Every Marvel Ghost Rider, ranked

With a five-decade comic career, there have been several Ghost Riders, but which is the best? It’s time to rank the Spirits of Vengeance. 

are there two ghost riders

With a seven-decade comic career, there have been several Ghost Riders , but which is the best? It’s time to rank the Spirits of Vengeance. 

When it comes to Ghost Rider, most fans think of a skeleton with his head on fire rocking a chopper with fiery wheels. The thing is, he’s a much older character than you might first suspect. In fact, the “Ghost Rider” moniker has been active since the 1940s. While the skeleton biker may be the most iconic, there has been a wide variety of Ghost Riders throughout the years, and the Spirit of Vengeance has ridden more than just motorcycles.

On that note, let’s rank the best Ghost Riders straight from the comics based on their MCU potential. Who knows? Thanks to the Multiverse, we may see more than one on the big and small screens.

10. The Calico Kid (spoiler: that’s not the name of his cat)

are there two ghost riders

Debuting in 1949’s Tim Holt #11, the original Ghost Rider was a far cry from the Spirit of Vengeance we’ve come to know and love. Actually, he wasn’t the Spirit of Vengeance at all. This version was the cowboy Rex Fury, aka the Calico Kid, who would go on to star in Western horror comics for Magazine Enterprises. In 1950, the cowboy Ghost Rider was given his own series, and the legend was truly born. 

Outside of a cleverly placed Easter egg, I don’t imagine we will see Rex in live action. Still, it’s a fun bit of Ghost Rider history.

9. Ghost Rider in the sky…on a monster spider

are there two ghost riders

What could be better than Ghost Rider in a sword and sorcery battle mowing down enemies atop his giant spider? Nothing. Will we see him in the MCU? Not likely, but it’s fun to think about.

This idea came about after Marvel Comics brought Conan the Barbarian back to the House of Ideas in recent years. Everyone’s favorite fantasy barbarian was soon put into the Marvel-616 universe, and he joined the Savage Avengers. That’s when Conan was paired with the likes of Venom, Wolverine, the Punisher, Elektra, Brother Voodoo, and Ghost Rider. Conan recognized the Spirit of Vengeance, having witnessed a previous iteration riding a monstrous spider into battle in the Hyborian Age. 

Without Conan in the MCU, it’s hard to imagine any of his Marvel additions making it into a movie or show, but seeing a spider-riding Ghost Rider would be magical.

8. Stone Age Ghost Rider and his ghostly mammoth

are there two ghost riders

Before Ghost Rider saddled up his spider, he did exactly what any of us would do given the opportunity: ride a wooly mammoth. 

Chronologically, this is one of the more recent additions to the Ghost Rider mythos, created in 2017 for Marvel Legacy . He was part of Odin’s Avengers 1,000,000 B.C., a group that featured Stone Age versions of several characters, including Phoenix/Jean Grey, Black Panther, Iron Fist, and the original Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto.

Where did Stone Age Ghost Rider come from, anyway? I’m glad you asked. He was the only survivor when his tribe was massacred by the Wendigo. The boy followed the monster’s trail, and he came across a magic snake that bonded him to the Spirit of Vengeance. Then he climbed atop a mammoth, and the legend was born.

Thanks to Thor’s connection to the Phoenix, there’s two avenues for the Stone Age Ghost Rider to appear in the MCU. During the 1,000,000 B.C. story, Odin had a romance with the ancient Phoenix host, thus making the Phoenix Force Thor’s actual mother, something that could be explored in an MCU flashback. The simpler path is What If…? and the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. would make for a fun episode.

7. Ghost Rider of 2099

are there two ghost riders

Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane is probably the least remembered Ghost Rider, even more forgettable than Rex Fury. He was part of the Marvel 2099 line and its oh-so-1990s futuristic costume designs. While Spider-Man 2099 earned legions of fans and will be in the upcoming animated movie Across the Spider-Verse , Zero is rarely mentioned. 

The most unique aspect of Ghost Rider 2099 was that he was a robot. Zero was a hacker before he was killed. Just before his death, Zero uploaded his mind into cyberspace where the sentient artificial intelligence program, Ghostworks, gave him an opportunity: download his consciousness into the Terminator-esque robot, the Cybertek 101, that happened to look like the Spirit of Vengeance with a cyberpunk makeover. From there, he did what any good Ghost Rider does — dispense unrelenting justice as he sees fit. 

After the 2099 Easter egg in Loki along with the aforementioned Across the Spider-Verse , there’s whispers of a futuristic Marvel Universe coming to life. That would be the only way we could see the techno Ghost Rider onscreen anytime soon.

6. The Phantom Rider

are there two ghost riders

Well after Magazine Enterprises went out of business, the rights to the name “Ghost Rider” became available, and Marvel pounced on the opportunity. In 1967, they created their very own Ghost Rider, who was pretty much a copy of Rex Fury’s Ghost Rider. 

Wearing a cowboy hat, mask, and spectral costume, Carter Slade rode into the comics…and our hearts. Around that time, Western comics’ popularity was fading, and Marvel decided it was time to put Ghost Rider on a motorcycle. Instead of dumping Carter, he was christened the Phantom Rider. While he was largely forgotten by mainstream audiences, Sam Elliott brought him to life for the dubious 2007 Ghost Rider movie.

Again, the Multiverse makes anything and everything possible. There’s rumors that Nicolas Cage will ride again, and he could bring the Phantom Rider with him.

5. Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider

It was a great time for Ghost Rider fans in 2017. The same year we were introduced to the mammoth-riding Stone Age Spirit of Vengeance, writer Donny Cates created one of the more popular alternate-reality Riders. This version happened to be a futuristic Frank Castle who went insane from loneliness. 

As the story goes, Thanos finally defeated the Avengers, and there’s a moment where he tears Iron Man in half. During the epic battle, the Punisher was killed, and his last thoughts were of getting even with the Mad Titan. It just so happened that Marvel’s own Satan was listening, and Mephisto struck a deal with Frank to become the Spirit of Vengeance. A resurrected Punisher cruised the streets on a chopper equipped with a minigun, mowing down criminals all in the name of sweet vengeance. Eventually, he ran out of criminals. In fact, he ran out of humanity altogether as he witnessed the end of mankind. The centuries alone drove him mad, which actually caused Punisher to grow a sense of humor. 

When Galactus came calling, he offered Earth since there was no life left on the planet as Frank was long since dead himself. The two then went on the hunt for Thanos with Galactus imbuing the Ghost Punisher with the Power Cosmic, thus giving the world Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Marvel loves its comedy, and this would be the most unique Ghost Rider to add to the MCU. Between cosmic adventures, the Multiverse, and What If…? , there’s several ways for him to be introduced.

4. Jonesin’ for a new Rider

are there two ghost riders

Eleven years ago, Marvel created its first Latina and female Ghost Rider, Alejandra Jones. As a small child, she was kidnapped by human traffickers and sold to a cult that wanted the Spirit of Vengeance’s power for its own purposes. At that time, Johnny Blaze had walked away from his supernatural alter ego. The Seeker needed a new host, and it turned to a temple in Nicaragua. There it found the teenage Alejandra, who had been trained since childhood to host the Spirit of Vengeance.

