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Phantoms (1998)

In the peaceful town of Snowfield, Colorado something evil has wiped out the community. And now, its up to a group of people to stop it, or at least get out of Snowfield alive. In the peaceful town of Snowfield, Colorado something evil has wiped out the community. And now, its up to a group of people to stop it, or at least get out of Snowfield alive. In the peaceful town of Snowfield, Colorado something evil has wiped out the community. And now, its up to a group of people to stop it, or at least get out of Snowfield alive.

  • Joe Chappelle
  • Dean R. Koontz
  • Peter O'Toole
  • Rose McGowan
  • Joanna Going
  • 207 User reviews
  • 91 Critic reviews
  • 26 Metascore
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  • 2 nominations

Trailer [EN]

  • Dr. Timothy Flyte

Rose McGowan

  • Lisa Pailey

Joanna Going

  • Jennifer Pailey, M.D.

Liev Schreiber

  • Deputy Stuart 'Stu' Wargle

Ben Affleck

  • Sheriff Bryce Hammond

Nicky Katt

  • Deputy Steve Shanning

Clifton Powell

  • Gen. Leland Copperfield

Rick Otto

  • Scientist Lockland

Valerie Chow

  • Scientist Yamaguchi
  • (as Rachel Shane)

Adam Nelson

  • Scientist Burke
  • Scientist Talbot

John Scott Clough

  • Scientist Shane

Michael DeLorenzo

  • Soldier Velazquez
  • Scientist Borman
  • Scientist Walker

Bo Hopkins

  • Agent Hawthorne

Robert Knepper

  • Agent Wilson
  • (as Rob Knepper)
  • Church Soldier
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Did you know

  • Trivia The "flatworm theory" used in the movie (that flatworms can eat the remains of their own kind and absorb their knowledge) is based on actual tests given to flatworms which involved seeing how quickly they would make the "correct" turn at a Y-intersection after eating the previous experimenters. The results were more inconclusive than the film says.
  • Goofs The spent 9mm shell casings on the floor of the police station are from blank rounds.

General Copperfield : The first thing we'd like to know is what we're dealing with: Biological, chemical, or other.

Sheriff Bryce Hammond : ...Well, I'm leaning towards "other".

  • Connections Featured in Siskel & Ebert: Spice World/Hard Rain/Fallen/The Gingerbread Man/Phantoms/Star Kid (1998)
  • Soundtracks I Fall to Pieces Performed by Patsy Cline Written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard Courtesy of MCA Records Under license from Universal Music Special Markets

User reviews 207

  • Dec 15, 2004
  • How long is Phantoms? Powered by Alexa
  • Is the creature a demon or Satan itself?
  • January 23, 1998 (United States)
  • United States
  • Dean Koontz's Phantoms
  • Georgetown, Colorado, USA
  • Dimension Films
  • Fuji Creative (FCC)
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • Jan 25, 1998

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 36 minutes
  • Dolby Digital

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Phantoms (1998)

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UAW and Stellantis reach tentative contract agreement

ABCNews logo

The United Auto Workers and Stellantis have reached a tentative agreement, sources tell the Associated Press.

DETROIT -- The United Auto Workers union and Stellantis announced Saturday they have reached a tentative agreement, more than 40 days after the union launched a strike against the big three U.S. automakers.

The development comes days after the UAW and Ford reached a tentative agreement .

"Once again, we have achieved what just weeks ago we were told was impossible," UAW President Shawn Fain said in a statement.

According to the UAW, the tentative agreement includes 25% in base wage increases through April 2028 and will raise the starting wage to more than $30 an hour compounded with estimated cost-of-living allowances.

Stellantis North America COO Mark Stewart in a statement thanked "all the negotiating teams who have worked tirelessly for many weeks to get to this point."

The UAW said its members will return to work at Stellantis while the agreement goes through the ratification process.

UAW represents nearly 44,000 workers at Stellantis, according to the union.

President Joe Biden called it a "groundbreaking contract" that offers "record raises, more paid leave, greater retirement security, and more rights and respect at work."

"I applaud the UAW and Stellantis for coming together after hard fought, good faith negotiations to reach a historic agreement that will guarantee workers the pay, benefits, dignity and respect they deserve," he said in a statement. "I want to applaud the UAW and Stellantis for agreeing to immediately bring back all of the Stellantis workers who have been walking the picket line on behalf of their UAW brothers and sisters."

On Sept. 15, UAW members launched their strike against Ford, Stellantis and General Motors after they failed to reach a new contract agreement for plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri.

The so-called stand-up strike is still ongoing at GM, the UAW said.

The union represents approximately 150,000 workers across the big three automakers.

