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Ghostfreak is the Omnitrix 's DNA sample of an Ectonurite [4] [1] from the planet Anur Phaetos in the Anur System . [merch 1]

  • 1.1 Ben as Ghostfreak
  • 1.2 Bad Ben as Bad Ghostfreak
  • 2 Personality
  • 3.1 True Form
  • 4 Weaknesses
  • 5.2 Prior to Ben 10
  • 5.4 Prior to Alien Force
  • 5.5 Alien Force
  • 5.6 Ultimate Alien
  • 5.7 Omniverse
  • 5.8 Bad Ben's Timeline
  • 6 Appearances
  • 7.2 Ben 10: Galactic Racing
  • 8 Naming and Translations
  • 11.1 Merchandise
  • 11.2 Pop-ups
  • 11.3.1 Derrick J. Wyatt
  • 11.3.2 Dwayne McDuffie
  • 11.3.3 Dave Johnson
  • 11.3.4 Duncan Rouleau
  • 11.4 Audio Commentary

Appearance [ ]

Ben as ghostfreak [ ].

Ghostfreak is a phantom/ ghost -like alien with a gaseous appearance and claw-like hands, and grey skin with black lines running all over him. His skin is removable with black and white striped tentacles underneath it.

In the Original Series , Ghostfreak's original Omnitrix symbol peeked out of his skin on his lower left chest and he had a pink eye with a black pupil.

In Alien Force , Ghostfreak looked exactly like Zs'Skayr did in the same series, except his eye was green and the original Omnitrix symbol was on his chest.

In Ultimate Alien , Ghostfreak looked like the enslaved Chimera Sui Generi from Ghost Town but was more muscular. His eye was bigger and green with a black pupil, and the spikes on his elbows were gone. Ghostfreak wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse , Ghostfreak now has green chains all over his front side which lead to his neck, waist, and center/chest. The spikes on his elbows have returned, his skin is now a greenish-white shading, and he has two cuffs on each of his arms. The Omnitrix symbol is located at the center of his chains. When possessing someone, he has a green glow. His tentacles are now black and purple-striped and his eye is colored green.

Bad Ben as Bad Ghostfreak [ ]

Bad Ben 's Ghostfreak looks similar to Ben Prime 's Ghostfreak in Omniverse , except the green parts of Bad Ben's version's body are colored mint green and his chains are colored blue-green.

Bad Ben as Bad Ghostfreak

Personality [ ]

During the Original Series , due to secretly hosting the consciousness of Zs'Skayr on top of Ben 's, Ghostfreak would often act radically. This was most prominent during fights, as he would go out of his way to scare; [5] intimidate; [6] and use moves that were more cruel and lethal in intent, [1] making himself a dangerous alien to use.

The power of Zs'Skayr's influence over Ghostfreak would get progressively more apparent; meanwhile, Ben would feel more and more uncomfortable whenever he transformed back. [6] [5] [1] Eventually, Zs'Skayr's consciousness was able to completely overtake Ben's own during at least two instances, [pop-up 2] [1] culminating in his and Ghostfreak's escape from the Omnitrix .

Due to the reckless nature of Ghostfreak's reunlocking in Alien Force , it was easy for Zs'Skayr to completely take over Ben's personality again. [7]

By Ultimate Alien , however, Ghostfreak has begun to exist as a separate individual whose character was independent from Zs'Skayr's. [8] As of Omniverse , Ghostfreak's connection to Zs'Skayr is no longer an issue, making him safe to use. [3]

Powers and Abilities [ ]


Ghostfreak can make himself intangible and invisible as both a powerful defense and a way of infiltrating high-security locations. [9] Ghostfreak can choose to selectively make parts of himself corporeal or slightly corporeal. This extended technique can be used to interact with the world or fight while still intangible. It can also be used in a more deadly way by interacting with someone's internal body parts, such as causing a stroke by attacking Thumbskull's brain. [1]

Ghostfreak is capable of making other objects or people intangible and transparent through physical contact; [3] this feat was first demonstrated by Zs'Skayr. [2]

Ghostfreak is able to possess the bodies of his enemies and control their movements to the point where he can cause them to fly like himself, allowing him to freely slam them against walls or hit themselves. [2] He can also access the abilities of other beings that possess superpowers. In the case of Darkstar , he also had access to his powers once he possessed him. [3]

Ghostfreak can possess Florauna , [pop-up 1] [2] Vladats , [DJW 1] [10] Transylians , [2] Necrofriggians , [DJW 2] Atrocians , Polymorphs , [DJW 3] Galvanic Mechamorphs , Nanochips , Chronosapiens , [DJW 4] and even Celestialsapiens [DJW 5] and other Ectonurites. [DJW 6]

As demonstrated by Zs'Skayr, Ghostfreak can completely remove someone's consciousness while possessing them if his willpower is stronger. [11]

Ghostfreak can partially pull away his second layer of skin to expose his chest tentacles. These tentacles are useful for grabbing objects, [1] and can grow sharp thorns to increase their lethality. [12]

Ghostfreak is capable of flight and levitation, which he can use to soar through the air at high speeds.