During the Fear Itself crossover, Alejandra, under the temple’s control, attempted to rid the world of sin by turning all of humanity into mindless zombies, and Johnny was forced back into the superhero lifestyle. Once she broke free of the temple’s control, Alejandra would remain as Ghost Rider for a time with Johnny as her mentor.

With Marvel’s push for diversity, Alejandra fits the bill, giving her solid odds for a live-action counterpart.

3. Catch up, Danny

are there two ghost riders

The hot rumor has been that Marvel will introduce multiple Ghost Riders into the MCU. Before Spider-Man: No Way Home , this would have been hard to imagine, but the Multiverse is the single most convenient plot device ever conceived. It’s left theorists to ponder if all the Ghost Rider gossip will result in several characters sporting that trendy flaming skull. If Marvel Studios follows the No Way Home formula, we could see Nicolas Cage return as Johnny Blaze while someone like Ryan Gosling or Norman Reedus revs his demonic chopper as Danny Ketch, the Ghost Rider of the 1990s. 

2. Sweep the leg, Johnny

are there two ghost riders

You would think Johnny Blaze would be the most likely candidate for the MCU’s Ghost Rider, but I picture Kevin Feige and company going a different direction.

By far, the most popular Ghost Rider remains Johnny Blaze. No matter how hard Marvel tries to saddle someone else with the role, it always returns to Johnny. He is the iconic version of the character, and fans have made it clear they want the classic Ghost Rider in the MCU. Of course, Feige doesn’t seem to like the audience telling him how to cast a movie. Don’t forget that fans wanted John Krasinski to play the MCU’s Mister Fantastic, and we saw what happened to him in Multiverse of Madness . Suffice to say, be careful what you wish for.

1. Reyes-ing Hell

are there two ghost riders

As much as we all want to see a new Johnny Blaze ride his flaming Hell Cycle and blaze a trail across the MCU, the odds-on favorite is the Ghost Rider already in the shared universe, Robbie Reyes. 

Played by Gabriel Luna, Robbie cranked up the Hell Charger for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D . If he had ridden a Hell-arley, most fans probably would have been more accepting of Robbie. The limited special effects for the canceled ABC series didn’t help the lukewarm reception, so an upgrade in CGI could increase the badassery and win over the most staunch critics.

Marvel Studios isn’t keen on recasting roles, so my money is on Robbie sticking around as the MCU’s Spirit of Vengeance.


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Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him. Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him. Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him.

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Are there now two Ghost Riders in Agents of SHIELD?

By david rouben | nov 3, 2016.

Image courtesy of ABC.

Last week’s Agents of SHIELD revealed Ghost Rider’s back story, and in the process may have just introduced a second Ghost Rider.

Before the last episode of  Agents of SHIELD,  we only knew parts of his origin story. It involved the Fifth Street gang, his brother ending up in a wheelchair and a deal with the Devil. But the writers purposefully left out one minor detail, and when it all came together, fans were treated to an unexpected reveal.

As Robbie explained, he and his brother went out late one night in their uncle’s car to partake in a street race. A large truck got in their way, and when Robbie honked at them, they threw a Molotov cocktail at the car, setting it ablaze. They tried to lose the gang, but its members caught up to them and shot them both up drive-by style.

In Robbie’s dying breath, he prayed for his brother to be safe, which is when a “good samaritan” dragged him away. That same good samaritan granted Robbie a second chance, providing him with the gpowers that he possesses today.

When people saw that scene, almost everyone agreed that the good samaritan was the original Ghost Rider, a.k.a. Johnny Blaze. The evidence to back that claim was overwhelming. He rode a motorcycle, wore a leather jacket, and had a flaming skull, plus he gave Robbie the Spirit of Vengeance.

Robbie thought that he was the Devil, but Johnny Blaze was the one who initially sold his soul to Satan. Perhaps he wants to get rid of the Spirit that possesses him all the same, which is why he tried to pass it off to Robbie.

Of course, Robbie Reyes wasn’t an original creation of  Agents of SHIELD.  He first appeared in a 2014 comic book series as the fourth incarnation of Ghost Rider, as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. The Robbie Reyes in  Agents of SHIELD  is similar to his comic counterpart. He’s a Mexican-American who lives in East Los Angeles, has an uncle named Eli and a disabled brother named Gabe, drives a car instead of a motorcycle, and doubles as a mechanic.

However, their origins differ greatly. In the comics, Robbie got revived by his uncle, and eventually comes face-to-face with Johnny Blaze. Gabe also became disabled because Eli pushed his mother down the stairs while she was pregnant.

But  Agents of SHIELD  seems committed to having, if not Johnny Blaze, at least another Ghost Rider hand off his gifts to Robbie Reyes. No Ghost Rider has ever handed off their abilities to another one, simply because Marvel keeps making new incarnations of him. To that end,  Agents of SHIELD  wants to celebrate the history of Ghost Rider by bringing together the original version of him with the most recent one.

Related Story: Agents of SHIELD season 4, episode 6 recap: The Devil went down to LA

And there’s nothing to suggest that Johnny Blaze’s appearance will be limited to an Easter egg cameo in a flashback. With Eli now becoming the primary villain of the show, SHIELD and Robbie will want to seek external help, which could lead to Robbie tracking him down.

Whatever the case, we can definitely get down with seeing more than one Ghost Rider in the show. That is, as long as he isn’t played by Nicolas Cage…

Ghost Rider (2022 - Present)

Ghost Rider (2022 - Present)

JOHNNY BLAZE!! Johnny Blaze has the perfect life: a wife and two kids, a job at an auto repair shop and a small-town community that supports him… But Johnny isn't doing well. He has nightmares of... more

JOHNNY BLAZE!! Johnny Blaze has the perfect life: a wife and two kids, a job at an auto repair shop and a small-town community that supports him… But Johnny isn't doing well. He has nightmares of monsters when he sleeps. And he sees bloody visions when he's awake. This life is beginning to feel like a prison. And there's a spirit in him that's begging to break out! Benjamin Percy (WOLVERINE, X-FORCE) and Cory Smith (CONAN THE BARBARIAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL) are going back to basics with the Spirit of Vengeance in this extra-sized first issue! more

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Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider

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are there two ghost riders

Ghost Rider Norman Reedus

Ghost Rider: Is Norman Reedus Johnny Blaze in the New Disney Plus series?

By Tudor Leonte

With the recently released Norman Reedus -led Daryl Dixon spin-off, many wonder whether The Walking Dead alum will also portray Ghost Rider . Is Norman Reedus the new in Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘s Johnny Blaze? If not, who’s the new Ghost Rider in the MCU? Here’s what you should know.

Is Norman Reedus playing Ghost Rider?

Norman Reedus isn’t playing Ghost Rider in the MCU .

In spite of the fans’ requests, considering the uncanny resemblance between the actor and Johnny Blaze, Reedus hasn’t been cast as the MCU’s new Ghost Rider. And no, the one appearing in that fantastic fanmade trailer isn’t Reedus, but Keanu Reeves (who’s not portraying Ghost Rider either).

In the past, Reedus stated he was more than open to playing the character. Back in 2021, some reports indicated Reedus signed to be Ghost Rider. The actor even hinted there might have been some truth to it, but the officiality never came.

Who is the new Ghost Rider in the MCU?

