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The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Ticket Prices and Packages

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, one of the most important things to consider is your ticket options. With so many different packages and prices available, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about Disneyland ticket prices and packages.

Understanding Disneyland Ticket Prices

Disneyland offers a variety of ticket options, including single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and annual passes. Single-day tickets vary in price depending on the time of year and whether it’s a peak or non-peak day. Peak days tend to be during holidays and summer months when the park is busiest.

Multi-day tickets offer more value for your money as they allow you to visit the park on multiple days at a discounted rate. The more days you visit, the cheaper each day’s ticket becomes.

Annual passes are ideal for frequent visitors as they offer unlimited access to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park for an entire year. There are several tiers of annual passes available with different perks and blackout dates.

Choosing the Right Package

Once you have decided on the type of ticket that works best for your needs, it’s time to choose a package that suits your budget. Disneyland offers several packages that include admission to both parks as well as other perks like dining plans, hotel accommodations, and souvenirs.

The most popular package is the Park Hopper option which allows guests to visit both parks in one day. This is ideal if you only have limited time but want to experience both parks.

If you plan on staying at one of Disney’s hotels or resorts, there are also vacation packages available that include hotel accommodations along with park admission.

Tips for Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland tickets can be expensive but there are ways to save money without sacrificing any fun. One of the easiest ways to save money is by purchasing tickets through a reputable ticket seller like AAA or Costco. They often offer discounted prices on tickets.

Another way to save money is by visiting the park during non-peak times. Not only will you save money on tickets, but you’ll also experience shorter wait times for rides and attractions.

If you are a California resident, Disneyland offers discounted tickets during certain times of the year. You can also save money by purchasing multi-day tickets instead of single-day tickets.

Final Thoughts

Disneyland is a magical place that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Understanding ticket prices and packages is an important part of planning your trip so that you can make the most out of your visit without breaking the bank.

When choosing your package, consider what’s most important to you and your budget. Remember that there are many ways to save money on Disneyland tickets so do your research beforehand and plan accordingly.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating unforgettable memories at the Happiest Place on Earth.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


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Fantasmic! is a long-running nighttime show at both Disneyland in California and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida , and formerly at Tokyo DisneySea . It is about the power of the imagination, showcased by Mickey experiencing a dream during a night in which he is asleep. It originated at Disneyland in 1992 after Disneyland's entertainment department was asked to create a nighttime spectacular involving water and fireworks to invigorate the space in front of the Rivers of America . Disneyland Entertainment employed the resources of Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering as collaborators. Much of the area around the Rivers of America needed to be reworked, including terracing the walkways to accommodate viewing and modifying part of Tom Sawyer Island so that it could act as a stage for much of the show's live-action. The show temporarily closed at Disneyland in 2016 to make room for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge , but was brought back with completely new scenes on the park's 62nd birthday on July 17, 2017 . On April 22, 2023, the animatronic dragon burst into flames during the finale. While no cast members or crew were hurt, the dragon and much of the show equipment in their pit were severely damaged.

In 1996 , Walt Disney Entertainment in Florida partnered with Imagineering and Feature Animation to bring a new version of the show to Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly the Disney-MGM Studios), featuring newly animated and live-action scenes. The Rivers of America at the Magic Kingdom was not conducive to a duplication of the layout at Disneyland, so a new purpose-built 10,000 seat amphitheater was built at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Intended to boost low attendance numbers at that park, the new Fantasmic! show was also seen as a needed replacement for Sorcery in the Sky , an aging nighttime fireworks show. On March 12, 2020, the show temporarily closed at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland due to the coronavirus pandemic. On August 17, the show's water feature was drained after Walt Disney World reopened during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020. However, following Disney Parks' reopening, Disneyland announced that the updated version of the show would return on May 28, 2022, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Disneyland version, while Walt Disney World announced that a newly revised and upgraded version of the show would return on November 3, 2022 at Disney's Hollywood Studios as part of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration.

The third edition of Fantasmic! debuted on April 28, 2011 and ended on February 28, 2020 at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. It featured a new theme song and, being set in the Mediterranean Harbor area of the park, was done on a series of barges, with a central "hat" tower instead of a stage on which Mickey and other characters could appear. Prior to the start of the show, guests would engage in doing the wave to get others excited and pumped up for the event. This is quite common at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As of 2022, some of the elements from the defunct Tokyo version are now shown in the revamped Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios version as well as the Imagination song in the post-show.

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  • 1.2 Disney's Hollywood Studios version
  • 1.3 Tokyo DisneySea version
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Disneyland version

The show is located on the waters of the Rivers of America at Disneyland and on a stage across the waterway. A tavern and tall trees act as a backdrop for the show. To begin, lights around the Rivers of America fade and a female narrator introduces the story.

Welcome to Fantasmic! Tonight, our friend and host Mickey Mouse uses his vivid imagination to create magical imagery for all to enjoy. Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination, for, in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy or an exciting adventure. But beware, nothing is more powerful than the imagination, for it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare. Are the powers of Mickey's imagination strong enough, and bright enough, to withstand the evil forces that invade Mickey's dreams? You are about to find out. For we now invite you to join Mickey, and experience Fantasmic! ... a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

The show follows a dream of Mickey Mouse that he has one night while fast asleep, which begins with him in a tuxedo discovering the water and light effects while he tests them out. He then proceeds to direct the effects like a conductor. Then he shoots pyrotechnics from his index fingertips just like in the " When You Wish Upon a Star " number in the Sing-Along Songs Disneyland Fun . The show's signature water projection screens are eventually activated, onto which animation from " The Sorcerer's Apprentice " sequence from Fantasia . Musical scores from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and the "Imagination" theme accompany the animation as Mickey conducts animated shooting stars pyrotechnics launched from the six pyrotechnic barges on the river.

The animation then blends with live performers interpreting different flowers. The petals then become huge green leaves and combine with onscreen animation to become flora and fauna of the jungle. The projections then show Sorcerer Mickey walking into the " Circle of Life " scene from The Lion King , as Rafiki then goes and lifts a baby Simba into the air. The lighting and music change to a jungle beat, and Kaa from The Jungle Book makes his way across the island with hypnotic beams of light firing from his eyes. Accompanying this scene are three floating barges carrying King Louie and black-lit monkeys (from the Tokyo version) across the river, dancing along to the beat; with images of pink elephants playing the tune to Hakuna Matata as Timon , Pumbaa , and a growing-up Simba walk across a log like in the song, followed by more pink elephants.

