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How to Get Added to the Ghostbar Guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

To access the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort with our company, please follow the instructions below to ensure that you group understand the rules the club sets in place. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in line and then not be able to enter the club because you didn’t plan in advance. As long as your group follows the information we provide, we can assure you will have a smooth entry. The venue is located on in 33rd floor in the Palms Ivory Tower where you will need to get there by accessing the elevators on the first floor.

Are you trying find out how to get added to the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas? You have come to the right hosting agency for all of your nightlife needs at this 8,000 square foot venue. When you arrive there are 3 lines including guestlist, general admission, and bottle service reservations. Make sure everyone in your group follows dress code standards for a smooth entry, and you should arrive in advance so you avoid the cut off time.

Add your group to the guestlist at Ghostbar.

Is there a Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Yes, there is a guestlist for guys and girls. Please submit your First and Last Names through our website no sooner than 48 hours in advance of arrival, and no later than 7:00PM on the day of your arrival.

How many names can I add to the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

You can add as many names as you would like to the guestlist and we will get you a confirmation letting you know your names have been added.

Can guys be added to the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Yes they can, but in order to receive comps or reduced admission there needs to be an equal number of girls with a group of guys.

What time does the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas close?

The guestlist closes at 8:00PM but you will need to submit your names to us by 7:00PM of the day of your arrival in order for us to get a confirmation back from the club letting us know that your names have been added.

What time does the line for the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas close?

The line for the guestlist cuts off a12:00AM so you will want to arrive by 11:00PM to give yourself enough time to get through the waiting time. You can always try tipping a host or staff member.

Does the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas entitle free entry or reduced admission?

In order to take advantage of guestlist perks such as free entry or reduced admission there must be an equal ratio of guys to girls and can depend on the event type.

How long is the line for the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

The line wait is about 30 mints to 1 hour depending on the day of the week, holiday, or special event. We suggest you arrive early to avoid the cut off time. We suggest you arrive around 11:00PM to give you enough time.

How do I add names to the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Please submit First and Last Names along with the number of people in your group through our website before 7:00PM on the day of your arrival and no sooner than 48 hours from your arrival.

Does the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas guarantee entry?

Yes it does guarantee entry before 12:00AM. Once the guestlist line has closed there is no more guarantee entry even if your names have been added.

Can a group of guys be added to the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Yes a group of guys can add their names but we suggest they arrive early. During special event and busier nights a group of guys might want to contact a host to expedite the entry.

Ghostbar Las Vegas logo.

Hours updated 2 months ago

Photo of GhostBar - Las Vegas, NV, US. Inside 09/02/2023

Review Highlights

Antonietta I.

“ Absolutely LOVE the outdoor patio on the 55th floor with a beautiful view of Las Vegas , especially at night! ” in 55 reviews

ghostbar-las-vegas-4 photo 6KEMqmQp0tEVBMiXRCZuYQ

“ For this review I am focusing on Ghostbar Day Club ( GBDC ), which is currently happening every Saturday. ” in 14 reviews

ghostbar-las-vegas-4 photo CUCMuYjk1jCaSfX9aNni8g

“ The limos were on time the Black magic show was lit, and our table set up at Ghost Bar was and we had a great time. ” in 123 reviews

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Located in:

Palms Casino Resort

4321 W Flamingo Rd

Palms Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV 89103

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Photo of Palms C.

Business Owner

At nightfall, the party is just getting started high in the Vegas sky. Located on the iconic 55th floor of the Palms Casino & Resort, Ghostbar will offer an Instagram-worthy panoramic 360-degree view of Las Vegas, which, thanks to its distinct outdoor patio, also turns the 8,000-square-foot-space into an open-air social club. Contemporary, yet approachable finishes accompanied by sounds from local and national DJ's will greet guests upon arrival to Ghostbar. Guests will also be surrounded by four one-of-a-kind art sculptures, which will serve as a focal point to the room, creating a sophisticated, upscale vibe. To complement the stunning view and venue, bartenders and mixologists will craft to-die-for cocktails and age-old favorites served over a graphite and sapphire bar. Guests can also indulge in VIP bottle service, all while peering down on the bustling city below. You know what they say, a good view never goes out of style, but trust us, you've never seen Vegas like this. …

Ask the Community

Ask a question

Hello, we are visiting in December (19th-21st) - do we need to make a reservation to enter the bar?

Hello David, reservations are not required unless it's a ticketed event or you would like to reserve a VIP table. The venue does not provide any seating, except for the VIP tables. You can always check out our website at www.palms.com for the latest… more

What type of music do they play on Friday and Saturday nights?

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701 reviews

Photo of Mark_Eva V.