The MCU hasn’t yet revealed its Ghost Rider .

There might be some plans for Ghost Rider’s official MCU introduction, but there is no officiality yet. According to the reports, Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider, is set to lead a Disney Plus series, which will also feature hints of Danny Ketch’s presence. There was no news on Robbie Reyes, whom fans recall from his Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. appearances. Fingers crossed, it won’t be long until Marvel Studios officially announce the show.

The character has been notably portrayed by Nicolas Cage in two live-action films, 2007’s Ghost Rider and its sequel, 2011’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Those movies aren’t part of the MCU, and there is no news on whether Cage will (or wants to) reprise the role of Johnny Blaze.

For more MCU-related content, check out whether Taylor Swift is going to portray Dazzler . Also, here’s what happened to a major cameo reportedly cut in The Marvels .

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Netflix Schedule October 30-November 5: New TV Shows & Movies Being Added

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are there two ghost riders

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Ride with Norman Reedus Season 6: How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Ride with Norman Reedus Season 6: How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

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Werewolf By Night in Color Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out on Disney Plus?

are there two ghost riders

The Untold Truth Of Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze transforming into Ghost Rider

"Yeah, I'm good. It feels like my skull is on fire, but I'm good," Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider uttered in the 2007 film. It's probably the most Nicolas Cage line of all time, as it perfectly encapsulates his time as the Spirit of Vengeance. While the two "Ghost Rider" films are nowhere near as revered or celebrated as other Marvel movies, there's a certain manic fury to them that tiptoes the line between sublime and shlock. In fact, it's difficult to imagine any other actor but Cage being able to carry these blockbusters and have people talking about them all these years later.

A project like "Ghost Rider" was never going to be an easy sell in the mid-2000s. How does a studio promote a flaming skull superhero who has the ability to inflict pain on others by staring at them? It sounds like something out of a horror novel and not the pages of Marvel Comics, right? Interestingly enough, that was a debate that both filmmakers and Cage had about the property and how they should tackle the character. The way these two films turned out is a tale that's as fiery and spicy as Johnny Blaze himself, so grab that biker jacket and hop on as we take a ride into the untold truth of Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider.

Nicolas Cage wanted an R-rated Ghost Rider movie

The story of "Ghost Rider" is Faustian in nature. Man makes a deal with the Devil; in return, the Lord of Lies owns his soul and makes him do his bidding until the pact is broken. While Mark Steven Johnson's origin film leaned into the angle ever so slightly, the story didn't drift too far outside the realm of PG-13 because it had to think of the children. If it was up to Nicolas Cage, though, the movie would have been a lot darker and rated R for really terrifying.

"'Ghost Rider' was a movie that always should've been an R-rated movie," Cage told JoBlo . "David Goyer had a brilliant script, which I wanted to do with David, and for whatever reason, they just didn't let us make the movie." The actor cited how "Deadpool" had worked well as an adults-only film and that Ghost Rider as a horror-esque character fits the same sort of mold, too. Unfortunately, it was a case of wrong place, wrong time. Goyer would eventually pen the script for "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"; however, that film wasn't rated R, either.

Nicolas Cage painted his face to channel the Spirit of Vengeance

No matter which movie he's in, Nicolas Cage fully commits to his roles and channels the power of The Cage as he unleashes surrealism. Realistically, and for safety and staying alive reasons, he was never going to set his own skull on fire to play Ghost Rider. No, he had a different plan to get into the character's mindset and ensure that vengeance was his.

Unlike Jared Leto , who sent gifts to his "Suicide Squad" co-stars in an effort to trick them into believing he was really the Joker, Cage decided to convince everyone he was capable of summoning spirits. But how did he do this? Let him explain in his own words. "To really believe I was this ghost, this spirit of vengeance, painting my face with a kind of Afro-Caribbean voodoo icon, or a new Orleans voodoo icon," Cage told Den of Geek . "I had white paint and black paint and black contact lenses on my eyes, and I sewed bits of ancient Egyptian artefacts into my leather jacket and would channel this spirit of vengeance and really believe I was that." Cage added that he didn't talk to anyone when he arrived on set and looked into their eyes to see if they feared him, which they did. Fortunately, a picture of him in this getup exists , and it's as glorious as it sounds.

The original villain for Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider was Scarecrow

Did "Ghost Rider" almost feature the first Marvel versus DC crossover? Nope, but that's the reason the studio was hesitant to let Mark Steven Johnson use Scarecrow as the villain in the first film. Speaking to ComicBook.com , Johnson confirmed this detail. "In my first pass at the script, the villain was Scarecrow," he said. "I always loved the Marvel version of Scarecrow and thought he would have made a really cool and sinister adversary for Ghost Rider. But the studio was afraid it would get confused with the DC Scarecrow, and so we ended up with Blackheart." Considering how "Batman Begins" was in theaters two years earlier than "Ghost Rider" and featured Jonathan Crane's Scarecrow as a central character, it's easy to understand the studio's hesitancy here.

In Marvel Comics, Scarecrow's true identity is Ebenezer Laughton, and he started out as an adversary of Iron Man (via Marvel ). After starting out with the circus and contortionism in particular, he turned to a life of crime and decided the best way to do this was by dressing up as a Scarecrow. However, he didn't just throw a bag over his head and call it a day since he also trained birds to respond to his nefarious commands. So no, Scarecrow wasn't just a character that Marvel stole from DC .

Eric Bana chose Hulk over Ghost Rider

Ang Lee's "Hulk" was an unappreciated comic book film that was well and truly ahead of its time in 2003. Instead of focusing on non-stop action, it chose to be a character study of Bruce Banner. As Newsweek's review eloquently put it: "Bruce, like the heroes of most Freudian dramas, is suppressing a buried primal trauma, images of an Oedipal nightmare he can't quite remember." The film proved to be the underrated Eric Bana's  last rodeo as the lean, green, smashing machine. However, his time as a superhero could have been much more different had he chosen a different role.

"He'd heard [Nicolas Cage] might get the job but wanted to meet anyway because he's a professional biker," producer Avi Arad told Variety  before revealing that Bana signed on to play Hulk after their initial meeting. In a later interview with ComicBook.com , Mark Steven Johnson stated that Cage had always been his first pick for the part of Johnny Blaze, and he hadn't even discussed another actor. Bana probably sensed this, too, hence him picking "Hulk" after meeting with the producers.

Eva Mendes turned down Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

While Nicolas Cage fired up the screen as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Eva Mendes — his co-star in the first film — played a central role in the plot as his love interest, Roxanne Simpson. So it was surprising to see how a character that was such a crucial part of the movie's jigsaw puzzle didn't return for the sequel, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Judging by Mendes' comments, she had no intention of doing so at all, making it absolutely clear that she wouldn't return as Roxanne.

As news of the sequel circulated through Hollywood in 2008, Mendes provided her honest thoughts on the topic to MTV . "I think 'Ghost Rider' had its moment," she said. "I don't know about a sequel, but I don't think it needs one." The part of Roxanne wasn't recast in the sequel; instead, the film decided to disregard the character entirely. Somewhere in Marvel's multiverse, though, Roxanne is still standing in the middle of the field, waiting for Johnny Blaze to come back and pick her up as per the last scene in the film. Seriously, where was her ride back home?

