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He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER 12: Ghost Face® , a Chapter DLC released on 18 June 2019.

  • 3.1.1 Prestige
  • 3.2 Weapon: Tactical Knife
  • 3.3.1 Power Trivia
  • 3.4 Add-ons for Night Shroud
  • 4 Achievements
  • 5.1.1 Default
  • Perk Charms
  • 5.4 In-Game Store
  • 7.1 Patch 3.0.1
  • 7.2 Patch 3.3.1
  • 7.3 Patch 4.7.0
  • 7.4 Patch 5.3.0
  • 7.5 Patch 5.7.0
  • 7.6 Patch 5.7.1
  • 7.7 Patch 5.7.2
  • 7.8 Patch 6.1.0
  • 7.9 Patch 7.0.0
  • 8.2 Voice Actor
  • 9.1 In-game assets

Dead By Daylight Review (2020) – Toying With Terror

16 August 2020

Dead by Daylight Review

03 July 2016

New Store Ghostface

The Ghost Face is a creepy Killer, able to stalk his victims and sneak up silently using his Power, Night Shroud . Affected Survivors will find themselves vulnerable and oblivious to his presence and must use all of their perception and awareness to protect themselves from his approach.

IconPerks imAllEars

Difficulty Rating: Hard

(These Killers use mechanics that are specific to them and require more practice to be effective)

GF Lore1

Danny Johnson, known as Jed Olsen by some, grabbed the newspaper from the kitchen counter: it was a week old, but his face was on the front page, grainy and sunken. It was one of those muggy afternoons in Florida when heat and humidity permeated everything in the kitchen, making him sweat while standing still. He slouched in a damp chair to read. This article had better be good—his work in Roseville had been outstanding. GHOST FACE DISAPPEARS June 18, 1993

At first glance, Jed Olsen was a modest and enthusiastic freelancer with experience in a variety of small newspapers. The staff at the Roseville Gazette appreciated how easy-going and honest he seemed, and so he was treated as a stranger for no more than five minutes into his interview:

"Jed quickly spotted the editor-in-chief in the room, gave him a wide smile and a firm handshake, and talked about good old American values. And that was it, he was in." —Ex-Contributor at the Roseville Gazette

Olsen never justified his erratic career path, which zigzagged between several small towns from Utah to Pennsylvania. There was no verification of his previous jobs. He had a decent portfolio plus a good attitude, and they needed a contributor right away.


Olsen had been working at the newspaper for five months when the Roseville Murders began: victims from young to old, stabbed to death in their homes. From the reports, the victims seemed chosen at random, yet the killer knew his way around in the houses. The multiple stab wounds indicated a personal motive. No traces of DNA were found. The local police were confounded: the murders were carried with fury akin to a crime of passion yet coldly premeditated.

The murderer also liked to stalk his targets. Two victims had reported being followed on their way home by a dark figure, a few days prior their death. The killer would follow them from Walleyes, a small bar in Northern Roseville, and snap pictures of them at home, while looking for a way in. He could watch the same victim for weeks, meticulously registering their habits and routines. When he felt the urge to kill, he'd visit the most vulnerable victim on his list, and break inside the house quietly.

The whole staff worked on the Roseville Murders story. Olsen was often sent to interview the family of victims and relay official statements from the police. Unknown to everyone at the time, his involvement added to the final body count.

GF Lore2


Panic swelled in Roseville when Olsen produced footage of a hooded figure breaking into a house at night. The masked face, a white blur in the dark, stared at the camera for a second, before disappearing inside. “The Ghost Face Caught on Tape” was the resulting article, written by Olsen. He seemed proud of his work at the time, enjoying how the whole town feared his ghost stories.

Weeks later, Olsen left a note on his work desk and disappeared:

"I hope you liked my stories--I enjoyed bringing them to life. Don't worry, I'm not done." –Jed Olsen

The Roseville law enforcement still refuses to comment as Jed Olsen remains at large.

Danny smiled, ripping out the article from the newspaper. When the investigation had been pointing to him, he’d packed his bags and left Roseville swiftly.

He got up, the clammy seat pulling his skin. An oppressive humidity engulfed him as he entered the bedroom. Condensation dribbled on a small misted-up window as bits of cracked wallpaper hung limply. Its floral pattern was covered with gruesome photos and newspaper headlines. Danny pinned the week-old article on top of a picture of lacerated scalps. A faint pang of hunger hit him, and he wondered when he had eaten last. Was it this morning, while washing his knife and clothes? Or was it last night, after following that girl down the street? He couldn't remember clearly.