The music segues to a contemporary rendition of " Pink Elephants on Parade " from Dumbo , as more pink elephants appear onscreen and in the form of performers on the island. The elephants continue to dance until Mickey discovers a magical lamp. He rubs it, causing Genie to be freed via onscreen animation. He then shows Sorcerer Mickey his powers while singing " Friend Like Me ". Some of the transformations include turning into Donald Duck and Goofy , as well as turning Mickey into Pinocchio complete with dancers that look like Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck , as a tribute to the original Pinocchio sequence. Genie then disappears causing Sorcerer Mickey to go underwater.

Sorcerer Mickey then finds the kingdom of Atlantica . As the guests see Ariel swimming around on the projections, it then transforms into the world of Finding Nemo , as Mr. Ray takes Nemo , Dory , and the rest of their classmates on a trip to see the stingray migration. Onscreen animation then shows Cleo , Pinocchio , and Jiminy Cricket underwater. An animated Monstro the Whale interacts with live splash effects on the river. The storyline progresses as Sorcerer Mickey notices his dream becoming darker as he has sucked down a whirlpool on a spellbook. After his eyes were shown wondering where he is, a ship lost in a stormy sea at night is shown. A concussion cannon is fired from Sailing Ship Columbia , which has been transformed into the Black Pearl , where Hector Barbossa , Jack Sparrow , Elizabeth Swann , and the pirates participate in a stunt sequence as the ship makes its pass. Originally, this sequence was themed to Peter Pan , but it was transformed into a Pirates of the Caribbean scene following the 2017 refurbishment. However, you can see silhouettes of Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John flying over the moon after Sorcerer Mickey paints it.

The projections then transform into Agrabah , where Aladdin and Jasmine are on the stage as if they're flying on the Magic Carpet (set to A Whole New World ). Rapunzel and Flynn Rider , Ariel and Eric , and Belle and the Beast appear on three floating stages (transformed since the jungle scene earlier) on the river, dancing to a medley of each princess' signature song (" Beauty and the Beast ", " Part of Your World ", and " I See the Light " respectively) accompanied by lighting and water effects.

The music turns darker, Mickey in his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit encounters the Magic Mirror as he tells him "True magical power lies within the mirror, gaze deep into your own reflection and see powers better than you could even imagine." Mickey is skeptical at first, but he eventually decides to take a look. Mickey then gets trapped inside the mirror where he eventually encounters The Evil Queen who has been transformed into The Old Hag . The hag summons Dr. Facilier's Shadow Demons as the "forces of evil" to transform Mickey Mouse's dream into a "nightmare Fantasmic." Onscreen, we see her face dissolve into that of Ursula . Ursula sings a bit of " Poor Unfortunate Souls " and joins the plot against Mickey as her two pet eels, Flotsam and Jetsam , glide across the river. Onscreen, the face of Ursula transforms into Chernabog . Animation from the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence from Fantasia accompanies Mussorgsky's score. Luckily, Mickey eventually manages to escape the mirror.


Dragon Maleficent.

A pyrotechnic burst of flames heralds the arrival of Maleficent , beginning the climactic showdown sequence. Maleficent rises 30 feet from the stage and transforms into a dragon onscreen. The animation gives way to a 45-foot animatronic dragon, who rises from the stage before breathing fire onto the river. Sorcerer Mickey appears as he eventually uses his mind and sorcerer powers to destroy the dragon. As the dragon screams, the villains who have appeared are also destroyed onscreen (resulting in Chernabog vanishing away, destroying him, Ursula screams in agony as she is struck by bolts of lightning, destroying her too, The hag transforms back into the Evil Queen, causing her to also be destroyed and Maleficent falls to her death causing her to be destroyed lastly), and the sequence ends with a pyrotechnic burst from the river.

Following an appearance by Tinker Bell , the Mark Twain Riverboat crosses the stage, piloted by a black and white Mickey Mouse, dressed in attire from Steamboat Willie . Approximately fifty Disney and Pixar characters dance on the ship in a ribbon routine. The sequence is accompanied by searchlights, fountains, and pyrotechnic effects.

Mickey appears on top of the tavern (sometimes on the stage when the lift isn't working) as Sorcerer Mickey , and "conducts" laser beams, fireworks, and lighting effects that span the length of the river stage. In a flash, he disappears from atop the tavern, and re-appears center stage, resuming his tuxedo. Mickey says to the audience, "Some imagination, huh? Haha!" and with a laugh, he disappears in a flash. A final burst of pyrotechnics is accompanied by searchlights placed around the tavern and stage. As a finale, a brilliant green flash of pyrotechnics ignites on the water where the river once again becomes quiet and dark.

Disney's Hollywood Studios version

The show follows a dream of Mickey Mouse that he has one night while fast asleep. As the lights fade, a female narrator gives a brief welcome and mentions of the powers of imagination. A very faint musical note is heard, swelling and growing into a dramatic chord in the complete darkness. Once the chord strikes, two tall columns rise on stage left and right, with roving spotlights, until finally, Mickey appears center stage. He conducts various water fountain effects, until bringing up the giant water-mist "screens", which, in conjunction with a few flares, fade into the famous "Sorcerer's Apprentice" scene from Fantasia .

From there, the falling stars of the Sorcerer's Apprentice scene morph into flowers, and after a brief interlude, into a jungle scene. Elephants, giraffes, monkeys, birds, ostriches, rhinos, crocodiles, and cheetahs in black-lit fluorescent colors begin to herd in the mountain. The neon animals make noise and move around on the island while Rafiki and monkeys do a dance on floats traveling across the water, and Simba and Nala romp together on the water-mist screen. Next, a large bubble montage takes place, where scenes and characters from major classic animated Disney movies ( The Lion King , The Jungle Book , Dumbo , Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , Alice in Wonderland , Hercules , Pinocchio , Aladdin , Mulan , Cinderella , Lady and the Tramp , Fantasia , The Princess and the Frog , Tangled , Moana , Frozen , Bambi , Tarzan , Beauty and the Beast , and The Little Mermaid ) appear in floating bubbles. An animated Monstro then appears onscreen, accompanied by a heavy musical score as he crashes through the waters. The chaotic sea morphs into Mickey lost in an overflowed room as he is whisked into a whirlpool. After Mickey wonders where he is, he makes a cry for help, and the scene shifts to a medley of Disney heroes and heroines. First is a scene from Pocahontas , with Pocahontas singing Just Around the Riverbend , then it transitions to scenes of Mulan , Tarzan , Encanto , The Princess and the Frog , The Hunchback of Notre Dame , Hercules , Aladdin , Frozen II , and Moana .


Sorcerer Mickey in the Florida version.

The show then moves into classic dancing scenes with Aurora and Prince Phillip , Cinderella and Prince Charming , and Jasmine and Aladdin . Three small floats now arrive, with Belle and the Beast , Ariel and Prince Eric , and Snow White and her Prince each contained in their own float. As each float reaches the center, the spotlight shines on it, with the accompanying signature melody from each movie — " Beauty and the Beast ", " Part of Your World ", and " Someday My Prince Will Come ", respectively.

