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20cm Water Phantom

20cm Water Phantom

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CT Revolution Proficient (256-Slice) Service Training

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Revolution CT

Revolution CT

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20cm Water Phantom

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ct water phantom price




OEM#: 10743592 SIEMENS CT SCANNER CT WATER SLICE PHANTOM by Siemens Medical Solutions

  • Manufacturer: Siemens Medical Solutions
  • Condition: New OEM Original
  • Purchase Type: Outright
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • Returnable: No

P/N: 10743592 Key Specs

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ct water phantom price


Siemens 8872355 Water Phantom for Emotion Single Slice CT Scanner

Agilent Technologies M1574A Reusable NIBP Blood Pressure Cuff

Agilent Technologies M1574A Reusable NIBP Blood Pressure Cuff

Cavitron Surgical Systems CUSA Foot Switch

Cavitron Surgical Systems CUSA Foot Switch

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  • Used, minor scratching, moderate chipping
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • 30 Day Warranty
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100% money back guarantee.


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ct water phantom price

Radiation Products Design, Inc.

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  • Testicle Shielding
  • Mold-able Patient Shielding
  • GRID Photon Block
  • Lead Shielding Devices
  • Wall Plug Shields
  • Raw Lead Material
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  • Concave Rectangular Lead Block
  • Convex Rectangular Lead Block
  • Divergent Hole in Square Lead Block
  • Half Round Lead Block
  • Kidney Shaped Lead Block
  • Larynx Lead Block
  • Pointed Rectangular Lead Block
  • Rectangle Spinal Cord Lead Block
  • Rectangular Lead Block
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  • TLD Irradiation Phantoms
  • TLD Ribbons and Accessories
  • Vacuum Tweezers System
  • TLD Planchets
  • Beam Spoilers
  • TBI Treatment Platform
  • Head/Chin Support
  • TBI Lung & Kidney Blocking Systems
  • Wedge Tray for TBI
  • Safety Harness for TBI
  • Beam Spoiler Frame for TBI
  • TBI/HDR Stretcher
  • Treatment Bed
  • Additional Manufacturer Racket and Panel
  • Custom Wedges
  • Elekta 4-Sided Wedge and Tray
  • Equinox Wedges
  • Other Wedges
  • Rackets and Panels
  • Restringing of Tennis Rackets and Mylar Replacement
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  • Mevatron Steel Cross-Plane, Primus In-Plane, Digital Coding
  • Mevatron Steel In-Plane, Primus Cross-Plane, Digital Coding
  • Siemens Mevatron & Primus Half Wedge Digital Coding
  • Siemens Mevatron Cross-Plane Half Wedge Screw Coding
  • Siemens Mevatron In-Plane Half Wedge Screw Coding
  • Steel Cross-Plane With Digital Coding Plug
  • Steel In-Plane With Digital Coding Plug
  • Steel Cross-Plane With Screw Coding
  • Steel In-Plane With Screw Coding
  • Steel Cross-Plane With Digital Coding Plug, Primus
  • Steel In-Plane With Digital Coding Plug, Primus
  • Siemens Racket and Panel
  • Siemens Wedge
  • Tennis Rackets, Couch Tops, and Inserts
  • Varian 4-Way
  • Varian Clinac Replacement Wedge Trays
  • Varian Cross-Plane Wedge
  • Varian In-Plane Half Wedge for Non MLC Machines
  • Varian In-Plane Wedge for Non MLC Machines
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CT Phantoms There are 5 products.

CT Phantoms

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ct water phantom price

Mini CT QC Phantom

ct water phantom price

Repair Phantom, GE CT Light Speed

ct water phantom price

ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package

ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package.

ct water phantom price

Acrylic CT Dose Phantom and Carrying Case

ct water phantom price

GE LightSpeed Phantom Holder

GE LightSpeed Phantom Holder for Flat Table Top 50cm Wide.

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Product Key Features

  • Intended Use/Discipline Radiology
  • Model Scanner

GE Transistors

Ge circuit breakers, ge rheostats, ge varistors, ge thermistors, ge patient monitors.

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CT scan test phantom

Ct scan test phantoms.

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  • for ultrasound imaging (32)
  • for radiation therapy (4)
  • for radiography (3) for dental radiography

Area of the body

  • head (23) brain skull
  • torso (23) breast liver thorax heart lung
  • general purpose (18)
  • pelvis (7) prostate
  • abdomen (6) kidney bladder
  • whole body (5)
  • leg (4) knee foot

Patient type

  • pediatric (3)

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CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom Pro-CT

... Pro- CT Dose Phantom is designed to simulate pediatric and adult heads and bodies. The three piece phantom is used primarily for Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI) measurements essential ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom MIMI™

... the phantom assists with virtual and physical graticule alignment checks. Test Automatic Table Adjustments The MIMI Phantom features additional cross-hair markers that are offset ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom PURE CTDI

... imaging X-ray phantom allows for measurement of the Dose Index (DI) of the CT imaging system. The phantom consists of 2 large PMMA cylinders representing the head and body. The head ...

