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Get the Most Out of Your Call of Duty PC Experience

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games in the world. It’s no surprise that many gamers choose to play it on their PCs. If you’re a PC gamer looking to get the most out of your Call of Duty experience, here are some tips to help you get started.

Optimize Your Graphics Settings

The graphics settings in Call of Duty can make or break your gaming experience. To get the most out of your game, you should make sure that your graphics settings are optimized for your PC. This means adjusting the resolution, texture quality, anti-aliasing, and other settings to ensure that you’re getting the best visuals possible.

Invest in Quality Peripherals

Having quality peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset can make a huge difference in your gaming experience. Investing in quality peripherals will ensure that you have precise control over your character and can hear all the action clearly.

Utilize Mods and Customizations

One of the best ways to get more out of your Call of Duty experience is to utilize mods and customizations. There are a variety of mods available for Call of Duty that can enhance your gameplay or add new features. You can also customize your character with different skins and accessories to make them stand out from other players.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Call of Duty PC experience. Optimizing your graphics settings, investing in quality peripherals, and utilizing mods and customizations will help ensure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience every time you play.

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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts


The Federation , officially the Federation of the Americas (FA) (Spanish: Federacion de las Américas , Portuguese: Federação das Américas ), is a sociopolitical, economic, and military union of north, central and south American nations that have risen to power in Call of Duty: Ghosts , where it serves as the game's main antagonist faction. The Federation's capital is Caracas , Venezuela. While it is unknown who leads the Federation itself after Almagro's death, Gabriel T. Rorke is one of their top agents. The Federation itself is mentioned in the comics of Call of Duty: Mobile , while some of their personnel makes appearances in-game.

  • 1.1 Rise to Power
  • 4 Foreign relations
  • 6 Federation Military Forces
  • 7.1.1 Assault Rifles
  • 7.1.2 Submachine Guns
  • 7.1.3 Light Machine Guns
  • 7.1.4 Marksman Rifle
  • 7.1.5 Sniper Rifle
  • 7.1.6 Shotguns
  • 7.1.7 Handguns
  • 7.1.8 Launchers
  • 7.1.9 Special
  • 7.2 Vehicles

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History [ ]

Rise to power [ ].

In an early 21st century, the Federation was established in the wake of multiple conflicts in the Middle East that culminated in the Tel Aviv War , which devastated the entire region and the oil supply, triggering a global energy crisis. First World countries around the globe were crippled, like the United States and their NATO allies, as well as Russia , China , and India . With these nations spread thin trying to maintain order, the remaining oil-rich South American nations of Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile united on June 2nd, 2014, to form the Federation of the Americas to monopolize their own resources and consolidate power over their neighbors.

Under the military leadership of the strongly anti-American General Diego Almagro, the Federation spread unchecked throughout the rest of South America. As Almagro intensified his rhetoric while demanding the arrest or execution of every US-born individual living within Federation territory, he drew the wrath of the United States of America . A Ghost -led military operation was mounted in mid-2015 to assassinate Almagro in Caracas, Venezuela. The general's death, however, failed to halt the Federation's aggressive expansion, and animosity between the two superpowers deepened. Also, Gabriel T. Rorke was lost in a flood in Caracas. This later resulted in him being captured by the Federation and brainwashed. Over the next two years, the Federation flourished economically and moved northward, invading and conquering the countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

In the near future, the US had deployed the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN) as its ultimate deterrent against any foreign attack, seemingly securing its safety against further Federation aggression. The Federation countered this weapon on July 10th, 2017 , by smuggling a strike team in a routine supply shuttle to ODIN's command station, which then hijacked ODIN and turned the weapon against its makers. While surviving US personnel aboard the command station managed to scuttle it before all of ODIN's projectiles could be fired, the US south and southwest were decimated, most notably Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. The Federation immediately followed their surprise attack on ODIN with a massive land invasion.

A decade later, the war between the Federation and the US had been fought to a stalemate. The front lines stabilized among the ruins of southwestern US cities. As the US prepared to renew its campaign to expel the invaders, increased Federation activity in the No Man's Land resulted in the city of Dallas falling virtually overnight, thanks to intelligence gathered from captured civilians within the ruins. A large Federation invasion force assaulted Fort Santa Monica days later.

Unbeknownst to the US, these offensives were a prelude to " Operation Homecoming ," the Federation's final push to win the war. Over the previous decade, the Federation Science Division had devoted itself to reverse-engineering ODIN from the wreckage and information provided by former Ghost leader Gabriel T. Rorke. The result was the Federation satellite array, code named " LOKI " and "FEDSAT" by the US, a more streamlined version of ODIN designed to fire tungsten rods of varying sizes for precision strikes. Once operational, the array would be used to destroy the remaining US major cities and its military.

Before the array was activated, the Ghosts learned of its existence after witnessing the launch of two rockets from the Yucatan Peninsula and raiding "The Shop," the array's manufacturing facility in Rio de Janeiro . The US marshaled the last of its naval forces to launch an incursion to capture LOKI's primary control center in Chile's Atacama Desert. Despite being heavily defended, the facility was breached and destroyed , allowing a US Air Force squad to attack the array's command station in space and redirect LOKI's fire against Federation ground and naval forces. Despite the Ghosts' failure to kill Rorke and Logan's capture, much of the Federation's forces were destroyed and LOKI was captured, weakening it to the point where they no longer had a military advantage over the US.

Economy [ ]

The Federation's rise began with the building of a massive economy. Due to the destructive conflict in the Middle East triggering a massive energy crisis, the Federation offered their massive oil reserves to the global market. Venezuela especially profited from the shortage. Brazil grew from their proficient agricultural capabilities while Chile became a large supplier for mineral resources. Sometime before 2015 the Federation began putting a portion of their revenue into military spending. Fellow nations in South America, the Caribbean, and Central America began joining the Federation in hopes of contributing to the supranational superpower. Other countries that were skeptical of the prospects of the alliance were eventually invaded and subjugated by the Federation's military.

By 2017, the Federation stood on equal economic, political, and military power as the United States. With its own massive oil, mineral, agricultural, and military resources, as well as a vast array of international political connections, the United States managed to stay out of the Federation's influence, despite not being able to destroy the country. The Federation developed large financial, trade, manufacturing and corporate institutions to remain competitive against failing powers. Vast new infrastructure programs revolutionized the continent.

By 2027, the Federation undisputedly had the world's largest economy. The rest of the world remained dependent on the Western Hemisphere's resources and products. Numerous complexes such as the Freeport industrial center, the Atlas oil drilling platform, and the Shop development facility were erected. Beyond capital, the Federation developed a significant technological prowess. Additionally, major cities like Caracas in Venezuela, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Santiago in Chile completely rebuilt themselves.

Their economy eventually hit hard due to the Ghost's action in destroying their largest oil platform and their LOKI space station was captured by the US to destroy multiple Federation fleets.

Culture [ ]

Being composed of a variety of nations, the Federation has a diverse and vibrant culture. The primary official language is Spanish with Portuguese, French and indigenous languages also present. Traditional Latin American culture defines much of the nation. The Federation is very dedicated to their military as it is a major political force. General Diego Almagro initiated this cultural attribute through dominance of nations that opposed him. The Federation's national holiday is June 15th, the day the Federation repelled the United States from its territory in 2015.

The Federation's Government prides itself on having close relations with their native tribes. This may come out of necessity to get local support for the construction of infrastructure throughout the interior. It could also be a method to make the Federation appear morally superior to the United States which destroyed their indigenous populations.

Foreign relations [ ]

In spite of being the world's economic, political, technological and military superpower, the Federation had a very hostile and jingoistic approach to global affairs. The UN negotiators sent to the Federation were unceremoniously murdered. The government justified this action by claiming that the United States had directed global affairs in its own destructive interests for too long. After the ODIN strikes, the remaining NATO nations turned against the Federation to support the United States. However, the rest of the world was forced to continue working with the Federation or fight against them.

Politics [ ]

The Federation's political structure appears to be a totalitarian dictatorship with elements of ultranationalism and fascism. The Federation shows an utter disregard for human rights, including using its own soldiers as test subjects. It persecutes foreign civilians and has engaged in multiple acts of aggression, as well as the murder of UN peacekeepers.

It is unclear as to the relationship between the member states and the federation as a whole; the three original states apparently unified voluntarily and Federation's ideology strongly emphasizes South American nationalism, yet the Federation is also described as using its military power to conquer South America, with the United States regarding Argentina as being under occupation, leaving the legitimacy of the Federation's unification ambiguous.

Federation Military Forces [ ]

The Federation Armed Forces appears to consists of the Federation Army, Federation Navy, Federation Air Force and the Federation Special Forces.

Military Equipment and Arsenal’s [ ]

As the rise of their power grew in the early years of its creation, the Federation's military expanded in terms of weaponry and equipment which made them formidable for the once dominant US military. Their arsenal of weaponry came from weapon manufacturers in Russia , NATO, South Korea, Israel, and even the United States, as well as from two of their member states, Brazil ( .44 Magnum ) and Peru ( SC-2010 , FAD ). Prior to the ODIN strikes, Federation troops looked like a typical South American military, wearing jungle camouflage patterned BDUs, simple low-bearing gear, and a mixture of Soviet -style combat helmets and ball caps. After the ODIN strikes and during the height of their power, Federation troops look like a well uniformed streamline opponent to the beleaguered US forces wearing combat shirts and combat pants in different camouflage patterns (either in urban, woodland, snow colored, navy, and all-black camouflage) which according to the gear they're wearing is from U-Tech. All Federation soldiers also are equipped with the most state-of-the-art military-grade protective plate carriers and Kevlar helmets (many with ballistic face shields attached to rail adapters on the sides of the helmets). Some Federation soldiers wear red or black berets instead, most likely to signify NCOs and senior leadership.

There’s also different parts of sections of the Federation Army. Different like the regular army wearing gear like the modern US military utilizes, while the Security forces wears the body armor front of their jacket loaded with light equipment. Back at 2015, the Federation soldiers wearing is leftover from the former Venezuelan military in Caracus, with most the equipment brought from Russia such as helmets, and tanks while the others came from Europe. Equipped with South American rifles made by Peru, and Russian submachine guns imported from Russia. While the years goes on, they have new modern technology same like the United States by either buying from foreign countries, locally produced or reversed engineered. The South American Federation Special Forces such as the PMC Elite for example is either or not a company alongside with newer equipment they held which is almost identical to the US Special Forces but are equip the same weapons as the Armed Forces, but have access to the K7 submachine guns for stealth operations. The Federation forces have different camouflage appearances to blend in the environment for different operations. The camouflages are mainly based from the US and Russian patterns, while making their own adjustments of different camouflage they're using for their forces.

Weapons [ ]

Assault rifles [ ].

  • APS Underwater Rifle
  • Honey Badger (in " The Hunted " only)

Submachine Guns [ ]


Light Machine Guns [ ]

Marksman rifle [ ], sniper rifle [ ].

  • Lynx (in " Sin City " and "End of the Line)

Shotguns [ ]

Handguns [ ].

  • .44 Magnum (only used by Gabriel Rorke )
  • MP-443 Grach

Launchers [ ]

  • Panzerfaust

Special [ ]

  • Riot Shield

Vehicles [ ]

  • X08 Selva Tigre
  • Aegis-class combat ship
  • Eurocopter EC-635
  • Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
  • Stormbreaker

Gallery [ ]

Federation Insignia

  • On the uniform of some Federation troops, it says 'Federation of South America' instead of 'Federation of the Americas'.
  • 1 Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • 3 Call of Duty (series)

Federation War (CoD Ghosts)

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The Federation War , or its more common names the Federation-American War or the Third World War is an military conflict that occurs during the events of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty Ghosts 2, and Call of Duty Ghosts 3. The war takes place in an alternate history timeline and it is primarily fought between the United States of America and the Federation of the Americas.

  • 1.1.1 History
  • 1.1.2 Second Great Depression
  • 1.2 Tensions
  • 2.1 French Guinea Crisis
  • 2.2 Operation Return to Sender
  • 3.1.1 Orbital Defense Initiative
  • 3.3.1 Joint Strike Force
  • 3.3.2 Confederacy of Independent Nations
  • 3.4.1 Assault on the West Coast
  • 3.5.1 Chinese Invasion of Southeast Asia
  • 3.5.2 Federation Invasion of Europe
  • 3.5.3 Iranian Expansion
  • 3.6.1 Federation Invasion of Canada
  • 3.7.1 United Earth Government
  • 3.7.2 Russian-Federation Tensions
  • 3.8.1 Second Battle of New York
  • 3.8.2 Recapture of Baltimore
  • 3.8.3 Battle of Norfolk Virginia
  • 3.8.4 Final Battle for Washington D.C
  • 3.8.5 West Coast Offensive
  • 3.8.6 The Genocide
  • 3.8.7 Liberating the Lower 48
  • Tension
  • 3.9.2 Surprise European Offensive
  • 3.9.3 Middle Eastern Offensive
  • Operation Guillotine
  • Operation Thunder Rolls
  • Mashhad Assault
  • Kavir Desert Facility
  • 3.10.2 North African Front
  • 3.10.3 East Asian Campaign
  • 3.10.4 Sino-Russian Ceasefire
  • 3.11.1 12 years no victory
  • 3.11.2 Sino-Federation Tensions
  • 3.11.3 Remaining Federation occupied territories
  • 3.12.1 Federation Dig site
  • 3.12.2 Federation Invasion of Los Angeles
  • June 15th, 2027.
  • Operation Deadbolt
  • Operation Clockwork
  • Operation Black Ice
  • 3.13.1 Operation Gravedigger
  • Nuclear Strike
  • 3.14 Operation Blindside
  • 3.15 The Fall of the Federation
  • 4 Casualties and Consequences
  • 5.1 Casualties
  • 5.2 Consequences
  • 5.3 War Trials

Background [ ]

Rise of the federation [ ], history [ ].

The flag of the Federation of the Americas

The history of the conflict against the Federation began over 100 years prior to the events of Call of Duty Ghosts , when a man by the name of Simon Bolivar successfully united all of South America under one banner, creating the nation of Columbia. After Bolivars Death, the nation of Columbia drafted a new constitution eventually becoming what was to be known as the Federation of the Americas. The Federation initially started out as a corrupt and impoverished nation state, that had constant political infighting leading to the Federation of the Americas not being treated as an equal to that of the global powers.

