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Welcome dear mourner to the world’s ONLY comedy-horror theatre show on wheels – Great Britain’s must do, number one attraction. But beware, for the Necrobus approaches, unearthing terrible truths and sinister secrets as it makes its wicked way across London, Edinburgh and York. This 1960s Routemaster is the perfect platform for your Sightseeing Bus Tour if you can suffer the spiteful spirits. So cling to your cackling conductor and pray that you see the light of day. Select your city, punch your ticket and join us for an unforgettable and hilarious ride to the dark side. Your journey awaits…

ghost bus tour manchester

Award-Winning Comedy Actors

ghost bus tour manchester

Classic Routemaster Bus

ghost bus tour manchester

High Class Customer Care

ghost bus tour manchester

Ghost Bus Driver

“Terrifyingly lively experience!”

I would definitely recommend without hesitation as it is a wonderful trip to go on if you want to tour historic London landmarks with intellectual facts merged with an abundance of high spirits…(Pun intended) Best for families and friends with… …. ““Terrifyingly lively experience!””

“Hilarious, scary and a great night out!”

You step aboard a vintage funeral bus, before setting off towards Whitehall. A conductor tells you stories of Londons gruesome past as you pass these sights, before being joined by another passenger, no spoilers. The tour lasts an hour and… …. ““Hilarious, scary and a great night out!””

“You will die from laughing”

 Instead of boring its passengers to death with a ton of ‘serious facts’ and ‘important dates’, the GBT incorporate the death as a part of the sightseeing spectacle. Mass murders, grotesque executions, and unexplained demises provide an unique background for… …. ““You will die from laughing””

“One of the Best”

Last September I went to London from the 9th to 11th, before going I booked The London Ghost Bus Tour on their website. This has to be one of the best ghost tours I have been on. You meet on… …. ““One of the Best””

“Thrilling and fun!”

We loved it! Two teens (13 and 15 yo) with mothers laughed, screamed and listened incredulously to the stories of our fantastical guide, and her … coworkers? Highly recommended to all lovers of twisted historical… …. ““Thrilling and fun!””

“Fun evening entertainment well organised.”

The conductor who was our entertainer for the evening was fantastic it was like being in a film. The whole evening was fun, informative and eerie.!! For something very different a great nights… …. ““Fun evening entertainment well organised.””

“Must do”

We hired the ghost bus for our wedding in York on Halloween, and have since been to london and done the actual ghost bus tour. The operatives were amazing and the lady who was our conductor was a great actress… …. ““Must do””

“Just do it!”

Really awsome tour, loved every single minute and great commentary. One of the highlights of our trip to London and would definately… …. ““Just do it!””

“Scary Fun!”

Having a spare evening on a quick theatre trip to London with friends, we were looking for something entertaining to do when my friend came across the ghost bus tour. We paid £16 per person, special offer online. We were… …. ““Scary Fun!””

Ghost Bus Reviews


Between 1957 and 1967, ‘The London Necrobus Company’ ran funeral services with midnight-black Routemaster buses, carrying the dead to their final place of rest. When the notorious Fire of South Dulstead Depot erupted, wiping out hundreds of vehicles, the original Necrobus was the only vehicle to emerge from the devastated wreckage unscathed. Eerily immaculate. But what seemed at first a miracle was quickly realised to be a curse. The Necrobus had acquired otherworldly properties, and was seen to manifest itself across the country, materialising in Edinburgh, London and York sporadically, sighted countless times by locals across the decades. Various reports have also cited on a number of occasions the appearance of ’translucent spectres’, ‘vague apparitions’ and ‘poltergeist passengers’, populating the bus on it’s grim parades.

Through careful collaborative study of these paranormal events over the years, the route of the Necrobus was able to be pinpointed and recorded, revealing a consistently disturbing pattern in each city. That the Necrobus is drawn to sights of unspeakable horror. The very landmarks that are, on the surface, held to be the greatest of British heritage, culture and creativity, upon closer inspection reveal a dark underbelly of ancient malevolence and violent possession. From Edinburgh Castle to Hollyrood Palace. From The Houses of Parliament to The Tower of London. From Treasurer’s House to Knavesmire. Do you dare shatter reality’s illusion? The past isn’t done with us yet.  Board the Necrobus at your peril today!