My Wife & I were in Las Vegas for business but made a bit of time to have a little fun. We did a lot of research before our trip on the best rooftop bars. After sifting thru a lot of YouTube Vlogs we decided to check out the GhostBar at The Palms. Well, it was....AMAZING! The view is by FAR the BEST view of the strip because you get to see the whole strip! The pictures simply do not do it justice! Great vibe outside too! Speaking of vibe, you go to say hi to Paul & Brian! Those two Bartenders are awesome man! I love champagne cocktails and we worked together to come up with what I call the "MarcoPolo" (MarkPaul)!!! It's Champagne, simple syrup, grenadine, and RUM. It got so popular that others took notice and started ordering it too! I will be going back in a month or so and I cannot wait to stop by to order another one from My Man Paul! Brian too! As for Brian? That dude reminds me of Nate Ruess from FUN. Super cool dude and a great Bartender as well! Eva & I had a GRAND time there! Oh! And let's not forget the DJ. That dude was spinning the platters that matta all night long! He played all our jams and got the dance floor going! Our only suggestion is that they add a more diverse set of alcohol choices to fully allow these talented Bartenders to explore their already formidable skillz! More top shelf items are a must. All in all Eva & I believe you will enjoy yourselves at The GhostBar at The Palms! I look forward to staying there too! It would be our first time! Hopefully we can review that as well! Can't wait to go back! Paul & Brian, look forward to seeing you guys....have that "MarcoPolo" waiting for me...

GhostBar Bartender Paul mixing it up!!! GREAT TIMES!!!

GhostBar Bartender Paul mixing it up!!! GREAT TIMES!!!

Photo of Lexi P.

Business Employee

Aug 8, 2023

Hello Mark and Eva, thank you so much for this awesome review of GhostBar! We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed the vibe, cocktails, music, and the service provided by Paul and Brian. We look forward to serving you your "MarcoPolo" again!

Photo of Gina C.

This place is definitely not what it use to be after their renovations. I have to say I liked it the way it was before. I hit up this place this past Saturday night for a Meetup that was a BOGO free drink. There was a big group from Meetup who had signed up to go to this event & sadly we were the one's who filled up this place. There were other customers, but not from Meetup. If it wasn't for us this place would of been dead. I do like the glass shaped statues in the main area with stuff inside them making them look like a body is inside, those are pretty cool. I don't like how crowded the couches are in there for bottle service. Looks to tight. Previous plan was more open. They also go rid of the glass floor on the outside patio which was scary but cool. It was such a popular thing for this club. They had most of the outside patio roped off so the area to hang out in was very small & limited. There were some small couches to sit on until they were used for a service. I was sitting on a foot stool next to a couch that some Meetup people were sitting at & had to get up for a party who got a bucket of beer. One of the legs on the couch was broken. When you sat on it the couch who tip. They probably should fix that, not very safe. The views obviously hasn't changed for this place and its amazing @ night. Great photo's here!!! The music wasn't too bad but when we got there the DJ wasn't there yet. Was probably about 9:30pm. The bar was busy upon arrival but they had about 3-4 bartenders working to get everyone taken care of. There was a large amt. of our Meetup group who had come in all @ once. The wait wasn't too bad. I kept going to Paul all night. He was trying to be fair and we were at the end of the bar when ordering our drinks, he told all the peeps standing there that he was starting from one side & going to the other side. Only thing is people moved out after they got their drink & new ones came in and he ended up waiting on the new people before the previous one's where there. There was no bathroom attendant not that there would of been any room for one but the bathrooms are way too dark!! I don't know why they have them so dark???? You know us girls like to check ourselves out when in the bathroom & freshen up our face. I think I ended up putting too much blush on in the darkness....Oh well!! LOL

ghost bar guest list

See all photos from Gina C. for GhostBar

Photo of Lia C.

Business Manager

Sep 5, 2023

Thank you Gina for providing us with your feedback and pics! We appreciate your patronage. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Photo of Lourdes V.

Went to The Ghostbar at the Palms with my lovely friend about a week ago. This is renowned and iconic nightlife destination that captivates visitors with its stunning panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip. The Palms Hotel, who is well-known for its luxurious accommodations, world-class gaming, and a variety of entertainment options. Within this opulent resort, the Ghostbar carved its place as one of the city's hottest spots. Perched atop the 55th floor of the Palms' Fantasy Tower, the Ghostbar offers an exclusive and sophisticated experience. The first thing that struck us upon entering the was the chic and contemporary design. The interior featured a blend of modern furnishings, elegant décor, and an open-air patio that allowed us to enjoy the refreshing evening breeze while overlooking the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas skyline. The Ghostbar's most distinctive feature was its awe-inspiring, floor-to-ceiling windows, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the city below. The club's music selection was top-notch, with DJs spinning a mix of electronic, hip-hop, and popular hits that set the perfect ambiance for the night. As the evening progressed, the energy inside the Ghostbar escalated, turning it into a very lively place. This place definitely offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene, high above the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.

ghost bar guest list

See all photos from Lourdes V. for GhostBar

Aug 7, 2023

Hello Lourdes, thank you so much for this amazing review. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed GhostBar, and we hope to see you again soon!

