divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

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divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

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7. Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Phantom Forest & Luculla Forest III

You may hit level 19 in this area depending on how you've played the game up until this point. If that's the case you want to KEEP the talent point you receive at level 19. DO NOT spend it at all for the rest of the game otherwise you will miss an achievement.

Phantom Forest

As you enter the area, Zixzax appears and talks about demons coming through a void, and the homestead being attacked. As mentioned before we aren't ready to tackle this yet so keep moving along SW and you'll come across a waypoint shrine (Phantom Forest - Waterfall)(x:53, y:38). From there head SE and take the lower path S along being careful of Tangleweeds which are traps. Eventually you'll come across the entrance to Hunter's Edge and Hortun will speak to you, exhaust his dialogue. Hortun is a vendor but we're gonna lose him real soon so buy anything now.

Just to the S of Hortun is Arhu, speak with him and exhaust his dialogue. Nearby will be another cat Jinx, exhaust her dialogue. Head E to approach the gates, win the RPS check to gain access to the village and to unlock

You made it into Hunter's Edge.

Sleeping village

Head into town and go to the Inn (x:388, y:67) and Jahrl will talk with you with an Orc, exhaust their dialogue. Follow Jahrl and exhaust his dialogue. Talk with Madora and respond "

Head to the upstairs of the Inn, feel free to loot as everyone's already dead. Talk with Norok and have Madora speak with him, hopefully by now you've made enough correct decisions. Basically you want Madora to forgive him, and for the conversation to NOT end up in combat. For the record my friends game ended in combat, mine did not however look at the Sister of Mercy page if this did not pop for you. This achievement has been known to be iffy and weird because of Madora's responses.

You've taught Madora the value of mercy.

Sister of Mercy

Feel free to loot the upstairs, head downstairs and talk with Hershel and exhaust his dialogue, if you're in need of gold then loot the area except for the area where Grutilda is. Head E around the building and head to the waypoint shrine next to the stream next to the building (Phantom Forest - Hunter's Edge)(x:345, y:39)

Head across the stream and the N to find Michaelis a skeleton walking around a fountain filled with skills. Speak with him and tell him that the soul is more than just the body. From here head back towards the Inn and you'll come across an orc and an immaculate in front of 3 hung corpses, speak with them both, barter/buy the idol from the immaculate and you should start a quest. Head back across the bridge and go up the stairs to the E to find an orc and a human beside a fire, tell them you know their secret and you're going to keep it.

Head into the building beside the lovers and talk with the Orc and exhaust his dialogue. Head back across the bridge and on the S side you'll notice Nurt, an orc hiding behind a cart who is hiding from Gultida if you exhaust his dialogue. He also sells Tenebrium weapons so remember this guy, he's key later. Head across, in the lane just N of the Inn is the Ratcatcher, exhaust the dialogue.

Combine cheese with a poison bottle (you can get both in Cyseal marketplace) and drop/throw it in front of the rat hole on the bridge. Out will pop the Rat King so speak with him and exhaust his dialogue, head to the downstairs of the Inn. Attack/Pick the lock to Hershel's chest to find the armoury key, then interact with the rat palace which will pop out the Rat King, kill him to advance a quest. Head upstairs and talk with Hershel and ask him about the Armory Key for an RPS check (not that it matters since we have the key but its still good exp).

Head S from the Inn into Hortun & Charla's home (x:390, y:32). Loot the area, and be sure to read Princess Cordelia's Diary. Split off a party member who has high fire resistance and enter the hatch. Downstairs there are fireballs being thrown through the hallway, which at the end is a pressure plate that you DO want to step on as it stops the fireballs. Loot the area as you see fit, then drop the idol you bought earlier inside the hexagram on the floor and interact with it, and choose to free the souls.


You brewed a fine whisky for Hershel.

Whisky in the jar

Head back into the building where Jahrl is and head into the nearby hatch, telling the guard that you have permission. Open the iron door underneath the stairs and tell them you want a shot at breaking the prisoner to do a RPS check. Talk to the NPC and tell him who you are, a fight will ensue after with most of the NPCs in the jail growing hostile to you. Note that the Mountain Man enemies hit super hard so try to focus them down ASAP. Loot the key, and go through opening the doors of the prison, you may have another fight depending on who got aggro'd into last fight. In the far NE room there is a button that moves the bookcase, go back to the prisoners and tell them it's time to leave.

Follow them through the secret tunnel, they'llstop so go ahead and you'll encounter a pretty annoying battle with fungi and zombies. There's also a tunnel near the back of them that you need to destroy in order for zombies to stop spawning which is slightly annoying. If you have summons I suggest making use of Nick here as the enemies utilize poison a lot which heals him. Once the combat has ended return to the NPCs to tell them the way is clear.

Head W up the trail to find the bridge, and final troll toll we walked by when we first got to this area (x:128, y:54). No matter what dialogue you choose it always ends up in combat. Nearby is an offering scale, hold 501 gold in your hand and put it into the scale to receive a chest. Teleport to Phantom Forest - Hunters Edge and head out the SE gate (not the doors, there's an archway just S of the doors)(x:405, y:39) and keep heading E to find Zandalor's house (x

Talk with Jagor for an RPS check and to learn more information about the house. If you wrap around the outside of the building to the E most area, you should see some beehives, inside one of them is a key. Teleport to Phantom Forest - Hunters Edge and head across the stream, and if you hug the SW side of the map going around you should come across a massive boulder you can interact with (x:316, y:18). Attacking the boulder will reveal a hatch. Head down and talk with the hiding servants there and exhaust dialogue. Split up a party member who has high fire resistance again, and send them through the portal.

All the traps will go off as you teleport into the house, immediately head upstairs. Take care of the mines and loot the area grabbing the phantom protection amulet, Head into the S most room, ignore the chest for now. Interact with the 4 candlesticks and head through the portal. Pick up the Titan Dictionary then hit the lever to remove the blue barriers, enter the last room and hit the lever deactivating traps from the house and make sure you loot the area, including the Wizard cellar key. Switch back to the other party members and talk with the family, telling them the way is clear. If you talk to the chest in the room with the 4 candlesticks we can open it now, answer with Icara and it will open its contents to you.

Make sure to loot the downstairs area, there's a button that moves a bookcase to get into the nearby room. Pick up Zandalor's spell and position yourself on the SE side of the table dining table in the main room and read the spell, you should have the cellar hatch appear, loot the area and most importantly take note of the Invulnerability spell. This is key for the final boss in the game especially if you're on Honour mode.

Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Hunters Edge and head to the archway to Zandalor's house, but this time take the doorway beside that arch leading out. Along the path you'll see blood stains as you go and eventually run into a group of orcs who will RPS check you (x:450, y:129). Kill them afterwards, and follow the path up and interact with the air vent. Switch the nearby lever, then head down the nearby E stairs to find another lever between two statues. Head to the W side of this platform and there's another lever hidden behind a tree that disappears when you move close enough. Head back up the stairs and you should see that the gate has now opened, head into the tomb.

Move forward and you'll hit an RPS check, if you didn't pick up the Titan Dictionary from Zandalor's house you'll be thrust into a pretty hard encounter. Split up your party member with the highest perception and give them a pyramid, go halfway up the right staircase and save. This next part is super annoying, you'll have to navigate your way to the middle circle of the room using only WARM areas, if you are CHILLED then quickly turn back otherwise you will die. Just move slowly it's not too difficult, if you have multiple status' pop up just stand still so that one remains and you know whether you're safe or to turn back, you could look up a video to see where to step but I found on Tactician mode that even with 11 perception I was not able to see the footstep path so I had to do it blind. Once you hit the stairs in the middle of the area, with a grate on the platform you're free to have the rest of the team teleport to you.

Head up the stairs and open the door, loot the body ahead to advance the quest. Head up the stairs and talk with the two NPCs and tell them about the Imps at Homestead to resolve a quest (and get rid of those annoying imps blocking you in the homestead). Open the tomb to unlock a star stone. Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Hunters Edge and go talk to Jahrl about the star stone, he'll head to Grutilda but make sure you save your game on the way. This will start a huge fight in the town between the Orcs and the Mountain men. Note that the Mountain Men are neutral to you, but can still damage you as you can damage them. Just run around town following the mountain men into combat for exp, don't worry about loot right now.

Afterwards talk with any of the mountain men ending the quest. Make sure you run around looting all the items that dropped from Orcs, also in the Inn you can loot the area where Grutilda was and if you interact with the torch on the fireplace a hatch appears, loot downstairs, as well as Jahrls barracks. Before you sell anything make sure you keep at least one Tenebrium weapon.

Luculla Forest

Teleport back to Luculla Forest - Goblin Village, time to clean up this area of the game. For comparison, I was halfway through level 18 by now. If you don't have invisibility potions or spells by now, craft some or buy some in Silverglen.Head back to the spider queen and head N. Eventually you'll come to a building with lava everywhere (x:95, y:264), if you have tornado try to remove some of the lava. Inside the building you want to go to the far left, as the other 2 paths have obstacles that are more trouble than the effort worth put into them, you'll run into an immaculate for an RPS check. You don't want to fight here as some of the immaculate mages can summon air elementals which can teleport you into the lava for instant death (cheap) so the choice is yours. Just follow along the path until you come to a mirror portal and enter it.

From here on out immaculates will attack you, dispatch of the first group and save. Do not go up the hill past the pillar, instead use your invisibility character to sneak past the hounds who are immune to damage, and the immaculate. To the right and down some stairs you should see a huge blood stone. You need a tenebrium weapon to destroy it after which you unlock

You have saved the Homestead on the Shelter Plane at the End of Time.

Gimme shelter

Zixzax teleports to you to tell you the good news, Teleport to end of time to activate the rest of the portals that you've unlocked. You'll also see the two hunters take off with the Imps. Teleport to Luculla Forest - Sacred Stone, head SW and you'll want to come to a cave entrance (x:291, y:299) Enter the cave then follow the path and go up the ladder, in this area head along the left side of the room and go into the Teleporter surrounded by snow. Just around the teleporter a mound will show if you have high enough perception. Speak with the weresheep ghost and it will tell you where to find the weresheep. That's it for Luculla Forest. You can run around and clean up any encounters that you want. You want 1 stardust herb (Just NW of Luculla Forest - Cyseal Road if you didn't loot earlier), and some disarm trap toolkits, as well as getting a character to 100% fire resistance as well as burning immunity.