Taking a step back, he admired his work on the wall. His mind drifted, remembering all the articles he’d written, the stories he’d planned, and the scenes he’d brought to life.

A shiver ran through him. A chilling breeze transformed the bedroom's humidity into an opaque, freezing Fog. A woman shrieked. Dead leaves crunched under his feet. He smiled in anticipation.

Unique Perks

IconHelp perks

Prestige The Ghost Face twice more to automatically add Tier II and Tier III respectively into the other Killers' inventories.

Weapon: Tactical Knife

OK W01

The Tactical Knife is the Primary Weapon of The Ghost Face . See how the streetlights glint on the razor-sharp edge? Anyone should feel honoured to feel it sliding through their ribcage.

Power: Night Shroud

FulliconPowers nightShroud

NIGHT SHROUD: When the Power gauge is full, press the Power button to activate Night Shroud .

IconStatusEffects undetectable

SPECIAL MOBILITY: CROUCH Press the Active Ability button to crouch at any time. Press it again to stand back up. While crouched, The Ghost Face moves at a slower speed ( 3.8 m/s ), but is more difficult to reveal and harder to spot by Survivors in general.


IconHUD ghostFaceLean

While Night Shroud is active, press and hold the Power button at any time to stalk Survivors. Standing behind cover will show the LEAN prompt, allowing The Ghost Face to lean around structures and stalk Survivors at twice the rate ( x2 ) while keeping most of his body hidden, making it harder to reveal him.


IconHUD markedState

SPECIAL INTERACTION: REVEAL: While Night Shroud is active, Survivors can attempt to reveal The Ghost Face by looking at him. If they see enough of his body for at least 1.5 seconds , Night Shroud automatically deactivates and depletes the Power gauge.

While revealing The Ghost Face , markers point towards the direction The Ghost Face is being revealed from, informing him of that Survivor's general location and giving him the opportunity to attempt hiding his body from view before he is fully revealed. If a Survivor manages to reveal The Ghost Face , their exact location will be betrayed for 2 seconds by Killer Instinct .

"Don't mind me. That's it, keep going. Perfect. That's the image I'll keep of you." — The Ghost Face

Power Trivia

Movement Speeds:

  • Active Stalking while crouched: 0.76 m/s
  • The Ghost Face enters this mode as soon as a Survivor enters his Field of View and is within Stalking range while Stalking .
  • Passive Stalking while crouched: 1.9 m/s
  • The Ghost Face is in this mode whenever he is Stalking without seeing any Survivor in his Field of View or who is within Stalking range.
  • Crouching: 3.8 m/s

Reveal Mechanic:

  • Reveal range: 32 metres
  • Reveal time: 1.5 seconds
  • Reveal Progression/Regression rate: ±1 c/s
  • Horizontal Ratio of Visibility Zone: 60 %
  • The Visibility Zone refers to a screen area that is designated as the zone in which The Ghost Face is considered visible to the Survivor, which is a prerequisite to be able to reveal him.
  • This refers to how much of the screen must be occupied by The Ghost Face for him to be considered seen, when his centre point is INSIDE the visibility zone. In practice, this means that The Ghost Face is essentially always seen when he is centred on the Survivor's screen and will become revealed.
  • This refers to how much of the screen must be occupied by The Ghost Face for him to be considered seen, when his centre point is OUTSIDE the visibility zone. In practice, this means that even if The Ghost Face is not centred on the Survivor's screen, he can still be revealed if he occupies a considerable part of their Field of View (i.e. when he is very close).
  • This refers to how many pixels of The Ghost Face's character model must be visible to the Survivor to be considered seen.

Night Shroud:

  • Maximum Stalk range: 40 metres
  • Not-Leaning Stalk rate: 20 Stalk points per second
  • Leaning applies a multiplier of x2

IconHelpLoading shape

  • There is a delay of 2 seconds after marking a Survivor before the Stalk Points start to deplete.
  • There is a delay of 1.5 seconds before Night Shroud starts recharging.
  • The Ghost Face's Terror Radius fades in and out at a rate of 10 m/s when activating Night Shroud or when being revealed.

Add-ons for Night Shroud


There are 2 Achievements related to The Ghost Face :

Cosmetic Options

Players can choose from a variety of Cosmetic options to customise The Ghost Face :

Base Cosmetics

Perk charms, alternatives, in-game store.

