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Wraith skin.

Rarity: Epic Apex Coins : 1000 Crafting Material: 400

Category: Legend Skin Availability: Part of the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event in 2021. The skin made a return in the Lunar New Year Sale in 2022 in a bundle. Wraith’s Wrath was featured again in October 2022 and February 2023 .

Note: This skin is a recolour of the ‘ Overclocked’ .

Part of the Anniversary Collection Event Skins

Blood Ritual Revenant Apex Legends Skin Anniversary Event

Wraith Skins

Void Specialist legendary apex legends wraith skin

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when is predatory instinct coming back

I spent £15,000 on apex not a lot of money ik but still I got banned for saying in chat “this game is more ass then r6s” and I get PERM banned still tho on my new account brought every heirloom and get banned YET again through saying stuff though chat

I’m sorry to hear that my friend get well soon

EA is doing ABUSIVE BANS, ive spent like atleast 500euros on skins, BPs etc and got perma banned bc someone in chat said something racist and i replayed with “thats racist, dog” and got perma banned. I had almost all wraith skins. So think again before spending a lot on money in this game, this company is doing abusive, forced bans, unfair ones, ofc i emailed them back for unban but they said it was fair banned lmao

You’re missing the season 4 battlepass skin

The description is wrong. It’s the recolor of Overclocked, not Wreath.

I also had nearly had every wraith but I said

thank you bro

  • Português do Brasil
  • VisualEditor
  • View history
  • 1.1 Into the Void
  • 1.2 Voices from the Void
  • 1.3 Dimensional Rift
  • 3.2 Finishers
  • 3.3.1 Hope's Dusk
  • 3.3.2 Hope's Dawn
  • 3.6 Skydive Emotes
  • 3.7 Banner Frames
  • 3.8 Banner Poses
  • 3.9 Holosprays
  • 3.10 Music Packs
  • 3.11 Transitions
  • 4 Voice lines
  • 9 References

Abilities [ | ]

Into the void [ | ].

  • Interactions
  • Upon activation, Wraith enters the void for 4 seconds. While in the void, the screen will turn greyscale, the player become invulnerable and will gain a 30% speed boost. The player will still be able to see enemies.
  • Other players can see a wispy blue trail showing where the player is going while in the void.
  • While in the void, Wraith is unable to interact with some objects in the world, including doors and objects placed by abilities, but can use ziplines.
  • While in the void, weapons will still automatically reload if they have a level 4 Extended Mag equipped.
  • Entering a portal immediately before it starts will stop the ability from activating.
  • Climbing a wall will stop the ability from activating.
  • This ability takes 1.25 seconds to activate, so be careful how much health is left when using it as an escape tool; try using it when health is about halfway damaged.
  • Be sure to reach safety when exiting the void since there is a delay before anything else can be done.
  • Currently, Wraith may remain invincible for a few seconds after leaving phase.
  • In rare cases, Wraith can still take damage while using the ability.

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12 March 2021

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08 February 2019

Voices from the Void [ | ]

  • An enemy is taking aim
  • An enemy with a sniper rifle is taking aim
  • There are traps nearby
  • There are many enemies nearby
  • Many people have died nearby
  • The player can share the information with their squadmates when the voice warns of danger.
  • Can activate if they are aiming at the player through a window.
  • Sometimes the voices do not activate.

Dimensional Rift [ | ]