Ghostfreak has sharp claws, which can easily tear through Vilgax 's Mechadroids . [13]

Ghostfreak possesses enhanced strength, as shown when he used his tentacles to grab a bus full of people, [14] and can throw one of Vilgax's drones with his hands. [13]

Ghostfreak has enhanced durability, as he was able to withstand a punch from Kraab , which threw him against a wall. [6]

Ghostfreak can survive in the vacuum of space; this feat was also exclusively demonstrated by Zs'Skayr. [2]

Ghostfreak is immune to Darkstar's energy absorption ability. This is because Ectonurites do not have mana , as they are not alive in the same conventional way that most other life forms are. [3]

Unlike all other Ectonurites, Ghostfreak is immune to sunlight due to the help of the Omnitrix. [1]

Ghostfreak has an eerie, glowing eye [merch 1] that can move around his body, which is especially seen when he wears his outer skin. [6]

Like all Anur System aliens, Ghostfreak can see in the dark. [DJW 7]

As demonstrated by Zs'Skayr, Ghostfreak's tail is prehensile. [7]

Ghostfreak is capable of telekinesis, shown off by Zs'Skayr while he was still in the Omnitrix, when he used his telekinesis to make flames erupt from Bunsen burners. [1] Ghostfreak is also capable of telepathy. [merch 2]

Ghostfreak is able to disrupt electronics by phasing through them, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr . [11]

Ghostfreak can make people feel deathly cold by simply moving right through them. [6]

Ghostfreak can alter his shape and deform like gas by making himself into a grey, somewhat transparent smoke-like wispy form. [6] While in this form, he is immune to being absorbed by Gutrot 's species . [DJW 8]

As demonstrated by Zs'Skayr, Ghostfreak can regenerate lost skin. [7]

Although he never trained himself to do so, Ghostfreak may be able convert other species into Ectonurites, where he is able to manipulate them into doing what he wants. [7] [note 1]

Ghostfreak is able to store small objects under his skin flaps, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr. [15]

Ghostfreak has his consciousness genetically bonded to his DNA. A piece of DNA is all that is needed to re-create the same being entirely. [1]

True Form [ ]

Ghostfreak can project powerful energy beams from either the tentacles in his chest and or his hands whenever his skin is peeled back, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr. [2] [7]

In his true form, Ghostfreak's telekinesis is greatly enhanced, being able to even move an entire pillar without effort. [7]

In his true form, while exposed to total darkness, like that of space, Ghostfreak's powers and abilities would be greatly enhanced to their full potential; this feat was also demonstrated with Zs'Skayr. [2]

Although he has never trained himself to do so, he can rotate his skull [DJW 9] much like Zs'Skayr. [11]

Weaknesses [ ]

Neutralized Intangibility/Invisibility

Certain substances can neutralize Ghostfreak's intangibility and invisibility, such as a special orange liquid used by Kraab . [6] It is possible that Gutrot's species can replicate this liquid in a gaseous form. [DJW 10]

Ghostfreak's intangibility is useless when faced by another being that can go intangible, as it will cancel out their ability to do so. [16]

Ghostfreak's intangibility requires conscious thought to activate, so opponents will be able to hit him if he is caught off-guard, as seen when he got hit by a punching bag that Thumbskull threw at him while he was distracted. [1]

Ghostfreak can be tracked by opponents who can sense heat or use thermographic vision, as demonstrated by Kraab. [6]

There are certain beings Ghostfreak cannot possess. For example, he cannot possess zombies due to them lacking minds of their own. [17] He is also unable to possess the Sentient Ultimate forms [8] or Dagon . [DJW 11]

Even if Ghostfreak does possess someone, it may be possible them to reject him out of their body, as shown with Ma Vreedle . [18]

There are a number of weaknesses that Ghostfreak is vulnerable to if he remains tangible and caught off-guard. For example:

  • He can be trapped by an Evolved Arachnichimp 's webbing. [8]
  • He can be immobilized by an Evolved Necrofriggian 's ice flames. [8]
  • He can be harmed by electricity, such as that generated by Transylians [2] and Conductoids , [11] as demonstrated with Zs'Skayr.
  • He can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas , as demonstrated by many Ectonurite residents of Anur Transyl . [10]

Like the rest of his kind, Ghostfreak cannot survive on Anur Vladias . [DJW 12]

Ghostfreak can easily be scared by Toepick 's species . [DJW 13]

Ghostfreak can be affected by a Nemuina 's sleeping dust. [DJW 14]

History [ ]

  • In A New Dawn , 16-year-old Ben as Ghostfreak failed to possess the zombie red coat.