Nicolas Cage said Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was a reboot

When "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" was released, there was a weird narrative around it. Sure, it had Nicolas Cage returning as the hothead rider, yet it seemed to all but forget about the previous film's events. Considering how the bulk of the cast from the 2007 movie didn't return, it was easy to skate over this. But was this supposed to be a reboot or a requel?

"It is a completely different film," Cage revealed to Gizmodo . "The first one, which I won't denigrate — I liked the first one, but it was almost like a fairy tale. Almost like a Disney fairy tale interpretation of Faust. This one is completely reconceived, it's not even connected to the first one, it's a different origin sequence." However, when screenwriter David S. Goyer spoke to MTV about the film (via Coming Soon ), he stated that the story was meant to take place eight years after the first movie and wasn't a reboot per se. Judging by the conflicting comments, it appears as if no one is really sure of where it fits in the timeline.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was rewritten more times than anyone can remember

While "Ghost Rider" wasn't warmly received by critics, chalking up a pitiful 26% approval on Rotten Tomatoes , the response to "Spirit of Vengeance" was even worse, with only 18% critical approval . In The Guardian's  review of the film, critic Philip French wrote: "A wisp of a story with no variation in pace links cycle chases and violent battles." Criticism of the script seemed to be a common thread in most of the reviews, and co-director Brian Taylor agreed that it was a weak point that did the film no favors.

Chatting to Flickering Myth , Taylor revealed how he wanted to work with David S. Goyer's script from over a decade earlier, which would have made the film scarier and rated R — something that Nicolas Cage himself also championed. "Then, in the time between that and the second movie, the script had been rewritten literally 14 times or 16 times or something like that to the point where it was kind of a mess," Taylor said. "It was also just a little too clean and a little too restrained." Taylor added that it was a personal regret the film wasn't made for mature audiences since it could have become a definitive "Ghost Rider" story.

Nicolas Cage wanted to see Ghost Rider beat up Spider-Man

Both "Ghost Rider" films and Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy were released by Sony Pictures. If it were today, fans would be debating about how and when Spidey and Johnny Blaze would be crossing over and whether they'd be friends or foes. In 2007, it was a different time for comic book movies, and crossovers films were about as rare as a good video game adaptation. Fans still dreamt of it, though, and so did Nicolas Cage.

At the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con International, Cage was part of a roundtable to promote "Ghost Rider" (via IGN ). A question was posed about the possibility of a Marvel team-up down the line, and Cage responded enthusiastically, "I would actually like to see it. To actually have the comic book characters team-up? Because, and once again, I'm speaking to the Ghost Rider family, we all know that Ghost Rider can kick Spider-Man's a**! With one look. And I want to see that happen." Unfortunately, this crossover hasn't happened to date, but anything is possible with everyone being under the MCU umbrella now.

Ghost Rider urinating fire wasn't Nicolas Cage's idea

Across both "Ghost Rider" films, there were a few bizarre scenes that had fans raising their eyebrows and stroking their chins. None were quite as outlandish as watching Ghost Rider urinating flames in "Spirit of Vengeance": It answered a question that no one knew needed to be asked at the time. Considering some of Nicolas Cage's prior performances and his ability to embrace the eccentric, many fans presumed this scene was straight out of his playbook. Well, it wasn't.

"I had nothing to do with it," Cage told HuffPost . "That was [Mark] Neveldine and [Brian] Taylor. And I knew, having seen their work, that they were capable of going into a pop-art, lowbrow spectrum — all the way to the sublime. Kind of like a Robert Williams painting." Cage revealed that he was even surprised when he read the scene in the script and questioned whether he'd do it or not. Ultimately, he decided that he simply had to, knowing this sort of scene was what the directors had become renowned for, and he wanted to be a part of it.

Nicolas Cage's abs were real

Much like most people only realize what they have once it's truly gone, fans are now starting to appreciate what Nicolas Cage brought to the "Ghost Rider" films. The MCU's multiverse allows for characters such as Cage's Johnny Blaze to return and fit into the universe like a glove; however, the actor has been rather — ahem — cagey about it. One of the reasons is because of the drama surrounding his abs — or more specifically, Blaze's abs. Considering the amount of CGI that went into making "Ghost Rider," many wondered if Cage's impressive physique in the film was real or a bit of movie magic.

"They are real," Cage revealed to  GQ . "And that's why I will never work out that hard again because no one wanted to believe they were real. They wanted to believe it was CGI, which it wasn't. So what's the point?" Poor guy. We didn't hear anyone asking if Henry Cavill was really that ripped  in "Man of Steel," now did we?

Nicolas Cage thought Ghost Rider was a better match for him than Superman

In the mid-'90s, Nicolas Cage was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Whether he was breaking into Alcatraz in "The Rock" or switching mugs with John Travolta in "Face/Off," everyone wanted a piece of the Cage — even Tim Burton. The "Batman" director had taken on a new project, "Superman Lives," which would have been a drastic reinvention of the character, and he wanted Cage to play the Man of Steel. Sadly,  "Superman Lives" was never made , but many fans have pondered what type of performance the actor would have brought to the film.

In an interview with HuffPost , Cage revealed that he'd love to work with Burton on a film, but he has no regrets over the outcome of "Superman Lives." "We were both the victims of a very unfortunate studio bureaucracy," he said. "So it didn't work out. But I'm not upset about it, because I do genuinely think that Ghost Rider is a better match for me. And I think Ghost Rider had more of an effect on me, even as a child." Eventually, Cage did get a shot at playing Superman, as he voiced the character in the animated film "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies."

Nicolas Cage says Ghost Rider was his 'philosophical awakening'

When it comes to choosing roles, Nicolas Cage sees something that no one else does. What might appear madcap for a star of his stature is an opportunity for him to flex his acting muscles. However, the role of Ghost Rider is still one that perplexes many. As it turns out, the character is much more significant to him than most people give credit for.

In a career-spanning interview with The Scotsman , Cage explained how picking up a "Ghost Rider" comic book changed his life and showed him how something so terrifying could also be a symbol of good. "To me it was my first philosophical awakening — how is this possible, this duality?" he said. "From then on, I wanted to explore characters who are overcoming obstacles within themselves or outside of themselves and who try to live life and survive with those obstacles." Cage added that the character has also served as a major inspiration for his other roles. Huh. It just goes to show — there's a little bit of Ghost Rider in all of us.

Screen Rant

All 25 versions of ghost rider, ranked from weakest to most powerful.

From 'mashup' variants and Spirit of Vengeance-adjacent characters to lore-heavy mainstays, here are the 25 versions of Ghost Rider, ranked by power!

Ghost Rider is an especially unique antihero in Marvel Comics lore, not because of his immense power or link to the supernatural, but because of the history and legacy that goes with the moniker. ‘Ghost Rider’ isn’t a person or even just simply a title, but an essence that passes through countless people, granting them power beyond their comprehension.

Overall, there are 25 Ghost Riders in Marvel Comics . Some are characters who aren’t actually Ghost Riders, but who have powers that greatly resemble the proper Spirit of Vengeance, either through another demonic entity or even technology. Some are ‘mashup’ characters scattered throughout Marvel Comics, which are basically ‘what if this hero/villain was a Ghost Rider?’. These characters are fun, and some are extremely powerful, but on principle, they don’t hold a candle to the legacy Ghost Riders, those who have a deeper connection to the wider lore surrounding the Spirit of Vengeance while also exhibiting immense power in their own right. With that established, here are all 25 versions of Ghost Rider, ranked.