Teleport to Phantom Forest - Waterfall, and head E to a log with some green wind shooting at you, Arhu will interrupt you so exhaust his dialogue and learn a startling revelation. Equip a character with the Phantom Protection Amulet and give them an amulet and send them through the log, immediately go to the left and once you exit the gas shroud, teleport your party to you and you'll also unlock

You have safely entered Phantom Forest.

Feeble screams from forests unknown

Note that going through this area you will run into Death Knights, do not forget to use your Death Knight Bane spell that lasts 4 rounds, they hit extremely hard but are susceptible to CC. Head N avoiding the stairs that you see (which spawn lava traps!) until you can head E on the other side of the square the stairs lead up to. Eventually you should come to a waypoint shrine (Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground)(x:130, y:250). Head N from the waypoint and you should come across a tree with a bunch of markings on it (x:110, y:304). Drop the Stardust Herb in front of the tree and The Last Weresheep should appear unlocking

You have met the legendary weresheep!

Bah Bah Dead Sheep

Make sure you use the Charm option to get a piece of it's wool. Keep going along the path and eventually you'll run into Imal the Squeaker who will attack you. Defeat him and loot Voxwood, Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground and head W to go up the path beside the one we just went down. You'll come across Cassandra who has Arhu imprisoned, exhaust Cassandra's dialogue.

Head back S to where the stairs lead up to a square (x:83, y:168) and save, upcoming is a part that deals with lava. At the top of the stairs are Sentinel statues which if see you, activate lava traps. What you can do is use invisibility and send that character forward to disarm the trap to make the way safe. There are rock pressure plates near each statue that destroys them, but since we're going to disarm the traps its a novelty to destroy them. After you've disarmed all the traps collect your group up top. Put one of your pyramids on the middle stone area with a bunch of corpses, then hit the lever causing all of it to disappear. Teleport to your pyramid to enter the temple of death.

Go down the path and right before you enter the room save here, split off your tank from the group and interact with the center tomb, quickly run back to your party cause combat with around 10 skeletons happens, the room also fills with poison so if you have fire damage it helps immensely as it not only damages the undead, but it causes a smoke screen which will force the rangers to come close range to you.

Head to the NE side of this area and you should see an Oddly-Shaped Skull you can interact with to drop the bridge, head over it and in the next area go next to the broken path, there should be another Oddly-Shaped Skull nearby you can interact with that will raise the bridge, moving over the bridge you'll encounter some ghost wolves.

After combat head SE. This is where your fire resistant character comes into play, as you can cross the lava that blocks your way. Split that member from the party and send them forward with the pyramid, when you get to the other side teleport to that member. Head down the S path but make sure you lead with your perception character as there are a bunch of mines along the way. When you get to the laboratory there is a waypoint shrine here (Phantom Forest - Alchemy Lab) as well as look in the area for Bottled Voice and be sure to pick it up. Combine it with the Voxwood we got earlier then teleport to The End of Time. Head to the hall of heroes, and give the potion to Wolgraff to unlock

You've given Wolgraff his voice back.

That Voice Again

Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground and head S from there, you want to reach the far S/SE of this area now until eventually you get to an area where you have to head down some stairs heading E(x:240, y:143). There are quite a few death knights around here so be aware. You can sneak past them with invisibility if you don't wish to fight. Heading down those stairs you'll eventually come to a waypoint shrine (Phantom Forest - Swamp)(x:299, y:221).

Note that while in here there will be eyeball sentries that charge you and detonate, the best thing to do is try to take them out before you enter combat. That being said head SW and just stick to the exterior walls of the swamp, eventually you'll have to curl back SE until you reach a pile of gold (x:365, y:138). Interact with the Gold and Bellager will appear and talk with you, after teleport to Phantom Forest - Bellagers maze and head forward until you get to the puzzle.

Basically for the puzzle, there are 3 animals the chicken will change into, a cat, a rat, and a dog. There are 3 foods that are related to the animals, bone, fish, and cheese. You want to try to get the animal to the the green square of its preferred food. What makes it frustrating is that if there is more than 1 food choice around the animal, its movements is random and erratic which can make this long and frustrating. Each lever changes the animal into a cat, rat or dog. Once you open all 3 doors you'll unlock

You have solved Bellegar's maze.


Teleport to Phantom Forest - Swamp and this time head along the NE edge of the swamp and then head S along that exterior, you'll run into a shambling oak and potentially some more eyeball sentries, keep along the E side and eventually you'll come to a cabin (x:392, y:246) where there are some enemies outside that you will have to fight. Head down the hatch inside the cabin. Save before you move forward, this is a pretty hard fight.

First of all there's a few adds who hit hard in this fight who like to bypass your tank and go for your ranged/mages for some reason, the second thing is that there are tormented NPCs in the corners who don't attack, but when they take damage from Balberith they heal Balberith, so you dont really have to worry about them. Lastly Balberith himself hits pretty hard and can cast fireball so keep a bit of a spread going. The bonecrushers seemed easy to to hit charm arrows on so using htose is a recommended strategy. After you kill Balberith you'll unlock

You helped Jahan face his demons.

The Deal

After the fight loot everything, then open the gate and talk with the earth elemental locked up and buy the stasis fern from it. Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground and head back up to Cassandra, save before you get to her though. Give her the Stasis Fern to unlock

You locked up Arhu and forced him to become human.

Wicked young man

Reload your save and give the stasis fern to Arhu to unlock

Arhu is a cat forever! If you ever have a problem with mice, you know who to call.

Stray Cat Strut

Reload your save one more time and teleport to Phantom Forest - Alchemy Lab. Backtrack to where the lava path was and head NE through a secret doorway instead of over the lava path (look at your minimap for the path). Head forward and underneath the tombstone you can dig up a skeleton, attack and destroy it. Behind the tombstone you can see a bloodstone in the eye of face-rock. Teleport back to Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground and head up and talk to Cassandra who will scream about her skeleton and attack you.

It's a pretty straight forward, fight except that she'll endlessly summon skeletons, but once she dies all of her summon dies so just CC her right away then pound away. After you kill her you unlock

You have killed Cassandra to get hold of the soul forge repair ritual.

To hell with the devil

Loot everything than free Arhu and he'll thank you and go back to the End of Time. Teleport to Phantom Forest - Swamp and head N up some stairs, you'll see some immaculate signs and there will be death knight in a huge courtyard like area (x:224, y:241). Be aware that there are lava traps here so you need your lava character split up from the party with a pyramid.

The sentry here will spit fireballs onto the oiled area causing burning/fire damage so you need your 100% fire resistance char to do this one. There are baskets strewn around this area, pick up 4 of them and in the W corner there is a pressure plate (x:219, y:237), put 5 of the basket (or 5lb of items) on this plate and the door in the E corner will open, go through and put the oil barrel on the lava trap and step on the plate in front of it to knock out the earth switch. Head back down the stairs to the swamp and head E to find another entrance up to the puzzle area (x:269, y:284).

Just head forward with your fire resistance character to find a lever at the back, hit that and destroy the statue, then collect your party and continue through the archway to the N, lead with your perception character as there are traps a plenty ahead. In the middle of this area you'll find a platform with a few statue spots but they're missing. There is a fish statue just to the N of the platform (x:213, y:362) and put it on the E most statue spot. Now head E from the platform to find the worshipper statue (x:247, y:351) and put it on the SW most statue spot. Then head SW from the platform to find the knight statue (x:224, y:315) and put it on the W most statue spot. Hit the lever and a mirror will appear, go through and step on the plate to knock out the water switch. Split off your fire resistance char and with that character teleport to Phantom Forest - Thorny Ground.

Head SE from the shrine, then once you cross the makeshift bridge head NE until you come to a gate, using your other members of the party at the levers, navigate your single member through all the gates and step on the fire switch in the SE corner once you've gone through all the gates.

Head out of that area and head SE to the final gate leading to the area (x:228, y:208). Teleport scroll/spell a character through the gate but be wary that a demon does spawn, so pyramid teleport to your lone ally to clean up the fight and go step on the plate being wary of traps, then grab the key and open the gate leading NE, which leads to the area we cleared first. If you head to the NE stairs you should notice that the 4 switches are now green. Save before you interact with the door, it's boss fight time.

Raalzen Ax'aroth

This boss can be a pain in the ass, everything is fire immune so make it rain to weaken the enemies and allow you to stun/freeze a bit easier. Take out the adds quickly, as the boss can mark you for death meaning you die in a short amount of turns if you don't kill the boss in that time. He also has an ability that makes your character die/explode to damage nearby members unless you get to the golden area that shows. The frenzied corpses in the area explode, but they heal the boss so be aware of that, since it's fire damage. Also he can summon more voids and uses fire spells from afar. My advice is to try and stun/CC the boss, focus down the weak hounds ASAP then pound hard and fast as usual, summons are really good here too. Really abuse the save/load system here.

After the battle loot the area, and enter the temple to unlock

You have made it into the Source Temple.

Grizzled finale

Right next to you will be a waypoint shrine (Source Temple - Entrance). Head along the path E and you'll enter a path where there's a broken mirror, on the N side of this area next to some vases you should find a dig spot with the star stone. If you look at your map, you'll see a clear path on the N side of this area, if you go to where the two paths meet, you should see a button on a boulder to the left of the path which should clear the path through. Follow it along and if you have unlocked all the rooms in the Homestead the door will open when you talk with it, if not you should have a few spare stones in your inventory if you've been following along. Just activate them and go back to homestead to have Zixzax take you to all the rooms. Once you get into the room with the face door you'll unlock another waypoint shrine moving forward (Source Temple - Main Chamber)

As there's no achievement related to it, I'm not going to do the puzzles with the portals in this room, head NW past the head statue and up to a room with a stone circle on the ground with a bunch of candles on it. In order;

  • Light all of the candles except for the one in the middle and wait until lightning strikes.
  • Light only the center candle and wait until lightning strikes
  • Light any 3 of the outer candles and wait until lightning strikes

The doorway should be revealed after completing this and you'll unlock

You have finished the Trial of Ascension.