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U.s. & World

dead phantoms

Israeli defense minister says Gaza war has entered new stage

dead phantoms

Police were alerted just last month about a Maine shooter's threats

dead phantoms

Live cluster bomblet, ammo found with WI thrift store donation: police

dead phantoms

For the 2nd Halloween in a row, US candy inflation hits double digits

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dead phantoms

'Friends' star Matthew Perry dies at 54, sources say

  • 2 hours ago

dead phantoms

At least 11 shot, 1 killed in Chicago weekend shootings: police

dead phantoms

Note threatens south suburban family over 'Free Palestine' sign

dead phantoms

Man sentenced to 88 years for sexual assault at west suburban hotel

dead phantoms

Downtown Chicago demonstrators demand stop to Gaza airstrikes

  • 3 hours ago

Retired Chicago-area priest being investigated for alleged sex abuse

Local plant to reopen after Stellantis reaches tentative deal with UAW

Woman shot while leaving cruise ship at Navy Pier: CPD

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dead phantoms

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dead phantoms

Dead Phantoms

16 SONGS • 1 HOUR AND 41 MINUTES • JAN 16 2012


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dead phantoms

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The Woking Dead: Phantoms and Woke Zombies of This American Moment

The Woking Dead: Phantoms and Woke Zombies of This American Moment

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the republic faced a shadowy, nearly invisible threat. Beneath the shiny veneer of its gleaming capitol lurked a deep evil plotting to crush the elected government and transform it into a ruthless dictatorship. Democracy would die to thunderous applause as this evil took control of all the levers of power and all the conduits of information.

This, of course, is the plot of the Star Wars opening prequel The Phantom Menace . Unfortunately, it’s also a description of the moment in which Americans find ourselves right now. But while audiences universally recognize and acknowledge this dangerous threat when it’s on the screen, many can’t seem to recognize it when it’s happening in real life.

The FBI just raided former President Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago. It’s an abject abuse of power, which highlights the corruption and evil within our own government. But if you watch the legacy media, they’re cheering it on. This, of course, is only the latest assault on our freedoms.

We have just lived through an unprecedented lockdown under the guise of stopping a virus that has a better than 99% survival rate. We faced punitive censorship and ostracism just for asking questions.

We have a government openly fostering crime from the border to our cities and daring anyone to do anything about it.

John Kerry, the Democrats’ implausibly ridiculous “climate czar,” who flies around the world in private jets to lecture you about eating too much meat, is openly calling for Joe Biden to declare an unending and unchallengeable “climate emergency”  by which the federal government would forever seize total power over the economy. Over your job. Over your home. Over your future.

This climate hoax has persisted, despite the fact that a United Nations report from 2013  acknowledged that the Earth’s temperature hadn’t risen for the previous 15 years. So-called climate scientists were directed to cover this up.

If you dare question the climate cult,  Al Gore compares you  to the Uvalde cops who refused to stop a lunatic from killing kids in a classroom. It’s all surreal and all too real.

Just wait until the “ruling elite” force us to hook our means of travel to power grids they control. That’s the point of the coerced shift to electric vehicles. By the next lockdown—and they’re planning it (Biden has already started talking about the “next pandemic”)—you’ll be locked in your home when they cut off the power to your electric car. And there will be nothing you can do about it.

In Star Wars, the republic had its Jedi to defend the peace, but they were naive and failed. What the galactic republic really needed was someone who had the principles of the Jedi but who understood what made the evil Sith tick; an Obi-Wan who also understood how the insidious Senator Palpatine was really operating as Darth Sidious.

The galactic republic didn’t have that, but fortunately, the American republic does. His name is A.J. Rice, and while you may not have heard of him, you will, thanks to his first book, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture .

Rice has been everywhere over the past several years, behind some of the biggest names and most successful political shows and books. He saw the Democrats’ socialist threat over the horizon long before most on the right, and he also saw the opportunity that Donald Trump presented to make America great again long before he won his first primary. Rice has long recognized the cultural forces at work that have turned America’s college campuses into Marxist factories churning out woke zombies that are transforming America into the cancel-culture hellscape it has become.

The  Woking Dead lays it all out: how we got here and, most importantly, what we can do about it, in brilliant, biting essays you won’t be able to stop reading. It’s as addictive as it is smart, as literate as it is edgy.

Rice is easily one of the right’s brightest political minds in America—a one-man conservative army and our own phantom menace fighting the left simultaneously.

In  The Woking Dead ,  Rice steps out of the shadows and shares the wisdom, which countless political giants have long depended upon, with the American people.

While some may dismiss the book as partisan, Rice takes on Republicans, too, as they’re often the well-intentioned but ultimately hapless Jedi who consistently fail to see the threats the republic faces. Rice is the political strategist we all need: a longtime publicist to the stars whose important book couldn’t come at a more important time in America.