Between 1899 and 1902, the Federation of the Americas fell into Civil War between Liberals and Conservatives. The United States under the Monroe Doctrine fully exploited this growing conflict by kicking off the Panama Rebellion and laying claim to the Panama Strip. Leading to the first showdown between the Federation and the United States of America that ended in a Federation victory. This conflict, later becoming known as the Thousand Days War lead the Federation and the United States to go down the path of enemies, and thus the Federation went through a radical transformation from a First World Democratic Nation to something of an Authoritarian Theocracy that was guided by a divine belief in a United South America.

After World War II, the Federation of the Americas developed sympathies for the Soviet Union, leading to a different style of Proxy War between the United States and the USSR in South America. The Federation of the Americas went through regime change into the largest military dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet and turning the Federation of the Americas into a Nuclear Power. When the Cold War eventually ended in 1991, the Federation of the Americas became a victim of the United States becoming the worlds sole superpower.

Second Great Depression [ ]

Tel Aviv War CoDG

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Throughout the early decades of the 21st Century the combination of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the ever controversial Iraq War, the recession of 2008, and the Arab Spring had brought the world into a Second Great Depression. The subsequent decline of the oil rich Middle Eastern powers and a large amount of other issues lead to the largest recession in human history, that would become known as the Second Great Depression. The biggest of these issues was the collapse of the states in the Middle East. The Second Great Depression only further caused issues, leading to what would become known as the Arab Spring in 2011.

Because of the decline in oil rich Middle Eastern countries nations such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Canada, and other states began to decrease their trade in oil, and focus on other issues. In particular, though, the nation known as the Federation of the Americas was an immensely oil-rich countries nation, who the USSR and the United States struggled to maintain good relationships with during the Cold War. With the events of the early 21st Century, the Federation of the Americas went from a below average nation-state to the worlds second most powerful country to the second largest economy on the planet.

Tensions [ ]

With the growth of the Federation, a political challenger entered the ring. This challenger was a country that had for over a century prior been interfering in South American politics, and it didn't have the best relationship with this large country in its hemisphere. The nation? The United States of America. The United States acquisition of the Panama Canal during the Thousand Days War had pretty much soured relations between these two growing nations, leading to a large amount of political distrust between these two powers.

There were minor skirmishes between the two states between the years throughout the Cold War. Some examples of these included a Federation fighter aircraft being intercepted American jets in 1971, a Federation Destroyer colliding with a US Destroyer off the coast of Bermuda in 1978, the US voting against a canal being built across Nicaragua, and the United States bombing of Libya in 1986. and the Federation being against it, amongst other skirmishes. In addition, the Federation of the Americas was something much of Totalitarian and Authoritarian Theocracy guided by a strong sense of Nationalism, while the United States was a Democratic Republic.

On April 14th, 2013, new Federation President Nicolas Maduro was sworn into the office of President of the Federation of the Americas. He was a political extremist who was a strong anti-American and a large labor rights supporter, he grew popular amongst Federation Leadership to be a good future President. However, his anti-Americanism would eventually lead to the outbreak of war between the United States and the Federation of the Americas.

Beginning [ ]

French guinea crisis [ ].

In the year 2013, a referendum was held by the people of French Guinea. The referendum was funded in part by the Federation, a referendum was held inside French Guinea on whether to break away from France. This request was ultimately put down, but after two more attempts in the following years, France had enough and sent troops to the region to effectively occupy the territories. The Federation of the Americas wasn't too fond of this, claiming that the European Union was trying to dismantle everything the Federation of the Americas stood for.

By June of 2015, Federation President Nicolas Maduro, had enough, and later on, ordered the Federation Military to invade French Guinea and the nation of Guyana and forcefully make them join the Federation. This brilliant action was condemned internationally. To underline his point, Maduro ordered the military to use brute force, and the subsequent genocide of the region saw the deaths of thousands if not millions of people. After the invasions, the British Commonwealth and the France complained to the United Nations about how the invasion was unjustified and demanded that UN Peacekeepers be sent to the region. This request was passed by the United Nations Security Council.

As the tension grew, things finally tipped over. On June 20th, 2015, Federation President Nicolas Maduro passed a new decree. This decree announced the arrest of all Americans that were living within Federation Territory. The mass scale arrest was punctuated by the Federation Military arresting United Nations Peacekeepers, before executing them by firing squad. The resulting mass murder lead to the deaths of 20 UN Peacekeepers, and this would be the straw the broke the Camels back.

Operation Return to Sender [ ]

On July 8th, 2015, two months into the crisis, the United States supported by its NATO allies launched a full-scale invasion into the Federation. The landing site chosen was Northern Brazil as apart of Plan Rubber. The Federation was caught almost completely off-guard, and soon the United States was able to set up a successful beachhead. After that, they began to sweep across the North of Venezuela pushing towards Caracas (The Federation Capital), and South into Guyana, Suriname, and French Guinea. The invasion aimed to dismantle the Federation from the inside and force its capitulation. The person chose to lead this offensive was a man by the name of Gabriel T. Rorke, with his team Elias Walker, Thomas Merrick, and Alex Johnson. These soldiers were members of an Elite Unit in the United States Military that outranked even the Green Berets, they were called "GHOST".

On July 12th, American forces entered the capital of the Federation, Caracas, Venezuela. The Federation forces defended the Capital Fiercely, with President Maduro personally staying behind and actively fighting as a soldier. However, due to the United States, and the fact that the Federation had never properly mobilized, the Federation was slowly losing the fight. To prevent the Federation from becoming just another mark in the history books, Maduro ordered something so outrageous, it became one of the most widely known events in world history.

An M880 Missile Launched opened fire on a dam that was constructed above the city. The dam, one of the largest of its kind, was destroyed. The city began to flood as thousands of gallons of water swept into the city. Most of the city was destroyed and almost half of the entire 167,000 men US invasion force sent to Caracas was destroyed. Maduro, realizing that the city was now destroyed, attempted to evacuate South to wait for the floodwaters to recede and then counterattack. However, members of GHOST managed to board his escape helicopter, killing Maduro in the process. However, as the helicopter crashed, Gabriel Rorke fell into the flood waters, and he was declared M.I.A.

After the death of Nicolas Maduro in the Battle of Caracas, the Federation Council of Commanders picked a new President, Nicolas Maduro’s First Lady, Cilia Flores. Flores was the First Lady to Nicolas Maduro, and was loyal to her husband every step of the way. His death during the battle turned her into a madwoman. Watching as the United States destroyed the center of her nation (Caracas), revenge grew within her. In her opening statement as President, she stated...

"Compatriots of the Federation of the Americas. Today, or national sovereignty, our identity, our very way of life, was disrupted by a nation that for over 200 years has laid claim to its territorial demands over our lands. Our Capital may be in ruins, or country under attack, but the waters have receded. We are a nation of a unique and vibrant culture, a nation that has stood to the prejudice from neighboring states, being mocked on the international floor of imperialistic feudalism, a nation that cannot be shaken from a resolve of one goal, independence! As the new President of the Federation of the Americas! We stand firmly at war against the United States of America! Today we stand by our brothers and sisters and comradery, by our flag, and by our national identities as citizens of the new world order! We are the Federation of the Americas! Viva La Federacion! - Cilia Flores

In the aftermath of her speech, Flores issued a call to arms. All Boys and Girls who were physically capable of contributing to the war effort would be eligible for conscription into the army. Those who were too young, had jobs, were pregnant, bared children less than 12, Physically Disabled, Mentally Disabled, the Blind, etc. were exempt from the conscription. But despite the new conscription, thousands of people rallied to the cause of the Federation, and thousands more took to the street in anti-American demonstrations. American Flags were burned, and stores with American products were raided and burned.

Within just weeks, the Federation armed forces went from a rough 2.6 Million Members to a total of 25 Million Members (Both Soldiers and employees). In addition, thousands of people across the Federation took up the cause for the war effort, such as jobs, news outlets, etc. To the outside world, 845 Million people who lived inside Federation Territory rallied to the flag. In a 196-4 vote, the declaration of a Martial Crusade against the United States passed.

Federation War [ ]

2015-2016 [ ].

With the victory of the Federation over the United States in Caracas, there was now no holding back hostilities between the two rival nations. The new conflict was routed into the foundation of the Federation itself, knowing well aware of US history and atrocities across Latin-America. The Federation viewed this war against the United States in an companying spiritual movement. with its soldiers labeling it as "The Great Journey". To the Federation, it had become apparent that the United States and the Federation could no longer coexist, and the ensuring existence of the Federation needed to be secured. As a result, the Federation ensured that this war would end with either the destruction of either side in the conflict, with no formal opportunity for surrender.

Thanks to the nationalism promoted by Federation President Flores, the Federation of the Americas was now pushing North, heading into Central America. The Federation charged into Panama at full speed, successfully capturing the Panama Canal, and preventing American shipping through the canal. Regular raids soon began over Central American Cities as the Federation made a charge for the United States. The US Air Force worked around the clock to quell the Federation attacks as the Federation began their assault by invading Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Key West, Miami.

As the war turned increasingly against the favor of the United States and the NATO alliance began probing for new unconventional ways to defeat the Federation. The United States reintroduced conscription into its ranks to go fight the Federation in Central America. The United States Government and Military Command, knowing who the Federation were, desperately tried every trick in the book to stop the Federation. But by the summer of 2016, it had appeared they were gonna be forced to win this war completely unconventionally.

Orbital Defense Initiative [ ]

As the Federation continued to push its way north into Nicaragua and Honduras, the populations of the United States and Central America began to desperately panic as the Federation seemed to be unstoppable. Without the United States firing the first shot, getting international support for the fight was difficult. Realizing they couldn't win this war conventionally, US President Barack Obama in one of his last acts (In secret) the creation of the "Orbital Defense Initiative" or ODIN. The ODIN Program was a part of the United States Space Force. The program aimed to create a new series of Kinetic Bombardment Projectiles that could turn the tide of the war.

The program was a clear violation of the Outer Space Treaty, however, nobody on the allied side seemed to care. Thanks to the new industrial production that was coming up from the war against the Federation, the United States was able to begin production of the new ODIN Space Station Orbital platform. The first components were placed into Orbit in late 2016, just as Federation troops began to cross into Honduras.

By the time 2017, US President Donald Trump was sworn into office as Federation Soldiers were rolling into El Salvador and Guatemala. At this point, NATO troops were starting to arrive in greater numbers at the front. The peoples of these countries were caught in the crossfire between the defending Organization of American States and NATO against the Federation.

By the time of the Federation Invasion of Mexico, the world's first ODIN Satellite was put into orbit in July of 2017 in near complete and total secrecy. The weapon was almost ready for operation and was due to be used against Federation forces who were now entering Mexico. However, Federation Spies within the United States learned of the weapon's existence and were horrified.

On July 4th, 2017, the Federation spies within the United States notified the Federation High Command and Federation Government about the Orbital Defense Initiative and the first ODIN Satellite. The Federations Government met in a bit of an emergency panic and began discussing what to do. If the weapon became operational, the war against the United States could end in barely a year, perhaps less. Considering the few options on the table, the Federation high command decided on a risky option, one that would turn the war into a whole new meaning.

On July 10th, 2017, Federation Astronauts comprising of mostly Federation PMC Elite and Federation Space Force hijacked the Orbital Defense Initiative Space station. Using the equipment they brought up with them, the Federation was able to hijack the satellites weapons systems. Within minutes, the Federation had control over the weapon. Uploading the targets, the Federation opened fire. Across the Southwestern United States, the US made kinetic rods hit cities across the Southwest and Northern Mexico. Had it not been for the courageous efforts of the Astronauts on the space station, the entire United States could have been destroyed. Despite this, the notable cities that were destroyed included...

  • Austin, Texas (destroyed)
  • Caldera Peak, Colorado (destroyed)
  • Dallas, Texas (Destroyed)
  • El Paso, Texas (Destroyed)
  • Fort Worth, Texas (Destroyed)
  • Houston, Texas (Destroyed)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Destroyed)
  • Los Angeles, California (Partially destroyed)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (Destroyed)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (Destroyed)
  • San Antonio, Texas (Destroyed)
  • San Diego, California (Destroyed)

By the time the ashes settled, most of the entire Southwest, United States, and part of Northern Mexico had been completely obliterated by the Tungsten ODIN Rods. The casualties were immense, with a total of 27 million Americans being killed on just the first day. In addition to the K.E.M Strike, the Federation using its Cyber Warfare technique plugged into the American Defense Grid simply known as "Julius" and took control of the US Nuclear Arsenal. With this technique, the Federation practically managed to disable or destroy the US Nuclear Arsenal, preventing it from launching. Those Nuclear Missiles that did launch were mostly outdated minute man missiles, but they were destroyed by Federation Missile Shields.

With the United States Military and Government in complete and total dismay, Federation forces crossed the border from Mexico and attacked. The United States Military was scattered not knowing what exactly was going on, and as a result, the Federation had initial success in the Southern United States as the US States of Texas (Destroyed) Arizona (Destroyed) New Mexico (Destroyed), Utah (Partially destroyed) Colorado (Partially destroyed), Nevada (Partially destroyed), Kansas, Oklahoma (Partially destroyed) Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana (Partially destroyed) soon became completely overrun. However, the United States, after realizing what was happening, was able to consolidate and counterattack, and after a decisive battle at the battle of Fresno and St. Louis, the US Military was able to hold the Federation back, but it was too late.

The Federation was now on American Soil and was pushing up towards Kansas City, Missouri, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. By this point, Canada had declared war against the Federation, and European troops were arriving in greater numbers, however, the combined economies of these countries weren't enough to match the economy of the Federation. Realizing the importance of what was at stake, the US desperately tried to hold lines at the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River, to create a funnel that the Federation could only go through. This kind of battle tactic worked very well for the Americans at first, but it would come back to bite them in the rear.

Joint Strike Force [ ]

As the United States was getting invaded, many other nations outside of the NATO Alliance in a moment of comradery for the Americans, declared war against the Federation of the Americas. These nations that did declare war included Japan, South Korea, and India. Almost immediately, these states came together to form what would become known as the "Joint Strike Force", or "JSF" for short. With this new combined force, the new "United Nations Security Command" was formed.

Confederacy of Independent Nations [ ]

The Federation struck back against the United Nations Security Command, forming the "Confederation of Independent Nations" headquartered in Rio De Janeiro. This alliance was between the Federation of the Americas, People's Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, and Angola. However, the Confederacy of Independent Nations was just the United Nations Security Council dominated by the Federation. These two organizations would be the mainstay behind the Federation-American War.