The music takes on an eerie tone as Mickey's dream takes a turn for the worse. The Queen appears and concocts a spell amidst pyrotechnics and other special effects, and turns herself into a hag. She invokes the help of Ursula , Cruella De Vil , Scar , Frollo , and Jafar . Jafar uses his magic to send Mickey to the Cave of Wonders. After escaping a wave of lava, Mickey encounters Jafar, who transforms himself into a giant black cobra to squeeze him and possibly drain him dry, appearing on both the stage and the mist screens. Seeing a magic lamp, Mickey rubs it, assuming it will help him . Unfortunately, Jafar is transformed into a genie and calls upon Hades , who laments on how "noble" Mickey's thoughts are before he calls Chernabog , who summons spirits from the dead .

As Chernabog finishes, Mickey, now in his Brave Little Tailor outfit, comes face to face with Maleficent, who tells the mouse that he'll now deal with her and all the forces of her imagination. As her pinnacle rises, she transforms into a 40-foot-tall fire-breathing dragon that sets the waters ablaze as the villains laugh at Mickey and his imagination. Guests as far as halfway back in the theater can feel the heat from the fire. Mickey, finally deciding to stand up to the villains for his dream, manages to pulls a nearby sword out from its stone (similar to The Sword in the Stone ) and creates a wall of water around the island, smothering the flames and defeating the dragon. He eliminates the villains from the dream world using the power of his imagination and his sword. The villains feel the wrath of the magical electricity from the sword; resulting in Chernabog attempting to shield himself from the light of the electricity as he vanishes away, Hades cringes in surprise from the effects as he too disappears, Jafar screams in agonizing pain decimating him as well, Frollo looks back in shock as he yells out "Witchcraft!" as he is overpowered, Scar snarls in a fury as he is overtaken, Cruella looks back in shock, yelling out "What is this?!" before also being vanquished, then Ursula is also taken down as she screams in agony while being struck by bolts of lightning, followed by the hag who transforms back into the Evil Queen causing her to also be annihilated, and finally Maleficent dies as the water splashes with a large firework bang.

Steamboat Mickey from Fantasmic

Mickey controlling Steamboat Willie.

All is quiet until we see Tinker Bell fly to restore the mountain. Magical stars sparkle in the mountain as the Steamboat Willie riverboat approaches. Then a spark of pyrotechnics ignites from the riverboat, revealing Mickey, looking as he did in the original short, controlling the boat. As it glides past the audience, various Disney characters appear aboard the boat, usually waving streamers. A celebratory atmosphere prevails amid a flurry of fireworks.

With another flash of pyrotechnics, Mickey disappears from Steamboat Willie riverboat and re- appears atop the highest point of the mountain in his Sorcerer outfit as fireworks, fire, and water light up the stage. As the finale concludes, Mickey disappears from the top of the mountain with another spark of pyrotechnics, a small explosion in the main stage and simultaneously reappears in his shiny tuxedo suit. A small applause from the crowd and Mickey says, "Some imagination, huh? Haha!" Pyrotechnics shoot out of the main stage and barges on the moat, he vanishes one last time to the final notes of the music while a cone of lights and searchlights bright up the stage for a few seconds. All turns dark once again and the show has concluded.

Tokyo DisneySea version

Like the other incarnations, the show follows a dream of Mickey Mouse that he has one night while fast asleep. The show begins with the tune of the Sorcerer's Apprentice as out of the stars, Sorcerer Mickey emerges on a tower of stars in a comet. The new theme song, Imagination plays as Mickey conducts the water and images of different characters appear on the tower. The music shifts into the instrumental Fantasmic theme and continues into Sorcerer's Apprentice as Mickey conducts the stars and sea and calls on the Magic Brooms . The waters rise and we enter the sea with Ariel singing " Part of Your World ", with Crush and his sea turtles swimming in the background. The dancing fish from Fantasia's Nutcracker suite also appears as does Jiminy Cricket in his bubble, who pops it and fills the sky with bubbles.

Mickey's eyes appear in the dark asking what's going on and the show enters the jungle. While Tarzan and Jane Porter appear swinging on the projection tower, floats featuring giant inflatable versions of Baloo , King Louie , Pumbaa , and Simba as a cub appear along with a floating Kaa . A medley of music from Tarzan , " I Just Can't Wait to Be King ", " The Bare Necessities ", " I Wan'na Be Like You ", and " Hakuna Matata " plays, eventually building up into the Circle of Life .

Mickey Mouse Tokyo Disneysea fantasmic

Sorcerer Mickey controlling the fountain at Tokyo DisneySea .

When Rafiki is about to hold up Simba though, Stitch appears instead (similar to one of the Inter-Stitch-al trailers of the film) and the music goes into an electric guitar version of Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride with Stitch conducting the water while Angel pilots Stitch's red speeder shooting plasmablasts. Mickey appears again, accompanied by the show's theme song and When You Wish Upon A Star and sets the stage for an appearance by the Genie singing Friend Like Me as well as the scene of A Whole New World . As Aladdin and Jasmine fly off, the music segues into Cinderella and a sequence based on the Disney Princesses.

After the Princess medley, Mickey encounters the Magic Mirror and asks "Who's the most powerful Sorcerer of all?" The Mirror tells him "True magical power lies within the mirror, gaze deep into your own reflection... Look closer... That's it, closer...". Mickey is then trapped inside, allowing the Witch and the villains to take control, each one appearing within the mirror. The Witch calls on the assistance of Ursula (singing " Poor Unfortunate Souls ") and Chernabog (whose appearance is accompanied with a mix of Night on Bald Mountain and " Hellfire "). The witch laughs at the power of Imagination and the last villain emerges from the mirror: Maleficent who shows the power of her imagination by turning into her dragon form. Mickey defeats Maleficent (along with Chernabog, Ursula and the Witch who transforms back into the Evil Queen) with his magic wand and the power of his imagination. He falls back into his sleeping body and with a wave of Tinker Bell 's wand, the show moves into the finale, with a reprise of the song and many of the good characters appearing on the barges, including regular Mickey. The barges stop and Sorcerer Mickey reappears on the tower, clad in a flowing white robe to conduct the final fireworks and fountains as the theme builds. Mickey then remarks "Imagination! Haha!" translated to Japanese "イマジネーション! ハハ!" and disappears, with a few notes of the Sorcerer's Apprentice theme and the final fanfare. The tower takes on the appearance of the Sorcerer's Hat and the exit music plays.