25 Phantom Rider

Carter Slade aka Phantom Rider (originally Ghost Rider) was technically the first version of Ghost Rider to appear in Marvel Comics who made his debut in 1966’s Ghost Rider #1 by Dick Ayers, Gary Friedrich, and Roy Thomas. However, this version of the character isn’t anything like the current Ghost Rider, which is why Marvel changed his name to Phantom Rider, effectively stripping him of his ‘Ghost Rider’ title. This character doesn’t have a link to hellfire or any other power normally associated with a Ghost Rider, but instead is simply dressed all in white, and fights 19th century crime with nothing more than his spirit revolver. A legacy character, to be sure, but one who’s been left behind by the wider Ghost Rider canon, both in terms of power and relatability to the modern character.

24 Deputy Kowalski

Debuting in 2008’s Ghost Rider #21 by Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi, Deputy Kowalkski is a Ghost Rider villain who only attained a fraction of the demonic antihero’s power after he shot Ghost Rider with a mystical shotgun that was supposed to kill him. While Kowalksi used this tiny fragment of Ghost Rider’s power to become a major thorn in the Spirit of Vengeance’s side, he simply doesn’t hold up against the vast majority of the other Ghost Riders on this list.

23 Vengeance

Also not technically a proper Ghost Rider, Vengeance aka Michael Badillino at least made a name for himself as a villain-turned-antihero who went through the same process of gaining demonic hell-powers as the classic Ghost Rider. Debuting as Vengeance in Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9 by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert, Michael lost his entire family after Ghost Rider (who was being controlled by Mephisto) blasted Michael’s father with hellfire, causing the man to go insane and murder his wife and children, leaving only Michael alive. This drove Michael to seek vengeance against Ghost Rider, sparking him to make a deal with Mephisto to become the demonic embodiment of Vengeance. Again, not an actual Ghost Rider, but a very cool character who’s comparable in both power and aesthetic.

22 Ghost Rider 2099

This reimagining/revamping of the Ghost Rider comic book title is one of the coolest in Marvel Comics history, making its debut in Ghost Rider 2099 #1 by Len Kaminski and Chris Bachalo. It’s just that, Ghost Rider 2099 doesn’t have anything to do with demons, hell, or the Spirit of Vengeance. Ghost Rider 2099 is more akin to a T-X Terminator than a demonic antihero, as this version of the character is a super-advanced android with the downloaded consciousness of Zero Cochrane controlling it, and more than likely wouldn’t stand a chance against almost every other version of Ghost Rider that is powered by mysticism and hellfire.

21 Shark Rider

The first proper Spirit of Vengeance on this list, Shark Rider is a version of Ghost Rider who first appeared merely in a vision in 2009’s Ghost Rider #31 by Jason Aaron, Tan Eng Huat, and Roland Boschi. This is a Ghost Rider who rides a shark. That is all. Cool visually, but readers know nothing about them other than the fact that they are a Spirit of Vengeance of the past - not a ‘phantom rider’ or a cyborg - and they may be Atlantean, due to the fact that they’re riding a shark. Though everything they’ve ever done, or any level of power they’ve ever exhibited, can only be presumed.

20 Spirit of Vengeance (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Guardians of the Galaxy #12 by Jim Valentino introduced Whileaydus Autolycus aka Ghost Rider, an alien zealot whose people were all but wiped out by the Universal Church of Truth. This caused Autolycus to commit his life to exterminating this universal cult from the cosmos, doing so as the Ghost Rider of the 31st century. This Ghost Rider is a really cool addition to Marvel lore, but he’s just too much of a mystery to be considered more powerful than other Ghost Riders on this list - including and especially the upcoming wave of ‘mashup Ghost Riders’.

19 Speed Demon

Speed Demon aka Blaze Allen is an Amalgam Universe character who first appeared in Speed Demon #1 by Howard Mackie, James Felder, and Salvador Larroca. Speed Demon rewrote Etrigan’s story to make him a Spirit of Vengeance who possessed the Flash, turning this amalgamated DC/Marvel character into the resident ‘Ghost Rider’ of the Amalgam Universe . A Fun ‘mashup’ character, but overall, Speed Demon is simply the first in a long line of similar ‘mashups’ who really don’t add anything to the wider Ghost Rider mythos, making them hard to judge against more established Spirits of Vengeance (though incredibly entertaining to read about nonetheless).

18 Iron Ghost

Appearing in Uncanny X-Force #12 by Rick Remender and Mark Brooks, Iron Ghost was little more than an aesthetically badass cameo who existed within the Age of Apocalypse universe of Earth-295. Presumably having all the same powers as a regular Ghost Rider with the added benefit of hellfire-imbued Iron Man armor, Iron Ghost is seemingly a force to be reckoned with. But, like many others on this list, he’s just too untested to be a real contender.

17 Ghost Goblin

Ghost Goblin, on the other hand, is an absolute terror who gave the Avengers a run for their money in Avengers #52 by Jason Aaron and Juan Frigeri. This Ghost Rider was from a universe where the Spirit of Vengeance latched itself onto the Green Goblin, and was actually corrupted by the insanity of the classic Spider-Man villain. This allowed Green Goblin to use his hell-powers for evil on a multiversal scale, making Ghost Goblin one of the strongest Ghost Rider ‘mashups’ on this list (not to mention the one with probably the coolest Ghost Rider vehicle).

16 Ghost Spider

First appearing as Ghost Spider in Incredible Hulk Annual #1 by John Layman and Al Barrionuevo, this is a version of the Spirit of Vengeance from Earth-11638 that attached itself to Spider-Man, after Peter Parker died, went to hell, and was brought back through the multiversal technology developed by himself and his Uncle Ben. With the fusion of these power sets, Ghost Spider is quite literally both unstoppable and untouchable, with the added benefit of having technology at his disposal that grants him access to the wider multiverse.

15 Red Hulk/Venom/Ghost Rider

Originating as a team called the Circle of Four that debuted in Venom #13 by Rick Remender and Tony Moore, this monstrous amalgamation of Red Hulk, Venom, and Ghost Rider was created to take on Blackheart and his legion of demons. This monstrous creature’s existence in Marvel lore was tragically short-lived, but when heroes who are that strong all merge into one, their power-level certainly goes without saying, even if they haven’t been as tested as others. More of a treat for fans than an established character, this ‘Ghost Rider’ was definitely fun to see in action, and undeniably powerful.

14 Ghost Hammer

Another amalgam-Ghost Rider similar to the one from Circle of Four - but arguably more powerful - is Ghost Hammer, who is Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider combined. Debuting in Secret Warps: Arachknight Annual #1 by Al Ewing and Carlos Gómez, this Ghost Rider is a demon, a god, a tech genius, and a king all rolled into one. A product of Warp World, and created to be the ultimate cosmic warrior, Ghost Hammer is almost incalculably powerful. But, like most of the other ‘mashup’ Ghost Riders on this list, their existence feels cheap and unearned, which is why Ghost Hammer isn’t featured as prominently as other, more established Ghost Riders on this list.