Photo of Angelica M.

Depends on what vibe and type of music you're looking for. We personally like hip hop. They alternated between hip hop, pop, electric and reggeaton - I noticed each genre was about 30 minutes. That being said, if you're good with the change then this is the place. It can also be a plus as you are able to attract all different types of people of all groups and ages. The location is beautiful. It is located on the rooftop with perfect views to the Las Vegas strip. The down side is that it's fairly small. Luckily for us it wasn't packed but I can see it getting uncomfortable fairly quick. The best part is that it's one of the most affordable clubs to get a table. We were able to get a table for $400 minimum spend. If your group is between 4-6 this is the best place to be to get a bang for your buck. We ordered a bottle of grey goose with chasers and it was the right amount for 4 people. They're also not strict on dress code and 3 of us walked in with sneakers. I would definitely recommend this place and looking forward to taking out next group there for just 400.

ghost bar guest list

See all photos from Angelica M. for GhostBar

Jul 18, 2023

Thank you for your positive feedback of GhostBar. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience. We look forward to serving you again!

Photo of Melinda E.

This place is such a hidden gem ! The views and phenomenal (I forgot to take a pic because it was just that beautiful) I went on a Wednesday because Lloyd was performing and it was an all white affair. The vibes were great & the drinks were strong (service was fast) I cannot wait to come back on a random night .

ghost bar guest list

Aug 21, 2023

Thank you Melinda, we are thrilled that you had a memorable evening at the GhostBar. We look forward to serving you on many random nights, cheers!

Photo of John L.

There are 27 bones in the human hand. As if the human body was customarily designed for the greatness of artistry. One body made from many different pathways. Hence the term created from the hand of god. As I believe life was created like a runway project. Where the true creators chose to spectate and speculate. Should people believe everybody originally came from the same source. Then perhaps it will bring comfort to free spirited artists. Knowing they are in the presence of ghosts, instead of judges.

ghost bar guest list

See all photos from John L. for GhostBar

Photo of Renee G.

Aug 30, 2022

Hello John, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We hope you will come back and enjoy the unique and special qualities of Ghost bar!

On August 25 I accepted an invitation from Palms. Not for the stake of escape or even retreat. Only as a reminder that the entrusted signs will follow me. Even as I journey far from my home. The ghost bar itself was a midnight expedition of dark pathways and dimly lit elevators. Arriving onto a shadowy peaceful mountaintop. Perhaps this place offers the clearest sky view for when your everyday thoughts become clouded. On that cliff note. Here are a few thoughts from Psalms Verse 25-27. Judge me Mother Nature. For I am shameless for trusting you. When your enemies bring darkness upon you. Take away their light. As they will no longer find enlightenment through their most joyful songbirds. Ghost should not be feared as unseen spirits. Instead, empowered by the transparency of truthful energy with nothing to hide. Ghost bar would make a fitting five letterman club. As the ending letters always include the abbreviation for Saints.

Photo of Starr D.

My cousin reserved a six person table to treat us when visiting Las Vegas. We had a great time here. Music was great, especially after the DJ arrived . The rooftop view outside was gorgeous, definitely a great place when the weather in Las Vegas gets warmer. Alcohol selection was limited, but good enough . If you are a sweet drinker, you will like some of the cocktails they have on the list. Personally, they were too sweet for me . Bottle service was good , price ranging anywhere from $95-$7/800 or more if you desire. They also offer a variety of mixers, if you are a not neat drinker. The four-star was for some of the issues we ran into when trying to book the table . The lady who answered the call clearly had no idea about current entertainment schedules of the bar. Nor knowledgeable about current rules the bar has. We were happy with how the manager of that night handled our concerns, and he was able to clarify all of our questions when we arrived , he was very patient and courteous. Our overall experience with Ghostbar was pleasant and had lots of fun. Do recommend.

ghost bar guest list

Apr 13, 2023

Hello Starr, Thank you for the awesome review. We are delighted to hear you enjoyed your visit especially the gorgeous view and great music. We appreciate your insight, and we hope to welcome you back in the near future. Thank you again!

Photo of Leti T.

Gorgeous view, great drinks and music. Bartender was fast we didn't wait very long for our drinks. We had a great time.

Oct 25, 2023

Hello Leti, thank you so much for your 5-star rating and wonderful feedback, we appreciate your patronage and would love for you to return soon.

Photo of PJ S.