Featured Disney films

  • Mickey Mouse & Friends/ DuckTales ( Launchpad McQuack was the only character from the series to appear in the finale)
  • Fantasia / Fantasia 2000
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh / Winnie the Pooh
  • Toy Story / Toy Story 2 / Toy Story 3
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Finding Nemo / Finding Dory
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Frozen / Frozen II
  • Wayne Allwine – Mickey Mouse (DL 1992 Version and DHS 1998 Version)
  • Suzanne Waters – Female Vocalist (Princess Medley) (DL 1992 Version and DHS 1998 Version/2022 Version)
  • Fletcher Sheridan - Male Vocalist (Princess Medley) (DL 1992 Version and DHS 1998 Version/2022 Version)
  • Louise Chamis – The Evil Queen
  • Tony Jay – Magic Mirror (DL 1992 Version and DHS 1998/2022 Version), Judge Claude Frollo (DHS 1998/2022 Version)
  • Eddie Carroll – Jiminy Cricket
  • Chris Steele - Peter Pan (DL 1992 Version)
  • Kathryn Beaumont - Wendy Darling (DL 1992 Version)
  • Corey Burton – Chernabog , Captain Hook (DL 1992 Version), Mr. Smee (DL 1992 Version), Magic Mirror (DL 2017 Version)
  • Linda Gary – Maleficent , Opening Announcer
  • Pat Carroll – Ursula
  • Susanne Blakeslee - Cruella De Vil (DHS 1998/2022 Version)
  • Jonathan Freeman – Jafar (DHS 1998/2022 Version)
  • Jim Cummings – Scar (DHS 1998/2022 Version)
  • Linda Hunt – Grandmother Willow (DHS 1998 Version)
  • David Ogden Stiers – Governor Ratcliffe (DHS 1998 Version)
  • James Woods – Hades (DHS 1998/2022 Version)
  • Robin Williams – Genie (DL 2017 Version/Archived Recordings)
  • Geoffrey Rush – Hector Barbossa (DL 2017 Version/Film Footage)
  • Jared Butler – Jack Sparrow (DL 2017 Version/Voice Only)
  • Heather Headley – Female Vocalist (Princess Medley) (DL 2017 Version)
  • Chris Mann – Male Vocalist (Princess Medley) (DL 2017 Version) [2]
  • Judy Kuhn - Pocahontas (DHS 2022 Version)
  • Brad Kane - Aladdin (DHS 2022 Version)
  • Idina Menzel - Elsa (DHS 2022 Version)
  • Auli'i Cravalho - Moana (DHS 2022 Version)
  • Takashi Aoyagi – Mickey Mouse (TDS 2011 Version)
  • Kyoko Satomi – The Evil Queen (TDS 2011 Version)
  • Tamio Ōki – Magic Mirror (TDS 2011 Version)
  • Toshiko Sawada – Maleficent (TDS 2011 Version)
  • Kujira – Ursula (TDS 2011 Version)
  • Kōichi Yamadera – Genie , Stitch (TDS 2011 Version)

Featured characters

Heroes and heroines.

  • Brave Little Tailor Mickey (1992 Disneyland version and Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Peter Pan (1992 Disneyland version only)
  • Wendy Darling (1992 Disneyland version only)
  • Jack Sparrow (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Elizabeth Swann (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Tinker Bell
  • Genie (2017 Disneyland and Tokyo versions)
  • Nala (Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Pocahontas (Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • John Smith (1998 Disney's Hollywood Studios version)
  • Nemo (2017 Disneyland and Tokyo versions)
  • Marlin (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Dory (2017 Disneyland and Tokyo versions)
  • Mr. Ray (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Eric
  • Rapunzel (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Flynn Rider (2017 Disneyland version only)
  • Prince Phillip
  • Prince Naveen
  • Lilo (Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Stitch (Disney's Hollywood Studios and Tokyo versions only)
  • Moana (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Anna (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Elsa (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Olaf (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Tarzan (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios and Tokyo version only)
  • Mirabel Madrigal (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Quasimodo (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Hercules (Florida version only)
  • Fa Mulan (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Li Shang (2022 Disney's Hollywood Studios version only)
  • Angel (Tokyo Disneysea version only)
  • Woody (Disneyland version only)
  • Buzz Lightyear (Disneyland version only)
  • Jessie (Disneyland version only)
  • Pink Elephants *
  • Captain Hook * (1992 Disneyland version)
  • Mr. Smee * (1992 Disneyland version)
  • Hector Barbossa * (2017 Disneyland version)
  • Talking Skull * (2017 Disneyland version)
  • The Evil Queen
  • Magic Mirror
  • Facilier's Friends on the Other Side (2017 Disneyland version)
  • Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Governor Ratcliffe * (1998 Disney's Hollywood Studios version)
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Claude Frollo
  • Jafar (featured in the Night on Bald Mountain segment)
  • Hades (featured in the Night on Bald Mountain segment)

Villains with an * aren't involved in the takeover.

Characters appearing in the Finale

Steamboat Willie in Fantasmic 2

The characters riding Steamboat Willie at the end of the Disneyland version of the show.

Disneyland's version of the finale has included many different characters since its 1992 debut and has changed throughout the years, such as to replace older characters with newer ones.

The current finale character line-up includes Mickey, Minnie Mouse , Chip and Dale , Goofy , Pluto , Donald Duck , Cinderella, Prince Charming, Suzy and Perla , Snow White and her Prince, Aladdin, Jasmine, Aurora , Prince Phillip , Tiana , Ariel, Prince Eric, Belle, the Beast, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mary Poppins , the Chimney Sweeps, Alice , the White Rabbit , the Mad Hatter , Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum , Woody , Buzz Lightyear , Jessie , and two Green Army Men .

However, the character line-up can sometimes vary between shows as other random characters are occasionally featured instead. These include Clarabelle Cow , Winnie the Pooh , Piglet , Eeyore , Tigger , Genie , Dopey , Pinocchio , Mirabel Madrigal , Pocahontas , Meeko , Esmeralda , Bo Peep , Jane Porter , Terk , Princess Elena , and Merida .

Also, during the special 20th-anniversary performances of the show in May 2012, Roger Rabbit , Br'er Rabbit , Br'er Fox , Br'er Bear , the Three Little Pigs , and the Big Bad Wolf (all of whom previously appeared in the finale during the earlier years of the show's existence) made appearances.

Other characters that have appeared in the finale over the years include Clara Cluck , Max Goof , Doc , Grumpy , Happy , Sleepy , Sneezy , Bashful , Geppetto , Gideon , Baloo , Friar Tuck , Prince John , Timon , Rafiki , John Smith , Quasimodo , Hercules , Phil , Fa Mulan , Mushu , Tarzan , Stitch , Launchpad McQuack , Monterey Jack , and Rebecca Cunningham .

Walt Disney World version

Steamboat Willie in Fantasmic

The characters riding the Steamboat Willie Riverboat at the end of the Florida version of the show.