The Ghost Face is part of 1 DLC:

  • CHAPTER 12: Ghost Face®

Patch 3.0.1

  • Buff : increased the base Killer Instinct duration from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds .
  • Nerf : increased the Detection Area in the centre of a Survivor's screen, who is attempting to reveal The Ghost Face by +4 % for either side (combined 8 % ).
  • Quality of Life : removed the Proximity Sound emitted during Night Shroud , leaving only the rustling clothes as a warning sign to Survivors.

Patch 3.3.1

  • Buff : updated The Ghost Face's Power with the Undetectable Status Effect .

Patch 4.7.0

  • Quality of Life : increased the contrast of the Stalking Meter on the HUD.

Patch 5.3.0

  • Buff : reduced the default Night Shroud Recovery time from 30 seconds to 24 seconds .

Patch 5.7.0

  • Buff : Marked Survivors can no longer reveal The Ghost Face .
  • Buff : increased the duration of Marked from 45 seconds to 60 seconds .
  • Reveal progression now regresses over time if a Survivor loses line-of-sight (used to be lost completely immediately).
  • added differentiation to the zone in which the target must be to be revealed or be stalked to account for differences in 1st and 3rd person cameras.
  • made it possible to reveal The Ghost Face / stalk Survivors when he / they are not in the centre of the screen, but still take up a large amount of it (i.e. when very close).

IconHelp terrorRadius

  • Change : tweaked some values related to the Stalking ability due to a technical rework of the mechanic.

Patch 5.7.1

  • Change : reduced the volume levels of the Terror Radius / Chase Music while working on an entirely new theme due to recurrent complaints about the current one's loudness.

Patch 5.7.2

Patch 6.1.0, patch 7.0.0.

  • It should be noted that this change also affects all other instances of The Ghost Face moving while Crouched.
  • Buff : decreased Night Shroud recharge time from 24 seconds to 20 seconds .
  • Buff : increased Killer Instinct reveal time from 2 seconds to 4 seconds .
  • As soon as they realised this had happened, they forced all Players out of the regular Game and those on the Dev Build were forced to instead download the actual Mid-Chapter build.
  • However, multiple screen-shots had already been taken and released, as well as video content of Streamers who had played on the Dev Build.
  • This is possible due to the fact that the copyrights for the mask and the films are entirely separate due to the films having used a general purpose mask for their killers.
  • Nevertheless, the way The Ghost Face wipes the blood off his weapon is quite similar to the way the original Ghostface does in the Scream franchise.
  • However, compared to the original Ghost Face from Scream , who is known to be very impulsive and gets caught easily in the end, The Ghost Face from Dead by Daylight is a far more sinister and cunningly experienced killer because he understands the risks of committing murder, only giving in to his bloodthirst when he knows he can get away with it.
  • The Ghost Face was the first Chapter Killer to come without an accompanying Survivor or Map.

IconHelp store

  • The Ghost Face was the seventh Killer added to Dead by Daylight wearing a mask.
  • Instead of climbing over vaults, The Ghost Face hoists himself through them.
  • The Ghost Face was the first Killer to have a unique running animation when in a Chase.

IconHelp mementoMori

  • In that build, he was also named The Ghost , instead of the current The Ghost Face .
  • Despite this, The Ghost Face is the only Killer to date to be able to crouch as freely as Survivors and as an innate ability with no connection to his Power.
  • The Ghost Face is the Character with the most in-game quotes by himself, with eight in total.

IconHelpLoading demogorgon

  • He was Wes Craven's inspiration when creating the character Ghostface for the Scream movies.
  • Further strengthening this likely source of inspiration is the fact that the Viper Ghost Outfit description states that The Ghost Face had attended a masked party thrown by Roseville University students.

IconHelp entity

  • In one of the Developer's streams, The Ghost Face was described as "a bit narcissistic" .

Voice Actor

IconHelpLoading trapper

See Ghost Face's Gallery

In-game assets

The Ghost Face

The Ghost Face

The Ghost Face (Portrait render)

The Ghost Face (Portrait render)

The Ghost Face (Background image)

The Ghost Face (Background image)

  • 2 Survivors

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ghost face in dbd

The Ghost Face


A stealth-focused Killer capable of approaching unseen, The Ghost Face is adept at stalking his prey. Keep tabs on each individual Survivor, patiently marking them for death – provided you can remain hidden. Lie in wait until the perfect time to strike, and down Survivors before they know what hit them.