Assault on the West Coast [ ]

On 15 January 2019, the Federation of the Americas launched a massive naval, amphibious, and air assault against the city of San Francisco. Using repurposed civilian freighters disguised as cargo ships, the Federation covertly transported hundreds of soldiers, vehicles, and equipment (at least the equivalent strength of several divisions; a corps) past the U.S. Pacific Fleet and landed on the Port of San Francisco. The Federation swiftly crushed the U.S. Army and National Guard units there, forcing them to retreat to the countryside. Using the Chaos of the San Francisco, the Federation moved through No Man's Land and proceeded to attack Los Angeles, California. Using the captured railroads and other infrastructure to their advantage, the Federation created a large funnel to the California front.

Realizing the situation that was at stake, the US President Donald Trump ordered any means necessary to defend their Western Territory, however, thanks to the Federation taking over the interior of the country, these efforts were heavily tampered with by Federation bombing raids. Thanks to the lack of reinforcements, and the Federation Navy blocking the US Pacific Fleet from reaching the California front, the campaign in the west went completely swift. The Federation continued their honorable campaign by soon launching an audacious attack up Northwards towards Portland and Seattle, as well as into the Dakota's in a campaign of rapid dominance.

As the attack Northward progressed, the Federation proceeded by an air assault into Iowa and Illinois on the 24th of April, 2019. The cities of Omaha, Chicago, Des Moines, and other cities along the Mississippi were attacked heavily attacked by Federation Air and Armored divisions. The United States Military did everything that it could to prevent the Federation from crossing the Mississippi, leading to sometimes literal bayonet charges by US forces. By the time summer 2019 rolled around, the Federation was on the verge of taking Seattle, but thanks to some help from their loyal Canadian troops, the allied forces managed to repel the assault on Seattle.

By Christmas of 2019, the Federation of the Americas claimed it had captured every US state West of the Mississippi River, however in reality there were still many areas that were controlled by the US Government, and some were even controlled by American Resistance. Cilia Flores and the Federation leadership were quite happy about the progress in the American Campaign. With this success in the Americas, the Confederation of Independent nations decided now it would be a good time to expand the current war.

Chinese Invasion of Southeast Asia [ ]

In October 2020, after months of preparation, the Confederacy of Independent Nations launched its attack. Chinese Bombers took off and began performing full-scale bombing raids over South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan. China soon went on the offensive, invading Mongolia, Nepal, and Bhutan. These countries were in no position to fight back against the Chinese invasion, and within the first hours, these nations fell. On the Korean Peninsula, Chinese and North Korean troops launched their invasion of South Korea, capturing many of the South Korean Cities.

China launched an all-out invasion of Taiwan, glassing the Island off the face of the Earth. China occupied Hong Kong as well and used Hong Kong to launch a massive land invasion of Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Japan suffered regular bombing raids from the Peoples Republic of China, intending to destroy Japan's Industrial might to allow for a future invasion. Pakistan soon joined the Peoples Republic of China, and the two countries began to settle their scores with India by invading Kashmir and Northern India.

Federation Invasion of Europe [ ]

On November 11th, 2020, during the World War I Celebrations, the Federation of the Americas detonated several Chemical weapons WMDs across major European Cities, leading to the deaths an untold millions of people. In addition, the Federation next detonated four large thermonuclear weapons in the Ionosphere above the European Federation, which disabled European Electronics and ground the continent to a halt. This in turn allowed the Federation to essentially have little to no resistance.

The Federation landings began on November 13th, 2020 with the shock of the Chemical Attacks. Federation Soldiers from their allies in North Africa landed in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra, Sicily, and Croatia, using amphibious and land vehicles for the main assault. Federation PMC Elites were deployed across Europe to sabotage and disrupt communications between allied soldiers. Under the command of former UNSSU officers, the Federation was able to defeat most of the UNSC Forces across the Italian and Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea.

After the successful invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, the Federation proceeded to launch a direct attack against France. The Federation supported by Chinese, Libyan, Iranian, and other soldiers attacked with full force, allocating most of their Category-A Class Armored Divisions into the assault against the European Federation. With the communications severed, the European Federation was unable to contact their allies for a possible counterattack. With Spain, Portugal, and Andorra completely under control, the Federation of the Americas proceeded to invade several neighboring Allied states. Italy and Switzerland soon fell, followed by the entirety of France. From here, the Federation launched numerous attacks against the Balkan nations of former Yugoslavia, as well as Greece, and Turkey.

After successfully taking over France, the Federation prioritized the UK for its vital air corridor. Taking it would certainly demoralize the European Federation. However, they discovered many large anti-air defenses in the UK so they decided to launch a direct assault across Southern England. As Federation Forces entered the UK, a fierce battle between the European Federation/British Troops and the Federation military began. Although the European Federation and British troops valiantly defended their homeland with all their might, the Federation ultimately succeeded in their goal and captured London.

The Europeans fought bravely till the very end, but they simply were outmatched. The Federation of the Americas had taken most of the European Continent, and there was no point in letting more innocent people die to achieve the same result. After a three-month-long invasion, the European Federation, the most technologically advanced of the former great powers, signed the peace treaty and surrendered to the Federation. The Europeans lost almost 80% of their armed forces while the Federation only less than a fourth of that. The Continent was destroyed worse than the Second World War, and thousands of Civilians were dead.

Iranian Expansion [ ]

With new rearmaments from the Federation of the Americas, the Islamic Republic of Iran reignited its hostilities. Iran launched yet another invasion of Iraq, through Kuwait, and into Saudi Arabia. They planned to reclaim the lands of the former Persian Empires, expanding the Iranian version of Islam throughout the Middle East and North Africa. These countries practically did not exist, at this point, and had been in complete anarchy since the time of the of the Arab Spring and the Iraq War. This would give Iran time to settle its scores with its century-old rivals.

Iranian troops began their attack against Basara, Iraq before they turned South towards Kuwait. The UNSC had a large number of troops in the region to keep it in order and from the conflict against the Peoples Liberation Resistance several years earlier. The nations of Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates were essentially placed under the occupation of the UNSC to prevent their attacks. Using Federation-built ships, the UNSC Navies clashed with the Iranian and Federation navies in the Persian Gulf, however, the superior navy of the UNSC against the minuscule Iranian One made it a one-sided battle. In other parts of the Middle East, Iranian Forces battled Israeli Forces across the region, with the IDF being seen across countries they typically would not be seen in. In places like Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, brutal fighting broke out between the invading Iranian Forces, the IDF, and other groups in the region. Although Iran claimed to have taken control of these countries, in reality, they were still in complete and total anarchy.

At the end of the Federation Conquest of Europe, the United States slowly was reduced by the Federation. The Federation launched an audacious offensive across the Mississippi, using over 10 battle groups to conquer the Eastern territories, however, the United States Military, realizing what was at stake, allocated almost the entirety of their infantry to the defense. This would make or break the United States' future as a nation, and luckily for the Americans, they were gonna get it.

The Federation attacked down through the upper peninsula of Michigan, and down through Michigan. From the upper peninsula, the Federation successfully landed in Michigan City, Indiana, and began pushing outward towards Chicago and down South. The Americans this time around had started getting their act together and rained hell on the Federation advance. At the same time as the Federation was moving south from Michigan, the Federation attacked the United States at New Orleans and in East St. Louis, Missouri. The Federation however was stunned at American veracity, and no matter how hard they tried they couldn't break the American Lines.

As the Federation lines in the South were having difficulty, the Federation forces in the North were having much better luck. As the Federation attacked the South from Michigan, the Federation managed to link up with their forces to attack Chicago and Michigan City. With this successful link-up, the Federation soon began to push across Chicago, before the Federation soon found trouble at the Ohio River. The Federation then started attacking eastward, following the Ohio River trying to outflank the Americans. However, after the Battle of Pittsburgh led to a decisive Federation Victory, the Americans retreated to the East.

By November 2021, after the eight-month-long offensive, the Federation successfully conquered the Northeastern United States. While all hope seemed lost for the United States, little did anybody know, the Federation was also in a strange problem. The Federation had exhausted almost its entire resources into the Eastern offensive. The United States Government was still alive, however, the US had been reduced from fifty to just the 12 US states of Kentucky, West Virginia (Partially), Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Alaska, and Hawaii. Washington D.C was temporarily evacuated, and the US moved its government operations to Atlanta, Georgia as Washington D.C would soon become under siege.

Federation Invasion of Canada [ ]

As the United States had been reduced, Canada on the other hand was able to get some upper hands against the Federation. The Canadian geography, especially in the west, made invasion very difficult. Using guerilla-style tactics, sometimes even blowing up entire mountains, the Federation's advance into Canada was extremely difficult. Eventually, though, the Federation decided to make one final charge into Alberta to capture the oil fields there, but the Federation didn't make it hardly anywhere. By Christmas, the Canadians and the Federation were in a stalemate with trench systems and bunkers dividing the region.

After the invasion of Europe by the Federation, many of the European Governments fled to other regions of the world such as Canada and formed governments in exile. With them, the Europeans brought over the remaining naval, ground, and air assets that they had left in the arsenal. The United States, realizing what was at stake, upgraded its infrastructure in the remaining territories that it controlled and put its factories into overdrive to produce the new assets needed to renew the war.

By the time 2022 rolled around, the world looked different, very different. The remnants of the United Nations Security Command had fled to Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand. The European Union Governments and the British Monarchy had fled to other parts of the world. Despite stalemated combat at the Mississippi River, the Appalachian Mountains, and Southern Canada, the UNSC was able to reorganize. Inside Federation Occupied Territory, particularly in the Americas, Resistance to the occupation was rampant. The world wherever the Federation was was in complete anarchy.

To quell the situation as much as possible, the United Nations Security Command decided to enlist some "assistance." The UNSC hired Private Military Contractors to be deployed inside both Federation Occupied Territory, and Federation Territory itself. The aim was to disrupt the Federation war efforts as much as possible. These PMC's were supported by S.A.S, Special Operations Command, US Green Berets, and Resistance cells inside the occupied zones. Together, they unleashed hell. They destroyed bridges, tore up railroads, burned down Federation bases, and disrupted Federation supply convoys.

These efforts had proved valuable. So much so, that the Federation found itself short of the materials and equipment needed to conquer the last remaining territories in the United States. With the time on their hands, the United States, Canada, the exiled European Union. and resources coming up from Central American War Lords, the United Nations Security Command was able to successfully begin the rearming process, and prepare for one final stand.

United Earth Government [ ]

After the ceasefire agreement between the United States and the Federation of the Americas, the Federation had found itself in a bit of a pickle. The Federation had set up the puppet governments of the "General Assembly of American Territories" to govern the occupied United States, and the "General Assembly of European States" to govern the occupied European Federation. However, it was very clear that the Federation couldn't govern both territories on their own and fight the war at the same time.

After some consideration, the Federation of the Americas and their allies set up a new puppet government, "The United Earth Government." A unification of all the occupied territories of the Federation in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia under one banner. This new puppet aimed to give the Federation an increased chance of controlling the territories, but to gather resources, and gather volunteers for the armed forces. In theory, the two should have operated independently from one another, but the leaders of the United Earth Regime were only mere figureheads to their Federation Overseers.

The Federation of the Americas in many ways attempted to "renew" civilization. Using their resources they built new infrastructure projects across all occupied territories. This included a Canal through the Balkans, another Canal through the Caucasus to link the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, and many other roads railways, and infrastructure. In one case, the Federation of the Americas built a brand new railroad between New York and Los Angeles that could traverse the USA in only 36 hours. Despite these attempts, resistance was still high across all occupied territories.

To ensure the balance of power between the United Earth Regime and the Federation of the Americas, the Confederacy of Independent Nations was officially instated as the new United Nations to try and keep the peace between the two parties.

Russian-Federation Tensions [ ]

Since before the start of the war, relations between Russia and the Federation had been relatively good. The Federation had a large stockpile of former Soviet and now Russian Equipment. However, as time went on, and especially as the Federation started reverse engineering Russian, American, Chinese, and other Military Equipment, the Federation grew to not need Russian Equipment. The Russians were essentially selling away their equipment that was never going to be used.

In addition, with the new United Earth Regime, the lack of official trade was quite damaging to the Russian Federation. The biggest thought to the relationship between the Russian and Federation Governments was that the Federation was an Authoritarian Theocratic State, Russia was an atheist nation, and therefore this lead to some "disagreements" between Russia and the Federation. These ultimate disagreements came to a heading when the Moscow Government refused to stop trading with the remaining United States Government. This includes food and oil supplies, which the Federation hoped to starve the US of.

Eventually, the Federation offered Russia the still under US-controlled Alaska, but Russia refused, stating that Alaska was in no position to conquer and was of relative unimportance. The Federation did not like this, the Federation Government was furious at Russia's lack of hostility to the United States. Russian attitude towards the Federation of the Americas was starting to change. However, as the relationship remained, Russia had a realization. The Moscow Government soon realized that if the Federation were to conquer the United States, sooner or later, the Federation would conquer Russia and then the world. Realizing the threat, the Russians sooner or later began distancing themselves from Federation politics, but as long as nothing happened, Russia couldn't go to war. Unfortunately, something would happen that would drag Russia into the war.

2023-2024 [ ]

Second battle of new york [ ].

On March 25th, 2023, the United States military ran an amphibious landing operation to retake the now Federation-occupied New York City, using combined effort of the US Army, Resistance Fighters, European, and Canadian Forces. United Nations Security Command Forces successfully landed at Orchard, Coney Island, and Rockaway Beach, and began to push inwards into Midland Manhattan. Upon entering the city it was discovered that Federation had a radio signal jammer on top of the Empire State building. As long as this jammer was in place, it would allow the Federation to control the skies.

Realizing the importance, the UNSC ordered the Empire State Building to be demolished using whatever resources they had. The only resource available to do such a task was the USS Wisconsin (Which had been recommissioned). After the Empire State building and the surrounding areas were leveled, the Federation unexpected lost the entire Northeast Air Defense Sector to the Americans. With this loss, American Forces breezed through, and successfully retook New York City. The Federation Commander in charge of the United Earth Regime and the Confederacy of Independent Nations in this sector ordered soldiers to stay behind to delay the inevitable as much as possible, which proved to be ineffective. After clearing New York City of the remaining enemy troops, the UNSC launched a series of counterattacks to push inland.

Recapture of Baltimore [ ]

As the remainder of US, Canadian, and European forces moved into the Inland United States, Baltimore, a Federation stronghold was cut off from the Federation territory in the United States. The allied forces and the regular U.S. Army advanced to retake the city. Initially, a US Special Forces team and the American Resistance were sent into Baltimore to raid a Federation barracks. Upon capturing the Barracks and destroying several Federation Vehicles, the Federation Generals tried to flee the city, back into Federation Territory, however, they were captured.