Rice sees the threats. He sees the opportunities. And he seizes the day in  The Woking Dead . If you read one book on politics, culture, movies, music, and this moment, make sure it’s  The Woking Dead . This is the smartest, sharpest, and most entertaining political book in years.

Drew Allen

Drew Allen, is the host of  “The Drew Allen Show”  podca st and a widely published columnist and political analyst. He is the vice president of Client Development at Publius PR and also the editor of the Publius National Post. Subscribe to read his work at drewallen.substack.com .

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dead phantoms

  • Getting Reelected Just Got A Lot Harder For These Texas Republicans
  • Guess Where Some Hamas Big-Wigs Were Found Living
  • Biden’s Cheat Sheets Attain Comic Book Status, But It's Not Funny
  • New Details in Death of Obama’s Personal Chef Raise Questions
  • The Morning Briefing: OK, Democrats—Let's Chat About 'Election Deniers'

dead phantoms

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Jelentkezz be, hogy lásd, miért kedvelnéd vagy nem kedvelnéd ezt játékaid, barátaid és követett kurátoraid alapján.

dead phantoms

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dead phantoms

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dead phantoms

Dead Phantoms

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Song Review l “Galaxy II” - Dead Phantoms

The Metalverse

The Metalverse

Dead Phantoms April, 2023 release, “Galaxy II'' is a 3 minute instrumental track packed with an impressive amount of genres and styles of sound.  The track starts with energetic guitar riffage that has an aggressive tone with an almost electronic hint to the sound. Suddenly Dead Phantoms transition unexpectedly to heavily reverbed clean guitar and gentle melodies.

“Galaxy II'' does an excellent job of creating a sense of contrast between huge, energetic, djenty riffs and gentle clean guitar and electric piano. The song's gentle parts are reminiscent of lofi and form a powerful mood that is ripped away from the listener and when the dynamic guitar and bass riffs return in an explosive fashion. Dead Phantoms displays an attractive progressive instrumental sound that fans of bands like Polyphia and Gojira are sure to enjoy! You can stream “Galaxy II” everywhere now!

Find Them Here:             Spotify         Instagram      

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Phantom of Death

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Phantom of Death movie poster 01

Un Delitto Poco Comune , known in America as Phantom of Death , is a 1987 Italian horror-thriller film directed by Ruggero Deodato.

The plot focuses on a pianist who is suffering from a rare genetic disease that's causing him to rapidly age. As his mind deteriorates, he starts to resent and kill young beautiful women.

Victims [ ]

  • Dr. Carla Pesenti - Throat slashed by Robert with a sword.
  • Susanna - Impaled through the neck by Robert with a metal stake.
  • Unnamed Man in Restroom - Head bashed against the sink and floor by Robert. (Debatable)
  • Laura - Stabbed under the chin by Robert with a lamp.
  • Agent Corsi - Throat cut by Robert with a straight razor.
  • Robert Dominici - Died from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

Victims Gallery [ ]

Dr. Carla Pesenti

  • 1 Chucky (TV Series)
  • 2 My Hero Academia
  • 3 Scream (Film Series)

"Phantom" lyrics

  • Dead! Lyrics


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  1. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms

  2. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms

  3. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms

  4. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms

  5. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms

  6. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms


  1. (COVER)Phantom Nation

  2. Phantoms 4 Pt 2

  3. Phantoms collab

  4. Me and mikeluru

  5. Counterstrike & Dean Rodell & Dead Phantoms

  6. ΔΔΔLife and Death Productions


  1. Phantoms (1998)

    Phantoms: Directed by Joe Chappelle. With Peter O'Toole, Rose McGowan, Joanna Going, Liev Schreiber. In the peaceful town of Snowfield, Colorado something evil has wiped out the community. And now, its up to a group of people to stop it, or at least get out of Snowfield alive. Menu Movies

  2. Dead Phantoms

    Electronic progressive metal band from Columbus, Ohio

  3. AP Sources: Auto workers and Stellantis reach tentative contract deal

    Like the Ford contract, the Stellantis deal would run through April 30, 2028. The deal includes a new vehicle for a now-idled factory in Belvidere, Illinois, which the company had planned to close.

  4. Phantoms (film)

    Phantoms is a 1998 American science fiction horror film adapted from Dean Koontz 's 1983 novel of the same name. Directed by Joe Chappelle with a screenplay by Koontz, the film stars Peter O'Toole, Rose McGowan, Joanna Going, Liev Schreiber, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt and Clifton Powell.

  5. Amazon.com: Phantoms: 9780425181102: Koontz, Dean: Books

    MP3 CD. $9.99 1 Used from $9.99 9 New from $8.44. "Phantoms is gruesome and unrelenting…It's well realized, intelligent, and humane."—Stephen King. They found the town silent, apparently abandoned. Then they found the first body, strangely swollen and still warm. One hundred fifty were dead, 350 missing.