CT scan test phantom

A tissue equivalent imaging phantom suitable for evaluating the imaging performance of your CT system. This is an ideal piece of kit for CT field engineers. The phantom ...

CT scan test phantom

... The Micro CT phantom kit includes: CT dose phantom Water phantom Point Spread Function PSF phantom Multi layer phantom HA ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom QUART DVTap

The Universal Test Phantom is made to work for many CT and Dental 3D equipment materials. It has four parts to make it easy to manage and uses a sturdy design that is not going to be ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom QUART DVTkp

The Universal Test Phantom for QA/QC is made for dental equipment to help make the analysis procedure easier to manage. It works with Dental 3D and CBCT materials with two separate parts to make it active. ...

ultrasound imaging test phantom

ultrasound imaging test phantom BN-A01

... Adult Brain (Standard) phantom is designed based on an average brain, and it is made out of realistic tissue-mimicking materials suitable for Ultrasound, MRI, and X-Ray/ CT applications. In terms of ...

ultrasound imaging test phantom

ultrasound imaging test phantom BN-A02

... Adult Brain (Complex) phantom is designed based on an average brain, and it is made out of realistic tissue-mimicking materials suitable for Ultrasound, MRI, and X-Ray/ CT applications. In terms of ...

ultrasound imaging test phantom

ultrasound imaging test phantom BN-A03

The Adult Brain (Basic) Phantom is a realistic training tool designed to resemble an average brain. It is constructed using tissue-mimicking materials that are suitable for Ultrasound, MRI, and X-Ray/ CT ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom 0695-0113, 0695-0114

This CT Head and Body Dose Phantom machine is designed in accordance with the FDA’s performance standard for diagnostic x-ray systems. It comes with a computed tomography dose index (CTDI), which offers ...

radiation therapy test phantom

radiation therapy test phantom Blue Phantom Helix

... Water Phantom System Blue Phantom COMPACT and Blue Phantom Helix. -Easy rotation of the filled water phantom for in-plane and cross-plane measurements. -Avoids the ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom 008A

... Dynamic Thorax Motion Phantom is a precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of tumor motion inside the lung. It provides known, accurate and repeatable three-dimensional target motion inside a ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom 20CT20

The 20 CT 20 Head and Body CT Phantom is a nested, high quality CTDI phantom consisting of two PMMA precision-milled cylinders. The head phantom is 160mm ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom QUASAR™ Penta-Guide

The QUASAR™ Penta-Guide Phantom is recognized globally as the preferred tool for commissioning and daily testing of Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) systems. The QUASAR™ Penta-Guide Phantom ensures the ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom INTABLE™ PAD

... intended to replace existing CT couch pads and to remain in place on the CT scanner. The small cross sectional samples do not interfere with other CT exams. Simultaneous phantom ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom CT ACR 464

... guidelines, and more. The only phantom needed to meet American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation guidelines Versatility permits checking of multiple parameters, efficiently With the CT ...

ultrasound imaging test phantom

ultrasound imaging test phantom S-MM-2.3

Multimodality Prostate Phantom Most Accurate Prostate Phantom & Surrounding Tissues Mimicking Device for Ultrasound Applications Yezitronix' Multi Modality Prostate Phantom Model ...

radiography test phantom

radiography test phantom

This phantom is created from real patient data and is manufactured using the latest technology. Bones, vessels and soft tissue are displayed authentically with realistic CT values ??for all tissues at ...

CT scan test phantom

CT scan test phantom CTDI

... body phantom adapter with four holes. Included: Hard case with trolley for storage and transportation and acrylic rods for plugging all holes in the phantom . CTDI Phantom Set – CTDI ...

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CT Performance Phantom

Nuclemed - click to enlarge

Meets guidelines in AAPM Report#1 for performance and quality assurance of CT scanners.

This ONE phantom evaluates

  • Size dependence
  • Spatial resolution
  • Contrast scale
  • Sensitivity (low contrast resolution)
  • Absorbed dose
  • Slice thickness

The increasing use of computerized tomography (CT) as a diagnostic tool creates the need for an efficient means of evaluating the performance of the CT scanners now in use. Recognizing this requirement, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine established the AAPM Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms. Its goals are to define CT scanner performance and present practical methods of performance testing through the utilization of special phantoms. This phantom design is based on the guidelines presented in Report #1 of the Task Force and approved by the AAPM.

The modular CT Performance Phantom offers the CT user a single system with which to measure nine performance parameters. ONE PHANTOM DOES IT ALL! This phantom permits the routine standardization of alignment, beam width, spatial uniformity, linearity contrast,spatial resolution, linespread, noise, size independence, and absorbed dose. All components of the phantom are housed in a compact, transparent tank which holds the system together in the correct orientation.