As the US Military was moving into, Central Command got word that the Federation was getting ready to ship two WMDs out of the city via cargo planes. When US forces got to the airport, they found two Federation Y-8 Gunships, one was flying it away until the US Air Force managed to shoot it down. The recon teams were sent to extract the WMD, however as they got to it, they found that there was only one of the WMD's the other one was missing. The Federation retreated from Baltimore, leaving the Northeastern Sector of occupied America back into the hands of the United States Government.

Battle of Norfolk Virginia [ ]

Sometime during the Battle of Baltimore, the UNSC diverted some of its resources after learning that the Federation was going to attempt a raid at the city of Norfolk, Virginia. Since the ceasefire had been signed, Norfolk, Virginia has been a vital industrial and financial center to help rebuild the Americans Naval, Air, and Ground assets. If this city were to be destroyed, it would mean that the entire offensive in the Northeast could come crashing down. Realizing this, the United States came up with a very clever course of action.

As the Federation and Confederacy of Independent Nations Navies came into port, the Americans had rigged the dock with explosive decoys. When the Federation pulled into port, the explosives detonated, leading to several ships getting sunk. At that moment, the US Navy which had been stationed South of there encircled the entire Federation Fifth Fleet and trapped it inside Norfolk. The resulting battle saw three Aircraft Carriers Sunk, and 70% of the Federation Fifth Fleet destroyed. The Federation was so off-guard to the point that now, there was no point in fighting. The Federation was forced to retreat.

Final Battle for Washington D.C [ ]

After the Battle of Norfolk, the Federation, embarrassed, marched on Washington D.C for the final time. As the Federation entered the city, it almost appeared that the city had practically been abandoned by the United States. At that moment though, US forces who were lying in wait encircled and blockaded the Federation 114th Ground and 14th Air Divisions sent to take D.C. The Federation Forces, realizing they were trapped, enacted the "Scorched Earth" policy. The Federation Air Force and Ground Divisions devastated civilian and federal property, including leveling the Senate Section of the Capitol Building, and the White House west wing.

Realizing that the citizens of Washington D.C were in great danger, the United States Government Authorized "Crown Evac" which would evacuate as many civilians South towards Richmond, Virginia. To achieve this, the United States sent in its 85th Air Squadron to try and distract as many Federation Air Vehicles as possible. UNSC Navy Seals took up positions on structures across Washington D.C to provide as much cover support as possible. However, in the chaotic fighting, the Federation knocked out the lead communications unit for forces in D.C, leading to confusion within NORAD on whether Washington D.C had fallen.

As a last-ditch effort, NORAD Ordered a good chunk of US Forces from Norfolk and Baltimore to head for D.C and retake the city. The Federation troops stationed there were now trapped. As the Americans and UNSC Squeezed in from all sides, they took out some of the Federations most elite special forces units, and nearly wiped out the Confederacy of Independent Nations forces too, but they managed to find a loophole in the system and escape D.C. In months, the United States and UNSC had managed to take the Northeastern Sector of the United States, leaving almost all of the US States East of the Mississippi River back in the hands of the United States Government.

West Coast Offensive [ ]

As the United States Military established its foothold on the US Eastern Seaboard, the US Military command structure made a startling realization. The Federation had a larger industrial center and population than the UNSC. This meant that the Federation could keep out supplying the UNSC. With the narrow supply routes coming in from India, Australia, New Zealand, and other UNSC Resistance groups, the United States high command made a calculation that the Federation could overrun the US Mainland within two months tops. Realizing the threat, the US Command Structure decided that they needed to make a move, and fast.

In a surprise move that stunned even the Federation, the United States Military lead the United Nations Security Command, using Alaska and Hawaii as a forward base in an all-out offensive against the Federation Stronghold of San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, and Los Angeles. The Federation reinforced the beachfront with supplies coming in from the former US-Mexico Border, but the UNSC had a trick up its sleeve.

Launching from Marin County, near San Francisco, UNSC troops advanced from across the San Francisco bay and attempted to take the Golden Gate Bridge with ground personnel. However, Chinese AA guns and Confederacy of Independent Nations Fighter aircraft significantly delayed the air assault. As U.S. Navy reinforcements arrived, the Federation made it a priority target to destroy the UNSC Naval Fleet entering the San Francisco Harbor. The UNSC realized this threat and sent in disguised ships into the bay to protect the fleet to allow Special Forces to destroy or capture the naval defenses. As they began entering the San Francisco side of the bridge, the Americans found themselves outgunned by massive Confederacy ground units. However, in a major turn though for air superiority, the UNSC managed to capture and reprogram the Federation V-75, attaining air superiority for the allied air force.

At around the same time as the assault on San Francisco, the United States ran an amphibious landing across Santa Monica in the Second Battle of Los Angeles. US Forces sailed into the Channel Islands of California, and landed forces at the Santa Monica and Huntington Beaches, and began to push inland. US Forces, however, after learning how to reprogram the AA guns, used its cyber warfare tactics to reprogram the guns. This decision allowed the UNSC to begin doing regular bombing raids across the United States West Coast. The Federation realizing they were outgunned pulled back from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As the Federation started to retreat, the UNSC made their move, launching an offensive down from Canada and into the mountains of Washington State. The UNSC quickly moved into the mountains of Washington State and Oregon and began para-dropping reinforcements all across the US West Coast. Then, in a massive disaster for the Federation, UNSC forces captured the city of Portland Oregon, a major manufacturing hub for the Federation of the Americas. In the resulting battles, the UNSC began using the Federation's weapons against them. Realizing they were now outmatched, the Federation started to pull back. The UNSC officially reclaimed the US West Coast and began pushing into the mainland.

After capturing Los Angeles, the UNSC made a very terrific discovery. The Federation had turned the entirety of Santa Monica into essentially a defensive fort, and the Federation had been caught so off-guard, that they had essentially left their Fort at Santa Monica completely armed. Given the information, the UNSC essentially scavenged the facility with all the intel they could find, which would prove to be a foreshadowing of how the UNSC would continue the fight against the Federation.

The Genocide [ ]

As the UNSC pushed into the former occupied United States, the severity and sheer brutality of the war on American Soil became realized. Throughout the liberation campaign of the United States and Canadian Mainland's, camps and detention centers, which were ultimately used by the Federation, were where American Political Prisoners were often worked and starved to death. To dispose of the victims, large and deep trenches, filled with the bodies of executed, overworked, or starved men, women, and children were scattered across cities across the USA.

As the campaign pushed deeper into the mainland United States, the scale of this industrial killing became evident. Some of the victims that were discovered appeared to have been operated on in some form of lobotomy. In addition, medieval torture tactics such as Gibbeting, the Iron Maiden, the Iron Mask, Shock Collars, and even the Iron Gag were used on the American Civilian Population. As the UNSC continued their campaign, the UNSC discovered something similar to the scorched earth policy similar to that of German Occupied Poland in the Second World War. At one point, the UNSC caught the Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Nations massacring the city of Montrose, Colorado.

In addition to all of these tactics, it became evident of the even more brutality that was installed inside Federation Occupied America. There appeared to be a nationalized slave train running from New York City and other areas of the occupied United States down into the Federation. In addition, the UNSC discovered large groups of what appeared to be Biohazardous Waste from the burning and burial of dead bodies, to the creation of poisons and other Chemical Weapons using American DNA samples. In addition to these, the Federation cut off limbs of POWs, and in one case they found bodies with gouged eyes.

The final straw was the discovery of crimes such as stoning of people who were not faithful in their relationship, crucifixion of those who were not loyal to the Catholic Church. Sometimes, it even appeared that the Federation did church blessings on the victims of the people they killed. Some Federation propaganda posters even indicated that the crimes they were committing were in the name of the Roman Catholic Faith. This genocide would go down in history as an event known as the "American Massacre." When the genocide was leaked to the world, it would be an underestimate stating that there was outrage, there was a thirst for revenge.

Across the world, inside and outside of Federation-occupied territory, armed riots and uprisings broke out. Even in the Peoples' Republic of China, there were riots against the Federation. Some Federation troops deserted and defected to the Federation cause. One of the riots that particularly hit the Federation hard was in their European Colonies. Mostly those of German and Polish rose against the Federation, and at one point took control of several cities, such as Munich, Warsaw, and Berlin, which promptly the Federation glassed off the face of the Earth.

Liberating the Lower 48 [ ]

With full support from the United Nations, UNSC forces after taking back both US Coasts from Federation Control began to push into the Midwest United States. Due to the heavily entrenched fortifications and the Federation supply routes, progress was slow, but it was progressing. In the Chaotic fighting, it was discovered that the Federation headquarters for operations on US soil was Chicago, currently being contested between UNSC forces coming down from the North, and US forces coming from the East. Realizing the importance of the city, the UNSC began to consider all options available for retaking the city rather than destroying it. The allies eventually went with a plan that was the least risky option, and soon put it into action.

The UNSC using disguised and modified riverboat gambling ships sailed into the Mississippi River, attacking and destroying Federation fortifications along the river. At the same time to distract the Federation's main force, the UNSC started a bombing campaign along the Baja California Peninsula (Or what was left of it). With the distraction in full effect, the UNSC pushed into the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, while US forces tried to attack the surrounding Chicagoland Area. The plan was to attack and capture the cities of Hammond, Indiana, Griffith Indiana, and Blue Island, Illinois. The reason for capturing these was simple, the Calumet Region. The Calumet Region was a major industrial center that the Federation was using for its war effort, in particular, this region was a vital rail junction that was supplying Federation Soldiers across the Mississippi, taking this region would be a big blow to the Confederacy of Independent Nations.

The Federation High Command was now in a very tough situation. If the UNSC retook Chicago, they would discover their entire war plans on defending their occupied territory, and it could reduce the war to a matter of months. However, if the city was destroyed, it would lead to a tragic loss of life for Federation Soldiers defending the city, and if it was destroyed then it was possible the entire Federation logistical system would collapse. As the US and UNSC pushed closer, the situation became more and more desperate for the Federation. Eventually, the United States Government retook the city of Griffith Indiana, a vital rail junction city that the Federation used to supply its front along the Mississippi. As the Federation High Command considered their options, the UNSC captured the city of Hammond Indiana. Now realizing that the UNSC had them surrounded, the Federation High Command made a decision.

On September 21st, 2024, the Federation of the Americas detonated a "Suitcase" Nuclear Device in the center of Chicago, which was the same one that had been smuggled out of Baltimore. The resulting blast destroyed Chicago and irradiated most of the surrounding countryside. The roughly four million remaining civilians that lived in Chicago, most of them being forcefully moved there by the Federation, were instantly vaporized. The 50,000 men Federation Occupation Force for Chicago was obliterated, and so was the UNSC attack force of 150,000 all vaporized. As the dust settled two weeks later, a "Glassing effect" ensued around Chicago, leaving Chicago almost entirely uninhabitable.

2024-2025 [ ]

After the UNSC's offensives, the Federation finally managed to reorganize itself and stabilize the front lines. The Federation had now been pushed back to areas in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. This area given it was destroyed by the ODIN strikes was now known as "No Mans Land." Thanks to this stabilization along the now US-Federation Border, the United States Government passed a resolution to build a massive structure called the "Liberty Wall." A massive concrete structure with command towers, checkpoints, etc. The aim of the project now was to divide the American Territory with Federation Territory.

This massive six-story high structure began construction in mid-2024, and unlike the Border Wall project before it, this wall had support from the American Population. Using the combined resources of the Canadian, American, and European Economies, the wall began construction from New Orleans and Los Angeles and were going to meet at what was once Oklahoma City. Despite multiple attempts for the Federation to break the construction of the wall, the UNSC forces held their lines. In addition to these, US forces also effectively began to rebuild the country as best as possible, but evidently, the United States Government knew that it would only be a matter of time before the Feds would strike back.

As 2024 continued into 2025 some information was released by an American spy within the Confederacy of Independent Nations, a piece of information that would change the course of the war. For the past few years, the Federation's Bio-Weapons Engineering Division had been developing a bio-weapon that was using kidnapped American Civilians as test subjects. The images she had taken were smuggled out and sent to NORAD and the United Nations Security Command. The images obtained were not just showing American Civilians, but European Civilians as well were going through horrific human experimentation.

The UNSC was horrified at what they were looking at, and they soon entered talks about looking for any option they had on the table that could stop these atrocities. After much discussion, only one option was available, and that was to liberate Federation Occupied Europe. The decision was a suicide mission, as the Federation had fortified the European Continent into a hermit kingdom of sorts. The situation was further hindered when the only UNSC forces available were stranded in Africa. Since the fall of Europe, Africa had fallen into a no man's land with the Confederacy of Independent Nations, the UNSC, and various other factions were fighting across the entire continent. The operation was a suicide mission, that was until the Federation made an unlikely enemy.

Federation-Russian Breakdown [ ]

By this point in the war, the Russian Federation and the Federation of the Americas were distancing themselves from each other. Ever since the fall of the Europe and the Peoples Republic of China joining the war, Russia had been surrounded by two expansionist states. Fearing that the Federation was planning an attack, the Russian Government had secretly ordered the mobilization of the Russian Army to the European Border. However, there was no legitimate reason for war. Despite the protests from Russian citizens about the news of the harsh genocide in the United States, the Russian Government couldn't go to war.

The Russian Government condemned the actions of the Federation in their war against the United States, liking the move to something similar to Operation Barbarossa. The Federation didn't respond to the criticism, but eventually, Russia started ramping up production, and through its Comradery Act, Russia began selling food and supplies to the United States in its economic recovery. This infuriated the Federation, so much so that Cilia Flores likened the move to...

"Russia trading with the United States is like signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact knowing you were gonna be betrayed" - Cilia Flores

As a result, the Federation of the Americas decided to block off all Russian shipping through the Panama Canal. Russia responded to this action by sending its navy to the Panama Canal to enforce its shipping. Things were starting to get tense between the two powers, and it wasn't gonna get better.

Tension [ ]

On May 17th, 2025, the Federation and Russia were set to negotiate terms to calm the tension. The Russian Envoy to the Federation was due to meet Federation Agents inside of occupied Hamburg Germany. The aim was to calm the tension (And also discuss the division of Ukraine), however, during the meeting in Hamburg, the two sides were unable to agree on the situation regarding the Panama Canal and dividing Ukraine. As a result, the Russians walked out of the delegation and recalled its embassy to the Federation of the Americas.