On the 55th floor of the Palms Casino. The view is amazing and the drinks are done right. I was just taken aback by how small the whole place is. The inside part is a 30x30 square with only enough seating for a handful of parties all of which are usually reserved. Everyone else is standing room only. No seats at the bar. The outside part is a veranda that surrounds the inside part. Also very limited seating out there. Its a Great place to get a drink and enjoy the view....but its hard to see how you can spend any length of time unless you spend a couple hundred to reserve one of the few seats.

Drinks with a view

Drinks with a view

Dec 6, 2022

Thank you, PJ for your feedback about the Ghost Bar, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your experience. We are happy to hear you enjoyed the drinks and the view, we apologize the venue was too small for your liking. We do hope that you come back and see us.

Photo of Alice B.

Rented out the ghost bar for an event. Very quaint bar with the most awesome view of the strip. I had a special menu for our event. The food was top quality and presented beautifully. The space is very much a bar. The view was incredible but our evening was very cold. Unusually cold. The preparation, wine we chose , food was well received. I would say that I would have liked the passed apps left on a table so we could nibble after talking with guests. That's my only regret I wished I had a chance to try all the amazing apps I chose for our event.

ghost bar guest list

See all photos from Alice B. for GhostBar

Feb 1, 2023

Hello Alice, We're glad you were able to see the beautiful view of the strip. That's definitely a wonderful time and we hope you will come back again and enjoy more of it. We have forwarded your insight to our team for review and suggestions.

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ghost bar guest list

Upon arrival to the 55th floor, guests will be greeted with a trendy look and can expect to hear favourite local and national DJs spinning – sounds that are not heard in other Vegas clubs. There are one of a kind artworks creating an upscale vibe. Beside the good view at Ghost bar Las Vegas, guests will experience speciality cocktails or table-side bottle service. The DJ booth is situated in the middle of the club, transforming the whole venue including the outdoor patio into a party – this is enhanced further as there is no designated dance floor so guests can dance wherever they want. The rooftop bar offers crafted mixology cocktails, both signatures and classics.

ghost bar guest list

Cover charge is common at APEX Las Vegas at the entrance – men typically pay between $30 and $75. Women pay between $20 and $50. If on the guest list, ladies will normally receive a complimentary admission on most nights.

Table service pricing varies based on demand and event for the night. Bottles start at $425 up to $1200. Bottle service is guaranteed entry – unlike guest list or general admission. Bottle service at Apex Social Club includes free standard mixes, including orange juice, soda water, various sodas as well as garnishes. Water bottles are available but must be purchases.

One of the biggest benefits to booking bottle service is avoiding the bar altogether, you can order your drinks directly from your table with the help of your waitress.

Apex has the strictest dress code of any venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

Gentlemen should wear a collared shirt. Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear, think upscale fashion-forward attire. No singular item from the following is allowed in the venue: Ed Hardy, man buns, blue blazers with gold buttons, shirts or jackets with elbow pads, members only jackets, jean shorts, tank tops, flip flops, bandanas, jerseys, loafers with no socks, baggie jeans, long T-shirts, Jeggings, Linen pants, ribbed shirts, work boots, flannel, Deep V necks, backpacks, Uggs, Sleeveless shirts, cargo pants.

ghost bar guest list

Discotech - The #1 Nightlife App

Ghostbar is located at 4321 W Flamingo Rd

Nights Open

10 PM – 4 AM Daily

Ghostbar is now CLOSED for renovations.

“It’s almost iconic,” owner George Maloof says of the 8,000-square-foot club that opened in 2001. “There’s just something about when you walk in and see that view. No one’s been able to duplicate it. It’s still my favorite place to go just to have a drink and see the city of Las Vegas. That view cannot be replaced.”

Touting a fabulous view has become almost a passe claim to fame for local nightclubs. But Maloof says Ghostbar, on the 55th floor of the Palms, has the best. Its off-Strip location gives guests the chance to take in a panoramic vista of Las Vegas Boulevard from north to south. Then there’s the view of the hotel pool you can see by looking through the glass floor on the balcony.

“It was the topic of conversation when we opened up, and people still bring friends to see that,” Maloof says.

Add in the other touches — good DJs, the right music, special events — and you have the formula for a successful and popular club.

ghost bar guest list

Insider Tips

  • Ghostbar has one of the best views in town.
  • It has a glass-floor balcony which allows you to look down from 55th floors up.
  • Security check is pretty strict so make sure you’re not carrying any contraband!
  • We have a free guestlist for Ghost Bar.

General Information

Where is Ghostbar located?

Ghostbar is located in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

How much is cover charge at Ghostbar?

Ghostbar charges a cover of $20-40 for guys, and mostly free for ladies.

How long will I have to wait at Ghostbar?

Expect to wait anywhere from 10-30 min depending on when you arrive.

When is Ghostbar open?

Ghostbar is open nightly from 10 PM.

What are the best nights to go to Ghostbar?

All nights are good. The view is amazing.