Skull crushing finale

Save here as there is lava going forward, but it shouldn't be anything too difficult. At the end you'll see Zandalor, go up and interact with him and some story related stuff will happen that I won't spoil. and after exhausting dialogue you'll also unlock

You have found Zandalor.

The wizard

Teleport to The End of Time and Zixzax will lead you to the portal which is the point of no return!! I was level 20 by now, if you aren't you can run around literally killing everything (including friendly NPCs) in all areas but don't do that in Homestead if you think you can level up off of it. I would recommend you head to the elemental forge in Hiberheim and using the weresheep wool on it, as it gives you extremely good armor for a rogue/ranger. Talk with all the NPCs here when you're ready and you'll be teleported to a messed up first garden.

Moving forward to the first portal respond; I suppose you mean me, then interact again to move on. At the next portal respond with how you are a deserter to move on. Just walk through the next portal which will take you to the King Crab Inn where everything is spelled backwards and you'll unlock

You have entered the Gnik Barc Nni.

King Crab

Go down the hatch and grab the key from the tome. Go back upstairs and unlock the door to the portal, and go through the portals until you get to a room with a blue barrier, go around the screen and interact with the fish in the tub to have the barrier drop and head out the SE door down the hall, burn Astarte's body by attacking it and then open her ashes to find a key. Head back to the inn and head NE this time to open the door. Save here cause it's boss fight time as you move forward.

Hella annoying fight. Trife and the summons he has to start the fight are immune to lightning, and not only that he summons copies of Arhu, Icara, Zixzax and Zandalor and they all hit hard. He can also charm your party members and can do stuff from the Witchcraft skilltree. A strategy to use is to summon something, as he usually will waste a turn to destroy that summon effectively using all of his AP. He also has a lot of resistances to CC spells so if you're going for the usual strategy you may be doing a lot of save/loading. In order of priority; Zandalor, Arhu, Icara, Void Demons, Trife. If you've been saving up Master Spell scrolls throughout the game and not needing them, time to start unloading because if you can't start taking down the summons it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. If you kill Trife then his summons all die too.

After the battle destroy the Crystal Horror (spelled backwards) to be teleported to your next fight. This one Icara and Zandalor will be joining you for the next battle so head up the stairs and go through the portal. Move forward to fight Leandra.

This fight is super long, and super annoying too but nothing too difficult. Leandra will summon a bunch of demons that cast Void Aura on another demon and Leandra essentially making them invulnerable for 2 turns, but leaving one of them able to be damaged. Basically you need to eliminate them one by one until it's only Leandra left in order to damage her. She also can summon wards, and elementals making her/it invulnerable to elements and physical damage. Make sure to use turns to heal your party appropriately if the opponents are invulnerable.

Save immediately after the battle, choose to combine Icara and Leandra together and choose to take her with you to fight the final boss to unlock

You forged Icara and Leandra's souls.

The Glimmer Twins

Reload your game but this time do NOT let Leandra and Icara fuse together. This is pivotal to the last boss battle as we don't want a potential ally turning on us.

Equip the wand you're given and cast the new spell on the portal to activate it, KEEP THE WAND EQUIPPED and move forward, you'll come to an area where you can see some death knights ahead. You can actually cast the new spell on a few of them without entering combat to make combat easier, when you do enter combat just summon monsters and save and hope that your summons can distract the death knights so that your character that can insta-kill the death knights can finish them off. Also more than likely your NPC allies will rush ahead, distracting the death knights too.

You'll come across Brian. This is your last chance to identify/repair/buy any items that appeal to you. Make sure going forward you're fully healed, head down towards the chest for the final boss fight of the game.

Void Dragon

Thankfully you should have a party of 7 in this combat (Your 2 source hunters, 2 companions, Zandalor, Astarte). Obviously as the last boss of the game, the void dragon hits super duper hard, and he likes to summon too. Make good use of your summons and master spells here and unload everything you have ASAP into the Void Dragon. The NPCs that you can't control like to buff your party and focus on the summons so hopefully they can distract them enough that you can focus the Dragon down. I didn't really have much of a strategy other than I made sure to utilize the save/reload for CC attempts, and when a string of enemies had their turn in a row. Note that you have to keep Astarte alive for the battle otherwise it goes to game over (although that game-over screen prompt is HIGHLY amusing to see).

Congratulations on beating the final boss of the game! After you speak with Astarte and end up in the Source Hunter Academy, you should have one talent point saved from before if you followed this guide. Time to use it to learn the Lone Wolf talent. Just follow the linear path inside the Source Hunter Academy until your Source Hunters dialogue with each other at the end. It'll cut to Zixzax and end his dialogue to end the game, and pop a few achievements.

You finished the game with the Lone Wolf trait.


You have totally, completely, and utterly finished the game.

Grande finale

You finished the game in Tactician mode.

Kill With Power

and if you're on Honour mode you'll unlock

You finished the game in Honour Mode.

Never Say Die

Part 19: Source Temple & Finishing Quests

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

You are on the precipice of the ending. The Source Temple itself is a very short area without any enemies, but it will unlock the way to the finale. After getting through it, you'll have one more chance to finish up and quests that remain behind. Finishing all the quests will take a little time, but the rewards are worth it. By the end of this section, you should have achieved Level 21.

From where you fought the Death Lord in northeastern Phantom Forest, walk northwest to the door (as shown in the top screenshot). Interact with the door and, if you collected the Temple Rune from Balberith, you'll be allowed inside. Getting in automatically triggers the Inside the Source Temple side quest.

Once you're in, you'll trigger a Waypoint Portal. The initial path is linear. When you come to the small “room” with stone benches, you'll want to bear north because there is a dig spot containing a Star Stone. If you have been strictly following the walkthrough , this is your 12th Star Stone.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Continue east from there and you'll find a shattered mirror portal. Make sure that seeing it triggered a quest update. Double back west while taking the northern path, and you'll encounter a large pile of rocks. Zoom the camera in close, because there is a small switch just beside the rocks. Interact with the switch to make the rocks disappear.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Continue along the new path and you'll reach a door with a giant face in it. Speak to it, and it will check to see how many Star Stones you've activated (including Blood Stones). If you have at least twelve, you'll be permitted to enter.

Past the door, you'll be in a tiny hub area with a Waypoint Portal. The hub area features many doors and traps. Beyond it to the northwest is a ring of unlit candles. The candles are collectively a combination lock that blocks the door to proceed.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

To find the combination, you must undergo the puzzles and obstacles that are through the various doors around the hub. There are three total books as your rewards for the various puzzles (one book per puzzle) that give you the complete combination. Collecting and reading the books is completely optional, however. If you just want to get to it, click the spoiler tag below for the proper combination.

After the combination is input, the bookshelf northwest of the candle platform will disappear, and you'll resolve Inside the Source Temple . Follow the new path, and you'll find Zandalor at the end of it.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Speak to Zandalor to hear an update on what's going on with the Conduit. You'll resolve Follow the Wizard , and Zandalor will teleport to the Homestead .

You now have access to the final boss, but it's a one way trip. Before going, we should finish off a few quests that have so far eluded us.

First, make sure you're carrying at least one Stardust Herb, then teleport to Phantom Forest North. Upon arriving, go along the north path. It comes to a dead-end, but about halfway along, you'll see a tree with complicated runes on the north edge of the path.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

This is the “Kickstarter Tree,” and when interacted with, you'll get a credits roll that features messages written by some of the backers of the game. The Kickstarter Tree itself does nothing for your quest, but it's a nice landmark.

Next, take out your Stardust Herb and put it on the ground near the Kickstarter Tree. You'll need to wait a couple seconds, but the famous Weresheep should come bounding in from the south. He's not hostile and merely hangs around. Note that he eats your Stardust Herb, so if you placed down a stack, you'll also lose the whole stack.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Even if you have the Pet Pal perk, the Weresheep is not a conversationalist. If you wish to leave him in peace, you can, but doing so won't help your quest log. Attack him with your strongest move for a first strike, and he'll engage you.

The Weresheep is at Level 20. He has strong offense and a lot of hit points, but he doesn't have a lot of action points to work with and generally won't attack more than a couple times per turn. He should be easy to defeat, and upon death, he'll drop a Weresheep Wool.

Now teleport to Hiberheim Castle, then head northeast until you're at the elemental forge. Click-drag the wool onto the forge. No levels of Crafting or Blacksmithing are required.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Regardless of which character did the click-drag, your first Source Hunter will get a full set of Weresheep Armor that provides high defenses against pretty much everything. Consider giving the chest armor to your front-line fighter if nothing else; you're going to need that Fire Resistance later. This will finally solve The Legend of the Weresheep , the longest outstanding quest in your log.

Next, check over your quest log. We're going to resolve War of the Stones , but doing so will also cancel several others. If you have not yet completed To Be, or Not To Be , The Armory Key , The Star-Crossed Lovers , The Back-Alley Trader , or Distill My Heart , you should do those now if you want.

Teleport to Hunter's Edge, then exit out of the southeast gate. Follow the blood trails until you return to the circular grate, which sits in front of an iron gate.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

The two sets of three red dots flanking the gate are lights: it takes three levers to open the gate. Luckily, the levers are close by, but they may be hard to spot. You can throw the levers in any order.

The first lever is almost adjacent to the circular grate, just to the southwest of it on the same level. It sits in the shadow of one the statues and is hard to see. Check out the screenshot below, including the outline of the lever.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

The second lever is slightly northwest. Walk down the curved steps, then look northwest at the corner of the banister. You'll see a tree between two female statues, but the tree isn't tangible. Walk through it, and the lever is in plain sight behind it.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Finally, go southeast past the foot of the other set of curved steps. This time, there is nothing blocking you, although with the default camera angle (with north oriented to the top of the screen) you may not realize the path is clear since another female statue obscures the ground. You'll find the lever in plain sight, as seen below.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

This opens the iron gate at the top of the stairs. Continue through it, then take the steps down.

