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Cycling is our life. Pedalling, nose in the breeze - that's what drives us, on the trail as well as at the desk and in the workshop. This passion has brought us to where we are today and is leading us to where we will be tomorrow.

ghost bike kuwait

In the beginning it was two friends and a wild idea: let's build a bike. A bike of our own, exactly the way we always wanted to ride it. A bike for people who love adventure and like to let it rip. 

At the time, Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald could not have imagined with the best will in the world that 20 years later GHOST would be a company with more than 330 employees. Today, GHOST is a globally active manufacturer and supplies markets all over the world. But our base camp is still where it all began: in Waldsassen, in the north of Bavaria, surrounded by lakes, forests and trails on which every one of our innovations has to prove itself. 

ghost bike kuwait

Built for the rough - that is the claim of our brand. Because mountain biking is in our DNA. Our heart beats faster when the asphalt ends and it gets rough and rugged. We want to awaken passion for this sport and inspire others for it. Since 2021, we have had a 'Wall of Frame' at our headquarters that shows our community on their GHOST bikes. Enthusiasm that we see every day and that motivates us.

ghost bike kuwait


We are not interested in technical gimmicks. It's about proven and well thought-out technology that has a purpose: To give mountain bikers bikes that give them the confidence to take on any challenge on the trail.

The GHOST Factory Racing Team shows how well we succeed in this. Since 2011, our riders have been riding successfully on Olympic and World Cup tracks - and their feedback helps to make GHOST bikes even better.  

ghost bike kuwait


Our Super-Fit geometry is the basis: a frame that feels like it was made for you. Combined with our Traction-Link rear triangle technology, this results in bikes that make the seemingly impossible possible - unrestrained power on the climb and maximum performance on the downhill.

ghost bike kuwait


You love to sit in the saddle? Do you like to wrench and talk about bikes? Then the chances are good that we have a suitable job for you. Take a look at our current job postings, we are always looking for passionate talents in many areas!  

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There are much better places to go but... - Green Island

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  • Kuwait    
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  • Kuwait City - Things to Do    
  • Green Island

It is nice to see so many local families enjoying time together, but I would not make a long detour... read more

ghost bike kuwait

It's nice to spend a Friday in Green Island. Located on Gulf road Seaside its a great green place... read more

ghost bike kuwait

There are much better places to go but you might want to go

Green Island has seen better days. I am sure that it used to be a great park but now it is just a shell of it's former self. Most of the attractions are closed or broken. For a 1 KD entry fee, you are not getting much. There is a train that you can buy a ticket to ride around. There are bikes you can rent to ride around. This might be nice. My kids did enjoy it. It's one of the only places in Kuwait that you can rent 3 wheel or 4 wheel bikes. We rented a 4 wheel bike and the kids loved it, until the wheel broke off. I then had to drag the bike back but then got too tired. Fortunately they gave me another bike. There are places that you can barbecue. If you would like to barbecue, then this is a nice place to do it. You won't have too many people around you since this park is mostly empty. There is no swimming, no boating, no fishing, no rides. There was a bouncy castle next the entrance, but it wasn't inflated when I got there. This is one of the few places in Kuwait that there is more than enough parking available and not many people. The only reason I can think of going to Green Island is if you want a place that has no crowds and you want to barbecue or rent a 3 wheel bike. There are plenty of other places in Kuwait that have more than Green Island for less.

ghost bike kuwait

old and worthless the visit do not you ever think of going it looks like ghost city no thing interesting only taking some photos

Well this artificial island is worth visiting. Garden, trees, lake, birdwatching, barbecuing, games are some of the items you can do here. But, its a long walk from the car parking area. BBQ with friends & family was perfect.

ghost bike kuwait

I'm thinking what is not boring about this place........oke maybe the food stands. but furtermore it's not a big deal. I'm a birdwatcher and you can find a few intersting birds but don't expect hunders of bird species.

This artificial island with its central lagoon is worth a visit, particularly if you are a visiting bird watcher. There are many trees and lawns that get watered daily. There is an amphitheater with Arabic music on Fridays (entrance fee). It must be then that a lot of the stands are open and food is available. I got there on a Monday morning at short before 8am and the place was still closed. But there are many trees outside and the time to opening at 9 am went by fast birdwatching. There was no entrance fee. I was pretty much alone there except of the workers and gardeners. At some point 3 minibusses full of women arrived and some kind of festivities ensued. I stayed well away, continuing my stroll. It was rather pleasant but by 11am it got very hot and I headed back to the hotel. Watch out for taxi drivers. Do not enter their cars until you have settled on a price. It may be best to tell the taxi that got you there to pick you up at a given time. From the Green Island you can go to the Kuwait Towers (by taxi, not walking - it's too far).

Apparently it was the first man made island in the gulf. No cars in the parking lot and seemed like it was closed, even thought it was open. Told locals use it on weekends.

ghost bike kuwait

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  9. About GHOST

    GHOST BIKES - ABOUT US. Cycling is our life. Pedalling, nose in the breeze - that's what drives us, on the trail as well as at the desk

  10. There are much better places to go but you might want to go

    do not you ever think of going it looks like ghost city no thing

  11. Extreme Sports

    Address: Al Tilal Complex, Jahra Road, Shuwaikh, Kuwait. App Store download

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    Ein Full Suspension Bike war das erste Ghost Bike das in Produktion ging. Der

  14. Is there bike rentals in the scientific center? : r/Kuwait

    How much is 1 hour renta at ghost bike and does it take cash??