Prior to Ben 10 [ ]

  • Myaxx unknowingly added Ghostfreak's Ectonurite DNA to the Omnitrix when she did not realize Zs'Skayr possessed the Florauna that was being sampled for Wildvine 's DNA. [pop-up 1] [2]
  • Ghostfreak first appeared in Permanent Retirement , where he frightened Gwen , escaped Vera 's house, drove a golf cart, was about to steal an apple pie before being disgusted by a Limax disguised as a human woman, and then followed another one disguised as Marty .
  • In Hunted , Ghostfreak failed to scare Gwen and defeated Kraab .
  • In Last Laugh , Ghostfreak scared and defeated Zombozo , freeing everyone's happiness in the process.
  • In Kevin 11 , Ghostfreak snuck into a game room and played a Sumo Slammers video game.
  • Also, Ghostfreak appeared as one of the many alien templates used for Vilgax's army in an imaginary sequence.
  • In The Big Tick , Ghostfreak failed to defeat the Great One .
  • In Framed , Gwen mentioned Ghostfreak was used by Kevin to terrorize Barstow, California.
  • At some point prior to Ghostfreaked Out , Ghostfreak snuck into a horror movie, during which Zs'Skayr secretly took control and contacted Viktor with his plans. [pop-up 2] [2]
  • This would remove Ghostfreak from the active playlist, thereby allowing Zs'Skayr to escape the Omnitrix.
  • In Be Afraid of the Dark , Ben regained Ghostfreak (in his true form) by unknowingly scanning Zs'Skayr, though Ben never transforms into Ghostfreak for the remainder of the series out of fear the evil Ectonurite would take over again.

Prior to Alien Force [ ]

  • At some point in time, Ghostfreak was removed from the Omnitrix.

Alien Force [ ]

  • In Ghost Town , Ben scanned Zs'Skayr again and transformed into Ghostfreak. When Zs'Skayr quickly regained control, Ghostfreak was able to revert to Ben with the "help" of Vilgax .

Ultimate Alien [ ]

  • In The Ultimate Sacrifice , Ghostfreak escaped Sentient Ultimate Spidermonkey 's webbing and failed to possess Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur before being frozen by Sentient Ultimate Big Chill , forcing him to switch into Heatblast .

Omniverse [ ]

  • From this moment on, Ben has overcome his apprehension of using Ghostfreak since the persona of Zs'Skayr is no longer present.
  • In Bengeance is Mine , Ghostfreak battled Psyphon and saved a busload of people.
  • In Charm School , Ghostfreak searched for Charmcaster in Friedkin University and lured her into the library before she defeated him.
  • In Vreedlemania , Ghostfreak possessed Ma Vreedle and ordered the Pretty Boys to stop wreaking havoc on Bellwood until Ma fought him out of her body once the Vreedles deduced it was not really her speaking.
  • In Malgax Attacks , Ghostfreak defeated some of Vilgax 's Mechadroids .
  • In A New Dawn , Ghostfreak battled a zombie and later appeared for a short time when Ben was cycling through his aliens.

Bad Ben's Timeline [ ]

  • In And Then There Were None , Bad Ghostfreak chased after No Watch Ben .
  • In Fast Lane , Ghostfreak encountered a ghost in "Flying Dutchman".

Appearances [ ]

  • Alien Force
  • Ultimate Alien
  • Video Games
  • Online Games
  • Permanent Retirement (first appearance)
  • Secrets (x2; unintentional transformations; first time was a cameo)
  • The Big Tick (cameo)
  • Mystery, Incorporeal (first reappearance)
  • Bengeance is Mine
  • Charm School
  • Vreedlemania
  • Malgax Attacks
  • A New Dawn (x2; second time was a cameo)
  • Christmas Clown (flashback)
  • Down in the Dumps
  • Battle Ready
  • Critical Impact

Video Games [ ]

Ghostfreak in Galactic Racing

Ghostfreak is a playable alien in the game.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing [ ]

Ghostfreak is a playable racer in the game. He has his Alien Force appearance because the game was released before his Ultimate Alien appearance was introduced in the show. However, on the DS and 3DS versions, Ben is able to transform into the Original Series version of Ghostfreak.