You'll find yourself in a long open hallway. At the far end, you'll be spotted by a Titan. If you're carrying the Titan Dictionary that you looted from Zandalor's house, you can debate him to pass freely. If not, or if the debate goes badly, you'll have to engage him.

For the next area, you'll need to break off a party member; choose the one with the highest Perception, especially if she's carrying some extra Perception Potions. Climb either set of curved steps that flank the Titan, then start to walk slowly . The next area requires you to take a specific path, and if you stray, you'll instantly die.

Above your character's head, you'll notice that you'll almost constantly change status ailments as you get warm or cold. This is the game's way of literally playing a game of Hot/Cold with you: as long as you're “warm,” you're on the right track. If you're “chilled,” you need to take a step in the opposite direction you were just going.

That said, you can avoid the hassle if your perception picks up footprints in the ground. Stay on those footprints, work intersection to intersection, and you'll make it to the far platform after going up some stairs. (Note that the screenshot below shows the whole party coming along, and while this is possible, it's not recommended.)

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Once you're there, go northeast until you find a corpse. Loot it, and you'll find a letter and a broken horn, which will update War of the Stones .

Continue northeast and you'll encounter two guards conversing at the end of the path. Speak to them to trigger The Watch is Coming . They're looking for the red imps who now inhabit your Homestead , and they ask for your help in finding them. You can tell them the truth or lie. Either way, you need to follow them (to Cyseal Beach in the latter or the Homestead in the former) to resolve the quest.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Open the sarcophagus behind them to collect another Star Stone, then teleport back to Hunter's Edge. Speak to Jahrl and tell him you have proof the orcs stole the stones. He'll bring his men to the tavern, then call out Grutilda and confront her with the evidence. Thus begins a large-scale battle with the entire town, and any unresolved Hunter's Edge quests except Revenge of the Source Hunter will cancel. They'll be filed as “complete” in your log, but you will not be rewarded from them.

This kicks off a very long sequence as the humans and orcs start fighting each other. Jahrl and his men are considered neutral to you, and they will not attack you unless you strike them with area attacks. However, the orcs will be hostile, and you'll need to defend yourself. If you completed Distill My Heart , you'll have a slightly easier time.

Still, even if your party is at Level 20 or 21 by now, this battle can be difficult just because of the sheer numbers involved. You'll likely even be attacked by Michaelis, the skeleton you helped with To Be, or Not To Be . There are so many people fighting each other that the turn portraits at the top of the screen may get little right-pointing arrows because one row can't display it all!

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Be sure to keep your party together and aim carefully. Only attack one enemy at a time, and do not risk using any attack that can strike the humans. Even if you do this though, you may wind up getting attacked by some of the humans in the northwest side of the town. Defend yourself as necessary. Remember that no NPC in particular needs to survive this; it's entirely probable that Jahrl dies early.

Even if the city seems clear, you'll get a journal update once the last orc dies, so if you don't see it, one of them still lives. (Remember that this does not count the Norok the Spine Breaker who resides on the top floor of the tavern.) Don't forget that there are a couple orcs hanging out at the entrance of Zandalor's house.

Once all the orcs are dead, speak to any of the neutral humans. They'll thank you for your help, and they'll all leave the city, thus resolving War of the Stones . The only citizen who remains in Hunter's Edge is Hershel, assuming you let him live at the end of Distill My Heart .

Once the city clear, head upstairs in the tavern to confront Norok. There is no “good” way to end this quest. Even if Madora hesitates, you will not be rewarded for walking away. You cannot convince Norok to attack you, so you'll have to commit to the first strike.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Norok is a Level 16 elite, though by now you should be at Level 20 or 21, and the fight should be a cinch. Norok hits hard but doesn't have any particular resistances. Hit him with your best attacks, and he'll fall fairly quickly. Once he dies, you'll resolve Revenge of the Source Hunter .

Consult your quest log. If you have followed the walkthrough till now, it should look like this:

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

If you have any remaining quests to do, consult the Side Quests section of the wiki. In the next part of the walkthrough, we'll prepare and fight the final bosses of Divinity: Original Sin!

Up Next: Part 20: Final Bosses

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  • Playing Games While You Are Playing Games
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  • Finding Arhu and Aureus
  • The Murder Scene and Discovering a Strange New Realm
  • The Homestead Hall
  • Investigate the Murder Room
  • Talk to Esmeralda, the Councillor's Wife and Prime Suspect
  • Continue the Murder Investigation by Digging in the Cemetery
  • Talk to the Mortician about Dead Sheep and Missing Dead Bodies
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  • Finding Evelyn and Finishing the Murder Investigation
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  • Explore Hiberheim before entering the Castle
  • The Wishing Wells
  • The Elemental Forge
  • The Castle Prison
  • You Found the White Witch
  • Gain Entry to the Castle of King Boreas
  • Destroy the Staff
  • Free the White Witch at Last
  • The King's Treasure
  • Finish Up the Last Bit of Stuff in Hiberheim
  • List of Quests for Part IV
  • Recommended Sequence of Activities for Part IV
  • Return to Homestead to Open a New Portal
  • Finding Maradino
  • Setting out to Find the Luculla Mines
  • Investigating the Mines
  • Luculla Mines Temple
  • Leandra's Office

Joining the Immaculates

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  • Finding the Wizard's House
  • Finding the Missing Villagers
  • The Wizard's House
  • Exploring more to the Phantom Forest to Forge Some Soul
  • Cassandra, Queen of the Forest
  • The Druid Dungeon
  • Defeating Cassandra
  • The Abandoned Shack
  • Make Your Way to the Source Temple
  • The Entrance to the Source Temple
  • Inside the Source Temple
  • Take an A-Mazing Journey
  • Back in the Plane Again
  • Sequence of Activities for Part VI
  • In the First Garden - Rife with Trife
  • The Final Battles with the Trife and Void Dragon
  • The Homestead
  • Blood Stone amp Star Stone Locations
  • Notes on Last Chest undocumented quest
  • Legal and Copyright

PART IV - LUCULLA FOREST again (Continued)

Even though you have been killing them left and right, you do want to join the Immaculates. Go to the Immaculate Chapel in Silverglen and talk to Loic, the supreme local leader of these Cultists. He, of course, has lots of religious mumbo-jumbo to say. Tell him you want to join and you will begin the quest The Initiation. He will then give you a quiz to see if you are smarter than a 5th grader. To pass, give him the following answers in order: question 1, choice 1; question 2, choice 2; question 3, choice 1. Now he tells you that you must begin a "true trial". He tells you to head out of town and go west.

[Note: when the conversation ends, Loic says "I bed thee good luck!"]

Go West Young Man

Leave Silverglen via the northwest exit and continue to the west, then north. If you have been this way before, then you have already dealt with the Immaculates who guard the path. If they are still there, Loic has given you leave to pass without hindrance. Cross a few footbridges and arrive in the desert region of Luculla. Continue to the north, hugging the west side of the map. You will reach a giant skull which is the entrance to the Foreboding Trial Grounds.

Enter the Trial Grounds and proceed to the north from the entrance. You will find a large Trial Statue in the central courtyard that bids you welcome to the Corridor of Bane. You have 3 choices as to which direction to go. Continue to the north, behind the statue and toward the open door. Proceed to the next door. All of your party members will contract the Rot. Go through the open door and enter the Chamber of Burdens. A Statue welcomes you again. This Statue talks about balancing the scales.

A Weighty Trial

In the current area, there is a magical barrier blocking the door you need to pass through. To remove the barrier, you need to use the four pressure plates in the area. Each plate requires that you place items of the correct weight on the plate. The sizes of the plates vary, giving a clue as to the weight required, the largest plate getting the most weight, etc. The plate will "click" if you've placed the proper weight. If the weight is incorrect, over or under, there will be no "click". The first plate on your left as you enter requires 5 kg of weight. Place one of the nearby vases on the plate. The next plate on the right requires 2 kg. Here you can stack items to achieve the 2 kg weight; 2 pieces of leather armor for example. The next plate on your left is very large and requires 7.5 kg of weight. Go down the steps and get one of the wooden barrels which just happens to weigh 7.5 kg. The last plate on your right is tiny and requires 1 kg, the weight of a book you will find in one of the vases or have in your possession. With the last of the items placed, the magical barrier will disappear.

Go through the now open door. The Trial Statue welcomes you to the Hall of Vigilance. In this portion of the trial you are to move four levers. There are three levers in a row whose position should correspond to the hint on the wall. Of the three levers next to each other, the first two, from the left, need to be leaning to the right, as far as possible. The last one needs to be straight. When the levers are positioned correctly, pulling the lever opposite them opens the passage ahead. If you get the levers positioned incorrectly, a Shadow Woebringer pops out of the floor to bring you woe.

Get the Blood Stone and Spare the Chicken

Proceed through the open door. You will find a Blood Stone on the altar in the eastern part of the chamber. As you approach it, it will discharge and heal the party of the Rot. [This will also unlock another portal and room in the Homestead.] Just down the stairs from the altar you will find lots of sleeping pallets, but no sleeping Immaculates. To the east of the pallets is a door, opened by the nearby lever, that leads back to the central Statue.

On the west side of the chamber, past the pallets, you will find Loic, the Immaculate Priest who sent you here. When you speak to him, he asks you to kill the chicken running about and to pour its blood on the altar. He will soon discover that you are no longer infected with Rot and he is not happy about that. He tells you to continue with the ritual and he will be right back. My guess is he soiled his pants and needs to change. If you have Pet Pal, talk to the chicken, who begs for you to spare his feathered carcass.