Walt Disney World's version of the finale currently includes Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Pinocchio, Geppetto, Snow White, and her Prince, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Moana, Belle, Beast, Ariel, Prince Eric, Tiana, Rafiki, Stitch, Pocahontas, Meeko, Fa Mulan, Elsa , Baloo, and Mary Poppins.

However, the character line-up can sometimes vary between shows as other random characters are occasionally featured instead. These include Daisy Duck , Judy Hopps , Nick Wilde , Anna , Scrooge McDuck, Alice, Peter Pan, Jiminy Cricket , Aurora , Cinderella , Mei Lee and Mirabel Madrigal .

As in Disneyland, the character line-up has gone through changes since its debut. For example: Br'er Bear, John Smith, Hercules, Megara , Phil, Bert , and the Chimney Sweeps appeared on the boat regularly in the past.

Other characters who appeared in the finale over the years include Mr. Smee , Mushu, Tigger, Br'er Fox, Fairy Godmother , Quasimodo, Lilo , Timon, Max Goof, and Robin Hood .

Characters may vary in this version as well, though not quite as often.

Tokyo DisneySea's version of the finale included the following characters, besides the Fantasmic! dancers (in a clockwise direction):

  • Barge 1: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Snow White, The Prince, Dopey
  • Barge 2: Chip, Dale, Clarice, Marie, Aurora, Prince Phillip
  • Barge 3: Pinocchio, Gepetto, Jiminy Cricket, Ariel, Prince Eric, Max the Sheepdog
  • Barge 4: Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu

For a while, however, only 3 barges were operational, holding the following characters:

  • Barge 2: Chip, Dale, Clarice, Ariel, Prince Eric, Max the Sheepdog
  • Barge 3: Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu

Differences between the versions

Although the shows in Disneyland, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Tokyo DisneySea are similar in many respects, there are some differences between the three versions.

  • In the old Disneyland version of the finale, as soon as Mickey says "Some imagination, huh? Haha!", the cone of lights immediately turns on and fireworks from the barges surrounding the stage ignite. This caused the audience to view how Mickey "vanishes". Now, like the Disney World version, there is a spark of bright pyrotechnics as soon as the line is said. In the Tokyo DisneySea version, this illusion is created by pyrotechnics at Mickey's platform, followed by a quick release trap set within the platform.
  • The choreography of the Opening Mickey and Sorcerer Mickey in both Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios are different in their own ways. At Tokyo DisneySea, this choreography is completely removed, as this show has a different opening.
  • Whereas the show is performed on the Rivers of America at Disneyland, Disney needed a new nighttime draw for Disney's Hollywood Studios. The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater built at Disney's Hollywood Studios was made specifically for Fantasmic!
  • At Disney's Hollywood Studios, the show runs for almost 27 minutes (due to the montage of Disney clips inside bubbles, the additional villains, and the wall of water at the climax), compared to Disneyland's which is only 22 minutes. The Tokyo DisneySea version runs at approximately 23 minutes.
  • The Jungle Scene with Kaa, King Louie, and the monkeys from The Jungle Book at Disneyland is replaced with a tribute to The Lion King at Disney's Hollywood Studios. However, King Louie and the monkeys do appear briefly in the bubble scene. Tokyo DisneySea uses characters from both films series, as well as video from Tarzan to accent the "Circle of Life" scene from the Lion King. The 2017 and 2022 incarnation from Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios also now uses both films.
  • In 2022, the Pocahontas segment was replaced with a Heroes segment for the Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic which utilizes scenes of Mulan , Tarzan , Encanto , The Princess and the Frog , The Hunchback of Norte Dame , Hercules , Aladdin , Frozen II and Moana . However, Pocahontas was still utilized within the beginning of the segment with Pocahontas singing " Just Around the Riverbend ".
  • Since July 2015, clips of Tangled , The Princess and the Frog , and Frozen were included in the bubble montage scenes at the Hollywood Studios version.
  • In 2017, the Rock version of "Pink Elephants" is replaced with a Dubstep remix version at Disneyland.
  • Genie turning Mickey into Pinocchio complete with dancers that look like Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck served as a tribute to the original Pinocchio sequence. Pinocchio still appears in the undersea segment as well as Jiminy.
  • There was a little scene of Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle as belly dancers. Eventually, however, the segment was considered to be a little adult for young audiences, forcing the show to use different characters/effects from "Friend Like Me".
  • Ursula's reprisal of " Poor Unfortunate Souls " is taken out at Disney's Hollywood Studios to introduce the other Disney villains. She plays a smaller role in the Florida show than in the California one. In Tokyo DisneySea's version, her role is identical to California's version, with the exception that the song is in Japanese.
  • More villains are featured in the Florida version. Many of the additions are villains from Disney animated features released after the Disneyland version was first introduced.
  • In California, Mickey destroys the villains by pointing a sword at the Dragon and saying, "You may think you're so powerful, well, this is my dream!" before light shoots from his sword toward the villains. But as of 2017, he appears in his sorcerer form and instead makes fireworks to defeat them. In Florida, he still says this, but before he destroys the villains, he causes a wall of water to block out the island and douse the flames; he then marches over to the sword in the stone and pulls it out.
  • Instead of the Mark Twain riverboat, the characters in the Florida show dance on a smaller boat based on the Steamboat Willie boat . Tokyo DisneySea uses four barges refurbished from previous shows performed in the Mediterranean Harbor.
  • In the California version, the giant snake that comes out on the stage is Kaa from The Jungle Book ; in the Florida version, the snake is Jafar from Aladdin . Also, Jafar has a much bigger role in the show than any other villain except for Maleficent. Tokyo DisneySea uses a redesigned Kaa as a moving float during the "Circle of Life" segment.
  • Having been updated, the California version's Maleficent dragon is considerably more advanced than its Florida counterpart and has a wider range of movement. Tokyo's dragon consists only of the head and neck emerging from a mirror. It is unknown if it is a puppet or an animatronic.
  • The final battle scene in California and Tokyo DisneySea's shows differ from their Florida counterpart. While the Florida version put Brave Little Tailor Mickey against the dragon Maleficent , Sorcerer Mickey is the one who battles Maleficent at Disneyland where he uses his magic controls and Tokyo DisneySea where he, instead of using a sword, shoots fireworks from a magic wand topped with a Hidden Mickey emblem.
  • Unlike the US versions, Tokyo DisneySea's show does not open with the "Welcome to Fantasmic!..." phrase as part of the opening act; instead, it starts off with Dukas' Sorcerer's Apprentice . The narration is recited as part of the pre-show announcements in both Japanese and English, by two male voices, instead of a female voice.
  • The music of the Villain segment of the show is almost identical to Disneyland's version, with two notable exceptions: in the Chernabog scene, the music is instead a mixture of "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Hellfire"; and instead of the Evil Queen's transformation into the Old Hag, Mickey is the one who summons the Magic Mirror and the power of evil.
  • The dialog in Tokyo DisneySea's version is in Japanese. When translated from Japanese to English, Mickey's dialog in Tokyo DisneySea's version is literally the same as the US versions (except when Mickey calls the Magic Mirror and the magic of romance).
  • In the Florida and Tokyo versions, Bruce Healey's exit music can be heard after each performance. In 2017, Disneyland's version replaced Bruce Healey's exit music with the "Imagination" song from Tokyo's version, but the original exit music can still be heard in the entrance plaza in between the two theme parks.
  • Tokyo's version features Ariel (as both human and mermaid), Beauty and the Beast , The Princess and the Frog (as animation), and Snow White (Theme and Finale). Cinderella is the only featured Princess who does not appear in all three versions. Belle and the Beast are featured as animation only; they do not appear in the Finale.
  • During Walt Disney World's years Mickey has had a total of 3 three different swords. The first one that was used from (1999-2003) was thin and long, the second one that was used from (2003-2011) was remodeled and was a bit bigger and pointier, and the current one is a lot larger and has more effects that include a red light beam effect that shoots toward the dragon.
  • In early 2014, Disneyland got new World of Color fountains that move to Mickey's movements, but were shortly taken down due to problems. In 2017 the new fountains were replaced with improved versions which move more like their World of Color counterparts.
  • In late 2011, Walt Disney World was given new firework effects in the finale which includes Mickey's new fireworks that appear behind him and new finale fireworks. Likewise, Disneyland got new firework blasts at the end of the show. During the 2011 refurbishment, the show returned to 7 shows a week and was given new dragon lighting effects. During the 15th anniversary, Walt Disney World was given new lights on the princess barges, like Disneyland's, and new low smoke effects and new fire in the dragon's mouth where it hits the water, the lift at the top of the mountain was experiencing problems and now comes up slower than it normally does for the performers' safety.
  • In 2010, Disneyland was given new lasers for the finale that move.
  • In (1999-2002), Mickey disappeared with flash fireworks all around the stage and so from any angle, you could not see how he disappeared, but in 2002 Mickey was given a spark blast around his elevator to make it more magical for the audience.
  • In the intro of the WDW version, almost anyone can see Mickey coming up the lift; Disneyland's lift is so fast when the lights hit Mickey he just came up.
  • In 2017, the original female singer in Disneyland's Fantasmic! was replaced by Heather Headley who also provided vocals on other Disney nighttime shows like World of Color Winter Dreams, Season of Light and Disney Illuminations in Paris. The original female singer can still be heard in the Orlando version.