The Federation got mad, really really mad. Russia had once been the Federations biggest arms supplier and was one of its largest trading partners. Now, Russia had stabbed them in the back, turning the tables of the war. Given the circumstances, the Federation High Command gave the order to not let the Russian Envoy to the Federation force gave the orders to not let the Russian Envoy cross into Belarus (Now part of the Russian Federation). The crisis began on May 18th at about three in the morning. The Russian Envoy reached the border between the occupied Europe and Belarus, and they were stopped and arrested by Federation troops.

When the Russian Government learned of the news, they were outraged. The Russians demanded to the Federation Government release the envoy and let them back across the border. The Federation responded that unless the Russian Government was gonna open up negotiations, sighting that international law prohibited neutral countries to trade with nations at war. By sunrise Russia sent soldiers to the border, to escort vehicles back and forth across the border. The Federation responded by sending their own soldiers to patrol the border with the Russians. As the situation showed no signs of stopping, the Federation brought up APCs and sealed off roads into Belarus. At the same time, the Russian Envoy was taken to a detention center at the border.

As the Federation continued to refuse to release the diplomats, the Russians brought up their second option. On May 19th, 2025, Russian Tanks rolled right up to the border and stopped just inches away from the Federation Soldiers. The Russians also sent three MI-28 Attack Helicopters to the border, and two SU-25 fighter jets to fly over the border within. They hoped that the Federation would realize the writing on the wall and surrender the envoy. In reality, the Federation simply responded by bringing up there their tanks, soldiers, and even two hover jets. The two allies were now facing each other down barrel to barrel.

On May 21st, 2025, the final straw came. The Russians forcefully closed the Federation Embassy in Moscow and deported the Federation diplomats to the border. The Federation did not recognize the writing on the wall and finally had enough of waiting for the Russians to negotiate. The Federation took the Russian envoy to a room and executed the Russian Envoy on the spot with one bullet to the head each. The Federation PMC Elite then dumped the bodies on the Russian side of the border, for the Russians to see. When the news came to the Russian Military headquarters, the Russian Government was notified of the incident. This was the final straw and relayed the new orders back to the Russian Commanding officer to attack.

Surprise European Offensive [ ]

In the early hours of May 20th, 2025, as the US Army was preparing for their suicidal attack against Gibraltar, the Russian Military opened fire on the Federation. Russian Non-Nuclear missiles, opened fire across Federation Occupied Europe, destroying the Federation Forward Operating Bases. Then, the Russian Navy sailed out of the Black Sea and began opening fire on the Federation Navy stationed in the Mediterranean. Finally, Russian Soldiers crossed the border into the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Poland, launching a full-scale invasion into Europe.

In the first few hours of the invasion of the Baltics, the United States and the entire United Nations Security Command seemed completely confused. As the shots ran out from across Federation occupied Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the world on live Satellite TV. He stated...

"My fellow citizens of Russia, and my fellow citizens of the world. I as President of the Russian Federation appear before you today to announce that Russia has experienced a national tragedy. Three days ago, our envoy to the Federation of the Americas was taken hostage in a deliberate act to bargain with us. I regret to inform you today, that as of 00:38 Moscow, our courageous brothers and sisters of our envoy have been brutally executed Federation Occupation Forces in Europe. For almost a decade war has brought tragedy to that of the nations and the citizens of the Earth, and as of 03:00 Moscow time, and at this moment, Russia is now at war with the Federation of the Americas. I can only imagine the hardships and the pain you must be feeling right now with these words I am speaking, and I am pretty sure those of you who are outside Russia are wondering what we may do next. To any Americans who are listening to me speak, I know some of you may not like me, but as of now that hardship needs to be thrown out. The tragedy that you Americans have experienced has touched our hearts and souls of the Russian people. Having lived through the brutality of the Second World War, and watching the horrendous acts of the Nazi regime, I can safely say that these brutal acts will not be tolerated anywhere in the world. America, we are with you, and I pledge the support of the Russian people that we stay by your side until the Federation Fascists are eradicated." - Vladimir Putin

This new offensive caught the Federation occupation forces almost entirely off guard. The advance into the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Poland was so rapid, that the Federation barely had time to mobilize. To hold the Russians back, the Federation began to divert its occupation forces to fight the Russians. However, given the circumstances, the Federation essentially had left Western Europe without protection. The US Military using the opportunity, attacked the Gibraltar Suspension Bridge, destroying it with precision. Thus, the main Federation Force in Africa and Europe were now split in two.

After the Gibraltar attack, the United States Military, using Iceland as a forward base, learned of a new Federation attack. The Peoples Republic of China (Under the directive of the Federation of course) had launched an attack against the Russian Naval Ports of Vladivostok, and up into Mongolia and Siberia. The resulting invasion saw the Chinese Navy sink two Russian oil rigs in the Pacific. The resulting destruction of the oil rigs saw the largest environmental disaster of the time, with over 144 million gallons of oil leaking into the Pacific Ocean.

To support the Russian Advance, the United States decided to launch an attack against Hamburg, Germany. The Russians entered from the east and the US entered from the North. Using joint efforts, the Russian and US troops managed to capture the city. While capturing the city, the US Military unexpectedly stumbled upon a meeting with some of the Federation and the People's Republic of China's top executives. US and Russian forces stormed the building and captured most of the executives. After this successful attack, the Russian and American military command agreed to continue joint missions to retake Paris, drive the Federation out of Europe, and then knock China out of the war.

In the next phase of the fight, the Americans landed in the occupied city of Glasgow, Scotland. The British had long since resisted the Federation Occupation, and now it was time to take back their homeland. With American Air Support, the resistance launched a massive uprising against the United Earth Regime. The upraised British fought with the Americans. Thanks to the destruction of the Gibraltar supply line, the Federation had little supplies to work with, and their supply line from China had just been cut off by the Russians. With this, the Americans and the British Resistance managed to march South and retake the British Isles. This tremendous effort terrified the Federation, as now their overseas empire was starting to crumble.

After the liberation campaign of the British Isles, the Federation fully expected that the Americans would cross the English Channel and attack France directly. So, the Federation fortified the coastal areas with immense traps. Instead, however, the Americans (Using the now recently liberated UK as a Forward Base), decided to land in the city of Lisbon. The initial invasion went well for the Americans, however, most of their air support was shot down before making landfall. Once making landfall, US forces using over four armored brigades charged at the entrenched Federation forces. As the US military continued their advance, it was discovered that the Federation had scuttled what appeared to be an EMP device into the city. If the Federation were to detonate the EMP Weapon, it would be a losing fight. Realizing that time was running out, the exiled European Federation was forced to give the go-ahead, and new American F117 Stealth Bombers glassed the city off the face of the Earth. By the end of the Second Battle of Lisbon, the city practically did not exist as 90% of the city was now destroyed. However, in the Chaotic fighting that ensued, Lisbon was secured.

With the war now on two fronts, the UNSC and the Russian military forces liberated the Iberian Peninsula as well as Germany and Switzerland. The two sides finally began to move on to Paris. Once in Paris, UNSC forces managed to penetrate the Federation Research Lab that was being used to create the Bio-Weapons and other agents discovered in the American Theatre. The initial orders were simply to torch the facility, however as the UNSC entered, it became clear that wasn't an option. As the UNSC forces entered the lab, it became evident of horrific Medical Experiments against American and European POWs, the UNSC was completely horrified at what they found, and once again, the world cried in their favor, to defeat the Federation.

Following the capture of the factory, the United States and Russia moved in towards Central Paris. The Federation Forces stationed there were freaked out against the vengeful armies of both sides attacking them. Outside of Paris, the Federation had attempted to set up a defensive line in Versailles, as well as in other areas surrounding Paris, but it was no use. The Americans, Europeans, and Russians were moving in on them from both sides, and all hope was lost. In a last-ditch effort, the Federation began destroying many of the cultural landmarks that Paris was known for. Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles, and many other relics were set alight and destroyed by the Federation. However, the biggest of them all was when the Federation Fighter Jets fired missiles at the Eiffel Tower, officially knocking it down. With little will to fight any longer, Federation forces in Paris surrendered.

After Paris fell, the Federation forces in Scandinavia were the last bastion on the continent. However, by this point, Federation forces in Europe were running extremely low, like their African Warlord and African allies thanks to the destruction of Gibraltar were cut off from the European front, and Federation supply ships were being sunk every day. With no will to fight any longer, the Scandinavian Occupation Force of the Federation Armed Forces surrendered, and Europe officially fell once again to the joint American, European, and Russian efforts.

Middle Eastern Offensive [ ]

After the so-called "Liberation of Europe," the Russians and the Americans were now full brothers in arms. The Russian Government agreed to return all lands to the reinstated Europe and agreed to send political and economic support to the region to rebuild. In addition, to these, the three members decided to launch an offensive into the disputed and lawless region known as the "Equatorial front" North Africa, through the Middle East, India, and into Southeast Asia. This area was being contested between the Confederacy of Independent Nations, the UNSC, and some religious extremist groups.

The Russian Military began its part of the offensive by attacking the Confederacy of Independent Nations forces in the Middle East. With help from the United States, the Americans lent the Russian Military equipment as well as economic support, which was a great help for the Russian Military. The Americans using their "ally" of Saudi Arabia as a forward base launched an attack against Occupied Kuwait. These two initial landings went well, however it soon became evident that the majority of troops they were engaging were of Chinese and Iranian Origin, as well as some mercenaries that were hired by the Confederacy.

As the UNSC and Russia continued their advance into the Middle East, Israel, who had stayed neutral for the entire conflict, suddenly violated its non-aggression pact with the Confederacy, and started a new offensive into Jordan and Lebanon (Federation allies) beginning what would become known as the 12th Arab-Israeli war. Given the state of mind with the Americans and the Russians, the UNSC kind of just let it go. The fighting wasn't too brutal, and soon or later the Russians and the Americans met together and Baghdad and Damascus.

2026-2027 [ ]

By this point in the war, the People's Republic of China began to question their involvement in what was now the biggest war in Human History. China, in particular, was sending several resources to the Federation for what now appeared to be a defensive war. To the dismay of the Peoples Republic of China, it appeared they had been dragged into a losing fight. Although the United States was in no way shape to invade the Peoples Republic of China, the Russian Federation to their North wanted Vladivostok back, and they were gonna get it back.

As of 2026, the religiously defined theocratic regime in Iran had held power for more than enough time, and had been contributing their men and equipment to their war effort. However by now, the expense of the war had come down onto the people of Iran. Poverty rates in Iran had skyrocketed, food shortages and resource shortages were plaguing the nation. Worst of all though, the Iranians were being pushed back on all fronts, and they were now open to direct assault from the United Nations Security Command, who would love nothing but to dispose of the Iranian Regime and to bring about total victory.

Invasion of Iran [ ]

Operation guillotine [ ].

The Invasion of Iran began on the morning of October 31st, 2026 from the Arabian Sea and Caspian Seas when airstrike groups from the aircraft carriers USS George H.W Bush and Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov began executing strike missions across the Iran. Targets included the cities of Chah Bahar, Bandar-Abbas, Bushehr, Abadan, Shiraz, and Zahedan. The targets included military instillations, SAM Sites, AA Guns, and anything that could pose a threat. Using AC-130 Gunships and F-35 stealth fighters from the United States and the reinstated European Union encountered mostly outdated Iranian Fighter Jets and engaged in air to air combat regularly.

The next phase of the battle began, with Russian and United States Paratroopers flying over the Aras Valley and paradropping. Intel had suggested there was a a great deal of Federation and Chinese Forces stationed in the valley. As the UNSC were moving into the region, the it was proven to be correct as UNSC forces were ambushed by Federation Soldiers stationed there. The ambush by Federation soldiers disabled multiple UNSC vehicles, but they were able to fight there way through the ambush.

Eventually the UNSC came across more Federation personnel that were stationed in the valley. As the UNSC fought there way way through the valley, the, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Military showed up to try and slow the advance. This allowed for Federation VXA-200 fighter aircraft to eventually be allowed to be deployed to the region and wreak havoc, leading to an intense firefight between the invading UNSC forces and the defending Islamic Republic of Iran.

Operation Thunder Rolls [ ]

As the battle in the North for Tehran progressed, the battle for the Araz Valley continued, operations in the South of Iran began in earnest. UNSC Forces comprising of 70,000 United States Marines landed in the city of Chahbahar on the morning of November 2nd, 2026. Chahbahar was a major port in Iran that was built by Federation, Chinese, and Russian Interests. However, now that Iran had found themselves at war with Iran, Russia cared that the port be captured.

The 70,000 US Marines landed on the beaches and coastlines of Chahbahar, landing in Romb and Ramin Beaches, as well as Lipar Stone Park. The Marines attempted to capture key areas of Chahbahar from the Iranians, and hopefully land a critical blow to keep the Federation Navy stationed in the Persian gulf to escape. After fighting fiercely to secure the banks, the US Marines had to proceed building to building to clear out enemy fighters. This style of combat would be repeated over and over again throughout the entire invasion of Iran. As the battle continued onwards, the Iranians tried to bring in reinforcements by sending in TU-95 Tanks and other armored vehicles. But these tanks were 60 years old or more, and were horribly outdated compared to the equipment the UNSC were bringing in.

After clearing through the buildings, the UNSC continued onto the port of Chabahar. While clearing the port however, the UNSC discovered something that they were not prepared for. In multiple storage warehouses and containers at the port, they discovered American Prisoners of War that were kidnapped from the United States locked in shipping containers. These prisoners were malnourished, beaten, and scared. The "Prisoners" had signs of human experimentation, on them, including Federation Barcode Scanners tattooed on there arms. Naturally, when the news came back to the UNSC, it shifted the focus of the invasion from simply knocking out Iran, to rescuing as many Americans as possible.

Mashhad Assault [ ]

At this point, the initial invasion of Iran was starting to become bogged down. The casualty rates were higher than what was anticipated, and Iranian Resistance was higher than what was anticipated. Worse still, there were very few places that the UNSC could use drop airborne soldiers, and the mountain terrain made natural fortifications for the Iranian Military. However, with the cities of Chabahar, Ardebil, and Jask captured in the initial fight, the UNSC hoped that it was what they needed to keep it going.