Confrontation with Loic

Loic will return presently with his Hench-immaculates and he realizes you did not complete the task. The battle is joined. Whip their immaculate asses. On the dead bodies you will find the Luculla Portal Temple Key and the Church Hatch Key. All of this folderol will end the quest The Initiation. Go through the door on the east side and activate the Waypoint - Luculla Forest-Immaculate Trials. Zip back to Silverglen. Enter the Immaculate Chapel, which is now empty of any followers. Open the trapdoor and descend into the basement room.

Here your are in Loic's private office. There is a Waypoint Portal in one corner. There are two Blood Stones on the shelf on the west wall and a note - Loic's Note. The note describes how to make a Blood Stone from a Star Stone. Grab the stuff and then take the teleporter. You will arrive on the eastern side of northern Luculla Forest. The destination waypoint is a two way teleporter between its location and Loic's office. You cannot teleport to other Waypoints.

Finding a Unique Bow

After you arrive from the teleporter in Loic's office, walk directly west from the waypoint. To the west you will see a stone statue next to a pine tree. On the other side of the tree is a stone statue that has toppled over and is hanging on the edge of the cliff. On the end of the toppled statue is a bow. You cannot reach the bow, but you can smash the statue. When you do, the bow falls to the ground below. Run and get it. The bow is Heartseeker and it's likely much better than any you found before. Equip it and kill something. There is a dead body near where Heartseeker fell. The guy has a diary that says he has been seeking Heartseeker and got waylaid by the Immaculates and their trial. He tried jumping for the bow. Unsuccessfully, as you can see.

If you've got good crafting ability, you can boost Heartseeker further. Add another elemental damage (use an Essence), add a bar of Tenebrium for Tenebrium damage, then add a bowstring to increase overall damage. Not bad.

The Underground Passage

A short distance to the south from where you just found the Heartseeker bow, in the central region of the Luculla Forest, there is a cave entrance to the Underground Passage. Walk in a ways and you will come to some type of ruins behind a beautiful waterfall. Follow the path to the upper level and ascend the ladder to enter a large chamber. To the northeast you will see a teleporter (not a waypoint). Don't use this teleporter yet. You will want to explore at bit because you will discover that there are, in fact, several teleporters. There is nothing to fight here, this whole area is a Teleporter puzzle. If you talk to the rats you eventually learn the sequence of Ice, Earth, Fire, Nature in order to use the teleporters.

Go to the upper level and stand in the large central circle to get your bearings. To the west you see a teleporter with a snowflake icon and on your right (east) a teleporter with a flame icon. Take the snowflake teleporter on the west. You will arrive at another teleporter in an area with lots of green plants. Just to the northwest of the teleporter is an area you can dig. You will dig up the ghost of the Weresheep, the Queen of Wool. Have you Pet Pal character talk to the sheep. It threatens you that you will be attacked by hordes of sheep, but nothing seems to happen. The Weresheep is full of sheep, so to speak. Anyway, ask it some questions to update the quest The Legend of the Weresheep. It will tell you that its body is somewhere near a great tree in the Phantom Forest. The ghost says that the corpse enjoys Stardust. What?

Move to the north from the teleporter and Weresheep ghost and you will come to an area with 3 more teleporters. Take the one to the right (east). This will bring you back near the area where you used the first, Ice, teleporter. Move to the large central circle and you will note that the Ice teleporter has turned green. Now use the teleporter to the east that has a fire icon. You will again arrive at the teleporter near where you met the Weresheep ghost. Move to the north and this time, take the teleporter to the left (west). You will arrive back at the original teleporters and the fire teleporter has now turned green.

Move to the central circle and look just to the north of the Ice teleporter. A portion of the wall seems to have a grayish-white curtain over it. That's a hidden passage. Behind the curtain is a teleporter with a water icon. Use this teleporter. You will once again arrive at the teleporter where you met the Weresheep ghost. Head straight north and use the teleporter. Now you will arrive in a large library area with some benches and very tall bookshelves. At the north end of the room are three book pedestals with a book lying on each.

Walk up to the book pedestals and you will be met by an Immaculate Spirit. She introduces herself and tells you that you are entitled to one, but just one, of the three books. These are all skillbooks and you very likely have already learned these skills. If not, take the one that benefits you. If you have the patience, peruse the bookshelves where you will find a few things, mostly spell scrolls.

In the southeast corner of the library, there is an ornate chest that is part of the undocumented quest to find the Last Chest. Inside you will find a Dusty Parchment that gives the following clue: "The ostrich struts upon me legs, gazes through me eyes, flaps me wings, though it never flies. Which digit am I?"

If you are satisfied with your gleanings from the Underground Passage, leave the dungeon and continue your exploration of the Luculla Forest.

If you walk to the southeast from where you found the Heartseeker Bow and the entrance to the Underground Passage, then proceed north. You will come to a Waypoint Portal (Luculla Forest-Sacred Stone) and just north of the Waypoint, the village of Sacred Stone, a village of Immaculates. The guards at the gate challenge you, but if you have the Enlightened Amulet, they will allow you entry into the village. If you don't have the Amulet, they will turn you away.

As an amusing side activity, just outside of the village, you will likely encounter a Enlightened Teacher leading a group of students. Follow them. They head towards the Immaculate Chapel where you want to visit later. The entry bridges to the Chapel are heavily trapped. The Immaculate Idiots will walk right onto the traps and blow themselves up. Not very enlightened where they? Now head back to the village of Sacred Stone.

Upon entering the village, you will get updates to several quests. One will be the quest of Bairdotr if you have her in your party. If you recall, she is looking for her mentor named Jareth and this Jareth may have been taken prisoner by Lady Attenberah here in Sacred Stone. You will have to be on the lookout for him.

The large building on the western side of the village is the Tenebrium Smith's Shop. You will be greeted by Apprentice. He immediately gets chastised by Masamune, the proprietor of the Smithy. The Tenebrium Smithy, of course, sells Tenebrium infused weapons and shields. The shop has tons and tons of Tenebrium ore and Tenebrium bars. There is a wooden staircase in the northeast that leads to the upper floor of the shop where you can loot some things.

Lovely Lady Attenberah

When you approach the building north of the Smith Shop, a human comes running toward you screaming the she is going to kill him, and he then explodes. Yikes. The building is the workshop of Lady Attenberah. Standing outside of this building are two Elemental Demons, Seargiu and Tundrin. Even thought they are guarding the door, they will let you enter.

When you walk towards Attenberah, she interrupts and says that you have to prove yourself more capable than her previous apprentice - the guy who exploded outside. You will then play the RPS game with her. If you lose, she, her minions and the two elemental guards will all attack. If you win, you can converse with her. She is a real piece of work, but deigns to spare a few moments of her precious time. If you ask about buying something, you will again play the RPS game. When you end the conversation, she again wants to play RPS. Lose and you will be attacked. You can go ahead and kill her. The rest of the village seems totally oblivious to the fact that their leader has just been eradicated. Enlightened, my acetabulum.

Immaculate Academy

To the west of the Smithy is the Immaculate Academy presided over by Enlightened Teacher. He feeds you a bunch of the typical blarney about the goddess and the Immaculates. The room is filled with students studying their Magical Tragedies tomes and they have nothing to say to you. Upstairs is the dormitory where you can loot to your heart's content, but there is nothing significant. On the southwest of the room there is a Prison Door Key lying on a desk. The prison door is on the east wall of the academy downstairs.

Immaculate Prison

Enter the Prison and talk to some imprisoned imps and humans for a little information. One cell holds an Orc named Bruthor. All the prisoners ask you to help them escape. One of the prisoners is Francis, the potion seller from the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal. You ask him why he is here. If you attempt to open any of the doors, the guards wandering about will attack. Well, why not do it and help the defenseless prisoners. Defeat the guards and get the Prison Door Key. Release the imps and the humans and they run off. Open the cell to the Orc, Bruthor, who happens to be too big to fit through the door. You can teleport him out with Feather Drop, but he doesn't seem to be aware he is free. Oh, well.

The Red River Waterfall

At the northern end of the village of Sacred Stone, there is a river that runs red. Blood, I guess. You can walk into the river and go behind the waterfall to enter a small cave. Right inside the entrance is a chest you can loot. The location of this chest is revealed by the secrets you purchased from the Teller of Secrets at the Homestead. In earlier games prior to an update, there was a large pile of dead bodies in the small cave. In newer iterations of the game where the new character of Bairdotr was introduced, if you cursor onto the back wall of the cave, you will detect an entrance to a hidden area called the Subterranean River. Enter this area and when you walk a short ways along the path you will come to a larger chamber where you will find Jareth of Homeforest. This is the guy that Bairdotr is looking for. When you initiate a conversation with Jareth, Bairdotr enters the conversation and begs Jareth to return to the Homeforest. He tells her "no", since the Homeforest has become infected with Rot. He then says he does not want to return to Homeforest because he is already among his kind, the Immaculates. Uh-oh.

It turns out that it was Jareth himself who unleashed the Rot in Homeforest and Bairdotr is incredulous. You finally chime in to tell Bairdotr to be wary. Jareth tries to recruit Bairdotr to his side, but Bairdotr will see the light, Jareth will become incensed and the battle is joined. Jareth will immediately summon Gory Taurus, Gory Lupus and Gory Swine to aid him in the battle. Defeat them all to complete the quest The Wild Woman and the Renegade.

If you are finished for the time being in Sacred Stone, head out of the entrance and proceed west. To the west of Sacred Stone you will find the Immaculate Cathedral. You may already have walked near this location. Be aware that the path to the entrance of the Cathedral is heavily trapped. Disarm or explode the traps before they explode you.

When you make it through the gauntlet of trapped walkways and bridges, you will enter a courtyard and see two Orc slavers guarding some humans. They apparently want your blood to give to someone named Mangoth. Not gonna happen. Kill the slavers and the humans will run off. Make sure you have detonated any traps as the slaves will blithely walk onto them and ka-boom.

Down the short flight of stairs is the entrance to the Cathedral. Talk to the two Immaculates at the door and play the RPS game to gain entrance. Or, if you have an Enlighted Amulet in your possession, you can use that to prove your rank and they will gleefully open the door for you. Or just kill the blighters.