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Immersive Entertainments ltd Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, England, WC1H 9BQ

T's And C's

Private hire, work with us, connect with us.

All of our tours are hosted by trained actors. We have been the recipients of a number of prestigious tourism awards including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. We also host a venue at Edinburgh Fringe Festival annually, an internationally renowned hotbed for comedy acts.

Scott Monument

This Victorian-Gothic monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott stands in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. At 200 feet, six inches tall, it is the second largest monument in the world dedicated to a writer. The monument is adorned with countless figurative statues, including Scott and his dog.

Calton Hill

The site of the headquarters of the Scottish government, Calton Hill is also home to many other famous landmarks such as Holyrood Palace, the National Monument, the Nelson Monument, the old Royal High School, the Robert Burns Monument, the Political Martyrs’ Monument and the City Observatory.


Directly under Edinburgh Castle is the historic market place of Grassmarket. As well as traditionally being the site for many hotels, hostels and taverns, it was also one of the major sites for public executions. 

The Royal Mile

A succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh’s Old Town comprise The Royal Mile. From the castle gates at one end to the palace gates at the other, it is almost exactly a mile long. It is made up of Castlehill, the Lawnmarket, the High Street, the Canongate, and Abbey Strand.

Parliament Building

Established in 2004, the Scottish Parliament Building is the heart of Scottish politics. 

Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park is a royal park in central Edinburgh. It has an array of hills, lochs, glens, ridges and basalt cliffs. Arthur’s Seat at the center of Holyrood Park is the highest point in Edinburgh.

St. Giles Cathedral

The principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. Built in the 12th century, it was named after St. Giles, the patron saint of Edinburgh. 

Greyfriar’s Church

One of Edinburgh’s oldest surviving buildings, Greyfriar’s Church was established by the Franciscan order of Greyfriars in 1620. The churchyard was at one time used as a prison and is also the site where Greyfriars Bobby guarded his owners grave until death.

Greyfriar’s Bobby

At the corner where Edinburgh’s Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge meet, a statue of Bobby the Skye Terrier sits. Bobby was renowned for having guarded his owners grave for over 14 years, until Bobby died himself. Loyal beyond the grave.

Edinburgh Castle

Dominating Edinburgh’s skyline from it’s perch upon the Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle is the iconic sight of Edinburgh. In it’s history of over a thousand years, it has been sieged an astonishing twenty-six times, leading to it being dubbed “one of the most attacked placed in the world”.

St. Cuthbert’s Grave

The site surrounding St. Cuthbert’s Church has been a place of Christian burial for over a thousand years, although today, the oldest surviving headstone is that of Reverend Robert Pont, who died in 1606. It has seen it’s fair share of grave robbery too over the years!

Knavesmire Gallows

One of The Strays of York, Knavesmire is a marshy area in York. It was the usual site for public hangings for a long time, the gallows were originally erected back in 1379. Today it is a recreational area and the host of many of York’s public events.

Terry’s Chocolate Factory

Also known as The Chocolate Works, Terry’s Chocolate Factory was opened in 1926 to produce Terry’s chocolate. It was closed in 2005 when Kraft Foods acquired Terry’s and outsourced production to mainland Europe.

Dick Turpin’s Grave

This notorious highwayman, horse thief, poacher, burglar and killer was executed in Knavesmire, York in 1739 for his many deeds. Turpin ascended to the status of ‘hero’ and ‘legend’, romanticised by subsequent dramatic interpretations of his life. He now lies under York.

Clifford’s Tower

The ruins of York Castle, known as Clifford’s Tower overlook York. Built on the orders of William I, the tower served as a fort until a major explosion in 1684 rendered it uninhabitable. It was then used as a prison until 1929.

Golden Fleece Pub

They claim to be the most haunted public house in York! The Golden Fleece is an inn and public house that dates back to the sixteenth century, facing on to The Shambles.

The Shambles

Originally home to over twenty five butcher’s shops, The (Great Flesh) Shambles name originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Fleshammels’ which means ‘meat shelves’, referring to not only the butcher’s hooks, but also the shelf-like structure of the buildings themselves. Some of The Shambles buildings date back to as far as the fourteenth century. 

Black Swan Pub

This fifteenth century public house and inn is a hotbed of ghostly history. A haunt truly unlike another!

York Minister

The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter, better known as York Minster, is one of the largest cathedrals in northern Europe. The Minister is the seat of the Archbishop of York and the second highest office of the Church of England.