A Taste of Fantasmic!

Due to the typical rainy weather in Florida, Disney Hollywood Studios will present a Taste of Fantasmic! which contains just the fountains and launches off the preloaded pyro, as it is too dangerous to unload it. This show is about 5 minutes.

With the success of FastPass viewing for the World of Color show at Disney's California Adventure, Fantasmic! at Disneyland started to offer the service. On December 12 , 2013 , Outdoor Vending Carts converted to FastPass machines were placed along the Big Thunder Trail offering Blue, Yellow, and Green Section FastPass tickets. Only guests with FastPass tickets are allowed in the viewing areas. Limited stand by viewing is available in small sections around the viewing area. In addition to FastPasses guests may also purchase a Dining Package at Blue Bayou or Riverbelle Terrace for a reserved viewing section. Aladdin's Oasis also offers a To-Go dinner package but it only grants the purchaser access to the Blue Section. For a limited time, Hungry Bear restaurant also offered a reserved viewing section called the Dessert Party.

In 2017 , the FastPass for Fantasmic was redone with the distribution now occurring next to the Mark Twain/Columbia dock. The regular Fastpass tickets are now for just one section of the viewing area with the rest reserved for those with dining packages from Riverbelle Terrace, Blue Bayou or Hungry Bear Restaurant with Aladdin's Oasis no longer offering the Fantasmic On-the-Go package and the package itself moved to Hungry Bear.

  • From 1992 to 2016, cast members working traffic control at the Disneyland version wore shirts that were yellow with a black stripe. They quickly gained the affectionate nickname "Fantasmic Bumblebees". When the show returned in 2017, the shirts were replaced with a simpler blue design.
  • Before the nighttime Rivers of America show project settled on what we now know as Fantasmic! , a show themed around The Haunted Mansion 's 999 ghosts taking over the Rivers of America with the working title "The River Haunt" was proposed but ultimately deemed too expensive.
  • The barges in the Jungle segment is also used for the Princess segment.
  • Since January 27 , 2023 , the show area at Disneyland is also used for the nighttime firework show Wondrous Journeys .
  • On April 22, 2023, the Maleficent dragon at the Disneyland version of the show caught fire during the scene where Mickey vanquishes Maleficent in defeat, sending plumes of smoke and fire into the air. The Anaheim Fire Department was called to the scene and the audience viewing area was quickly evacuated. No injuries were reported.

Sorcerer Mickey vs Maleficent (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Concept art

Original name:

  • World of Color
  • ↑ " OLC Announces Tokyo DisneySea to Reopen on April 28th - LaughingPlace.com: Disney World, Disneyland and More ". LaughingPlace.com. Retrieved on September 21, 2011.
  • ↑ Wonderful Union. " Official Site ". Chris Mann .
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Pictures of Fantasmic!

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Characters You Can Expect To See In Disney Hollywood Studios Fantasmic! – 2023 Update


Fantasmic! is one of Disney World’s most elaborate entertainment offerings. This 30 minute nighttime spectacular features character’s from a wide range of Disney films, old and new! When Fantasmic reopened in November 2022, the show included brand new sequences from Aladdin , Mulan , Moana , and Frozen . With so many characters in this show, you are likely to see one of your favorites! Read on to see which characters you can expect to find in Disney Hollywood Studios’ Fantasmic!

Mickey Mouse – Classic Outfit

Fantasmic is a journey through Mickey’s imagination, so of course the boss himself is in the show! Throughout Fantasmic, you will see Mickey appear is a few different outfits starting with his classic outfit.

Mickey Mouse Classic Outfit Fantasmic

The second segment of the show with characters is the Lion King. During this section, you will see lots of animals but the main character is Rafiki.

Raffiki Fantasmic

Next, just around the riverbend, is Pocahontas!


Following Pocahontas is one of the 2022 additions: Mulan. Mulan is shown training to the tune of “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”.

Mulan Fantasmic

After Mulan is Aladdin. This section, which features the song “One Jump Ahead”, is also new as of 2022.

Aladdin Fantasmic

Next is Elsa, who sings a song from Frozen 2: “Show Yourself”. During this new segment, Elsa also has a quite a magical costume change!