On November 9th, 2026, the UNSC launched a direct assault against the city of Mashhad. Consisting of mostly Russians, the United Nations Security Command moved in from both the North, East and the West of the city, The UNSC kicked off the campaign by having a number of mortal shells (Launched from the surrounding countryside) hitting targets of industrial significance and infrastructure. The UNSC then proceeded to use aircraft to attack several critical targets of industrial and military significance. Once that was done, the UNSC began running vehicles through the streets of Mashhad. However, what the UNSC did not plan was for the desperate defenders to hold the city.

Mashhad was Iran's second largest city, with a population of just over 6 Million people. It was also Iran's second most holy city, and second most industrialized city. If this city were to fall, it could lead to Tehran falling, and thus the Iranians were determined to hold the city. With entire buildings and apartment blocks rigged for detonation, the Iranian Military with help from the Federation was determined to give the United Nations Security Command a run for their money.

As the UNSC entered Mashhad, the 100,000 Iranian Military Personnel defending the city, along with some 100,000 armed militia took to the streets, destroying multiple United Nations Security Command vehicles from ambush positions all over the city. The Iranians also disguised themselves as civilian targets, leading to UNSC soldiers often being killed. Additionally, Federation reinforcements soon joined the fight in the form of Air Force and ground divisions. The UNSC was gonna of there work cut out for them.

Kavir Desert Facility [ ]

As the assault on Mashhad was going on, the UNSC received intel about a Federation Facility in the Kavir Desert. This facility didn't register on American Military Intelligence, and on maps of Iran it simply didn't show up. The facility appeared to be a large structure, and it was strange that it was located in the middle of a desert. Things only were further exacerbated when the facility not only had two railroad lines leading into and out of the facility, but there were paved roads to the facility leading in and out. Judged by the multiple M-75 Mantis Turrets that covered the facility, it appeared that whatever was in there they wanted to keep secret.

Naturally, the United Nations wanted to see it for themselves. In response, they rerouted a 12th US Armored Battalion of the United States Army as well as armored divisions from the Russian Army to assault the compound in the desert. Outside of the desert, the UNSC encountered multiple Federation and Iranian armored vehicles outside the facility. Among the armored vehicles that were seen included Federation M-28 Sabbath Tanks, the heaviest and the largest tanks in the Federation arsenal. Whatever the Federation was hiding, they clearly wanted to keep it secret.

The UNSC proceeded to the facility by using SAM Guided missiles launched from the Caspian Sea to take out the M75 Matins turrets guarding the location. After the strikes on the turrets, the armored battalion accompanied by ground forces approached the facility, they noticed it was protected by multiple barbed wire fences, as well as cupolas filled with machine gun emplacements. As the UNSC attempted to approach the facility, the Federation Air Force did multiple strafing runs on the United Nations Security Command forces. Clearly the Federation was willing to fight to the death to keep the contents inside secure.

Eventually though, the UNSC was able to breach the indoors of the facility. After clearing the facility room by room from Federation and Iranian Soldiers, what they found truly shook them. What the UNSC had found was a Federation Human Experimentation Facility for Biological Warfare. However, while exploring the facility, the UNSC discovered live Human test subjects locked inside cages. These subjects were found to have had forced amputations and seemed to be subject to Federation Bio-Engineering efforts. When these were leaked to the United States Government, the answers to what the Federation was trying to achieve during the American Massacre were finally answered.

North African Front [ ]

At the same time as the Invasion of Iran, the United States and its newly reinstated NATO forces launched an invasion from Italy, across the Mediterranean Sea and began to attack Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī's Libya via the Gulf of Sidra (Which had declared war on the United States). UNSC troops landed in the cities of Tripoli, Surt, and Benghazi. The European chose to strike these targets as they were known to be Federation strongholds, which was correct. Throughout October and December of 2026, the British S.A.S in conjunction with French Special Forces attacked the coastline of Libya and began moving south towards Waddan in the greatest war North Africa had seen since World War II.

With Russian reinforcements showing up, the Europeans lead the UNSC to continue their campaign, going out of Libya and into the Federation-occupied countries of Tunisia and Egypt. With moves similar to World War I and World War II, all-out desert warfare ensued as the combined arms of the UNSC fought the Federation and Libyan Militaries. The Federation Military was known to be the best-known desert warfare fighters in the world and this proved fact. However, the combined experiences of the European and Russian Militaries versus the poorly trained military of Libya made the battle very much a struggle for the Federation.

With the Europeans drawing the Federation Militaries, the United Nations Security Command members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Niger, with American reinforcements attacked the Angolan (A Federation ally) Occupied Congo and Algeria. The resulting offensives saw the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Niger's borders before the Federation-American War restored, and soon and Libya and Algeria were knocked out of the war entirely. The UNSC allies then continued their campaign by deciding to attack the Federation allies of Sudan and South Sudan. To do that, the UNSC needed to clear the Federation out of Chad and the Central African Republic, which had been no man's land since the fall of the European Federation.

UNSC forces pushed into the lawless nations, which were being contested between rebel groups, Islamic Extremist Groups, Anti-UNSC, Anti-Federation, the UNSC, and the Confederacy. The advance into the lawless countries was often met with ambushes, suicide attacks, and all-out fighting from multiple sides. The Federation wasn't faring much better in the region.

East Asian Campaign [ ]

The Southeast Asian Campaign against the United Earth Regime began early in 2027 when US forces aided by their Australian allies and other resistance groups made an offensive into Chinese Occupied Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. From the outside though, progress seemed to be a lot slower than anticipated, thanks to the fact that spies from the Federation had warned the Chinese of an impending attack. The invasion ended in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea being freed from Chinese hands. However, as the UNSC tried to push into Singapore and Malaysia, their advance was stopped dead in its tracks, and a stalemate then ensued.

In February 2027, the Russians launched a new offensive against the PRC, attacking both the Chinese Occupied Vladivostok and the Siberian Coast, as well as starting a new offensive into the Chinese Provinces of Xinjiang, Manchuria, Mongolia, and Inner Mongolia. The Chinese had been preparing for such an offensive, but they didn't expect one on this scale. With support from the Americans using long-range Tomohawk Cruise Missiles, the Russian advance into China was efficient, and sooner or later, Russian forces started moving South towards Beijing. However, a huge snowstorm in the Xinping Pass disrupted the Russian advance, and soon everything came to a stalemate.

In March of 2027, the UNSC made a landing on Chinese Occupied Japan and began to push inland. However, the Chinese had rigged the island with booby traps. Since Japans Geography was mountainous and had pockets of civilization in the valleys, the Federation and the Chinese had rigged the island with traps, making any advance slowly. By the 11th day of the invasion, the Chinese had halted the advance, and the Japanese Mainland became divided along the Japanese north/south electrical grid creating a particular dilemma for the UNSC.

To relieve the pressure off of Japan, the UNSC decided to make a final assault on Korea. The United Korean Republic had managed to stop the Chinese advance into the peninsula at the Han River and had stalemated there ever since. In April of 2027, the UNSC attempted an invasion into Chinese Occupied Korea, which went very badly. The entire invasion force was killed. The battle lines never changed. The war in Southeast Asia was now a complete stalemate between the United Earth Regime and the United Nations Security Command.

Sino-Russian Ceasefire [ ]

Sometime in early 2027, the Russian Federation and the Peoples' Republic of China officially came to an agreement, signing the "Eurasian State's Peace Agreement" to formally end the hostilities between only these two nations. The two countries pledged cooperation between each other and they would begin to economically support each other in the coming years. However, this did not disclose the fact that the United States and the Peoples Republic of China were still at war, and the warzone in Southeast Asia and the Pacific would continue for quite some time.

The Federation of the Americas was stunned by this move. Even though the Federation of the Americas was the most powerful country in the world and it had the world's largest economy, China was still a major buyer for the Federation and it would severely damage the Federation's Reputation to lose a country like China as an ally. However, little did everybody know the Federation was developing a weapon so destructive, that it could end the war entirely.

The Final Month (June-July 2027) [ ]

12 years no victory [ ].

The Year was now 2027. The Crusade instigated by the Federation and the United States had been fought to a stalemate with the Americans holding their ground in the Southwest. The front lines stabilized among the ruins of American cities, with the Liberty Wall and mined no man's land dividing American and Federation territory. Federation Occupied America, or what was left of it, stretched from Southern California, up to Central Arizona and New Mexico, through Central and Southern Texas, and over to New Orleans, Louisiana. The Federation tried its best to break through the Liberty Wall by doing regular attacks against the wall and doing regular bombing raids over cities on the other side. One city that was hit very hard, in particular, was Dallas, Texas, this city came under regular Federation bombing raids and the city regularly became a battleground between Federation and US Soldiers.

The war between the two states had been going on for 12 years, and there was still no clear winner. Despite the Federation losing almost all of its overseas territory in Europe, the Middle East, and North America, the Federation was still holding onto territory in the Southern United States parts of Southern and Central Africa. Despite the war between the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China being over, the PRC was still holding onto parts of Southeast Asia while the Islamic Republic of Iran had been completely economically and militarily defeated. The Federation however still had the largest economy in the world and was still outproducing the UNSC.

American defensive lines seemed to be impenetrable. However, the Federation conducted renewed offensives along the frontline. The Federation began capturing and interrogating civilians living among the urban ruins for intel about routes through or around American defenses; with this Strategy, the Federation managed to successfully strike and destroy the Dallas, Texas stronghold. With the United Nations Security Command being forced to go back to their defensive tactics, they were unable to pull off a victory. As months went by, more and more Federation invasion forces attempted to breach through their line of defense, but the Americans managed to hold their ground, despite losing Dallas.

Sino-Federation Tensions [ ]

As of 2027, the relations between the PRC (composed of China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) and the Federation of the Americas were at an all-time low. As the United Nations Security Command continued to push up Southeast Asia, the Federation (in the eyes of the Peoples Republic of China) seemed to be contributing less and less to the Chinese war effort and seemed to just be focusing on the front in the United States. Even worse is that the Federation and the Peoples' Republic of China had different mindsets on dealing with their common enemies. The Federation's use of unconventional warfare as well as the Federation being what could now be described as a Theocratic Fascist State, well, gave the PRC some uneasy feelings.

As the issues between the PRC and the Federation of the Americas continued to deteriorate, the Chinese Communist Party realized that betraying the Federation would ultimately be a bad idea, and they had no choice in the matter but to continue to fight the war. As the Federation was pumping out technology such as some of the best Quintilian Computers on the planet, Nuclear Reactor designs, and some of the best GPS Satellites in the entire world, the Peoples Republic of China was really in a tough spot.

Remaining Federation occupied territories [ ]

By this point, the Federation was holding out to a few territories across the world. Most notably the Federation was holding out in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Yemen, Oman, the Southern United States, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, Ascension Island, Central America, and most of the Caribbean. The Federation's attempt at building a global-wide empire was falling apart, and the fact that they were defeated by the United States was a rather much embarrassment for the Feds. However little did the world know, the Federation was rebuilding something that had been destroyed several years earlier, and one that could potentially bring an end to the entire war.

June 2027 [ ]

Federation dig site [ ].

Suspicious of the Federations Increased activity, Commander Elias Walker (Now in charge of GHOST) ordered a reconnaissance mission into the territory known as No Mans Land, a massive piece of destruction between New Orleans and Los Angeles, and as far north as Las Vegas. This area was considered extremely dangerous and unpredictable, to the point where every mission into the region almost failed. However, due to the Federation's increasing activity, there was nothing that was going to stop this one.

The UNSC in conjunction with JSOC sent multiple teams into the No Mans Land, most being comprised of Americans, but some British and Russian Forces were deployed into No Mans Land. Due to that, this was American territory (Or it was), these teams were put under the command of Americans. Over the ten days of the operation, it became very clear that something wasn't right, and needed serious scrutiny.

Across No Mans Land, JSOC operatives photographed and reported that the Federation had brought in huge amounts of construction equipment, and appeared to be excavating No Mans Land. JSOC located fourteen major dig sites between San Diego and Los Angeles alone, with many more across No Mans Land. To JSOC, this dig made no sense, as everything in this area had been wiped out in the ODIN Strikes. When the evidence was sent off to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD decided that they wanted the debriefs in person. However, things got in the way.

Federation Invasion of Los Angeles [ ]

The day after the intel came out of No Mans Land, the Federation launched yet another attack against the Liberty Wall. However, the Federation came in from outside the wall and hit Los Angeles from the ocean. Specifically, the Federation was targeting the facility known as Fort Santa Monica, their former headquarters for operations across the United States. Taking back this facility would ultimately allow the Federation ground for future operations on the continent.

The Americans, realizing the importance of this area diverted a total of three armored battalions and six air wings for the defense of Fort Santa Monica. The Federation on the other hand used its naval strength to wreak havoc at the Americans trying to defend the area. The first part of the assault was the Federation Navy sailing up to the coastline, which sunk the UNSC fifth fleet that was protecting the region. After sinking the fleet, the Federation began their landings across the Los Angeles coastline, up as far north as Morro Bay. The Americans however had the ground advantage, and when the Federation came ashore, the Americans wreaked havoc.

The Americans lead the UNSC in their efforts to defend the California Coast. When the Federation attacked, the UNSC ordered an evacuation of the city of Los Angeles. This allowed the United States Military to fully use Los Angeles to the fullest extent, however, the intense air battle and ground combat made evacuation extremely difficult. The Federation desperately sent wave after wave into the city, but ultimately most of it was either shot down or destroyed by UNSC Aircraft.

The Federation Air Force initially hit the skies hard, by the defending UNSC Air Force somehow managed to outmaneuver the Federation. After losing multiple aircraft in the process, the Federation decided to deploy a new kind of warfare, one that would be the best use of cyber warfare throughout the war. The Federation destroyers off the coast activated a signal jammer from their positions offshore, which would corrupt anything that didn't have the frequency of the Federation. As a result, this lead to everything in the Greater Los Angeles Area, cell phones, tablets, and even military radar units to be shut down. This lead to many of the vital American Defenses such as guided missiles obsolete. After the jammer was activated, the US Air Force was virtually left obsolete as their systems went blank, leading to a very one-sided battle between the Federation and UNSC Air Forces.

With the Federation controlling the skies, all that was left was the UNSC was the ground units. The UNSC used their ground forces, flooding them into the city, using the roadways to their advantage. Initially, the UNSC used tactics that had never been seen in warfare, which included rigging buildings for an explosion, and hiding out in civilian homes. However, the Federation once again noticed a weak link inside the American Defenses. The Federation using their superior air force destroyed many of the supply routes into the city. With the supply line cut off, the Americans were at a bust, but they were not going to give up without a fight.

