg , requires Jin to do some very specific cosplaying.

The Iki Island Wind Shrines are each dedicated to PlayStation titles - with one each for Bloodborne , God of War , and Shadow of the Colossus . These Shrines come with unique riddles that you'll need to solve in order to trigger a special cutscene and unlock awesome armor options themed to each game. 

Here's how to solve all three Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Wind Shrines - the Shrine of Ash, Blood-Stained Shrine, and Shrine in Shadow. 

  • Here's how to bag the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island armor
  • And the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island horse armor to boot

Tsushima God of War armor

How to complete the iki island shrine of ash and get the god of war armor.

The Iki Island Shrine of Ash is themed around the PS4 God of War game, and in order to solve its riddle you'll need to do a little cosplay. Thankfully, you'll already have the armor required for this Shrine as you can't even access the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC until you've completed Act 2 of the base game, which is where you'll be given the armor.

The Shrine of Ash riddle reads:

"In fall, a tree fruits which grows from seed to sapling, A stranger and son. Boy, honor your father's fight Show him the strength of your blade."

In order to solve it, you'll need to pay particular attention to the final two lines, and do the following:

  • Wear the Sakai Clan armor (unlocked in Act 2 of the base game), which belonged to Jin's father - thus ticking off the "honor your father's fight" part of the riddle
  • Swipe left on the touchpad to draw your sword while standing in front of the shrine, which completes the "show him the strength of your blade" part.

This will trigger a short cutscene and earn you some God of War themed goodies: the Helm of War, Spartan face mask, and Ghost of Sparta color option for the Sakai Clan armor, which will get you looking as close to Kratos as Jin will ever get. 

Tsushima Bloodborne armor

How to complete the iki island blood-stained shrine and get the bloodborne armor.

The second Iki Island Wind Shrine is the Blood-Stained Shrine, which is a lovely nod to Bloodborne. This one is a little more complicated than the Shrine of Ash, as you'll need to have completed the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale in the base game first. 

The Blood-Stained Shrine riddle reads:

"The first green of spring sickens to black, decaying, plagued by blood and beast. Hunter, reject death's allure. Prepare to duel man's frailty."

In order to solve it, you'll want to follow the line that reads "Hunter, reject death's allure", which is asking you to roleplay as the playable character in Bloodborne (Hunter). So, here's what you need to do:

  • Wear the Kensei armor (unlocked by completing The Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale in the base game)
  • Heal yourself - aka "rejects death's allure". Just make sure you come to the shrine with less than a full health bar and enough resolve to heal yourself by pressing down on the D-Pad. 

Doing this will trigger another cutscene, and earn yourself some Bloodborne-themed attire: the Yarnham Helm and the Yarnham Vestments cosmetic for the Kensei Armor, which will make you look a bit like Eileen the Crow.

Tsushima Shadow of the Colossus armor

How to complete the iki island shrine in shadow and get the shadow of the colossus armor.

The third and final shrine is the Iki Island Shrine in Shadow, which is all themed around the Shadow of the Colossus. Thankfully, like the Shrine of Ash, you should already have everything you need for the Shrine in Shadow as the armor required is unlocked during Act 2 of the base game. 

The Shrine in Shadow riddle reads:

"Stone knows no season, nor the colossus that was felled to save one soul. Wanderer, come like through mist, a ghost casting no shadow."

In order to complete this Shrine, you'll need to pay particular attention to the commands that come after the word Wanderer - who is the playable character in Shadow of the Colossus. So, you'll need to do the following:

  • Wear the Ghost armor, which will satisfy the "a ghost casting no shadow" part of the riddle
  • Throw a smoke bomb to "come like through mist"

Kudos to anyone else who spent far too long initially bringing in the real mist with their flute song instead of using a smoke bomb. I feel your pain. 

Doing this will trigger another cutscene, and reward you with some Shadow of the Colossus armor items: the Mask of the Colossus and the Armor of the Colossus cosmetic for the Ghost armor. 