13 Cosmic Ghost Rider

The last of the ‘mashup Ghost Riders’, Frank Castle aka Cosmic Ghost Rider (who first appeared in Thanos Wins part 1 by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw) is much more fleshed-out than the previous ones, who felt more like " What If? ” gags than established characters. Cosmic Ghost Rider has a rich history in Marvel Comics lore, whose strength has been tested against the likes of Cable, Thanos, and even Galactus. This version of Frank Castle is powered by the Spirit of Vengeance and the Power Cosmic, though his insanity is a major downside, and even the addition of the Power Cosmic means little to a more committed Ghost Rider (especially those who are more skilled in magic).

12 Ghost Rider 1,000,000 BC

And now, it’s time to dig into the proper Ghost Riders of Marvel lore, beginning literally with the first ever Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics continuity (and unlike Carter Slade, this one actually gets to keep that title). Debuting in Jason Aaron’s Marvel Legacy #1, this Ghost Rider is revealed to be the first human ever imbued with the power of the Spirit of Vengeance in the year 1,000,000 BC. Not only did this Ghost Rider have a badass, primal appearance, but he also proved his mettle by killing the previously mentioned Ghost Goblin along with his multiversal partner-in-crime, Berserker Wolverine (which is just one of his many impressive accomplishments).

Caleb (of Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #1 by Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain) is a former slave who purchased his and his wife’s freedom before the Civil War. Tragically, he and his family were murdered soon after they made a life for themselves. Two years later, Caleb returned from the grave as Ghost Rider, seeking vengeance upon those who wronged him, as well as those who commit atrocious acts of evil everywhere. Quiet, focused, and deadly, nothing flashy about this one, which is why he stands out as being such a great Ghost Rider, one who arguably embodies the essence of the Spirit of Vengeance better than anyone else on this list.

10 Naomi Kale

Debuting in Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #78 by J.M. DeMatteis and Bob Budiansky, Naomi Kale is the mother of Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch who became Ghost Rider for only a short time to fight Mephisto before being killed by the demon king. She was the descendant of Noble Kale and the keeper of the Medallion of Power - which is the artifact that made Danny Ketch a Ghost Rider. While not as cosmically powerful as some, or as ridiculously strong as the previous ‘mashup’ ones, Naomi’s significance in Ghost Rider lore trumps those shortcomings, and her heroic final stand against Mephisto is absolutely legendary.

9 Chief Hellhawk

Chief Hellhawk of the Lakota Tribe (who first appeared in Ghost Rider #33 by Jason Aaron and Tony Moore) is one of the earliest-known Ghost Riders. His life is widely a mystery, with one of the few times he appears in Marvel Comics canon being the issue depicting his death by the hand of the Spirit of Corruption. However, the reason he sits so prominently on this list is because of his canonical rivalry with another, far more powerful Ghost Rider: Noble Kale - elevating Chief Hellhawk's standing by association.

8 Noble Kale

There are few Ghost Riders who are tied more directly to both the demonic essence of Zarathos and its influence on the mortals it possesses, and to the Ghost Rider legacy as fans know it today. Noble Kale (debuting in Ghost Rider Vol. 3 #1 by Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares) is the patriarch of practically every modern Ghost Rider, as he’s the ancestor of Naomi Kale, Johnny Blaze, and Danny Ketch, and is the reason all of them were destined to become Ghost Riders to begin with. Not only that, but Noble was an incredibly powerful and ultra badass Ghost Rider in his own right. Noble killed witch hunters (as well as some real witches) during the 17th Century, and engaged in fierce battles with a rival Ghost Rider, Chief Hellhawk, and even Mephisto himself. Plus, he effectively attained immortality, as his soul wasn’t allowed to enter heaven or hell when he died, and instead passed through the firstborn child of every generation of his family. Kale beat death, spawned a family of Ghost Riders through his very essence, and proved his mettle during his own time as Ghost Rider.

7 Alejandra Jones

Alejandra Jones is the personal mentee of Johnny Blaze himself, and who only became a Ghost Rider in the first place after Blaze gave up the curse, leaving her to be chosen as the next Ghost Rider. After Johnny reclaimed the Spirit of Vengeance, he then trained this new Ghost Rider in how to control this power and use it for good, despite the overwhelming evil that now resides in her soul. While she met her end in Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance #1 by Ed Brisson Juan Frigeri, Ghost Riders tend to not stay dead for very long, especially ones who were mentored by arguably the most iconic Ghost Rider of all time.

6 Robbie Reyes

Another legacy Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes redefined the character in more ways than one. He not only became perhaps the most popular Ghost Rider of all time, but also one of the strongest Avengers recruits in recent memory. While not technically a Spirit of Vengeance upon his debut in All-New Ghost Rider #1 by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore (as he was possessed by the spirit of his satanic uncle), Johnny Blaze himself said that Robbie was as much a Ghost Rider as he was, only for Robbie to later become something far more.

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Agents of SHIELD Reveals Ghost Rider's Origin With a Hell of a Twist

We’ve all heard that Marvel’s TV series aren’t allowed to have an impact on its Cinematic Universe, but last night’s Agents of SHIELD may have proven otherwise. There’s seems to be at least one pretty major ramification for the MCU tucked into the origin of Robbie Reyes’ incarnation of Ghost Rider.

Most Ghost Riders become Ghost Riders after making a deal with the devil to become a spirit of vengeance on Earth. However, in the comics, Reyes was resurrected by the soul of a Satan-worshipping serial killer named Eli who brought him back to kill people, and the flaming skull and vengeance powers somehow came along for the ride, so to speak.

But in the MCU, he becomes a spirit of vengeance in a third way:

Yes, a previous Ghost Rider—on top his traditional motorcycle—drives by and passes on his powers. This raises a bunch of questions.

• What that original Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze? Or Danny Ketchum?

• Doesn’t that mean that least one of the original Ghost Riders is part of the MCU?

• Did the mysterious rider truly pass on the spirit on vengeance, meaning he’s no longer Ghost Rider?

• Did he die when he passed on his powers, or are there two Ghost Riders in the MCU?

• What does this mean for Marvel’s other Ghost Rider plans? Does this basically mean there aren’t any?

• Or was this thing that looks like O.G. Ghost rider an elaborate ruse, and Robbie was still resurrected by that bloodthirsty Satan-worshipping serial killer?

• Has Uncle Eli performed the same role in the show, and given Robbie his vengeance powers? If so, how and why? (Also: Does he worship Satan?)

• If an original Ghost Rider didn’t show up last night, does that mean Johnny Blaze can still get a movie or a Netflix show?

• Finally, has Ghost Rider’s appearance this season been a very long set-up to maybe make a full Ghost Rider TV spin-off on ABC? Because I’d watch the heck out of that.

Most of these questions needed to be answered by Marvel, which I don’t think will be complying anytime soon. They honestly might not even know the answers yet, as things are relatively open-ended enough for Marvel to decide whatever it wants about Robbie’s past (and future). I will say as much as I like the idea of a spin-off, Ghost Rider has been the best part of the season of AoS by far; I’d hate for the show to lose him.