What is the dress code at Ghostbar?

Dress to impress! Collared shirt / jeans / dress shoes for guys. Avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc). Unless you’re a celebrity – in that case you can dress however you please.

How much do drinks cost at Ghostbar?

Expect to pay $15-20 for cocktails.

What kind of music do they play at Ghostbar?

Ghostbar features mostly open format.

Where can I find an list of upcoming events / DJs at Ghostbar?

You can download the Discotech app to see upcoming events, and book tables for Ghostbar .

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Women 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+

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Ghostbar Dayclub at the Palms

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Female Guests Female Guests * 0 Girls 1 Girls 2 Girls 3 Girls 4 Girls 5 Girls 6 Girls 7 Girls 8 Girls 9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls 12 Girls 13 Girls 14 Girls 15 Girls 16 Girls 17 Girls 18 Girls 19 Girls 20 Girls

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Are you ready for a whole new breed of party? That’s what Ghostbar at the Palms is offering with dayclub party with available guest list and bottle serivce.

You’re in Vegas; why wait for the sun to set to get your party on? At GBDC you’ll get all the energy of the famous Ghostbar nightclub , starting in the early afternoon! Starting at 1pm, you’ll be joining the hottest day party on The Strip on our guest list.

Piñata-smashing, champagne showers, confetti raining down and go go dancers on stilts: welcome to Ghost Bar Day Club! “GBDC” is the Saturday day party at Ghostbar that puts all others to shame. An “anything goes” type of party, GBDC that encourages costumes, debauchery and all that falls under the category of fun.

GBDC is a quintessential Las Vegas celebration of a Saturday afternoon as only the Palms Resort can do. What isn’t part of this midday bash? Club goers are hyped to dress up in outfits that are quite contrasted from the stylish ensembles expected of a nighttime party. Tutus, eccentric hats and sunglasses, or rave gear: you name it, you will see it being worn at GBDC! Beer bongs, confetti cannons, and high-energy music being spun by both resident and guest DJs make this crazy atmosphere swirl with vivacity. Go go dancers perform on the bar, platforms on the patio, and walk through the crowd on stilts. The piñata is smashed open at some point during the height of the party, which cranks the excitement up to an even higher level.

Whether downing a beer bong, being part of the crowd getting sprayed with champagne, enjoying bottle service, or dancing outdoors on the fabulous patio of this venue, GBDC is the perfect excuse to let loose and glorify being in Las Vegas, being an individual, and having a great time. What better way could there be to spend the day but letting loose 55 floors above Sin City at this wild, weekly event? Try not to smile when confetti blasts into the air overhead.

Glitter and skin flash equally throughout the club, drawing your gaze to all the best eye candy. When you’re ready for some real candy, head over to the piñatas — but don’t be too surprised when instead of a Snickers bar you find yourself picking up one-of-a-kind party favors or gift cards to The Strip’s best restaurants and shops.

Enjoy the Sky-Deck, a rooftop deck offering a 360 degree view of The Strip. If you’re not feeling too tipsy, step out onto the famous Ghostdeck, a glass-inset area of its floor which lets you see straight down to The Strip, 55 stories below. Even inside the main club, you’ll see why Ghostbar lives up to its name; most of the walls are floor-to-ceiling picture windows, making you feel like the building itself is hardly there at all.

Once we grow out of kid birthday parties, grown-ups don’t get a lot of daytime partying. GBDC Las Vegas definitely takes that on and makes you wonder why you ever stopped.

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VIP Guestlist Entry & Bottle Service Deals at Ghostbar Dayclub

Ready to experience the hottest day party on The Strip on our guest list or with bottle service? There’s no need to pay top dollar and join the eager crowds in the GA line. Skip the worst parts about clubbing and get straight into the party with Free Vegas Club Passes. Our Ghostbar Dayclub VIP Entry Guest List ensures you won’t miss a minute more daylight than you have to & our discounted bottle service options are the best. Arrive 1pm-3pm and say “Chris Hornak’s List” to get your Ladies in for free and everyone past the GA line!


Call or text us at 702-518-2582 to get on the Guest List!


Privacy Overview

  • 1-866-983-4279
  • MY ACCOUNT Welcome to Vegas.com! Sign in to see deals of up to 50% off. Sign in ×
  • Attractions

**Whoops! It looks like this club has run out of tunes. For those of you who’ve been drinking today, that means it’s closed. But don’t worry, we’ve still got your back. Check out these equally awesome Las Vegas nightclubs . **

The intimacy at ghostbar inside the Palms makes it feel like a house party with a view of Las Vegas from 55 stories up.