And that's it! There's no special bonus - or even a Trophy - for completing all three but it's well worth it for the awesome armor options. 

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By Ben Wilson 12 October 2023

By Bradley Russell 12 October 2023

By Ben Wilson 11 October 2023

11 Best Armor Sets In Ghost Of Tsushima (& How To Get Them)

Armor is a fun way to customize how Jin looks in Ghost of Tsushima. Check out the best armor sets in the game - and how you can get them!

  • Armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima can be customized to match different play styles and provide benefits for players, such as health boosts or increased damage.
  • The Traveler's Attire is perfect for exploration, as it tracks artifacts, clears fog of war, and alerts players when they are near an artifact.
  • Different armor sets like Tadayori's Armor and Ronin Attire offer unique bonuses for certain play styles, such as increased bow abilities or improved stealth and melee damage.

Armor is a fun way to customize how Jin looks in Ghost of Tsushima and get some much-needed boosts to help you defeat the Mongol invaders. No matter what play style you have, there is an armor set that will match and give you benefits that help further your experience in the game.

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Some of these armors give massive health boosts, while some increase the amount of damage you deal. Today, we hope to answer which armor set you should be looking for, which ones are the best, and how you obtain them.

Updated October 11th, 2023: Ghost of Tsushima has a lot of great armor sets for players to choose from that can help Jin liberate his home from his enemies. These armor sets can improve some abilities and even make some weapons stronger. Unfortunately, finding some of the best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima can be a bit confusing if players don't know where to look. To help showcase the best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima , the following list has been updated to include a companion video.

10 Traveler's Attire

  • Tracks artifacts with guiding wind
  • Clears 10% more fog of war from the map
  • The controller vibrates when Jin is within 30 meters of an artifact

As stated by the armor, it is "perfect for those with a long journey ahead." It is most likely given to you as your first armor set because all you need to do is talk to a merchant and they hand it over to you. It fits the appearance of a wanderer extremely well, while also giving the player bonuses that help them discover every artifact they can.

With this armor, players can set their guiding winds to track the different artifacts they can discover, while at the same time clearing more fog of war off the map and providing spider-sense-like artifact abilities that make the controller vibrate whenever one is close by.

9 Tadayori's Armor

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15%
  • Increases concentration time by 1 second
  • Headshots restore 25% of the concentration meter

For players who enjoy using the bow to its fullest extent, Tadayori's Armor may be the right choice. All players know that the combat in Ghost of Tsushima doesn't really allow for all ranged combat, but this armor certainly helps by increasing concentration time, reload and draw speeds, and adding more time to the concentration meter with each headshot.

Watch out though, because this armor doesn't offer any increase to health or defense, so players will remain a little squishy with it. Those still interested in this amazing archer's armor can receive it for completing the Legend of Tadayori mythic tale.

8 Ronin Attire

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 10%
  • Moderate increase to melee damage
  • After leaving pampas grass, enemies take longer to detect Jin

For players who want to look like every other classic samurai movie protagonist, look no further than the Ronin Attire. It is perfect for players who want to charge into battle but still love to sneak around, since it gives bonuses to both stealth and melee damage.

Not only that, but it decreases the enemy detection speed whenever the player leaves tall grass. Now when players inevitably get caught sneaking around Mongol territory, they can fight their way out with style. This armor set is acquired by completing the mission Blood on the Grass, which is unlocked during act one.

7 Samurai Clan Armor

  • Reduces all damage by a moderate amount
  • Moderate increase to health
  • Taking damage grants 15% resolve

The Samurai Clan Armor perfect for players who aren't so good at parrying and can't help but take damage. It provides some much-needed resolve each time the player takes damage, while at the increasing maximum health and reducing the damage taken. It's clear that Sucker Punch knew there would be people struggling to keep the Mongols from killing them.

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This armor is given early in the game by Lady Masako, during the first mission the player completes for her.