  • Wraith places one end of a portal where she activates the ability, then runs to another location and places the other end. Players can then pass through the portal to take that same path through the void at 5x the speed they would otherwise. It can be used in either direction.
  • Wraith can run roughly 152 meters before placing the other end of the portal. The Rift Energy is shown on top of the H.U.D. upon activation and does not drain while standing still.
  • Wraith gets ~22% initial speed boost, then as further away wraith goes, speed boost increases to ~39% then upto ~57%.
  • If Wraith uses less than 4.72% of the Rift Energy, then places the other end of a portal, it will be canceled, allowing her to keep her ultimate charge at 100%.
  • While running to place the other end, Wraith cannot use any weapons, items, or map features, but she does receive an accelerating speed bonus and can skip the Into the Void 'Focusing' animation.
  • Wraith cannot use another Dimension Rift while placing hers, that is she only simply goes past the rift without entering it.
  • Players taking the portal are invulnerable and leave a faint blue trail, much like Wraith while using Into the Void.
  • Portals will disappear after four ticks (4.5 to 6 seconds) if both ends are outside The Ring .
  • Players are the only things able to pass through portals. No projectiles, objects, Crypto drones, or Mirage decoys can use them.
  • This ability is best used to help a squad escape when backed into a corner.
  • The portal can be used to help downed teammates to quickly travel or to bait enemies if done correctly.
  • The player can use their abilities while placing a portal.
  • The portal rift follows the player, and is placed in the direction the player is facing.
  • Multiple players can take the portal at the same time instead of waiting for one to exit.
  • Placing the exit of the portal at the edge of a map and baiting any enemies to take the portal can cause them to fall to their deaths or into a map feature that does environmental damage. Be careful when doing this as the player's teammates can fall victim to this method.
  • The ability can also be used to "kidnap" an enemy from their squad by placing the portal on top of them, temporarily separating them from their team, allowing the player and/or the team to take them down easier.
  • Sometimes players cannot enter the portal.
  • Sometimes players may travel through the portal slower than intended.
  • Using a portal and opening an explosive hold at the same time will cause the game to crash.

Cosmetic items [ | ]

Skins [ | ].

There are a total of 99 Legend skins for Wraith; 3 Mythic , 37 Legendary , 15 Epic , 28 Rare and 16 Common .

Apex Voidshifter Tier 1

Apex Voidshifter Tier 1

Apex Voidshifter Tier 2[note 1]

Apex Voidshifter Tier 2 [note 1]

Apex Voidshifter Tier 3[note 2]

Apex Voidshifter Tier 3 [note 2]

  • ↑ Unlocked by dealing 30,000 damage as Wraith after unlocking Apex Voidshifter Tier 1.
  • ↑ Unlocked by dealing 100,000 damage as Wraith after unlocking Apex Voidshifter Tier 1.

The Liberator[Story 1] 1,200

Story of Wraith:

  • ↑ The Liberator : Once a senior science Pilot, Dr. Renee Blasey was driven to unlock the secrets of Phase tech and volunteered for experimental trials. The tests went wrong and stripped her of her memories - but ARES wasn’t willing to let her go so easily.
  • ↑ Voidwalker : Wraith spent years as an ARES Division test subject, exposed to increasingly dangerous experiments. She had lost hope of ever escaping until she met an unlikely ally: herself , from another dimension.
  • ↑ The skin was named "Ghostwraith" on release, but was changed to its current name.
  • ↑ May alternatively require Void Specialist .
  • ↑ Included in the Sanguine Bundle.

Daemon Hunter 400

Energy Transfer 30 cans [note 3]

Galactic Navigator Season 16

  • ↑ Original name was Roughneck.
  • ↑ Included in the Quick Draw Wraith Bundle .
  • ↑ This is tied to a promotion with the Monster Energy energy drinks whose rewards can be redeemed starting on September 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022.

Original Default

Original Default

Arctic 30

Finishers [ | ]

Now You See Me Default

Whiplash [note 1]

  • ↑ Can only be performed when Tier 3 of the Apex Voidshifter skin is equipped.

Heirloom Sets [ | ]

Hope's dusk [ | ].

Wraith Heirloom Set

Wraith's first Heirloom Set

The set contains:

  • A Melee Weapon Skin: Hope's Dusk
  • A Banner Pose: Fearless
  • An Intro Quip: Come find me

Hope's Dawn [ | ]

Wraith Heirloom Set 2

Wraith's second Heirloom Set

  • A Melee Weapon Skin: Hope's Dawn
  • A Banner Frame: Hope's Blossom
  • An Emote: Practice Makes Perfect

Badges [ | ]

Emotes [ | ].

  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Cut Throat - Default

Skydive Emotes [ | ]

Banner frames [ | ].

Hope's Blossom

Hope's Blossom

Dark to Light 1,200

Rookie Card Default

Acid Rain 30

Banner Poses [ | ]

Fearless[note 1]

Fearless [note 1]

  • ↑ Wraith holds Hope's Dusk in the pose by default, but she will hold Hope's Dawn if it is equipped.