Using F117 Stealth Bombers, the UNSC dropped over 500,000 pounds of bombs on the Santa Monica Coastline. Leveling the invading Federation forces within a one-mile radius between the beaches of Las Flores, and Redondo Beach. This strip was leveled, but luckily the civilian population was mostly evacuated. The strip delayed the Federation advance into Los Angeles, and it borrowed time for the evacuation of the city, but not by much. The Federation launched a very cruel invasion of the city, murdering close to 200,000, to maybe 400,000 Civilians in the process.

The Third Battle of Los Angeles was a mammoth defeat for the Americans. Another aircraft carrier was lost, and a host of other naval ships were lost in the fighting, along with the entire defense force of nearly 300,000 men and women were completely wiped out. This in turn had left in a shortcoming of only three American aircraft carriers remaining to fight the Federation. The Federation on the other hand had sent two aircraft carriers and two naval groups to fight, only losing seven ships in the battle compared to the Americans who lost fifteen. The Americans counted a death toll of 300,000, while the Federation only lost 40,000. The invasion was just a disaster for the Americans, and now the Federation had the upper hand once again.

Federation Day [ ]

After the fall of Los Angeles, the UNSC decided to launch a counterattack of their own. Deployed behind the front lines, a group of US Special Forces, Russian Spetznaz, British S.A.S, and other resources were para dropped across Federation Territory and Federation Occupied Territory. The intent was to gather intel, reek havoc, and disrupt Federation Activity behind the lines, allowing the UNSC to rebuild and rearm.

June 15th, 2027. [ ]

On this day, during the Federation Day Celebrations, US Special Forces were para dropped over Caracas, Venezuela using a hijacked Federation HIND Helicopter. They infiltrated a Federation Building that they suspected was being used for R&D with the intent of capturing the Federation's top researcher, Victor Ramos. Victor Ramos, born on July 1st, 1979, graduated at the top of his class from the University of El Morro, he had grown to become a top-ranking official inside the Federation Research & Development.

The operation was initially successful, they managed to capture several hard drives and a laptop with valuable information. However, as the GHOSTS were about to leave, they discovered something. Gabriel Rorke, who was expected to have been dead 12 years ago, was alive and was now the commander of the Federation Military while Cilia Flores took care of political business. However, Rorke was an elusive general, and it could be hours until they could get a solid location.

Infiltrating the Federation [ ]

Operation deadbolt [ ].

It turned out that Rorke's base of operations was a floating industrial complex in the Gulf of Mexico that was using the now abandoned former Deep Water Horizon drilling rig location. This industrial complex was now being used by the Federation as a major manufacturing hub for their naval forces. Since this facility was one of the pride of the Federation, it was calculated that destroying it would severely damage the Federations ability to rebuild its lost ships, however, capturing the facility intact would allow the United States of America to set up an extra line of defense, and it would allow the US a better chance to rebuild there destroyed naval fleets.

The United States Military launched their attack on the facility using new Stealth Helicopters and some captured and reverse-engineered Federation Landing Crafts to attack the complex. The US air force tried their best to keep the skies occupied, that way Rojas couldn't use it to escape, then an assault team led by US Special Forces and Marines landed on the complex. Maduro was mostly guarded by PMC's and Militia loyal to the Federation, and they had a huge amount of equipment, however, they were completely caught off guard by the attack from the United States.

Rojas was asleep on the complex when the US started their attack on the facility, and he ordered any available resources at his disposal to be used in the defense. However, the US destroyed the radio tower that was relaying information, and thus he was unable to get his call out for reinforcements. Once it was realized, that he was surrounded, Rorke attempted to flee via ZODIAC Boat, however, he was blown out of the water by the Arleigh Burke Destroyer USS John Paul Jones, and was captured alive.

Rorke was captured, and so was the facility. This was a major win for the United States and the UNSC, as not only was a volley of weapons, ammunition, and documentation was recovered, but they managed to successfully capture four Federation Destroyers that were under construction, and other vital equipment such as tanks, APCs, uniforms, you name it, as well as a location for major bases and industrial centers for the Federation. Of these facilities though was one that stood out. In the Port of Rio, there was a facility that didn't have a name, however, it had the highest level of security from the Federation Order of the Rose, and it was also locked down by the Federations Third Fleet, including two aircraft carriers. It was also heavily restricted airspace over the factory, and so much so that some of the Federation Air Force couldn't fly through it.

After capturing Rorke a US Transport Plane began to fly him back to the United States for interrogation. However, while they were flying over the Yucatan Peninsula in occupied Mexico, the Federation Air Force Intercepted Rorke's transport aircraft and took it down over the Yucatan Peninsula. It was believed that Rorke was K.I.A, and the US forces there were declared K.I.A, however, the US wasn't just going to let this go and sent search and rescue teams into occupied Mexico to hunt down their missing soldiers.

As the US was attempting a search and rescue, they witnessed something that scared them to their inner core. While in the Yucatan, the video feed captured multiple Federation Missile launches. After the Missile Launches, NORAD was placed on full alert and began tracking each bogey the Federation was launching into the Atmosphere. Across the United States, Nuclear Air Raid sirens were blaring as the projectiles raised into the Atmosphere. However, of the 14 missiles that were launched, none of them hit the United States or any other targets around the world. They simply went straight up and burned in the mesosphere.

After the missile launch, the United Nations Security Command members met in a bit of confusion. The Federation appeared to be launching missiles into nowhere, and it was ultimately putting into question what exactly the Federation was up to. The Russian Generals in particular felt that there was something the Federation was hiding, and they needed to get into that factory that the Federation was desperately trying to hide.

Operation Clockwork [ ]

The UNSC authorized an infiltration campaign to get into the factory. The first phase of the plan was "Operation Ice wall", an assault on a Federation Facility high in the Andes mountains of Argentina. This facility was one that the United States was completely unaware of, and it was one the Federation was trying to keep secret from the outside world. Dressed in Federation Uniforms, UNSC special forces from both the S.A.S, Special Operations Command, and US Green Berets infiltrated the facility from all directions. Using the data-stealing devices, the data was beamed back to the United States.

The resulting data were collected and sent back to NORAD, then the United Nations Security Command. The Federation WMD Program was deemed coming out of a factory, codenamed "The Shop" which was the same factory the UNSC found suspicious on the floating industrial complex. In addition to this data, the data contained frightening kill estimates for major US cities. These targets included...

  • Washington D.C: 309,000 est.
  • New York City: 5,681,019 est.
  • Los Angeles: 4,773,380 est.
  • Toledo: 511,968 est.
  • Lexington: 740,439 est.

These numbers were frightening for the United States Government, and feeling a moment of comradery, the Russians warned that these estimates were the same style the Germans used during the Second World War. The United States and the UNSC panicked, and it could indicate that the Federation was planning something of a gas attack for what they did in Europe, or a nuclear strike. However, little did the UNSC realize that this plan was not what was happening.

Operation Black Ice [ ]

To buy the United States what little time it possibly had, the UNSC's Navy decided to launch an audacious attack on one of the Federations most prized achievements, a string of Federation Oil Platforms in the Drake Passage. These Oil Platforms were controlled by the Federations Infamous "Sovereign Industries," and contributed to a good percentage of the Federations Industrial production. These oil rigs also provided a vital source of energy to the Federations "City on Ice" more commonly known as "Atlantis." The United States Government wanted to take the oil rigs, but the European Federation ultimately determined that the best option they had was not to take the rigs but to sink them outright. The oil rigs were mostly guarded by armored mercenaries, however, they were guarded by the Federations Artic Division. To respond to this, the United States sent two refitted Littoral-4 Destroyers to sink the Federation Oil Rigs.

Initially, the US Navy encountered huge resistance on the high seas working against the Federation, however, as the US Navy approached the rigs, all the found that the Federation had defended the rigs was second division infantry and no naval units. So the US navy essentially just sailed into the channel and blew a bunch of stuff up. As a result of the "battle", 240 Million Gallons of oil were spilled into the South Atlantic Ocean. This environmental disaster was the worst of its history, and parts of the south pole became an environmentally hazardous zone and the waters became contaminated. The worst part was the Federation Ice City of Atlantis, which was forced to be evacuated due to the oil spill.

This attack on the Federation proved to be the most controversial of the entire war. On one hand, the UNSC had essentially destroyed a good chunk of the Federation Oil Supply for its industry, but on the other hand, this environmental disaster had affected huge amounts of aquatic life. It was only a matter of time before United Nations began to divide itself on the debate and legitimacy of the attacks. Despite the platforms being sunk, the war continued onwards, but little did the USA realize that they had forced the Federation to rethink their strategy.

July 2027 [ ]

Operation gravedigger [ ].

After Operation Clockwork and Operation Black Ice, the UNSC was ready to breach the long suspected factory. Two Spetznaz, One S.A.S, and two JSOC using a skiff were sent to breach the Federation Factory at the port of Rio, codenamed "The Shop." Using a tributary to a lake above the facility, the UNSC team managed to breach the facility by cutting off its communications. Once inside the facility, the UNSC found that this shop was more like an industrial production machine. tanks, trucks, guns, planes, missiles, and even Chemical Weapons were being made in this facility. However, as the UNSC reached a certain area of the complex, they found an area that appeared to be airlock sealed, almost like a vault.

As the UNSC team made an entrance into the off-limits zone of the facility, the UNSC found what appeared to be rocket components and space-based weaponry. As they investigated further, they found computer components, data storage, and other pieces of evidence of design specs that made them question exactly what they were looking at. However, as the UNSC made an entrance into the sealed-off part of the facility, they discovered exactly what the Federation was hiding.

This factory was being used to design a Kinetic Bombardment Satellite weapons system for the Federation, appearing to be a reverse-engineered version of the Orbital Defense Initiative. The project was codenamed "LOKI" by the Federation. As stolen data confirmed, the Federation had put 24 Satellites into orbit over several years, and now these satellites were almost ready to go. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Federation had in secret been building the largest space station in recorded history.

Realizing what was at stake, the UNSC Air Force using a combined Russian and European Air Force sent two fighter wings to level the complex, as well as targeting a nearby railyard that appeared to be harboring the output from the factory. However, the Federation had intercepted the data transmission, and the Federation had realized that their secret project had been found out. Using the nearby M-75 Mantis Turrets, most of the fighters were knocked out of the sky, however, the bombers were still able to do some damage to the factory, but not enough. With the inability to extract the Tier 1 teams in the factory, the UNSC troops relayed to command to request a missile strike on there position.

As the camera feed was relayed from the factory to the United Nations Security Command headquarters, panic soon ensued throughout the world governments. With these 24 Satellites and over 20 different kinetic rods packed into each one, the Federation could strike any city or any target they wanted and could wipe off any nation they wanted off the face of the Earth in a matter of hours. Further Satellite readings confirmed that the Federation's orbital weapon system had not only space-based defenses, but also an EWD, or Early Warning Detection, array placed on the ground of the Atacama desert. This would ultimately give the station almost complete and total defense from a foreign attack.

Another detail was that the Federation Weapons Satellites could either be fired in multiples or individually In addition, the Federation Satellites appeared to be in two categories, and have multiple different projectiles compared to the American ODIN System. All in all, the Federations Orbital Weapons system was firmly superior to that of the Americans or the Europeans.

The United Nations Security Command met in a bit of an emergency panic. The meeting was organized so quickly that they simply had to go through a video call, and do the meeting from wherever they were. After hastily reviewing their options, they came up with one option. The UNSC recalled their special forces operating in Federation Territory, and together for the first time since World War II, an alliance made up of over 20 nations would unify their armed forces to invade the Federation. The plan called to invade the Federation via Chile, attacking the cities of Arica, Tocopilla, and Antofagasta. A second team would then invade in the South, and take on the city of Santiago. Once the Early Weapons Detector was destroyed on the ground, Astronauts from UNSC nations who had a space program would assault the Federation Space Station, and then turn their weapons against the Federation and end the war.

Final Battle of Las Vegas [ ]

As the UNSC was finalizing its plans for an attack against the Federation, the Federation on the other hand panicked. They had been found out, and it was only a matter of time before not only Project LOKI would be announced to the world, but it had become apparent that the United Nations wasn't just gonna let this go unaltered. Rather than let 40 Billion in USD go to waste, the Federation decided to take the fight back to the Liberty Wall with the goal of distracting the United Nations for as long as possible while they could get their satellites operational.

The Federation launched their attack on the Liberty Wall just past 8:00 AM on June 28th, 2027. This was the largest assault against the wall of the entire war. All across the wall at Kingman, Seligman, Flagstaff, Winslow, Gallup, Santa Fe, Amerillo, Tulsa, Dallas, and Botan Rouge (All major outposts for the Liberty Wall), the Federation threw large amounts of men, women, and equipment at the wall in hopes of finally breaking it. Federation jets such as the VTOL Viper and other stealth bombers were deployed to the wall, as well as a host of gunships. This turned out to be the largest and deadliest air battle in history.

At Kingman, Arizona, Federation successfully breached the Liberty Wall, forcing that section to collapse, the Federation then rediverted its forces, and followed the line up to Las Vegas, Nevada. By this point, Las Vegas was a ghost town. The city had virtually been abandoned, and very few people remained, mostly scavengers, refugees, and the occasional Federation Recon team. Just after 12 noon, Federation tanks rolled into Las Vegas, and the battle began. The US had set up ambush positions all across the city, and had set up a Forward Operating Base in Paradise (Las Vegas) and set up a defensive line, with 70,000 US Marines, Three Armor Corps, and two fighter wings. The orders were rather simple, either the US Forces Stop the Federation here, or they will die trying.

The first shots of the Final Battle for Las Vegas began, when Federation Gunships attacked the battle lines. The second half of the attack was the bloodbath, or the Killzone. The United States Military ambushed the Federation in a battle line that extended from Enterprise Nevada to Henderson, Nevada. Effectively trapping the Federation assault force into a Killzone. Once the Battle line was established, the reinforcements from both the West and the East made a spearhead, and cut off the Federation supply line heading up to Las Vegas. Then, the United States Air Force, mostly comprised of F117 Stealth Bombers, F-15 Eagles, A-10 Drones, etc. unleashed hellfire, and began obliterating the Federation assault force.

Nuclear Strike [ ]

Realizing that the attack grand offensive had failed, the Federation general made a drastic decision. At roughly 5:00 PM on June 28th, a Federation High Hypersonic Nuclear Missile was launched, and obliterated the city of Las Vegas. This was the second time in the entire war that the Federation had resorted to the use of Nuclear Weapons. The action saw the city of Las Vegas get completely wiped off the map, and most of its surroundings simply melted into glass. As the dust settled, the United Nations Security Command reinforcements arrived, and the Federation pulled back from the wall.