St Crux Parish Church

Erected in 1888, on the remains of a medieval church of St. Crux, which was shut down and eventually demolished after becoming unsafe, it’s tower leaning dangerously. The remaining parish is now home to the exuberant ornaments retained from the original church.

This four-storey gatehouse sits at the limits of the walls surrounding York city. It was originally a fort capable of being defended on every floor.

St.Mary’s Abbey

These ruins in the York Museum Gardens were once the richest abbey in the north of England. The original church was founded in 1055 and dedicated to St Olaf II of Norway. All that remains today are the north and west walls, the pilgrim’s Hospitium, the west gate, and the King’s Manor.

Holyrood Palace

Opposing Edinburgh Castle at the other end of the Royal Mile. It has served as the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 16th century. A witches ghost is said to haunt the palace.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a famed suspension bridge linking Tower Hamlets and Southwark across the River Thames. Originally built between 1886 and 1894, the bridge is an iconic symbol of London itself.

The most popular paid tourist attraction in the entire United Kingdom. Erected in 2000, it was originally known as the Millennium Wheel or the Millennium Eye. At the time it was the largest ferris wheel in the world, it is now only the largest ferris wheel in Europe.

The tallest building in the United Kingdom and the European Union. It was completed in July of 2012 and is the residence of many restaurants, bars and even a hotel.

Tower of London

“What hasn’t taken place here?” might be a better question. The Tower of London has variably served as an armoury, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a public record office and the home of the Crown Jewels of England. It was originally built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, following the Norman conquest of England. It was originally resented and held as a symbol of oppression.

St. Paul Catherdral

Situated at the highest point in London, Ludgate Hill, St’ Paul’s Cathedral is the second largest church in the UK and one of London’s most recognisable sights. It was originally constructed in 1697 by Sir Christopher Wren as part of the rebuilding project following the Great Fire of London. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle.

Downing Street

Built by Sir George Downing in 1680, Downing Street is the heart of British politics. The Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer both reside on the street. The street is understandably inaccessible to the public, but can be viewed from Whitehall.

Buckingham Palace

Our royal family’s primary residence. Originally erected as a large townhouse for the use of the Duke of Buckingham, the townhouse was acquired in 1761 by King George III and quickly transformed into a palace fit for a king.

Westminster Abbey

A titan feat of Gothic architecture, built in 960, with many additions over the years. Since the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066, all coronations of British monarchs have taken place right here.

Trafalger Square

The home of political demonstrations, contemporary art and of course Nelson’s Column. Trafalgar Square was named as such to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar. The site was once known as Charing Cross and was the original site of the King’s Mews.

Our large fleet of vehicles is comprised entirely of 1960’s Routemaster double-deckers. These gorgeous vintage buses are a wonderful reminder of London’s rich transport history. Lovingly restored in our signature ‘midnight-black’ livery, finished with antique lampshades and plush red velvet curtains.

We are proud of our consistently outstanding reputation for customer service. Whether you are booking online, booking over the phone or booking on the street from one of our sales representatives, you will truly be in good hands prior to boarding with us. Our trained actors are then primed to entertain you for the duration. Try one of our Private Hires for a real touch of the exclusive VIP experience.

Manchester Ghost Walk

ghost bus tour manchester

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ghost bus tour manchester

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ghost bus tour manchester

Manchester Ghost Walk - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Manchester ghost walk information.

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The Manchester Ghost Walkabout

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The most entertaining ghost tours in the North West. It’s lights out too, as the tours conclude underground in a dark and ancient space under Europe’s oldest family-owned music shop, Forsyths on Deansgate. It will be dark down there, it will be scary. On the tour you will hear tales of world-famous opera singers returning from the dead, the devil seizing souls and the Manchester Ophelia who when drowned wouldn’t stay dead. There's the tragic tale of the lover who died of a broken heart following the gruesome execution of her sweetheart and tales of enchanters, pig men and many other wonders of the supernatural world. AND all these stories are genuine Manchester stories. The tour starts above ground standing on the dead, literally, then winds its way through the city a short distance before concluding beneath Forsyths. ​ As well as the thrills there are lots of laughs on the tour. Expect fabulous story-telling, drama and entertainment on a truly memorable occasion.

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ghost bus tour manchester

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