Channeled Energy 400

Out of Nowhere Default

Holosprays [ | ]

Come And Find Me! 1,200

Music Packs [ | ]


Transitions [ | ]

Liberation Level 44

Voice lines [ | ]

History [ | ], trivia [ | ].

  • Wraith has her nose pierced. The piercing is present in every skin except her Legendaries.
  • Wraith was the first Legend to have multiple Heirloom Sets .

Gallery [ | ]

IMC report on the Wraith project.[7]

IMC report on the Wraith project. [7]

Concept art of Wraith.[8]

Concept art of Wraith. [8]

Concept art of Wraith Legendaries.[8]

Concept art of Wraith Legendaries. [8]

Concept art of Wraith Legendaries.[8]

Concept art of Voidwalker Wraith. [9]

Wraith's heirloom kunai.[10]

Wraith's heirloom kunai. [10]

Concept art of Wraith's Mistress of Evil skin.[11]

Concept art of Wraith's Mistress of Evil skin. [11]

Concept art of Wraith's Night Terror skin.[12]

Concept art of Wraith's Night Terror skin. [12]

Concept art of Wraith's Voidwalker skin.[13]

Concept art of Wraith's Voidwalker skin. [13]

Concept art of Wraith's Quantum Collision skin by Gadget-Bot Productions.[14]

Concept art of Wraith's Quantum Collision skin by Gadget-Bot Productions. [14]

Concept art of Wraith's Wave Shift skin.[15]

Concept art of Wraith's Wave Shift skin. [15]

Concept art of Wraith's Apex Voidshifter skin.[16]

Concept art of Wraith's Apex Voidshifter skin. [16]

Apex Voidshifter Wraith Concept Art 2.jpg

A Funko Pop of Wraith released on November 2019.

An exclusive version of Wraith's Funko Pop based on Voidwalker Wraith.

An exclusive version of Wraith's Funko Pop based on Voidwalker Wraith.

A Figures of Fandom statue released by Weta Workshop.

A Figures of Fandom statue released by Weta Workshop.

Action figure released by Jakks Pacific.

Action figure released by Jakks Pacific.

Action figure released by Jakks Pacific, featuring the Voidwalker skin.

Action figure released by Jakks Pacific, featuring the Voidwalker skin.

Wraith Nendoroid.

Wraith Nendoroid.

See Also [ | ]

  • Wraith (Mobile)

References [ | ]

  • ↑ Pathfinder's Quest , chapter 4
  • ↑ Stories from the Outlands – “Voidwalker”
  • ↑ Carlos Pineda on Twitter
  • ↑ John Larson | JayBiebs on Twitter
  • ↑ Apex Devstream // Season 8 Launch!
  • ↑ A Mysterious Report - Wraith
  • ↑ 8.0 8.1 8.2 Hethe Srodawa on Artstation
  • ↑ Kejun Wang on Artstation
  • ↑ corwin paradinha on Artstation
  • ↑ https://www.artstation.com/artwork/03QZ8G
  • ↑ Ethan Tadin on ArtStation
  • ↑ Rachel Gagner on ArtStation

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When you’re surrounded by a colorful cast of characters, sometimes you need to disappear to stand out. Wraith has returned from a little sojourn to another dimension and she’s brought back a cool, edgy new look. Phase into the Apex Games and show off your bold hair style and confident new personality as you give a performance worth remembering. Before you know it, you'll be the most popular Legend in the Arena.

Wraith doesn’t like to be forgotten, and neither should you! Make an indelible, phantasmagorical impression with the Forgotten in the Void Skin.

Forgotten in the Void Wraith is available April 15 – May 14. Check out the Apex Legends Twitch Prime page to grab it for yourself, and we’ll see you in the Arena!

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Apex Legends Wraith Best Skins 2023


  • Apex Legends skins
  • Apex Legends


Wraith is the most popular among heroes in Apex Legends. It is not surprising. She is a powerful opponent due to her abilities. The variety of their skins is amazing, and this article describes the most unique and unusual ones.

Marble Goddess

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: June 23, 2020

Event: Lost Treasures Collection Event

Crafting Metals: 1200

Apex Coins: 1800

Marble Goddess is a skin that strikes with its splendor at first sight. It goes without saying why this list starts with this certainly one of the best and most dazzling Wraith skins in Apex Legends. Fully made of marble and gold, this legendary skin will blind nearly any player, damn it!