Elsa Fantasmic

The final new sequence is Moana. While she sings “How Far I’ll Go”, Moana actually walks out into the water!

Moana Fantasmic

Belle & The Beast

The next part of the show features 3 classic Disney Princesses as they dance with their princes. The first to appear are Belle and the Beast while “Tale As Old As Time” plays.

Belle and the Beast Fantasmic

Ariel & Prince Eric

Following Belle and the Beast are Ariel and Prince Eric. Ariel sits upon a rock while Eric dances around her to “Part Of You World”.

Ariel Fantasmic

Snow White & Prince Charming

Rounding out the Princess section is the very first Disney princess: Snow White. As she dances with her Prince Charming, “Someday My Prince Will Come” plays.

Snow White and Price Charming Fantasmic

Snow White’s evil queen appears next and ushers in the show’s villain segment.

Evil Queen Fantasmic

During the villain part of Fantasmic, Jafar, from Aladdin, shows up in the form of a snake! In this section, you will also see Mickey wearing his signature red shorts.

Jafar Fantasmic

The final villain to join the show is Maleficent. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Maleficent appearance without her transforming into a dragon.


Mickey Mouse – Sword In The Stone

To defeat Maleficent, Mickey must be brave and pull a sword from a stone!

Mickey Mouse Fantasmic

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie

Mickey has a quick outfit change before captaining a huge steamboat with the show’s main characters, plus some other favorites!

Mickey Mouse Fantasmic

Steamboat Characters

Aboard Mickey’s boat, you will see the characters that have been featured throughout the show along with a few others.


Sorcerer Mickey

The final act of Fantasmic begins with Sorcerer Mickey high above the crowd, atop the Fantasmic mountain. From this point, Mickey performs one of the most magical moments of the show!

Sorcerer Mickey. Photo: Emily Murray.

Who is your favorite character to see in Fantasmic? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

fantasmic disneyland characters

Emily Murray

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Fantasmic Water Screen

Introduction | Attraction | Touring Tips | Kids/Characters | Dining | Shopping | Interesting Facts


Taking place on the Rivers of America , Fantasmic! is a nighttime show where the power of Mickey’s imagination comes to life in an amazing spectacle of pyrotechnics, lasers, water screens, animation, fire and water effects and live action sequences featuring many favorite Disney characters and villains.

FANTASMIC! As the show begins the Rivers of America are dark and quiet. Mickey Mouse appears on the stage on Tom Sawyer Island and “conducts” the river to life in a blaze of lights, water fountains and fireworks. Three giant water screens rise from the river and a series of animations are projected on them.

The animated scenes shift to the African savanna. Out on the stage Kaa, the huge snake from the Jungle Book, slithers across the island. On the river, floating barges carry King Louie and his cavorting day-glo-colored monkeys around the river.

Other scenes combining stage action and water screen animation include the pink elephants from Dumbo , the Genie performing “Friend Like Me”, scenes from “The Little Mermaid” and “Finding Nemo”, and Monstro the whale.

There’s the sound of cannon fire as the Sailing Ship Columbia, which has been transformed into an eerie pirate ship , comes around the bend. In an action-filled scene, Captain Jack Sparrow duels skeletal pirates high in the rigging, while ghostly pirates pursue a damsel in distress on the decks below.

Fog rises on the island as Jasmine and Aladdin float above the clouds on their flying carpet. The “Whole New World” theme gives way to a medley of “Tale as Old as Time”, “Part of Your World”, and “At Last I See the Light” as the “dream come true” couples float by — Beauty and the Beast , Ariel and Eric, and Flynn Rider and Rapunzel.

The Magic Mirror appears on the mist screens and appears to trap Sorcerer Mickey in the Mirror. Suddenly the Wicked Witch from Snow White appears on stage and conjures up a series of villains to take over Mickey’s dream. Ursula , Chernabog and other nightmarish images appear on the water screens until there is a burst of flame on-stage. Sorcerer Mickey is freed from from the mirror but left to deal with Maleficent . Pointing at Mickey she laughs and in an amazing transformation sequence she becomes a 45′ dragon who breathes fire and sets the water ablaze.

But Mickey is equal to the task and in a burst of pyrotechnics he defeats the dragon, who vanishes in a shower of pixie dust.

The water screens again rise and Tinker Bell flies on screen, waving her wand. Amidst a flurry of fireworks the Mark Twain Riverboat comes into view, and a host of Disney characters wave banners as they float by, with Steamboat Willie at the helm.

As the riverboat disappears, Sorcerer Mickey appears high on the island stage and conducts a series of lasers and fireworks. He vanishes in a flash of fireworks, and Mickey Mouse appears on stage. He says: “Some imagination, huh?” , and on a final musical note the lights go out.

You can read about Walt Disney World’s version of Fantasmic! HERE.


Fantasmic! is a 25 minute show. It is presented seasonally — every night during the summer and peak times. In the off-season it usually is presented only on weekends. There are usually two shows per night, and on very busy nights a third show may be added.

As of late 2014, a Fastpass is required to view Fantasmic!. Viewing spots along the Rivers of America are no longer available on a first come-first serve basis, and these areas will be roped off several hours before showtime.

Each performance day, starting at park opening, Fastpasses are available from a kiosk near the Mark Twain dock. Each Fastpass designates a return location and a recommended return time. If there are multiple shows, all Fastpasses for the first show will be distributed before those for the second show become available. Guests may only hold one Fantasmic! Fastpass per day – you can not get a Fastpass for the early show and then later obtain one for the second show. Within each Fastpass area, viewing location is first come, first serve, so the earlier you line up, the better viewing you will have.

Some viewing locations require that everyone sit on the ground, and some require that everyone stand. Seating is on cement and pavement, so you might consider bringing something to sit on.

If you’re close to the water you may get sprayed with mist from the water screens.

There is some standby viewing for those who do not have Fastpasses. Some is on the upper tier of the viewing area, and some is off to the side with a more limited view. The locations seem to change, so ask a cast member for assistance.


Fantasmic! is free with park admission, but there are several dining packages available for those who wish to guarantee themselves a Fastpass and a better viewing location. All of these packages can be booked up to 60 days in advance by calling Disneyland Dining or booking online at disneyland.com. In the descriptions below, the prices do not include any applicable tax or gratuity.

The Blue Bayou offers a 3-course dinner package: appetizer, entree, and dessert. It is $65 for adults and $25 for kids ages 3-9. A Fantasmic! foam seating pad is included.

Review of the Blue Bayou Dining Package Blue Bayou Dining Package Menu

Through September 4, River Belle Terrace also offers a 3-course meal: $45 for adults and $25 for kids ages 3-9. A premium option is also available. For an additional $15/person, guests will dine at 8:00 and watch the 9:00 Fantasmic! show from their tables on the outdoor patio. This option is only available by calling Disneyland Dining directly at 714-781-3463.