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


So you're not on the Las Vegas Strip but you still want to party, and maybe you have a friend who's really afraid of heights and you think that's funny. The Palms Hotel and Casino has a spot you’ll want to frequent and your friend will probably hate you forever for taking them to. Ghostbar is a nightclub and lounge with a view of Las Vegas that's hard to get without scaling a casino in a Spider-Man outfit. But when you're not getting arrested for actually doing something cool in a costume in Las Vegas, Ghostbar has the view and the allure to make your night more memorable than that selfie you took with Spongebob. 

Since we're already talking about the view, we'll finish that up by saying that hanging out 55 stories above the ground is one of those experiences that's truly Vegas. Sure, there are probably other cities where you can do that. We don't know and we don't feel like researching it. But we do know that when you've got a desert climate and an all-night mentality, creating a rooftop nightclub is as easy as finding a roof and putting Ghostbar on top of it. Then, if you're a crazy person, you can install a glass floor in one section so people can stare down into their doom. Ghostbar did that and you can look through it. Just don't blame us if you freak the funk out.

Back inside, where the floor is just a floor, albeit a gorgeous white tile one with bold carpet, the vibe is more like an upscale lounge you'd find in the lobby of a hotel going for the nightlife and gambling crowd. Palms decided to put it on the roof, and we think that decision worked out for the best. With leather sofas set atop deep and sensual carpet, all offset by the openness and the light colors of the ceiling and walls, Ghostbar gives you the contrast you need to remember you're drinking and dancing in Las Vegas but can't just stroll out the door to hit up the next hotspot.

Ghostbar, being off the Strip and up in the air, probably isn't the place you include on a night strung from one club to the next. It could be the place you spend a whole night. It could also be the place you go the next day for Ghostbar Dayclub. Just remember that Ghostbar is a party with a view, so you might have to sacrifice the second half of 'see and be seen.' But with a lineup of great DJs and fantastic special party events, there's more than enough to see at Ghostbar.


  • Payment Information: Cash and all major credit cards.
  • ATM: ATM available inside the Palms casino.
  • Parking: Self parking and valet both available at the Palms hotel-casino.
  • Attire: Stylish nightlife attire required. Management reserves right to refuse entry to any guest who does not meet dress code requirements.
  • Seating: Yes.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes.
  • Clientele/Age Group: 21 and older.
  • Reservations: Yes, call (866) 983-4279.
  • Location: Off-Strip
  • Female entry from: $10
  • Male entry from: $20
  • Beer from: $9
  • Bottle service: Yes
  • Bottle Service from: $350
  • Cocktails from: $13
  • Has gambling: Yes
  • Music: EDM, Hip-hop, Pop, Top 40
  • Vibe: Upscale Party, EDM, Great view


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  • loc_en_US, sid_143, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=FEATURED, direction=DESCENDING)]
  • clientName_vegascom

ghost bar guest list

No Cover Nightclubs

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Ghostbar Nightclub Bottle Service & Table Reservations

Ghostbar Nightclub Table Service L

Location: Palms Hotel Nights: Friday & Saturday Music: Top 40, Open Format Bottles Included: Yes Starting At: $300

Ghostbar Las Vegas Table Prices

How much is ghostbar bottle service, what is included with ghostbar bottle service.

  • Cover charges included
  • Hosted entry
  • Bottles included
  • Table for the entire night
  • VIP waitress
  • Top tier customer service

What Is The Best Table At Ghostbar?

What is the cheapest ghostbar table, how does ghostbar bottle service work, how do i book bottle service at ghostbar, do we need to book in advance, ghostbar table maps.

GhostBar Floor Plan

Ghostbar Table Locations

Apex Las Vegas Prime Bottle

Ghostbar VIP Inside Table

Apex Las Vegas Front Bottle

Ghostbar Skyline Patio Table

Apex Social Club Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bottle

Ghostbar Large VIP Stage Table

Table service reservation dates, request a quote from ghostbar nightclub.

Ghostbar Logo

Your First Name

Your Last Name

Name of Club

How many people in your group?

Your Cell Phone Number

Bottle service questions or special occasions?

Nightclub Events Calendar

Drais Logo

Ghostbar Nightclub


VIP Packages

ghost bar guest list

  • Hosted VIP Entry
  • Limo Transportation
  • Bottle Service at Nightclub
  • All Inclusive

ghost bar guest list

  • Reserved Cabana at Beachclub
  • Dinner: Set menu & 2hr unlimited beer
  • Bottle Service at After Hours

ghost bar guest list

  • Dinner: Unlimited Tapas & Shangria
  • Male revue preferred tickets
  • VIp Entry to a top nightclub

Ghostbar Las Vegas

High on top of the gleaming vastness of Las Vegas is the 8,000 square foot Ghostbar Nightclub. It is a stifling and high-level indoor and outdoor lounge and sky deck on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort. The Ghostbar Nightclub is situated at 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, providing the entire ambiguity that its title implies and it is both a stylish nightspot and mega lounge. The label of a board similar to a phantom glow that transforms hue as the radiance from the ceiling over the saloon, Ghostbar Nightclub is indeed one of the finest clubs in Las Vegas. Precisely, it’s difficult to locate yet at Ghostbar club, you will discover not just somewhat you won’t notice at whichever Las Vegas club, but an atmosphere distinct from any other.