Naming and Translations [ ]

  • As such, in the Original Series , Ghostfreak was the least used out of all the original ten aliens Ben had access to, only appearing in seven episodes and being used a total of eight times.
  • In The Alliance , Ben wanted to use Ghostfreak to try and help an injured Max at the hospital by "melding" with him. This indicates that Ben already knew about Ghostfreak's ability to possess people, even though he never does this onscreen until Ghostfreaked Out .
  • Despite using him at least once to terrorize a city when he was 11, [19] [20] Kevin states he never liked Ghostfreak. [21] This was likely due to feeling Zs'Skayr's presence while as Kevin 11 . [DR 1]
  • In the Original Series , he spoke with a faint and whispery voice.
  • In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien , his voice was considerably deeper and raspy like Zs'Skayr.
  • In Omniverse , his voice has returned to the faint and whispery way it was in the Original Series , albeit it was higher pitched.
  • In And Then There Were None , Bad Ben 's Ghostfreak sounded more like Zs'Skayr compared to his main counterpart.
  • However, Ghostfreak is the only one of these aliens who has changed his appearance throughout all four series of the Classic Continuity, albeit it was only due to using his true form in Alien Force and second-skinned form in Ultimate Alien .
  • Ghostfreak is also one of the only five aliens who escaped from the original Omnitrix ; the others being Chromastone , Spidermonkey , Goop , and Way Big.
  • It is also worth noting that after Season 2, when Zs'Skayr successfully escapes the Omnitrix and thus removing Ghostfreak from it, he is replaced with Cannonbolt in the intro for the third and fourth seasons.
  • Ghostfreak is one of two exceptions to the principle that transformations are not full-blown aliens due to retaining Ben's personality, memories, and consciousness; the other being Feedback . [DR 2] [DR 3]
  • Ghostfreak is a living being; the Ectonurite concept of "life" is just very different from most sentient life forms. [DJW 15]
  • If the Omnitrix times out while Ghostfreak is possessing something, Ben would pop out before becoming solid. [DJW 16]
  • As of Ultimate Alien , Ben has learned how to retract his second layer of skin as Ghostfreak. [DM 2]
  • When Ghostfreak was taunting Kraab in Hunted , Ben may not have been the one in control. [pop-up 3] [6] After he reverted, Ben even stated that it felt "even weirder" than when he is normally Ghostfreak.
  • Ghostfreak is the first alien form that has managed to repress Ben's personality. Eon followed this trend prior to being retconned. [pop-up 4] [22]
  • Dave Johnson designed Ghostfreak for the Original Series . Looking back on the design, he noted he found the eye quite funny. [DJ 1]
  • " Ben's not here", a line said by Ghostfreak in Ghostfreaked Out , was used in auditions for the role. [AC 1]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt eventually drew 11-year-old Ghostfreak as part of a GoFundMe in 2020. [DJW 18]
  • In a promotional image for Cartoon Network and Ayala Mall's Animate Your Life This Halloween, Reboot Ben is seen wearing a Ghostfreak costume.
  • Had Ghostfreak appeared in the reboot , his design would have been similar to his appearance in the Original Series with the Omnitrix symbol peeking out from under his secondary skin. [DR 4]
  • ↑ Zs'Skayr gained this ability sometime after the Original Series . [DM 1] It is unknown whether Ghostfreak, and by extension, other Ectonurites , can do this naturally.

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Crew Statements [ ]

Derrick j. wyatt [ ].

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Audio Commentary [ ]

  • ↑ Ghostfreaked Out
  • 1 Ben Tennyson (Classic)
  • 2 Omnitrix (Original)
  • 3 Alien X (Classic)

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Me when Female Ghostfreak:

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ben 10 female ghostfreak

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ben 10 female ghostfreak

I'd honestly take my chances, cartoons has given me a weird taste in women

ben 10 female ghostfreak

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Same here tbh

I'd invite her on a friend date, because I still like men :sob: 🤣🤣🤣

Reply to: :small_orange_diamond: Aloragon :small_blue_diamond:

ben 10 female ghostfreak

I ain't no coward

ben 10 female ghostfreak

I wouldn’t be able to handle it honestly. I’m afraid of ghoul type people. :new_moon_with_face:

I Totally understand that.

ben 10 female ghostfreak

It would certainly be an interesting relationship.

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Ben 10 Omniverse: Ultimate Ghostfreak Female. Ben 10, Instagram posts, Konan HD wallpaper

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