Review of the Blue River Belle Terrace Dining Package River Belle Terrace Dining Package Menu

From September 5 through November 16, Cafe Orleans will offer a Fantasmic! dining package. The three-course meal is $45 for adults and $25 for kids.

An On-the-Go meal is available at Hungry Bear Restaurant . $29.99 for adults and $19.99 for kids. When making the reservation guests will schedule a time to pick up their meal, sometime between 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. The meal is served in a to-go tray, with a bottled beverage. A dining area is available at the Hungry Bear Restaurant, and it’s expected that most guests will choose to eat there. Pending availability, guests may also walk up and order a meal and receive the Fantasmic! Fastpass.


The area around the Rivers of America gets extremely crowded and congested before and after Fantasmic! Before and during the show Cast Members maintain a walkway all the way around so that there is some flow of traffic, but afterwards the area can turn into complete gridlock where it’s impossible to move. Keep your parties together as best you can and especially keep a tight hold on children – it’s very easy to become separated.

If you see the first show, stay in place, and you will be able to see the Disneyland fireworks. There will be projections on the mist screens similar to those you would see on Main Street.

Fantasmic! takes place during the night-time hours and is very dark in some places. Some scenes, especially those including the giant snake and the black dragon, and also the “nightmare” water screen sequence, may be too intense for children and some adults.

There are viewing areas available for guests in wheelchairs/ECVs and their parties – see a Cast Member for assistance.

Visitors with hearing impairments can arrange for a complimentary sign language interpretation of this show by calling Guest Relations at least a week in advance at 714-781-7290, or 714-781-7292 (TTY).


During the show, kids will be delighted to see Mickey in a tuxedo and as Sorcerer Mickey. Some favorite Disney character couples — Belle and Beast, Ariel and Eric, and Flynn and Rapunzel — drift by on brightly lit floats during one dreamy sequence. The pirate ship scene features Captain Jack Sparrow. During the finale, a parade of characters sail by on the Mark Twain, ranging from classic favorites like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mary Poppins and Cinderella, to more recent faces such as Tiana and the Toy Story gang.

As mentioned above, the area can be very dark — parents of children with a fear of the dark should be aware of this. In addition, there are lots of people crowded into a relatively small area — please be sure to keep your children near to you at all times.

There is a wide variety of counter service restaurants available in the New Orleans Square area. These restaurants get extremely busy and with the crowds it can be very difficult to get back to your party with food, so you might want to consider eating well before the show — or before you stake out your spot for the show.

Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square may offer some Fantasmic! merchandise.


Fantasmic! premiered at Disneyland on May 13, 1992. A newer version of the show, which introduced the fire-breathing dragon, premiered on June 12, 2009 . The current version premiered on July 17, 2017 .

The Florida version of the show opened at Disney-MGM Studios in October 1998 where it is presented in the specially designed Hollywood Hills Amphitheater which seats 6500 people.

Fantasmic! features a cast and crew of over 100 . Most of the performers have multiple rolls.

Kaa the snake is 100 feet long and the Maleficent dragon is 45 feet tall.

The three water screens are 30 feet tall and 60 feet wide.

Additional water effects include 21 fountains and six “whale tails” in the scene when Monstro the whale charges across the Rivers of America.

If you have comments or tips to share with others about touring Disneyland, please email us . Thank you.

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When Dreams Come to Life

As darkness falls, dazzling special effects transform the Rivers of America into an epic canvas for this extravagant live show.

Fast asleep, Mickey dreams he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. With a wave of his hands, he conducts scenes from Fantasia across enormous screens of water while brilliant sparks burst overhead. Pink elephants, swashbuckling pirates, princesses and more—including memorable scenes from Disney classics such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean —appear on and around the Rivers of America.

When Mickey is suddenly pulled into the Magic Mirror, his dream takes a dark turn. The Evil Queen from Snow White conjures up some of Disney's most dastardly villains! Mickey must use the power of his imagination to vanquish his foes—and save the day.

Featuring a fantastical array of live performers, beloved Disney characters, enhanced special effects, state-of-the-art projections and superb pyrotechnics, this show will wow the entire family.

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fantasmic disneyland characters

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fantasmic disneyland characters

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New Disney character is added to Fantasmic!

New Disney character is added to Fantasmic!

Do you love Fantasmic!? You will not want to miss the new character that now appears in this newly imagined show.

Reimagined Fantasmic!

fantasmic disneyland characters

Guests visiting Disneyland have enjoyed Fantasmic! since May 28th. East Coast Disney fans packed Disney’s Hollywood Studios on November 3rd for the grand return of Fantasmic!. Guests on both coasts absolutely love this show.

With the grand return of Fantasmic!, Disney shared that  “a new show sequence featuring Disney characters – Mulan, Elsa, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Moana – in heroic moments, as well as new technical enhancements.” You can check out images from these new scenes HERE.

fantasmic disneyland characters

Even with these newly added scenes, Disney fans wished that more of the most recent Disney and Pixar stars could be added to this nighttime show. It appears that Disney listened and delivered in a BIG way.

New Character added to Fantamsic!

fantasmic disneyland characters

Now a brand new Disney character is added to the grand finale scene of Fantasmic! As our favorite Captain Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse steers a huge boat we see many of our favorite Disney classical characters such as Peter Pan to our newer Dinsey favorites such as Moana.

Guests visiting Disneyland noticed that a new, familiar face is now added to Fantasmic! When the grand finale began, Disney characters waved streamers and danced along to this triumphant celebration. On Saturday, December 3rd Mirabel from Encanto was featured in this grand finale.

Check out this image shared on Instagram:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emmanuel Elefante (@dl05elefante)

At this time, we have not seen Mirabel appear in Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World, but we are hopeful that she may soon join this great cast of Disney characters.

Guests spotted Mirabel from Encanto included in the grand finale scene at Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

What do you think of this newly imagined Fantasmic! show? Do you think newer characters should be featured? Do you think more recent Disney and Pixar characters will be added to the finale? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

fantasmic disneyland characters

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Mickey Mouse stands on a stage near water jets

A Legendary Tale

A night when dreams come true.

The fantastic fantasy includes Disney Characters from some of your favorite animated films:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Lion King

Know Before You Go

For showtimes, please check our Entertainment Schedule  or the My Disney Experience app .

The amphitheater curves around the lagoon, so wherever you’re seated, you’re perfectly situated to experience the action. Guests sitting in the first couple of rows may get wet during the performance.

Please have your entire party together before entering the amphitheater. You may arrive as early as 90 minutes prior to each show. Be sure to arrive early to get a seat! 

Since this is an outdoor show, it is also subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Showtimes are subject to change.

fantasmic disneyland characters

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