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: September 3, 2019

Event: Voidwalker Event

Crafting Metals: N/A

The Voidwalker skin is the most futuristic design for Wraith. It has come from another universe, hiding its face behind a shiny purple helmet. It will fit perfectly into the rocky area of Kings Canyon.

This Legendary skin captured the hearts of fans with its uniqueness. Moreover, it was available three times more after the first release. Unfortunately, the Voidwalker skin for Wraith is not available at the moment.

Forgotten in the Void

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: April 15, 2020

Event: Prime Gaming Exclusive

Price: Reward

Forgotten in the Void is another skin with an exclusive futuristic design. This rare skin with a stylish outfit and multi-colored hair deserves special attention, as it was not a part of any special event or seasonal Battle Pass. It was available in April 2020 only to Prime Gaming subscribers on Twitch as a reward.

Frankly, not many players have this Wraith skin in their collection but do not despair because Prime Gaming offers unique items for Apex Legend every month.

Quarantine 722

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: February 2019

Event: Preseason

Apex Coins: N/A

Just imagine that the apocalypse has come and a terrible virus is attacking the planet, then the Quarantine 722 skin for Wraith is a Forest Guardian. In other words, its purpose was the destruction of the infected. This skin, reminiscent of a doctor uniform, knows how to deal with enemies in an emergency situation but with intimidating equipment and a red serial number. This skin is about as original as it gets. If you are interested in something simpler, it is worth a look.

Queen’s Guard

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: April 13, 2021

Event: War Games Event

The Queen's Guard skin for Wraith is definitely a combat design, with camouflage face paint and burgundy boxer tails. Like the best royal knight, this skin appears invincible with massive armoring on the forearms, legs, and shoulders. The Queen's Guard looks more intimidating in this performance, even though it is an alternative look to Protector of the Void. This skin returned to the Warriors Event Store in April 2022 in a Queen's Guard bundle for 2150 Apex Coins.

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: November 9, 2021

Event:  Apex Legends X Market Store

When players look at Ringside, they see the design that is most familiar to them. It represents a boxing champion who has entered the ring to destroy his opponent. This skin is for those who appreciate street style and simplicity in detail, dressed in boxer shorts and a leopard print hoodie.

The Ringside skin for Wraith also was released duringthe Summer Sunday Sale in July 2022. The skin was available in a Ringside Pack Bundle for 3950 Apex Coins or in a Ringside Bonus Bundle for 1800 Apex Coins.

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: February 9, 2021

Event: Anniversary Collection Event

Check out one of the cutest-lookingcat-eared skins. But do not underestimate the Hellcat skin for Wraith because it is not a secret that cats are graceful and unpredictable predators. This skin will be enough to frighten your enemies when paired with a demonic black leather suit with red elements and mesh eyes.

Hellcat was available in the store: for the first time in 2022 during the Lunar New Year Sale and during the 4th Anniversary Collection Event in February 2023 for 1250 Apex Coins.

Neon Spectre

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: September 14, 2020

Event: Evolution Collection Event

Crafting Metals: 2400

Neon Spectre is another legendary skin on this list that deserves attention. A super unusual solution from the Respawn creators. Pretty classic for the Wraith outfit, but that neon coloring and incredible blue face and hair make this skin so eye-catching. She looks like Diva Plavalaguna from the Fifth Element with her disarming magical voice, doesn’t she?

Getting your hands on the Neon Spectre skin was also possible during the Awakening Event in June 2022 for 2500 Apex Coins.

The Liberator

apex new wraith skin

The Liberator skin for Wraith is a perfect embodiment of her personality, given her troubled history of experimentation and waking up in a cell with no memory. Dressed in a dirty straitjacket and hairless, Wraith escaped in search of the truth, mercilessly sweeping away everything in her path.

Players can craft the Liberator from the in-game store for 1,200 Crafting Metals, as it is not part of any event.

Cosmic Phaser

apex new wraith skin

Release Date: February 14, 2023

Event: 4th Anniversary Collection Event

The Cosmic Phaser is the newest Wraith skin on this list, which is why it is so attractive to players. Even though it has not been released to the masses yet, it is automatically exclusive. So let's get down to business.