Power and perks

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Night Shroud Power Icon

Night Shroud

Become Undetectable, losing both Terror Radius and Red Stain. In this state, stalk individual Survivors to Mark them, leaving them Exposed and vulnerable to a one-hit down. Time your stalking process strategically to attack Survivors at opportune moments. A word of warning – Survivors can break the Night Shroud by catching extended sight of The Ghost Face.

I’m All Ears

After a Survivor quickly vaults a window or pallet, see their aura for a brief duration and intercept them accordingly.

Thrilling Tremors

After picking up a Survivor, The Entity blocks every generator that isn’t being actively repaired, highlighting them in a white aura.

Furtive Chase

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Gain a token when hooking your Obsession, with each token further reducing your Terror Radius in a chase. Each time a Survivor rescues the Obsession from a hook, they become the Obsession.

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Night Shroud Power Screenshot

The Ghost Face’s Lore

Dead By Daylight The Ghost Face Lore Art

Content Overview

  • New Killer: The Ghost Face
  • An exclusive item for The Ghost Face

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Key Art

Ghost Face is a registered trademark of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ghost Face is protected under worldwide copyright registration and the exclusive property of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ghost face in dbd

Downloadable Content

This content requires the base game Dead by Daylight on Steam in order to play.

About This Content

ghost face in dbd

The Ghost Face

ghost face in dbd

I’m All Ears

Thrilling tremors, furtive chase, exclusive item for the ghost, mature content description.

The developers describe the content like this:

Dead by Daylight is an action-horror game in which players engage in multiplayer matches as either a killer or one of four survivors. Survivors emit splashes of blood when attacked and leave pools of blood on the ground when injured. As the killer, players must find the survivors, from a first-person perspective, before they escape each level. Killers can use various weapons (e.g., chainsaws, cattle hammers, bone saws) and/or hang survivors on meat hooks to kill them. Killers can also perform various finishing attacks (e.g., throat ripping, disemboweling, chainsaw impalement) to kill wounded survivors; in rare instances, red chunks of flesh are depicted during death animations.

System Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 10)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8120
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6850 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 25 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
  • Additional Notes: With these requirements, it is recommended that the game is played on Low quality settings.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8300 or higher
  • Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce 760 or AMD HD 8800 or higher with 4GB of RAM

Ghost Face is a registered trademark of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ghost Face is protected under worldwide copyright registration and the exclusive property of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 2015-2023 and BEHAVIOUR, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and other related trademarks and logos belong to Behaviour Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

More from Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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Dead By Daylight: 10 Tips For Playing As The Ghost Face

As a stealth killer in Dead by Daylight, The Ghost Face can be tricky to play. Here are some tips to help players master him.

Of all the killers in Dead by Daylight's roster, The Ghost Face might be having the most fun, cheekily peeking at his prey from around corners and even taking selfies with his victims. Few killers have more personality, and that only makes him scarier.

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His unique combination of stealth and insta-down mechanics make him powerful in the hands of an experienced player, but can take some getting used to. By employing the right strategies, taking advantage of his unique strengths, and minimizing his weaknesses, players can make sure their Ghost Face is one that would make the Wes Craven original proud.

10 Don't Crouch Too Much

The Pig and The Ghost Face are the only two killers in Dead by Daylight who can crouch, and the action serves a similar purpose for both: lowering their profile to keep them out of sight, which allows for mind games and stealthy approaches. While it can be tempting to crouch-walk around the map, thereby staying as stealthy as possible, doing so is a mistake.

Crouching reduces The Ghost Face's movement speed significantly. Players that crouch-walk too often will see generators repaired, survivors healed, and totems cleansed, all because The Ghost Face is too slow to stop them. Instead, reserve crouching for mind gaming around low structures.

9 Remain Stealthy

As one of the game's few stealth killers, The Ghost Face must take a different approach to downing survivors. Running headlong at survivors along predictable routes is a recipe for disaster.

Using the Night Shroud power eliminates The Ghost Face's Terror Radius and Red Stain. To make the most of this advantage, The Ghost Face should take unexpected routes to survivors, taking extra time to circle around structures and approach from wherever is least expected. Doing so will grant extra hits, downs, and gen-grabs that otherwise wouldn't have happened, even against the best survivors.

8 Run Recovery Addons

There's a reason that most Ghost Face players run at least one, sometimes even two recovery addons. The base recovery rate for Night Shroud is 30 seconds, and cutting that time significantly is a huge advantage.