The phantom consists of an 8 �" diameter acrylic tank containing a beam-width insert, a spatial resolution and line spread block, a high-contrast insert and a means for inserting alignment pins and/or TLD holders. Additionally, a �" thick Teflon band, positioned at the base of the tank and concentric to the 8" internal diameter,simulates human bone. Attached to the base of the tank is a low-contrast section with resealable cavities (from 1" to 1/8" diam.) which can be filled with a diluted dextrose or other appropriate solution to provide a low-contrast media. The optional External Resolution and Noise Ringslides snugly over the outside diameter of the tank, allowing whole-body scanner systems to be evaluated.


Water Tank - Made of acrylic 8 � " O.D x 8" I.D x12 �" long. Resealable with fill and drain ports. Low-contrast detectability block is attached to base.

Linearity and Contrast Insert - 7 �" O.D. x 2 �" long. Contains 1" diameter contrast pins of polyethylene, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystryene, and nylon. Density values: polyethylene, 0.95 gm/cc, polystryene, 1.05 gm/cc, nylon 1.10 gm/cc, acrylic 1.19 gm/cc, polycarbonate 1.20 gm/cc.

The contrast pins in each CT Performance Phantom are identical in density to the contrast pins of similar material in every other CT Phantom. For example, the nylon pin in every CT Phantom we manufacture has the same density. This uniform density among the phantoms provides the user with a standard for comparing the performance of different scanners.

Resolution Insert - 7 �" O. D. x 2 �" long with 6" diameter solid acrylic block. In the model 76-410-4130, the block has eight sets of five holes (1.75, 1.5,1.25, 1.00, .75, 0.61, 0.5, and 0.4 mm round). In the model 76-410-4132, the block has nine sets of five holes (1.75, 1.5, 1.25, 1.00, .75, 0.61, .05, .04, and 0.2 mm round). In both phantom inserts, the holes are spaced longitudinally on 5 mm centers and vertically on centers equal to twice the hold width. All cavities are filled with air. The 6" block is sectored 1 �" out on radius. Insert contains 0.014" stainless steel wire positioned longitudinally to the insert plates. The wire allows simple computation of linespread functions. A sectored 1 �" portion of the main 6" block permits an edge gradient to be measured.

Beam Width Insert - 7 �" O.D. x 3 �" long solid acrylic block. Has two each of the following: 2 �" deep cavities: 1", �", �", 3/8", �" and 1/8" diameter spaced twice the appropriate diameter apart, one row of cavities on each side of the center line. Cavities with screw-locking sealing ports are easily filled with dextrose or sodium chloride solutions of various densities. The user may adjust densities to any value suitable for the scanner. Typically, 2% or 3% differentials in density between cavities are used.

Alignment Pin - 0.25 O.D. x 3" long aluminum with tapped hold, allowing pin to be secured to cover plate.

TLD Insert -��" O.D. x 3 �" long polystryene rod drilled 3" deep to accept TLD inserts. Resealable cavity. Tapped on other end to allow mounting to cover plate.

External (Whole-Body) Resolution and Noise Ring - Annulus 12" O.D. x 8 �" I.D. x 2 �" long contains the same hole pattern as the Resolution Insert, at two locations 90� apart. Permits whole-body resolution and noise measurements when positioned on the main tank. Inner and outer resolution values are easily determined.


  • 15 �" long x 8 �" diamter
  • Weight: 17.25 lbs

0695-0105 CT Performance Phantom with Resolution Insert (to 0.4 mm) 0695-0106 CT Performance Phantom with Resolution Insert (to 0.2 mm) 0695-0107 External (Whole-Body) Resolution & Noise Ring

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4806977 Water Phantom CPL for Siemens CT

ct water phantom price

  • Part Number:  4806977
  • Description:  Water Phantom CPL
  • Manufacturer:  Siemens
  • Modality:  CT
  • Model:  Sensation 10

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  • Part Number : WATER/PPMA
  • Qty. Available : 1
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  • Date : October 12, 2023
  • Listing # : 3232538


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Listing: #3232538

  • Part #:  WATER/PPMA
  • Description:  PHANTOM WATER/PPMA
  • Brand:  TOSHIBA
  • Type:  Tissue Phantom

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ct water phantom price

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    Pregnancy and menopause can be causes of a phantom period, according to What to Expect and Menopause A to Z, respectively. A phantom period is when a woman experiences the symptoms of a period with no actual bleeding.

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    The setting of Gaston Leroux’s novel “The Phantom of the Opera” is the Paris Opera House. The building itself, known as the Palais Garnier, was built between 1861 and 1875. Much of the original setting that inspired “The Phantom of the Oper...

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    Water Tank - Made of acrylic 8 ½ " O.D x 8" I.D x12 ¾" long. Resealable with fill and drain ports. Low-contrast detectability block is attached to base.

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    Part Number: 4806977; Description: Water Phantom CPL; Manufacturer: Siemens; Modality: CT; Model: Sensation 10. >> REQUEST PRICE.

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