  6. Dead Phantoms music, videos, stats, and photos

    Dead Phantoms aka Anton Lemet's from Krivoy Rog (Ukraine) started producing DnB in the beginning of 2009. Known to the most for his dark selected and well mixed sets for radios like Darkwax (UK) and Dnbarenalv (LV).

  7. NUGENFREEEP001-Various_Artists : Dead Phantoms, Envoys Evolution : Free

    + Artists: Dead Phantoms, Envoys Evolution + Style: drumandbass + Release Date: April 2010 + Catalog: NUGENFREEEP001 + Format: MP3 + Quality: 320 kbps + License: Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Poland License. + Tracklist: 01. Dead Phantoms - Ritual Service 02. Dead Phantoms - Brille

  8. Dead Phantoms

    Listen to Dead Phantoms on Spotify. Dead Phantoms · Album · 2012 · 16 songs.

  9. Dead Phantoms

    Dead Phantoms · Album · 2012 · 16 songs.

  10. Dead Phantoms

    Listen to Dead Phantoms on Spotify. Artist · 33 monthly listeners.

  11. Amazon.com: Dead Phantoms : Dead Phantoms: Digital Music

    Amazon.com: Dead Phantoms : Dead Phantoms: Digital Music. Skip to main content.us. Delivering to Lebanon 66952 Update location All. Select the department you ...

  12. Hamas's deadly "phantom": the man behind the attacks

    By Nicolas Pelham. A few hours after Hamas slaughtered hundreds of civilians in Israel on October 7th, the man who planned the attacks made a rare public appearance. A video broadcast on Hamas's ...

  13. Dead phantoms are still dangerous

    Dead phantoms are still dangerous Jax Vext 39 subscribers 1 32 views 2 years ago Video starts with me in my phantom Being shot down by a missile.. As my plane burns and spins to the ground i...

  14. Dead Phantoms

    Dead Phantoms LP OUT NOW!!!Released by: Basement Plague Records

  15. The Woking Dead: Phantoms and Woke Zombies of This American Moment

    The Woking Dead: Phantoms and Woke Zombies of This American Moment By Drew Allen 4:05 PM on August 15, 2022 George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead (Public Domain) A long time ago in a...

  16. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective vásárlása

    Using the powers of the dead, you can possess and manipulate objects and even rewind time as you work to solve brainteasing puzzles in a story chock-full of quirky humour and charming characters. This long-awaited HD remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the classic mystery puzzle game directed by Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney ...

  17. Charlie Gillespie

    August 26, 1998 (age 25) Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada. Occupation (s) Actor, singer. Years active. 2014-present. Charles Gillespie (born August 26, 1998) is a Canadian actor and singer, known for his role of Luke Patterson in the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms. [1] He previously acted in shows and films including Charmed, Degrassi ...

  18. Dead Phantoms

    Dead Phantoms - ExeptionDEAD PHANTOMSFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dead-Phantoms/136871309718139MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/366378403Soundcloud...

  19. Dead Phantoms

    Dead Phantoms's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

  20. Dead!

    $28.99 GOLDEN AGE OF NOT EVEN TRYING Vinyl Record by Dead!. Every vinyl record is brand new, shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap, and has never been touched by human hands. From the...

  21. Song Review l "Galaxy II"

    Aug 10, 2023 • 1 min read Spotify Cover: Dead Phantoms Dead Phantoms April, 2023 release, "Galaxy II'' is a 3 minute instrumental track packed with an impressive amount of genres and styles of sound. The track starts with energetic guitar riffage that has an aggressive tone with an almost electronic hint to the sound.

  22. Phantom of Death

    Un Delitto Poco Comune, known in America as Phantom of Death, is a 1987 Italian horror-thriller film directed by Ruggero Deodato. The plot focuses on a pianist who is suffering from a rare genetic disease that's causing him to rapidly age. As his mind deteriorates, he starts to resent and kill young beautiful women. Dr. Carla Pesenti - Throat slashed by Robert with a sword. Susanna - Impaled ...

  23. Dead!

    Phantom Lyrics: Okay! / The camera pans round / And we all lose our focus / They came and shot our hands / And then they tried to choke us / Oh, I'll play the game / I'm the king of jokers / And

  24. Dead!

    You won't see me 'cause I, I am a phantom (Oh oh oh oh) This is the only life we know (oh oh oh oh) But I don't care for another (oh oh oh oh) Oh, you say I'll see you around You won't see me 'cause I, I am a phantom So can you hear me now Amongst this battle crowd? We won't let them in But we won't lock them out Let's go on the road [Spoken]

  25. Dead Phantoms

    dead phantoms ep!

  26. Dead Phantoms

    Listen to Dead Phantoms on Spotify. Dead Phantoms · Single · 2011 · 4 songs.