Indoors in the midst of the alluring silhouette, the lustrous and stylish Ghostbar Nightclub presents mega lounging opulence along with a wraithlike shade design of greens, grays, white, and silver. Fourteen foot top-to-bottom casements tender a vivid sight of night sky metropolis beneath; and a 30 foot ghost-formed soffit in the ceiling adjusts shades as a DJ spins a diverse music mix up. Customers can savor on the traditional, ultra-modern lounging furnishings, hunt for confidentiality in the cozy seating plan or VIP lounge or intermingle at the strips saloon. At the rear portion of the bar ridges of first-rate state of mind, shines with the glowing radiated by backlit sections acrylic-sheathed material. The outdoors and the remarkable sky deck gives approximately a 360 degree sight of Vegas at its most gleaming, along with a glass inset in the floor contributing to a marvelous sight straight up. Noble seating vicinities are made better with a fiber, visually lit cocktail banister operating most of the perimeter of the deck.

Ghostbar Nightclub bottle service greatly suggested for this well-liked mega lounge. The Ghostbar Nightclub venue is eye-catching to the youthful and fresh aristocratic crowds who just long to relax and have an excellent moment. Perching on top of the exhilarating hum, Ghostbar club is a stylish, invigorating destination for brews, partying and personal occasions for capable of handling 300 guests.

When you obtain an opportunity to truly study the spot, you might imagine that there is rather of a Starship Enterprise pulse just about in here. The lights and sci-fi silvery shade give it that experience; however, you won’t glimpse any Cleon at this point. Nevertheless once you position yourself on the windowpane, overlooking definite bereavement and lightheadedness engraves, that you may perhaps sense what it is like to grin up. Furthermore, you can visit the club during Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am as it is closed at Sunday through Tuesday. The payments are acceptable through cash or major credit cards. Proper attire is required upon entering to the club. Ghostbar Nightclub is a brilliant place to witness a number of fantastic and hottest in Las Vegas. As a club most visited by famous people, it is roughly at all times an elongated row to get, so be certain to reach your destination early on if you desire to keep your seat. Its mega-fresh, many places and the club is a non-conventional experience the Ghostbar Nightclub has to offer as well as recall tribulations long later than departing Las Vegas.

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ghost bar guest list


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You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

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Kultura Bar with Food

Ratings and reviews, location and contact, kultura bar with food, elektrostal - restaurant reviews & phone number - tripadvisor.


  1. Ghostbar Nightclub FREE Guest Lists & Table Reservations

    ghost bar guest list

  2. Free VIP Ghostbar Guestlist and Ghostbar VIP Pass

    ghost bar guest list

  3. It's Official: Ghostbar Reopens at Palms on Aug. 3

    ghost bar guest list

  4. Spooky Ghost Bar pops up for Halloween at Ala Moana

    ghost bar guest list

  5. Ghostbar Guestlist

    ghost bar guest list

  6. It's Official: Ghostbar Reopens at Palms on Aug. 3

    ghost bar guest list


  1. Ghostbar Guestlist

    Contact Las Vegas Nightclubs Inc. Access the Ghostbar guestlist at Ghostbar Las Vegas in the Palms Casino Resort through our company. Submit your names,& the number of people in your group.

  2. Ghostbar Nightclub Guest List

    Does Ghostbar Have A Guest List? Yes! No Cover Nightclubs does have a guest list for Ghostbar Las Vegas. Joining our guest list is simple and free. Easily sign up using our website. You will be provided with all information and instructions. How Much Is Ghostbar Nightclub Cover Charge? Cover charge is common at Ghostbar Nightclub at the entrance.

  3. Ghostbar Nightclub

    Location: Palms Hotel Nights: Friday & Saturday Music: Top 40, Open Format Size: 8,000 sq-ft About Ghostbar Nightclub | The Complete Guide A long time Las Vegas favorite party location, Ghostbar is located on the 55th floor of the front tower at the Palms.

  4. JACKCOLTON: The Official Guide to Ghostbar Lounge at Palms

    NIGHTCLUBS Ghostbar at Palms. WANT TO GET ON THE GUESTLIST OR RESERVE A TABLE? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. Ghostbar was the first of its kind in Las Vegas — an ultra lounge with a spectacular panoramic view, and remains to this day one of the trendiest venues in town.

  5. Ghostbar

    About. Located in the 55th floor of The Palms Casino Resort, you'll find breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and an ultra-chic lounge bar. Not only famous for its high profile celebrity guest list but also for its roof top deck, and a see-thru acrylic floor called the "ghostdeck" looking through another lounge below.