Released in honor of the 4th Anniversary of Apex Legends, the Space Skin has Marvel’s signature style and especially their Captain America. Overall, it is something dramatically new for the Wraith, as she has never looked like such an elite special forces soldier before.


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Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin - phases, first look, release date, price, Apex Voidshifter leaks

Apex legends wraith prestige skin has been leaked early, giving fans a look at the new mythic skin..

Apex Legends has dominated the battle royale genre since its release in 2019, and now the game is in its 15th season and is known for adding appealing and eye-catching stuff to captivate fans.

Apex Legends enters its 15th season with various modifications, as Respawn continues to provide new content such as maps, weapons, battle passes, skins, and more to keep the player base engaged. As a result, users can use real-world money to modify their gaming sessions by purchasing cosmetic items.

In the Apex Legends community, seasonal event-related skins and their recolors are extremely valuable and thanks to some famous data miners in Apex Legends, we are always updated on the new skins and bundles that will be offered in the game.

With all the new info being dropped by the developers; leakers and dataminers also work around the clock to bring new content leaks for the fans. Now the latest leak has revealed details on Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin, including its release date, price, phases, and more.

Read More: Apex Legends Season 15 Wintertide Collection event - release date, skins, heirloom, leaks, more

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin leak

Nearly every single season, Respawn offers a legend-specific skin package for each legend, which consists of an exclusive legendary skin, a legendary weapon skin, and extra freebies such as banners or gun charms.

All of that transformed when Respawn introduced Bloodhound's skin, the first Mythic rarity Prestige edition skin line. Now in the upcoming Apex Wintertide Collection Event, Wraith will be the third Legend to acquire her Prestige skin.

Major Apex leaks have revealed that "Apex Voidshifter" will be the next Wraith Prestige edition skin.

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin

The introduction of new skins in the game is not new, however, with time the Apex Legends players have hinted quite evidently that they favor dark recolors of current skins.

Wraith will obtain her "Apex Voidshifter" Prestige Skin in Season 15 and by the looks of it, it seems like Frost from Mortal Kombat has inspired Wraith's Prestige edition skin. Moreover, because this is a Mythic tier skin developed just for Wraith, Respawn's design team made the perfect choice with the style.

However, instead of the Collection event, Respawn has been following a new strategy of releasing Apex Mythic Skin in a thematic event. This skin may be obtained by collecting all of the objects from the themed event.

Read More: Apex Legends Store Rotation November 1 - special, featured skins, price, release date, more

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin phases

The Apex Legends Wraith skin appears to have three phases, identical to the Banglore skin. This Apex Legends' newest Wraith mythic skin has three tiers, which you can level up based on the amount of damage you deal while wearing it.

  • The first one will appear to be identical to any other common legendary skin.
  • Wraith, on the other hand, will receive a facemask in the next phase, which would undoubtedly add another layer to the skin.
  • Finally, Wraith will be transformed into a complete pilot with a distinctive helmet running down her face in the last step.

To access extra levels of the skin, gamers will have to amass certain damage amounts on their accounts, though the exact conditions are still to be announced. Moreover, the video below also shows the unique animation in the third and final stage of this Wraith Prestige skin.

Wraith mythic skin and finisher pic.twitter.com/tZrk4ENg6T — KralRindo (@kralrindo) November 1, 2022

Read More: Apex Legends Season 15 skins leak - legends and weapon skins, recolor, bundle, more

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin price

At this moment, the precise Apex Wraith Prestige skin price is unclear, however, if we are to speculate on the possible Wraith Prestige skin price, players could expect to spend roughly 160$ to add this skin to their inventory, based on prior Prestige edition skin releases.

As stated above this Apex Wraith Voidshifter skin might be gotten by gathering every one of the items from the themed event or can also be purchased by event-specific Apex packs.

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin release date

Talking about the Apex Wraith Prestige skin release date, we do not have any concrete date as of now.

However, the Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin, as per the data miners will be released with the Wintertide Collection Event.

On December 6, the Wintertide Collection Event will begin, so players can expect a December release date for both Apex Legends Wintertide Collection event and Wraith Prestige skin.

Read More: Apex Legends Catalyst - Season 15 legend, leaks, abilities, more

This was all the information about the Apex Legends Wraith Prestige skin - “Apex Voidshifter”, including its phases, first look, release date, price, and more. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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