Go inside the Cathedral and down the hall. On the left is an archway door that is walled off. Right near the door are to unlit braziers and at the top of the stairs are two more unlit braziers. If you light all four braziers, which are labeled Coal Basket, the wall blocking the entryway will disappear.

Descend into the rubble strewn Cathedral. You will enter the main chamber with a number of pews (Church Bench) lined up in the middle. Walk past the pews and meet with Mangoth at the altar. He is about to kill some humans. Interrupt him quickly and he threatens you as well. When the short conversation is over, Mangoth will disappear beneath the altar and two demons appear, Zalemk'Ath and Thuraz'Ahm. In addition, Immaculate soldiers appear from the shadows. The battle is joined. When you defeat all the enemies, the captives will run away without a word. We will assume they were grateful.

There is a Blood Stone on the altar. When you approach, it will discharge and become an Inert Stone. This will, of course, open a new Portal in the homestead. Go there the next chance you get. For now, search the area thoroughly.

The Cathedral Library

On the west side of the altar, some stairs lead upwards to the library of the Cathedral. Here you can converse with the ghost of The Librarian. She says she knew King Braccus in his better days when he liked to read steamy novels. She refuses to believe he has been dead for centuries. Unfortunately, not much is gained from the Librarian. From the nearby desk, you can acquire the book with an unreadable cover and with unreadable contents. You don't need to read it because it's unreadable. On a table there are some books on how to torture creatures and how to sacrifice creatures. Literature that all libraries should have.

Enter Mangoth's Private Lair

Go back down to the altar. You need to gain access to the stairs beneath the altar. There is a lever on the east side hidden behind a planter. The lever will cause the altar to move. When you descend, you will arrive in Mangoth's inner sanctum. You will be standing on a landing where there is a giant compass on the ground. In the center of the chamber is a room in which you will find Mangoth, but the door to the sanctum is locked. You need to open the entryway to the room. This is accomplished by locating four tiny buttons on the walls within the larger chamber that when pressed, will open the door. Not only do you have to find these buttons, but you need to press them in the correct order. In the northeast section of the chamber there is a book called The Necronomicon of Cooking, which provides the clue to pressing the buttons in the right order. The clue is "E.N.S. West". These are obviously compass directions, and you already have found the large compass embedded in the ground near the stairs where you entered. The first button you are to press (E) is right there at the bottom of the brazier in the center just in front of the compass. The other buttons are located on the outside east wall of the inner room (N), behind the candleholder; on the west of the inner room on the north facing wall (S); and the last just to the north of that button (W). The door to Mangoth's sanctum will open.

When you enter the sanctum, Mangoth will appear behind you and has a few words for you. Do you get the feeling this is conversation is not going to end well? At the end of the conversation, Mangoth will cast some spells, summon a fire demon named Zuram Z'Akjath, and some Void Supplicants. You're protected by the relative safety of the room so use this to your advantage. Try to charm one of the Void Supplicants. Ice and ice elemental summons work good here. Good luck.

When all is finished, plunder the room. You will find many books for your reading pleasure. The series called the Book of the Immaculates I - VI, attempts to justify the use of Blood Stones on "lesser" creatures to further the interests of "higher beings". You will also find Leandra's Diary and a Vial of Leandra's Blood. The Diary is intended for the Immaculate followers to read and describes how to use the Vial of Blood and a spell to make the Death Knights vulnerable again. This will be useful, no doubt. When you combine the Leandra's Spell and Vial of Leandra's Blood you create the spellbook Death Knight Bane Skillbook. Read it like any spellbook to learn the spell. The skillbook does not belong to any particular magical persuasion, so any character can read it to learn the spell.

Proceed to plunder the entire chamber. There are many bookcases for you to loot and add books to your literary collection.

Return to the Icara, the White Witch

Return to Icara, who is presently residing in the Homestead and tell her of your adventures. When you ask her "what's next" she says you must find the Wizard who lives in Hunter's Edge, east of Luculla. This begins the quest Follow the Wizard. She will give you a ring, Icara's Blessing, that marks you as her ally so the Wizard will know she sent you.

You should now have in your possession the Vial of Leandra's Blood and Leandra's Spell. When you combine the two, you create a spellbook called the Death Knight Bane Skillbook. Creating this spellbook will end the quest Infiltrating the Immaculates. Have each of your party members read the book to learn the spell. You won't be using this for a while yet.

You may wish to take some time now to explore other parts of the Luculla Forest. Make your way to the Wayportal Luculla Forest-Silverglen and head north toward the desert region. Soon after entering the desert, you should come upon a huge Spider in the central area of the desert.

The Spider Queen

Wow, the Spider Queen is ginormous. She is also unfriendly. The battle will begin without preamble. She will summon Spider Eggs that will hatch into minions to fight for her. The eggs and hatchlings, when destroyed, will explode and burn you, so be careful. Defeat them all and acquire their loot.

To the northwest of the Spider Queen you will run into a Bewildered Caravaneer. He talks about the Spider Queen poisoning him and his men. Nothing more comes of this, at present, however.

Continue to the west from the Caravaneer. Not far from the Caravaneer, in the north-central region of the desert, you will come upon a bunch of human Spider Worshiper cultists. You can speak with them and learn they are devoted to the Lady of Spun Time. You main characters will enter into a discussion about this group. They will say that the cultists are in danger and need to leave the area, or the cultists seem content and you should let them alone. If you choose to leave them alone, they will go on worshiping the spider eggs and nothing else will happen. Choosing to ask them to leave results in an RPS mini game. If you lose, they go on worshiping the eggs. If you win, they will all run off and the eggs they were worshiping will erupt into spiders. These spiders are vicious as they can burrow into the ground and pop up next to a character and spit poison at them. Oh, the horror. Kill them quickly.

If you now go back to the Bewildered Caravaneer and tell him about the worshipers, he will be happy that you asked them to escape the clutches of the spiders. You did do that, didn't you? You receive nothing for this, however, except the satisfaction of having saved idiots from creepy crawly things.

In the far northwest corner of Luculla, you will encounter a lava filled area. When you approach the entrance, Zixzax will appear and say that demons are creeping through a Rift and all of Rivellon and the End of Time are in danger. This begins the quest Closing the Rift. [note: this quest can also be triggered by entering the Dark Forest for the first time]. He says these demons are immune to normal weapons or magic, but may be susceptible to Tenebrium enhanced weapons. The only sure way to stop the demons is to destroy the Blood Stone that is maintaining the Rift. He says there are three paths into the area. To the left you will encounter Immaculates. In the center you will meet up with demons. He says that perhaps the path to the right is the right path. [Note: the left path is the easiest and this Guide recommends you go that way].

You need to be prepared for this quest by having at least one party member with a Tenebrium weapon and having a potion of invisibility or the spell. You can buy a Tenebrium weapon in Sacred Stone, the Immaculate village - assuming you haven't upset or killed them. You can also make your own Tenebrium weapons if you have someone with Blacksmithing and Crafting at Level 4. You can convert Tenebrium ore to a Tenebrium Bar by smelting the ore in a furnace. Then click-drag the Tenebrium Bar onto any weapon except a staff to give that weapon Tenebrium damage.

In the center path and right path you will encounter demons which are invulnerable. Don't go that way. Take the path to the left from the entrance and you will soon encounter a group of Immaculates. You can try to convince them that you're one of them using the RPS game, or get by them if you have an Enlightened Amulet, or you can fight them. This Guide says kill the blighters. You should be able to handle these guys without too much trouble. Beyond this first group of Immaculates is a second group to contend with. Contend with them.

Continue to the north past the Immaculate camp. You will see a green mirror at the end of the path, similar to the mirror portals that you dealt with in the Luculla Mines. Use it and you'll be teleported to the other mirror across the chasm of lava. Talk a few steps forward and you'll be engaged by two Immaculates. Beyond the two Immaculates is a group of tiger-like demons called Void Rams. Even with Tenebrium weapons, these enemies are invulnerable and cannot be killed. Do not engage them. There is a third Immaculate, an Immaculate Shepard, nestled amongst the Void Rams. Do not engage him yet either. You will get your chance to eradicate him shortly.

Instead, have one designated party member, that has a good Tenebrium weapon, use an invisibility spell or drink an invisibility potion. Run forward past the Void Rams, turn right, and go down the stairs and continue to the east. You'll see the large Blood Stone - a tall spikey crystal-looking thing just to the east. Get close to it and holding the CTRL key, keep attacking it with a Tenebrium weapon until it breaks. Once the Blood Stone is destroyed, all the void demons in the area will explode and die. Zix will reappear and thank you profusely for saving the Homestead.

Have your lone character return to the group using a Pyramid. You can now attack the Immaculate Shepherd. Beat him into submission. You can explore the other areas and see for yourself that the demons have been vanquished. You will find a large Rift portal in the center with dead demons, including Ulthrax'Ulkar, the Boss Void Demon. When you see this beast, Jahan, if he is in your party, will have a few words for you. He says that for you to have overcome such a foe, you must "be beyond human - you are divinity, somehow". Wow. Just wow.

Travel to the west to the central region of the Luculla Forest. You will soon come upon a Goblin village and to gain entry to the village, you must win the RPS game with the Goblin trapper at the bridge. If you lose, you have a fight on your hands. If you win, the villagers will not be hostile, but they won't deal with you until you have gained approval from the large Totem in the center of the village. Periodically, the villagers will assemble at the Totem and all fall down, as if they are playing ring-around-the-rosy. And then they all melt into the ground. Interesting. It seems they are in thrall of the Totem and it is commanding them to do things. You won't be able to talk to the villagers when they are in thrall of the Totem. Wait until they return to their original positions.

Talk to the Goblin Totem. It says it knows all about you. To appease the Totem and to be allowed to remain in the village, you must answer some questions. The questions directly relate to three side quests you have experienced in the past. The totem will first ask what you would do if 1) you met two guards on a bridge (from the quest Guards at the Bridge), 2) if you met a hungry man who considered stealing a fish (from the quest The Fish Thief), and 3) if you met a wounded beast in the forest (from the quest An A-Mount of Healing Magic). Answer all three questions honestly, the way you handled the situations previously and the Totem will grant you amnesty within the village. If you have not yet resolved the quest An A-Mount of Healing Magic but the beast Alfie is still alive, answer that you would spare it.