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Without Night Shroud, The Ghost Face is effectively an M1 killer, with nothing but his basic attack to fall back on. Recovery add-ons allow The Ghost Face to keep maximum pressure on survivors. Between the threat of the potential insta-down and the paranoia created by his lack of Terror Radius, regular access to Night Shroud is a threat that survivors can't ignore.

7 Stalk From Afar

Unlike The Shape, for whom stalking speed is based on distance, The Ghost Face stalks at the same rate no matter how far away his target is. The killer can take advantage of this by finding hiding places far enough from survivors that they believe themselves safe. By stalking from afar, The Ghost Face minimizes the chance of survivors revealing him.

A good Ghost Face player, no matter the build, will progress their stalk on a survivor to 99% from a distance but wait until they have approached to finish the stalk. By doing so, they ensure The Ghost Face will be able to get a down before the stalked survivor is no longer Exposed.

6 Avoid Stalk Waste

Injuring a survivor eliminates any accumulated stalk on them, wasting critical time that The Ghost Face spent getting into position and stalking. It's to the killer's advantage to 99% the stalk and complete it at the last moment, allowing for an insta-down. Careless hits that waste stalk are a common mistake among new Ghost Face players, and the sooner the habit is broken, the better.

The ability to put a healthy survivor into the dying state with a single blow not only shortens chases, but also prevents survivors from safely taking protection hits to unhook a teammate or escort them through the exit gates during End Game Collapse. It's an ability that should be preserved whenever possible.

5 Stalk From A Lean

It takes five seconds to stalk a survivor normally, but only two and a half seconds to stalk from a lean. Cutting the necessary stalking time in half would justify leaning in itself, but leaning has a second tremendous benefit. If less than 30% of The Ghost Face's body is visible to the survivor's camera, the survivor cannot reveal the killer and rob him of his power.

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Because of this, it is always to The Ghost Face's advantage to stalk while leaning rather than in the open. Stalking the way The Shape does, standing boldly in the open, is never advised. The ability to reveal The Ghost Face and rob him of his power is one of survivors' main defenses against him, and they should be denied it whenever possible.

4 Don't Use Night Shroud Near The Hook

For most killers, once a survivor is on the hook, they're no longer a threat. They must be policed for unhooks, but otherwise, they don't hold much importance for the killer. This is not the case for The Ghost Face, because hooked survivors are able to reveal the killer and rob him of his power just like unhooked survivors are.

Keeping the hooked survivor's line-of-sight in mind is vital, lest the killer accidentally cheat themselves of a potential stalk and insta-down due to inattention. Good survivors will take advantage of this weakness, and The Ghost Face must be able to anticipate and counter their strategy. The Ghost Face is a killer that takes finesse.

3 Ghost Face Can't Stalk While Revealed

It might seem simple, but it's easy for new Ghost Face players to forget in the midst of a heated Trial: The Ghost Face cannot stalk while revealed by a survivor. Whenever a survivor reveals the killer, The Ghost Face must either reposition and begin staking anew or continue chase as an M1 killer.

Which of those tactics is preferable depends on a number of variables, but the player must be ready to swap between these two styles of play on the fly. In this way, Ghost Face is a more reactive killer than many others, his strategy shifting with the ebb and flow of Night Shroud and exposure.

2 Be Wary Of Open Maps

It's no secret in Dead by Daylight that certain maps are better for some killers than others. Scratched Mirror Myers might love The Game with its many walls and tight corners, but The Huntress suffers from her inability to take advantage of cross-map hatchet throws.

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Open maps are the bane of Ghost Face's existence, allowing survivors to see him at a great distance and rob him of his power from afar. The killer must pay particular attention to the distribution of structures and the resulting sightlines on these maps, doing their best not to use their power in places where they can be revealed from afar. On these maps, crouching can be more important than it would otherwise be, keeping The Ghost Face well out of sight.

1 Beware Of Collision Loss

When The Ghost Face stalks, he loses his collision, allowing survivors to pass right through him. Taking advantage of this collision loss is one of the best ways for survivors to counter Ghost Face, and experienced players are sure to take advantage of it. The Ghost Face's best counter for this tactic is also the most obvious: don't stalk a survivor when so close to them that collision loss is a factor.

It can be frustrating for The Ghost Face to finish stalking a survivor, only for them to slip through the killer's body, vaulting a wall or throwing a pallet and thereby extending a chase long enough that their Exposed status wears off. Though sometimes close stalking is necessary, a good Ghost Face will always consider collision loss first.

Dead By Daylight was released in June 2016 and is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Stadia.

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