Anyway, the episode ends with Robbie, Coulson, and Fitz getting zapped into the Dark Dimension courtesy of Eli, just in time for the show to have a small hiatus. Whatever the future of Ghost Rider is in the MCU, I think we can safely say that we won’t be seeing him, Coulson or Fitz cameo-ing in Doctor Strange when it opens this weekend.

How many Ghost Rider movies are there?

are there two ghost riders

Image: ©Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

In 2007, Marvel’s Ghost Rider blazed its way into cinemas. The super hero horror movie, about a stunt motorcyclist who makes a deal with the devil, became a box office success and brought yet another Marvel Comics character to the big screen.

But how many Ghost Rider movies are there? And who took on the role of the flame-headed anti-hero?

The Ghost Rider movies in order

are there two ghost riders

To date, there are two live-action Ghost Rider movies. The Ghost Rider movies – which were produced between 2007 and 2012 – include:

  • Ghost Rider (2007)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Are the Marvel Ghost Rider movies part of the same series?

are there two ghost riders

Both Ghost Rider films are part of the same series, with events revolving around the same lead character, Johnny Blaze. However, it should be noted, that while the films were produced in chronological order and are part of the same series, they are only loosely connected.

While 2007’s Ghost Rider was a financial hit when it was released theatrically, it wasn’t a huge critical hit. As such, 2012’s Spirit of Vengeance was designed as a sort-of soft reboot of the series, so it could stand apart from the first film.

Who are the cast of the Ghost Rider films?

are there two ghost riders

The cast of the Ghost Rider films differ across the two movies, with one exception – Nicolas Cage. Cage is the only actor to appear in both pictures, playing the role of Blaze.

Notable actors in the Ghost Rider series include Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Donal Logue, Peter Fonda, Rebel Wilson, Fergus Riordan, Ciarán Hinds, Idris Elba, Christopher Lambert, and Spencer Wilding.

Is the Ghost Rider series the work of the same director?

are there two ghost riders

The Ghost Rider films are the work of three directors. Mark Steven Johnson directed Ghost Rider , while Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor directed Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

What is the best Ghost Rider film?

are there two ghost riders

Ghost Rider is generally considered to be the stronger of the two films in the collection, and although it isn’t a particularly amazing Marvel movie, it does have a certain charm. Spirit of Vengeance is a considerably weaker movie, and is not so well remembered.

According to IMDb the Ghost Rider films are ranked as follows:

  • Ghost Rider (2007) – 5.2/10
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) – 4.3/10

are there two ghost riders

If you’re a Marvel fan, then you may wish to know that all five seasons of The Incredible Hulk TV show are available on DVD.

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series boxset includes all five seasons of the classic action-adventure series, in one handy collection.  

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series is available from all good entertainment stockists, including Amazon US and Amazon UK .

I hope this information about the Ghost Rider movie series has proved useful. Should you wish to know more about other long-running movie series, please check out one of the recommended reads below.

Disclaimer: I earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

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Ghost Rider Movies In Order [What Order Are The Ghost Rider Films]

Ashish Sharma

  • November 20, 2021 February 14, 2022

in what order should i watch Ghost Rider movies

The ghost Rider series is based on a stunt motorcyclist who deals with the devil and becomes a Ghost Rider.  Here is the list of all Ghost Rider movies in order of release

The Ghost Rider movies in order

Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost rider: spirit of vengeance (2011), about ghost rider movie series.

In 1997, Ghost Rider summoned its way into cinemas and became a box office success.

the series developed a loyal following and made  Marvel  come up with another movie sequel to the first Ghost Rider film.

Ghost Rider Movies In Order: In what order should I watch Ghost Rider?

what order are the Ghost Rider movies

Ghost Rider movies are based on the story of a stunt motorcyclist who works as a bounty hunter for the devil After he makes a contract with the devil to save his father’s life.

There are two live-action Ghost Rider films Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, both starring  Nicolas Cage  in the role of Ghost Rider.

Both the Ghost Rider films are connected and based on the same storyline, the first is based on how Johnny becomes a bounty hunter for the devil and the second movie continues the story further.

You can enjoy Ghost Rider films as standalone, but both the movies  are  in a linear timeline and prove more entertaining if you watch them in order.

In what order should I watch Ghost Rider?

The ghost Rider series doesn’t have any Jumps or prequels. Hence the best way to watch Ghost Rider is to watch them in release order.  Here is the list of all Ghost Rider films in order of release

  • Director:  Mark Steven Johnson
  • Writers:  Mark Steven Johnson, Mark Steven Johnson
  • Stars:  Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott
  • Runtime:  1h 50min
  • Directors:  Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
  • Writers:  Scott M. Gimple, Seth Hoffman
  • Stars:  Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds, Idris Elba
  • Runtime:  1h 36min

A still from Ghost Rider (2007). the first movie in the list of all Ghost Raider movies in order of release

After learning that his father has cancer, Johnny starts to focus on his bike to distract himself. Meanwhile, an older man approaches Johnny and makes a contract to have his father’s life in exchange for his soul.

The following day, Johnny’s father gifts him his bike, and after some time, Johnny learns about his father’s death. After many years, Johnny becomes a famous stuntman and is enjoys his life. But one day, the old man again approaches him and asks to kill “Black Heart.”

A still from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011). the second movie in the list of all Ghost Raider movies in order of release

After the incidents in the previous films, it’s been eight years since Johnny has not used his power. Johnny meets a Man who gives him a photograph of a child and asks him to save the child, and in exchange, he will help him get free from the curse of being a Ghost Rider.

Johnny becomes Ghost Rider and attacks Carrigan and his men who have captured the kid, but Carrigan manages to escape taking the child who the devil possesses with him.

Is there going to be a Ghost Rider 3?

The failure of the  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)  indicates that there will be no more Ghost riders. Besides, it has been ten years since Ghost Rider 2 was released, and still, there is no indication of the production of Ghost Rider 3.

Which Ghost Rider Movie Is The Best?

There are two Ghost Rider movies based on Marvel’s Superhero Ghost Rider, but out of the two, which movie is more entertaining? Here is the list of both Ghost Rider films ranked from worst to best based on audience ratings on  IMDb .

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Ghost rider series has two full-length films which feature Marvel’s Superhero Ghost Rider. Both the movies are connected and are best if you watch them in order. Here in this article, I have listed both the ghost rider movies to follow to watch the series.

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are there two ghost riders

Both Ghost Rider Movies in Order

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Ghost Rider is among the most iconic characters to ever grace the pages of Marvel Comics . Over the years, the character has appeared in several different adaptations, from comic books to video games, to live-action films. Some appearances were arguably better than others, but Ghost Rider’s potential to be transferred to the big screen still remains huge. Due to this, we’ve decided to create this list of all Ghost Rider movies. 

Stick around since what comes next will interest both fans of the Ghost Rider franchise who want to reminisce and those who are new to the series and are discovering the epic character for the first time. Let’s see all Ghost Rider movies in order. 

How many Ghost Rider movies are there? 

There are two Ghost Rider movies so far. The first movie, titled simply “Ghost Rider,” came out in 2007. The movie was a financial success but flopped when it came to critics. Still, the sequel titled “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” was released in 2012, to even worse reviews. 