You can now talk to the villagers and barter with them. Krashkas sells potions. Sadakandras the Chief of the Goblinsss, sells crafting stuff. Kaotikas sells a few mundane items. Mykus sells a few spells and items. Lotrot sells archery stuff, arrows and arrowheads.

There is a hidden trapdoor labeled Stone at the northeast corner, just outside of the village. In the small cave, you will find Kromkromkis, a Goblin Shaman. He's like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain. He apparently is using the Totem in the village to control the other goblins. He reveals to you that there is a "mysssterious red ssstone" - a Blood Stone - inside of the Totem. He tells you about when the Totem began to speak to the villagers and they began to worship it. It seems that he is a bit jealous as the villagers now only pay homage to the Totem and not to him. You will get a choice as to your next course of action, to tell the villagers or to let the Shaman continue his amusement. If you choose to tell the villagers, Krom will attack and summon three earth elementals to help him. After his death, you can interact with the Strange Contraption that controls the totem. You will be allowed to give it one command: 1) have goblins dance; 2) shower you with gifts; or 3) have all the goblins in the village be your BFF. Which ever way you choose, this makes no difference in the functioning of the Totem. It will still command the villagers to assemble.

You will eventually want to get the Blood Stone that is embedded within the Totem. You will need to destroy the Totem to get it. This will make the whole village turn against you. Because of their numbers, this could be a difficult battle. You may wish to put this off until you are a much higher level than the villagers. This Guide would recommend waiting to acquire this Stone until you need to unlock a portion of the Homestead.

To the southeast of the village is the Waypoint Luculla Forest-Goblin Village. Just to the south of the Waypoint are a couple of Orcs guarding a human slave. Kill the guards and then talk to the Slave. He will tell you about the hamlet, Hunter's Edge, to the east and how you should stay away from there because of the Orcs. He also mentions the fact that their champion, Madora, has abandoned them. What? At the end of the conversation, he runs off. You can talk to Madora about this curiosity, but she is not yet forthcoming. There is a locked chest nearby which can be bashed easily. The key to the chest is just to the south lying on the ground.

The Sad Deer

Just to the north of the slave you just rescued is a deer called the Sad Deer. Talk to it (with Pet Pal) and learn that something has taken its voice. It says that you are to look to the east. [Note: the Author of this Guide could not find a solution to the deer's dilemma.

The Troll at the Bridge

Proceed north from the Waypoint and you will come to a scene of carnage, with dead humans and orcs strewn about. The apparent cause of this carnage is the large Troll, Archibald, standing a bit to the east. He is accompanied by a mini-me, Amadeus. Archibald, and his son Amadeus, demand you pay a Troll Toll. This begins the quest Like Father Like Son.

In questioning Archibald, you may ask why you need to pay a toll. He says it's because the King of the Trolls has commanded it. If you have already slain Gungir, the Troll King, Archibald will be ecstatic and proclaim himself King. If you haven't yet slain the King, refuse to pay the toll, but promise to make Archi the new King. You will then have to go to the Troll Cave and kill Gungir. Getting into the Troll Cave properly is a convoluted adventure which is described with the Troll Bounty quest.

With Archibald proclaiming he is the new King, he will leave the bridge, allowing you to cross it without having to pay the toll. The two of them walk to the edge of the map and then disappear. You wonder where they went??

This Guide would recommend that you do not cross the bridge they were guarding at this time. Instead, loot the corpses and chest, then head to the north.

Animal Rights

Just up the path a bit and to the east of the goblin village, you will find Roy, who says he is leading some animals to the village of Sacred Stone where they are to be slaughtered. This begins the quest Roy's Menagerie. These beasts are Bruce the sheep. Doreen the cow and Maurice the cow. Your goal here is to prevent Roy from reaching the village. [Note: the conversations have conflicting information; one says the animals are to be slaughtered in Silverglen, another says in Sacred Stone. All in all, it does not matter.] Talk to the animals if you have the Pet Pal talent. Bruce, the sheep, says he is infatuated with Doreen, the cow, and he looks forward to their cute and woolly offspring. Do tell! Doreen is looking forward to the green pastures of Silverglen, to settle comfortably with her husband Maurice. Maurice hasn't mastered the human tongue so you cannot talk to him. Moo.

Now talk to Roy. He is a real twit, but will answer some of your questions. When you ask about the animals, he says he bought them from Bertia in Cyseal and he wants to sell them in Sacred Stone. Now talk to Bruce, the sheep, and Doreen, the cow, again and tell them that Roy intends to sell them for slaughter. They both plead for you to help them.

When you talk to Roy again, you can play the RPS mini game to try to convince him to let the animals go free. Alternatively, one conversation choice will be to buy the animals from him. Or you can simply kill him.

After making your choice, you become the proud owner of a menagerie. Talk to Doreen again and you can tell her to seek her pastures, or go back to Cyseal because only danger lies ahead. When you decide, they all then plod off toward Cyseal, or greener pastures, I guess. Moo. Baa.

Go up the path to the north. You will see a rabbit named Drog on the path. If you have the Pet Pal talent, have a chat with Drog. He will run a ways north and then stop. He threatens you with eternal flames from the mighty Drog. He claims he is a rabbit without, but a dragon within. Riiight. Nothing more seems to come from this encounter. Move along. [Note: If you kill Drog, nothing seems to come of this either.]

A Gypsy Camp

Continue to the northeast and you will reach a camp of apparent gypsies, including Madam Loenestra, Malbini the Bard and Kirill. There is a motley group of animals standing in front of the humans, listening to the bard tell his stories. Loenestra is a Seer and professes to see the future. She will also sell secrets, not of the map variety, but of locations. She will tell you of one future event, providing you pay her. However, it is NOT recommended to do this. If you choose this option, you gain nothing, and you will not be able to buy secrets from her any longer.

The Bard will sing a different tune if you ask him to. Kirill is, well, something, a satyr perhaps and he too will sing you the song of your choice.

The Pavilion of Life

There is a large Pavilion that lies south of the Cathedral in Luculla Forest. When you interact with the Pavilion, it asks whether you want to live or die. If you choose die, your character will sink in the ground and, well, die. If you choose life, the Pavilion will ask if you want to live slowly or quickly. If you answer "quickly", you will get a Wildfire Skillbook, if you answer "slowly" you will get a Midnight Oil Skillbook.

After you have explored all you can of Luculla Forest, it is time to enter the Phantom Forest and see what's happening there.

  • A Forge of Souls
  • Bellegar's Barrels
  • Distill My Heart
  • Follow the Wizard
  • For Whom the Troll Tolls
  • Infiltrating Hunter's Edge
  • Revenge of the Source Hunter (Madora)
  • The Armoury Key
  • The Hunt in Hunter's Edge
  • The King's Dark Deal
  • The Mad Mage's Maze
  • The Star-crossed Lovers
  • The Watch is Coming
  • The Back-Alley Trader
  • To Be, or Not to Be
  • War of the Stones

1) Avoid of poisoned area and head south-east to village of Hunter's Edge

2) procure and solve several quests in hunter's edge, 3) find the wizard's house, 4) enter the knight's tomb, 5) instigate huge battle in hunter's edge, 6) return to poisoned area of felled tree (phantom forest waypoint), 7) go to north and defeat ghost army, 8) find cassandra and talk with her, 9) enter the temple of the dead and burn cassandra's bones, 10) return to cassandra and kill her for good, 11) find the abandoned shack, 12) fight big battles to find entrance to source temple, 13) complete the source temple, 14) explore any unfinished areas of the phantom forest.

To reach the Phantom Forest/Dark Forest, you need to use one of the two bridges that cross from Luculla Forest to the Dark Forest. One such bridge is found just south of the Luculla Forest-Sacred Stone Waypoint. Teleport there and interact with the bridge.

If Madora is in your party, and you learned some facts about her in interactions with some NPCs, then she says it is time for you to know the truth about her. She tells you that she is from Hunter's Edge, the town you are approaching, and that she did, indeed, flee as a coward. It seems while she lived there, the village was attacked by Orcs who killed all of the villagers. She herself was tortured and thrown into a shallow grave. She survived because she had a Blood Stone and she vowed then to exact revenge on those who invaded the town. This begins the quest Revenge of the Source Hunter.

From your entry point into the Dark Forest, walk south across the bridge. Just on the other side of the bridge is a large fallen tree with green mist emanating from it. Lying right at the end of the tree is the dead body of Alistair. You might remember that Alistair was the obnoxious Fabulous Five member you met in the King Crab Tavern of Cyseal. On his dead body you will find the Maradino Treasure Hunt Flyer. Interesting reading. You can try to run through the fallen tree, but you will be poisoned and die. [Note: don't bother trying potions or spells here. You need a special item, an Amulet, to allow you to walk safely through the fallen tree area. You will be getting that amulet in due course]. Your only option at this point is to continue to the southeast.

Just south of your entrance into the Forest, you will find the Phantom Forest Waypoint. Continue traveling southeast.

A Rumble at the Bridge

A bit south of the Waypoint you will see a bridge with a troll and some humans. As you approach, you will realize that the troll, Rumble, is trying to negotiate with an Immaculate Slave Master. This begins the quest For Whom the Troll Tolls. When you try to cross the bridge, Rumble will say to you that he feels that all travelers, including the slaves, should pay the toll. The Slave Master chimes in that not all warm bodies are people and he shouldn't have to pay for the slaves. You get a choice to pay the toll, or let them resolve it on their own terms. If you pay the toll, all will be happy and the Slave Master will give you an Enlightened Amulet to ensure your safe entry into the village. If you choose the other conversation option, a fight will ensue where you will fight the Slavers and Rumble. With the latter option, you will get the Amulet from the Slave Master's dead body. If you decide to pay the toll and then ambush the slavers, you will still have to fight Rumble when you return to the bridge. Keep in mind that if you pay the toll, the fate of the slaves is preordained. If you defeat the slavers, then the slaves run off and can determine their own fate. Either talking you way past or fight your way past will end the quest For Whom the Troll Tolls.