  6. VIP Guest List Ghostbar

    Free VIP Ghostbar Guestlist and Ghostbar VIP Pass VIP Guest List Ghostbar Ghostbar Nightclub at the Palms On the 55th floor of the Palms hotel and casino, Ghostbar Las Vegas is one of our favorite nightclubs on The Strip.


    Specialties: At nightfall, the party is just getting started high in the Vegas sky. Located on the iconic 55th floor of the Palms Casino & Resort, Ghostbar will offer an Instagram-worthy panoramic 360-degree view of Las Vegas, which, thanks to its distinct outdoor patio, also turns the 8,000-square-foot-space into an open-air social club. Contemporary, yet approachable finishes accompanied by ...

  8. Ghostbar Guest list

    Ghost Bar offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, providing guests various options to suit their preferences.

  9. Ghost Bar

    Located at the Palms Hotel and Casino, Ghost bar boasts 'it's better on top', with 8,000 square feet of open-air, unmatched 360-degree sights and a view unlike anywhere else of the Instagram-worthy skyline. ... If on the guest list, ladies will normally receive a complimentary admission on most nights. Bottle Service. Table service ...

  10. Hip Hop Clubs Vegas in 2023

    Nightlife Hip Hop Clubs Vegas in 2023 GUEST LIST BOTTLE SERVICE PACKAGES TICKETS NIGHTCLUBS POOL PARTIES STRIP CLUBS MEN'S SHOWS VIP ENTRY REVIEWS 🤩 Best Hip Hop Clubs In Vegas Hip Hop Clubs Vegas in 2023 As the story goes, "the elements of Hip Hop came together in the Bronx in the early 1970s.

  11. Ghostbar FAQ, Details & Upcoming Events

    Insider Tips Ghostbar has one of the best views in town. It has a glass-floor balcony which allows you to look down from 55th floors up. Security check is pretty strict so make sure you're not carrying any contraband! We have a free guestlist for Ghost Bar. General Information Where is Ghostbar located?

  12. Ghostbar Day Club

    1 customer review. Phone: 1-866-983-4279. Ghostbar Dayclub is a daylife experience that feels like a house party turned up to 11. Location: Off-Strip. Music: DJ-spun, EDM, Top 40. Attire: Trendy.

  13. Ghostbar Dayclub VIP Entry

    At GBDC you'll get all the energy of the famous Ghostbar nightclub, starting in the early afternoon! Starting at 1pm, you'll be joining the hottest day party on The Strip on our guest list. Piñata-smashing, champagne showers, confetti raining down and go go dancers on stilts: welcome to Ghost Bar Day Club!

  14. Ghostbar

    24 customer reviews Phone: 1-866-983-4279 The intimacy at ghostbar inside the Palms makes it feel like a house party with a view of Las Vegas from 55 stories up. Location: Off-Strip Music: EDM, Hip-hop, Pop, Top 40 Attire: Stylish nightlife attire required.

  15. Ghostbar Nightclub Bottle Service & Table Reservations

    Check out the Ghostbar guest list instead. What Is Included With Ghostbar Bottle Service With Ghostbar VIP options each group receives the following benefits: Cover charges included Hosted entry Bottles included Table for the entire night VIP waitress Top tier customer service What Is The Best Table At Ghostbar?

  16. Ghostbar

    High on top of the gleaming vastness of Las Vegas is the 8,000 square foot Ghostbar Nightclub. It is a stifling and high-level indoor and outdoor lounge and sky deck on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort. The Ghostbar Nightclub is situated at 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, providing the ...

  17. THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Elektrostal (Updated October 2023)

    Best Dining in Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast: See 600 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 39 Elektrostal restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more.

  18. Ghost Bar

    Ghost Bar delivers classic and specialty cocktails through all major delivery platforms, within the hour, to your door. Consider us your new friendly neighborhood bar.


    Zelyony Shum Guest House, Noginsk: See traveler reviews, 26 candid photos, and great deals for Zelyony Shum Guest House, ranked #3 of 6 B&Bs / inns in Noginsk and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor.

  20. Visit Elektrostal: 2023 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Guests. Search. Explore map. Visit Elektrostal. Things to do. Check Elektrostal hotel availability. Check prices in Elektrostal for tonight, Oct 17 - Oct 18. Tonight. Oct 17 - Oct 18. Check prices in Elektrostal for tomorrow night, Oct 18 - Oct 19. Tomorrow night. Oct 18 - Oct 19.

  21. KULTURA BAR WITH FOOD, Elektrostal

    Kultura Bar with Food, Elektrostal: See unbiased reviews of Kultura Bar with Food, rated 2 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #31 of 38 restaurants in Elektrostal. Flights Vacation Rentals