6 Sakai Clan Armor

  • Increases standoff streak by 1 and gives a 10% chance to terrify enemies when winning a standoff

Gamers can all agree that there is something magical about standing off against an enemy, waiting for him to strike, then cutting him down with a single blow. It's a classical move in many samurai films that is beautifully brought to life in Ghost of Tsushima .

For those who love charging into battle with a family insignia in armor that may or may not bring back haunting memories of watching one's father die, then try out the Sakai Clan Armor. It increases the player's standoff streak up to five when fully upgraded, while also increasing maximum health and damage. Jin can receive it from the story mission Ghosts from the Past.

5 Kensei Armor

  • 30% increase to resolve gains
  • Ghost weapons deal more damage
  • Hitting an enemy with a ghost weapon makes them take more damage and deal less damage

While similar in look to the Ronin Attire, this armor is slightly better and is more focused on giving bonuses to players who like to use ghost weapons. What makes this armor so useful is the devastating bonus that reduces the damage an enemy struck by ghost weapons causes.

That same ability also decreases the enemy's defense. On top of that bonus, this armor also increases all resolve gains and increases the damage dealt by all ghost weapons. Remember sticky bombs? Those can now pack a serious punch to a lot of enemies. This armor is found by completing the Six Blades of Kojiro mythic tale in act two.

4 Ghost Armor

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 25%
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter ghost stance by 1
  • Kills have a 15% chance to terrify nearby enemies

Prowl the night with the Ghost Armor and become the true stalker of the Mongol invaders. This armor decreases the enemy detection speed and the number of kills needed to enter the ghost stance. It also gives a chance for each kill to terrify enemies and have them running away in fear from Jin's menacing appearance. Wear this armor with pride in the memory of a good friend, and know that it is being put to good use. Players get this armor immediately after starting the Darkness story mission at the end of act two.

3 Gosaku's Armor

  • Moderate increase to stagger damage
  • Killing a staggered enemies restores 10% health

Upgrade this armor to the max, slap on a new color scheme, equip that Sly Tanuki sword kit, and go cosplaying as everyone's favorite thieving raccoon. This armor isn't just for cosplaying (though it is cool); it is also one of the most useful armor sets in the game. This armor gives health back each time the player kills a staggered enemy, so equip that Charm of Amaterasu that grants health from killed enemies and stack them.

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This armor also grants bonus stagger damage and a great health increase. Be that immovable fortress just like Gosaku. Players get this armor from completing the Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale and getting all of the keys to unlock it. The key locations are shown when the player receives the quest, but before that, Jin must get some of them on his own by clearing the Mongol territories that are taken over after act one.

2 Mongol Commander's Armor

  • Major increase to health
  • Reduces all damage by a major amount
  • disguises Jin while out of combat and massively reduces Mongol detection speed

Some may not like it, but embracing the look of a Mongol leader is extremely helpful in the fight against the invaders. This armor lets players walk into Mongol territory much more easily, by disguising themselves as the enemy. It also offers the amazing benefits of increased health and reduced damage .

Let's call this armor easy mode, because of the major benefits it gives Jin against enemies. Players can get this armor by completing the Fit For the Khan side mission during act three.

1 Sarugami Armor

  • Disables regular parry and perfect parry becomes a chain of two attacks
  • All resolve gains are increased by a small amount
  • Perfect parry and perfect dodge windows are increased by a small amount

The Sarugami Armor is perhaps the new best armor in Ghost of Tsushima. This is the best definition of risk and reward. The armor's special ability allows players to use a combo whenever they get a perfect parry against an enemy. This new counterattack can chain up to three times when the armor is fully upgraded.

The downside to this armor is that it only allows players to get perfect parries. This means that if a player isn't good at parrying, they might want to avoid wearing this armor. It does, however, increase the perfect parry window and the counterattacks are great in duels. To get this armor, players will need to complete the Legend of Black Hand Riku mission.

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