Operation Blindside [ ]

At 2:46 PM on July 5th, 2027, the United States, Japan, South Korean, Great Britain, France, Israel, the Russian Federation, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and India under the flag of the United Nations Security Command began the largest land, air, and naval invasion in history up to that point. 10 Million Soldiers from all corners of the world, over 40 tank divisions, and over 100 air divisions launched full-scale Invasion into the Federation via Chile. The UNSC fought in everything they could muster up, including M1A3 Abrams, Challenger II, Leopard II, Leopard III, T14 Armata, BTR-90s, AK47s, MiG 29s, F-15s, B52 Bombers, and even a newly recommissioned USS Wisconsin and Missouri.

As planned, the main assault of the UNSC forces landed near the Federation cities of Arica, Tocopilla, and Antofagasta, while the secondary forces were gonna attack the cities of La Serena, Santiago, and Concepcion. The UNSC resorted to using everything they had that they could muster up, including a USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz, and USS Gerald Ford, as well as a host of equipment from era's as far back as World War II. Given the shortage of combat armor, the UNSC sent soldiers into battle in everything they could muster up.

Using resources from all corners of the world and a landing force larger than that of D-Day, the UNSC cut the Federations defensive positions across the Chilean Coastline. UNSC Aircraft began flying inland and across Northern Chile, included but not limited to fighter jets, Unmanned Arial Vehicles, and Transport Aircraft. In addition, long-range firebird cruise missiles destroyed airbases, as well as used the newly recommissioned USS Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Jersey to launch 4000 Pound shells into Santiago to cripple the Federation. However, as the first hours of the invasion started, the Federation's Orbital Weapon Satellites became operational. The kinetic rods fired down on the invasion fleet and began wiping out the remaining UNSC navy.

After the UNSC navy was virtually obliterated, the only hope that remained was for the ground forces to do some damage and do the damage they did. Using armored tank battalion and infantry from all corners of the world, the UNSC sacked not only the main defensive base that was outside the complex, but they also managed to delay the Federation Response to allow for American Special Forces to take the base. This base however wasn't just an Ordinary Facility, it was ace Command Point for the entire Federation Nuclear Arsenal in the Atacama Desert. Once the UNSC secured the base, United Command Structure decided to turn the Federations Weapons against the Federation.

Using a short ranged Federation Ballistic Missile, the UNSC targeted the Federation Space Force Complex responsible for guarding the Federation Orbital Weapons array. The Armored Battalions and stealth fighters broke through the security defenses at the Federation Space Center and took out not only the AA turrets, but the surface to air missiles that could potentially shoot down the missile. However, in the chaotic fighting, the armored battalions became trapped by Federation armor. Realizing the importance of the mission, the battalion decided to sacrifice themselves, and stay behind to guide the Federation Nuclear Missile in. In a matter of roughly 10 minutes, the Federation's Space Center was completely and destroyed by there own Nuclear Weapons.

After the Federation's early warning defense system was turned to glass, Soldiers from the United States and Russian "Space Force" departed from their respective space stations and ground centers from different areas across the world. The target was the Federations Space Station. This station was larger than any nation had ever launched up into orbit, and was intricate and complex. Thanks to the overwhelming force and thanks to the efforts of the ground forces, the UNSC was successfully able to attack the station from three separate directions.

The Federation's Space Command in charge of the station had been caught completely off-guard. With the early warning system on the ground destroyed, the UNSC's approach was almost completely undetectable. With the Space Center on the ground destroyed and no way to contact ground control or other space stations in the area, the UNSC managed to not only take control of the station but also control the LOKI weapons system. Although 70% of the UNSC Soldiers were killed trying to take the station, they now had the upper hand. The resulting rest of the operation was a very one-sided battle.

The UNSC, using the Orbital Weapons, opened fire on the Federation Targets below. Across Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Southern Brazil, the UNSC used the kinetic rods to destroy anything that was of a threat. These included industrial centers, shipyards, military bases, ports, and even aircraft carrier groups. The Federation command structure soon completely collapsed and ordered a full retreat. With the communications severed, and their weapons being turned against them, the Federation stood almost no chance.

With the victory in Space, victory on the ground, and victory in the air, the UNSC began to push inland. Realizing what was happening, the Federation decided to launch a nuclear strike against the United States. However, poor communication didn't realize that the UNSC had taken control of one of their main bases. The moment the nukes were launched, the UNSC simply the Federation Nuclear Missiles, Air Defenses, Laser Missile Defense system to destroy a full 90% of the entire Federation Nuclear Arsenal that was launched. The remaining 10 percent was intercepted by American High Altitude fighters.

The Fall of the Federation [ ]

By the time Operation Blindside was over, the world was drastically different. 90% of the Federation Military, Economy, and infrastructure was destroyed. Countless Civilians were lost thanks to the Orbital Bombardment from the UNSC, leading to some very questionable responses from governments across the world. With most of its ground forces and other infrastructure destroyed, the Federation of the Americas was now facing the unthinkable, complete, and total annihilation.

As United Nations Security Command forces started arriving in larger numbers, the Federation Government began to panic. The Federations Central Authority in Caracas had begun to realize that nearly all hope was lost. Realizing what was at stake, most Federation politicians, regional governors, and generals simply committed suicide, and sometimes their entire families did to. In some cases, prominent Federation figures went on the run to avoid capture, but in most cases, tried to organize a fighting force to attempt to defend what the Federation had left.

On July 10th, 2027, Federation President Cilia Flores was in a meeting with her generals. Her nationalistic hopes that somehow the Federation would still prevail were shattered. The Minister of Economics told the Council that the UNSC simply had obliterated there economic and military capabilities, and the Federation economy could hold out for about another month, two at most. Upon hearing this information, Flores realized that her hopes of keeping the Federation alive were lost, but she decided to stay in Caracas and oversee the collapse of the Federation from her Presidential Palace residence.

As the Federation Economy collapsed, the Central Authority that kept the Federation together nearly all this time began to collapse with it, and as a result, the many different ethnic groups that lived inside Federation Territory began to distrust the Federation Government's Central Authority. As the Federation Military continued to lose battle after battle, the Federation Regional governors began to focus on their own interests rather than the collective effort needed. With this in mind, the UNSC turned the tide. The UNSC launched their attack against the Federation-controlled Canal, using Paratroopers and hovercraft, they began to push into Panama City. The Federation occupiers tried desperately to counter using the infrastructure they had built in the region, but the Federation hadn't encountered on one aspect, the resistance.

Across Central America, the Central American resistance rose up in defiance of their occupiers. They had endured harsh Federation rule for over a decade, and their were plenty who were ready to see the occupation end. The United Nations Security Command took advantage of the uprising, crossing into No Mans Land and then South into Mexico, as well as North from Panama. Realizing they were surrounded, some Federation regional governors of Central America simply defected or surrendered, some took to destroying evidence, and some vowed to continue fighting. The resulting caused comrades of the Federation Military to soon start turning on each other, and within the month, the two UNSC sides met in Nicaragua.

On the night of July 20th and 21st, 2027, the air raids over Caracas began. UNSC Aircraft came in wave after wave, as the Federation Air Force and AA-75 Mantis Turrets did their best to take out as many of the allied aircraft as they could. As the battle torn on in the sky, Madame Cossette sat in her Presidential Palace as the bombs fell around her. In a meeting with her remaining top advisors, they gave the situation update and when told that the Federation might still have a chance at existing, Cilia Flores declared that the War was lost for the Federation.

Later on the night of July 22nd, 2027, Cilia Flores and her family were escorted out of Caracas. As allied aircraft continued to bomb the city to shreds, Cilia was escorted through a series of tunnels that lead out of the palace. From there, she was sent to an awaiting convoy of vehicles where they would take her to Columbia, where she would then be flown out to Easter Island. From there, she would receive plastic surgery to get a new appearance, then take on a new identity in hopes she wouldn't be discovered.

On July 30th, as Cilia Flores was being escorted out, the UNSC forces in the West reached Rosa's evac point of Lima, Peru. At the same time, UNSC forces in the East, consisting of mostly Russians reached the city of Rio De Jenario, and the fight for both cities began. The defending Federation forces were determined to not let the cities go, but when the news that Rosa was fleeing the country, it seemed to hit Federation soldiers that all hope was lost, and most deserted, leading to a massive numerical victories for the UNSC. On August 5th, 2027, Rio De Jenario fell to the UNSC, and the drive for Caracas began.

After Rio De Jenario fell, the Federation Soldiers that still remained fled into the Rainforest in hopes of organizing a proper resistance to the UNSC. Rio De Jenario might have fallen, but the city of Brasilia was gonna be the next target. However, the symbolism of Rio De Jenario, the pride of the Federation of the Americas, falling to the United Nations, it simply was too much for the Civilian populace and remaining Federation Soldiers to despair. In Caracas, the panic continued as the UNSC air raids became more and more frequent. Eventually though, the Federation ceased its War Time radio broadcasting center, realizing that the rousing addresses that the Federation was giving in hopes that the dream was still alive, wasn't having any effect at all.

On August 3rd, 2027, the unthinkable happened, a riot broke out in the city of Caracas. Civilians, realizing they had been flat out lied to and deceived by the Federation leadership, simply trashed the city. Bakeries were raided, stores were looted, and the already war torn city was filled with protestors. Gatherings on the street were soon forbidden, and Martial law was organized, but it was no use. Even worse, some disillusioned Federation soldiers realized that soon all hope was lost, and took to the side of the rioters. Sooner or later, the rioting escalated to a full scale National Schism as people fought people, police fought police, soldiers fought soldiers, soldiers fought civilians, police fought civilians, law and order had completely broken down inside the Federations Capital City.

On August 10th, 2027, the UNSC forces entered the now lawless city of Caracas as the Federation fell apart, and the fight for the capital began. In the strangest battle of the entire war, some Federation Soldiers, Police, and Civilians defected to the side of the UNSC and began fighting alongside the United Nations Security Command. The United Nations Security Command Commanders lead multiple thunder runs into the city, using whatever resources they had mustered up.

On August 12th, 2027 at 16:42 PM, UNSC forces arrived at the ruins of the Miraflores Palace (The Federations Government building). At 17:30, the Pale Blue flag of the United Nations was raised above Caracas, alongside the Russian, European, American, Korean, Japanese, and other flags, signifying the new authority. On August 13th, 2027 the Federation of the Americas and its puppet, the United Earth Regime, officially collapsed, and the United Nations Security Command. The rest of the Federations High Command and Government secretly evacuated through an underground tunnel system out of Caracas and escaped to Ecuador in Secret. From Ecuador, these officials fled to Easter Island, to officially set up shop as the "Federation Underground Resistance." The underground resistance tried to get through to the people, saying that it was their rightful duty to resist and keep the spirit of the Federation Alive. This was never carried out.

Casualties and Consequences [ ]

Casualties [ ].

The Federation-American War cost the lives of an estimated 850 Million people that lived on earth, but the estimated death toll was unknown. The estimation of damages was over 30 trillion in USD Dollars, making it the most destructive and deadliest conflict in human history. Historians debated on what this was to be called, most called it "The War of the Titans" or "The War of Human Destruction" but over the years it became simply known as the "Federation-American War." However, in today's history books, it is referred to as the "Federation War."

In the aftermath of the Federation War, the United Nations Security Command officially became the new NATO alliance of the 21st Century. The UNSC became the backbone military force of the new United Nations Security Council. Russia, India, Mongolia, China, and many other nations joined the United Nations Security Command and began the process of trying to repair the damages caused by the Federation-American War. These efforts would take decades, and it would horrendously cause humanities stagnation to continue both politically and economically.

Consequences [ ]

The environmental effects were unimaginable. Thanks to the use of the Kinetic Rods, the Geography of the Southeastern United States and South America, Earth's Geography was changed drastically. The resulting geography change caused shifts in the Weather of the Western Hemisphere. In addition, a good 70% of 850 Million Citizens of the former Federation of the Americas had been killed in the Orbital Bombardment. While it was unintended, the UNSC drastically tried to cover up the massive civilian loss. With the massive geography change, a massive migration to the North began. In the interests of the world, the Central American Nations united to form the "Organization of Latin States". The OLS didn't completely replace the New Organization of American States, but it was the only way how it could effectively deal with the new refugee crisis.

As time went on in the aftermath of the Federation-American War, the population growth spurt that humanity was experiencing at this time was now almost entirely none existent. Birth rates across Asia and Africa stagnated in the aftermath of the war, and even worse for humanity was that thanks to the oil spills, unconventional warfare, and other events, the economic conditions on planet earth were starting to become almost uninhabitable. With Earth's resources being depleted, technological and economical stagnation, and environmental changes, the remainder of the 21st Century would be dire.

War Trials [ ]

In the aftermath of the war, the United States and the UNSC could fully begin the process of reconstruction. In doing so, the leaders of the UNSC nations got together in a discussion about just exactly how they were gonna punish the Federation Atrocities. It was eventually decided that for the first time in over 70 years, an international court of justice, and an international one-world economy would be used for the reconstruction. This would be the largest trial of its kind in world history and would be held over a period as long as it took until justice was served.

After the establishment of the new United Nations, and the passing of the International Military Tribunal Act of 2027, the UNSC apprehended a total of 41 people that were associated with the Federation of the Americas. This ranged from generals to secretaries, to embassy staff, and many others. Over two years, all of them were given sentences from life in prison to hard labor, to death, or sometimes they were acquitted of all charges. This event would become known as the Federation War Trials.

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Massive excavation platform. Long sight lines mixed with tight lanes and close quarter interiors. – Behemoth

Lots of construction can be seen outside of Behemoth, look down to see all the trucks hauling dirt, big spotlights and the very large excavator. You can also see the nice sunset beyond the mountains.

The Field Order here is the Heli-Gunner, a controllable helicopter with a massive minigun to make it rain and kill any enemy in sight. The only thing that will keep them safe in hiding. The Heli-Gunner is like the Chopper Gunner from Black Ops.

When a K.E.M. Strike is activated it will change the maps view to dark and gassy. Watch those corners for enemies hiding.

A Steampipe below the map on the catwalk can be shot at to hinder the line of sight for the player for a short period of time.

Past the Federation spawn and looking down below the end of the excavator you will find one of those Extinction Eggs. Players who find all four Extinction Eggs in each of Devastation’s four DLC maps will earn a bonus 2000XP for completing the operation.

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