Continue to the southeast to reach the outskirts of the village. Cross over the stone bridge to the west and meet with Hortun, an Undead merchant. He has a number of things to say about the village of Hunter's Edge, none of them good. Apparently a tribe of Mountain men affiliated with the Immaculate Cultists has taken over the village and there is trouble brewing between the humans and the orcs. This begins the quest Infiltrating Hunter's Edge.

Talk to the Animals

Near one of the ruined buildings you can find the mage Arhu, in his cat persona. He too gives you a dire warning about the village of Hunter's Edge. The village is now run by Orcs who are in league with the Immaculate cultists. The leader of the Orcs is Grutilda. The tribe of Mountain men humans in the village is lead by Jahrl. Apparently there is intense rivalry between the two factions and Arhu suggests you exploit this by getting them to fight each other.

Standing near Arhu is a cat. If you have the Pet Pal perk, talk to her. She will tell you her name is Jinxika and she tells you of her former idyllic life here in the village. She asks you to try and save three humans in the village who were very kind to her. The three of them have hidden themselves away from the orcs and cultists. She will go on to tell you that the orcs have employed rats to help them, lead by one among them called the Ratcatcher. She implores you to eliminate the rat scourge and save her three friends. Thus begins the quest The Hunt in Hunter's Edge.

Near the two cats is a small plot of Barley. Take some as you will use this in a quest later.

When you approach the village gate, you will be stopped by a Mountain Warrior. If you have the Enlightened Amulet, he will let you pass. Otherwise you have to play and win the RPS mini game. Entering the village ends the quest Infiltrating Hunter's Edge.

This Guide would recommend that you explore the village and talk to everyone. You will gain lots of inside information as well as acquire some new quests. Some of the quests can be completed fairly soon after their acquisition, other quests will involve more time and investigation.

Hornless Gorag is standing in the courtyard as you enter. He has nothing to offer. Just to the left of the entrance is the grain mill full of sacks and such. Talking to both the Tribesmen and the Orcs near the mill reveals they really don't like each other and are only minimally tolerant. You will get to play this to your advantage later.

In the center of the village is a fountain full of skulls. Skulking about the fountain is Michaelis, a skeleton. He seems to be looking for a new head among the fine skeletal selection in the fountain. He gives you some philosophical talk about Souls and where they reside in the body. Talking with him begins the quest To Be, or Not to Be. If you continue the conversation, you will get a choice at the end where you can tell Michaelis not to worry, that the person and his soul are one and indivisible, or you can to him that his soul is lost forever. If you tell him his soul is lost, he will turn to dust right there in front of you. With the first response, that he still has his soul, he seems happy with runs to the fountain to select a new head. This will end the quest To Be, or Not to Be. If you talk to him again, he doesn't quite understand that he has switched heads. He now thinks he is the Mayor. Your characters will make a few comments to each other and Michaelis truly believes he is the current Mayor.

Talking with the Orcs and Humans in the Village

Standing around in various locations are a number of characters you can interact with, either to gain information or get a quest. You can talk to the Downcast Dog who is walking about near the central fountain. When you speak with it (pet pal) it cannot talk, but it barks to the north in the direction of the forest as if it's trying to tell you something. Gysonn is an orc found near the gallows. He has a few items to sell. Stabigg the orc is standing near the Tavern and sells some magical items.

Ogmer is the Executioner and is standing near the gallows. He will collect any dead bodies within the village and then hang them in the gallows. You can check out the bodies for items. The Immaculate Necromancer near Ogmer has some information for you. She says that the Blood Stones have been stolen and he thinks the orcs did it. [Note: you will have the chance during your stay in the village to tell the leader of the orcs that some of her "boys" have not been faithful orcs. She will proceed to kill them. Each of the dead orcs will be collected by Ogmer the executioner and you will find their corpses hanging in the gallows.]

Nurt is standing in the alleyway across from Ogmer and the gallows. He sells Tenebrium weapons. Talking with Nurt will begin the quest The Back-Alley Trader. If you tell Grutilda, the leader of the orcs about this guy, he becomes the Back-Alley Traitor as she will walk over to him and kill him. Ogmer, the executioner then walks over and takes the body and hangs it by a noose.

The Ratcatcher is standing in the alley to the left of the Tavern. He says he was tasked by the All-Mother to find some missing villagers and he uses rats to do this. This will update the quest The Hunt in Hunter's Edge.

Jahrl and Grutilda are standing on the porch of the Orcish Tavern and having a conversation. Listen in for a while. Jahrl is the leader of the humans in the village and Grutilda is the leader of the orcs. Talk to them to discover, not surprisingly, that they both are a nasty piece of work. They will talk with you if you tell him you are Immaculates from Silverglen. Don't tell them you are Source Hunters as this angers everybody and you will have a massive fight on your hands. At the end of the conversation, Jahrl will want you to follow him to his headquarters which is in the Warehouse just across the courtyard.

Go with Jahrl and talk with him at length to learn lots of backstory. He will divulge the whereabouts of some prisoners who might know the location of the missing villagers you are seeking. The prisoners he mentions are in the torture chamber below his headquarters. He also talks about the Blood Stones that were stolen and this begins the quest War of the Stones. Apparently a Mountain man named Garrick, who was guarding the stones, has gone missing. Jahrl also gives you dire warnings about Grutilda, the leader of the Orcs, and her plans. He asks you to find proof that the orcs stole the stones.

Acquiring and updating some Quests in Hunter's Edge

You met the Orc, Hornless Gorag, earlier standing just inside the main entrance outside of the Millhouse. When you now ask him about the break-in at the warehouse you get to play the RPS mini game. When you win, he will tell you that it was he who killed Garrick, the Mountain man guarding the Blood Stones.

Fredar is in Glen's House, east of the building called Mill. He talks about Gural, the orc next to him being in a panic because Gural lost the key to the Armoury. Talk to Gural to find out he did indeed lose the Armoury Key. This starts the quest The Armoury Key. The house has a trapdoor down to the basement. There are a few items to take from the basement, but be sure to pick up the book from the table. This book is called The Art of Whisky, and describes how to make whisky from barley. Reading this book will begin the quest Distill My Heart. From the basement, you can see into the Armoury of the orcs.

If you wish to complete the quest The Armoury Key now, know that the key is hidden in Hershel's chest in the cellar of the Tavern. Hershel is the bartender in the Tavern. To get access to the tavern cellar, you must convince Hershel by playing the RPS game. You have two options once you have obtained the key. You can give it back to Grutilda, the orc leader, or give it back to Gural, the orc who lost it. If you give the key to Gural, he will be thankful and he says "go 'an 'ave this" as if he is giving a reward, but you get nothing. If you give the key to Grutilda, she is also pleased with you, but angry at Gural, and she will leave the Tavern to kill Gural. The quest The Armoury Key will end. [Note: you can still access the armoury without the key. When in the cellar of the Tavern, teleport one character using Feather Drop, plunder the area and then use the Pyramids to rejoin the party.

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divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

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divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

Originally posted by Eudaimonia : I dont think you can create food from already poisoned fish. Wiki agrees. But crafting in this game is weird, there might be some secret weird way to do it.
Originally posted by littlesake : any poison source + food = poisoned food.

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

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Siphon Poison is a Geomancer Skill  in Divinity Original Sin 2 .

Siphon Poison Location

  • Available starting from level 16
  • Gareth at Lady Vengeance ( Reaper's Coast , Nameless Isle ), Hall of Echoes ( Arx )
  • Trader Ovis at Driftwood (Reaper's Coast)
  • Almira at Paradise Downs (Reaper's Coast), Lady Vengeance (Reaper's Coast, Nameless Isle), Hall of Echoes (Arx)
  • Tovah at Reaper's Coast elf camp
  • Priestess of Duna at Temple of Tir-Cendelius (Nameless Isle)
  • Black Ring Alchemist at Wordless' Black Ring camp (Nameless Isle)
  • Trader Friel at Arx
  • Dumora Lam (wand, Arx)
  • Gauntlets of Contamination once the set is complete

Siphon Poison Effects

  • Scroll cannot be crafted
  • Scales with level and Geomancer
  • Is not affected by range bonuses ( Far Out Man , Farsight )
  • Also removes cursed poison surfaces and clouds

Siphon Poison Trivia & Strategies

  • The additional damage is trivial, so use it for utility not damage.

Siphon Poison Builds

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds:  Venomous Sentry

divinity original sin phantom forest poison log

useful for healing that one undead friend.

How to combine this ?

Also absorbs poison clouds ! Don't use the skill for the damage but for utility. Unfortunately you get the skill too late in the game to make it usefull, still as an undead you can use the skill instead of running around if you're in battle... For poison damage use Venom coating or the source/aura version (both give the same boost) BUT ! It also absorbs cursed poison (without cursing your siphoning character) making it VERY usefull somewhere in Arx.

This spell shows up once you hit level 16 on all normal Geo vendors. Only adds about 1/3rd of the damage that venom coating does. Rain into Contamination into Siphon Poison isn't worth the AP. Regrettable since I wanted to try a Geo stacked, poison damage, dual wield wand user and was hoping absorbing giant puddles of poison was going to be a nice power spike at level 16.

so where is this spell found or at least seen?

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    The first plate on your left as you enter requires 5 kg of weight. Place one of the nearby vases on the plate. The next plate on the right requires 2 kg. Here you can stack items to achieve the 2 kg weight; 2 pieces of leather armor for example. The next plate on your left is very large and requires 7.5 kg of weight.

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  18. The poisoned fish at the start of driftwood provide memories ...

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  21. Siphon Poison

    Remove poison surfaces and clouds. Gain poison damage bonus to weapon attacks and weapon-based skills (dependent upon size of poison area cleared) Set Siphon Poison for 2 turn (s). Requires Geomancer 3. Costs 1 Memory.