Ghost Rider movies in order (at a glance) 

Both Ghost Rider movies starred Nicholas Cage in the main role, playing Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze is considered to be the first Ghost Rider. The character was created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, and Mike Ploog back in 1972. The order of release of Ghost Rider movies is as follows

  • Ghost Rider (2007)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Even though the movies were highly anticipated following extremely popular comic book character, they were met with a lukewarm response, and part of the reason why was Cage’s portrayal of the characters. 

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Are ghost rider movies connected do you need to watch them in a specific order .

All Ghost Rider movies are connected. Both movies followed the same character Johnny Blaze and were set in the same universe. But this is it when it comes to the connection between the two movies. Even though it was marketed as a sequel, the Spirit of Vengeance, released in 2012, feels more like a reboot since the story is set 8 years after the events of the first movie. Everything is explained from the beginning, and the story of the Spirit of Vengeance is a standalone one. 

What is the best way to watch Ghost Rider movies? 

The best way to watch Ghost Rider movies is in order of their respective release dates. But you’re not going to miss out on anything if you decide to watch the movies “out of order.” The second movie in the franchise was imagined without the need for the audience to see the first movie to understand what’s happening in the sequel. 

Ghost Rider movies in order (by release date) 

1. ghost rider (2007) .

Ghost Rider

The first movie follows a teen, Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who has made a deal with the devil. Blaze’s father was terminally ill, and in exchange for his life, Blaze promised the demon Mephistopheles his soul. Mephistopheles agreed, but the bargain took a dark turn when Blaze’s father died in a motorcycle stunt accident just a few hours after being cured of cancer.

Years later, Mephistopheles comes to collect on his end of the bargain and transforms Blaze into the Ghost Rider, a fiery supernatural being with the power of the Spirit of Vengeance that can be utilized to combat evil. As the Ghost Rider, Blaze has a flaming skull for a head and is able to control hellfire. He has superhuman strength and is virtually indestructible. He also has access to the so-called “Penance Stare,” a signature ability that allows him to kill individuals by overwhelming them with the weight of their own sins. The Ghost Rider’s powers are fueled by his hatred for evil, and he is tasked with stopping the Mephistopheles’ son Blackheart, from unleashing hell on Earth.

2 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) 

ghost rider spirit of vengeance 031

The movie is a sequel to the 2007 film “Ghost Rider” and stars Nicolas Cage once again as Johnny Blaze, the stunt motorcyclist who has made a deal with the devil and is now the Ghost Rider. 

In this film, Blaze is hiding out in Eastern Europe and is approached by a mysterious priest who seeks his help in saving a young boy who has been targeted by the devil. A group of monks in Romania receive a warning from an alcoholic monk named Moreau about an upcoming attack by Roarke’s forces. The forces are after a young boy named Danny, who they plan to perform a ritual on to transfer Roarke’s soul into Danny’s body. After a firefight, Danny and his mother escape but are eventually captured.

Moreau seeks out Johnny Blaze, offering to remove the Ghost Rider curse in exchange for his help finding Danny. Danny turns out to be the key to the devil’s plan to take over the world, and the Ghost Rider seems to be the only one that can put a stop to it. 

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Where to watch ghost rider movies .

You can watch the first movie Ghost Rider (2007), on Disney+. Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance is not on disney+, but it can be found on Amazon Prime. 

Will there be more Ghost Rider movies?

The sequel to the Spirit of Vengeance was discussed, but it never came to fruition. Even though both movies were a financial success, they were highly criticized for CGI, story, and acting. Since the continuation of the franchise depended on the success of the Spirit of Vengeance, soon after the release of the movie, it was obvious that Ghost Rider 3 would not happen. 

In 2013 the rights to the Ghost Rider franchise reverted to Marvel, and so far, there are no plans for either a series or a standalone movie. The character only has a minor appearance here and there but nothing concrete in the works. There was one series planned following a different Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, but sadly nothing came out of it. 

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are there two ghost riders


Ghost Rider Movies in Order & How Many Are There

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Ghost Rider is one of the most anticipated Marvel comic heroes that fans of the MCU are waiting to see. And even though Marvel Studios is constantly teasing him, for now at least, we haven’t had a chance to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, the time will come when he will join the most profitable movie universe, but until then, we will show you in which movies Ghost Rider appeared in the past. So, check out our article about how many Ghost Rider movies are there and what is the best order to watch them.

How many Ghost Rider movies are there?

Until now, there have been only two Ghost Rider movies. In both movies, Nicholas Cage took the role of Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider. Both movies were met with negative reviews from critics, but the first Ghost Rider movie was a box office success.

Ghost Rider movies in order – at a glance

As there are currently only two Ghost Rider movies, there is not a lot to sort by, and you should watch them by release date. So here they are.

Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost rider: spirit of vengeance (2012).

Now if you want to find out more about these movies, continue reading our article.

Ghost Rider movies in order

The best way to watch Ghost Rider movies in order is by release date. Once the character joins the MCU, we will update this article accordingly.

Ghost Rider (2007)

A long time ago, super-famous motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) made a deal with the devil to protect the ones he loves: his father and his childhood sweetheart, Roxanne (Eva Mendes). Now the devil comes to collect the debt.

By day, Johnny is a relentless stunt driver… but by night, in the presence of evil, he becomes the Ghost Rider, a successful hunter of renegade demons. Forced to do work for the devil, Johnny is determined to face his destiny and use his curse and powers to defend the innocent.

The film was met with negative reviews from critics, but was a box office success, earning $228.7 million worldwide on a $110 million budget. Ghost Rider was released on DVD, Blu-ray and UMD on June 12, 2007.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

In the new vision, directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, Johnny still struggles with his curse as the devil’s bounty hunter – but risks losing everything when he teams up with the leader of a group of rebel abbots to save a boy from the devil himself… and maybe and he could release his curse forever.

The film experienced a worse critical reception than the first film, with criticism being aimed at the script, CGI, and acting. The film grossed more than $132 million, against its $57–75 million production budget.

Nicolas Cage stated that he was “done” with the Ghost Rider films and a planned sequel was canceled.

Bonus: Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gabriel Luna played Ghost Rider in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This time, Ghost Rider wasn’t Johnny Blaze, but Roberto “Robbie” Reyes a car mechanic who, upon being murdered by the Fifth Street Locos gang members, was then resurrected by Johnny Blaze and found himself imbued with a power to transform into the demonic Ghost Rider.

Some would argue that with this appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ghost Rider got his MCU debut, but, unfortunately, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are not considered a part of the MCU. Still, if you want to see the best adaptation of Ghost Rider on the screen to date, then you should watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He comes in season 4 but is not a show regular.

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So, even though Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not a movie, we will recommend you to watch this version of Ghost Rider and that is the reason we have put it on the watch order for Ghost Rider fans.

Will there be more Ghost Rider movies?

We can’t say this for a fact, but we certainly do expect to see more Ghost Rider movies in the future. Even if he doesn’t get his own solo movie, he will most certainly appear in some of the MCU movies. Hopefully soon with all the teasers from Marvel Studios.

What is the best Ghost Rider movie?

If we are talking only about movies, then it has to be the original Ghost Rider movie from 2007. But if we are talking about the best Ghost Rider appearance on the big or small screen, then it is Gabriel Luna’s role in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hopefully, there will soon be more Ghost Rider movies and we will be able to update this list.

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